Obama’s Best Friends Party During Hurricane Aftermath

Every poll shows that the aspect of Barack Obama’s persona that Americans like least is his addiction to celebrity. Now we know why.

Less than 48 hours after Hurricane Sandy swept through New York City, shutting down the subway system, leaving people starving and driving law enforcement through flooded homes in search of bodies, Obama’s Hollywood friends held a party. Or rather, a Hulaween. The party was French-themed. Debra Messing, one of the attendees and a huge Obama supporter, showed up dressed as Marie Antoinette. Yes, really.

The party was hosted by Bette Midler, who has been a vocal Obama proponent, tweeting out Obama talking points as though she were masquerading as Jim Messina. Just a few days ago, she got into an extremely entertaining Twitter fight with Donald Trump, in which she accused him of ruining New York, and he fired back, “While @BetteMidler is an extremely unattractive woman, I refuse to say that because I always insist on being politically correct.”

Leaving aside Midler’s physical attributes, she’s certainly unattractive politically. This week, she showed that she was in touch with the common man by explaining just how rough it was to run a lavish party at the Waldorf Astoria in the aftermath of a storm. “We had no idea that this was gonna happen of course, that we were gonna have the devastation of Sandy,” she told Us Weekly. “But there’s never been a time where our organization is needed more.”

Midler’s organization is the New York Restoration Project, which is devoted to “green spaces” around the city. The event raised some $1.8 million for the cause. Which is great. Except that there are people searching through dumpsters for food a couple miles away. $1.8 million would buy an awful lot of bread (or cake).

But Midler seems less than concerned about those folks. “When I said yes to [keeping the date],” Midler continued, “I didn’t realize how stressful it was going to be. It’s been unbelievably stressful.” She then blamed global warming for the Hurricane.

This is the definition of out of touch. Stressful is living without power for weeks on end. Stressful is searching for fresh food. Stressful is not planning a glitterati party so that Michael Kors can call you a delight.

But these are the folks that Obama thrills to. His political rise has been celebrity-driven from the outset. During the Friday night Hurricane Sandy relief telethon, the president’s allies at NBC trotted out some of his favorite celebs for an Obama-feting ceremony celebrating what they regard as the president’s tremendous leadership. Which, so far, has consisted of signing checks and walking on water in New Jersey.

NBC could have chosen anybody to sing. So whom did they choose? Bruce Springsteen, who has campaigned all over the country for Obama; he even penned lyrics to an asinine “song” called “Forward,” with these lyrics: “I kissed your sister and I kissed your mama/ Usually this time of day I’m in your pajamas / Let’s vote for the man who got Osama / Forward and away we go. / I came to Ohio lookin’ for a date / We kissed and I said it’s a helluva state / We made love but it wasn’t so great / Forward, and away we go / Smilin’ Joe, he really brought the drama / Tuesday, Romney was schooled by Obama / Forward!” The show will also feature Jon Bon Jovi (he played fundraisers in Iowa), Sting (who said Obama was “sent from God”), Christina Aguilera, and Billy Joel (who did events for Obama in 2008). Jimmy “Slow-Jam-The-News” Fallon will MC.

Obama has spent four years ignoring his constitutional duty and instead enjoying his fame and fortune; only in the last week has he decided to put on his Martin Sheen mask and play the president. Sadly for him, he’s a terrible actor. And even worse, his friends aren’t good at acting like they care about the people. When Lena Dunham cuts ads suggesting that voting is like sex with Obama, that’s gross. When Jon Hamm of Mad Men cuts get out the vote ads for Colorado, he just sounds condescending. And when Scarlett Johansson talks – well, let’s just say that talking is the weakest part of her repertoire.

When Obama is no longer president, he can hobnob at places like Hulaween. But until then, he should disassociate from folks who think that dressing as Marie Antoinette while people eat from garbage cans is appropriate conduct.

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  • S. Barber

    This is pure crap. Not one political comment was made during that telethon.
    Don't take your absurd bias out on those who are trying to raise funds for a worthwhile cause.
    People are suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and they were trying to help.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Mary Sue

      Green space should take backseat to feeding immediate and closeby hungry people in an emergency, dood. Compared to Hurricane Sandy, raising money for "green space" IS NOT a "worthwhile cause", it's a waste of freaking money.

      Responsible people would have given their money to the hurricane victims instead, and sent them foods.

      The whole point of the party was to give Mr. Ego some narcissistic supply and an ego backrub to boot.

    • IMHomo

      They were celebrating a hoax, a con, a scam, while there was real suffering going on just a few blocks from their hedonistic feast. Shut your face, you left-wing kook.

  • sheik Yer Bhouti

    People with any empathy would realize that celebrating at a time like this was inappropriate.

    These "charity" balls are always about seeing and being seen.

    This should have been postponed or changed to a more suitable type of an event.
    Apologists for this type of behavior should be ashamed.

    • Mary Sue

      and caviar appetizers!

  • Jim_C

    They did ask conservative entertainers to join them, but they both had other commitments that night.

    • Mary Sue

      should have been reformulated into Hurricane Relief, not stupid green space. Extravagance while people suffer, don't people usually chastize the Evil Rich™ for that?

      • "gunner"

        excellent suggestion mary sue, but you're presuming these people actually think about anything real. they live in a fantasy world outside of reality.

        • Mary Sue

          I know right!

  • lizaz

    These people are shameless, selfish and narcissistic. We no longer support any hollywood idiots…there are a few conservatives whom we will still watch. Pray for the people affected by Sandy and pray for a Romney/Ryan victory tomorrow!!!

  • Schlomotion

    Look out, Bette Midler, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and Scarlett Johansson. Ben Shapiro has given you the thumbs down! You are officially down by law.

    • Mary Sue

      People were well aware of these idiots being idiots long before Ben Shapiro pointed this out.

      • Questions

        Jon Bon Jovi, by the way, is not a "Leftist." If anything, he has a reputation as a conservative. And he's been very active for years in donating time and money for local causes. As for the other performers, they have genuine talent, something that pious Ben Shapiro doesn't have. Shapiro's attempt to make them look like latter-day Marie Antoinettes (deserving of the guillotine, perhaps?) is pathetic.

  • "gunner"

    back a while chris muir's "day by day" online comic strip portrayed the obama regime, and their court jesters, as the restoration bourbon aristocracy, "having forgotten nothing, and learned nothing". i thought then that the comparison was on point, and this celebrity party confirms it all too well.

  • Thomas Wells

    Obama to Sandy' victims: "let them eat crap".

  • Mari Jo O'neill

    This is just another typical example of the Phony Hollywood creeeps. They could care less about regular people and what does anybody care about what they say. They play act for a living and live in la la land. They pretend with their fundraisers & charity crap and then expect anyone to really care. Such is the group that the "fraud" in the White House hangs around with. He goes on talk shows with his pal letterman or with the "bimbos" on the view, except for Elizabeth Hasselback she is the only one with any type of common sense. This election will be close & I certainly hope that the "fraud" in the White House is given his walking papers. I don't care what the polls say it's the people thta show up to vote that counts. If he does win prepare for another 4 yeas of ruination of this Country. Right now he should be impeached for the Benghazi scandal & cover up & lies but do any of them have the "guts" to get it down and take him down. I think not.

  • Ghostwriter

    If this were a fundraiser for hurricane victims,then why the costumes? It seems a little unnecessary.