Jamie Foxx Celebrates Murdering ‘All the White People’

Dominated for decades by a Hollywood establishment intent on convincing them that America is an evil and racist place, indoctrinated for years by a university system that says the founders were early Nazi incarnations, today’s white liberals celebrate their own demise. Literally.

That’s what happened Saturday night on Saturday Night Live. With Jamie “Our Lord And Savior Barack Obama” Foxx hosting, things were bound to get dicey in a hurry. And Foxx didn’t disappoint. He launched into a monologue about his new movie, Django Unchained, which looks to be a fantasy about a former slave killing slaveholders in the antebellum South:

“I play a slave. How black is that? I have to wear chains. How whack is that? But don’t worry. I get free. I save my wife and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?”

The crowd laughed and cheered. After all, what’s not to love about a man celebrating a racial genocide, especially when he loves Barack Obama?

The same feeling that led the crowd to cheer Foxx’s racist proclamation led them to cheer his similarly racist rant about the glories of President Obama’s second term – which, Foxx said, would demonstrate his “black” side, as opposed to his “white” first term. In his second term, said Foxx, Obama would rename himself “Barack Dikembe Mutombo Tupac Mandela Hussein Obama X.”

All of this would be simply cutting-edge humor back in the 1960s and 1970s. In the world of Richard Pryor, proclaiming the black desire to kill white folks was an ugly sentiment, but at least it mirrored a similarly ugly sentiment in areas of the country that longed for the days of Jim Crow. It was a response to the times.

Now, this sort of talk is tired. More than anything, it reinforces the notion that America is just as racist now as it was when Richard Pryor made the same jokes forty years ago. That’s nonsense. In point of fact, more black Americans are racist against white Americans than vice versa. Black on white crime is significantly more prevalent than white on black crime.

But you’d never see that on television. On television, virtually all crimes are committed by white people, typically upper class white people. Oh, sure, the initial suspect may be a member of a minority. But when push comes to shove, there’s a nefarious white person in the back manipulating the minority in order to harm the minority community. In The Shield, the real villains aren’t the minority drug dealers who murder cops – it’s white corrupt cops like Vic Mackey, who use them as pawns, or white police assistant chiefs like Ben Gilroy, who deliberately deplete police resources in minority communities in order to drive down real estate values.

And you don’t have to rely on scripted television to reinforce the images of white guilt. Take a look at shows like Cops, which follow criminality across the country with real footage. John Langley, who created the show, told me, “I show more white people than, statistically, what the truth is.”

There’s a reason that the Hollywood left pushes that skewed view – it’s trying to overcome what it sees as America’s continuing, deep-seated racism. But the monster it fights was slain long again, although the tail may still lash. Of course there are racists out there. They are horrible, evil, despicable people. But the notion of irrevocable institutional racism is a figment of the liberal imagination. As we move through time, the true racists die off. Sadly, black racism is growing. In fact, in many ways, black racism is increasingly a problem of the young, told by the left that their lives are a series of grievances rather than a series of decisions.

The effect is predictable: white liberals think they’re guilty for the problems of blacks, and black liberals agree. Imagine a white person going on national television and joking about murdering all the black folks – and imagine that getting laughs. You can’t, because it wouldn’t happen in today’s America. But Jamie Foxx does exactly that, and white liberals chortle, relieved at their own broad-mindedness.

This isn’t to sound the alarm about a race war. It isn’t coming. What is happening is a media war on non-minorities, convincing them that they are guilty for the sins of their ancestors, and must therefore bow their heads before the racism of those their ancestors sinned against. But the time has come to move beyond all of that. America already has. Only Hollywood hasn’t.

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  • Pookiepooks

    People are people. Classy people are classy, trashy people are trashy. Obama is a class act (well… He’s a politician but he does have his stuff together, and that’s an understatement!) Jaime foxx is trashy and an idiot. Django Unchained was a disgusting movie, one of Quentin Tarantinos finest. Hmmm… What would MLK think of your comments big Mr. J? Hmmm… White people died in masses as prisoner slaves and indentured servants before blacks ever did. The entitlement some blacks feel culturally is hilarious. People should have equal opportunities. Low income populations should receive assistance, but my preference over any other given person. So darn aggravating. I could go on but the probability of trolls replying to my message or racists is extremely high. Toodles.

  • Vici

    EVERYBODY but white americans and white europeans knows that 98% of blacks are racist ,its just simple in their head every day. Same as that it will be no white in the usa and europe very soon. Blacks do not like white not because of 18th century but because they have no respect for them, the see how whites are not united, do not respect own skin color (example J Foxx , he joke white idiots laugh) weak polititions. Biggest problem yang blacks, from age 14 they already hate white people. Creating dangerous area where white can not live because of black racism and white do nothing about it just quiet run, white woman sleep around ,all of this blacks see and they have no respect for white. I heard many blacks openly say we are waiting till whites will die out and they wiil, every one knows it but white..

  • Sarah

    ‘black on white racism is significantly higher than visa versa’

    That’s got to be the joke of the century.

    My fellow white people: You can’t start a fire in your lounge and then complain when the house burns down. You can’t enslave, demonise, humiliate an entire group for 400+ years and then expect all to be well after 20 years of decency – at least in public anyway, plus there is tonnes of day to day racism from whites happening anyway.

    • mikeconnor

      Sarah, don’t excuse bad behavior. Don’t you realize that’s the problem. Don’t justify hatred between the races either way.

    • Jimbo99

      The real truth of the matter is, African tribes and chiefs rounded up and sold their own into slavery. Europe wanted nothing to do with slaves, it was banned in England. Go ahead, Google it.

      • Guest

        This old tired argument from my fellow whites…

        I don’t normally respond to people with a low IQ trolls, but since there are so many peddling this insane argument here goes.

        1. If you buy a human being, you are equally as bad as the person selling them. For example, if I were a man and I brought a trafficked female sex slave, and kept her locked away in my basement, feeding her like and animal, would I not be equally as bad as the person that kidnapped and sold her.

        2. This argument can be liken to a kindergarden kid who has been caught doing something he shouldn’t and all he can say is “he did it first”. It’s laughable really.

        • Jimbo99

          If you don’t fight for your freedom in Africa, how is it someone across the world should have to fight a bloody Civil War a century later to do that for them ? When you really look at the numbers, what plantation land & slave owners that there were, it’s the 1%ers of that time that did blacks wrong. Take a look at how brutal that war between the North & South was. A little gratitude for those that sacrificed would be nice. Any blacks in America celebrate the Battle of Gettysburg ? That is about a month from the anniversary of D-Day for WW II. A battle that my ancestors fought to liberate Europeans from Nazi occupied nations & eventually Jews from concentration camps. That’s another unappreciated moment/effort in history. Come to think of it, my family history, as recently as a War on Terror has a long list of those that fought for the oppressed. So pardon me if I am unamused any more that I am lumped into the wrong classification. I’ll make it perfectly clear for anyone that doesn’t understand, My family history never enslaved nor oppressed anyone for race nor religion nor anything else that it would be convenient to make me feel guilty for the actions of another.

      • Sarah

        This old tired argument from my fellow w h i t e s people…

        I don’t normally respond to people with low IQ, but since there are so many out there peddling this insane argument here goes.

        1. If you buy a human being, you are equally as bad as the person selling them. For example, if I were a man and I brought a t..r.a.f.f.i.c.k.e.d female s e x slave, and kept her locked away in my basement, feeding her like and animal, would I not be equally as bad as the person that kidnapped and sold her.

        2. This argument can be liken to a kindergarden kid who has been caught doing something he shouldn’t and all he can say is “he did it first”. It’s laughable really.

      • Robert Jones

        It wasn’t banned in England for awhile… Slavery existed in England.. up until the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833.

        • Jimbo99

          And when did America have it’s Emancipation Proclamation ? About the same time too, only 30 some odd years after. Legislation may mark that time/era, but far too many were practicing abolition of slavery centuries before by smply not participating in what others did. And the African black ruling class had zero problem for selling of their own for beads and boos. Really, the slave trade was an industry of buyers, sellers and middle men that profited from human slave trade. It was economic transactions and the slave was the big loser in it all. Was there hatred ? Maybe, maybe not on an individual case by case. I really don’t hear much from any group because slavery in one form or another goes on today. Asians and Communist China either oppress labor to that level of slavery. I see the blacks lined up at Wal-Mart hypocritically taking advantage of that fact that modern day slavery exists. Where’s the outrage ? Where’s the rally for support of Asians ?

    • HomeOfTheBrave

      You must be joking, or high on drugs.
      Do you know any white person who has enslaved a black person?
      I don’t. I don’t know anyone who even knows of one who did way back.

      Do you think any of these punk black thug teens, 20-somethings, 30-somethings even know about the history of slavery? Really? Did they read books themselves at the local library?

      This is a BULLSCHIT excuse that’s part of RACE CARD 101.
      That’s allowed this nation to be divided as much as ever. It’s also allowed the violent black males to go on committing more than their share of violent crimes, against everyone black white Asian, Latino, etc.

      And it’s part of the reason THEY still are bottom-feeders in every positive aspect of society here in the USA, from family values (what percentage of black babies are born out of wedlock? the HIGHEST)… what percentage of blacks have STDs compared to the others? The HIGHEST.

      And don’t even mention the race crimes. But google Eve Carson, Lauren Burk, Anne Pressley, Wichita Massacre for starters, and get back to us.

    • HomeOfTheBrave

      It’s idiot whites like her ^ who naively and ignorantly voted for the semi-black Obama and put this country on this path to bankruptcy and moral decline faster than ever.


      We keep getting closer to the Planet of the Apes. Look around.
      Go visit inner-city Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, Baltimore, Kiladelphia, etc. and see how they “run” things there….. lovely cities back 75 years ago.
      Worse than a jungle. Go visit.

      • shaunthebrummie

        at least we can watch them starve by the million in black run africa..DO NOT give to charities that helps blacks..africans..or africa..VOTE ALONG RACIAL LINES only for whites that are known to be pro white..BRING BACK SEGREGATION…STOP WATCHING OR BUYING ANY BLACK ENTERTAINMENT ITEM…advertisers will not spend millions on flops…

      • Anonymous

        If you think Africa is the jungle, you seriously aren’t as smart as you feel..

        No, it’s just angry hyper sensitive white men like you who don’t want to swallow a tough pill. Are you aware of the blood on your ‘fathers’ hands? Races of people were slaughtered mercilessly because of you! You enslaved Native America, force millions of Natives off their land and would kill them for fun. You’ve done the same to the original South Americans and the original Australians, and you deliberately went to Africa just to enslave the foreigners. You’ve rapped their young girls while throwing slave men overboard when things became too crowded, and when america, you terrorized these people for hundreds of years and even lied about their conditions just so you can keep destroying them, but when anyone points out the fact you’re ruthless and savage–or at least your history, you quickly become defensive. Is the truth upsetting?

        • Eric Lencher

          I’ve been to Africa several times, and rape and genocide are part of daily life there. I know blacks like to pretend that Africa was a beautiful, peaceful place before whites came along, but that is far from the truth.
          You should also study the Trans-Saharan slave trade, that went on for 1800 years. Half the slaves taken across the Sahara Desert died of dehydration.The men who survived were put to work in salt mines with an average life expectancy of 2 years. The women used as sex slaves.

          • Bill-D

            Eric, this is more of that Black Studies BS. Crap passing itself off as history. No one buys in to this junk except those with lower IQs.

        • EdgarWynter

          No, just your ignorant BS. Where dies that put your brothers that sold you to the evil old white man for no reason other than $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

        • Bill-D

          Cry me a river. I do NOT give a damn.

    • Alicia Kent

      Sarah 7 days ago
      A post by nut Sarah…click to see her page!
      “At this stage I think it is important to understand that racism is now ingrained in the DNA of white folks. We’ve been practicing
      it for so long, that it is now habitual. This is the very nature of

      Sarah…you are one sick White Hater……Whose picture are you using nut case?

    • Robert Jones

      I’m freaking 32 years old… I’m wondering how I’m responsible for the remaining 368 years?
      Not all blondes are stupid, but you ma’am, are a low-information voter!

      • Bill-D

        Robert, you are NOT responsible. Don’t buy into that game and try to defend anything. Look them straight in the eyes and tell them to go pound sand.

    • Albertflasher10

      Joke of the century? When has sad truth become a leader in jokes? The dismissive attitude you have to facts is what the problem is in this country. YOU and those like you are the problem in this country. If white apologists such as yourself would quit making excuses, perhaps, just maybe, the black population would not be imploding on itself and terrorizing this country. By your logic we should execute all the Germans for the murders during the holocaust. After all, it’s only been about 70 years.

    • Eric Lencher

      When slavery was legal, only 1.4% of Americans even owned slaves….yet you want to blame the other 98.4% equally. That shows just how indoctrinated you’ve become into this false ideology. Have you studied about the Trans-Saharan slave trade? It went on for 1800 years.
      Are you aware that over a 100 year period in AMerica, from 1850-1950, when lynching was at it’s peak, that 4,800 blacks were lynched according to the Tuskeegee Institute. 1,900 whites were lynched too, but contrary to what you’ve been told, they weren’t all innocent people like Emmit Till.
      Most of those lynched were murderers, rapists, and horse thieves.
      Also, most slaves were not whipped and chained, the way you see in movies like roots. That certainly happened, but it was the exception, not the rule. Most slaves lived in shacks on their master’s property, and worked the fields side by side with their master on a daily basis. They ate lunch together, and their masters provided them with food, clothing, and shelter.
      I’m not defending slavery in any way. No man has the right to own anyone. However I am challenging the misconceptions that have become accepted as facts.

      • Panther2017

        Most Whites may not have owned slaves, however they allowed a government that legalized slavery and segregation to continue for centuries. At any time, Whites could have said, “no more”. Sadly, they were quite comfortable with the advantages their white skin gave them.They were in no hurry to see African-Americans treated as equal.

        • Oran Black

          Actually, whites did say “no more,” that was the reason we had a civil war. When blacks honor their civil leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, maybe they should also honor Abraham Lincoln and the thousands upon thousands of whites who died for their freedom, something I have yet to see black people do.

        • Bill-D

          You did hear of the civil war, that ripped our country apart. Who benefitted from that? You are an unlearned POS.

          • Panther2017

            Let me guess, white property owners. They lost their slaves and gained sharecroppers. Blacks still had no rights and minimal protection under the law. Blacks were still segregated, discriminated against, and barred from the American dream. You can attempt to rewrite history if you like, White people are the villains in this story.

          • Bill-D

            I wish I could rewrite the history of Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, and any number of broke azz, mostly black crime cesspools.
            You must be one of those with a degree in “Black Studies”. LOL

  • Robert Jones

    Lets see… if this were say… Jack Black, acting as George Bush, celebrating the murder of “all minorities”, this would be the top racist story of the century.. But since it’s against whites, it’s fine…
    You people in the media need psychological help. You are about to create a national revolt…and you will be the first targets in that situation. Keep writing your own demise!

  • Robert Jones

    What’s your point? I still wasn’t alive at this time. So why am I forced to accept the consequences?
    How can you expect to discriminate one race, for discriminating another race, if you want racism to end?
    Uh.. duh.. it’s not going to happen!

  • Anonymous

    Are you aware of how many people your ancestors have killed in the last 700 years? Why the fuck are you so ultra sensitive over a fictional movie?

  • B

    I wish i had a $1 billion so i can buy land the size of idaho and save poor whites from multiculturalism by placing them there (not the 1%, they have bodyguards that can take care of them). I’ll hire guards to prevent colored ppl out and pretty much provide them with food and shelter. At least they will survive to the next century and maybe there will still be white people when my great great great great grandchildren arrive in this world.


    ya come to this planet cause WORLD HAVOC and ya think no karma coming? The only ONLY reason the pale face race won was because they had weapons that KILLED. EVERY RACE I’m sure has had this cross their mind.

  • Nabeel Chutkae

    I thought this was an SNL skit? As in a joke?

  • Bill-D

    Good article.
    Jamie Foxx is a worthless tool. A no talent stumble bum who has a job because he is Black. Indeed, the bar is very low for him and his ilk.
    Ignore him and the Liberals. Soon they will be shouting to each other.
    Everyone else will go on about their business and marginalize them.
    Until that day, keep the faith.

  • Sad red coat

    Just completely depressing. Why don’t blacks, who are so maligned insist on returning to Africa? Because they are the most lost group of humans on Earth- which wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t ignorant and violent as well. The idea of their leadership is troubling because I honestly don’t believe fairness, honesty and hard work are inherent in their genetics. They want it easy and they’re too dumb to work together for their own goals. They’re a manipulated consumer at best whose only goal is the accumulation of a life they could never maintain even if they owned and ran everything in the world.

    Meanwhile, a powerful group of apologists allow them legal immunity for a spreading and infective culture of violence we would do so well to be rid of.