Hollywood’s Perverse ‘Feminism’

Modern feminists began with the correct observation that men too often see women as sex objects. They opposed the objectification of women by people like Hugh Hefner, whom they felt was a relic of a bygone era – a time in which it was decent to treat women as receptacles for the male sexual impulse.

The goal of modern feminism was to change that perception. Feminists wanted men to see women as more than a set of body parts. They wanted to be perceived as whole human beings, with minds and hearts, not just vaginas.

Here’s how that project has turned out, thanks to Hollywood: the heroes of modern feminism are sleaze artist Chelsea Handler and Lena Dunham, momentarily famous for comparing voting for Obama to having sex for the first time in a recent tv advertisement. This week, Glamour magazine placed Dunham, on its list of Women of the Year, alongside women like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ethel Kennedy, and Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. And Dunham was introduced by Chelsea Handler.

So, just what makes Handler and Dunham worthy of being onstage with women who have actually done something? They think with their sex organs. In fact, ask most men what they think of when they think of Handler and Dunham, and they will tell you: sex. That’s not because men are pigs. That’s because that’s what Handler and Dunham do for a living.

Take a look at Handler. She’s a comedienne – but her humor is all about her body parts. Her first book was titled, subtly, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-night Stands. She then followed that up with Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, proving that she wasn’t a one trick pony – she’s a drunk, too. Her third book: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.

Handler’s not untalented. But she’s made her career from her willingness to exploit her body parts.

Handler is an elder stateswoman for people like 26-year-old Lena Dunham. Dunham, the writer of HBO’s Girls, gets naked in virtually every episode, engages in every form of sex, and then talks about it.

All of this makes her, according to Glamour magazine, “incredibly brave, curious, and engaged.” The first season of her show, Glamour raved, dealt largely with “bad sex.” How revolutionary!

And yet these are the new feminist heroes. President Obama won single women in a landslide by telling them that Mitt Romney wanted to stop abortion and do away with free condoms.

But now these are apparently “women’s issues” because “women” can be boiled down to their constituent parts. That’s why the Obama campaign told women to “Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It.” That’s why women at the DNC dressed up as giant vaginas. Make those vaginas happy, win their votes.

Meanwhile, men still aren’t any closer to viewing women as anything but sex objects.

Feminism hasn’t accomplished its objective. In fact, it’s doubled down on men’s perverse view of women. Now even women see themselves as collections of body parts. And they vote like it, too. Women have become the mirror image of what men thought of them back in the bad old days: dependent, fragile sex objects. And then they celebrate their transformation.

This is sick. The independent woman has been cast aside in favor of the sex object. And it’s feminists – and liberals – who have achieved that dubious accomplishment.

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  • Questions

    A wild generalization based on highly selective information. Take a few words by a single television personality – Lena Dunham – and suddenly Ben has the "gotcha" he needs to issue a jeremiad about how all of "Hollywood" mistreats women. Amazing.

    • Gislef

      Well, that and Handler, which Shapiro quoted book titles from.

    • Poppakap

      Watching a full season of "Girls" and a single episode of Handler's TV show provide more than ample evidence to support the author's premise. Perhaps you prefer the hear no evil, see no evil mentality when it comes to women's issues?

    • Jacobite

      "A man is a mind. Who cares what form he carries or what face he wears? But a woman's body is the woman." — Ambrose Beirce

  • Chezwick

    On the contrary. It's more than "a few words" that define Dunham's corrupted vision of women. It's episode after episode of 'Girls'. Pretty damning! I think Shapiro has it nailed.

  • Mary Sue

    You know you're in Bizarro World when they complain about how Conservatives will oppress their ladyparts, when they welcome with open arms people that most certainly will, and in a brutal fashion that no Conservative would sanction.

  • Anthony

    All true of course, but the cat is out of the bag.

    Society is now thanks to unbridled, undisciplined, unquestioning individuals who have willingly accepted their brainwash now rapidly deteriorating into a mess. It is no accident liberals love the mess they’ve ushered in, it gives them a huge soured of fodder from which to suck off power from.

    Once women, mothers and grandmothers as well as younger girls start sporting huge full arm tattoos and nose, lip, cheek and eye brow rings and walk around as though it is normal, it is all over. When society says absolutely nothing against it, we are looking at a dying civilization.

  • Dwee

    The polarization of EVERYTHING thanks to too many people USING everyone else for their own aims, and the gullible populace following along without any semblance of an ability to think for themselves. Thanks Academia! Great job dumbing society down! . The lefties have gone off an intellectual cliff where they do anything and everything to destroy theirs and everyone else's culture. They applaud the Muslims, who use their women as house slaves, so it is not much of a stretch for them also to see women as sex slaves to be used up and feared when they show strength. The narcissist is blind to his real self, his inner torment kept veiled under his false sense of entitlement and superiority, therefore a narcissist society has no way of seeing itself either. Ew! Sick! This is the fall of western civilization folks! Watch it and weep.

  • budmin

    Candace Bushnell suffered through the same bad press when sex and the city took off. It never fails to amaze me how much anti-sex feminist truly hate women with complex unappoligetic sexualities. I don't know, maybe this is just your basic spiteful & petty jealousy from do nothing blogger community but what ever it is, it's really pathetic.

    • Gislef

      It's not a matter of bad press. It's a matter of women not wanting to be defined by their sex… while defining themselves by their sex.

    • Poppakap

      Let me spell it out for your bud, it's called h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y. It follows the same vein as the Marxist hags who refused to lambast Clinton for his serial sexual abuse of women simply because he supported abortion on demand.

      • JakeTobias

        Funny you should say that. Right after that time, I saw two or three male comedians on TV, relate how flabbergasted they, and their comedian buddies were, by their wives indifference to President Clinton's lascivious, and felonious, behavior. One of them said, some of those guys were thinking it is time to take advantage of that on the road. Like in the good old days before they were married.

      • Questions

        Clinton had sex with women. I don't see that as "serial sexual abuse." I don't celebrate his peccadiloes, but call him an abuser or a "rapist" (Ann Coulter's meme) is way out of bounds.

  • Loupdegarre

    So the little Pilsbury Dough Girl has finally got her 15 minutes of fame

    • wsk

      Really. Do you want to see that ( Lena Dunham) naked?

      • Poppakap

        Saw it on the pilot episode of "Girls." Swore to myself I wouldn't subject myself to that punishment again. Just plain grotesque.

      • Lady_Dr

        YUK – absolutely not.

  • Lady_Dr

    Lena Dunham is no different from Sandra Fluke – women who expect to be paid (in one form or another) for their (3 letter word) life. And somehow we are expect to consider that okay – and pay the tab.

  • waterwillows

    A pinked up media and press is not capable of sustaining a builder's society. They will always downgrade and resort to whatever is destructive. To lower the bar is their mandate.

    The media is no friend to the female. They will exploit all her body parts to whoever is the highest bidder.

    • Questions

      Then how come women so readily agree to be "exploited?" Maybe it's because they don't see the scene as exploitation.

  • flyingtiget

    The worst enemy of women have always been feminists,

  • Ghostwriter

    Oh brother,the radical feminists are loony. They make the more rational feminists bow their heads in shame.

  • mattogilvie55

    Chelsea Handler an icon of feminism? You gotta be kidding! If you want to talk about Hollywood celebrities whose characters espoused strong independent women, look no further than Maureen O'Hara.

    • Questions

      Or Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett and hundreds of other contemporary actresses.

  • Ylem

    This is one of things that Marxist do — they help to cause confusion and destruction within the societythat they want to conquer. They turn the society towards hedonism and decadence.

  • jemaasjr

    Women are at least as likely to use sex to get what they want as men are to respond to the lure. Then women do what women so often do, they blame the man. Implicitly they make the man the important person in the relationship by supposing he is responsible for, you know, whatever. Or to put it more generally, feminism is fake, always has been. So you can not really move away from feminism, only from its deceptions.

  • lady_dr

    Such a
    Unattractive girl
    Takes to the airways for a metrosexual (?) looser who constantly kicks his allies under the bus and then she is named the woman of the year by Glamour (no more) magazine. Priceless.

  • OIF2009

    I have to agree. These are only two examples of feminists reversing the tides into something more perverse. I am a 37 year old single man dating women within my own age group. The low level of maturity I run into on a regular basis is astonishing. 40 year old women honestly see themselves as "players". It is regular and normal to find out that while I am trying to get to know someone by dating one woman at a time I am one of 3 trillion men they are currently dating.

  • OIF2009

    All the while these same ridiculous fluzies pass themselves off as nice women looking for something serious and feel very paranoid about being used for sex and one night stands. This is modern feminism, turn women into uncaged wild sexual beasts who then turn around and complain about the shallow sexual relationships they go out of their way to engage in. I am supposed to respect these people? Really? Most males my age get what they want and toss them out trash, nearly all of my friends do it. Why? All they can ever be is a quick lay who never really commit to anyone is why. I understand their frustration as I rejected this viewpoint only to spend these adult years finding out that my my same age friends "the bad guys" are dead on right when they lay out their reasoning for treating these liberated women as sperm recepticals. Do these liberated women understand the fact that they arent getting any younger and that it might be nice to have a real partner to grow old with? How is this liberation going to work at 55, 60, 65? Go ahead turn the TV on and watch the this culture being pushed and worshipped.

    • Rob

      One of the goals of communism is the destruction of the family.

      To replace the family… with The State

  • bluffcreek1967

    The Left is about perverting everything it touches, including the role and image of both men and women. Anything decent, moral, or seen as traditionally American in nature must be ridiculed, scorned and destroyed by them. Social-Marxism s inherently evil and destined destroy any nation or people who feeds at its trough!

    • PaulRevereNow

      You've chosen an imaginative moniker. Were you there in 1967, when they sighted Bigfoot?

  • Western Spirit

    Well said and very true.

  • patron

    "Handler’s not untalented."

    Stopped reading right there.

  • Western Spirit

    How Orwellian can you get? To be honored by such upside-down standards is a dishonor.

  • 13Sisters76

    I was around in those days when the "new" feminism was gaining power. I was just a 18-20 year old kid then, but it didn't take long for me to see that those who most supported free-wheeling "love-the-one-you're-with" anonymous sex, acceptable use of abortion and birth control, were MEN. Sure, sure, they used hollywood women to push the idea, but when have THOSE women ever spoken for the majority of us?
    Now, it is perfectly acceptable for our daughters to be sexualized at younger and younger ages, births out of wedlock, and for our precious daughters to be completely free of any sense of self respect.
    Every effort you make to protect your daughter from those who would use her and take from her is scoffed at. What is most distressing is that this "popular" thinking permeates every aspect of her life that doesn't include you- school, pop culture, her string of boyfriends.

    • Mary Sue

      more radical feminism has actually sorta come full circle– they oppose pornography, disdain "P i V" sex, and insist all true womyn must be lesbians to throw off the shackles of the patriarchy.

    • moshe

      says who? You pick your daughter's school. You pick her culture. You pick her relationships. Hashem willing, my children will never watch secular television. they will never go to a secular school. They will never have an unsupervised date. And they will have arranged marriages.

      Self-destruction through hedonism is America's choice. But it need not be YOUR choice.

  • Bouncey Babs

    ~ HOLLYWOOD 101:

    ~How to pay thou$ands for butts & boobs that no one is 'sposed to notice.

  • zalukas

    The absolutely worst actuality, that manifests itself in current climate of American Entertainment Industry, is uplifting of most ignorant and miseducated (as opposed by uneducated) women into public eye.
    The result has ripple effect on population of women in the world at large, as they emulate these false trumpeters of "liberation" from femininity and intellectual independence and enforce stereotypes they intend to overcome. Sad.

  • Annoyed Man

    Of course men see women as sex objects, they are men. Pray tell, what are we supposed to see as sex objects if not women? Frogs? Chickens? Big Macs? How on earth has a normal biological function been turned into a deviant perversion? Feminism is ridiculous, it really is.

  • K

    This article makes no sense. Feminism has helped. I see far more women divorcing their selfish husbands who expect their wives to do everything and be perfect while they are lazy bums, I see far more women financially supporting themselves and not caring as much as getting married and I see far more women not tolerating shallow, sexist, selfish behavior in real life. Hollywood does not reflect real life. Hollywood is f***ed up and not a good representative.