Union Thugs Put Walker Back in Crosshairs

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The seemingly endless saga pitting public service employees and their Democratic enablers against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has taken its latest turn. A coalition known as United Wisconsin, in coordination with the Democrat Party, has reportedly turned in petitions containing nearly one million signatures to the state’s Government Accountability Board (GAB) in an effort to oust the governor. The number far exceeds the total of 540,208 valid signatures, or 25 percent of all the votes cast in the 2010 election, required to engender a recall election. The petitioners also submitted approximately 305,000 more signatures than were needed to trigger a recall election against Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and claimed they had sufficient numbers to force recall elections of four Republican state senators, including Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

The Governor remains unfazed. Furthermore, he put his finger on the petitioners’ primary agenda, one that was often obfuscated when the Republican-controlled state legislature voted to limit the power of government unions. While most of the media was focused on the limiting of collective bargaining for salary increases as the key sticking point between Democrats and Republicans, Walker’s success in getting the state out of the union dues-collecting business and the elimination of mandatory dues paid by union members are the most salient issues. “The real bottom line is, the national unions want their hands on the money,” Walker said in an interview with Fox News. “It’s all about the union money, it’s not about the workers’ money–they want those automatic dues, and they’ll spend just about anything to get that back.”

He went further. “The majority of people in this state put me in office to do what I said,” he added. “Interestingly enough, you have a recall election, normally you have a recall about someone who breaks their promises. We kept all of our promises and yet you’ve got a core group that are just sore about that.”

They’ve been sore for a long time. After Republicans were given control of the governorship and both houses of the legislature in the 2010 election, Democrat senators literally fled the state in an effort to prevent a vote from occurring. This was followed by boisterous, often ugly demonstrations at the capitol building in Madison. It was all for naught. A bill limiting the bargaining rights of state workers, increasing their contributions to their own health and pension plans, the elimination of mandatory dues, and the necessity of holding annual votes to remain unionized, was passed in an 18-1 vote in the senate on March 10th, and a 53-42 vote in the assembly on March 11th.

This effort was followed with an attempt to invalidate the law. On Thursday May 26th, Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi issued a stay against the results of the legislation, because Democrats contended Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law had been violated. Sumi probably should have recused herself because her son, Jacob Sinderbrand, was a former lead field manager with the AFL-CIO, and data manager for the SEIU State Council. Both groups have members who are government workers in Wisconsin. Yet in the end, it didn’t matter. In a 4-3 ruling on June 14th, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Sumi had “usurped the legislative power which the Wisconsin Constitution grants exclusively to the legislature” that the “legislature shall provide by law for the speedy publication of all laws.”

In anticipation of that ruling, efforts to alter the conservative tilt of the Wisconsin Supreme Court were undertaken. Incumbent Judge David Prosser was challenged by JoAnne Kloppenburg in a race for a seat on the high court. This effort also ended in failure as Prosser’s original margin of victory was 7,316 votes out of nearly 1.5 million cast. The win was initially seen as controversial because Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus reported on April 7th that, in her initial count, she had omitted 14,315 votes from the city of Brookfield which she had failed to save on her computer. As result, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board became involved in the matter, releasing a report characterizing Nickolaus’s behavior as having “violated the laws and procedures for administering the count–but that her actions were not willful, criminal misconduct.”

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  • MethanP

    What the leftist unions are really saying is, "when we control a state, we will never relinquish that control even if it destroys the state". The big concern must be "fair" elections. As recent revelations in Albany NY have shown, the Democrats will stop at nothing, including massive voter fraid to gain and keep power.

    • tagalog

      As a former citizen of the Albany area, I feel confident in telling the rest of us that not only is Democratic Party corruption in Albany deeply seated, it is celebrated by the average Albanian; they LOVE their Democratic politicians. Corruption is not an issue. Why? Uncle Joe got his job as a sewer inspector, with all the benefits and the NYS Retirement System, by being a ward heeler for Erastus Corning a couple of generations ago. He keeps the photo of him shaking hands with Mayor Corning in his living room next to the grotto he maintains for the Most Blessed Virgin.

      • Supreme_Galooty

        You are right that folks make decisions based on mindless adherence to such pooftery, heedless of the fact that they are screwing their own progeny, their neighbors' progeny, and the rest of us. One wonders if all the rest of the choices made in their benighted lives are as destructive. I have no problem with adoration of the Virgin, nor idols maintained for remembrance. My discomfiture arises from the maladroit use of widespread suffrage, where every toothless beggar and all of his dead uncles are allowed to vote (for Democrats.)

  • pierce

    The entire country ought to get behind what Scot Walker is trying to do in and for the State of Wisconsin. But every state in this country is facing the same problems, and either the can't or won''t bite the hand that feeds them. The democrats have gotten away with irresponsible government policies for so long, it is hard to stop, or even slow down. We the people, are on a collision course with a fate worse than death, and no one wants to admit it.

    • doubleblack4

      Amen, but watch the Republicans like a hawk. They are not saints.

    • fiddler

      For them it is not about fixing a problem. Gee what a novel thought: living within the State's means. REMEMBER (I hope Amused is listening) Walker exempted the police and fire department (oops! forgot about that little fact). Did that matter? Nope! I agree with the governor. Like the term "progressive"? It is progressive to eliminate waste. Unions exist at the taxpayer's expense. How's that for community mindedness?


    What Wisconsin shows is that Republicans have got to stop being Mr. Nice-Guy with the Public Sector unions. Walker & Co. made some modest proposals, not recognizing that Democrats and their Union allies consider this a war which, in fact, it is: it's the Dems and the Unions vs. the taxpayer. Republicans have failed to recognize that the Public Sector's political power must be reduced, and they have failed to make that case to the public. To begin with, all public sector unions should be abolished – that would make it more difficult for the public sector to concentrate its power.

    Republicans also need to point out that in giving the store away to the Unions, Democrats have actually betrayed their public trust. They owed a duty to the taxpayer to keep the costs of government down, and instead they betrayed the taxpayer in order to buy the Union's votes. Strong words, much stronger than Walker has used up until now, are needed if he is to survive the recall challenge. He should study Chris Christie.

    • Tanstaafl

      Public employee unions are a conspiracy against the taxpayers.

  • hajid

    Governor Scott Walker should verify the validity of the signatures supplied by the unions to see if there is any fraud.

    If there's any, state of Wisconsin should sue the unions out of existence.

  • jacob

    I don't know whether Wisconsin law allows ascertaining ALL those recall signatures
    to be authentic (which I dare bet half are not) and take to court the State Elections
    Board if WALKER's demand to have all of them checked if denied by the Board…
    Pay the Democraps and the rotten unions with their own coin and I dare bet, dead
    will start coming out of cemeteries all over Wisconsin and, since just a few of them
    will indeed come out fraudulent, brand the whole list a fraud…
    I don't believe the people of Wisconsin to be as blind as not to recognize what Walker
    did for the state in nsuch a short time and go back to the DEMOCRAP and LIBTURDS

    • Amused

      More like the Walker people threatening to go out and get those petitions signed only to throw them out somewhere .
      The people of Wisconsin indeed ,are mnot blind , that's why they're trying to get rid of this bum ..
      And please name one thing Walker has done [that worked ]thusfar ? That is ..done for the workingman not big buisiness and the Koch Bros .-we already have a ong list of that .
      And dont forget nimrod , it was 8 years and two successive REPUBLICAN Administrations that got us where we are ,a TRUTH that all of you tools are npot want to admit . And what have republicans /conservatives done since Obama was elected ? N-O-T-H-I-N-G !

  • Amused

    No , the Democratic Propcess put Walker in the crosshairs . And THAT because he overstepped his bounds . I hope the S.O.B. get's recalled .
    BTW , some of you morons ought to think twice before insulting atleast 1 million residents of Wisconsin , who wont put up with Republican ass kissing and pandering to the Koch Bros. and big buisiness in general , and THAT on the backs of the middle class .

    • carl

      Oh, now it makes sense. It's your kind that's behind all of this. They say language is a good indicator of a person's character, and judging by your post [SOBs, morons] one can easily assess you've got the brain of a fifth-grader and the character of a petty thief.

      And when you don't get your way, you respond like a two-year-old with a tantrum.

      From over here on the East Coast it's embarrassing that Wisconsin is part of the U.S. All we see our smug, union-loving sheep who despise the democratic process of free elections when a democrat doesn't win. How fortunate for unions that men do not think.

      • Amused

        Hey carl , what do make of GFY ? What does that tell you chump ?

        • Amused

          And carl , what is it now ? Wisconsin is an embarrassment ? I give ' em credit , they inadvertantly elected a total assshole ,[ even has the look of a mentally challenged punk on his face] , but soon realized just how much of an assshole , so now they;re simpoly exercising their Constitutional Rights . You know about those dont you ? The hypocrites around here , including yourself , love to wrap themselves in 'em , but strangely , those same " patriots " protest , whine and handwring , when "someone " else exercises those same rights .

    • nightspore

      The present diatribe is more than a little revealing. How much is the SEIU paying you to post here, Amused? Or do you just volunteer you services for the cause?

    • fiddler

      Where did the Democrats have the right to flee town? Duing the federal Health Care "vote" did the Republicans leave town? The public polls showed it was not wanted. Remember Pelosi: "pole valt in, parachute in"? What gives the Democrats the right to take off and hide out in a different state? Tell me Amused. How is that serving the public? How does playing hookie on the public dime justifiable? Is that what they were elected to do?

  • Amused

    btw ….UNIONS are here to stay , so suck it up fascists .If big buisiness was fair and even-handed , there'd be no need for UNIONS , but such is not the case as you sycophants well know .

    • tanstaafl

      What did the taxpayers do to "deserve" public employee unions?

      • Amused

        A better , and more HONEST question is , what brought them about ? Answer – "taxpayers " [voters] who elected politicians that were owned and financed by big buisiness .Why dont you try an educate yorself , and READ the exising labor laws on the books in States where "Right to Work "legislation has been passed .The very description "Right to Work State " is actiually a grand misnomer , for innthose sates employees have no rights , it's more aboutt employers rights to do just about anything the want .But hey that requires a littl;e effrt on your part , and that's a bit harder than parroting Republican memes .

        • tanstaafl

          You didn't really answer my question.

        • fiddler

          So throw the baby out with the bath water Amused? Even if so, does this justify blatant CORRUPTION? INTIMIDATION? FRAUD? SABOTAGE? Where is the pride in workmanship?? Is is all just really about getting back at someone? I witnessed the decline in the American auto industry due to unions and now I own Toyotas because they last. I saw shoddy paint jobs and heard about complaint from the Japanese who bought the cars.

      • Amused

        They , the voters , decided to elect ,bought and paid for politicians , who enacted "Right to work " lrgislation , soley at the behest of their benefactors in big buisiness . Right to work , is a grand MISNOMER , for in Right to workl Styates , employees have NO rights , and employers can do justy about anything they wish in regards to employees . But your awareness of such things requires something most of you clowns are too lay to do , READ the labor laws that are on the books , in the so called "right to work states " , rather than like a little windup parrot spewing Repo/Con memes . Your arguments are borne of self-imposed IGNORANCE .

        • fiddler

          The General Motors plant that I used to work at CLOSED, that's right CLOSED. Why? because of unions' poor work. They manufactured police cars and military cars. Those were sabotaged!!!! I saw it!!! Who needs workers that hate the police or military??

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Had a few tonight, Bemused? It appears so, based on your lousy typing. (Your Marxist ranting, being de rigueur amongst the bullies of your stripe, is excused in much the same manner one excuses an adolescent for exuberant foolishness.)

  • Amused

    Went out and bought yourself some new two-bit words eh gabooty ? Marxist ranting ? Where you born an assshole gabooty , or did your Mom drop you of the table onto your head ?

  • fiddler

    I wonder if Amused has been in a union. Unions are EXPENSIVE, inefficient and non-competitive organization which exist for themselves. DO YOU WANT a testimony from someone having been in 2 unions Mr Amused? Or are you doing what you do best: throwing around ad hominem name calling.

    My dad worked for the UAW for 25 years and got me a job at GM years ago. I have never seen an organization rife with waste and worthless work. And political! Those who cross them have drugs put in their soft drinks. No Amused, unions had their place in the distant past (see the movie F.I.S.T.), but now they are a political machine. The poor Saps within them who just need a job HAVE to fork over the dues and have no say about where that money goes. You don't appear to think about this issue. Hooray for Boeing! That they beat the unions in S.C.!!

  • Amused

    Hows about The National Maritime Union [NMU] – 7years , Internationanl Longshormans Association [ILA] 7 years , IBEW -4years {electricians } CWA -Communications Workers of America 31 years . NOBODY "got me a job " anywhere .I doubt your anecdotal bullshiit story has any resemblence to reality . You never walked a piucket line , you never broke your asss for a living , you never faced a Company Goon Swquad on a picket line . Drugs in their sofdrinks ??? You been watching too much tv , and most likely have a collection of drugs of your own . Youre WET BEHIND THE EARS PUNK , and I guess you may have realized , that you just classified your own Father's 25 years of labor ,as "worthless wasste " …what an asssshole you are ! And Union dues are NOT expensive , and most UNIONS and their membership are exactl;y aware of where their dues go , they atre accopuntable …unlike the crooks in Washjington that you droole over , not to mention NONE of them ever had to work for a living .

  • Amused

    And before you go spouting any more uninformed bullshiit [if not out and out LIES ] , union dues are roughly anywhere btween $ 12 to about $ 28 per 2 week pay period . Which go to maintaining a union hall , publishing monthly letters , retaining attorneys , and maintaining strike funds . Detyrtoit went down the tubes , not for the "labor cost per car" as most of you parrot brain tools like to spout , but because Management failed to innovate , missed most of the trends in the 70's , 80's and 90's , paid huge bonuses to CEO's and top heavy management no matter how the buisiness went and outsourced labor and parts , not to keep the Companies afloat , but to increase the bottom line , and enrich the stockholders so they could keep their jobs on the boards , and this they put above all else . Yoiu may call that capitalism , but by any other words , it was corporate stupidity and greed .
    Go educate yourself CHUMP .

  • Amused

    As long as there are greedy companies , willing to screw-over the working man , there will be unions .Getb iused to it chiump , when you're planted in the ground , there will still be unions , and if the jerks like Walker and others in the Republican party continue on their path , there will likely be a resurgence in unionism . Unions gurantee something people like you will never see , nor even consider , yet you wrap yourselves in the flag and call yourselves patriots and Americans ,and are willing to deprive your fellow Americans of the same ….and that is called DUE PROCESS ,a.k.a. fairness in the work place , equal representation . You oughta be ashamed of yourself , as your father must be .