Inconvenient Truths About The Trayvon Martin Shooting

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A large quantity of information about the Trayvon Martin case was recently made public.

This new information constitutes only a small portion of the massive collection of information turned over by the prosecution as part of discovery.  Upon reading through the 183 pages of documents, it becomes apparent that George Zimmerman should have never been charged with second degree murder, as I have maintained since the beginning of the controversy at the Daily Kos.

From the onset, media have selectively reported the facts to create a fantasy narrative where George Zimmerman stalked and shot a helpless unarmed teenager. The media ignored the mountain of evidence that suggests that Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman beating him when he was shot, and that Zimmerman acted out of fear of death or serious injury. The media instead focused on the speculative testimony of Mary Cutcher and Selma Mora Lamilla over an actual eyewitness account from a man identified by the press as “John.” That the rest of the evidence strongly supported “John’s” version of events made the false narrative crafted by the media even more outrageous. When Police Chief Bill Lee released a statement saying that Zimmerman had claimed self-defense and that the evidence supported him, the media attacked Lee. Now that the evidence has come out, we see that it weighs on the side of Police Chief Lee and against the people who attacked him.

George Zimmerman had a broken nose, two black eyes, and lacerations on the back of his head. Trayvon Martin, in contrast, had no injuries aside from the gunshot wound and a small abrasion on his knuckles. Responding officers and paramedics witnessed George Zimmerman’s injuries and medical records confirm them. An eyewitness stated that a man matching George’s description was being pummeled while screaming for help. The lead investigator, who wanted to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter, determined that the voice screaming for help was George Zimmerman’s.

All of this evidence does weigh on the side of George Zimmerman’s version of events, as leaked to the Orlando Sentinel. In light of these developments, I thought I would review the basic questions of the case:

Did George Zimmerman follow Trayvon Martin after he was advised it was unnecessary?

This is unclear from the evidence. However, Dale Gilbreath, an investigator for the state, testified that none of the evidence contradicted George Zimmerman’s claim that he had stopped following Martin and was returning to his vehicle when Martin confronted him. The lead investigator, Christopher Serino, does not specifically state that Zimmerman followed Martin after he was advised not to.

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  • Michael

    If someone attacks you with a piece of concrete, it would be assault with a deadly weapon and lethal force would be justified to protect yourself. If you beat someones head on the concrete, is that considered assault with a deadly weapon? If you were in danger of losing consciousness in such a situation, would you trust the assailant not to kill you?

    • guest

      Clearly, Obamas' support of this Trayton is a good insight to how he feels about white people, and for that matter, infidels. Had Zimmerman been a Muslim instead of a Jew the persecution would not have happened.

      The political sphere is that the left is in charge, so 1+1 no longer equals 2…..

      • CMF

        Despite his name, Zimmerman is not Jewish.

      • Chicago Ray

        Oh we already knew Obama hated whitey, he said it himself when he 'disowned his mothers' race" and then went on to call his granny "a typical white person' because she was smart enough [like whitey used to be] to cross the street when "Mouliman" is coming your way day or night. In his own voice and words…

        Only nowadays, if and when he follows you you lead him in back of the nearest store or alley and teach him a lesson when he turns the corner he'll never forget. One and done, dirt nap time. See ya bruh….. sweet dreams "Trayvon".

      • Sage on the Stage

        Zimmerman isn't Jewish; his father is German; of the Catholic religious persuasion; his mother
        is Mexican.

        • karen scharps

          George's mother is peruvian and his great grandfather was of African decent.

    • Alf

      If I am walking down a street, someone is following me in their car, they get out of their car and come at me? WHo is standing their ground? Would you run or defend yourself? Just looking at this from a different perspective.

      • karen scharps

        If I spray pepper spray on someone following me without them saying or doing anything threatening, I'm at fault. This happened to me twice while I was walking my dogs. I immediately went to the front door of unknown persons instead of using my pepper spray. They left.

      • valerie

        There is no stand your ground if you CAN RUNAWAY !!

        • Roger

          How do you run when you're pinned to the sidewalk getting your head pounded in?

      • Dan

        Someone following you, just ask what they are looking for…Could be lost needed directions. Nothing
        to show danger. Someone who is looking for trouble will in most cases find it post haste.

    • anarch0NDN

      Here's the deal, if you are a black guy and some dude is following you in a pickup truck for absolutely no reason other than that you are 'suspicious' (AKA black in a white neighborhood) and obviously is not a cop this makes you very very paranoid. If I was Trayvon and an armed white guy jumped out of his truck you best believe I am going to fight him, and assume he is going to use that gun against me so my best bet is to kill him before he kills me. I agree, he shouldn't be convicted with murder. However, the fact that he is means he will plea down to manslaughter. That's how DA's work. They trump up a badass charge to scare you into submitting to a lesser charge. That's why I have been charged with lots of felonies, but have only misdemeanors on my records. :P

      • Bugs

        "…and an armed white guy jumped out of his truck you best believe I am going to fight him…"

        First of all, Zimmerman was carrying a CONCEALED weapon. CONCEALED means, "hidden," which means nobody could see his gun, including Trayvon. Trayvon didn't know whether Zimmerman was armed or not. Second, nobody but a complete idiot pretending to be a tough guy would attack a gun-carrying stranger with his bare hands, hoping to "kill him before he kills me." Further proof that Trayvon had no idea Zimmerman was armed – unless Trayvon was feeling suicidal that night. No, Trayvon just saw some "white guy" following him and tried to get all yo-yo-mo-fo-hip-hop-gangsta up in Zimmerman's face. If he had done what a sane person would – black or white – he would have gone home or called the police on his cellphone or headed for an apartment building to ask for help.

  • Ken

    Mr. Zimmerman will not get a fair and impartial trial. The lamestream media has seen to that!!

    • Jimi Belton

      I simply cannot believe that he will ever go to trial…NO jury of 12 will ever convict Zimm….not in Fla….He will walk and Jesse and AL will get their long anticipited race war…..

  • southwood

    "Even if George Zimmerman had attacked Trayvon Martin first (which is extremely unlikely given the physical evidence), Trayvon was not entitled to pin him to the ground and beat him. "

    Why was Trayvon not entitled to do this if HE was attacked ? Let's be fair here and "all is fair in love and war" so he would have been entitled to defend himself which includes pinning someone to the ground.

    I am no way defending Trayvon as he seems to have instigated the violence and was a punk wannabe-gangsta who had some marijuana in his system at the time. But we have to play it even handed and not be hypocrites.

    • Judas

      What war? See the has neutered men. Men don't teach their boys how to be proper men. Years ago if there was a disagreement a man could ask another man to step outside and settle it. Now, these punks have no honor. The rules I was taught were a) never hit a man with glasses on (the glass could break and blind him permantently) so you asked him to remove them first. b) settle your own problems and don't call in ten of your friends to do it for you. c) Be a man and put the weapon down. d) Never hit a man while he is down. If you advocate dropping a guy and attempting to smash his head off the pavement until his skull caves in, you are in fact one of these fatherless punks. The purpose of fight isn't Thunder Dome style "Two men enter One man leaves," You settle your dispute and go have a beer like men.

      • southwood

        I agree he should not have kept beating Zimmerman when he was down. UNLESS. of course, he saw the gun. The cold fact is: the public are being fed contradictory reports so it is impossible for us to know what exactly happened. We all need to wait till the trial.

    • Ben Cohen


      George Zimmerman was screaming for help while having his head smashed into the concrete, at that point Trayvon wasn't fighting off an attacker. Of course one is allowed to defend oneself, but self defense doesn't allow one to finish off their opponent.


      • Ben Cohen

        ^^^^After they are no longer a threat.

        • southwood


          I agree; as I tried to point out in my 2nd comment.

          • southwood

            Whoever came and marked this and my other comments down just now : You're a moron.

            No, not you, Ben.

    • anarch0NDN

      Oh yeah! Since he smoked pot he is a wannabe gangster. Make's a lot sense. He couldn't be a new-age or just A TYPICAL FRIGGIN TEENAGER. Newsflash old people, pretty much all kids smoke pot at some point in high school.

      • southwood

        Are you thick or something. He was in trouble at school, got suspended over drugs and other stuff. His facebook page showed him as a gangsta wannabe. He was making gangsterish violent statements.

        Oh BTW I took pot when I was young. It is evil stuff; it destabilizes the mind, causes cancer, and is the stupidest thing for young people to take. You sound as if you are on it . Permanently.

        • Northwood

          First since you say you "took pot" rather than saying you "smoked pot" it would lead me to believe you have little if any understanding of the drug you are referring to.

          Second It is not "evil stuff", it does not destabilize your mind, there has been no evidence to prove it causes cancer, and is far far from the stupidest thing for young people to take.

          Straight from the national cancer associations website "results of epidemiologic studies of marijuana and cancer risk have been inconsistent, and most recent epidemiologic studies have not found a substantial effect on cancer risk"

          There are far more legal and illegal drugs that are much more harmful to your body than marijuana. Just to name a few alcohol, tobacco, heroin, crack, cocaine, extasy, lsd, legal prescription drugs (oxycontin, percocet, vicadin, codeine, morphine, adderral, xanax, etc etc etc). Just about every other drug legal and illegal is much more harmful to you than marijuana.

          I would have to argue that you sound as though you are on it. Permanently. Or perhaps have moved onto stronger drugs like sniffing gasoline as it seems your brain cells have been permanently depleted.

          Not to turn this into a pot debate but your ignorance of the subject is appalling. What do you think gets your teenage daughters knocked up, fighting, and flashing their tits. It's not pot they are "taking", that's alcohol which is perfectly legal.

    • Asher

      Trayvon Martin actually verbally attacked Zimmerman and then proceeded to beat on him or bang his head on the concrete. Martin was the aggressor physically…its quite clear. Zimmerman had to defend himself!

      • southwood

        Really ? So you must have access to all the information on this case. I don't believe you. Nothing is "quite clear" in this case. People need to wait until all the evidence is brought out.

    • tagalog

      If George Zimmerman attacked Trayvon Martin and pinned him to the ground, Trayvon was entitled to use reasonable force under the circumstances to extricate himself. Trayvon Martin was not entitled to continue the fight by then attacking George Zimmerman. Since the gun had not yet made its appearance at that point, Trayvon Martin had no known reason to use any sort of deadly force, or to escalate the encounter, unless George Zimmerman had placed Mr. Martin in reasonable fear of his life.

  • texasmom4

    While I do feel compassion for the dead teen and his parents I also think our thug culture should be on trial here. Look at his Facebook page, the language, the posturing, it all put this kid on a short pier. Miami was always a tough town. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, they are fermenting or fomenting a racial war but this kid was already doomed by a culture of nasty language and braggadocio and thug music which make it seem the norm. Thousands just like him in Miami and other cities. Sad but true. .

    • BS77

      excellent post…..that is why thousands of parents were very supportive of Bill Cosby's challenge to inner city youths, to abandon the stupid thug culture, the crude, rude posturing, gang and hostility style….to take school and education seriously, to learn skills and to refine one's life.. Perhaps Mr. Cosby was asking too much?

    • Wkstar

      I don't get how people don't comprehend the fact that Zimmerman followed Trayvon and was armed while doing so, yet he was told to stop following him by 911…obviously Zimmerman was the one looking for trouble.

      • Roger

        Neighborhood watch. He should have felt safer knowing the patrol was out and about.

  • Jesse

    Apparently you missed the fact that Zimmerman's prime witness, John, changed his story and said he was not sure who was yelling for help and wasn't sure that Trayvon was hitting Zimmerman. Apparently you also missed the witness who saw Zimmerman on top of Trayvon when the shot was fired. And apparently you also missed the fact that Dale Gilbreath said at the hearing that Zimmerman's account of what happened on the ground leading up to the shot did not match up with the evidence. Speaking of inconvenient…

    • Frank95054

      And, you missed the autopsy report supporting Zimmerman's story. Also, don't you think it is a little convenient for witnesses to suddenly change their original statements to support the media's narrative of the events? Stop looking at the pics of a 14 year old kid. Instead, look at the 17 1/2 year old thuggish line backer in a hoddie walking through a gated community at night. Add to this the fact that this community formed a neighborhood watch because of several burglaries. Finally, add the fact that Mr. Martin decided to confront what he thought was a white man who had every right to question a suspicious looking stranger in his gated community. Now, read this article again.

    • Judas

      Thank you Reverand Jackson for your input.

    • dvRant

      John changing his story to "I wasn't sure…" only means he's scared (justifiably!) of what might happen to him after his day in court, considering the cries for blood. The witness you're talking about said she saw "the larger man on top" and assumed it was the 300 lb. Zimmerman and not the sweet-faced 12 yr. old angel the media has portrayed both as. Now…who could that larger man be?

    • Ron

      I suspect that the author has his opinion and facts and arguments that would change his opinion are simply ignored by him.

    • Asher

      So how did Zimmerman get scalp wounds on the back of his head….He was pinned to the ground and repeatedly had his head banged on the ground with blood running from the wounds and a broken nose. The evidence shows that Martin was the aggressor!

  • Tanstaafl

    If he was hit, you must acquit.

  • Anthony

    I welcome Black Run America. I don’t like it, but here we are. Blacks suffer virtually zero accountability by the mostly anti-White, Whites who dominate the mass media. Clearly, just sticking the the liberal mantra of “robbery gone wrong”, “a rape gone wrong, a “home invasion gone wrong”, why not call this a “community watch gone wrong”?

    Now, like the sissies in the media in labeling every heinous mostly Black crime as “…. gone wrong”, these media propagandists are deflecting responsibility and implying the end result of the crime “gone horribly wrong” was I intended.

    Why not default to this standard operating trick normally granted to all minorities? Why discriminate against Zimmerman, who himself is not White, doesn’t look White, fought to help blacks?

    Black Run America needs to have victims, sometimes, they will eat their own.

    • tagalog

      What happens when a home invasion or a robbery or rape goes right?

      • Roger

        I wish I could give you dozens of up thumbs.

    • Alinsky USA HERO

      You are an example of an abortion gone wrong.

      • Roger

        Now now, is that any way for a muslim that thanks allah for all the medical marijuana to talk?

        • Alinsky USA HERO

          I'm Jewish.

          But we have the same Allah as Muslims.

          • Roger

            allah is nothing like the Almighty that protects Israel.

            And you're Jewish in the same way Obama is a loyal American.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            They are the same, you stupid f u c k.

            Only a homo pretending to be a Christian like you wouldn't know the fact about religion.

          • Roger

            No, they're not. Even if you pretend otherwise.

            And you admitted you thank allah.

            9 minutes ago @ News From – Obama Calls Iran's Nuc… · 0 replies · +1 points
            I just thank Allah every day that I'm not you.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            Yes, I thanked Allah, or as he is called in English…God.

            You can't change history just because you want to spread hate and murder.

          • Roger

            No, in English anyone with sense just called the barbaric god of islam 'allah'.

            And you muslim militants are the ones spreading hate and murder you call it sharia.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            If you think Allah is barbaric, then you believe God is barbaric, because they are the same.

          • Roger

            Of course not, otherwise muslims wouldn't treat Christians as criminals.

            You do know about Iran sentencing a Christian pastor to death? Doesn't sound like those following islam think it's the same.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            Christians ARE criminals.

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          • Roger

            Silly you. Did you pray to allah for that little claim?

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

            But then you said free market principles were not liberal. so that means you are calling 1948 Reagan a conservative.

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          • Roger

            No, it means exactly what I said.

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            Conservative principals are preserving and living by the constitutional values the founding fathers laid out.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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            9 minutes ago @ News From – Obama Calls Iran's Nuc… · 0 replies · +1 points
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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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            7 weeks ago @ – #OccupyDenver Comes Ba… · 0 replies · -1 points
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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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      • Anthony

        To scum like you, most babies deserve abortion, especially if their mothers are using it as a form of birth control.


        • Alinsky USA HERO

          No, I think raped woman should be forced to have the baby so that I can go to church on Sunday and pretend I'm going to heaven.

          • Roger

            I think that rapists shouldn't be allowed to run free.

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

            Did you just make that up? Or are you quoting someone else that did?

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

            They do that for allah, but the Almighty doesn't ask it of us.
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          • Alinsky USA HERO

            God kills all sorts of people in the bible, liar. And asks us to do it.

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          • Roger

            Now that you're out of the closet as a muslim, you're sounding like wee todd. The same hate, the same rants, the same stupid.

            Can you show a single teaching of Christ that advocated violence?

          • Roger

            The 'law' stands. The finger of God wrote it.

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

            Christ in the old testement in called God. You want me to point out where God/Allah/Jesusadvocated violence. It's all over the Old testement.

          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

            I understand your religion better than you do.

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          • Roger

            No, Christ would never want his followers to say this.

            1 day ago @ Big Government – Occupy-Linked Hacker G… · 17 replies · -6 points
            "The revolution has begun and your kind will be finding their heads in baskets soon. I hope you still have that smile on your face when that time comes."

            But with islam, that's not the case. You said that as a muslim friendly troll.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            Allah and Christ are the same person according to your religion.

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          • Roger

            No, they aren't.
            And your lying about it doesn't change that they stand for exact opposite values.

            I understand you want to idealize you forced style of life, but there is no changing it from the barbaric 8th century thinking.

            9 minutes ago @ News From – Obama Calls Iran's Nuc… · 0 replies · +1 points
            I just thank Allah every day that I'm not you.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            Yes they are, and you lying about it it doesn't change that they are the same.

            Although I ,will admit, Allah became much more violent after the Christians changed his name to God and Jesus.

          • Roger

            They are not the same.

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            Those are not equal, even if you as a closet muslim say so.

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

            Are you kidding?
            I've been watching the stories and commenting for about 6 hours today.

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

            Sis hours? What about your job and girlfriend? They don't mind you are on your computer on Navy's site for so long?

          • Roger

            Sis hours?

            How much medical marijuana have you had today?

            There are meetings that might help with that.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            Six hours, I meant to say.

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          • Roger

            What's really going on here?Are you covering for wee wee while someone has him in the men's room trying to help him sober up?

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            And what about your job and girlfriend, you still didn't tell me what they think about you on the computer for so long. Now I am starting to believe you DON'T have a job and girlfriend. Is that possible???

          • Roger

            He just posted again but he still sounded pretty plastered. You better stall a while longer.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            So you aare saying you don't have a job and girlfriend?

          • Roger

            It takes youtwohandstoholdabongI'msayingmylifeisNOYB

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            Get a job and a girlfriend, and I think you will start acting like a normal man, and your older brother David won't beat you up and call you a homo like he did when you were growing up.

    • Ghostwriter

      Not every black person feels the way you do,Anthony. Black people have the victims of crime as well the perpetrators of it. And by members of their own race. The media may bear some of the blame but not all of it. People like you and Al Shapton aren't helping matters by blaming all blacks for actions of a few.

      • Anthony

        Yes, a few. Uh huh.

    • Asher

      Most people are sick of the black on black crime, and violence against everyone, especially in the inner-cities. Blacks have been getting many opportunities, and still acting like they live in the ghetto…Pretty sickening that giving them everything and re-distributing the wealth is not changing their culture!

  • Judas

    "If George Zimmerman is innocent, why did Chris Serino want to charge him with manslaughter?"

    The real answer is he had no choice. The Liberal Zealots so badly wanted this to be a "hate crime" and stopped at nothing to make it so. Originally they saw the name Zimmermann and were blinded by their zeal because they thought George was a Jew. It would have been orgasmic for the Left had that been the case. A Jew shooting an innocent little 13 year old black kid is the story they sold, and they clung on to that narrative as long as they could. But like always the facts got in the way and here we are with a new term "White Hispanic".

    • Kendrick1

      Too, all law enforcement agencies across the nation receive some federal money. With that money comes an umbilical cord stretched between the host and the recipient which can be constricted to slow down or cut off the "nutrients" being sent to recipient. An intimation from the host most likely hinted that the host wanted things to go its way! Hence, a charge against Zimmerman before all evidence was in! Zimmerman could become a sacrificial lamb! (If we let him!)

  • logdon

    Short of Zimmerman sizzling in a chair will Blacks, ginned up by the Panthers, Sharpton and, 'if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon Martin', Obama be satisfied?

    Riots ahoy and you can bet your bottom dollar that the three aforementioned won't be shedding too many real tears when the burnin' and a lootin' commences.

  • Chicago Ray

    This guy better be cut loose and if he isn't then I expect the white population to be up in arms and it'll be time for us to go burn some things down and put out some 'wanted posters' and what not….. because if that me that little groid jumped, that kid would have had 10 bullets in his head, not one in his chest.

    Zimmerman sadly made the one mistake you never make in this life in today's upside down America and that is never turn your back on a "Trayvon" as if YOUR LIFE depends on it. BECAUSE IT DOES.

    Any man who's been in a fight in his lifetime knows exactly what happened here without reading the evidence and JUST examining the injuries. Period. This is such a race case that if white and Latino America leaves him out there hanging alone which the Latino's have already done, it'll be one of us next they're trying to railroad to keep whining Mouliman happy.

    Not on OUR watch they've already been handed over the farm at our expense, enough is enough and this summer and fall will be when it ends. 48 years I've been here and I'm sick of this racial crud. So much effort and money and resources dedicated to the 20% of the population who create 80% of the violent crimes and 90% of the total mayhem and misery. Enough PC

    • guest

      i agree. Why do we feel so obligated to those people?

      • Joshua

        "Those people", You are an a**hole. All that is stemming from this page is racist comments about how black people are violent and a 17 year old kid had a bullet coming. This issue could have been avoided if Zimmerman was never following the teen. If it was a white guy wearing a hoodie, he would have never been confronted. Trayvon was wearing a hoodie walking down the street with iced tea and skittles. What robber you know would have these items for a robbery?

        Where i'm from, if you get into a fight…you defend yourself to the best of your abilities and walk away either a victor or a loser. But you have your life. Zimmerman went into a fight expecting to win and when he realize he was losing, he did the cowardly thing and shot Trayvon.

        Another thing that piss me off is the black population creating 80% of the violent crimes. Show me the statistics cause that is a lie and over exaggeration. And white people initiated the violence during the slavery days. And even getting pass those days, we still run into racist pricks like you who overlook the black population who are successful, CEOs, Basketball stars, Entertainers, Graduates of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. You're too busy looking at the color of our skin and judging us to be below you. You should feel ashamed of yourself. You wanna make the world a better place…. Kill yourself.

  • Vic Kelley

    Trayvon Martin was a fully grown adult criminal. He did what a lot of coloreds do – he attacked a much smaller, older person of another race. This time, though, the victim defended himself. That this causes so much discomfort to our mass media is a disgrace. You can see how TV & newspaper go out of their way to find the good in the dead colored felon and the evil in the injured Hispanic or white or mixed Mr. Zimmerman.

    A few weeks a go in Mobile, AL a middle aged white man was beaten nearly to death by a gang of coloreds. These coloreds ranged in age from pre-teens to middle aged adults. Why did they attack? Because the white man told the kids to stop playing basketball in his yard. The kids went & told their parents or whatever. Hence a large group of coloreds did what they do in America they exercised their freedom to attack someone of another race. If only you've seen Mobile, AL TV reports of it. They have fully reported on the criminal past of the white victim – his arrests for public intoxication & disturbing the peace. So far one colored adult has been arrested and you should see how physically uncomfortable TV news reporters are mentioning that.

    I'm glad Mr. Zimmerman won his fight in the street. I hope he wins in court too. The sensibilities of coloreds is not worth our consideration.

    • Ghostwriter

      What are you,a Klan member? Not every black person is like what you describe. Oh,and by the way,the word "colored" went out of style a long time ago. Try and keep up with the times,pal.

      • bringbacktheflex

        Just to be accurate, do you know what the initials N A A C P stand for? Go look it up and then come back here and apologize.

    • anarch0NDN

      You are a racist piece of garbage, Zimmerman outweighed the kid by like 50 pounds. If it was MMA they'd be in way different weight classes. The fact Trayvon was able to whoop him so bad was because Zimmerman like most wannabe cops and actual cops are punks who cannot fight and have to carry guns to feel like men because hand to hand they'd get the smack down laid on them.

      • karen scharps

        Wrong! George weighed 170 lbs and was 5' 8". Trayvon weighed 140-170 lbs. and was 6' 3''.
        Would you rather fight a man 7 " taller than you who was fit from football practice every day, or a man 7' shorter who was out of shape?
        You are obviously not a fan of community minded people who wish to protect rather than rob, steal, rape, and murder.
        The problem here seems to be that usually it is many cowardly Black gang members beating up on one or two White people, or doing the cowardly drive by shootings. One on one didn't work out so well.

  • StephenD

    I live in the next town over from where this happened. Sanford, FL has its trouble spots but for the most part is a decent enough place. Although I do wonder why when a week after Obama said "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon…." there were four people shot in Sanford; one was a pregnant woman. Not a mention on the national scene. No DOJ investigation. No call for all of us to “do some deep soul searching" No speeches lamenting "No Justice; No Peace" from the likes of Sharpton and Jackson. I guess since it was Black on Black crime it is not note-worthy and certainly not worthy of the Race Baiters time.
    They have exposed themselves as being phonies all and not worth listening to.

    • Jimi Belton

      The same weekend travon cane out in the news….41 people in Chicago was shot….12 killed…..All B on B You negros just know that you had 41 shot and the 12 killed….Your life AINT even worth the mention by the Media….How do you like that for a good "go to hell"….Yes black people you are not even worth the mention, by Al And Jesse, nor any of the Media….Orielly had a few words and spent time telling about your plight…but to you poor Blacks that has to pray you dont get shot down like a dog in your own homes….you have my simpancy…Oh excuse Al and Jesse…Your life of race pimping has been to better the lives of the people of color…..And you are so busy railing against the Baby Murder Mills in your communities that you just didnt have the time to say how sorry you are to have those 12- K I A in Chigago…REVEREVT al and REVERTENT Jesse….You will burn in HELL, unless you repent…You black trash…

  • AntiSharia

    Zimmerman will be convicted, fear of race riots will see to that.

    • Maxie

      There will be riots no matter what.

      • Atlas_Collins

        The proper term is "chimp outs."

  • RoguePatriot6

    Zimmeran, if he actually committed a crime, shouldn be the only one standing before a judge and jury.

    The people at MSNBC who were behind doctoring the 9-11 dispatch tapes and sparked racial outrage.
    The NPBB who put a bounty on the head of Zimmerman, calling for his capture or death without due process.
    Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton for sparking or inciting riots.
    All of the thugs both black and white who have assaulted or murdered innocent citizens in response to this tragedy. (which is really confusing because Zimmeran is not white. Kind of kills the "whitey is out to get us" mentality)

    • dvRant

      You forgot Spike Lee. No one has ever seriously asked him, and insisted on an answer, why he did what he did.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Oh, by the way dozens of black youths have died at the hands of other black youths since this incident. What's sad is that they will continue to die as those who claim to care SO much about the welfare of our black communities continue to exploit incidents like these for votes, public exposure and influence. Whites will become outraged for very legitmate reasons at the hotstility that was intentionally stirred up with hopes of them being on the receiving end of it so when they lash out, the instigators can cry the all too familiar and loved chant "RACE WAR".

    Let's be smart and not give them one.

  • Roger

    The group that screamed about vigilante justice and unfair trials is using them against this guy.

    Do they want a fair justice system or not?

  • Davidka

    I hope the jury will have the courage to reach the right result. Remember that the petit jury's main reason for existence is to shield the citizenry from the power of the government when it is acting wrongly.

    • fiddler

      And here I recall hearing about the administration wanting to intimidate Chief Justice Roberts if he doesn't come to the "right" decision on the "Affordable" Health Care Act. This administration needs to be history! Too many bad pecedents are emerging that are going to cause harm to our concept of justice. This administration, as with Sharpton, believes in their own style of justice.

      • Roger

        A couple of years ago if you mentioned Hitler and Obama in the same breath people would think you were nuts.

        Now, it's just a matter of checking history and matching up the tactics.

  • Jack's Mom

    Goodbye rule of law. Goodbye law and order. Goodbye Constitution. An adult man, armed with a semi-automatic handgun loaded with hollow point bullets shot and killed an unarmed teenager at point blank range. Fortunately for the killer, this (once) great nation affords him the right and opportunity to go before a judge/jury and prove that it was self-defense. But, unfortunately, my party has chosen to throw Constitutional rights and the rule of law out the window, acting as judge and jury based largely on the word of the killer (who has good reason to lie), even when known evidence contradicts his word, and when much evidence is still undisclosed to the public. And, even worse, justifying all this by viciously attacking the victim with half-truths, mis-truths, and un-truths, who cannot defend himself, or even give his side of the story. Likewise, I know this comment (and I) will also be viciously attacked, condemned and vilified by the same self-annointed cyber-lynch-mob. Somehow, protecting a confessed killer from a fair trial in a court of law is more important than fighting NDAA, Obamacare, Wall Street fraud, Fast & Furious, and on and on. My only consolation is that it happened before the election, empowering me to vote accordingly. Thank you for the heads up. It is greatly appreciated. I will be voting for Gary Johnson this November, and I hope everyone who also questions the current Republican party's values and motivations will take a few moments to check him out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you see his excellent record of accomplishments as the former (Republican) Governor of New Mexico. God bless the USA.

    • Imntreble

      Well, I'll go first… You are a delusional fool who can't discern fact from fiction. Be a good Al Sharpton lemming and sharpen your pitchfork – there's white-hispanics, white-asians, white-Jews that need to pay for this injustice!!!

      And by the way, stop voting all together.

    • Serafino

      Madam, before you publicly embarrass yourself on matters of firearms and self defense, let it be known to you that hollow point bullets are actually recommended for self defense, simply because of their ballistic signature. They rarely cause an exit wound, thus minimizing the chances of innocent bystanders getting hit. You see, you could have done your homework and researched this subject, but being a true liberal, you prefer to utter plattitudes and false dogmas.

    • tagalog

      I don't know who your party might be, you haven't identified them, but the right-wingers commenting here are saying that (1) it's not obvious that the Sanford PD failed to investigate this matter properly, and (2) to condemn Mr. Zimmerman on the basis of the fact that he shot an unarmed black man is to act prematurely, and finally, (3) that the hysteria surrounding this incident is prejudicial to both justice and morality.

      I find it noteworthy that Trayvon Martin was found to have been shot from a distance of no less than 18 inches. If Zimmerman was down on his back with Martin sitting on top of him, taking punches and martial arts chops, or having his head pounded against the pavement, and he was wearing a pistol on his belt, 18 inches of distance is interesting. He'd have drawn the firearm and fired it essentially from the hip. At the probable angle, he could easily have only grazed Martin, or even missed him altogether. If Martin was on top of him, beating him, that could have been fatal for Zimmerman.

      To state that you killed someone is not a confession to a crime.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    The fleet footed lightning fast Martin ran away from Zimmerman and disappeared, but didn't stay disappeared when he could have.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm not going to rush to judgment on this one. I'm going to wait for all the facts to come in before I make up my mind.

    • RoguePatriot6

      I sure wish that those of public and poltical influence would have did the same. __But that's probably just wishful thinking.

  • Jimi Belton

    Yes i am really peeved, especially when i see what happened in Chicago, The same weekend that this broke….There was a reason that it was hushed up for a few weeks, it would of interferred with what 0bama had cooking on his little calender…..I know the CCW laws of 39 states, they are the same as my syate, Ga. and 39 ststes honor my Ga. License….Now allow me to vent a tad….Now, The pair of race pimps, Whores, "get our faces on TV at any cost" Al not too Sharpton, and his " Iwould like to cut his nuts off" Reverent Jesse Jackson…..These sick race pimps come a running, with the Cameras and Media, just a Frothing at the mouth to put these 2 monkeys on the even news…..and at the same time this is all going down, 41 black people in Chicago is violently gunned down and 12 is D O A …..dead that is…..and Bro`s al and jesse does not say a word about your plight, nor does the putrid media….Clorored Peoples of the Hood, You are not even worth the mention of the fact that you were gunned down in the street and some of you were innocent and died or was gunned down and may be maimed for life…..Sorry folks you are not worthy of Bro Al and Bro Jesse even mentioning your hellish conditions….How does that make you ''of the plantation'' feel about the race whores, pimps that has got scandlissly wealthy, pimping you poor souls….and as a whitey i do feel for you….I just cannot feel too bad because you would not leave this liberal plantation if your very life was on the line…..Good People of color, why do you follow the likes of 0bama, Al, and Jesse….follow what ML King had to say to you…All that other liberal bunch does is to incite you to lawlesness and while the Pimps are hiding in their ivory Palaces, they have incited you to take to the streets to do their race war….They missed getting you at their Abortion Clinics, so they will get you on the streets of every town and city, and now these evil Pimps want to see you gunned down in Sanford Florida….Please wake up….

  • Jimi Belton

    I want to insist that Al ''not too Sharpton'' REVEREND " I would love to cut hisnuts off, Jesse Jackson, and the Sister Watters, Sister Cynthia Mc Kenney, and all these "Righteous" Race Pimps, and their Pimped out MEDIA, be charged with the crime of Inciting violence of Hate Crimes, aiding and abetting in Hate Crime Violence….ABC news to be brought before a court of law in the State of Florida, for the Crime of inciting violence against totally innocent people because of their color,"White"….this is a crime of HATE, committed by NBC news, and the writer and editor of this rag "media"….Yea….Many liberals should go to prison for this crime, Zimm…When you are aquitted, get you a dream team of Jewish Lawyers from Miami, especially hire Alan Dershwich….and sew the hades out of these liberals….

  • RUI

    Let's see liberals spin these… oh wait.

  • Brujo Blanco

    I fear that if Zimmerman is found not guilty he will be murdered. There are those that have already determined that he is guilty. I also fear racially motivated riots regardless as to what happens. Mob rule is never fair and has many victims.

  • Serafino

    Sharpton and the rest of the race pimps quickly chimed in this case. Funny, they were silent about 40+ black on black as well as black on white homicides in Chicago this year so far.

  • Anon

    I'm just curious… why wasn't Zimmerman able to forcefully remove Trayvon from off of himself. Maybe if some energy was used for this, rather then reaching for his gun, things could of ended differently. I mean, look at their size differences.

  • SEC

    As a republican gun owner in AZ (with a stand-your-ground law) and CCW permit, I believe this still needs to go to trial. The precedent this case sets is that anybody can pick a fight, throw a half-punch at somebody, let themselves get beat, then shoot the person they picked the fight with, and claim self-defense.

    Zimmerman should not have been there at all, PERIOD. He should never have gotten out of his car, PERIOD. He should never have confronted Martin, PERIOD. That is his responsibility as a gun owner, and carrying his gun.

    If, at any point, Martin felt threatened by Zimmerman, Martin was defending himself with the only weapon available, his fists. The question in this case is "who is the agressor", and you are going to have a hard time proving it wasn't Zimmerman.

    • Reggie

      The only reason this needs to go to trial is so that the truth will be heard in a law abiding and authoritative environment, which will mean that the facts in this case will finally get published, and otherwise-intelligent people such as yourself will cease to be so deluded by the media’s self-serving distortions of events.

    • chillwell

      I wholeheartedly agree. Yours is about the only comment on this board that makes a lick of sense to me. .

  • Reggie

    According to Trayvon Martin’s own Twitter feed, he was such a violently confrontational “no limit n***er” that he had even recently “swung on a bus driver.”

  • Bob White

    If Zimmerman had been on top and shot Martin, the bullet would have been found at the site, in or on the ground.

  • Reggie

    I think the long term legal effect of this case will be to reinforce and encourage “stand-your-ground” and “shall-issue” laws nationwide.

    I predict that Zimmerman will be acquitted, that a jury will find that he acted in self defense. It will be proven in court that Zimmerman had no option to retreat once the attack began, and that consequently any “stand your ground” provisions of the law are completely irrelevant.

    The public’s take on the inevitable verdict of “not guilty” will be that it was a good thing Zimmerman was armed and able to save his own life.

    It will also be seen as a proper thing that at least initially, Zimmerman was not charged with anything because of the stand-your-ground laws, and people will see that matters would have been better off if they had simply remained that way. The entire media frenzy and highly politicized trial will be seen as one big waste of time spent trying to persecute a man (Zimmerman) who the police always knew was innocent.

    To the extent gun control activists have believed the media’s fairy tale and unwisely adopted this case as their rallying cry, they are going to be in for one very big defeat.

  • Pedro Mullerman

    Martin is not entitled to the "stand your ground" law?

    • Ben Cohen


      Even if Zimmerman attacked him, Martin went beyond defending himself and became an aggressor. When Trayvon Martin was shot he had Zimmerman pinned to the ground and was beating him, while Zimmerman screamed for help.

  • YouMother

    Hey donk, the 911 recording clearly has GZ saying, "he is walking away." then, he was told not to follow him.

    Had GZ listened there would have been no confrontation. GZ was the instigator.

    • dvRant

      Why does everyone assume he didn't listen? GZ says he left the car to check on the next street's name (for the dispatcher), then walked back.

      • Sensible SImon

        The transcript doesn't back that. He had given the dispatcher his number and the dispatcher read it back and said the police would call when they got there, and he already gave number of directions to where he was. So that does not make sense

        • mrbean

          Stop making excused for the drugged up chimp out.

    • Wkstar

      When GZ got out of his Unmarked truck wearing Unmarked cloths. That was intent & malice. He then stalked and Murdered a Child

      • Roger

        Zimmerman wasn't allowed to leave his car without police permission?

        That's news.

        Can I get you on the ground sit on your chest and pound your head into the sidewalk since you seem to think Trayvon had the the right to do that?

  • Patriot

    Good guys 1, Thug, DEAD.

  • mrbean

    Trayvon he think he bad, but it really be very sad, cause he get shot, and then he die,,,, and water come to me eye.

  • Dennis Metz

    Everything in this case points to Zimmerman being attacked because he was monitoring a possible criminal. The blacks have tried to use this as an excuse to kill some honkies and crackers and attack whites. We have a Hispanic person that has a background of tutoring minorities and a kid that has a history of drug use and theft. It is a shame the media only puts out a photo of an 11 year old boy vice the thug he grew into, but the bottom line again is this was all about black leaders using this as an excuse to attack whites even though Zimmerman is Hispanic , what a sad world we live in

  • Wkstar

    When GZ got out of his Unmarked truck wearing Unmarked cloths. That was intent & malice. He then stalked and Murdered a Child

    • Roger

      Sneaking around and jumping on people pounding their head into the sidewalk was intent and malice.

  • Alinsky USA HERO

    Does your girlfriend think it's normal that you have almost 90,000 coomments. How do you find time for her?

    • Roger

      Does your pretend friend think it's normal for you to have almost 90,000 bong hits?

      • Alinsky USA HERO

        That was a horribe come back even for you, but then again , what defense do you have? Everybody knows you don't have a girlfriend.

        • Roger

          Why you have a lot more than that?

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            You haven't given ANY time to your girlfriend today Roger. Is she mad at you?

          • Roger

            Fixating again on my sex life?It's none of your concern. And frankly a pot smoking muslim that fantasizes about chopping off heads is the last one I'd want to share info with.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            You have a sex life??? HAAAAHAAAAHAAA!!! Your d i c k must get jealous that your hands spend so much time on the keyboard.

          • Roger

            This isn't a forum for you to talk dirty in hopes of discussing man/man sex.

  • David Sims

    You can tell by listening to George Zimmerman’s call to the dispatcher that he continued to follow Trayvon Martin for about 10 to 15 seconds after the dispatcher said “Okay.. we don’t need you to do that” over the phone. Zimmerman didn’t pursue Martin to the point of catching up with him, nor was that his intention. Zimmerman only wanted to see where Martin was going, so that he could tell the police where to look for him. Zimmerman lost sight of Martin at the street, so he started walking back to his parked vehicle, concluding his phone call and hanging up. That’s when Trayvon Martin intercepted Zimmerman and began a fight by punching Zimmerman on the nose, knocking him down, and then continuing his assault by slamming Zimmerman’s head on the sidewalk.

    • Conniption Fitz

      No, you can’t say Zimmerman was chasing Martin.

      Here’s a lawyer who did some research based on measurements:

    • suzyshopper

      Sorry but after the 911 guy told George that they dent need him too do that and he said ok ,

    • Guest

      David Sims:

      A rare voice of reason, and also the truth.

      What you leave out is a bit uglier, which we’ve been conditioned not to mention: The criminal rights lobby wants to reshape society so that they can hold honest working people hostage. Neighborhood safety starts with watching and speaking to the new folks on the block, usually in a friendly way but not always, depending on what they’re doing.

      The PD in most places won’t and generally can’t respond to most suspicious person calls, and if the anti-profiling folks have their way the exact ingredients common to criminals — wearing clothes that can conceal their face, walking in the shadows, being unfamiliar to the residents, checking out a neighborhood while everyone is sleeping and so forth, then they have an effective license to commit crimes. Even if, by some accident, they get caught with stolen goods (as Trayvon was), there will be a ‘program’, or unwritten policy to downgrade or obfuscate the crime, as was done by the Miami-Dade School Police Department (MDSPD).

      So if I’m stalking your neighborhood, then you
      Can’t watch

      Can’t call (that’s “profiling”)
      Can’t catch up and speak to (that’s “stalking”)
      Can’t defend yourself if I racially profile you as an contemptible white person (“creepy a zz cracker”) and then issue an “a zz whooping”

      Can’t carry a gun
      But I can be armed, because I don’t bother with permits and laws. See Tray’s texts and photos which the prosecutor’s office attempted to delete.

      Count on your points never being printed in the New York Times.

  • Ben Franklin

    Rachel also testified that Martin was the one who started the verbal altercation. Martin had plenty of time to go back in his house according to Rachel’s testimony but it looks like he waited for Zimmerman in order to confront him.

    Zimmerman was armed, so if he had really wanted to stalk and kill someone he could have done so without having his head beaten repeatedly into the concrete.

    The fact is that the left wanted an incident to show how awful the stand your ground law is and they wanted a racial incident to boost Obama’s run for the presidency. They thought they had both in this case but ended up with neither. The press did yeoman’s work trying to manufacture something, safe in the knowledge that by the time the truth came out the election would be over. This was the case with lots of things the administration and the lapdog press did in the last election. They knew for instance that by the time the story of the IRS’s persecution of the political opposition came out the election would be over.

  • Mastermind

    Too many excuses. Lets look at the history of Florida law in this situation. A woman who had a documented abusive husband, fired a warning shot into the ceiling and did not injure or kill anyone and received a 20 year sentence. This guy killed someone and walks off free. The consistent part of both cases, the one who the court claimed to be wrong in so many subtle terms was African American. The court system seems to make things ok for one side and bad for the other. If the lady received 20 years for clearly defending herself, Zimmerman should have had a more harsh punishment. But I guess wanting to be a police officer, having a father that is a court magistrate, and having the police force on your side does a lot.

    • tethys

      You’re leaving out a crucial fact of the Florida mom case, the one fact that ultimately was responsible for her conviction. She LEFT the house and then realized she forgot her keys so she went BACK IN to get them and THAT’S when she fired the warning shots.

      The judge in that case ruled that she couldn’t have been in fear for her life as she claimed because if she was, she wouldn’t have gone back in once she admitted she was already safely away. She could have called a friend, gone to a neighbor’s house, or done anything except go back inside where her husband was.

      George Zimmerman was walking back to his truck when he was jumped by Trayvon Martin. He was extricating himself from the situation and on his way to meet the police at a location agreed upon by the 9-1-1 dispatcher.

    • Mater Man

      Let’s put you into the mix, you are pinned down on the ground being beaten almost to the point of unconsciousness wouldn’t you fear for your life? The point is the media has turned this case into a race war to sell a sensational story that only ignorant people would buy. Are you one of them?


    Seems, to me, that Trayvon was profiling George; referring to him as a creepy white-ass cracker and twice as a nigger all heard in the phone conversation with Rachel. Does George have no civil rights?