The Democrats’ War on Women

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Unfortunately, it is a level of promiscuity, despite the prevalence of birth control, that has been handled much better by middle and upper class women: between the years 1994 and 2006, the number of unintended pregnancies among higher-income women fell by 29 percent. Lower income women? A 50 percent increase. And since single motherhood produces children six times more likely to live in poverty–and 80 percent of long-term poverty occurs in single-parent homes–the same class divide denounced by Democrats is the one they are simultaneously promoting.

Such promotion has reached absurd levels. A 17-year-old girl at Pilgrim High School in Warwick, R.I. painted a mural depicting the progression of a boy from childhood to adulthood that ends with a man and woman wearing wedding rings, and standing hand-in-hand with child. She was forced to paint it over when school officials contended that it might be offensive to students who don’t come from a “traditional” family. Perhaps he should have been depicted dropping the woman and child off at the social services department and skipping town. Last May, when Texas decided to bar Women’s Health Program funding from abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, the Obama administration retaliated in March, deciding to withhold $40,000,000 the state received for its Medicaid program. Liberals in general have disdain for the idea that marriage is one of the most reliable antidotes for poverty as evidenced here and here. Their solution? More government spending on anti-poverty programs.

Yet like much of their agenda, the necessity of “more government spending” is nothing more than an attempt to counteract both programs and a cultural ethos championed by Democrats themselves. A 2008 study led by Georgia State University economist Benjamin Scafidi conservatively estimated that single motherhood and male child abandonment cost the U.S. taxpayer $112 billion every year. While making no policy recommendations he further noted that reducing these costs “is a legitimate concern of government, policymakers and legislators.” Syracuse University economics professor Tim Smeeding countered that argument. “I have nothing against marriage–relationship-building is great. But alone it’s not going to do the job. A full-employment economy would probably be the best thing–decent, stable jobs,” he said.

Which argument makes more sense? Certainly higher levels of employment would help the nation. But as noted above, 70 percent of the children who drop out of high school are raised by single mothers. The less education one has, the higher one’s level of unemployment. In other words, Democrats have the argument exactly backwards.

Yet it remains viable. Despite the ravages engendered by the erosion of traditional values such as marriage and family, substantial numbers of American women remain convinced that government programs and policies are viable substitutes for responsible behavior. And while “alternative family lifestyles” are no doubt attractive to those who can afford them, the pathologies engendered by many of those lifestyles suggests the “anything goes” culture endorsed by liberals in general, and the Democrat party in particular, is far more destructive than advertised. And make no mistake: when 41 percent of women are having children out of wedlock, Democrats are not just waging a war against women.

It’s a war against children as well.

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  • Rifleman

    The democrat party loves the poor, that's why they create so many of them. The democrat party needs people who can't or won't think or do for themselves, so their policies creat as many people like that as they can.

    • Jethrene

      Yeah Marx called them "necessary idiots"

    • jeff

      jesus loved the poor, jesus loved ALL god,s creatures

  • LibertyBelle

    BOTTOM LINE: ~ Folks, it is not a "War on Women." ~

    RATHER: It is the Hegelian / Alinsky / Marxian Dialectic !!!


  • KKKK

    its not a "Republican War Aganist Women" but ratehr a liberial war on the traditional family. studies after studies have shown that where the family goes so does society. if the former is in toruble, so is the latter.

  • Jim_C

    Good luck with the "democrats' war on women" meme. Let me know next week how it works out for you.

    • Western Spirit

      the democrats are changing the subject of obama's record because obama's record is so dismal. informing people about what the democrats are doing, this election year, can't hurt.

      • jeff

        congresses record is the worst. In fact most historians agree the Barack Obama has done more than any other president with a stonwalling congress. apparently everyone around here has failed at civics.Lesson one: we have three branches of goverment.

        Apparently everone here is FOX news schooled

  • Schlomotion

    There should be a rule where if you write the the same article a fifth time, you simply die. You just biologically expire from your own intellectual inflammatory sepsis.

    • Amused

      OOOh , dont say that Schlomo , most of the poeople AND authors here would disappear, and that would leave me ROTFLMAO !! :)))))))

  • Texasron

    The supposed "War on women" is just the latest Democrat ploy to take the subject off the "accomplishments" of Obama. He can't run on his record. He can't run on any of his promises that he, incidentally, didn't keep. He's in competition with Jimmy Carter for the worst president we had.

  • Lady_Dr

    Competition? competitition? BHO is hands-down the worst president EVER. Sorry, Jimma, but you were relegated to 2nd place a long time ago.

    • Western Spirit

      good one.

  • Ronald Johnston

    What law gives osama obama the right to take $40M for medicare away from Texas?

  • Ghostwriter

    I remember the "Murphy Brown" episode that was done as a response to Dan Quayle's speech on single motherhood. In that one,Murphy was having problems trying to deal with her baby and other things. They even played the famous clip of what Vice-President Quayle said. As you can imagine,she wasn't too happy about it. But,she responded later on and she did something that I won't write here but trust me,you'll know it when or if you ever see that episode.

  • Ghostwriter

    I remember the "Murphy Brown" episode that was done as a response to Dan Quayle's speech on single motherhood. In that one,Murphy was having problems trying to deal with her baby and other things. They even played the famous clip of what Vice-President Quayle said. As you can imagine,she wasn't too happy about it. But,she responded later on and she did something that I won't write here but trust me,you'll know it when or if you ever see that episode.

    • Jeff

      Murphy brown was a fictional character. Reallyyyy she was.

  • Old Crank

    American women are too dumb to know better, and they'll believe the Obama line all the way to the polls, and when eventually, during his second term, the whole economy collapses, they'll wonder what the hell hit them, and still fail to put 2 and 2 together. Dumb and dumber. You can't talk sense to them. This is not to say that the men are that much better. Far from it. And Obama will pull no punches after he wins this time. He's gonna address the nation on TV, and the first thing he'll say is "You're all mine now, suckers," and quietly give us all the finger. Wait and see.

    • Western Spirit

      old crank i'm an american women and i think your comment stinks. it smells of stereotype made by a bigoted mind.

      • Amused

        Awww c'mon Old Crank is just reflecting the views of the Republican .. I love these political Freudian slips , that keep on exploding in the faces of Repocons ….lol…I told you guys already , Republicans don't need TV airtime , what they need is DUCT TAPE ! :))))))

    • Lady_Dr

      If this does happen (which I doubt) it will be largely a result of 2 things. 1-The public school system which helps their captive audience 'get in touch with their feelings' but doesn't manage to teach them very much, including how to think, and 2-the relentless drumbeat of the MSM which puts the left on a pillar and constantly demonizes the right. Hear that 24/7 and you become a default liberal.

  • pierce

    I have got news for you "old crank". Women are not too dumb to know better, but there are more men that fill that bill , and you are one of them. From where I sit, a lot of those men are Democrats, they try to scare people, but believe me Obama is trying to scare idiots like you into voting for him, and I bet you accommodate him.

    • Silver Scumbag

      I support Old Crank – too many Western women are too lazy to really think and research the facts. They prefer to coffee clutch with their sisters and vote for a lib/lefty/progressive because many of their friends are and be another number in the crowd. Another number. And they seek acceptance from their friends.

      Too few females lack the drive to follow a different path as men do.

      Women should realize that the sexual revolution, tacitly supported by Dems ( and enjoyed by Clinton), has not lead to them being more appreciated nor more respected nor exalted. Sad. They should.

  • Amused

    More like the Republicans are gonna scare women into voting for Obama . Dont think so ? Just look at some of the sponsored legislation , passed , proposed , and presently attempted by Republicans across the country .LOL…and all the Democrats need do is sit back and watch'em shoot themselves in the foot . Indeed the American electorate , not to mention women inparticular " are not too dumb to know better " ….and see repocons for what they are , definitely not their freinds .

    • Western Spirit

      oh please. speaking of dumb that's a dumb comment. and i'm still ready to compare i.q's.

      • Amused

        LOOLOL>>….Old Crank , Santorum , Virginai Governor and Legislayure , I could list the rest of the Republicans and the state legisature [Republican dominated ] and the States where that is precisely the impression women are getting ….and rightly so …republicans in their new found zeal , believe they have a mandate to keep women walking three steps behind men . And to the christian fundies ? Submissive , barefoot and pregnant …..ya'll bought , now EAT IT . For it will come back to eat you in November .

  • Onar Kahlid

    You have to give democrats credit. They are brilliant in their approach and engagement. First they convince women that being whores is really OK, makes you a great person and popular, then it convinces them that the killing of their OWN children is OK, makes you a great person and popular.
    The ultimate liberal goal. Get all of the sex with none of the responsibility because you convinced women to put out and then put down.

    • Amused

      And there lies the strange similarities between the Repocon agenda and Sharia Law regarding women . Whores are they Onar [sure that aint "omar " ] ? What do you call the men who are trying to get in their pants ? Ya know the men who knock them up and leave 'em , most times paying for the abortions .

    • Amused

      And there lie the similarities between the repocons and muslim sharia law regarding women . In fact there is REPUBLICAN LEGISLATION in the works which would employers to fire women for their private sexual behavior away from the workplace .

  • Amused

    Spoken like a tru muslim Kahlid , but you're a bit off there , those considering women WHORES , are those NAMED by REPUBLICAN who want control over their own bodies regarding birth control . As far as sexual desire …well both Rep & DEm are about the same …it's universal , but it seems lately it's the Republicans who are doing the tap dance in mens bathrooms and hitting upon their young male aides . Besides in the republican mentality , you get your sex , the women get pregnant THEN they get put down …….lol…pretty much a raw deal for women .

  • Amused

    LOL….and with Republicans/ Conservatives , they get the sex , the women get pregnant , THEN get put down . Yea I see the logic there .

  • Amused

    Although as of late , it seems the Republicans prefer , the same sex .Atyleast that has been what most of tgheir scandals involve .

  • Amused

    But studies indicate , the biggest homophobes are really those men desiring such themselves …secretly of course .

  • 1389AD

    The Obama Administration is not only waging war on traditional, married women, but also on women who need to work in order to survive or to support family members:

  • Amused

    Yea , and that's verified by all the Republcan Legislation that being passed across the country by REPUBLICAN legislators , telling them how they should lie their lives . [ to the point of allowing employers to FIRE them based on their PERSONAL sexual activity ] Obama aint doing the hiring and firing , nor is he defining the pay scales ……now is he ? Nor is he SNOOPING in their bedrooms .

  • jeff

    I dont belive people think with jesus in their hearts on this web site. rather they hate with their heads here