The Worst Recovery Ever

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It was far from Obama’s only erroneous prediction, or more accurately, broken promise. During the 2008 campaign, he pledged to create five million energy jobs, to “bring down (health) premiums by $2,500 for the typical family,” help “stop foreclosures,” and “cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office.” The president is oh-for-four in that regard.

Which brings us to the two recurring themes Obama consistently uses to “explain” all of his administration’s current shortcomings: the fiscal crisis was “far greater” than anyone imagined, and that the ongoing malaise can still be attributed to George W. Bush, more than three-and-a-half years after Obama became president–and more than five-and-a-half years since Democrats gained majority control of government, including two years of absolute control.

Yet while those excuses are writ large, a litany of others have been trotted out as well. The Japanese tsunamis, the BP oil spill, the Arab Spring, the economic “headwinds” created by the ongoing crisis in the European Union, the debt ceiling debate, the rich not paying their fair share in taxes, Wall Street, corporate jet owners and recalcitrant Republicans have all been employed by a president who promised he was “not going to make excuses” for a bad economy continuing under his watch. The same president who told America in 2010 that he should be “held accountable for the policies that I put in place.”

That was then. Last week in an interview with WLWT-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio, Obama offered the quintessential fall back for progressive policies that fail. “I suspect that most people in Cincinnati would acknowledge that I’ve tried real hard,” said the president, before once again blaming Republicans for a failure “to engage on a whole range of issues that I wish had happened.” One suspects trying “real hard” is of little comfort to the millions of Americans “trying” to make ends meet in an economy on the precipice of a double-dip recession.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney offered a simple rebuttal to Obama’s combination of fatuous excuses and self-pity. “It doesn’t have to be this way,” he said, speaking to reporters at a hardware store in Wolfeboro, N.H.

That remains to be seen. Above all else the 2012 election is a referendum on the nature of the American experience itself. It is the election that will determine whether Americans wish to turn back the tide of Euro-style, welfare state dependency and begin to restore the notions of entrepreneurialism and exceptionalism that have made us the envy of the world, or plunge headlong into a world of chronic malaise, continued class warfare and certain bankruptcy.

The president did keep one promise he made in 2008. Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” the nation. All of the above records suggest he has succeeded, likely beyond his wildest expectations. America now has more people “riding on the wagon” than this nation has ever had. The 2012 election will determine whether or not they outnumber those pulling that wagon. Europe’s “wagon” has already stopped moving. We can learn from their experience–or be part of it.

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  • Asher

    If you talk to people across the country they give you quite a different story on the so called shovel ready jobs, and creation of jobs. Listening to Obama and Debbie Wasserman Schutz is like an instant replay of the same ole deception…it never changes despite the true figures, even they don't believe it, learn to read faces and expressions…people are not buying their rhetoric.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    by the 4th greatest president never whose poor leadership and big government policies are a wet blanket on the economy and national/entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Ar'nun

    I'm here behind enemy lines in Massachusetts. And yes, the Liberals and Progressives actual believe the bull coming out of Obama's mouth.

    • fiddler

      Okay, WHY? Don't they believe facts, or do MIT grads reserve mathematics just to get their degrees and not to assess what is really going on in the world? Is something in the water there, or does the president have a spell cast upon them?

  • Steve Chavez

    Obama will JOKE his way through the campaign. He's getting the best joke writers from Letterman, Leno, Stewart, and all for free. His speeches dismiss every one of these dismal numbers with a JOKE. "He's so funny. I'm voting for him."

    His campaign, instead of trying to come up with positive solutions, COME UP WITH SLOGANS. In fact, his first meeting of the day is with his Slogan and Talking Points Department and after his approval, their tweets make it to the morning shows and within an hour, even the Yanomami in the jungles of Brazil are repeating them.

    Below is from this author's "25 Reasons: Time for a Switch" which is a play on Obama's own slogan, "Time for a Change." Switch Party's or at least their vote.

    1. If you think your Party has been taken over by Far-Left Progressives, and beyond, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH! (Reagan did.)
    2. If your moderate views are not being heard by those who have closed their ears, but they're still wanting you to open your wallets, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH! (Reagan did.)
    3. If you were fooled and tricked by empty promises, fancy language, and catchy slogans repeated so many times that you actually believed them, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH! (Reagan did!)

    Americans are realizing that the Democrats are the Party of extremists and they will SWITCH but many others need to woken up and these "Reasons" will help them.

  • kong.ming

    Obama's next scheme awaits in portraying hiking taxes on small businesses as a tax cut by extending Bush's policy for one year, coincidentally ending after the election. What a strong advocate for the Washington bureaucratic who desperately need $30 for a muffin and a million dollars for clown shows and rap videos.

  • tagalog

    Do you remember the ongoing complaints during the administration of George W. Bush, that the unemployment figures on his watch were just so UNBEARABLY high, at what? About 4.5%, 5.5%, something like that?

    And that he should be held accountable for that? Do you remember?

    Where are those people now?

  • tagalog

    Speaking of denial, I notice that the Republicans, who fought valiantly to maintain the Bush tax "cuts" have now sold President Obama, who is attempting to make hay out of the Republicans trying to maintain the tax "cuts" for ALL Americans by calling his insistence of limiting those cuts to Americans who make less than a certain amount of money per year the kind of "compromise" that Republicans should embrace, and characterizing the Obama limitation as a tax cut on the middle-class. That's rich.

  • HPD

    Even if we somehow rid ourselves of the Obama nightmare, we still have to deal with the mentality that elected him in the first place.
    These obamaton voters are in EVERY American family, their blind stubbornness causing friction and discord at most EVERY family event…

    Not sure what the answer is, but boycotting public (mis)-education, supporting local conservative business whenever possible, electing the most conservative candidate running and shunning the MSM…

    When obama is gone you can look your "family member" in the eye, and tell them, honestly, this is for your own good…(and the good of the nation)