Pat Buchanan: Anti-Semite

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Buchanan has frequently echoed Taki’s language. In 1990, he called Washington D.C. “Israeli-occupied territory.” Before the first Gulf War, Buchanan spoke in eerily similar language to his latest attacks on Israel regarding Iran: “There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East – the Israeli defense ministry and its ‘amen corner’ in the United States.”  You have to hand it to Buchanan – he’s never always perfectly consistent in despising the Jewish State. In 2008, he wrote, “Israel and its Fifth Column in this city seek to stampede us into war with Iran.” In 2004, he wrote, “America needs a Middle East policy made in the USA, not in Tel Aviv, or at AIPAC or AEI” – yet another reference to the sick notion that the Jews control U.S. government. In 2003, he wrote, “Who would benefit from a war of civilizations between the West and Islam? Answer: one nation, one leader, one party. Israel, Sharon, Likud.”

He consistently thinks in terms of Jewish vs. non-Jewish, rather than in terms of ideas. When Obama nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, instead of challenging her liberalism, he pointed out that Jews “who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats.” How, exactly, was that relevant? In 2007, he said, “If you want to know ethnicity and power in the United States Senate, 13 members of the Senate are Jewish folks who are from 2 percent of the population. That is where real power is at.”

Does Buchanan consider himself an anti-Semite? Of course not. He poses as an Israel-hater who just wants to defend America against Jews, who all have dual loyalties so long as they care about the fate of Israel (what he would say about the Evangelical Christians who support Israel remains unanswered). He wrote a book called Neo-Conned! in 2005, in which he defended himself: “They charge us with anti-Semitism … The truth is, those hurling these charges harbor a ‘passionate attachment’ to a nation not our own that causes them to subordinate the interests of their own country and to act on an assumption that, somehow, what’s good for Israel is good for America.” Of course, this is simply ignorant – most Jews opposed the war in Iraq he was railing against. But facts go out the window when Jew-hatred comes into play.

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  • sunburst

    wow..I can see I am lacking in information on Buchanan.. thank you for this article..

    • Tom Manning

      I also was ignorant as to Pat's warped opinions about Israel. Pat is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, as I am too. The South's Secretary of the Treasury was Jewish, as was many that fought on the side of Southern Independence. I only ask why a so-called conservative could be so ignorant about history. I will NEVER turn by back on a people that have suffered so much throughout history because of stupid hatred, but who have given so much back to all of society.

    • intrcptr2

      I am sad to say I too had no idea of his antipathy to Israel.

      And this is what passes for conservatisim these days?
      God bless Israel. And may God bless America still, too (In spite of ourselves).

  • UCSPanther

    As far as I am concerned, Buchanan pretty much stands right beside Ernst Zundel and David Irving as a revisionist. The anti-Israel crowd will not admit it, but they love those three losers since they provide grist for their propaganda mill.

    And for Russia Today, I have noticed their youtube accounts attracts huge swarms of assorted anti-Israel/anti-American and pro-nazi/pro-soviet/pro-Russia/pro-Palestinian/pro-Iranian malcontents who vent their hatred in the comment sections of their videos.

    • scum

      Should've kept Gorby, pure and simple

  • Alexander Gofen

    Mr. Buchanan exemplifies demagoguery complicated with some elements of his correct vision and real knowledge of certain historic facts, yet intermixed with prejudice and ignorance in other facts.

    The statement: "You don't have wars unless someone wants it" is demagoguery of a person rather ignorant in history and politics.

    If one nation wants a war and bullies the other which does not want a war: Should the victim of the bulling infinitely appease the bully until being tatally defeated without fight?

    Or if one group of nations blackmails the others say with a strategic resource like oil: How long the others should kowtow to the blackmail?

    How long one nation should kowtow to spread of the hostile ideologies like Islam, Nazism, Marxism?

    In view of Mr. Buchanan, kowtowing to Islam is perhaps the right thing to do, and being defeated by Islam is a blessing.

    (Cont. )

  • Alexander Gofen

    As to "What Mr. Buchanan would say about the Evangelical Christians who support Israel"…

    Well, in Christianity Israel is not just some foreign nation. Israel and her well being is the highest spiritual goal set by God and acknowledged by every consistent branch of Christianity and Judaism. And America is not just some nation, but an exclusively Judeo-Christian nation. Therefore caring about Israel – and even the dual loyalty to Israel – do not contradict the loyalty to America, but follows from it!

    Yes, loyalty to Israel follows from the loyalty to America, but not for the likes of Mr. P. Buchanan or R. Paul, for whom America is no more a Judeo-Christian nation at all.

    Yet even putting aside the spiritual role of Israel, its strategic position as a bulwark of America and the West in the most critical region of the world is of enormous importance for America. Betraing Israel to the Islamic enemies would mean a terrible defeat of the entire West and damage to its economic interests. Only people like Buchanan or R. Paul are blinded with physiological hatred to everything Jewish so much, that they cannot see the damage for America in betrayal of Israel. They are glad to sacrifice their one eye if Israel loses both.

    • Miss Mellie

      Though I am a Buchanan fan and I think he is RIGHT ON in his new book, "Suicide of s Super Power," I have always wondered why he appears anti-Israel? It just doesn't "fit" with his otherwise staunch conservatism. And yes, I am one of those "Evangelicals" who believe that though the Israel's religious hierarchy nailed the Son of God to the Cross, though they rejected Him and still do…………………….God is not through with the Apple of His Eye, His Chosen People. For those who study the Bible, this is revealed. Whether we like them or not, and there is much to dislike, the Word says: "I will bless them that bless you and I will curse them who curse you." God was referring to the nation of Israel.

      • FriendofGaryCooper

        Pray tell, what do you mean by "there is much to dislike?"

    • Atlas_Collins

      I laugh at the notion that just because the ancestors of the Jews ethnically cleansed Canaan 3,000 years ago and have pretended ever since that their tribal storm god gave them the place for eternity that we Americans are supposed to wholeheartedly support and defend the modern nation of Israel that was founded upon the disgusting and repugnant concept of ethnocentrism.

      • Jim_C

        Israel was founded like most nations were–in blood. Their "problem" is that their founding is relatively modern and in recent memory, whereas most others occurred beyond our memory and standards for justice. But Israel is a good ally to have, and we should support them.

        However, like you, I find the mystical mumbo-jumbo justifications absolutely disgusting, repugnant, even blasphemous in their own way. "Judeo-Christian" has often been used as a weasel word: Christ brought a "new covenant" and from thence forward God was no longer "available" only to a "chosen" few, but to all. But even since, history is heaped with tyrannical, religious fools and their mumbo-jumbo explanations–something our country's very founding sought explicitly to avoid.

        • intrcptr2

          The founding of this country had nothing to do with rejecting religion, Jim. The crafting of the Constitution sought to provide freedom of conscience, by allowing for no state religion. But reading the 1st Amendment the way you are trying to do doesn't work.

          And there is nothing mystical about the idea that God has not unchosen Jacob as His own inheritance. It is not mumbo-jumbo to point to the Prophets and recognize that that founding in blood (Which ironically, coming from you, apes the Exodus) is just what the Bible writers saw close to 2500 years ago.

          • Jim_C

            Of course the Founders weren't rejecting religion; I would never claim that. But they were very suspicious of anyone who claimed "revealed" knowledge, special status, or anything supernatural. Their letters are full of this attitude. They came by it naturally, coming from a country just this far removed from sectarian violence, religious tests, and clerical posturing.

        • Frank

          You obviously don't understand history or the bible;so of course it is mumbo jumbo to you

      • intrcptr2

        So do I.

        Perhaps you should read the Bible itself rather than moronic caricatures of Jewish theology and history.

        Or are you saying we should torpedo the one and only representative goverment (Sorry; liberal representative government) in the entire Middle East in order to encourage and support a theocratic ethnocentrism which still approaches the world as though Galen were the Surgeon General?

      • mlcblog

        …ethnocentrism…Let me see, that is a recently coined word. So very intellectual as to lose all meaning when pondered in relation to the things of the heart.

    • intrcptr2

      Well said, Mr Gofen, well said.


      Baruch H'Adon Israel.

    • Whatsinaname

      Actually, such people are glad to sacrifice two eyes if it means Israel loses even one. The harm that Iran does to the US in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere is significant — killing our soldiers, undermining our interests, invading our country through Mexico, aiding druglords bringing in drugs to the U.S., and planning terrorist acts right here in this country. Yet Buchanan and Paul would gladly have it continue if it meant that somewhere down the road Israel might suffer. What good and loyal Americans they are!

  • poptoy

    Sorry Ben, I think you have over-reacted on this one. Cool-off awhile and think about it !

    • intrcptr2

      You ought to go put yourself back into your pants.

    • mlcblog


      maybe you should go to your room and think about what bad you have done

  • maturin20

    Pat Buchanan is an anti-semite.
    Therefore Israel doesn't want war with Iran.

    That's good logic, Ben.

    • FriendofGaryCooper

      The logic is that Israel doesn't want war with Iran; regardless of whether Buchanan is an anti-semite, or not.

      • maturin20

        They don't want to fight and die in a war with Iran, but they want the war itself.

        • Raymond in DC

          No, they just don't want Iran to have the tools to carry out an existential assault on Israel. Israel has no other beef with Iran. I was in Teheran in 1976 and joined local Jewish students at a holiday celebration at the Israeli embassy there. (OK, there was no Israeli flag in evidence, but all knew it was the embassy.) There were hundreds of Israeli engineers, trainers, and businessmen in Iran at the time. (That embassy, by the way, was turned over to the PLO in 1979 as thanks for the assistance they provided the Islamic "revolution".)

          • maturin20

            It's likely that an existential assault on Israel is inevitable. Most of Israel's enemies have read either Kierkegaarde or Camus.

          • intrcptr2

            You mean the mullahs only burn very well-worn copies of banned books?!

            'Cause I know you are not trying to say that Obama has read those…

          • maturin20

            I always pegged Obama as more of a Beckett fan. The terse succinct absurdity of his administration's policies smacks of Malone Dies.

        • intrcptr2

          Pat is, or isn't antisemitic, depending on what, again?
          Therefore Israel wants a war.

          Nice logic there, Matty.

        • Laura

          What Israel wants is to preempt the ability of Iran to wipe it off the face of the Earth. What about that don't you comprehend? You make it sound as if Israel wants to go to war with Iran simply for the sake of war. As far as Israel not wanting to fight and die, that country has fought and had its people die in multiple wars all on its own without America being involved.

          • maturin20

            Israel uses the same hysterical rage to describe the threat from Iran as it uses to describe the threat from from Hamas, as it uses to describe the threat from the average American who doesn't believe Israel is our ally. I comprehend it perfectly. A narcissistic and cowardly people want an empire, and they want America to deliver it to them mail-order.

        • FriendofGaryCooper

          There are many Israelis that will gladly fight to the death with Iran; the IDF counts many
          such brave souls in its ranks. You need to understand that "Never again" MEANS "NEVER AGAIN!"

  • Amused

    Typical " I was anti-Buchanan before it was popular " . Buchanan long a stalwart of American Conservatism has been spewing anti-semitism for literal decades . NOW that he's been OFFICICIALLY DEFROCKED , fired by CNN and any credible venue for his "politics " removed , Ben chimes in .
    Anyone who has ANY doubts could have simply visited his official blog where the "locals " literally drip with anti-JEW and anti-ISRAEL sentiment . Where the relatiinship between the US and Israel is decried on an hourly basis ….continuously .Buchanan was carefull not to spout his anti-semitism too loudly while a tv star , but his off camera statements , books and speeches literally reeked with it .

    • Neils60

      Buchanan was a star on MSNBC's morning trainwreck known as "Morning Joe". Evidently, for many years, MSNBC's management felt that it was important to have one disgusting extremist from the right to balance off all their other hosts who represent the far-left moonbat crowd.,

      • scum

        Buchanan's been everywhere, dude. Long a fixture of the Right…..

    • Alex

      I have always thought that Pat Buchanan was a very intelligent and rationale intellect. However, I have always been curious as to why he is such a rabid anti-Semite, a fact that he is entirely incapable of concealing. I am convinced that he had a bad experience with a Jew or Jews, which he takes out on all Jews. Sometimes I suspect that he was rejected by a Jewish love interest. His anti-semitism is so perverse for such an otherwise brilliant mind. I actually, as a Christain-Jew, feel pity for him. I believe he has been held back in life, due to his cursing the Jews.

      • pat

        You are so right, Alex. Somewhere and sometime ago a Jew did him a disservice. Maybe more than once. He probably has had relatives that were anti-semites and heard anti-semitic comments while growing up. Hence, an anti-semite is born. We Jews are judged differently. We even judge ourselves differently! Go figure!

  • Amused

    BTW , Cnn is not the only entity that looked the other way on ther resident anti-semite .Check the record on his appearences on literally ALL the media.venues .

  • Guest

    Just because he doesn't like everything Israel is doing does not mean he hates Jews. You are using the same tactics as liberals not addressing facts but labeling your target to discredit him. Pat has some faults but he is a brilliant historian and has great wisdom when it comes to culture. The truths he was openly discussing and writing about was a dn is too much for many people. If he is censored who much longer will it be before you are labeled and censored?

    • Sage on the Stage

      ",,,he is a brilliant historian." Oh, really? He blames Winston Churchill, falsely, for starting WWII. Churchill was a well-known friend of the Jews. How convenient.

      • Emptor Preempted

        How was Churchill a friend of the Jews?

        • stern

          Martin Gilbert has written entire books about Churchill and the Jews. Perhaps you're due for a visit to the library?

          • Emptor Preempted

            If the only thing you have is "Martin Gilbert says so" then you don't know!

          • CanadConserv

            Churchill, "the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world."

        • MAD JEWESS

          Churchill may not have been a 'friend' to the Jews, however, he knew the difference in Zionism vs Bolshevism–something that nobody seems to GET in this age and time.

    • Stan Lee

      There is no need to discredit Mr. Buchanan, his actions and statements speak for themselves.
      Agreed, he does have some faults, one of which he has displayed either by actions or statements.
      And, that is the bias he exudes and cannot escape its reality.
      He's had a long run in the public eye, the results were in long ago.

    • CanadConserv

      This supposition of yours is wrong, "Just because he doesn't like everything Israel is doing does not mean he hates Jews."

      Countless people don't like everything Israel is doing but are not seen as anti-Semitic. It is not why Buchanan is seen that way. It is for other reasons, like extreme prejudice and the totally misplaced attribution of pejorative and manipulative motives behind actions and words.

      That's not why he's seen as an anti-Semitie.

    • Alex

      The problem with your position is that ou fail to recognize that Mr. Buchanan always is critical of Israel and to my knowledge is never found to say or write anything positive about the Jewish State. This is what gives him away as not being an impartial critic of the State of Israel, but rather exposes him as an anti-Semite who tries to hide behind is supposed constructive critism of Israel. The truth is found in his persistent rants against Israel, wherein he forever demonizes any and all actions that it undertakes, whether in war or peace

  • Amused

    Yea and Newt Gingrich is a "brilliant historian " kicked off Capital Hill for being a crook . What ? is the term "brilliant historian " supposed to offset his blatant and overt anti-semitism ? "same tactic as liberals " , no chump , same tactics as ANYONE who can hear and read .
    Everyuthing has a " tipping point " , and Buchanan's words have finally cuaght up with him , where there is no credible deniability possible . Me ? Discredit Buchanan ? His own words , like most bigots discredit hjim .



    • Dean

      Hi Brad

      -15 Rating, you must be a real popular guy

  • Fred Campbell

    I find Pat to be brilliant, interesting and erudite.
    But, totally wrong regarding Jews and Israel (and the role of the US in leading the world).
    I hope that someone does a longitudinal study of the influences that shaped this man. It should give us insight into factors, individuals and situations that, collectively, create an anti-Semite.

    • Amused

      The man's been an anti-semite all his public life .Buckley pinned him 2 decades ago . All Buchanan is and ever was , has been a speechwriter for Agnew and Nixon. This anti-semite has not been "created " , he's been SELF-MADE .

  • Atlas_Collins

    Nice act of fascist censorship there, moderators.

    I spit on you as well.

    • intrcptr2

      You pay for the hosting, you can say anyting you like.

      Otherwise, keep it to yourself.

    • Whorowitz

      What do you expect from Red Diaper Babies? They hate freedom of speech, as all good Trotskyiets do.

      They will wipe out comments here that point out their lies too directly, just as they want someone like Buchaanan of the air,

      The Hollywood Blacklist is some sort of great tragedy, but silencing patriots on the right through media conglomerates that DO NOT serve the general public, is a Kosher Right.

    • mlcblog

      I find this comment to be devoid of intellect.

  • mrbean

    Pat Buchanan is one of those people who make brilliant observations on both foreign and domestic policies, but he allows his stupid prejudices to come forward all too often. Whenever he drops his bombastic comments on Israel and the Jews, it totally overshadows his brilliant observations and discredits him. In addition, it makes stupid leftists on MNSBC look almost reasonable.

  • AntiSharia

    I used to be able to tolerate Buchanan, that was up until 1999 when he made common cause with Marxists and Anarchists in the Seattle WTO protests. Since then he has been a walking caricature. Why anyone would listen to this buffoon is beyond me.

    • Whorowitz

      That's an ironic, illiterate charge vis a vis history, seeing as how this country is divided between Alinskyites and Trotskyites (Neocons) so far as powerbase.

      Likewise, this site is nothing more than a Trotskyite front, aimed at forever war on behalf of "democracy".

  • Gene Fowler

    This is a real eye opener for me. I had always thought he was one of the good guys. So very sad.

    • mlcblog

      I felt the same way.

  • MacDaddy31

    Of course the obvious natural extension of this "Israel First" innuendo is that you must be as a Jew either neutral re Israel or Anti-Israel else you are an "Israel Firster".

  • hashim

    nothing in the article indicates hatred of jews.

    • curls

      I just wrote an explanation to Tony Kondaks who posted below you. It's long so I had to use several postings (as the comment system suggested to me)… so I won't repost it here for you. Please take a look at my postings to Tony Kondaks, if you are curious.

      Hope it helps!

  • Jim

    Lots of the left says some of the same things as Buchanan , I never read or paid much attention to Buchanan so I do not know what he really said. If he said what the article says he said he resembles the Left wing anti Israel types The question is what did he lose since no one watches CNBC anyway. The only good show on the the channel is Dylan Ratigan . But when he get off the main issue which is the economy he is worthless. But his "Greedy Bastards" is well worth reading.
    Jews have a right to be" Israel first ". The genocide actually did exist. To deny it is to call Eisenhower a liar.

    • scum

      Much of the Right says some of the same things as Buchanan…

  • Pete

    I am ashamed to say I bought Suicide of a Superpower. If you read this book, you will be surprised by his love of white supremacism. He is obsessed with race and ethnicity. He seems to criticize tribalism, yet he manages to defend it with his white supremacy.

    • Samantha

      Pete, I bet you make these comments while fully supporting Israel as a jewish nationalist nation, don't you? Is that not tribalism and supremacy in action or are jews deserving of special rights?

      • Amused

        LOL….he got you to come out of the closet ..didn't he ?

      • Pete

        Samantha, the Jews allow Arabs to live in Israel. To a certain extent every nation is tribal. However it is important to respect ethnic and/or religious minorities.

    • Frank

      It is the left that is obsessed with with race.

    • mlcblog

      Yes, I find Mr, B very interesting in that way. He has a skewed version of things.

  • Tony Kondaks

    Buchanan may very well be an anti-Semite but I did not see anything in this article that definitively indicates it。If Buchanan is an “anti-Semite” as the title of the piece blares out,what word do we reserve for true anti-Semites like that Taki guy?

    • mlcblog

      I think if you read enough of Buchanan's own writings, the antisemitic flavor will emerge.

    • curls

      I agree, the article doesn't make it clear. Several I've read haven't. But between them, there are a number of overt hate comments about Jews. I can't explain why no one puts the antisemitic comments together in a clear list.

      Here in this article, it's intended for a Jewish audience who are aware enough of the classics of antisemitism, to fill in between the lines & know what the author means. For instance, a lot he writes refers to Buchanan's idea that Jews can't be loyal to the country they are citizens of. He uses the word "Israel-first Jews" and that American Jews are controlling Congress & the US in order to support Israel. This is no small accusation within antisemitic history. It was the 1990s Dreyfuss affair in France on the claim that a Jew, Dreyfus, could not be a loyal French citizen because he was a "Jew." The extreme outpouring of antisemitism during that incident prompted Hertzl's movement to create modern Israel.


  • RonL

    I don't know who wrote the byline by "Why the former MSNBC fixture is no conservative…." is wrong. Buchanan is a conservative and an antisemite. He is also a willing patsy who blinds himself to Iran's intentions and kiloling of Americans, because of his isolationism.
    Before WW2, some conservatives joined liberals in hating Churchill more than Hitler. Buchanan lacks their patriotism, since 99% of these changed their minds.

    • jacob

      We have another isolationist campaigning for being the Republican Party presidential choice…
      and may GOD protect this country if he ever makes it and worse yet, the same stupidity who
      brought OBAMA to the White House, makes him President.

      I'm referring of course to the eternal aspirant to the Presidency, RON PAUL MD

  • Amused

    Allright kiddies , did you all just fall out of a Christmas tree ? Pat Buchanan , understudy of history , speechwriter for Nixon and Agnew -[ "meandering nabobs of negativism " ] is now and as far as ALL of his public life goes , been an anti-semite and detractor of Israel . James Buckley the Father of present day Conservativism outed and REJECTED him 2 decades ago .
    The "gee I didn't know that " bit , which seems to permeate here , comes from IGNORANCE OF HISTORY , due to lack of experience , and the tendency [born of laziness ] to take the word of others as acceptable history , rather than earnest investigation or atleast superficial study on their own part . ANYONE who has been around or actually was cognizant of happenings and what was being said and by whom around them would be well aware of Buchanan's anti-semtic /anti-Israel views , statements , books and editorials . Must be them conservative blinders .

    • Questions

      You've got the wrong Buckley, mate. It was William F. Buckley who criticized him, albeit in muted tones, in National Review, back in 1992. His brother, James Buckley, made no comments about Pat one way or the other.

      • Amused

        You are Correct, it's William , however you are WRONG inasmuch as 'muted tones "

    • Jim_C

      It's "nattering nabobs of negativism"–alliteration central!

    • Frank Dahl

      Your silly arrogance detracts from your opinion;lots of conservatives don't agree with Buchanan.

    • Tony Kondaks

      I always thought that William Safire was responsible for the “Nattering Nabobs“ thing。

  • 080

    Well there are a lot of people who think that it is important to take out (l) nuclear facilities or (2) the regime itself. I am in favor of (2). (l) only postpones matters. The reason? It has nothing to do with Israel or lobbies.

    • mlcblog

      Well said.

  • Josh Harlan

    Look at the top of this website where obama and bibi are "facing off." That is israeli firstism that this website stands for. People on this site are all jews for israel. If there was a war between the us and israel which side would this site be on? Be real, you're the freaking reason people are anti-semetic. Reading the talmud and living in a jew tainted world is what creates anti-semites. "Anti-semites" are people who see the world clearly and not through jew colored glasses.


      Why are you for America last?
      Seems as if you only seem to care about Israel and its politics before America.

      • Amused

        LOL…a new stand for madjewess now that one ofg here heroes comes under scrutiny .

        • MAD JEWESS

          Can you at least learn how to write or spell so I can answer you accordingly?
          Well, answer.
          Why are you concerned about the affairs of Israel before America???

          • Amused

            Who said that ? Me ? You madjewess ? No , your boy Buchanan , that was his spiel . I put Israel first , as it pertains to U S foreign policy considerations ,as well it should, the US has no better ally .
            p.s. despite my typos you got the message , didn't you madjewess ? yea , you bet .

    • Pete

      I am a non-practicing Catholic for Israel.

    • mlcblog

      " jew colored glasses"

      Wow! did you really say that?

    • Curls

      You haven't a clue what Talmud says & have bought into the false versions posted by antisemites everywhere. Check out a class on Talmud & study it yourself. It says all over the place to treat others as equals & to use compassion & care for them as you would yourself — for the sake of everyone's humanness. All the other claims, are false blubbering as old as when they started in 12th century. Surely we've all advanced a little since then, & these lies about the Jewish Talmud can die already!

      So I challenge you to get to know a real "jew tainted world." Muster up the courage to walk into a synagogue & meet a Jew! Then watch, learn & realize — how ridiculous your comments sound.

  • Sandra

    It is beyond riduclous that angry white men have bought into the idea that these Israel first jews are on your side. You are all aware that david horowitz used to be a cultural marxist and still expresses many cultural marxist views?
    Supporting Israel at any cost does not make one a conservative or a patriot. It make someone a traitor. Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul are the true patriots. Almost all other so called conservatives are bought and paid for whores for a foreign nation.

  • rrrebelll

    Buchanan is an anti-Semite but it does not exlude the fact that he is a very talented man. Richard Wagner was a bigger anti-Semite than Buchanan still he was an extremly talented musician. Buchanan has many valid points and as Ben Shapiro clearly states he is mixing his valid good points with his most of the times controlled hatred for Jews. He was not fired from MSNBC because his hatred for Israel or Jews, everybody knew that before, he was fired because in his last book predicting that white people will be a minority by the middle of the century. Although it is probably true MSNBC cosidered it inflammatory and racist. So I think he was fired from the stationfor the wrong reasons.

  • Amused

    Well Wagners music never hurt anyone , nor did Buchanans intellect inasmuch as History , but I can say with certainty , their anti-semtism DID .
    Henry Ford was brilliant , yet being an anti-semite to such a degree that he actually paid for the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to be published in several languages , most certainly caused the deaths of innocents , in facty it will never be known how many .

  • Reason_For_Life

    There are many reasons to dislike Pat Buchanan, anti-Semitism being only one of them. He opposes free trade, immigrants and individual liberty. It's not like Buchanan has kept these things a secret, after all, he ran for president on the Reform Part ticket with an avowed socialist as his running mate.

    Why then has Shapiro written this article? Was it to suggest that since an anti-Semite opposes war with Iran that everyone opposed to war with Iran is an anti-Semite?

    There are plenty of reasons not to attack Iran but the most important is the string of failures in Afghanistan (they still murder apostates) Iraq (Christians are persecuted and have left northern Iraq) Egypt (the Muslim Brotherhood is even worse than Mubarak), Libya (good bye Qaddafi, hello Sharia) and Syria (mass murder by Assad).

    Could things actually get worse in Iran? Maybe you should ask that question to the Iraqis, the Egyptians, the Libyans and the Syrians.

  • Whatsinaname

    Buchanan is one of those nut jobs who gladly supports Iran which kills Americans every day in Afghanistan and Iraq, is invading our country with Hisbollah agents coming in through Mexico, loudly calls for death to America the Great Satan and threatens to close the Straits of Hormuz. They almost pulled off assasinations of two of our allies' diplomats on our soil (an act of war). Why his support for such an anti-American regime: because they also want to wipe out Israel and all Jews (which they've stated). Buchanan claims to be a good American yet supports those who want to anihilate us, claims to be a good Catholic yet supports an Islamic culture which murders Catholics every day. Why: Because they also claim to hate Jews. Actually, Islam has killed more Christians in the past than Jews and continues to do so in Africa, the ME, Asia and everyplace else. Buchanan would happily see his own country destroyed if it meant Jews might also die. What a pathetic bigoted idiot.

  • HermitLion

    As a Jew, I can proudly say I control America, which is why I live in an 80 story high, gold plated tower of doom, while those poor sheiks of Saud have to give their homeland to sworn enemies in return for missile attacks.

    Facts speak louder than lies. A nation that has control over Washington would have been able to convince America to move its embassy from Tel-Aviv (not Israel's capital), to Jerusalem.

  • cynthia curran

    Well , Pat's good on immirgation though. He is correct why does the US allow a million a year immirgants with the high unemployment.

    • Amused

      Now HermitLion got it down pat .Bush made that one of his campaign "promises " . However I believe it falls on any American President to recognize what Israel considers to be it's capitol . Dont think that's gonna happen though , even if someone like Gingrich gets to be POTUS .

  • Anamah

    Is not possible to work so much time at MNBC and to be able to use the brain… That said and to be there is also incompatible with be a decent honest person.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    People can have a dark side and sometimes part of it is exposed because it starts to overflow
    and consume them. Buchanan could have become President but it was not meant to be, it goes
    with happenings that can be good or bad depending on your perspective. As a Catholic and
    having the Gospel he knows that Jesus was a Jew, Jewish and Christian History are entwined
    throughout the past two thousand years and erudite students of Scripture can see that the World
    is predicted to have and end in which that association plays and unmistakable part which Pat
    either overlooks or sees and does not accept and rejects the Israeli connection………….William

  • Rocco

    Most American Jews are nothing like Israli Jews and sadly do not support Israel, or else why did they vote for Obama 90%.

  • Amused

    Rocco , you know nothing of jews ,and even less about Obama's position on Israel . It is republican lies and rhetoric to contend that Obama is against Israel . The less you know , the better it is for Repocons .

  • rachaelamb

    Facts go out the window when Jew hatred comes into play. Never were truer words written.

  • Van Nostron

    Any opinion that isn't aligned with the Israeli opinion, is anti-semitism. Mr. Buchanan is no antisemite.

  • elihu

    Mr. Shapiro,
    May I explain something to you? It is no surprise to me, after spending 50 years being deceived by the RCC, that Pat B. (also an RC) is an anti-Semite. Rome itself has always been against those (Jews) they've wrongfully called "Christ-killers.' Almost 18 years ago, I was convicted of the Truth of the Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ, and converted so quickly to that doctrine, espoused by Jesus and His apostles ("Grace alone; Faith alone; Christ alone) that I made the speed of light appear slow. Now, a Christian Zionist because of what is taught is Scripture, I know the Promises of God to His chosen will ultimately be fulfilled; and probably in the not too distant future.

  • bobby peru

    Was my comment deleted by moderators??? It was in no way uncivil or inappropriate – it simply posed several questions. That's not the frontpage I've known for the last 10+ years. Please tell me I'm mistaken. What gives, guys???

  • bobby peru

    AGAIN?! What's with the comment moderation? This is absurd.

  • Jeff

    Anti-Semite = Someone who tells the truth about Jews.

  • curl

    The idea being that for thousands of years in Europe & the Middle East, Jews were 2nd class. As citizenship became a concept, Jews were not allowed to be citizens & were accused of not being loyal & murdered for it. Buchanan is walking a tight line of how to say these views, so they aren't shocking, so people don't immediately recognize them. But his views are classics used to isolate & murder Jews, & are based in countless falsehoods.

    His Holocaust denial is shocking enough, that that author would want to include it. It's seeked in another antisemitic classic – that Jews are capable of extreme conspiracy theories & vicitim seeking – that was in the Protocol of the Elders used by Hitler. In other words Holocaust denial such as Buchanan's is seeked in the very false antisemitic rumble that helped fuel the hate & murder of Jews during the Holocaust.

    • curls


      Hope that helps explain. I'm not sure if I can post links here to a few other articles that have other quotes. I do agree, a lot of it is written unclearly. It almost implies that this is about politics over Iran – which isn't what's wrong with Buchanan's comments. Instead wording it this way, plays right into the manipulative way that now a days a lot of antisemitism "hides" behind political comments as though it's just another (genuine) political view on Israel. It allows for a lot of anti Israeli comments that are fueled by illegimate hate of Jews to get posted, among a smaller number of geninue comments that really add to the discussion & are instead based on actual facts, not antisemitic classic images of Jews morphed into images of Israel.

      (To moderators – please post with the links removed, if they aren't permitted.)

      • curls

        Typos – By seeked, I meant seeped in. By rumble, I meant rubble.

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  • Darrel

    This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Constitutional_Originalist

    Why on earth does Sean Hannity (who I generally like very much) have this pathetic hoary old a-hole Pat Buchanan on his show?

    • Joe blow

      Because he may be the greatest living Christian American patriot.

  • silvergonzales

    RT is a vile left wing 24/7 Israel hate Palestinian love channel. It features a parade of wild eyed ” BIG GOVT FIRSTERS” or ” JEW HATING FIRSTERS” such as the vile Patrick Buchanan who has convinced millions not to be conservtive each time he opens his gutter mouth.
    Due to the Jew hating “conservatives” such as Buchanan, moat likely on a $audi payroll, the Democrats will be in power for decades.

    • Kansan

      What’s not to hate about the leadership of Israel?
      In the Fourth Reich, some Jewish prisoners in the death camps identified with the SS. They were called “kapos” and even often bloused their pants and peaked their caps to resemble those of the guards.
      Now Israelis have elected a succession of governments which have been formed in the same mold…anti-Semitic, dictatorial, uncompromising, genocidal, seeking “lebensraum” at the expense of people who have lived in Palestine for thousands of years.

      • MikeSykora

        Stringing together a bunch of claims that you make up doesn’t constitute argument.

        • Kansan

          Crawling out of your hole a year after an article appears doesn’t make you a debater.

          Check my statements and get back to me if you find any were inaccurate.

          • MikeSykora

            All of them are inaccurate. Even the ones you didn’t make here.

          • Kansan

            You are either stupid, a liar, or both.

            For instance:

            Kapos were trusted inmates who supervised the prisoners in the German concentration camps. Some of these Kapos were Jewish, and they would treat their fellow prisoners very harshly. Kapos were invlved in all
            aspects of prisoner administration. They had many responsibilities. They would have to implement commands, maintain order, assist other Kapos,
            head work groups, determine the health of various inmates and ensure that they performed their tasks properly and meet their quotas. If an order was not fulfilled, the Kapo in charge was directly responsible.
            Failure to perform these duties would have resulted in severe punishment and even death.

            If you were selected to be a Kapo you had no choice but to take the position. It was a matter of survival and one did not deny the SS anything or the result would be death. A kapo had better quarters, food, and clothing. They enjoyed their own reserved section in the prison barrack. They had enough to eat and their clothing was relatively warm.

            After the war, the kapos were charged as war criminals, particularly those who were Jewish.

            Sources: Jewish Virtual Library

          • MikeSykora

            That’s not what you claimed. You made a claim about Israel’s leaders which is fiction that you made up or heard from someone else who made it up. It is nonsense.

          • Kansan

            What part of “all of them” don’t you understand?

            I’m going with “both.”

          • bill

            You are vile turd.

  • StoptheWars

    And how is any of this wrong? Mr. Buchanan is simply speaking the truth, not accepted by the mainstream media (controlled by Jews). It’s amazing, the visceral negativity thrown at him for being logical.

    He’s 100% correct.

    • Kansan

      I’m not sure Buchanan has been correct about much since his opposition to NAFTA.
      He may have been right then only because of his Nativist hatred of Hispanics and mistakenly thought it would benefit them.

  • Joe blow

    Anything written by someone named Shapiro will inevitably be a slanderous lie. This is what jews do–lie– and what they have done for 5000 years.

  • Hymie

    Love ya, Ben, but Bitburg was not an SS cemetery.

  • Alexis Rose Bank

    I’m Jewish and I don’t see the slightest hint of actual anti-Semitism in Pat Buchanan. Making the charge is damn close to libel.

    The true beef that those who wantonly swing that label have with Buchanan is that he is not on board with the neocon “conquer the world” plan. Interestingly enough, neither are the vast majority of the American people – who are sick and tired of endless, pointless interventions which result in no benefit to actual Americans.

    • MikeSykora

      You aren’t Jewish, but you are mentally ill.

  • McMullans

    Pat Buchanan is a true American patriot that speaks the truth.

  • Dan Knight

    Thank you Ben,

    Pat has been an embarrassment on this issue for decades.

    It’s interesting the MSM doesn’t make more of it.

  • MikeSykora

    Is that you, Adolph?

  • Joe blow

    You honor me with that name.

  • bill

    Probably the only honor you ever had. Why are you on this site then genius?