President Obama’s Moment of Truth

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There is one group, however, he did not blame: OPEC. OPEC controls an enormous percentage of the world oil supply; they can ease prices simply by ratcheting up production. Notice, however, that Obama hasn’t called on them to do so. Why? Because he’s waiting for Republicans to continue pushing on gas prices, making it their central campaign issue – and then he’s going to go to his newfound friends for help. He’ll go to the Russians, who “stand with him”; he’ll go to OPEC and tell them that he needs production boosted, and that in return, he’ll be more “flexible” on Israel after his re-election. Voila! Gas price problem solved, just in time for the voters to give him the credit.

Then there’s the second major threat to Obama’s re-election: Iran. If Israel attacks Iran, Obama will be stuck between a rock and a hard place. He’ll have to appease his Israel-supporting base, particularly in states like Florida and Ohio. At the same time, however, he’ll have to appease his anti-Israel far-left base, which wants to see him stick it to the Jewish State.

Obama’s only option is to delay. Thankfully, the Russians are here to help. It is the Russians who have been supplying materials to the Iranians to build their nuclear facilities. They wield tremendous power with the mullahs. And it is the Russians who have been holding up the show with regard to UN sanctions.

All Obama has to do is ask the Russians to make public pronouncements about stopping Iran from going nuclear; all he has to do is get them to sign on to one sternly-worded UN resolution against Iran. If he does, he can then make the case to the American public that he’s tough on Iran and that Israel must therefore hold off on a pre-emptive strike.

When President Obama said he needed “space” from Russia so that he could do their bidding as a lame duck president, there was another side to the deal: he needs their help to be re-election.

This is not how American elections are supposed to work – with presidents intriguing with corrupt and authoritarian world leaders who debase  their own sham electoral systems to help rig our own votes.  Obama has taken Chicago politics international.

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  • pierce

    Dishonest and corrupt wouldn't you day. Time to say bye bye.

    • Ronald Johnston

      If there is an antichrist, osama obama has to be it!!!!!

  • MrWHBraden

    I agree, Americans are inconvenient to his flexibility.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama has had four years for the American people to realize his major strong point, he can not be
    trusted and nothing he does is for but against The United States of America. The left is determined
    to bring down our Nation to a once was power and a land of socialist misery with elite leaders leading
    the high life and doling out to their darlings what is left to be skimmed from their new slave states.
    God protect us from Obama and his criminal organization………………………….William

  • mrbean

    Now we know why Putin calls Obama "Obambi". Obama is an weak omega male and he is truly intimidated by an strong alpha male like Putin. So he accomdates as he has done all his life, not realizing ex Russian KGB like Putin play the game to win not to particpate.

  • DHConner

    This jug-earred monkey is merely doing his master's bidding, which is to be all show and no go. Those who control him are quite satisfied with the way things are. And when he is either booted out or retires, he will be handsomely retired, if not already to some degree now. His appearing to flounder and flail is actually the consumate acting job: go far enough to appease your keepers, but no so far as to arouse the blissfully and willingly ignorant and foolish average American citzen, for whom only an event like 9-11 cane bring from somnolence. Mssrs Bean and Ward above are quite right, as are the others.

  • Schlomotion

    This article is a good example of why Zionists are on the wrong side of high gas prices. My question is, is Forbes antisemitic? Because they and others blame Israel for the recent price spike in oil:

    • Sage on the Stage

      Hey…whats-your-name…is Iran's threat to take over the Strait of Hormuz Israel's fault? The article does NOT blame Israel for high oil prices. In addition, do you know how high gasoline in Israel is? 7.8 NIS(New Israel Shekel) per liter. A shekel is worth about 27 cents; therefore 7.8 NIS is roughly $2.11, per LITER. This works out to about $8.00 per gallon. Go get a life…Israel is suffering too.

      • Schlomotion

        Iran's threat to take over the Strait of Hormuz is retaliation for the several month tirade and threat to attack Iran's enrichment facilities. Also, Israel's now scuttled airstrip purchases in Azerbaijan. Also, the US trying to put a trade embargo on Iran. Israel is really poised to trash the whole world economy. That would make them really popular.

        Here's another article about Israel and oil prices:
        And another:

        Here's Yuval Steinitz saying it:

        There Uzi Landau says half of your gas price is TAX.

        • Sage on the Stage

          Take your reasoning one step further–Iran should let UN inspectors into their facilities, and stop enriching Uranium. Israel wouldn't be threatening to Iran if Iran wasn't building a nuclear weapon. Iran has been making war–by proxy–against Israel and the West since 1979.(Read: IRAN is the aggressor)
          And what do you mean "trying to put a trade embargo on Iran?" You don't try, you just do it. Besides, the embargo you mention won't begin until JULY. The embargo is a joke, and you know it. And "half of Israel's gas prices are tax"…so what?! At least a dollar a gallon of US gas prices are a tax; Israelis are still paying a very high price for gas. "Israel is poised to trash the whole world economy." Is it Israel's fault that the US, Greece, Germany, and other European countries have spent themselves into the poorhouse? Really…now.

          • Schlomotion

            I agree with the idea of UN inspections. However, Iraq agreed to them too and when Hans Blix said they had none, he was fired and replaced with someone who was willing to continue to act like they had some. On the other hand, Iran is certainly trying to build nuclear weapons. On the other hand, Israel already has a massive stockpile of nuclear weapons. China, Pakistan, North Korea or Russia could have already passed Iran nuclear weapons. And the big issue is, you can't make nuclear weapons without heavy water (I know, I've tried), and who is selling them that? Russia is behind Iran. Also, Iran has a belligerent NPT non-signatory claiming that they need to launch preemptive strikes against them.

  • D S Dunlap

    This is why I didn't vote for him in 2008 (yeah, I know, shocking that a black American didn't vote for Obama *if you want to run that angle, he's only half-Black, by the way*). I felt then that he was wrong for this Republic, and the last 3+ years have only confirmed that. He must NOT be re-elected.

    • elmysterio

      Considering one administration builds upon the foundations of the previous, I figure we're screwed no matter who "wins". NEITHER party represents the interests of the working class people.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Fundimental change =changing sides.

  • Maxie

    More to the point, what does the GOP have to say? Crickets? Are those crickets I hear?