Voters Support Conservative Values

Now that the election is over, a bit of post-mortem analysis is in order. Before getting into the details, one salient reality should be noted: America was, and remains, a deeply divided nation. And there is more than a little irony attached to six billion dollars worth of election spending that, in the end, did nothing more than maintain that status quo: the presidency and the Senate remain in Democratic hands, while the House remains Republican.

Breitbart News and Judicial Watch teamed with Public Opinion Strategies to conduct an election night survey. 800 people were contacted and, unlike most other surveys, this one included contacting people on their cells phones (30 percent) as well as landlines (70 percent). This is important, given today’s technology. Many of the less accurate surveys were likely skewed, not so much by over- or under-representation according to party affiliation, but by too much reliance on contacting people by landline. Many Americans no longer have a landline and, barring something unforeseen, the number of cell phone-only users is likely to keep increasing. Breitbart, et al., had a D+3 skew to their respondents, well within the margin of error for national exit polls, that skewed D+6.

To begin with, 71 percent of the respondents agreed, and 49 percent “strongly agreed,” with the following statement: “The larger the size of government the more opportunities it creates for possible corruption.” 85 percent were concerned and 53 percent were “very concerned” about the corruption in Washington, D.C. Respondents gave a slight edge to Democrats over Republicans as the party more likely to clean up that corruption, 37 percent to 34 percent. In other words, the best rating either party gets still leaves 63 percent of Americans convinced neither party is capable of doing the right thing. Real Clear Politics puts an exclamation point on that reality: in the month leading up to the election, a whopping 75 percent of Americans disapproved of the job Congress was doing.

Yet as poorly as Americans view Congress, even more disapproval is directed at the media. 77 percent of voters agreed with this statement: “The press is more likely to favor one candidate for office over another at the expense of their journalistic objectivity.” Unsurprisingly, 92 percent of Republicans were on board with that assessment, yet even 58 percent of Democrats thought the media showed bias.

Breitbart further noted, and a quick Google search confirmed, that much of the media, both liberal and conservative, are convinced that the Republican party must embrace immigration reform, or it is headed towards electoral oblivion. Yet “reform” is an ambiguous term, as revealed when the survey posed the following question: “Would you favor or oppose a law requiring local law enforcement to verify the immigration status of people they reasonably suspect of being in the country illegally?” 61 percent would favor such a law, while 34 percent would disapprove. Hispanics were another story: 58 percent opposed such a law, while only 40 percent were in favor.

An equally loaded word is amnesty. Breitbart’s survey reveals that 40 percent were in favor, and 37 percent opposed, to “President Obama’s recent immigration policy (as they understood it).” Understanding may be the key. The left derides the right defining as “amnesty” a policy that grants two-year work permits to illegal immigrants between 16 and 30, who came to the U.S. as children, and have since led law-abiding lives. Yet those permits are renewable. What the left really objects to is the reality that when Americans are asked if they favor amnesty, it’s a losing proposition: an exit poll commissioned by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), also of 800 Americans, reveals that 52 percent want immigration laws strengthened, compared with just 31 percent who support legalization of people here illegally.

The Breitbart survey also explored the issue of vote fraud. Despite the American Left’s disingenuous effort to conflate the issue of photo ID with voter suppression, Americans weren’t buying it. Fully 70 percent believe vote fraud is a problem, and 76 percent think voters “should be required to show a government issued photo identification before being allowed to vote on Election Day.” And in spite of Attorney General Eric Holder’s ham-fisted efforts to turn photo ID into a racial issue, 66 percent of blacks, and 74 percent of Hispanics approve of photo ID, along with 59 percent of Democrats overall.

Perhaps the biggest surprise in the survey is the breakdown of voters referred to as “those who depend on federal assistance.” Of the 23 percent surveyed who identified themselves as such, 46 percent voted for Mitt Romney, and 51 percent for President Obama.

Regarding the survey’s results, a couple of conclusions were offered. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, sees an electorate that is “closely divided on who our nation’s political leadership should be,” but one that retains “strong voter support for core conservative values: limited, honest and transparent government; the rule of law approach to illegal immigration; and strong election integrity measures, namely voter ID.” Larry Solov, CEO and President of Breitbart News Network, believes that the Republican Party’s failure to convince voters that they are “the better vehicle for their conservative values and policy preferences…requires a significant re-branding of the Republican Party for a new era.”

With all due respect to Mr. Solov, that last bit is nonsense. The Republican party’s problem isn’t “branding.” The problem is a steadfast refusal to offer the electorate a clear-cut–and conservative–alternative to Democrat progressive/socialism. Furthermore, the old-guard Republican leadership is apparently incapable of understanding that, while George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” won him two elections, the resultant tsunami of irresponsible Republican spending thoroughly alienated a substantial number of Americans. And as the last two presidential latest elections demonstrated, millions of them were potential Republicans: Bush received 62 million votes in 2004, McCain received nearly 60 million votes in 2008, and Mitt Romney got only 57 million votes in 2012. Thus, despite the reality that Barack Obama got 10 million fewer votes this time around than he got in 2008, he was still able to win the election.

In short, Republicans need to stand for something other than a watered-down version of Democratic ideology. Furthermore, they must be willing, not just to endure the inevitable slings and arrows aimed at them by the media, but stand tall and firm for conservative convictions. When confronted by the media, far too many GOPers sound like they are apologizing for their beliefs, a remarkably unseemly reality in and of itself. In the context of a public overwhelmingly disgusted by media bias, it is an unconscionable capitulation–one many Americans instinctively recognize.

That’s not a branding problem. It’s a lack character of and core convictions problem, one that won’t be fixed by emulating Democratic ideology in order to satisfy a hostile media, or placate their Democratic opponents. Conservative stalwart Mark Levin explains why. “We conservatives, we do not accept bipartisanship in the pursuit of tyranny. Period.”  Republicans need to embrace that message, or they are indeed headed for oblivion for the simplest of reasons: one Democratic Party is more than enough.

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  • Mary Sue

    Well, at least there IS hope if those polls are accurate.

    *ponders* Hm, would Biden be just as bad if Obama got his butt impeached? Cuz I'm sure there's a crap ton of such serious corruption going on out thar, that it would make Richard Nixon vomit in rage.

    • Jim_C

      People say that every day, here–how crooked this administration is. I think it's wonderful–bring on Ken Starrr, redux! I'm sure someone knows some investigators and prosecutors, right? Someone not afraid to put their professional reputation on the line to go tilt after windmills? I mean, all the "constitutional violations" piling up, like Obamacare!

      Wait, what's that, conservative Chief Justice Roberts? It IS constitutional??? Noooooooooooooooo

      • Mary Sue

        Benghazi ain't no windmill. Embezzling fake solar companies aren't windmills either. Even the windmills aren't "windmills" (the whole definition of "windmills" in the Don Quixote context is something to be tilted at pointlessly, either due to myopia or insanity in wrongly identifying a target to be defeated).

    • @geffbeck

      I want Arnold to become the GOP's chief strategist! Ostriches like Arnold will ensure a Demcratic majority for another 36 years at least!

  • EthanP

    Considering the authorized voting corruption in Philadelphia, (and I expect, in other places yet undiscovered) and the utterly corrupt MSM and education bias too the far left I can not share your optomism. Our republic "requires" an even playing field. We don't have that. We are on the road to ruin and I don't see an exit ramp.

    • kasandra

      You are absolutely right. I have said on this and other forums that I see no path back. Are the media going to become less partisan? Are they going to suffer for their partisanship and all of a sudden say "We shouldn't play a role in politics other than to fairly report the facts"? Are the voters all of a sudden going to become smarter and decide they are voting for a President of the world's most powerful country rather than for a game show host? Is the educational establishment going to start teaching that capitalism has created the fairest and most comfortable societies in human history instead of collectivism which has never worked? What's going to happen that is going to turn the ignorance, envy and superficiality of the current American voter around? No one so far has told me what makes them optimistic that any of this will occur. The only idea I've seen is that the Republican party should get rid of old white males which seems a non-starter to me since I am one.

  • kasandra

    And yet they listened to a media they believed to be biased and voted for the big (i.e., corrupt) government candidate. How do they explain that? Foo-foo dust spread over the electorate?

    • Jim_C

      Explanation: They prefer Obama and support his policies. He has a record he can't hide from. They chose it.

      Rack your brain, call it delusional if you like. I know it makes you guys feel better to do so. He's a two time winner, while the TEA party's biggest loudmouths are gone. Actions and elections have consequences.

      • Mary Sue

        Except he's been desperately trying to hide the truth about things like Benghazi…

        • Jim_C

          I know, I know–the Little Scandal That Wasn't.

      • kasandra

        Exactly. They prefer a candidate who wants to take money away from other people and give it to them in the form of "free stuff." And they allowed themselves to be swayed by the most negative, dishonest and substanceless campaign waged in modern times. That ought to give you great optimism for your country. Being sarcastic in case you can't tell.

        • kasandra

          This reply comment was directed to Jim_C's comment, not your's Mary Sue. You I agree with completely.

        • Jim_C

          "other people" = the very, very top, and not even at the higher rates that top percentile has had historically throughout the 20 century . Everyone else gets tax cuts. He's even pushing corporate tax breaks.

          "Free stuff" = health care, clean air & water, education. Things once called in nobler times "the commons" and considered investments in our national security.

          When Republicans drop the deluded notion, disproven time and again, most recently by the CBO (which GOP Congress tried to suppress) that tax cuts for the very wealthy grow the economy, and concentrate on the message of balancing the budget, they'll win elections. Unfortunately, they hung their hats on ideology and not reality, and paid for it.

  • Western Spirit

    You may be right Ethan. The Left has successfully defined Republicans and even Fox News creating a prejudiced view of both.

    A positive Conservative message must be promoted instead of the watered down Democratic crapola of the establishment Rinos.

    Also not every one who is a "taker" has not been a slacker, but have worked hard all of their lives only to need help so Rush's version of Conservative falls on deaf ears.

    Not everyone catches a wave but flounder in the shallows where they struggle to stay upright and need help in an unsympathetic world. That's why Bush's version of sympathetic Conservative may be the way to go to start righting our listing ship of state.

  • fightwarnotwars

    You people are so delusional, I'm optimistic about the future because it means you will continue to fade away and disappear. Your views are old and becoming irrelevant because you are part of a shrinking demographic and an aging population.

    • Mary Sue

      Freedom and prosperity are old and outdated? Dude, what is WRONG with you?

    • Frank.

      Conservative views are old??? What about the liberal socialist view you obvious have. Socialism is a system that is way past it's prime. It has failed every time it is tried in all of it's forms, from the Soviet Union to the EU. But people like you insist on trying it in spite of it's history of failure. What's the definition of insanity? Oh yah, doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result each time.

      • fightwarnotwars

        No, you are old and quickly becoming irrelevant because you believe in the failed economic policy of trickle down capitalism which as you know has only created more inequality around the world and leads to constant recessions. You want a good example of economic success? look no further than the social-democracies of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It's over my friend, over. Buh-bye.

        • Mary Sue

          The places where there's more poverty in the world have no capitalism at all. Inequality is not the problem here. The problem is an uneven distribution of capitalism.

          Norway, Sweden and Denmark are going to run out of other people's money too. Norway at least has oil so it's got a delay factor before it runs out. Greece ran out of everybody's money because of their socialism. So did Spain. Face it, it's Socialism that's the failed policy, as evidenced by the Fall of the Soviet Union and the grinding poverty of Cuba.

        • Mary Sue

          Norway has oil, that's how they can finance their socialism.

          Countries with pedal-to-the-metal socialism (such as Greece and Spain) are unsustainable. It's like clearcutting a forest, you'll not get any money out of it for another 80 years.

        • frank

          Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Germany?? These are all collapsing under their socialist weight. Of course I really don't expect you to see and understand it. Ignorance does mean to ignore the facts before you.

  • Mark Ward

    It seems the result of the referenced poll was very similar to a comprehensive poll that was conducted for Newt Gingrich's 'American Solutions' in the 2007-2008 time frame. The "American Solutions' poll showed that most of those surveyed had Conservative positions on a wide range of issues, usually from 59% to as high as an 89% agreement on some issues/approaches.

  • Iratus Vulgas

    I would insist foremost that GOP politcos both in govt and media stop buying into the endless gross mischaracterizations that are heaped on them from the Left. Just because it makes for an uncomfortable uphill battle, conservatives should not concede to what is a bogus picture. If you keep getting called a dirty skunk over and over, you might start to think that maybe you don't smell all that good. Just remember, it's them that stinks, not you.

  • Loyal Achates

    The trouble with polls is that the phrasing skews the answers. Lots of people 'say' that flag-burning should be illegal, but when push comes to shove they don't believe it.

    So lots of people say they support conservative values…but huge numbers of people will also support liberal values. Not all values are mutually exclusive.

  • Ghostwriter

    I think President Obama got enough people to support him in spite of the bad economy and they helped him get re-elected. I agree that socialism has never worked anywhere it's been tried and it's not going to work here. The problem is getting the right message out so that it can appeal to people. Now,I don't mean going the racial bean counting the other side loves to do but a positive,strong message about the good things about work. It can be done. We just have to figure out how to do it.

    • Jim_C

      The problem is you guys bring up the specter of "s—-l-sm" devoid of meaning and context and think touting an equally vapid concept of privatization, devoid of meaning and context is a default trump card. You've lost touch with reality, and I don't mean that to insult. There's too much ideology, and very little substantive detail and measured projection, behind your policies.

      We have a president, now, who–if you take away the b.s. rumors, the speculation, and the "guilt by association" crap (Wright, Ayers, etc. that obviously hasn't worked to discredit him) you have a guy who is not too far from what a Republican was prior to Pres. Reagan, in the last century. That is the hardest thing for you guys to accept. Obama's a "RINO." On defense, on tax cuts, on a health care plan that originated with Nixon and the Heritage Foundation.

      The proof is that whenever you get a conservative elected, he either turns off the electorate with his extremism, or he winds up having to do the business of government and govern–for which he is labelled a "RINO."

      As a liberal, I want you guys to have a "RINO" purge and get more ideological. I want you to think you have to double down on your ideals rather than get creative and reimagine what the Republican party stands for. Maybe you can do both–I don't see the talent, though. All I see is pale imitations of Reagan that are getting long in the tooth.

      • paul stowell

        There is not one idea that the left has come up with over the last 100 years of their influence, that has not resulted in human misery. Much human misery! Name me just one, just one! I wish I could see your face when you think back and realize you come up with nothing.

        • Jim_C

          40 hour work week, child labor laws, clean air and water acts, national parks, public libraries, medicare, GI Bill, social security, women's voting rights, civil rights, school integration, interstate highway system, car safety standards, public universities, Family Medical Leave Act…

          That's just off the top of my head. There's plenty more. Liberalism made this country great. Conservativism? not so much. Wish I could see you face when you think back on your "challenge" to me and say to yourself, "Duuuuuuuuuhhhhh…"

  • κατεργάζομαι

    "Conservativism" supports Constitutional principles and the Declaration of Independence. period.

    • amused


  • amused

    Arnold , you're right , voters DO support Conservative values .Unfortunately the Tea Party is not conservative , and voters do not support conservative candidates .

    • Mary Sue

      then what is it?

  • Candy

    I guess too many of those who support conservative values stayed home.


    My sons, now in their 40's are the last generation to taste a little liberty. Their children, my grand children, will spend most, if not all, of their lives as something akin to serfs dependent on government for everything and growing shortages everywhere. My children cannot see it comming, and their children will not know from whence it came. In time that new order, too, will colapse and we cannot fortell what will replae it.
    In the far future, acedemics, having lost their love affair with what we now define as leftism, will describe democracy as a form of political suicide where those with I.Q.'s below 80 or whose total livelyhoods depend on taxing someone else to support them are not only allowed, but encouraged to vote. There is, in my opinion, no way to change those comming events, and it may be best to encourage it so as to speed our way to recovery in that far distant furure.

  • paul stowell

    do conservative values really matter anymore? i mean with soon to be universal health care, additional judges to be appointed to the supreme court isn’t it a done deal? we are Europe. i think now the only thing we can vote on is which party can manage the bureaucracy better. November 6th 2012 the new day of infamy! the day the American idea died.
    someone please convince me I’m too pessimistic.

  • fanlad

    GOD is still on the throne, not man, and not Satan. Good verses evil, we know who wins in the end. A material, and spiritual war rages between these concepts. I know it may come to a shock to some but the earth we live on is not a utopia, but a battle ground. It is our job to occupy, endure, and push back against evil, until Good defeats evil. The Godly values of our founding fathers still have value and relevance today. Remember how they endured difficult and oppressive years in their struggle to over throw the chains of tyranny from a totalitarian government. In the end with the help of GOD, they succeeded. So do not lose sight of who wins this war in the end. Hope is to be found in our good and merciful GOD.