Hollywood Revs Up Propaganda Machine For Obama

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In the years after September 11, 2001, conservatives bemoaned the fact that Hollywood seemed completely uninterested in helping spur Americans to action against a brutal terrorist enemy bent on the destruction of the West. Conservatives hearkened back to World War II, and wondered where our Frank Capras, our Jimmy Stewarts, our Hollywood patriots were.  Why did Hollywood not go to war?

Answer: they were just waiting for Barack Obama to become president.

As it turns out, Hollywood didn’t give a fig about Islamic terrorism until a liberal could enter office. Until Obama grabbed the White House, Americans were treated to goodies like Green Zone and In the Valley of Elah and Syriana, suggesting that America was a force for evil in the world, and that  America’s jihadi enemies were at least partially justified in their anger at the United States.

But since President Obama took office, Hollywood seems to have turned a corner. All of a sudden, they hate Islamic terrorism. And the Obama administration is overjoyed.

And why not? They know that Hollywood is the best propaganda tool available – they have seen Obama’s image lovingly crafted by the likes of Tom Hanks and Davis Guggenheim – and now they can’t wait to see the results of that propaganda mastery on the big screen.

Which is why the Obama administration is granting unprecedented access to filmmakers to make a film about Obama’s killing of Osama Bin Laden.

For months, conservatives suggested that the Obama administration’s cozy relationship with Hollywood was endangering American security on this issue. Why, after all, should America’s security secrets be leaked to the Tinseltown lefties just in time for Obama’s re-election campaign? Wasn’t this problematic? Didn’t it create risks for teams still in the field?

And for months, the Obama administration made noises suggesting that Hollywood had barely received any sort of special access. Sure, they admitted, screenwriter Mark Boal had talked with White House officials, and director Kathryn Bigelow got to see ‘the Vault,” where CIA officials showed her a model of the Bin Laden compound. “We don’t have a partnership” with Boal and Bigelow, insisted Admiral William McRaven. But Defense Department Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Douglas Wilson said, “We need to be careful here so we don’t open the media floodgates on this.” The Obama administration didn’t want the public to know, in other words,  about their level of cooperation with a clearly political film.

And so, apparently, they hid it.

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  • Banastre tarleton

    It was Lenin who said that cinema is the greatest propaganda device ever created ; and so it is
    Politics has now became another form of entertainment , where style is far more important than substance and Barak Hussein Obama is the zeitgeist , or sign of the times ; the ''american idol president ''…..he has good teeth , a seductive speaking style and can EVEN sing and dance …that is hard to beat
    Romney , unfortunately, has zero charisma ; infact he has the wooden , awkward personality of Al Gore and has the emnity of Hollywood ….conservative values and a stuffy church sermon have little chance against the latest Hollwood blockbuster or against the constant drip, drip , drip of subliminal Leftist messages in the entertainment industry …the very same folks who vote for ''american idol'' vote for Obama …I wonder if they know the difference ?

    • Amused

      You wouldn't want to bet all in your bank account on that last sentence would you ? I'll take that suckers bet if you would . Oh and BTW , the rest of your post is pure B.S.
      Get out of the echo-chamber every once in awhile , you may actually develop an ability to think for yourself .

      • Stern

        Gee, how well argued. You accuse the poster of "pure B.S.", but provide absolutely no counter arguments. So, in other words, you demonstrate a distinct lack of ability to "think for yourself". But I guess that's not needed where you come from – you're told exactly what to think and when to think it.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          Trolls only throw mud, they don't explain it or defend it.

      • poppakap

        Kiddie playground post with little thought and zero factual refutation. A troll is as a troll does.

    • mlcblog

      I agreed with you as you began this, about film being a great propaganda tool, but you lost me when you are buying into the incessant drip and steady drumbeat of the media's "Romney has no charisma." I find him an attractive and attentive man, who thankfully says things differently. We need real change!! In particular I see him actually seeming to listen to the questions he is being asked.

      Then you lost me again when you said that about American Idol. I think a bit higher of that program than you do, I guess. I don't want to lump everyone who watches entertainment into some big morass of stupidity.

  • Banastre tarleton

    Hollywood represents a'' virtual reality ''where shallow , superficial , ignorant folks are spoon fed syrupy , maudlin Leftist propaganda under the disguise of entertainment …they are infact crafting a world-view and the Milli-Vanilli President Obama is the result

  • Amused

    LOL….great propaganda piece Shapiro .Oh how you spin! No wonder you jump back and forth from FPM to Bretbart,Com ….lol….you're a valuable asset . Not everyone has writing skills such as yours and put to such "good use " . BTW , ironically I agree with the little bit of fact your op-ed DOES contain ,and THAT is Hollywood for it's most part is Democrat , and yes it has indeed "reved up " it's propaganda machine . But you must admit , the "propagand machine " of the Republicans " reved up " way back in November of 2008 , and hasn't relented since .And oh the proganda ! From Blimpy Limbaugh to Birthers , "Killing Granny " , back to Trup-O-mania Birther , Don't get me wrong , the Democrats are no better , after all politicians and their lackeys must do what they can to sustain themselves , especially the politicians we have presently running the country [includes BOTH parties ] whose only goals are self-perpetuation and eliciting funds fro any Lobby which wishes to get favorable legislation .

    • Gylippus

      What a load of nonsense. Practice your schtick, it"s too obious that you're working off a script.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        And posting as a guest he avoids the red flag next to his name.

        • Looking4Sanity

          You have to admire a person who has the courage of their convictions. Unfortunately, that doesn't describe "Abused" at all.

    • Western Sspirit

      You're a mixed up sight, amused. First you sign "amused", a misnomer if ever there was one and your posts, like this one, further confuse reality with fiction.

      Hope you get better, soon.

    • poppakap

      You got your ass kicked a lot as a little girl didn't you? The big-mouthed wuss who went home and wailed until mom sued the elementary school because someone got tired of your rants and laid you out on the playground. There's a reason your pathology exists, and you've yet to face the fact that you're still 10 years old, hoping the "bully" doesn't hit you again, and looking up at the kids laughing at you.

    • Jacobite

      Well, Republicans are usually vaguely similar to Americans. Out of touch with Americans? Lil' Mitz is very rich. But Big-Chief O'bwana's a frikkin' Watusi, man. They gripe about Lil' Mitz carrying his dog on top of his station-wagon, when O'bwana eats dogs. 57 States? Corpse-man? Yeah, no doubt he's the smartest President in history. Although one might question why O'bwana's college transcripts are held at a higher level of secrecy than the nuclear-launch codes.

  • ★FALCON★

    Considering Hollywood is despised by the vast majority of America – I hope Obama fails.

    • dan

      if Hollywood is despised, why are we attending movies and giving millions to the actors

  • Amused

    Yes Shapiro , and the movies , you cant find any generals in the military who didn't like a good movie made under their auspices , atleast if the filmakers were going to use their assets in the film . I dont have a problem with that though . Jimmy Stuart IS dead , so is Bogey and all if not most of those greats , includng the greatest Bob Hope who managed to remain A-POLITICAL right to the end , But they were replaced by Eastwood , Charlie Sheen [yea , did you forget Navy Seals ] Tom Cruise , Sylvester Stallone ,Arnold ,Hanks, Chuck Norris and NCIS the biggest present TV hit and many more who made a multitude of films favoring America , it's Military and Foreign Policy …..but all you can manage to remember is …..Syriana ?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Still not bothering to make any sense?

    • Wideband

      Still not bothering to talk about the article you're responding to? Still missing the point?

  • Asher

    Hollywood has lost its influence on Main Stream America, People are sick of their lives being destroyed..no matter how much glamour and hype is displayed for Obama.

  • oldtimer

    If Hollywood thinks 0's so wonderful and his ideas so great, why don't they spread their wealth. I'm sure there are plenty of good hardworking people that could use some extra $$, but than they wouldn't get it anyway. Or better yet, why don't they donate to pay down the deficit….Maybe when they really put their money where theirs mouths are I'll start going to the movies again…

    • kasandra

      Are you serious. If they donated some of their piles of wealth they might have to give their personal chefs, trainers, public relations flaks, gardeners, aroma therapists, and various other servants a day off or a raise. You can't expect these Marxists to do that (while spouting their infantile political nostrums).

  • hammar

    What are the major problems of the world in general, phony religion of islam, gay marriage which is no marriage
    at all but immoral sin, and the main problem is people standing up for their rights who are being crucified by the
    phony liberal media which is no media but propaganda. So vote responsible and hope and pray they don't steal
    the election..but they will try very hard like al gore.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    …."My Mama always said, 'President Obama's voters are like a box of chocolates………'"
    (Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump (1994))

  • BS77

    Hollywood has produced some great pro American films….The Delta Force with Chuck Norris….great….Wanted Dead or Alive with Rutger Hauer….Rambo….The libs haven't taken over Hollywood completely.

    • intrcptr2

      Rambo is actually a very subtle leftist critique of the Vietnam War, and even more, how we treated the veterans returning from Indochina. And anyway, it was made 30 years ago, it doesn't have any bearing on this article, really.

  • Steve Chavez

    As a screenwriter, as a hobby, with eight full-length and several short works, it is hard to break into an industry that asks, "Have you ever had a work produced" or "have you ever had a speaking role?" How can a person even get in the door WHEN THEY PICK THE SAME TYPES OF WORKS, SAME SCREENWRITERS, AND WORSE, SAME ACTORS. What ever happened to "Spread the Roles?" Most of the movies are pure crapola anyway and "feel good movies" which take one brain cell to understand.

    How many times do you go to the movies featuring a particular actor and in the trailers for other movies, they show the same actor in a different role? It's the same twenty actors that get the leading roles.

    What's worse, is if they weed out actors BY THEIR POLITICAL OPINIONS LIKE IN EVERY OTHER JOB IN AMERICA WHERE A LEFTIST IS IN CHARGE OF HIRING! In interviews, they quickly want to get to your political opinions and ask "You didn't vote for Bush did you?" If you want a job by a Leftist, put on an Obama sticker on your briefcase and you won't even have to go through the interview.

    I also can't stand to see many actors but I do tolerate others just to see the movie but in most cases I buy a ticket for another movie so as not to fund them. My bad?

    • dmw

      Oh Steve. You be soooooo bad! But I censor Bill Maher. I just don't (deliberately so) subscribe to HBO because of HIM. No micro pennies, then no dollars fo him.

  • Jim_C

    Here's the thing, my friends. Hollywood is actually one of the few examples of a truly free market: basically, if they think it will sell tickets, they'll make your film.

    But note: you can't just hit people over the head. Chuck Norris is good entertainment, but he doesn't have a "message." Good guys vs. bad guys is not a statement: it's mere formula.

    The guys from South Park make pretty funny stuff, and they skewer liberals left and right. I believe they describe themselves as libertarians. The key to their success? They're brazenly funny guys. The "funny" sells it and makes it work.

    Whenever I hear conservatives complain about their values not being reflected in Hollywood (despite there being literally thousands of projects produced and released every year) I wonder: do you just want to tune into the Hallmark Channel? Do you just want more military-themed movies? Westerns? I mean, what exactly are you looking for?

    I think if there were an artist who truly had a vision and imagination, they could incorporate conservative ideals into that. Thing is, I don't meet too many truly imaginative conservatives. Imagination and artistry just don't seem to be high on the conservative values list. Am I wrong?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Yes, and to think the liberals have stolen and perverted it into propaganda explains why ticket sales are down.

      • Jim_C

        Box office receipts are down nationally, yes. But Hollywood is still going gangbusters.

        The fact that cable networks make shows that are as good as, or better, that film is one reason box office is down. The fact that our big flat screen TVs make movie watching almost as enjoyable as the theater experience is another. Click a button, rent a movie instantly. The fact that a night at the theater can cost a couple of people over $50 after popcorn and babysitting is factored in is another. Movies have a lot more competition for your dollar than they did even 10 years ago.

        And all more quantifiable than the notion that films are "too liberal."

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          Is it? Attendance is down, receipts are down, hollywood movies running against the mainstream values go down in flames. Hollywood influence is in decline. Ask Jane Fonda.

    • tagalog

      Your statement might carry some weight if it weren't for the fact that Hollywood is well-known these days for making principled stands that often carry no water for anyone other than the people who made the movie. Films like Rendition, Stop Loss, and The Valley of Elah and many others suggest that the bottom line is far less important in Hollywood than it was when Sam Goldwyn said, "If you want to send a message, call Western Union." A movie like Sullivan's Travels would never be made today (truth to tell, it wasn't that big a hit when it was made, either); no one would understand the mind set that made that story into a laugh riot.

      • Jim_C

        Yeah but for every "Valley of Elah" there's like 500 movies just meant to entertain.

    • mlcblog

      You do not hear Chuck Norris's message.

  • Fred

    That's why we stopped going to movies years ago. We will NOT SUPPORT THE LEFT as they destroy the country.

    • mlcblog

      I just don't go because of the boredom factor. I want entertainment in exchange for my time (without having to muck through a bunch of gratuitous left-wing material.)

  • tagalog

    Isn't it a little late for Hollywood to be backing movies about the righteousness of the fight against radical Islam? I mean we're getting out of that fight and retreating from Iraq and Afghanistan under the leadership of Barack Obama. I guess a movie about killing bin Laden is fine with me; I'd love to see it. I'm sure Katherine Bigelow will make a good movie about it. The killing of bin Laden isn't about Obama anyway; it's about the hunt and the drama of the raid, the Navy SEALs, and the shooting.

  • Ghostwriter

    What's missing from Jim_C's little rant is that there are creative conservatives out there. We just don't believe that we should shove our opinions in everyone's face. That's all. If liberals can do that,then that's fine with me. I consider myself a creative person and have written a lot of fiction. None of it has been published though but I've written it.

  • ratonis

    Hitler had Leni Riefenstahl . . . Obama has Spielberg, Hanks, CLOONy, etc. Same spirit. Hacks, servile prostitutes of their talents.

    • mlcblog

      Excellent observation. The wanna be powerfuls.

  • BS77

    My favorite film this year : PROMETHEUS…..it took me far , far away from our troubled and damaged world.

    • mlcblog

      Thank you. What is it about?

  • Ivanvivian

    The Republicans maybe the enemy, but Obama is a Hitler. I know Jews hate hearing this. Yet, looking right in the face of Jews I'll tell them, "You did not really see the reality of Hitler till it was almost too late for all of you. As you were blind then, so you are now doubly blind to the reality of what Obama really is!"

    • mlcblog

      That is what I see. If he can coldheartedly vote to kill third-trimester babies and/or not revive those who live through an abortion attempt but instead let them die in a closet somewhere, then he is vying for Hitler's league. Same heart. Once they get going, it gets good to them and they want more.