The Arrest of George Zimmerman: Justice or Politics?

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Most people have responded to Angela Corey’s decision to charge George Zimmerman with second degree murder in one of two ways: they have applauded her or they have cautioned people to wait for the trial — in which we will hear all the facts. Very few people have accused Angela Corey of filing these charges for political reasons, despite her affidavit of probable cause not demonstrating probable cause, or indicating any new evidence that her predecessor didn’t have. Indeed nothing new has become public that would indicate significant new evidence since March 13, when the Sanford police concluded their investigation.

Prior to removing himself from the case, the District Attorney, Norm Wolfinger, disagreed with the lead investigator who wanted to bring charges. Wolfinger had agreed to put the evidence before a grand jury and allow them to decide whether to bring charges. The new prosecutor, who was appointed after public protests and major media attention, decided to forgo a grand jury and present a judge with an affidavit of probable cause. Assuming no significant new evidence has been uncovered (and we have no reason to believe it has), then either Corey is right or Wolfinger was right, but not both.

The major reason why one would not charge George Zimmerman with a crime is that, as Sanford police chief Bill Lee said:

When the Sanford Police Department arrived at the scene of the incident, Mr. Zimmerman provided a statement claiming he acted in self defense which at the time was supported by physical evidence and testimony.” 

In fact one of these eyewitnesses has come forward and spoken with the media. He related seeing a man wearing red lying on the ground screaming for help while another man was beating him. He ran to call police, and when he looked outside again the guy on top was lying dead in the grass from a gunshot wound.

One of the few documents that has been released to the public (now taken down) was the partial initial police report; this document contains the statement of Officer Timothy Smith, the first person to arrive at the scene. He states that George Zimmerman had blood on his nose and back of his head, along with grass on his back. While the media has raised a hue and cry over grainy security cam footage, we have the sworn statement of the first officer to arrive at the scene.

As Alan Dershowitz and others have pointed out the prosecutor’s affidavit of probable cause doesn’t contain either probable cause to charge Zimmerman with second degree murder, or any indication of new evidence. Manslaughter consists of an act which is neither reasonable nor justifiable and results in another person’s death; all murders could also be considered manslaughters. First degree murder involves deliberately killing another person as part of a preplanned plot or scheme. Second degree murder involves killing another person without premeditation, “by an act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind showing no regard for human life.”

The prosecutor’s affidavit of probable cause doesn’t contain a description of anything remotely resembling that, nor do any facts available to the public point in that direction. The prosecutor claims (in the affidavit) that Zimmerman followed and confronted Martin, something happened, and Zimmerman shot Martin. The sole piece of evidence she presents to back up her claim is the statement of Trayvon Martin’s mother that the voice heard in the background of a 9-11 call is Trayvon’s.

As Alan Dershowitz correctly pointed out, and another lawyer has told me, the right to self defense is never forfeited. As long as George Zimmerman reasonably feared death or serious injury, and lethal force was his only available escape, then he is protected under the traditional rules of self defense. And given the presence of at least one eyewitness who saw George Zimmerman pinned to the ground and screaming for help, Zimmerman has a basis for that claim. Nothing in the affidavit contradicts George’s claim to self-defense.

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  • Whatsinaname

    This whole thing is terribly reminiscent of the criminal trials for black defendants in the South in the first half of the 20th century. Whether or not a crime was committed by a black man didn't matter — the mob (then white) had to be appeased. Now it has switched sides. Blacks openly or covertly threaten violence and the justice system caves. How sick. It certainly looks like Zimmerman is being railroaded. I feel sorry for him. If he had a Spanish surname, he'd be better off. If he gets acquitted, (I hope he does), he needs to leave this country and go live in his mother's native Peru to be safe. However, we will not be safe here, as mob justice in the USA is now in charge.

    • aspacia

      Yes, lynch mob mentality sucks. This indeed is similar to black being railroaded, like Malcolm X in all parts of the USA, not just the South, when accused of attacking whites, now it has shifted and blacks are allowed a get out o jail free card after attacking whites.

      • Whatsinaname

        Malcolm X was a racist who hated whites and Jews. He was a leader in the Nation of Islam and he was murdered by THEM. I don't feel sorry for what happened to him one bit. He created a monster then the monster killed him. Ho hum…..

    • Tony Kondaks

      Whatsinaname writes:

      "If he had a Spanish surname, he'd be better off."

      It's more than that. Before it was revealed in the MSM that he was Hispanic, Sharpton et al got involved. I'll bet a dollar to a donut Sharpton heard his name and immediately thought that Zimmerman was Jewish and the prospect of a white Jew killing a Black started Sharpton licking his chops for more mob murder of Jews.

  • Gunner57

    Sorry, in the first half of the 20th century we didn't have a flaming racist president and attorney general leading the lynch mob of a bunch of hate filled morons. Zimmerman needs to flee the country and seek political asylum from this totalitarian state.

    Black racism is the worst that this country has ever seen. Don't think that the likes of Obama, Holder, Farakhan, Sharpton, Lees and Jackson wouldn't be capable of genocide against white people if they had higher IQ's and/or a numerical advatage.

    • aspacia


      You are not going to believe this, but I have black students who refuse to hang around with racist blacks and will not be pulled into their hate. Actually, one black student has a white girlfriend and his father is a another teacher and coach.

      • Guest

        Having a white girl friend doesn't prove anything about a black man's recital attitudes. This is another opportunity to dominate whitey. I certainly don't believe you.

        • Roger

          Or he found woman he cares for and skin color isn't an issue.

        • aspacia

          Believe it, I have had many black students who have said that they refuse to have anything to do with trashy blacks or whites. There are many out there like Alan West and Cosby who are realize what is wrong with their brethren.

      • Whatsinaname

        Gunner, you make some good points but I'd like to know the reaction of the then President on the huge KKK rally and march that took place in Indiana in the first half of the 20th century. The influence of the Klan in Southern politics and legal issues cannot be denied. It was huge. Also, do you know which President it was who not only segregated the US military but also segregated the federal workers in Washington DC? It was either Wilson or Roosevelt. As for Farakhan — yes, he is a racist demogogue who would easily advocate genocide if given the opportunity. Jackson and Sharpton are race hustlers who are in it for the money. This is the way they earn a living. Lee is a flop film producer who blames his lack of talent on racism and needs to get his name in the public eye.

        • aspacia

          All presidents until Truman segregated the workers and troops, including Lincoln except after the 354th distinguished themselves in battle.

      • Whatsinaname

        Aspacia, honestly, are the black students who refuse to hang around with black racists the minority or majority. I suspect they are the minority. I remember when I went to college at the U of I in the '70's, black students would eat only at a big table with other blacks and refused to have anything to do with whites. There were no blacks who opposed this. You have to admit black racism is pretty endemic and is as vile as white racism was a long time ago. In a poll done in 1990's the average black person's attitudes towards Jews was the same as a white skinhead. This has not gotten better. I suspect it has gotten worse.

        • aspacia

          Yes, at the high school where I currently teach, but you are correct regarding the other high school I taught at for 6 years. To be honest I witnessed a huge amount of black and Hispanic racism in SoCal. Currently, any racism is vile, but I have to disagree that black racism is as bad as it was during Jim Crow during the lynchings, but it is increasing and being passed on through their racist parents.

      • Ghostwriter

        I'm in agreement with aspacia. Not all blacks are like those that you describe. They're certainly entitled to their own view of things but I say again. Not every black person is like what you describe. It's wrong and insulting to the intelligence of others. You guys really need to get out more.

        • mrbean

          Ghostwriter stay on subject. He said: "Black racism is the worst that this country has ever seen." That is true and you see it every day and you hear subtley even from Black commentators like Juan Williams demanding the arrest of Zimmerman but ignoring the Black Panthers bounty felony. We are also sick of seeing the 5 year old picture of 12 year old Trayvon Martin and him being potrayed as the victim, which he is not.

    • Whatsinaname

      Gunner, you make some good points but I'd like to know the reaction of the then President when a HUGE KKK march and rally was held in Indiana during the first half of the 20th century. What President was it that not only segregated the troops but also segregated federal employees in Washington DC. It was either Wilson or Roosevelt. I certainly agree with you about Farakhan — he is a hate filled demogogue who would gladly employ genocide if he could. Shapton and Jackson are race hustlers who are out for the money. The are complete whores. Lee is a mean, angry, talentless loser who knows it and is trying to blame his lack of success on racism.

    • Free4500

      That's right: if you think it's bad now, wait another 5 or 10 years, when the marxists are even more entrenched. Bill Ayers talked about the need to exterminate 25 million Americans who wouldn't submit to the new Marxist dictatorship. Obama and Holder are Black Panthers in suits, who know how to "talk white". But in their hearts they hate whites and would be happy to see them all eliminated.

    • Betty G. Withers

      I am appalled by your obvious racism. It resonates in your comment. You are the racist; look in the mirror. I am a white southern. I know it when I see it.

  • Amused

    Well the facts are not available to the public, nor should they be until presented at trial . Another botched investigation ? Was there powder burns on Trayvons jacket indicating a close range shot ? Was there blood splatter on Zimmermans jacket , indicating the same ? Were Zimmermans injuries properly recorded ? Were there marks on either of the two's fists , indication a fist fight ? 911 tapes indicate Zimerman disregarded instructions NT to pursue Martin , THAT is what brings his intentions into question . It is curious that the Fl.Sp.Prosecutor decided on second degree murder , which is much harder to prove , than negligent homicide or manslaughter , and a jury less likely to convict .There';s a good possibility due to the charge alone , that Zimmerman will not be convicted of that charge.No double-jeopardy ,Zimmerman walks .The Sp.Prosecutor might be wiser than we all think

    • dalek

      I have read several reports that Zimmerman was going back to his vehicle after the 911 operator told him not to follow. If he was leaving, then Martin had to approach him at that point. I have also read where a witness said that is what happened. I have not seen reports from a witness that Zimmerman followed after the 911 operator told them to stop.

      Me, if someone is in my neighborhood that I don't know should be there, I'm going to watch them. That's the point of neighbourhood 'watch'. I'm not saying a person should confront them, unless to protect someone's life, but watching them is part of it. If Zimmerman didn't watch him then to me, he is not a good volunteer to 'watch' after the neighbourhood.

      • aspacia

        Yes, the police report is on line, and it does appear to exonerate Zimmerman. However, if he is not kept in custody, he will be murdered.

        Again, let us wait for the facts.

        • dalek

          I hate to say this, he is in what is most likely the safest place. I thought I would never say that about a person being in jail. Then again, if he is in general population, even that may not be safe.

          I'm open to new facts but what i do know so far, Zimmerman was doing what neighbourhood watch should be doing. He watched, he called the police and apparently kept some distance from the person he was watching. I have not heard anything about him even trying to ask who Martin was or what he was doing. He couldn't even give a good description to 911. Me, where I live, I would have been asking questions and there would need to be some good answers too. I'd call 911 but they are way to far away for us here. Our sheriff dept is for clean ups. They do their best but they don't have jet engines in their cars.

    • aspacia

      Yes, there is a liberal lawyer on kdwn talk who discussed these facts. We should not pass judgement, albeit I do believe Zimmerman will be jailed, just as OJ was freed. Funny, how no one mentioned that leather shrinks in the elements making the gloves not fit.

    • dave r

      Amazing how the statement "We don't need you to do that" is constantly described as a direct order to stop following the thug.

    • Mystified

      The unedited version of the 911 tape indicated he did ,or intended to, comply with the statement made by the dispatcher, that they (police) did not need him to follow the suspect. Pure politics and manipulation of the facts from the very onset. Now that will continue.

      • Roger

        Doesn't it have the same smell as the Duke La Crosse case?

    • trickyblain

      Meh. I've never met a prosecutor who went into a case to lose it. Could be evidence she has that the public hasn't seen. We'll find out…

      • Amused

        Florida is a "right to discovery " State .Whatever the Prosecutor knows , so too will Zimmermans attorney know . And its simply bad practice for either of them to divulge it until trial .That's elementary .

    • Wyatt Trash

      Agreed. It's an appeasement charge. Mr. Zimmerman would have had to wave his right to a Grand Jury inquiry. The charge is to settle down the racists shouting for his head. The charge will never stick, as the evidence already being shown proves he is not guilty. She knows this and so does Mr. Zimmerman's lawyers. At least this way he's safe for the time being.

    • PLO

      Gunshot residue was on TM, injuries to GZ nose, back of head, back of GZ's shirt had grass stains and wet from grass dew. PD tapes show police dispatcher stayed on phone with GZ for several minutes and midway thru GZ was told "you do not need to" follow TM, not ordered to stop. GZ said "OK" and police told him to meet police at mailboxes, which GZ said he was afraid he would be ambushed, since he could no longer see TM and TM would see where he was going. GZ went back to his car after he "lost him." TM showed up at GZ's car. And confronted GZ, "you got a problem", GZ said "no", TM responded "you do now" and punched GZ in the nose , wrestled him to ground, proceeded to slam GZ's head on the sidewalk repeatedly as verified by head wounds and eye witness. GZ was yelling for hep according to sole eye witness who went to call 911, he then heard gunshot. He said man who was on top beating the guy on the ground who was in a red sweater was now on ground shot. Clearly self defense. Tragic yes. GZ was trying to stop excessive physical assault and bodily harm. By all definitions of the law, self defense.

  • davarino

    Zimmernan is probably safer in custody.

    I wouldnt want to be on that jury. I am sure Zimmerman will ask for a change of venue, cause there is no way he will get a fair trial in that neighborhood.

  • It was a gated property: what was trayvon doing there?

    Ehat was Trayvon doing there at night? And how did he get past the gate? And didn’t his sweet mother have any food un the house thus forcing him to find a bodega inside a gated community so he could get his skittles and iced tea? If only sweet momma kept some candy at home this would never have happened! Let’s sue the skittles manufacturer!!!! It is all their fault!!!!

    • trickyblain

      Don't really follow current events, do you?

  • tsalagi_1

    I'll wait and see what happens but so far it looks like a political lynching. If Florida doesn't burn George Zimmerman at the stake Eric Holder is gunning for him. There will be no justice if that threat is carried out.


    In my 52 years I never dreamed I would see a day that a bounty could be placed on an American citizen and NOTHING is done! The American media beside Fox does not even feel it is worth reporting! And 157 black on black Killings have taken place in Chicago since January and you would think that being the hometown of Jesse and the presidents favorite hangout ( before he became KING) and NOTHING NOT oNE WORD! This is no longer America this is BHO and Eric Holders Kingdom and you know what they used to do when you did not go along with the kings program.. off with your head! Just what Eric Holder has made perfectly clear to the AG in Florida!

  • ApolloSpeaks


    If Trayvon Martin felt threatened by George Zimmerman following him why didn't he call 911 on his cell phone? If Trayvon's girlfriend was concerned about his safety then why didn't she phone police? Then again why didn't the fleet footed football player who was way ahead of Zimmerman on the path leading back to Brenda Green's house return there to tell his dad about the big bad man who was suspiciously following him? Why instead did Trayvon run somewhere else eluding Zimmerman who lost sight of him, when he could have easily returned home?

    Click my name for the answers to these and other vital questions on the Trayvon Martin shooting.

    • Goebbels

      Why Isn't "Apollo Speaks" Sane?
      Time Line Of Events February 26, 2012 (courtesy of Wikipedia, where you can find the citations in the entry "Shooting of Trayvon Martin")

      * 7:09 pm – Zimmerman's call to Sanford police begins
      * 7:12 pm – Trayvon's girlfriend calls him
      * 7:13 pm – Zimmerman's call to Sanford police ends
      * 7:16 pm – Trayvon call to girlfriend goes dead;9-1-1 calls from the neighbors begin
      * 7:17 pm – First officer arrives on scene
      * 7:30 pm – Martin pronounced dead at the scene by paramedic
      So regardless of his girlfriend calling the police they were basically already there (within minutes). The phone call is backed by the phone company records, so it seems odd in any event if he was up to something that he was simultaneously talking to his girlfriend. And he didn't call the police himself as he died with in minutes of the call being dropped. It would not seem you narrative is realistic or congruent with what facts are currently available to the public and that portion of the public interested in facts.

      • ApolloSpeaks

        One crucial point you left out of your analysis: Before Z ends his call with the dispatcher he says, and I quote: "I DON"T KNOW WHERE THE KID IS!"-as M disappeared and completely lost sight of him. But Martin knew where Zimmerman was and foolishly and stupidly confronted him backtracking from the upper part of the dark commons walkway near Brandy's house to near the bottom of the path where he was killed. In other words, M lost Z and could have made a 911 call if he wanted to. But he chose confrontation instead and is dead killed by his reckless, insane kick ass gangsta folly.

        • ApolloSpeaks

          Correction: as M disappeared Z completely lost sight of him.

          One other correction: Tracy Martin (Tray's father) was out that night having dinner with Brandy Green.

        • Goebbels

          So really the last part of the transcript is:
          Dispatcher: What's your apartment number?
          Zimmerman: It's a home it's 1950,[Note 2, 3rd picture] oh crap I don't want to give it all out, I don't know where this kid is.
          Dispatcher: Okay do you want to just meet with them right near the mailboxes then?
          Zimmerman: Yeah that's fine.
          Dispatcher: Alright George, I'll let them know to meet you around there okay?
          Zimmerman: Actually could you have them call me and I'll tell them where I'm at?
          Seems reasonable to conclude he went looking for Martin as otherwise he would have met them at the mail box. This further corroborated by Ms girlfriend who describes their last words as:
          "Martin say "What are you following me for?" followed by a man's voice responding "What are you doing here?" She said that she heard the sound of pushing and that Martin's headset suddenly went silent, leading her to believe that he had been pushed. She attempted to call him back immediately, but was unable to reach him."
          What evidence is there that M "foolishly and stupidly confronted him". Seeing as M was still talking to his girlfriend until he himself was confronted by someone as overheard by his girlfriend and after Z had completed his call, its difficult to see when he could have called the cops between his phone going dead and the cops arriving two minutes later.

          • ApolloSpeaks

            Good answer. But not good enough. Stay tuned. I'll be answering you at length.

          • ApolloSpeaks

            We don't have a recording of the Martin/girlfriend phone call. But we do have a recording of the Zimmerman/police call where Zimmerman says that Martin (the tall, long legged, light weight former football player described by friends as a "swift athlete who played many positions") ran away (7:11:43 pm) while pursuing him on the dark, unlit commons walkway in back of the town homes (this was before 7:12 when the dispatcher told Z to desist). There is no way that the shorter, heavier, slower Zimmerman could have caught up to Martin especially when he was following him at a safe distance, as he was trained to do…………………..

            Click my name to continue reading.

  • tagalog

    After the initial investigation resulted in a finding that there was no probable cause for a prosecution, and a second decision to prosecute for reasons that are as yet unknown, it appears that George Zimmerman has been hunted down and is being treated like a rabid dog for no rational discernable reason.

  • Mystified

    How and where could one contribute financially to Zimmermans defense? Someone who has that knowledge please post it here. And anywhere else you can think of to get the word out. This man deserves our support.

  • Brujo Blanco

    The media will not allow justice in this case. This case is about race and politics. The mob will only be.satisfied with a conviction. This is the face of American justice.

    • mattogilvie55

      The media only care about getting their god Obama re-elected. That is why this incident has been so politicized by them.

  • Jerry

    The only possible opening I see in charging Zimmerman is if it can be proven that Martin stopped beating while the witness was goint to the phone. Zimmerman then pulled out his gun while Martin pleaded, and Zimmerman shot him. (I'm not saying that is what happened, but that possiblity is open.

    I'd like to think we have voice analytics that could figure out who was yelling before the shot was fired. You'd think it would be easy since you can usually distinguish the voices of various races. It seems like each side will find an "expert" who will support their view.

    I'll keep an open mind. What I don't like is the mob mentality of the Left that doesn't have an open mind.

    This looks like a manslaughter charge at best.

  • pagegl

    Possible conspiracy theory scenario… The case will go to court late in the summer, it be dragged out until the end of September when, due to no real evidence, Zimmerman will be acquitted. Then all hell will break loose with race riots in major cities, which will lead to Obama trying to suspend the election.

    There's been too much set up starting out with a month old case suddenly hitting the news leading to the race baiters inciting people, unnecessary involvement of the DoJ, and Obama tossing in his two cents worth.

    I really hope my little what-if fantasy does not play out. I want justice for all involved and if there isn't a case against Zimmerman he should be acquitted and everyone goes home quietly. I just fear those with a large investment in this case won't let it end there if acquittal is the result.

    • mattogilvie55

      At the very least, Obama is hoping that an acquittal will galvanize his voting base to turn out in November. THAT is the main reason why the special prosecutor filed these ridiculous charges against him. This is a total political stunt just to give Obama a talking point.

      • Roger

        Obama certainly isn't going to rely on his record on the economy to get reelected.

      • Oleg

        Seems rather short sighted but then again math was never B.O's strong suit. There are approximately 13 million blacks verses 40 million or more person's of hispanic origin, of the minority of the black population that actually do exercise their right to vote they vote for the Jackass party 75-95% of the time. I can't say what the voter turnout is among hispanics but there is much less loyaty to one political party over the other, and there are at least three to four times as many hispanic voters as there are black voters. The political calculations they are making make as much sense as the economics of green energy, spending political capital on a voter base that they already have, and possibly loose two or three more thanks to race baiting.

    • Oleg

      If Pearl Harbor and the Second World War didn't suspend the 1944 election I doubt if a murder trail would be grounds to do so. I don't think that there is any process or precident for suspending an election under the U.S constitution and political system, and to do so would result in the inihilation of whatever polical party attempted to do so.

      • pagegl

        I hope so. However, in World War II we didn't have a President attempting to pit his followers against the rest of the country. The murder trial would not be the reason to suspend the election, mass riots following an acquittal of Zimmerman might be good enough reason for Obama to whip out an executive order delaying or suspending the election. That exec order would then be followed by all sorts of opinion of legal precedent justifying Obama's action from administration lawyers. I truly hope Obama and his people aren't stupid enough to try to pull such an idiotic stunt, however, they haven't given me any reason to believe they possess the common sense and intelligence not to do it. In fact, I believe they have displayed an amazing amount of hubris in their belief they can do anything.

  • citizenobserver

    What ever happened to a Coroner's Inquest, the purpose of which was to review the circumstances surrounding a death. This was a public hearing, with witnesses. If facts indicated a crime, further investigation would follow. In this way the public was assured that the death was taken seriously and parties involved could have input. I wonder why this procedure was not followed in this case. One has the impression that the police/prosecutors office had the sole authority to determining probable commission of a crime without any public input – hence setting up a situation calling for the deceased's family and supporters to launch public demands for an arrest. The family wants a chance at justice, and that will perhaps come from a trial. Clearly, a procedure such as an inquest could have eliminated the recourse to demonstrations. Martin may be the victim here, or perhaps the victim is Zimmerman, or the truth lies somewhere in between. The process for bringing justice in such cases needs to include a viable Coroner's Inquest not just a police investigation.

    • OneLuv

      This was my post, Amen citizenobserver. Can you guess who the chickens & turkeys are?

      A crime has taken place, that should be the focus! Focus on the crime, not his race or gender, this is when true Justice will prevail. If a chicken shoots a turkey in a barn yard for being at the wrong end of the barn yard, Do you fry the chicken or roast the turkey? Get my point? A crime has taken place, deal with the CRIME, not the chickens and turkeys.

  • cjk

    I don't believe any oppression on the basis of race is ever justified.
    looks to me like a great majority of blacks and their leadership are doing their darndest to justify the oppression of their race in previous eras.

    • zalukas

      Now that's a well constructed summation of self flagellation of Americans with black pigmentation, as I ever heard (or thought).
      Now I'm coming from prospective of European American or American European if you like. An immigrant (with visa mind you). I'm a sort of observer from the side, grew up in the place 110% Caucasian. I didn't even know the words "black", "white". I didn't care, really. Five years fast forward…. Suddenly I must care, if I want to live.

      One may be advised to read up history of Haiti at the sunset of French rule. There was not and ever going to be a Happy Ending to that story.

  • mattogilvie55

    I hope he is acquitted just out of spite.

    • Roger

      I hope he is acquitted just for justice.

  • Amused

    If there's no plea deal , second degree murder will not stick , and that means acquittal . Again , powder burns and blood spatter will give a picture ….and know one as far as the public goes , knows if these things were/have been determined .

  • Mickey Oberman

    As long as the TV cameras are present either inside or outside the courtroom the judge and prosecuting attorneys are going to over dramatized the situation in any manner they can to make sure the defendant is found guilty whether he is or not.
    That has become "The American Way".
    The urge for "stardom" seems to overcome the desire for justice.

    • OneLuv

      the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness: to uphold the justice of a cause.

      rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a claim or title; justness of ground or reason: to complain with justice.

      the moral principle determining just conduct.

      conformity to this principle, as manifested in conduct; just conduct, dealing, or treatment.

      A brief dictionary definition of "JUSTICE", however, do we abide by the definition? We should, because a "Dictionary" exists in every culture no matter your religion, gender or nationality, BUT DO WE LIVE BY THESE DEFINITIONS?

  • Whatsinaname

    How nice of him to "soften" his position on white muslims. He never "softened" his position on Jews and after his trip to Mecca, I am sure it became more hateful.

  • mrbean

    The Eric Holder and Angela Corey racist crowd will ruin George Zimmer financially, and he will have great difficulty getting any future employment, and even if he is found not guilty, they will make sure that he can never carry a gun again, and don't think he is not in danger from the chimpout panthers and their hood thug friends. As for Trayvon Martin's sweet parents as Angela Corey gushed in her press conference, maybe if they had taught their teen thug how to behave properly towards adults he would still be alive. If asked by an adult who is the neighborhood watch what he is doing in a gated community very late at night he does not live in, his answer should have been, "My name is Trayvon Martin and I am going to visit GIVE NAME at GIVE ADDRESS." Instead. he sucker punches an adult Zimmerman and breaks his nose and is on top of him ramming his head into the concrete sidewalk, then by all means empty the whole magzine in him. That is called self defense chumps. As for the teen thug Trayvon Martin. He think he be bad, but it be sooo sad, cause he gets shot, then he did die, and…… water come to me eye.

  • OneLuv

    A crime has taken place, that should be the focus! Focus on the crime, not his race or gender, this is when true Justice will prevail. If a chicken shoots a turkey in a barn yard for being at the wrong end of the barn yard, Do you fry the chicken or roast the turkey? Get my point? A crime has taken place, deal with the CRIME, not the chickens and turkeys.

  • 10mm Auto

    May I recommend this article for you to read. Shades of Duke Rape case.


  • Jim_C

    You get a guy shooting an unarmed teenager after following and (in some way, we don't know how) confronting him. And this is a guy with a record and a history of unstable behavior. And you take him at his word and simply let him go??

    If they had simply arrested him off the bat, chances are we'd have never heard of this case. Zimmerman could have made his defense and had his day in court to explain with a lot less controversy.

    • PLO

      You clearly don't know the facts of this case, past or present. And btw, TM was in the middle of his third suspension from school. How's that for a record? Tehe only eye witness verified the statement given by GZ to police less than 3 minutes after shooting. Eye witness reported TM on top of GZ beating him while GZ was yelling for help. GZ did not have a record. He was arrested but not charged for disobeying a cop, and he and ex had mutual TRO on each other. That is it. Bail judge granted bail cuz GZ had no history or threat of violence.

  • Dick

    In regards to the statement in the article:

    "As long as George Zimmerman reasonably feared death or serious injury, and lethal force was his only available escape, then he is protected under the traditional rules of self defense. "

    The right of self defense DOES NOT include a duty to retreat (escape), if possible in most jurisdictions (California excepted).

    Certainly not Oregon!

  • Adrian Bellesguard

    A fascist place,, for fascist pigs like you all and Georgie Porgie Zimmerman.

  • Justice for George

    You knew the fix was in as the lamestream media kept running the five year old photo of Martin and photo of George in an orange jail jumpsuit. Prejudice and bias are elevated to new heights. Even Fox referred to Martin as a kid, even though they knew, or should have known, that the age of adulthood for criminal responsibility is 17, Martin's age. They referred to George as white; he's as white as Obama is white. Don't you know that the girlfriend is busy rehearsing her script as edited and reedited by the DA and Martin's lawyer? Why wouldn't one of George's lawyers plaster pictures of George's hispanic mother all over the place to disprove this ridiculous, concocted, race bating, white man kills black kid scenario? The lamestream probably have the pics, but don't want to ruin their fantasy story. George was mugged by a punk and he shot him dead. Martin was the criminal, not George

  • Elena

    He surrendered himself when the charges were filed, seems like a a by-the-book, albeit disturbed person…. the real justice will come when the ACTUAL law enforcement professionals who intentionally screwed this up are thrown in jail.