Jamie “Kill all the White People” Foxx Blasts Hollywood Violence

The hypocrites in Hollywood are running scared after a mentally ill 20-year-old, Adam Lanza, invaded Sandy Brook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and proceeded to murder 20 small children. Their first reaction, of course, was that guns were to blame. Mia Farrow blasted away on Twitter: “I don’t want to hear one idiotic word out of the NRA.”

Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreation tweeted, “Gun control is our only road to freedom. Freedom from the fear of senselessly losing children. I’m so saddened. WE NEED LAWS NOW.”

Perez Hilton took a break from using Microsoft Paint to dab fake bodily fluids on starlets’ mouths long enough to write, “I’m trying to be more positive these days but people who say ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ – those people are fucking morons!”

But there was a problem for the Hollywood contingent: Connecticut is one of the most heavily regulated states in the union on guns.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) pushes for a federal assault weapons ban, but Connecticut already has a state assault weapons ban in place. And no liberal can suggest a single gun law short of repealing the Second Amendment that would have prevented the Sandy Brook massacre.

The truth is that Hollywood, for all the current hand-wringing, makes more money off gun violence than the gun industry does. Take a visit to your local Blockbuster and check out the action titles; virtually every one of them depicts a muscular male carrying a piece of heavy weaponry.

Hollywood knows that of all the industries in America, it’s the most likely to earn a buck from people’s enthusiasm over firearms. Which means that Hollywood producers and stars often feel compelled to speak out against Hollywood violence from time to time—a way of inoculating the industry against finger pointing about its role in tragedies such as the one in Connecticut.

Thus, Jamie Foxx, star of this year’s over-the-top violent Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained – the same fellow who last week jokingly celebrated how he got to “kill all the white people in the movie” – now says, “We cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn’t have a sort of influence. It does.” And Harvey Weinstein, producer of Django Unchained, as well as other violent films like Kill Bill, Rambo, Halloween, and Pulp Fiction, says he wants to hold a conference on violence in movies.

But if Hollywood is responsible for tragedies like the Sandy Brook massacre, it isn’t because of movie violence. Movie violence has been around as long as movies have, and people have wrung their hands over it for just as long. There are other ways in which Hollywood has had a far broader and deeper impact on the culture.

Take a closer look at Adam Lanza’s life, for example. According to reports, Lanza was mentally ill. Richard Novia, head of security at Lanza’s Newtown High School, said that Lanza “had some disabilities … If that boy would’ve burned himself, he would not have known it or felt it physically.” Other reports say that he had a personality disorder. Why wasn’t Lanza under constant scrutiny, then? Why hadn’t he been committed? Surely Hollywood does have something to do with the notion that the mentally ill aren’t actually ill, they’re just misunderstood. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the inmates are the sanest people around; it’s their jailers who are representatives of a repressive social order. From 1955 to 1980, the resident population in state public mental hospitals dropped from 559,000 to 154,000. Homelessness increased dramatically. So, too, did incidents involving the mentally ill. Meanwhile, Hollywood told us, in the words of Simon & Garfunkle, that “the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.”

Or how about Lanza’s family situation? Hollywood has spent decades telling Americans that divorce has no consequences, and that marriage is about love alone rather than commitment. But by all accounts, the breakup of his parents’ marriage was a contributing factor to Lanza’s deranged decision to murder his mother and then shoot up a bunch of schoolchildren. Will Hollywood take responsibility for that?

Of course not. It’s easier for them to pretend to worry about gun violence, as they have during every decade since the 1960s, with no material change to the material they produce. The societal effects of that onscreen gun violence are not responsible for Sandy Brook. But if onscreen gun violence was a contributing factor, a far greater contributing factor is Hollywood’s attempt to wish away mental illness, and its commensurate attempt to undermine the traditional family structure.

But don’t look for Jamie Foxx or Harvey Weinstein to pop off about that. It might get them funny looks at those cocktail parties they sponsor from the cash they make off of bloody films.

  • Chezwick

    SHAPIRO: "Why wasn’t Lanza under constant scrutiny, then? Why hadn’t he been committed?"

    Why? Because he had never committed a crime, that's why. Shapiro seems to be advocating the same totalitarian impulses in society he claims to be fighting against.

    One wishes that the people closest to Lanza, those who understood the true extent of his problems, (I'm referring to his immediate family), could have prevailed upon him to receive psychiatric help, THEY bear at least a degree of responsibility….(God knows his mother paid the supreme price for her denial and/or inertia).

    But insofar as society itself is concerned, Lanza's only "crime" is that he was painfully shy. Since when is this a valid reason to commit somebody? Were we to follow Shapiro's recommendation, thousands of innocent people all over America would be stigmatized for shyness, lack of sociability, etc.

    Let's get a grip, folks, In defending the 2nd Amendment, let's keep some perspective and not resort to arguments that sound every bit as statist and totalitarian as those typically advanced by the left.

    • southwood

      " Why? Because he had never committed a crime, that's why. Shapiro seems to be advocating the same totalitarian impulses in society he claims to be fighting against. "

      Excellent point. This kind of thinking could in fact lead to a situation such as happened in the USSR when many sane dissidents were placed in insane asylums because the politburo arrogated to themselves to decide who was mentally ill, for totally political reasons. Quite frightening.

      • PhillipGaley

        Yes. But before this, consider his: "And no liberal can suggest a single gun law short of repealing the Second Amendment that would have prevented the Sandy Brook massacre.". Is this to say that, 2nd Am. repeal would have prevented it, or with some alteration to the question, is what a Leftist might say as could have prevented it, or might have prevented it, . . .

        And then his: ". . . . no material change to the material they produce.", . . . the missing "which", or perhaps of greater import ungraceful doubling to "material". Was our learned author just rully tired, . . . felt weird, or what?

      • Ricky Michael


        Norway comes to mind too, didn't help there.

        Bad people with bad intentions will get whatever they need to carry it out no matter where they are, even with gun control. The police took 15 minutes to get there at Newtown. That's not fast enough.

        • southwood

          Ricky, if the figures for Europe are low then we should be glad of gun control.

          • Ricky Michael

            Things are so spread out over here that about 95% of the time the police arrive too late to stop it. All you guys hear over there are the bad reports like Newtown. There have been many, many incidences that a concealed hand gun license holder has stopped these things from happening. Our liberal media does not report on these very much. It’s not the message they want to spread.I am more worried about the video games and movies that teach kids to kill without compassion. These are the root of the problem. They de-sensitize individuals to the value of human life. An entire generation of kids are being “taught” by these so-called games. Their brains get programmed to act devoid of any thinking, “What am I doing?” They become so indoctrinated that they become calloused beyond any feeling of the horror that they inflict. Real people become only the next target inside their warped brains. This is what needs to stop.

          • southwood

            George Zimmerman is the only case we know of over here where a person defended themselves. Even that case is somewhat contentious.

            On your second point. You are probably right. The TV in the UK blocked some new movie trailers from being shown just after the news of Newtown broke. It's insensitive to show such violent stuff at such a time. It trivializes violence.

          • Ricky Michael

            Yes George Zimmerman did defend himself. And, the reports that went out of our media over here made him appear to be a blood thirsty racist, which is not the case. I don’t know all the facts but from what I have been able to uncover, no thanks the news reports, he is being made an example. This would not be happening to him if he lived here in Texas.

          • southwood

            Referring back to your previous comment made me think. I just began to wonder what proportion of the homicides in the statistics for America are actual murders, and what proportion are actually people defending themselves. I'd be interested to know that.

          • Ricky Michael

            Here is the point of this, evil doers look for those who are weak. When the target is no longer weak, they go to easier pickins. Our society has gotten to the point where they have zero problem with doing everything their heart desires, including robbery and murder. There is no conscience.If you want to guaranty to have your house robbed over here, just put a sign in the yard reading, “Down with the NRA, we have no guns in our home.” It’s an open invitation. The sign in my yard would read, “There is nothing inside worth dying over.” It would not matter whether or not I really had guns inside, the threat would make them go next door.

          • Ricky Michael

            Here you go. Just his presence, not even firing stopped the killing spree.

    • JakeTobias

      Ben did not say "lock him up." He said "committed." There is a difference. The young man needed help. Mentally, and physically. If it is true he could not feel physical pain, it is likely he was not meant long for this world. People like that become injured sooner or later, which they can not feel. Or a disease. Either way, left untreated, even something minor goes out of control. What is more, the condition creates alienation, and a lack of empathy for the pain of others. They can begin to feel everyone is weak, or crybabies who complain too much.

      • Chezwick

        Where did I write "lock him up". You pulled that out of thin air. I quoted Shapiro accurately. "Committed" means committed….and committing someone who has never perpetrated or even threatened violence against himself or others is not a characteristic of a free society.

        • JakeTobias

          I did not intend that as a direct quote, but your response indicated you thought Ben meant incarceration in a prison. But after I saw your other comments, I realized you were making that distinction. So then I wished, again, this site had an edit feature, so I could reword mine a bit, or delete it outright.

          As far as Adam Lanza goes, there is still confusion about whether he was noticeably a threat or not. I've seen both claims.

    • Renate

      Everybody knows that schools are gun free zones. We need to train all school employees and allow them to carry so that this wanton violence will stop. Right now, schools have a sign that says" come in you can do as much damage as you want and no-one will stop you." According to this brother Lanza was mentally ill. We really don't know the extent of the family's struggle to get him comitted. Hindsight is so great, isn't it? It is not easy to comit someone to a mental health facility. Maybe his parents weren't in agreement, besides he was 20 years old. Let's say they agreed, then did they have the legal right to commit him at 20 years of age? Lanza knew he could shoot someone in school because there weren't any guns in the school. Lanza' s mother didnt shoot all those kids-he did-don't go blaming her-she's dead. Blame all the people that want MORE gun control.

  • Mary Sue

    re: Divorce:

    Confucius say: He who go to "find himself", find himself in hell.

    • Chezwick

      I think you've raised a pertinent point, Mary Sue. Adam Lanza was always troubled, but it appears the divorce of his parents was the tipping point. By all accounts, his disconnection grew more acute afterward.

      The family is a microcosm of society. When our families are broken, so becomes our society.

      • Questions

        Wrong. He had Asperger's syndrome and was extremely shy, withdrawn, temperamental and hostile. Adam Lanza was NOT typical of kids groing up in a single-parent home, which tens of millions of us have done. This has nothing to do with the "destruction" of the family. Any number of these disturbed types, by the way, from John Hinckley to Dylan Klebold, came from two-parent families.

        • Chezwick

          I've read more than one account of Lanza's mental health deteriorating AFTER his parent's divorce in 2008. Neither one of us know whether or not he would have gone on his killing spree if his parents hadn't divorced….but I'm certain of one thing: it certainly didn't help.

        • Mary Sue

          that aspergers thing was an unconfirmed ABC News report last I heard. Nobody else is reporting it.

          And Aspergers…….doesn't make you do…………………….that.

  • John

    Others could see Adam Lanza was not right in the head , so drop the '' totalitarian'' impulse bs . This piece isn't heading there . Here's what happened , There were unsecured weapons in arms reach of some one who should not have had access to them —– Gun Control 101- lock your weapon up and hide the key well .

    • Chezwick

      And whose responsibility was it to keep those firearms out of the hands of Lanza, those who owned them (his mother) or the government? I've already made it perfectly clear that his family – specifically his mother with whom he lived – bears a degree of responsibility for what happened. Shapiro has inferred that it was society's fault. He's expressed the explicit contention that the perp should have been "committed" BEFORE the fact, even though Lanza had never been in trouble.

      The extent of Adam Lanza's problems were not outwardly manifest. He was shy and withdrawn, but he never exhibited violent behavior. Fact is, given the circumstances, there is nothing anyone could have done to avert this tragedy…accept the mother who was in daily contact with Lanza and should have known the extent of his problems.

      Southwood's Soviet-dissident analogy was absolutely valid.

      • Rostislav

        No, it wasn't! Unlike the "shy" monster Lanza, our dissidents were perfectly sane persons – having perfectly normal families, by the way. The reason for putting the future murderer into well-deserved clinic could be easily detected by any professional long ago, but unfortunately everybody around was too politcorrect (shy, again?) to ask for the professional's opinion. In fact it's the same story as with the president's eligibility, with the aggression of Islam or with a real color of racism: everybody understands the true meaning of events but is too politcorect to resist this crazy reality. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

        • southwood

          Rostislav, since when was being shy and awkward a sign of mental illness ? Being socially awkward, a nerd, withdrawn etc. does not mean one is a nut case.

        • Chezwick

          I see.

          So you are advocating that the government have the right to grab a person off the street and confine them to a mental hospital simply because they are shy. Before his orgy of killing, Lanza had never committed a crime or even threatened violence. And yet, you believe the Constitutionalists who believe in due process and individual rights are "politically correct."

          You obviously haven't learned a thing from your own country's history. I recommend you read a bit of Alexander Bukovsky, Andre Amalrik, and Zhores Medvedev. You might learn something.

  • Anthony

    An evil monster name Adam Lanza thought well about expressing the pure satanic impulses he entertaind and decided on an act so depraved, so devoid of humanity , something so wicked and horrific, that I think he devil lived in his soul.

    How else can one explain the slaughter of children, and the murder of your own mother?

    Adam Lanza’s act of maximum evil was committed near Christmas, a time much of the the world once considered a holy period of reflection on the birth of the light of the world, Jesus of Nazareth.

    Lanza’s purpose was to offer his own dark sacrifice to the prince of lies, the evil one as a sort of diabolical pact he may not have even known he was a willing agent of.

    This brings me to my point. The Hollywood tribe as evidenced by the likes of Foxx and almost all his peers are whether they know it or not, agents of the very evil they now are shocked, shocked we all witness going on everywhere. Doubtless violent video games and evil and perverse movies marketed as “entertainment” and God forbidden in polite company and sex and porn everywhere played no role. No sir.

    It is not that America needs gun control such that our 2nd Amendment right is taken avay by the evil tyrants who masquerade as benovelant sages whose smart ideas ruined Anerican society in the first place, its that we need a moral and God fearing population that , unlike Lanza, is aware of divine providence and not radically secularized and perverted like Foxx and his Hollywood misfits who are the number two reason for the disintegratin of our society, the number one being the over reach of the federal government which now sees this supreme act of evil a way of disarming us.

    Obama was right. America must change. But the change he embodies IS the change that twisted this country into the evil Soddom it is today.

    • Averre

      And where was this 'light of the world' when 20 innocent kids were being gunned down?

      Spare us your religous babbling, because your God has zero interest in human life. The only time tis world will start growing up is when you, and billions of people like you, give up your absurd belief system and start focusing on reality.

  • really concerned

    Hey hollywood if someone want to create mass murder you don't need a gun. Doesn't europe have a ban on guns and they have as many deaths as in the us.
    How about controlling the movie and game industry. Ban hollywoods bloody movies and games. That's were the problem is. Yet you don't suggest that, do they.

    • southwood

      Not one country in Europe has as many homicides per 100,000 as the US. The highest European national rate is Switzerland and every household there has a gun. I am merely pointing out the facts. We can all draw our own personal conclusions. Your point about the movie and game industry is, I think, quite valid, but don't expect Ben Shapiro to agree with that.

    • Questions

      The problem is not "violent movies." Film audiences of all ages are intelligent to know the difference between depiction and advocacy. And we're not automatons who imitate whatever it is we see on a screen. Frankly, what should be banned, if it were possible, are arrogant columnists, Right as well as Left, who exploit a tragic crime to score political points.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "Jamie Foxx Celebrates Murdering ‘All the White People’" & hypocrites

    ………..then "all 'his' people would:

    Not require Affirmative Action
    Not require NAACP
    Not require Black Activists
    Not require Community Organizers
    Not require membership in the National Association of Wage Earners
    Not require The Perpetuation of the Racialized Welfare System
    Not require a War on Poverty
    Not require Black Histoire Month
    Not require Miss Black America
    Not require Department of Housing and Urban Development

    ….and Blacks would be without food stamps, without ETB cards, public housing, or, Obama Fones…..

    Simply because there would be no living honkies to pay for them!.

    • Dennis X

      We can only dream.

      • Ghostwriter

        Thanks for the racist comment,Dennis X. You sound like someone I don't want to know.

      • Drakken

        Whenever you have a thought, just let it go abed.

    • Dennis X

      Food stamps, public housing, welfare , ETB cards are not Black programs, in fact in numbers there are more whites on these programs but greater percentage of minorities. NAACP. Ms. Black amerikkka don't get tax dollars. But to a racist like you, you only see Black faces attached to these programs. I'm not happy that my tax dollars go to help you pay your rent at the trailor park.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Jamie “Kill all the White People” Foxx: – UGLY on the Inside – UGLY on the Outside.

  • ffortnightly

    Until we call a racist like this out for being a racist, this will continue. The US is terrified of offending blacks and walks on eggshells around them. Why? Why is it OK for blacks to be rabid racists at ALL levels? How is their racism against whites "benevolent"?

    • Dennis X

      Keep telling yourself its only a movie.

    • Questions

      You got that one right. Whites are simply scared of blacks.

    • Ylem

      The Media and Politicians have made them victims, that's why.

  • blackburnian

    Why can't one of these lunatics do his thing in the NRA headquarters?

    • JakeTobias

      Because they know it is not a gun-free zone.

    • Vermont Yid

      It looks to me as though you are advocating mass murder "…in the NRA headquarters." Perhaps YOU will be the next lunatic to go on a killing spree.

  • Anthony

    It’s do easy to blame guns and the NRA. You dim wits can’t wrap your programmed mind around the fact of a sick, depraved culture giving birth to an increasingly depraved society – America’ leftist legacy to the global village it is helping create whose purpose is the enslavement of humanity.

  • Anthony


    Andre Brevik killed 77 people. He was not in Swizerland. The number killed in his lone act of depraved evil was committed in a country with difficult to zero gun ownership.

    He was a madman and madmen if determined will kill and gun laws depriving citizens the right to protect themselves cannot stop them.

    • southwood

      Breivik was politically motivated, unlike Lanza it seems.He was a maverick and a rare case. He went out of his way to acquire weapons and bombs. He planned everything meticulously. He was obsessed with martial computer games. You can call him mad, I'll just call him evil. But the fact is he has a better grasp of reality than many of the PC liberals in Norway and elsewhere who are in denial over the threat immigration poses to European culture and freedom. Where does that place them on the sanity scale ?

      Norway has very low gun crime European countries are all well below the US for gun crime. Most have tight gun laws. Explain.

      Oh, and, Anthony, there IS a reply button : )

  • Anthony

    I meant “Anders Breivik” of Norway. Damn auto spell.

  • Anthony


    I think America sees mass killings because we are leading the way in the abolition of Western Covilization and Christanity. Europe is a follower in this regard, but most Europeans are at least much better educated then the average American.

    But our culture is infecting minds globally and Holywood is the spearhead of that assault.

    • southwood

      Anthony, Hollywood is a cess-pit. Some of these movie stars who pontificate about vegetarianism (no "cruelty" to animals ) or global warming, meanwhile making movies where the morality is the dregs, really disgust me. Movies and rock-culture have propagandized the impressionable minds of the young in such a twisted way. And btw I talk from my own personal past experience.

      • Anthony

        SOUTHWOOD what are you doing in Northern Europe? Are you in Ireland? Are you an American?

        • southwood

          I am in N.Europe because this is my neck of the woods. I am a Northern European. I am not in Ireland but very near.

        • southwood

          Anthony, I am in Scotland, where are you ? California, NYC, Texas…?

  • Anthony


    What do you mean when ou said you speak from your own personal experiences? We’re you once a liberal zombie from Hollywood?

    • southwood

      Anthony why do you not hit the reply button ? Then it goes in my e mail inbox and I can respond right away rather than stumble upon the comment you leave ? Anyway, what I meant was that I bought into a whole load of liberal junk before I wised up. But I think people who stick stubbornly with that leftist liberal mindset are simply irrational.

      • Anthony

        I’m sorry SOUTHWOOD. If I hit reply, it does not list I. The thread. How does it go to your inbox? Do you have an alert? Where do you live?

        • southwood

          Yes I am signed up for alerts. I have an ID account but you don't, right. If you did you would also get alerts if you wanted. I live in Northern Europe in the Keltosphere.

      • Anthony

        Why do you. Call yourself ” SOUTHWOOD”? Are you near Moldor-wood?

  • PAthena

    The reason that commitments to public mental hospitals has dropped is that mental hospitals have been closed, by brilliant minds who decided that it would be cheaper to house the mentally ill in jails and prisons than to pay for mental institutions. The increase in the number of the homeless is a direct consequence of this policy: the homeless are arrested as vagrants and imprisoned. The institution with the largest number of mentally ill is Rikers, the prison for New York City.

  • Thomas Wells

    If Newton were a movie, there would be more information provided about the situation in the plot. Oh wait; there was a movie called : Wag the Dog.

  • clarespark

    See my recent blogs on mental health: http://clarespark.com/2012/12/18/blogs-on-mental-…. I include a strong one on Jamie Foxx. There are times when white people use black people as surrogates for rage.

  • clarespark

    http://clarespark.com/2012/12/18/blogs-on-mental-…. One of the blogs is about Jamie Foxx.

  • BLJ

    Jamie Foxx sucks.

  • Ghostwriter

    Just because someone has Asperger's syndrome,doesn't mean someone's going to go nuts and kill people. We need better help for the mentally ill. As for Dennis X,may I remind him about an incident in which a black woman in Seattle who shot her white neighbor to death because he was white? He wasn't bothering her,he was just getting his stuff out. Whites aren't the only ones capable of racism but that doesn't compute with Dennis X's racist worldview.