The Undemocratic Party Platform

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Villaraigosa was visibly stunned. “I uh…I guess…” At that point a women walked up to Villaraigosa. “You got to rule, and then let them do what they’re going do,” she advised the Chairman. “I’ll do that one more time,” said Villaraigosa. “All of those delegates in favor, say ‘aye,'” he said for the third time. A bit louder still. “All those delegates opposed say ‘no’.” The “nays” matched the volume of the “ayes”–for the third time.

Villaraigosa then did what Democrats do when reality doesn’t coincide with their worldview. “In the opinion of the Chair, two thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted, and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. Thank you very much, thank you,” said Villaraigosa–to a loud chorus of boos.

Unlike some in the media, I will not go so far as to say that Democrats booed God and Jerusalem. Perhaps some did, but one suspects the response by the crowd was more about Villaraigosa’s transparent effort to alter a reality so obvious it could not be ignored.

Ironically, Democrats, and their standard-bearer, Barack Obama, are more than willing to ignore several realities that don’t accrue to their worldview, like a nation going bankrupt, 42 months of unemployment “officially” over 8 percent, an incoherent foreign policy that coddles our enemies and cold-shoulders our friends, and the ongoing virulent attacks on anyone and everyone who doesn’t  agree with their worldview.

Wednesday’s spectacle was a pathetic combination of Orwellian-ism and Groundhog’s Day rolled into one. It is the true face of a Democratic Party whose commitment to the will of the people and the sanctity of the vote–in this case their own people and their own vote–is a complete fraud. Watch the tape. And as you watch it, try to imagine the difference between what occurred here, and the same kind of “vote” in any totalitarian society that has ever existed. Moreover, watch it even as you remember that this is a party and a president currently constrained by the need to get re-elected.

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  • Norman Berdichevsky

    Stalin would have been proud!

    • guest

      God had been deleted to make way for Mohammed. This was asked for by the Imam obama replaced the catholic priest with.

  • Mike

    Godless..Gutless..and shameless! Anything new?

    • amused

      In Fact there is Mike click back to the home page look at the ad on the right for a clothing line -read the T-shirt . YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES ……just like about several months ago there was an ad for Che Gueverrs T-shirts ….yea right on this blog ….guess what definition that falls under besides hypocrite ?

      Prostitutes – morals for money .

  • pmview

    It portrays our human-condition as an all-inclusive filter around which we focus on our own self-interest(s); that's a natural struggle when we are seeking some sort of unifying concensus. What bothers me most however is the overt lack of civil conduct that failed to follow their own 'rule-of-law' process. By ram-rodding this last minute change agressively, using strong-arm tactics from a power-hungry Party, we see how Dems will devour their own members (at least 50%) in order to 'save-face' politically. What sort of hurt feelings of betrayal might those delegates take away from this obvious 'smash-and-grab' strategy of their candidate? I can only imagine!

  • Western Spirit

    Godless America, the land based on Christian principles, is not yet God forsaken, because popular demand, by mostly Godless Democrats,no less, put God back in their platform.

    Barack Obama claiming he had nothing to do with its omission is a hoot.


    "Democrat" has become an Orwellian term unto itself.

  • true believer

    Michelle concluded her speech with the invocation "God Bless America"
    Her pastor, Rev. Wright, closed his speeches with "God Damn America"
    Why can't they make up their mind?
    And "God" had been completely removed from the platform, yet.
    But all is well now, not to worry, "God" has been put back in the platform.
    So, are we ready? Okay, Democrats, good and loud now— G O D D A M N A M E R I C A !

  • Paul Neville

    Everyone is missing the most salient point. If Obama can't run his own party's convention how can he possibly run the country.

  • texasron

    This is the best example of how Democrats would control votes if they had the chance. They would do it like any good dictator would. There would go our constitution.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Maybe if they had mentioned allah they would have gotten a more "affirmative" response.

  • Iratus Vulgas

    Sort of the Joseph Stalin approach to government. You vote, we'll tell you who you chose. It must have been one of those "fundamental changes" Obama wants to implement.


    THe Godless Democrats got caught-yea

  • butpygmies

    I think this is naive. Every word, every burp, at that convention was scripted. Leaving it out was scripted. Putting it back in was scripted. They were then able to make a show of A. putting it back because they LOVE Israel, and B. showing the Left that the Democratic rank-and-file (and I do mean rank!) is ready to abandon Israel. They win both ways. And they got to dip their toes in the water to see how people would react. Not only that, but how do you think they found that nice Arab couple screaming "NO!" if they didn't alert the camera people as to their whereabouts? It is inconceivable that this was not planned by the upper echelon of the Party, certainly at least Axelrod, if not President Obama himself.

  • Ray Burke

    I must agree with you, butpigmies. NONE of this stuff happens by accident. It’s all choriographed by the same gang of tired political movers and shakers that put on every show.

  • watsa46

    The Demos are blinded by their arrogant stupidity. They have not yet realized that they have been hijacked by the far left. The benefits will trickle down from the far left to the democrats morons.
    It should be clear to every American that Pr. O is on the left of the left and definitely Islamophil and uses the liberal Jews against the rest of the Jews! Not every Jew can claim to be smart.

  • amused

    Just like the republican party has been hijacked by far right loons -christian fanatics , birthers , and of course HYPOCRITES …..just click back on the home page and take a look at the Snorgees clothing ad …lol..and read the T-Shirt ….hurry before FPM takes it down …..just like the ad for Che Gueverra T-shirts several month ago.

  • jelo85

    The Dem's original platform for this convention and the support it had (great opposition to change it on the floor as we witnessed) suggests that the Dem's are begining to do what Europe has been doing since the 1930's. And that is……..replacing the Jews with the muslims!