Warren’s Story Falls Apart

The wheels have finally fallen off Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s diversity wagon. The reliably leftist Boston Globe has issued a retraction of Warren’s claim that she is 1/32 Cherokee Indian. “Correction: Because of a reporting error, a story in the May 1 Metro section and the accompanying headline incorrectly described the 1894 document that was purported to list Elizabeth Warren’s great-great-great grandmother as a Cherokee,” the paper writes. “The document, alluded to in a family newsletter found by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, was an application for a marriage license, not the license itself. Neither the society nor the Globe has seen the primary document, whose existence has not been proven.” The original story? A headline piece in the Sunday Metro section. The correction? The third item on the correction page, typically buried deep in the paper. The larger issue? The transparent efforts of a biased media to maintain the fiction as long as possible.

The Globe’s original story, published on May 1st, reported that a document proved Warren’s claim. “A record unearthed Monday shows that US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has a great-great-great grandmother listed in an 1894 document as a Cherokee, said a genealogist at the New England Historic and Genealogy Society.” The same day the Boston Herald reported that “the Harvard Law professor’s campaign last night finally came up with what they claim is a Cherokee connection–her great-great-great-grandmother.” ABC News also did a May 1st report, noting that genealogist Chris Child of the New England Historic Genealogical Association “set out to hunt down Warren’s ancestry last Thursday. In less than a week, he discovered documents citing an 1894 marriage record that lists Warren’s great-great-great grandmother, O. C. Sarah Smith as Cherokee, meaning that Warren is 1/32nd Native American.”

On May 4th the New York Times  took it a step further, claiming that Republican opponent Scott Brown’s questioning of Warren’s assertion “is straight from the Republican cookbook of fake controversy,” and that “Massachusetts Republicans place doubts on her racial claims to portray her as an opportunistic academic seeking special treatment.” Writer Kevin Noble Maillard, a law professor enrolled as a member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, offer his own take on the controversy. “For the Cherokee Nation, Warren is ‘Indian enough;’ she has the same blood quantum as Cherokee Nation Chief Bill John Baker,” he wrote.

The meme, “Warren is 1/32 Cherokee” continued to be promoted by several different news outlets, most of which did nothing more than regurgitate the original story, absent any independent fact-checking. These included CBS News, the Huffington Post and the Associated Press. The most hilarious assertion regarding Warren’s claim came courtesy of the Washington Post’s David Treuer. In a column entitled, “Elizabeth Warren says she’s Native American. So she is.,” Treuer makes the absurd claim that “an Indian identity is something someone claims for oneself; it is a matter of choice.” He further excuses Warren’s assertion, contending that “to be a woman from Oklahoma of working-class upbringing — and to want not only to walk the halls of power but to help build them — you have to press whatever advantage you have. Doing so might seem distasteful to those who’ve never had to do it because they were born into privilege and power.” In other words, lying is acceptable — as long as one’s lower class and purported ethnicity qualifies one to do so.

Despite the mainstream media pile-on, it didn’t take long to prove that Elizabeth Warren’s assertion was nothing more than wishful thinking. Breitbart.com was apparently willing to do something most other news organizations were unwilling to do: conduct an actual investigation of Warren’s assertion. They reviewed original marriage records found in the files of the Logan County, Oklahoma Court Clerk’s office in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and spoke with Logan County Court clerk ReJeania Zmek. Breitbart discovered that the original May 12, 1894 marriage license and the corresponding May 13, 1894 certificate of marriage of William J. Crawford, great-great-grand uncle of Elizabeth Warren, and Mary E. (Long) Wolford contains a column for the race of the bride and the groom — but both of them left it blank

Zmek offered another indication that something was amiss. “In modern times we keep marriage license applications,” she said. “The way they’re issued now, you do the application, then you do the license. We currently do keep records of marriage license applications.” Yet she revealed that this practice didn’t begin until 1950.

Zmek then revealed (probably inadvertently) why many Americans consider mainstream media claims of even-handed reporting beneath contempt. She confirmed to Breitbart that “no other news organization had contacted her to date on any national topic or to inquire about the validity of this purported 1894 Logan County, Oklahoma marriage license application or anything related to the 1894 marriage of William J. Crawford.”

Such “errors of omission” might be acceptable were it evenly applied to both sides of the political spectrum. Yet one need only compare the Washington Post’s recent effort to portray Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney as an anti-gay bully based on a single incident that happened 47 years ago with the mainstream media’s calculated incuriosity regarding large portions of president Obama’s life, which still remain off the record almost four years into his time in office. Furthermore, as the Journolist scandal of 2008 reveals, leftist media members coordinated efforts to keep Jeremiah Wright and his incendiary rhetoric from damaging the president during that election run.

Elizabeth Warren can continue to insist that she is part Cherokee, whether based on dubious assertions, like her grandfather having “high cheekbones,” or ridiculous rationale such as the claim that she did so “in the hopes that it might mean that I would be invited to a luncheon, a group something that might happen with people who are like I am.” And the leftist media can continue to protect her by asserting that she didn’t use such claims to advance her career. But the fact remains that the University of Pennsylvania, who listed her as a minority in a “Minority Equity Report” from 1987 to 1994, and Harvard University, who listed her as a diversity hire in 1996, were more than willing to do so based on nothing more than hearsay. And the mainstream media, as well as the New England Historic Genealogical Association, which is now saying that “the original [marriage license] application cannot be located” were also willing to take Warren at face value, or base their entire assertions of proof on an unsubstantiated March 2006 family newsletter quoting an amateur genealogist.

Yet it remains to be seen if the people of Massachusetts will be as flexible regarding the truth on election day next November. Undoubtedly they will base their votes for either Republican Scott Brown or Warren on a number of issues. Warren might want to hope that personal credibility isn’t one of them.

  • mrbean

    White squaw Warren speak with forked tongue. This ugly squaw not be of cherokee blood.

    • Pamela

      That is Affirmative Action for you!!

    • Ghostwriter

      If you had an Indian name,mrbean,it would be Lame Horse because your arguments don't really go anywhere and are really stupid.

  • Chezwick

    DAVID TRUER: "(A)n Indian identity is something someone claims for oneself; it is a matter of choice."

    My daughter was recently taught in a biology class that race was a "social construct" (so much for the sciences being largely inoculated from political correctness). She was smart enough to laugh it off…but this absurd educational paradigm and the musings of the Post's David Treuer are absolutely identical to one another.

    So be it: I now declare myself 1/4th Native-American, 1/4th Mexican-American, 1/4th African-American and 1/4th Eskimo.

    My African-American quarter wants slavery reparations, my Mexican-American quarter wants to be a Supreme Court Justice, my Native-American quarter wants South Dakota, and my Eskimo quarter wants the right to hunt whales.

    As for my white skin, just ignore it….after all, we've already established that race is just a social construct.

    • Steve Chavez

      "And on top of all my 1/4's, I'm a Senior Citizen so get the he!! out of my way!"

    • pagegl

      Dammit Chezwick, you beat me to it. ;-)

  • David

    Princess Spreading Bull has been caught spreading bull. Is this the best that the democrats have to offer?

    • Raymond in DC

      It would seem so.

  • Amused

    cowboys and indians

  • Ralph Diamond

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  • davarino

    And we thought propaganda only happened in the Soviet Union…….. heheheheh

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Progressive liberals vs marxist totalitarians.

      Is there really any difference?

  • Schlomotion

    Bravo! This is Mr. Ahlert's Canuck Letter. David Horowitz is your William Loeb.

    • poppakap

      …and no one gives a damn about anything you write slomo. Go troll elsewhere. Better yet, get a job.

  • tagalog

    There has been quite a lot of sound and fury over this tempest in a teapot. Except to highlight the absurdity of America's current fascination with peoples' racial makeup – something that resounds eerily with Third Reich associations – and the foolishness of American institutions that for some reason think this kind of thing is important, this is a non-story that has had legs grafted on it for a remarkably long time.

    • Spider

      What makes this a story is because she lied about it to get into Harvard etc. etc. etc. and now she is running for the US Senate

      • tagalog

        A politician lied? Actually lied in order to get various positions? Lied? I'm shocked, absolutely shocked, I tell you! Stop the presses!

        • Chezwick

          Liz Warren has become the poster-girl for liberal hypocrisy and the intellectual corruption of academe. We conservatives should run with this story for as long as it has legs, right up to election day.

        • poppakap

          Your cynical response is part of the problem tagalog. US citizens have a moral obligation to vet candidates for public office, especially since the lame-stream media won't perform its historic duty to the same with any degree of balance (forget objectivity).

          Furthermore, I take great offense at Ms. Warren's deception; I was denied an armed forces commission based on my lack of minority blood. Had I decided to mortgage my character for personal gain as she did, I'd be in a much better position financially today. If she had copped to the lie, I might accept her contrition as sincere and then look at her policy proscriptions more seriously. Since she continues with the deceit, even after discovery, my disgust for her lack of remorse and lack of integrity only deepens.

  • maria

    there is much similarity in Islamists tactics and democrats/leftists. They use the same tactic of deception to fool gullible people and promote their own interest. Will those fraud Professor be fired? Unlikely as law applicable only to conservatives but not to liberals.

  • Juddea

    The Cheekbone Cherokee hasn't been seen in a few days here in Mass. Last we heard she was on the left coast trying to drum up some 1%'er donations for her campaign. If anyone sees Liarlotta, please send her back here to Mass so we can continue her beating, uh, I am vetting.

  • MrObstat

    Tagalog asserts that this is a "tempest in a teapot". He then tosses in a crude Nazi/Third Reich reference. I don't like liars, even those that don't clearly benefit from their lies by gaining entrance to two Ivy League law school jobs.

    Ms Warren is a liar. I will vote against her and I will continue to talk with my neighbors about the need for integrity in Senate candidates. All of those Kennedy years might have temporarily put the integrity issue on the back burner. I am glad that it is back front and center, no matter how much Tagalog uses bizarre and insulting posts to excuse Warren's clear lies.

    • Schlomotion

      Do you like the lies they tell about the Dimona nuclear power plant?

  • Spider

    Wow what a surprise – another liberal fraud who claimed to be a minority to get special favors is exposed. Ward Churchill is another charlatan that comes to mind at this point.

  • sally

    Did you know in order to claim to be Native American the tribe must confirm the fact first?

    • Bartimaeus

      For the most part, it does not matter to the universities if you can really prove anything. They need to enhance their reputations for being “diverse”. Several of my children attending the local university were encouraged to list themselves as “Caribbean Islanders” because their grand parents on there mothers side were born in the Caribbean. It did not matter that the grand parents were racially of European background

    • Juddea

      Most Tribal cousels have very simple systems set up for people to claim their heritage with them. You fill out a few forms, and they pretty much handle the rest. All costs such as blood tests are covered by Government money.

      I don't blame colleges or really any other employer for not looking into it deeper. I think if we all think about, it would just take them one time to question the wrong person (i.e. someone with a law degree) for them to get sued or at least be dragged through the mud for having the audacity to question something sensitive like that. This is mainly why when filling out applications like these you are forced to sign something that says all information is known to be true with threats of termination or worse. The only thing I fault Harvard for is not terminating her contract when this came out and possibly sueing her.

  • Casey Ryback


    She knows what she did. She implied she was American Indian, to DUMP on reservation-based American Indian MALE applicants. She knows what she did.

    Shame on you, Ms. Warren. You are a FRAUD, and DECEIVER, just like your buddy OWEbama the Panderer.

    You let these FRAUDS win, the USA is done. We're France.

  • jenny lee

    Grannyy..quit NOW!

    you are an abject disgrace to yourself, the Dem party, Havvavvd and the Native American Nation

  • Steve Chavez


    MY great-great-great-AUTOMOBILE was a CHEROKEE JEEP. I traded it in for an APACHE JEEP. My favorite car though was my spotted lime-green PINTO with the exploding gas tank. And since I owned a Ford Bronco and I'm a Bronco fan, I can break Broncos. Yes, call me the "Horse-sh!t Whisperer."

    Jay "Crock of Bull-Sh!t" Carney personally knows THREE Hilary Rosen's. So what, I personally know 24 Steven Chavez's.

    George Zimmerman is a White-Hispanic like Barack "Broke Back Mountain" Obama is a White-Black but isn't it strange that he never claims the White half? ISN'T THAT DENYING HIS "GREAT-GREAT" ANCESTRY? After listening to Rev. Wright's Black Liberation Theology for twenty years, he's probably ashamed of his White ancestry!

    • fiddler

      Well said Steve!

  • lizaz

    Why do liberals always have to lie?????

    • pagegl

      Wouldn't have anything to say if they didn't.

    • Maxie

      They don't lie they just live in an alternate reality wherein they can never be wrong about anything. Have you ever heard a liberal admit to making a mistake? Infallibility is part of their DNA.

  • neils60

    By Ms. Warren's standards of American Indian heritage, there are two Jews that I can think of, Brooke Burke and Ed Ames (they've dressed in native American clothing, too) who have high cheekbones. Therefore, they're Native Americans.

    • Raymond in DC

      Actually, there *are* Jews who are as "native American" as Warren. In the late 19th century there was a Jewish trader by the name of Solomon Bibo (aka Don Solomono). After years of dealing with and ultimately representing the Acomo Indian tribe before the government, he was made the tribe's governor or "chief". He married an Indian princess of the tribe, and their children were raised as Jews. They ultimately settled in San Francisco. (Look it up.)

  • MałyFelek

    hello from Europe! sorry,but this whole 1/32 thing reminds me kind of of Nazi Germany with half-Jews,quarter-Jews,half-Gypsies/Slavs whatever. I know, to enroll in an Indian tribe you have to have Indian ancestors,but stil I really don't like this notion of "blood" (and the fact, that I think the Cherokees tried to kick out black Freedmen because of having no Indian blood (before, they did not care,but since they don't apparently want to share some of the wealth they now seem to have…either way, it proofs the humanity of Native Americans,i.e greed.Someone should tell all those OWS hippies about that)) Either way, being Indian or whatever because of 1/32 genetic make-up does not make you anything,in my opinion,especially, if you dont immerse yourself into the culture.I have Ukrainian and probably Gypsie "blood" in my vains- that does not make me a Gypsy or an Ukrainian. In short- This diversity thing is highly racist and stupid.For your own sake, fight against it.

  • Ghostwriter

    If I were Cherokee,I think I'd be pretty darn angry at Elizabeth Warren. Like Ward Churchill,she lied about being Native American because he thought it gave him immunity from criticism. Also,she thought it would get her places. In fact,I wouldn't be surprised if REAL Cherokees would be outside her office,protesting her lying about her ancestry to get anywhere. I'd love to see the picket signs like "YOU'RE A LIAR,LIZ!"

  • JTLiuzza

    This is just a natural result of liberal race huckstering and jostling for the political spoils generated by the left's pitting groups against one another in endless grievance and victimhood politics. The libs are the real racists. Always have been.

  • jack

    If having high cheekbones is the way one can tell they have Indian blood, it must mean that there are a lot of Native Americans in Ireland, since so many Irish have very high cheekbones.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Dishonesty eventually catches up with a person and if Warren gets her scalp handed to her
    and is tossed off of the government reservation, tough, to bad……she lied, caught red handed.

    • Maxie

      Leftists' 'understand' Warren 'mispoke' in the name of a 'good cause' so she will be the toast of the faculty lounge. It's a resume enhancer for her. In Leftville it's metaphysically impossible for a Leftist to be wrong about anything.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Truth for the leftist is arbitrary and is there for fulfilling what needs are anticipated and on a
        daly agenda subject to revision. She will be held up as a faithful member pursuing leftist goals
        which for them can not be wrong. If Indian ancestry isn't working for her maybe she can
        borrow Edmund Hillary from Clinton for new heights to climb…………………William

  • truebearing

    It seems that Squaw Lying Weasel crapped a little too close to the teepee.

  • wctaqiyya

    People, why can't you see that we all owe Ms Warren our gratitude? She showed some real initiate in claiming to be a Cherokee. Not content with the legal enhancements to which she is entitled as a protected female minority, she helped herself to whatever legal benefits accrue to members of the Cherokee nation. Beyond the free papoose and tomahawk I'm not sure what those benefits are, but what the heck, freebies are freebies. The important thing to remember is that Elizabeth has shown that we are all Cherokees. For that matter, we are all females too. And 'Black', 'Hispanic', 'Asian', etc. Finally, we are all entitled to every protected minority legal enhancement that exists. Need a house but have no job or money? No problem, as a Black, the government will tell the bank to give you the loan. Need to get into Harvard? No sweat, ask the admissions office what minority they need for diversity and fill in the blank. Finally, thanks to Ms Warren, we now live in a perfect world where everyone is just as equal as everyone else and nobody has to pay for a single blessed thing. Hooray!

  • Len_Powder

    I'm having difficulty assigning any importance to this story. Even if she lied about her Cherokee ancestry, how is that newsworthy when all politicians lie about something and some lie about everything. Where do she and Brown stand on the important issues concerning MA and the country? Should not that be the primary interest in this election? It's pretty obvious that sensationalism, controversy and partisanship receive the attention of today's tabloid newspapers. Are there any real journalists left out there or are they all propagandists and agitators?

    • Tanstaafl

      Now that I have your permission, I am going to pursue that white Latino angle. After all, I know enough high school Spanish to order dinner in a Mexican restaurant. Hasta la vista!