Obama’s Anti-Israel Sell-Out Continues

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Let’s say you’re Israel.  An enemy dedicated to your destruction is developing the means to wipe you off the face of the earth, with the covert and overt help of world powers like Russia and China.  It’s only a matter of months before that enemy achieves its goals – and when it does you will not be able to stop the mushroom cloud rising over your cities.

So you come up with a sophisticated military plan to strike your foe in an extraordinarily targeted fashion.  And you ask for the help of your longtime ally – virtually your only ally – the United States.  All you want is covert logistical support … and secrecy.  Secrecy is of the utmost importance, since a full-scale aerial assault on your enemy is unfeasible.

Let’s say you’re Israel.  What would you say if the United States promptly proceeded to broadcast your military plans to the rest of the world?

Two little words come to mind.  And neither of them is “thanks.”

That’s precisely what happened this week, when Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced via the Washington Post that “there is a strong likelihood that Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June – before Iran enters what Israelis described as a ‘zone of immunity’ to commence building a nuclear bomb.”  What was the point of spilling the beans?  To scuttle the attack, of course.  According to the Post, “President Obama and Panetta are said to have cautioned the Israelis that the United States opposes an attack, believing that it would derail an increasingly successful international economic sanctions program and other non-military efforts to stop Iran from crossing the threshold.”

This has become pattern for the Obama Administration.  Back in June 2010, you’ll recall, the London Times reported that the Saudi Arabians had cut a deal with the Israelis to allow them to use Saudi airspace for a strike on Iran.  Where did the Times learn this?  According to the Jerusalem Post, “The report cited a US defense source as saying the Saudis have already done tests to ensure no jet is shot down in the event of an Israeli attack.  The source added that the U.S. State Department is aware of the agreement.”

Well, isn’t that odd – two blown secrets, two references to the U.S. Defense Department.

The real problem isn’t just the blown secret, of course.  It’s the signal it sends to the Iranian regime.  By letting the cat out of the bag, the United States has signaled to the Iranians that the Israelis are on their own – that the Israelis are in fact a rogue state operating outside the bounds of conventional international politics.  By signaling open opposition to the Israelis defending themselves, the Obama Administration has demonstrated to the Iranians in crystalline fashion that even if Iran develops weapons, and even if the Iranians hand those weapons off to a terrorist group for use against Israel, America may stand idly by.

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  • Robert

    Shapiro is a Zionist idiot. Does he really think that the American people are willing to go along with another pre-emptive war regarding alleged WMD's? Been there, done that and it sure worked out well. Most experts believe that an attack would only set back Iran's nucleur program a year or two. So do you attack again yearly? Iran will work even harder to get a nuke after they are attacked. Since when is it that America goes to war because of an alleged "existential threat" to another country. If the US decides to attack Iran with Israel millions of its citizens of will take to the streets and it will get bloody. Israel goes it alone and if it causes the world's economies to flounder Israel is going to be despised world wide.

    • Larry

      All they need to do is keep their mouths shut. By not doing that they are attempting to open up Israel and the Jews to a war of total destruction and genocide.

      When the Iranian leadership says they want to exterminate Israel, that they want to push the Jews into the sea, they mean it literally, they are not using metaphors, they really do want to commit genocide. If they do manage to push them into the sea, that means the shallows of the eastern Mediterranean where they will be easier targets for machine gunning and bombing.

      • carol

        Larry I agree. However, Khamenei has just announced that it isn't just Israel they want to exterminate. A recent statement by Khamenei is that they want to kill ALL Jews. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the opportunity must not be lost to remove “this corrupting material. It is a “‘jurisprudential justification” to kill ALL the Jews and annihilate Israel, and in that, the Islamic government of Iran must take the helm.” Where is the next largest population of Jews outside of Israel…right hear in the good old USA.

        They mean what they say and do what they say…Why doesn't the world listen to them…It won't come as a surprise when the muslims attact Israel after all they have been telling us that for decades. Why can't the world learn when it comes to governments, dictators and despots like these. They have been brought up on a constant diet of hate and they don't know any other way, nor do they want to. They are driven by their desires and hatred.

    • Maher

      "Shapiro is a Zionist idiot." may be, but you are an idiot "tout court" for sure.
      Arabs, especially those in the Gulf are scared. Remember the Saudi king Abdullah asking the US “to cut the snake’s head”? In a recent security conference held in Bahrain they don’t even mentioned Israel http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2012/01/security… and the Arab diplomats are interested only in Iran (State Department source). The very day Iran announced its nuclear program, the Saudis, Egypt and Jordan stated that they need one because Israel has one. Pure hypocrisy, Israel has nukes since 1957. The Saudis asked Russia to stop the nuclear cooperation with Iran and put 2O $bn on the table to buy Russian weapons. Besides, the Saudis financed and control the Pakistani bomb. If Israel won’t attack Iran, the Arabs will. The deadliest post WW2 conflict (over 2 millions dead) was the one which saw the Arabs aggressing the Parses. This might happen again and the muselmaniacs paradise will run once more short of virgins. Made no mistake, all the fallen are martyrs of one side or the other. The Arab/Muslim world is a huge cloaca/nakba (I believe both).

    • Whatsinaname

      Israel is already despised world wide. However, that doesn't stop the world from purchasing Israeli technology and weaponry and drones. Yes, even the U.S. is dependent on Israeli technology and intelligence.

      One other thing — being despised by idiots like you, Robert, is not only tolerable, its flattering. The Israelis have every right to defend themselves and you better believe the U.S., the Saudis, the Bahrainis, the Pakistanis and all of Europe would be breathing a sigh of relief if Israel struck Iran. You sound like an angry jerk. Go back to picking your feet.

      • KatladyWA

        I am a Protestant Christian…and I was taught that if this allowed to happen to Israel that we would ALL pay and it wouldn't be pretty. The muslims are waiting for their 'mahdi' To come out of the well and well. Let's keep him there.


    • ziontruth

      "If the US decides to attack Iran with Israel millions of its citizens of will take to the streets and it will get bloody. Israel goes it alone and if it causes the world's economies to flounder Israel is going to be despised world wide."

      Rejecting the first option is the U.S.A.'s right as a sovereign nation-state. The second option is Israel's alone to ponder, and Israel's right as a sovereign nation-state to choose.

      "…and if it causes the world's economies to flounder…"

      Better let the Muslims nuke the Jewish State, huh? See, folks, this is the new kind of Jew-hating scum we get in the West today: The one that shrinks from doing the actual dirty work (of murdering Jews) themselves, so they delegate it to the Muslims and provide the "moral justification" to that.

      "…Israel is going to be despised world wide."

      I wonder what it would be like for Israel to be despised worldwide. I mean, it never happened before. /sarc

      • KatladhWA

        Go for it ziontruth,,,I've been around a looooong time and remember what happened to the Jews while the world stood by and even turned away ships desperate ppl, what I don't remember my father filled us in, Now, I watch the Military Channel and when I see how long for that to go ignored it makes me sick. I don't want to happen to ANY ppl,

        These terrorists have no feelings for their own citizens so why should they care about the rest of us? They are already taking over our country and, as a famous minister said, when they REALLY come for uw nobody will be left to help.

        This "religion of peace" is using our own Constitution against us while BO fiddles and feasts in the WH…the house that is going to need fumigation if he EVER leaves, but, possibly he plans of inhabiting it for life.

        Long live the United States of America abd Israet.

    • Ron Carnine

      Robert, in case you haven't been keeping up when the allies invaded Iraq the final time and threw her president out of office, the discovered at least 5 labs for making biological weapons of mass destruction. The labs were in places the UN inspectors were not allowed to go, like a mosque and other buildings off limits. These labs were within a few days, to a few weeks away from the completion of biological weapons that could be used against the United States. Sure, there wasn't a big fanfare about finding these labs but they were biological weapons of mass destruction. Iran with nuclear weapons is an enemy that Israel can't afford to let get nuclear weapons. Iran's two insane leaders have claimed they have these weapons. They have reaffirmed they're intention of destroying Israel. They have now let UN weapons inspectors in, but only after weeks which gave Iran the time to hide what they are really up too. Israel is a US ally and shouldn't have to worry about our leaders (including our President) leaking the particulars. Israel has a right as a legitimate country to protect itself. That includes preemptive strikes against the enemy.

    • http://www.jewpoint.blogspot.com Jpeditor

      "Shapiro is a Zionist idiot."

      And you are an islamist Firster and an America Laster.

      "Does he really think that the American people are willing to go along with another pre-emptive war regarding alleged WMD's?"

      Blame that, if you must on America's intel community. BOTH PARTIES were convinced – search "video Dems Iraq WMD". And most Americans stand with Israel over Iran.

      "Been there, done that and it sure worked out well."

      The only failure in Iraq was one of American leaders not having the backbone to stand up to the Left Media and failing to allow our fine troops to get the job done.

      " Most experts believe that an attack would only set back Iran's nucleur program a year or two. So do you attack again yearly? '

      And all experts agree with the Iranian leadership that Iran can absorb a nuke exchange better than Israel, AND that Iran will launch nukes at Israel as soon as they are capable, AS IRAN HAS PLEDGED THEY WILL.

      " will work even harder to get a nuke after they are attacked."

      Better to hit them over and over till they get the message than to let them get off nukes at Israel, the Gulf, AND AT AMERICA which THEY HAVE PLEDGED TO DO.

      " Since when is it that America goes to war because of an alleged "existential threat" to another country."

      When its America's only real ally in the mid east where all of America's chips and operating systems are co-designed, including the ones in YOUR COMPUTER, you idiot.

      " If the US decides to attack Iran with Israel millions of its citizens of will take to the streets and it will get bloody."

      Whose citizens? Americans? TRAITORS LIKE YOU? Or in iran? I doubt it.

      No one is telling America to attack Iran with Israel, JUST TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY and stop helping Iran.

      "Israel goes it alone and if it causes the world's economies to flounder Israel is going to be despised world wide"

      a/ what else is new from you and your fellow Jew-haters.


      • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

        Yes, he is an American laster.
        Gods words are *ETERNAL* When he says; I will bless those that bless you and curse them that curse you"
        Even when Israel was judged, and God allowed its enemies to devour it, he showed up and cursed the nation that he allowed.

        So, these Jew haters will be going to hell with the satan.

        IF he was a REAL American, he would believe what the Bible says, since America is SUPPOSED TO BE a Christian nation–he would bless Israel and not curse it.

      • Abisja

        Just let us be rational here; has Israel threatened to annihilate any country in Middle East – NEVER. So why does Obama and his cronies( read commies) support these warmongering Islamic fanatics at all – OIL, and that is not all there is to it. Why are many(read most) Americans so gullible to the deception of these Socialists. Wake up America – last election did not cost you peanuts, but you still got monkeys to run your great country.You have the ballot – use it, and rid your country of destruction. We in the concerned " Third World" are watching to see if good American stock can make it this time -may GOD help you.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      God is a Zionist
      Psalm 87:2-3 says, “The LORD loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are said of you, O city of God.” Occurring over 150 times in the Bible, the word “Zion” essentially means “fortification.” In the Bible, Zion is both the city of David and the city of God. As the Bible progresses, the word “Zion” transitions from referring primarily to a physical city to having a more spiritual meaning.

      You should stop mocking God.
      Nevermind your hatred for Jews and Christians, you are in danger of speaking against God.
      (When you say someone is a "Zionist idiot"

    • ASG

      "Shapiro is a Zionist idiot."

      You use the word Zionist as if it contains negative connotations. Apparently you are just an ignorant uneducated Liberal who has no idea what a Zionist is.

    • ASG

      "Shapiro is a Zionist idiot."____You use the word Zionist as if it contains negative connotations. Apparently you are just an ignorant uneducated Liberal who has no idea what a Zionist is.

    • Gary

      The real truth is that Obama is afraid. Afraid to finally be seen for what he is. A Turn Coat. Israel is not the main target. Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are. Israel is just an impediment towards a Caliphate that controls all of Islam under one hard line ruler. then the US, China and Russia will have a really powerful oponent, bent on their destruction. The Islamist goals are to eliminate anyone who does not bow to their version of GOD. Israel is just standing in their way towards achieving this. Go Israel, again protecting the world from Madmen

  • NotaBene

    If there is a war between Israel and Iran, Iran sure as hell is not going to start it.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Iran has already started it.
      Day after day, year after year we hear Iran's threats to destroy Israel and its people.
      The war has started with an irrational, uncontrollable war of words.
      It is not hard for anyone, even Robert, to visualize what will happen once that war of words is put into action.
      When someone threatens to cut Robert's throat do you suppose he will sit back and wait for it to happen? —— Well, perhaps Robert.

      Meanwhile Obama and his toadies are doing their best in words and actions to ensure Israel's defeat.

      • NotaBene

        Words words words. it always amazes me that people can have such tender egos.

        In any case, it's a lie. Israel and the US have been threatening and funding terrorism in Iran since the day the Shah fell.

        • Advocatus

          Right. And what does that "terrorism" manifest itself? The constant sectarian strife between Sunnis and Shias? The bombing of Jewish community centers in Argentina? The murder of progressive politicians in Lebanon? Support for the murderous Assad regime? The oppression of the Bahai minority and the Kurds?

    • Rifleman

      That horse left the barn decades ago.

    • pagegl

      They already have.

    • dirt

      Hell is sure. The war already started decades ago!

    • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

      Yeah, Hitler's only calling for the extermination of Jews, the superiority of the master race and rulership over the world! WWII won't ever happen!

    • Ghostwriter

      Are you completely dense,Notabene? Iran has been saying this stuff for YEARS!! And it's not just Israel they want to destroy,it us as well. We are the "Great Satan,"Israel is the "Little Satan!" Get it?!

    • stern

      Yes, MIckey is right, Iran has already started it, but not just with words. Iran has been funding and arming Hamas and Hizbullah for years, using them as proxies in its war against Israel. And you can bet that if Iran does develop nuclear weapons, it won't hesitate to provide them to both of those delightful groups.

    • WSK


  • crackerjack

    This article makes no sense.

    Panetta said nothing that cannot be read daily in the Israeli press from generals, chiefs of staff, mossad members or goverment sources. Only yesterday Netanjahu called for a stop to the constant "chitchat" of his goverment and military concerning a raid on Iran.

    And let's just imagine the uproar had Panetta ruled out an Israeli military strike, just to "keep the secret". Israel created this mess, not Obama, Panetta, the UN or the US.

    And what do the Ajatollas learn from all of this? Israel has neither the intent nor the capability to strike Iran, because if had, it would have done so long ago without warning.

    • AbiSja

      "Israel created this mess" – Go and study your history; to repeat it here will be to lengthy and far to difficult for your lack of intellect to comprehend. Further, "Israel does not have the capability" – she surely has and more. But be informed; if Israel decides to strike, I doubt seriously if anybody will know when; they will do it thoroughly and clinically. The little clown in Iran won't even know what hit him. And tongue in the cheek, most Arab states will say" "Well done, you've saved us the trouble and our skins".

    • KatladyWA

      Check out the UN's Agenda 21 and, if possible, think about what is coming down the line…this country is already "drinking the kool-aid"

    • reader

      On the contrary. The entire mess in the middle east has been recreated by Obama – much like in Carter years – by his display of utter contempt for the Judeo-Christiam civilization standing on the way of the 7th century throwbacks. And with untimely irresponsible leaks, Obama officials keep sabotaging American best allies and aid American foes.

    • dirtbag

      No sense?

      Israeli presses reported after Obama instructed Panetta to dislose the 'secret'.

      Israel had never defended herself without a cause. Those who initiated the attacks of Isael are the ones who created the mess, including the UN, the EU, the Arabs, and Obama, not Israel.

      Iran will learn nothing except from Koran, Koran and Mohammad called for Israels and Infidels' destruction and they will submit to allah's will.

    • Maher

      The deadliest post WW2 conflict (over 2 millions dead) was the one which saw the Arabs aggressing the Parses. This might happen again and the muselmaniacs paradise will run out of virgins once more. Make no mistake, all the fallen are martyrs of one side or the other. No doubt you'll be one of them, less the virgins of course.

    • steve mann

      Israel would have done ages ago- But Mr Obama said dont!

  • findalis

    If Bibi was smart he'd attack Iran in April or May taking away the option of a "October Surprise" from Obama.

    And Bibi is smart. Plans that his people told Obama and Company can and probably are being revised as I write this.

    Iran announced this week that they were going to wipe every Jew off the planet. In 1933 Hitler said the same thing. Nobody believed him then. When Iran says it today, every Jew believes it.

    • ziontruth

      "Iran announced this week that they were going to wipe every Jew off the planet. In 1933 Hitler said the same thing. Nobody believed him then. When Iran says it today, every Jew believes it."

      Quoted for truth.

    • Alvaro

      Actually I don't think even Hitler said that. He said he wanted them out of Europe. Ahmadinejad is worse than Hitler in that respect.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Barack Hussein Obama please leave the oval office trough the back door.
    And if you do there might be a change the world wide sharia won't affect us.
    And if the rest of the world is not listening to that very small place of freedom
    wich is called Israel than the final solution of islamisation will engulf us,and
    those very few will say with me "I told you so"
    Am Yisroel chai–am Yisroel chai-am Yisroel chai.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      Yimach Shemo Vizchero to Hussein Obama

  • maria

    Iran's ayatolas and Islamists leaders in the world repeatedly name "Israel is small Satan", "US is a big Satan" with call to annihilate both "Satans". What's happened with Israel will happened with all of us. WWii started when Britain, France leaders gave "green light" to Hitler to conquer Sudets in Chehoslovakia. They thought that betaying their ally they could buy peace and traquility for themselves. NO-no-no. WWII brought more than 20 MLN casualties, victims. The enemy like Hitler, Ahmadinedjad and Islamists who proclaimed "Islam will dominait" (it means "convert or die" . Do you want to be beheaded?) should be stop on early stage to decrease number of casualties/victims. Israel destiny is USA and all Western civilization destiny. it is so obvious. BHO and his accomplices are traitors not only our only loyall ally but their own citizens. All muslims in our country and all the world financed BHO campaign in 2008.
    If we want future for our kids he must be out in 2012.

    • New Yorker

      In fact, The Munich crisis was the culmination of a long chain of events which showcased the English and French (American too!) ineptitude and cowardice in the face of fascist and nazi aggression. Allies were betrayed. But it all started and ultimately ended with self-betrayal and near complete destruction. The present-time leaders in Europe are all midgets without exception. But the biggest spiteful midget of them all is the current President of the United States.

    • wsk

      WW II really started with the Treaty of Versailles, if you really think about it. In Asia it started with the invasion of China?manchuria in 1932 by the Japanese.

  • Geneww

    What are these commenter’s drinking? God who authored the Bible (http://jc.does-it.net) gave Israel, and the neighboring land, to the Jews. Israel is not the aggressor (they are trying to defend against eradication). Every Judeo-Christian hating Muslim country supports Satan’s effort to make Israel God’s first failure … but that will not happen.
    The “One World Leaders”, who control the UN (hence One World Bank and the IMF) have successfully eliminated the leaders in Iran, Libya, Egypt and is now trying Syria because they are not supportive of their agenda.
    These One World people and Judeo-Christian haters can mess with anything they want but God will not be mocked or renege on his promises to His people of the Bible. God plus nothing is always in the majority and the victor in or on any situation.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Israel may be formidable but it is a very small country which is outnumbered substantially by their enemies. These enemies keep carping a out killing all of the Jews. These enemies mean all of the Jews in the world and Israel is only the beginning. I truly hope Israel comes out on top.

    • Asher

      If you read Revelation, you will see that Israel, Jews, and Gentiles, and True Believers in the Messiah will inhabit the New Chosen Holy City of Jerusalem….There will be a new Heaven and new Earth.
      Revelation 21:1

  • ASG

    What makes everyone so sure Iran doesn't already have Nukes? I think at this point its just a matter of them not having enough to do all the damage they want.

    • pagegl

      Because Obama and his clown factory keep telling us Iran does not yet have them. So, you know that's the truth. I mean, we all know that Obama would never lie, right???

  • mrbean

    Iran is a leading sponsor of jihadists and the self-identified role model for exporting its Islamic revolution to other countries. It is the sworn enemy of the West. We should take seriously its call to bring "Death to America!"–because it has already done so. But too many American diplomats and commentators refuse to judge Iran. Instead, they regard its past hostility as a string of disconnected crises, unrelated to Iran's ideological agenda. They avoid naming the nature of the regime and behave as if its acquisition of a nuclear weapon would be the decisive event. But that particular weapon–despite its power–cannot be the whole story, since we don't worry about other countries, such as France and Britain, having nukes. The rarely admitted difference is that the regime in Iran would eagerly press the launch button. This fear-the-weapon-not-the-killer mentality refuses to understand the threat posed by Iran right now. This view holds that only the concrete facts about Iran's arsenal have any practical significance, while its abstract, ideological goals and character can be disregarded with impunity. But whether Iran uses one nuke, or attacks with more conventional weapons, its victims are still dead.

  • Bernice

    Canada is an ally of Israel. I think our Prime Minister Stephen Harper has proven it more than once.

    • dirt

      No wonder Canada now is a blessed country while the US is down in the drain!

      Can't anyone see this?

      • mrbean

        They don't have a clandestine Muslim Marxist heading their government like the US does!

  • maria

    Israel is on the first line in battle with fanatical barbarian Islamism. Islamism is aka Nazism and Communism. We should demand our Represantatives to stand with Israel only one real democracy and our ally in ME. Ayattolas already said that it's OK if to kill all Jews and destroy Israel, 1MLN muslims would perished as well. They want world domination and ready to sacrifice their own brothers. What can we expect from them? They are even worse than Nazis. No diplomacy works because they have one goal—see above.

    • Asher

      Amen, Stand with Israel, This will be our last measure of Devotion to our friends, before we are taken out by Iran, or Raptured by Christ!

  • 080

    Robert has a good idea. It wouldn't do much to attack the nuclear installations because the mullahs will only be back a year later. The idea has to be to remove the mullahs so that they don't come back ever. Gee, Bob. Try that on for size.

  • george a. way jr.

    it is not going to end pretty for this country !!! when you spit in the "CREATOR"S" face by going against "HIS" expressed will of how to run our lives we reap what we sow !!!! the slow slide into sodom and gomorrah the sequel !!!!! ( it truely does not matter what any of us think, we are but dust and really "HE" runs the show we are only but spectator's !!! )
    luke 21: 34-36 ) the whole world is on fire and us puny human beings are trying to put it out with a garden hose !!!! , what a pathetic lot we are !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bjr118

    What is needed is a decapitation strike on the mullahs.

  • Asher

    Obama is committed to a One World Muslim Caliphate!

  • Jon Clark

    Barry Hussein Soetoro, is a Marxist/Muslim. He is leader of the hate-America movement. He ought to be go back to Kenya ASAP. Alexander Hamilton said after 200 years, a country is ready for a revolution.

  • ramdinthara

    Obama's ill intent on Israel and his allegiance to his Muslim brothers is so obvious even to casual observers. It amazes me how in the world many Americans are still fooled by this guy!!


    Israel is the curse of humanity.what do they do for us but stir up trouble and put our name to it and send us the bill.Congress has sold out to the jewish lobby we need to throw congress in the potomoc.. Over throw the football player and light up israels world then kill all jews.THE JEW IS THE DEMON BEHIND ALL THE MISERY OF MANKIND.TWIN TOWERS WAS WHAT OUR GOVERNMENTS CORUPTION DID TO ALL THOSE INOCENT PEOPLE KILL ALL JEWS OR AT LEAST STOP THE FORIEGN AID

    • Coriza

      The Jews are the demon behind the misery of mankind? The 9/11 attacks were the fault of corrupt government? I suppose rape is the fault of the victim because they were asking for it. Pull your head out of your ass. Don’t talk about israeli aggression until you understand the underlying cause. Fanatical Jew hatred.

  • Ari Ben-Jay

    Well, well. We can see that the Israel Lobby is evident right here in their relentless attacks on Robert for speaking nothing but the truth. Israel continues to be a great ball and chain to the U.S., earning us the enmity of the world. It takes no genius to recognize that there would have been no 9/11 but for our biased, unfair, apartheid support of Israel. While I support Israel’s right to exist, if they truly seek peace and justice, then they should withdraw to the 1967 borders, and relinquish any nuclear arms capability, as well as constant American financial support, with the same limitations applied to all of the Middle East.

  • Protestant

    The u s is embarrassed that it supports isreal that is clearly the worlds foremost terrorist organization and with u s ” iron clad” relationship and any president who speaks out against fedral reserve always gets assassinated, what is a sovereign country doing with an outside bank for a money system an supporting true terrorist- its completely FUP!

  • Vivek

    I’m going to call out the b.s.! If Obama is anti-Israel, why did his administration cut a secret deal with Israel to share the raw unfiltered unredacted data that the NSA collects on AMERICAN CITIZENS, the ONLY OTHER COUNTRY in the world to be allowed this unnecessary privilege? And why does Israel even need this? Fact is, Israel runs the United States.
    The Saudis agreed to let Israel use their airspace after Obama agreed to sell them $60 billion in weapons. At the same time, in 2009 Obama committed to $30 billion over the next ten years in military aid to “rich” Israel, a record for ANY American President, plus tens of billions more in loan guarantees. From a country which is up to its eyeballs in debt. And you think bobblehead Obama will refuse Israel anything else it wants? What takes place in public is a game, a show put on to delude the public, to conceal the reality behind the scenes. And your article is part of that show.