How Obama Destroys His Enemies

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Once again, it had impact: Beck’s advertisers began dropping out. Fox stuck with him anyway, and Beck, being a terrific businessman, came up with alternative revenue strategies. But that didn’t stop the Obama Administration.

Next, they moved into a joint attack on Rush Limbaugh. The Sandra Fluke affair was entirely coordinated from the first. While Rush’s comments on Fluke weren’t expected, they also weren’t particularly controversial – leftists have routinely called conservative women sluts. And Rush quickly apologized for the comment. Nonetheless, the President and his allies in the 501(c)3 world went into full attack mode, with Media Matters leading the charge, working covertly with third party groups to lead astroturfed boycotts on Rush’s advertising base.

Now Obama is moving his strategy to the next level: he’s targeting major corporations for working with political groups of any stripe. This week, Democratic legislators began calling for a boycott of Coca-Cola over their funding of the American Legislative Exchange Council, which pushes for voter ID laws. The Democratic Party, which courts voter fraud, despises voter ID laws. Thus, Coke entered the crosshairs. Lo and behold, within five hours of the boycott announcement, Coke caved.

This is all fine and dandy under the First Amendment, of course. Private 501(c)3’s can lead boycotts. Government officials can speak on issues of public importance. But the Obama Administration’s secret dealings with such 501(c)3’s to impose non-governmental sanctions on companies that sponsor those with whom they disagree doesn’t pass the smell or sight test. The odor is rancid and the transparency nonexistent.

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  • Ken

    This is typical of Progressives and other uber-Left entities. Obama just takes it to another level and is prepared to go even farther during the election. I love the hypocrisy of the Left when they go low and dirty and then condemn when it used on them. Double-standards abound with them!!

  • scotsirish

    Thank you Ben for bringing this to light. I sent Coke a quick, "Why did you just cowtail to the Left?" note a few days ago. Coke should have stood their ground instead of bowing to the insidious radical worms we are all too familiar with these days.

    • Tzila

      Looks like I won't be buying Obama (I mean Zero) anymore.

  • kathy

    Media Matters claims to be a non-partisan group who gets tax exempt status. That's the real crime here….besides all the insidiousness.

  • jacob



  • Schlomotion

    Wow. It's almost as if President Obama does all the same things any other President does. Shocking.

    • kasandra

      Right you are. Just like President Castro, President Ortega, President Chavez, President Medvedev….

  • MrWHBraden

    What's fair and legal in Obama's mind is fair and legal.

  • clarespark

    There is a wide divergence of opinions about Obama's mind and personality. I rounded them up here:…. I have no doubt that he is authoritarian, but I think the chief problem is that he is protofascist in his zeal to unite elements of his base that have opposing interests. But the urge for unity is so strong in the population that he could prevail in November. The New Left generation has done brilliantly in weakening our ability to criticize illegitimate authority, and Obama's authority can't withstand criticism as this article demonstrates.

  • Babyann

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  • lizaz

    Coke's done with us…..bring on the Pepsi!!!!!!

  • BLJ

    Obama is an enemy combatant as far as I am concerned.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama promised to bring us together, the bookends being anger and rage……………..William

  • Anamah

    So Ben, what are we going to do? You are wright, Obama wants to destroy American system of capitalism and freedom, I want to stop him, as many more who understand the terribly fall we have in our future. Are we going to allow him to drive us to his dystopia? He wants to build a tyrannic power, with supra controllers and regulators with a huge heavy bureaucracy sucking the sap of privates. Are we unable to stop it? What are we going to do?…Only commenting and criticizing? We know how dishonest and dogmatic they are, how much they try to cheat next elections… so what are the measures to take? Who is/are going to take it. In some Banana Republics you can not call the police when assaulted, cops, robbers, politicians and judges are on the same side of the same band.

  • jerry

    Obama displays the type of thinking most blacks have about our nation. He's going to correct all the errors made by previous white presidents. He.'s a product of the welfare state.Lived on it as a child, received its benefits when going to college and law school as an Affirmative Action student, which meant that he went for free. He later becomes a Community Organizer, because he's now going to get for all his folks what he got from the government: a free ride. In Russia they had a name for a Community Organizer:It was Commisar. Mr. Obama is the most dangerious president our natioern has ever had. His socialist bent could endanger our country irrecoverably.