Hollywood’s Casual Anti-Semitism

Several years ago, I interviewed noted producer Leonard Goldberg for my book on liberalism in television, Primetime Propaganda. Goldberg, noting my Jewish surname, asked me why I thought so many Jews in Hollywood didn’t care about Israel. He said he was shocked by the lack of pro-Israel Jews in town.

My answer was simple: most Jews in Hollywood aren’t religious, feel no connection with the Torah, and have no interest in the State of Israel. In fact, they feel that they can gain credibility by bashing the State of Israel, demonstrating that they are world citizens rather than parochial tribalists. Nowhere is that truer than in the Center of Smugness, Hollywood.

No wonder during the consistent rocket attacks on Israel from the terrorist group Hamas, Jewish Hollywood has been absolutely silent. Where’s Barbra Streisand, who assured American Jews that President Obama stood “strongly with our ally Israel and in preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons”? Nowhere to be found. How about vulgarian Sarah Silverman, who has a sister living in Israel? She says nothing about Gaza, but tweets encouragement to wild leftist pacifists Meretz and the Green Movement for Knesset. As for Steven Spielberg, who spent millions of dollars on the anti-Israel tripe by Tony Kushner, Munich, he has nothing to say while Israelis are murdered by rockets fired by the world’s leading anti-Semites.

Worse, none of them have anything to say when fellow Hollywoodniks repeat the worst anti-Semitic slurs with regard to the State of Israel. This week, double-digit IQ former actress and current co-host of The View Whoopi Goldberg retweeted the myth that “men, women & children in Gaza, Palestine have been getting Massacred for the past week.” That’s a blatant lie, and it’s the same anti-Semitic lie that Hamas and its Jew-hating sympathizers in the Muslim world parrot each time Israel defends itself. In point of fact, no country takes greater precautions against civilian casualties than Israel, which is why Hamas and the Palestinian Authority routinely place terrorist centers in civilian areas.

So where were the Jews when Whoopi retweeted that? Nowhere to be found. Or busily helping Whoopi argue that all attacks on incompetent liar UN Ambassador Susan Rice were motivated by racism and sexism.

But all three of these Hollywood Jews will, no doubt, claim pride in their Jewish heritage. What makes them proud to be Jewish? Certainly not marriage. Certainly not belief in the Torah. Certainly not Israel. Bagels and lox. Vague notions about “social justice” derived more from Karl Marx than from Jewish principles. The Holocaust.

The Holocaust has taken such a central place in Jewish Hollywood not because Hollywood Jews understand it – to the extent they think about, they suggest that it’s just an outgrowth of religious hatred rather than militant secular fascism – but because the Holocaust allows them to grab hold of the brass ring of victimology. Sure, they aren’t black or gay. But at least they aren’t white, either! They’re members of a people who have been historically victimized!

But that leaves one question: Israel is currently victimized. Anti-Semitism on a global scale remains a far greater problem than racism. Europe is increasingly anti-Semitic. The Muslim world makes clear that it would celebrate a second Holocaust. Minority leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been spewing anti-Semitic canards for years, cheered on by Hollywood Jews. What gives?

The answer is simple: Hollywood Jews aren’t interested in just being victims. They’re interested in being victims of white Christians. That’s the reason why Steven Spielberg will happily produce Schinder’s List, which depicts Jews at the hands of white Germans, then turn around and produce Munich, which shows Jews being murdered by Arab terrorists, but justifies Arab terrorism. That’s why if you ask most Hollywood Jews, they’ll suggest that the biggest problem for Jews is the American Christian community – the greatest friend the Jewish people have ever had – and that the Muslim community is just misunderstood. Hollywood Jews are more interested in solidarity with other perceived minorities than they are in preserving Jewish lives or a Jewish future.

Goldberg was right. Hollywood Jews have abdicated their Jewish identity, and in the process, they’ve abandoned Israel. They’re shamefully smug, self-righteous empty vessels who claim the mantle of Judaism only so they can glorify themselves.

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  • Tanner

    If any Jewish person doesn't act like God's chosen people as he/she should, then he/she is not Jewish. Plain and simple.

  • Mary Sue

    This business with Whoopie Goldberg reminds me of the MAD satire of Jumping Jack Flash, which starred her. One of the drawings showed someone at a drafting/scripting board thinking, "Three weeks into the script they tell me….Whoopie Goldberg is NOT a Jewish girl from Long Island. I feel like a putz".

    Personally I'd put Whoopie's IQ in the single digits because not only is she a rape apologist (over Roman Polanski and stupider "rape-rape" comments than some republicans were accused of), she simply has no clue about Israel and what's really going on. Plus she got brain damaged by Identity Politics.

    Hollywood liberal Jews are stuck in the past when it comes to conservative Christians. It shows their priorities are things that the conservative Christians generally oppose (gay marriage, abortion, gun control, etc).

    • Neils60

      Mary Sue, Great commentary!

      • Mary Sue

        ty ty

  • Grantmann

    Whoopie's not Jewish. Her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson. According to Wikipedia, "She adopted the traditionally German/Jewish surname Goldberg as a stage name because her mother felt the original surname of Johnson was not "Jewish enough" to make her a star."

    Ben – if you're going to write about people, get your facts straight otherwise people will pick that one item out and discount the entire article no matter how accurate it may be.

    • Mary Sue

      I don't think Ben was actually saying that Whoopi was Jewish, just that the Jews of Hollywood did not call her out for her antisemitic idiocy.

      • Lan Astaslem

        also, spielberg put her in the overrated 'the color purple' written by Jew hater alice walker

    • A 22 Year Old Man

      I think he mentioned Whoopie for her anti-Israel tweet, not because she's supposedly Jewish.

      • Grantmann

        22 YOM & Mary Sue, you guys are right. I read his "… But all three of these Hollywood Jews…" and counted wrong. Whoops! (Whoopi?) He was speaking of Streisand, Silverman, and Spielberg. D'oh! My bad. I was counting Whoopi in with the three.

        • Mary Sue


  • Carlos Perera

    I'm always reluctant to comment on other religions' intramural conflict discord, but I think it significant that, in the past two decades or so, I have several times found myself–a conservative Roman Catholic–in the embarrassing position of taking Israel's side during arguments with (possibly nominal) Jews about that country's right of national defense against its enemies. I do think, _pace_ Mr. Shapiro, that the problem is broader than than just an internecine dispute among Jews: the Left throughout the West now reflexively takes the side of the enemies of Western Civilization, especially if a racial angle, real or imagined, can be found (as in white bad, non-white good). Israel, seen by the Left as a honky outpost of the West, is thus seen as _ipso facto_ the bad guy in any conflict with the necessarily virtuous "people of color" who surround it.

    • Stern

      Thank you, Mr. Perera, for standing on the side of right, even when those who should be standing alongside you by virtue of their birth, are too darn stupid and blinkered to understand reality. I am one Jew who will always appreciate the support we get from people like you.

    • MareK8ie

      Carlos, you have made an excellent point about the Left. It's all about dismantling the Republic by whatever means necessary.

  • asd2mom

    Why are you surprised by Hollywood's Jews? These are people that not only have abandoned their Jewish heritage in favor of some esoteric progressive agenda they hate their country as well. Where else do you find such enemies of the freedoms and sacrifices that United States of America has given for the entire world but in Hollywood?

    I also would say there is nothing casual about it. The antisemitism of Hollywood's Jews is very open and virulent. It's seen not by action but lack thereof. When Hollywood's Jews refuse to condemn persons like Whoopi Goldberg for her ignorance then they are complicit in her hate.As Lincoln said: To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. Hollywood Jews are the most cowardly of all.

    • Mary Sue

      I think the "casual" is to distinguish it from the virulent sort you would see from say, Islamists or KKK'ers.

    • Asher

      Hollywood can afford to do anything it wants at the present time, but days are coming when they will be held accountable. Smyrna was a beautiful Asian city closely aligned with Rome and eager to meet the demands of the emperor. They had an actively hostile Jewish population, especially toward Christians. Revelation 2:8 Christ speaks to the church of Smyrna….To the angel of the church in Smyrna: These are the words of him who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again. I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet youare rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. So what shall be the consequences of Jews who disown their own race…not a good outcome.

  • Steven Plaut

    Would not a simpler explanation be that the Hollywood plutocrats just are leftists and part of being a leftis today is to support Islamofascism and to hate Jews? Jewiish leftists ar eno different from other leftists.

    • A 22 Year Old Man

      Layers of reasons, my friend.

  • pinnie99

    W. Goldberg was a "bad joke" from the moment" Boringwood" shoved her down r throats. I would imagine her I.Q. doesnt register.Most people care more about a rats Ass, than anything that comes out of her face….= CAPITALISTS,but hypocrit. ..

    Maxinw Waters type.Gimmie yours and I keep mine.

    If Boringwood changed direction,wearing Reagan Tshirts….for a buck they all would be down with it.Obssessed with their own importance.

    She appeals to the totally ignorant. From what we have all gathered, in the last 4 years, plus this latest electio,.we have an epidemic of "ignorant".No vaccine for that .

    • nina

      Well, actually I am surprised to hear Whoopie twitting such lies. She seemed the most reasonable of the leftist ignorant females of the view which are Obama's PR cadres. Maybe she needs "reeducating." On the other hand, a comedian taking the name Whoopie coupled with Goldberg, feels slightly mocking tthe Jews. Was it done on purpose?

      • Mary Sue

        I knew she was an unreasonable dim bulb a long time ago, but she really took the cake with her Rape Apologism for Roman Polanski. That was just beyond the pale. If whooper was a Republican then actual feminists would have ripped her apart for that.

        Whoopie appeals to the ignorant because she's ignorant. Wilfully so, apparently.

  • http://frontpage richard sherman

    These “Hollywood Jews” hats to be reminded that Martin Luther King Jr said in March 1968: “If you are antiZionist then you are antisemetic”.

    • nina

      And what a wise and prescient man!

  • Fred

    I would never watch The View due to the radical leftist that are on the show. Especially the hateful Whoopie and Joy Behar who looks like the Flubadub on the old Howdy Doody TV Show.

    I would also tell everyone not to see anything that Hollywood produces as it is only a means to brainwash us with leftist radical garbage and not entertainment. I was wondering why when we went to movies we were always offended by something. It was planned and not by accident.

    The Hollywood Jews should be ashamed. They also supported Barry with lots of money and he hates them and Israel. So simple.

    • nina

      But the first propaganda shows like all in the family, were done very skilfully, so it took some time to notice that they were intended to brainwash. And this was noticed by intelligent people. Most of the viewers never caught on, and you may hear them repeating the radical views without even realizing that these are not their ideas, but acquired from Hollywood. That is why it is so difficult to make them believe the truth about Israel, and about Islam.

    • Questions

      Nobody is "brainwashing" anyone, Fred. You might put away your paranoia long enough to actually see a few movies.

    • Asher

      I never watch the view either, those women do not represent anything of my values, except for Elizabeth Hasselbeck. They don't have the fainstest idea what is happening to their country, or the importance of supporting Israel and the Jewish people…they are in a fog, not even interesting, just mainstream America who is clueless.

  • Steve Chavez

    THIS PROVES WHAT I HAVE BEEN WRITING FOR YEARS: "FAKE JEWS!" These FAKES are in the same league as FAKE REVERENDS like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who bought their Collars at Wal-Mart.

    "FAKE JEWS" and "FAKE REVERENDS" support and fund a "FAKE PRESIDENT!"

  • LibertyMan

    It's not that they are not "real" Jews, It is that they worship at the feet of Baal. Gentiles who claim to follow that Jewish Carpenter named Yeshua have the same problem. Rabbi Lapin calls them Rabid Secular Religionists. Now we know why we have become a narcisist society.

  • Steve Chavez


  • Marty

    hollywood's anti-Israel posture is pathetic because it is totally divorced from reality. They have adopted the kool-aid of moral parity. This was in evidence in "munich" where Israelis and palestinian terrorists each are allowed to claim victimhood. Little mention is made of the fact that the palestinians of black september were simply cold-blooded murders who slaughtered defenseless athletes because they were Jewish and represented Israel. The current conflict between Israel and the palestinian muslims is one that is no more or less than good versus evil. Israelis only want to be left alone to continue their various areas of work that benefit large portions of humanity. In contrast, palestinians only want to murder all Jews and destroy western civilization. The choice is clear for most people who don't reside in hollywood.

    • Jim_C

      "Munich" was flawed because it tried to solve a very difficult problem: how do you make a film sympathetic to Israel's defense that nonetheless presents the Palestinians as human beings?

      Unfortunately I think the result–unintentionally, I think, as far as Spielberg is concerned–came too close to equating counter-terrorism with terrorism.

      • Nina

        Well, Spielberg isn't an infant. He can read. Evidently he likes and admires the antisemitic Jew who wrote the screenplay for Munich, and he selected him to write the screenplay for Lincoln.

  • clarespark

    Ben Shapiro is correct about assimilation as a motive for Hollywood "Jews" to lack a Jewish "identity." The problem is with identity politics. Here is my attempt at a synthesis for antisemitism and its many sources in Western civilization. http://clarespark.com/2010/11/14/the-abcs-of-anti…. "The ABC's of Antisemitism." Note the contribution of German Romanticism and the idea of identity as a collective set of characteristics that would be inherited. To call liberals "Jews" is to unwittingly adopt a view of Jews as a race instead of a religion, though it is true that antisemites agree that Jewish "blood" is passed down through the generations and is nischt gut.

  • Jim_C

    I agree: Whoopi's never been the sharpest tool in the shed.

    The attacks on Susan Rice weren't motivated by racism or sexism: they were motivated by an unprincipled desire for political power, a temper tantrum of an entitled class of babies who didn't get their way in an election.

    Where is "Benghazigate," now? I'm sure the Right's noble statesmen and intrepid journalists are doggedly uncovering facts and coverups as we speak!

    • Gislef

      Where are the left's noble statesman and intrepid journalists in investigating Benghazigate?

      • Jim_C

        Outside finding the terrorists who planned it, what's to investigate? It was a tragic incident in a volatile country. What do you need to know?

    • reader

      Incredible. The gullibility of the merging political class and media is now being heralded as virtue? Just because the media is not interested in pursuing the obvious and blatant lies by this administration about what happened in Benghazi, we're supposed to conclude that we're imagining things? Your post here is like a third-grader bragging about getting away with spitting in a teacher's purse. Only Benghazi is not the teacher's purse. It's a clear indication of where this administration stands.

      • Jim_C

        Or…or..there's really no story, no coverup–just a tragic event that was opportunistically exploited by the administration's opponents as if it might work as a "September surprise" in a close election year.

        Yep, that's a possibility, believe it or not. I suspect you choose not to.

        • reader

          Really? We already know that there had been requests for adequate security by Stevens and his staff. We already know that these would be declined. We already know that there were orders for the assets and personnel in the area to stand down – during the assault in progress. We already know that Rice would be sent to five morning shows with deliberately false talking points contradicting the CIA talking points. What we don't know is what exactly Obama was doing during the assault. But the media is not interested. They are on to the CIA chief and his women. How clever.

    • Mary Sue

      No, the attacks on Susan Rice were about objecting to someone being a shill for a liar. Admit it, if the same thing had happened to the Bush administration, lies and all, only with Condoloeeza Rice instead of Susan Rice, about Benghazi, you'd be calling for Condi Rice's head.

      • Jim_C

        Essentially, the same thing did happen several times during the Bush years, only then people had the decency to accept that attacks happen in unstable countries where a certain religion holds sway. But had such an event happened a few months before a presidential election, yeah, maybe there'd be a kerfuffle.

        I think the press could have been a bit more vigilant in the leadup to the Iraq War–that is true.

        You may have the wrong guy, though: I'm someone who actually sympathized with Don Rumsfeld during his press conferences.

        • Mary Sue

          well it wasn't the same thing because Bush didn't lie about those attacks nor did he cover it up.

          • Jim_C

            Obama did not lie about the attacks, nor did he cover them up. That is your narrative.

          • Mary Sue

            Excuse me, but blaming them on a youtube video that nobody saw is not the truth. Not telling anyone that he hung them out to dry is a cover up.

  • Moishe Pupick

    Tu., 11/27/12 common era /////Hollywood's Jews are, for the most part, radical secularists. They have only an ethnic veneer but no deeper understanding of Torah and Mitzvot. They push for yet more "gun control," while employing armed security details for their families and themselves. It's rumored that some of them even have concealed-carry handgun permits.

    I understand that in reality, Alexander Schindler gave his surviving Jews lots of guns and ammo after WW2 ended;, and those Jews took care of business. Spielberg is said to own a large collection of firearms, yet he gives lots of money to promote more "gun control." I guess that Piglet had it right in Orwell's ANIMAL FARM. "Some creatures are created more equal than others." I've learned that only 20% of the Egyptian Jews left Egypt with Moses. The rest stayed behind and were killed by the Plagues that G-d sent or completely assimilated into Egyptian Gentile culture. I didn't learn that in Reform "Sunday school" (sic).

  • PistolPierre

    I didn't find Munich to be anti-Israel at all.

  • Lawrence

    Why no mention of the anti-Semitism of Harvey Weinstein, surely Hollywood's most powerful and extreme self-hating Jew?

    There's another reason why Hollywood Jews are so silent. They don't want to earn the contempt and scorn of the Cannes crowd, the BBC and other salon anti-Semites among the European, British, Canadian movie movers and shakers, aside from the US liberal "intellectual" establishment of course.

    I do think Steve Plaut above gets to the heart of the matter – they are Leftists and Leftists are Jew-haters.

    • Questions

      The Weinsteins produced "Silver Linings Playbook," a fine low-budget movie that just came out.

  • RAM

    It would look really uncool to stand up for your own people who are not on the official cool list, when they come under attack.

  • http://twitter.com/ygalg @ygalg

    there are jews who believe in torah hate israel and zionism. what has torah got to do with it? are jews by torah only? is it biological or just faith affiliation? although you raised good points about the silence of the Hollywood personages, raising the religious aspect you stray.

    they fail because they ignore or don't know the facts and fall to pallywood lies. people like Ali Sina and Pat Condell were once anti israeli because they were falling to lies of islamists. now they're staunch pro israelis. they don't believe in torah or god/s

    • Stern

      Those so-called "Jews who believe in Torah (and) hate Israel and Zionism" have been rejected by every single mainstream Jewish organization. They make up less than 1% of the world's Jewish population and they fail the most basic test of Torah-Judaism – ahavat Yisrael (love of your fellow Jew). These pigs make common cause with Israel's worst enemies, standing side by side with Ahmadinedjad and reliably protesting against Israel at every pro-Palestinian event. They have lost the right to call themselves Jewish.

      • Mary Sue

        I would liken them to Chamberlain. Would that be accurate? The Rodney King philosophy of "can't we all just get along?", the only problem being the other side most certainly cannot.

    • Ron Lewenberg

      Actually, Religious anti-Zionist Jews are a minority of Orthodox Jews who place a Roman-imposed Talmudic ruling ahead of the Torah. A ruling made under duress is inherently illegitimate and no ruling can contradict the word of G-d.

      • nina

        Which Roman rule is that? I doubt that they adhere to a Roman rule. What they are upset with, is that the Jews built their country themselves, without waiting for the Messiah.

  • jules

    Bravo, Ben Shapiro, for telling it straight and to the point! Hollywood is quick and profitable to make films on the white Christians but continually fail to point to the clear and present danger.

    We missed you at Restoration Weekend.

  • victor

    First, we have to separate the Middle Eastern origin Jew, from the European origin Jew. All I can tell you is that thru out history, the Euro Jews have had their share of despicable behavior towards each other. Examples of which are right before our eyes and were witnessed as of late among the wealthy and the well to do. They would sell their mother for notoriety and fame as well as ideological gains. Bernard Maddoff and all the rest of the Hollywood mega wealthy are testimonials. Unfortunately, people like Hitler, Ahmedinejad, and all the rest of the Arab/Muslim world who see Jews as parasites on society that must be eliminated are given plenty of ammunitions by those same Jews. It is no wonder that the hatred against the Jews is not only just hatred, it is hatred with a vengance and those who hate them are willing to kill Jews at will without remorse. Hitler was not unique in that regard. He considered the Jews as despicable people who had no conscience or honor and they were unprincipled in their life and therefore not worthy of living.

    • nina

      Here is a classic example of an antisemite, finding that the victim is to blame, or as you will, a self hating Jew.

  • victor

    continued: Unfortunately time and time again, the Jews proved him correct and they are proving the Muslims correct this time. Those who hate them know it well that the Jews are a fragmented people and they will turn on their own and possibly on themselves without realizing, if the end result is a personal gain, otherwise, any Jew knowing the history of the Jewish people and that of Israel, should unequivocally and unconditionally support Israel and for what it stands. It's despicable, and shameful. We will in all likelyhood see another shoah, but this time there will be no one to interfere and save them, and if those Jews think that they will be spared, they should think again. It was only 60 years ago and the lessons have not been learned or were forgotten. Disgusting, and I am Jew, an ashamed one. There may not be any real Jews in America anymore, there are only Jews who would flaunt that their grand children had their Bar/Bat mitzvah in Israel and show off how much they spent on their parties, but that is not Judaism.

  • Ozzy

    The 3rd largest community of Jews in just south of Hollywood. They are hardly anti-Semitic. No one should call you a buffoon concerning this.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,I know this,the Jews aren't screaming for my death simply because I'm not Jewish.

    • Heath

      The most pointedly accurate comment I have read for a long time – I salute you lol…

  • jose

    All blacks put jews in the 'white' category. Sorry jews;( ,,you are going the way of us as well. No escape!

    • Mary Sue

      Reminds me of something Chris Rock once said. "Black people don't hate Jews. Black people HATE WHITE PEOPLE!"


    I BOYCOTT any project that tony kushner is involved with.

    tony kushner is another example of a self loathing, "progressive", homosexual, a JINO (Jew In Name Only).

    People should vote with their wallets.

    I consider the publicly stated views of the people involved in a business, movie.

    I also will not spend my hard earned money on anything involving susan sarandon, michael moore, danny glover, melvin gibson, jesse ventura, wesley snipes, whoopie "goldberg" johnson,

    Hollywood is a business, and an business exists to make money. If people vote with their wallets, we can hurt Hollywood to the point that it will have to change.

  • carrie

    Judaism to them is a tool.
    Israel is an embarrassing distant cousin,it is a reminder how they deny their origins and fail their religious tenets .

    They use their Jewishness for business connections ,for sympathy,to make money i.e. Schindler's List, Yentl .

    They are disconnected from Israel politically ,morally and ideologically. If Israel was nuked today they'd say poor me and start making films about it. If Israel nuked Iran today they'd call for the destruction of Israel ,and make a movie about it.

    They demonize and stereotype white men as being evil,greedy,racist ,power hungry,ignorant and corrupt and use their Judaism as a shield to pretend they are not exactly what they accuse " white" men of being. Just as they use being liberal democrats to excuse their low morals,weaknesses and lack of responsibility . And use the "artistic " claim to denigrate other religions, promote pornography,drug abuse and crime.

    Israeli Jews are a novelty to them,something to use to get rich and blame the world's ills on.

    • Questions

      I can't imagine a post more packed with wild generalizations and hysterical cliches than this one.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    I think that they distance themselves from Israel because Israel is a success. They love to talk about the Holocaust and make films about it because they can use it to convince the world that they are victims and identify with victims. In fact, they are wealthy and successful Jews who create movies: a negative stereotype if ever there was one. How do you counter act that? By not praising success, by distancing yourself from the only successful country in the Middle East (which achieved miraculous things) and by over-identifying with the "downtrodden" even though they are not that themselves. I guess they think they can be "honorary" minority victims. Instead of inspiring people to succeed, they inspire them to fail.

  • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

    But when Mel Gibson got drunk and yelled anti-Jewish statements, all the Jews of Hollywood were AGHAST!!, APPALLED!!!, OFFENDED!!, crying that Gibson and his type would "send us back into the ovens". I mean, really, the hypocrisy of Leftist Jews is disgusting. But there's something that folks seem to miss: it isn't about these Jews being secular or having no personal ties to Israel. It's about them being LEFTISTS. Period. The Jews of Hollywood who are Democrats have allegiance to the Democrat (Leftist) Party (Cult) NO MATTER WHAT. That is where their concerns lie: with securing and maintaining power and control for the Party. To hell with race, religion, culture, ancestry, and heritage. They will take a back seat to the Party every single time.

  • Sylvia Mendel

    Well, I'm sorry that my comment wasn't posted. I saw a sign "too fast" it took me 45 minutes to make a coherent statement. At my age (82) and writing a book on anti-Semitism casual or otherwise I don't have much time to waste. I gave my name and email and was cut off precipitously.

  • Sylvia Mendel

    The heading for this post quotes me talking about "casual anti-Semitism" which isn't what your statement nor the responses addresses. In any case they're not what I mean by "casual anti-Semitism" which I usually apply to the English kind of anti-Semitism/

  • ralphie44

    what a crock

  • Chris Blackington

    Exactly. Well said.

  • Burt Hunter

    Liberal Hollywood and California is a sickening spearhead of the socialist/communist anti-American agenda…along with obama.

    • jeanie


  • jeanie

    come on,you can’t be so stupid to igore the fact that “hollowood” Jews aren’t going to bite the hands that feeds them. It’s not popular to like Jews,so Jewish “Hollowood” will always stay with the side that pays their bills. ONCE AGAIN, IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY! Say WELCOME TO WORLD WAR 3,IT’S COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SOON AND THE ISLAMIST NAZIS DON’T GIVE A DAMN IF YOU’RE CHRISTIAN,WHITE, BLACK, MEXIICAN OR SPANISH.YOU EITHER BECOME ISLAMIST OR YOU’RE DEAD. FINALLY CHRISTIANS WILL KNOW THE WRATH OF HATRED TOWARDS THEM, ABOUT TIME

  • jeanie