Letting The Muslim Brotherhood Off The Hook

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Glenn Beck confirmed the rumor on his program last week:

They are threatening – from the Republicans, Boehner and McCain – threatening Michele Bachmann that if she does not apologize for this letter today, she will lose her position on the intelligence committee. She is perfectly willing to have that happen. I am telling you that is a huge, huge mistake. And it is being orchestrated by those who either have their heads up someplace where their heads don’t belong or they’re getting marching orders from the very peaceful, very secular, nonpolitical, just sweet as pumpkin pie Muslim Brotherhood.

The threat of the Muslim Brotherhood is very real. It’s not that they’re ready to take over the United States at any moment. But they are trying to take over the Middle East, and the Obama administration has emboldened them to do so. President Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to his speech in Cairo in 2009; President Obama has continued to fund the Brotherhood after their takeover of Egypt; he has supported the Brotherhood-sponsored revolution in Libya.

So either the Obama administration is open to the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, or it is being duped. From that perspective, the Bachmann letter is the moderate option, not the extreme position that the congressional establishment, Republican and Democrat, has claimed.

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  • mah29001

    Sadly, they are letting the Muslim Brotherhood off the hook, after all, I am sure the MB is funding both political parties. But oddly enough a lot of Jewish groups embrace both political parties too who do not seem to care about the MB's involvement with both sides whom are disarming Israel instead of supporting it.

    Why did the Republicans under Bush supported the Iraq war? And instead Iran is now occupying Iraq. Why are the Democrats embracing the "Arab Spring" under Obama and using how nations like Libya will become a liberal democracy when it's further from the truth?

  • ConcernedAmerican

    "The threat of the Muslim Brotherhood is very real." This is because, in addition to their capacity for violence, their presence in the US government supports the cancerous growth of Sharia law in America. Once Sharia law gets a foothold in the United States, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to keep in check or roll back. This is why Michele Bachmann's letters to the Inspectors General are so important. This is why the GOP should support her(and Rep. Gohmert, Franks, Westmoreland, et al.) in this effort. But to their everlasting shame, the GOP, with the likes of Sen. John McCain, are pressuring her to APOLOGIZE(!????) Keep going, Michele! You're doing exactly what's needed; exactly the right thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pocho.basura Pocho Basura

    ………….PERHAPS an impartial, honest, untainted individual like eric holder should judge this?

  • Asher

    Islamic Perfidy, Western Naivety, Which is more lethal, Raymond Ibrahim. http:// http://www.meforum.org/2496 No wonder America is falling from within. After 9/11 and the change in strategy by Islam to go with Stealth JIhad, some of these Republicans are too dumb to realize they are loosing their country through the political system and government policy.

  • http://www.dregstudios.com dregstudios

    Bachmann is just the latest example of the homegrown fear-mongering our country has been subjected to in the decade following 9/11. These are NOT allegations to be played with in today’s society where dissidence is not being tolerated and minorities are being held without trial. As an elected official, Michelle should be leading by example not spewing her own form of politicized terrorism. We must acknowledge this type of bigotry erodes our freedoms from the inside out for ALL races of Americans.