Romney’s Missed Opportunity

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Last week, President Obama and his campaign minions decided to focus on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital. Bain Capital has been attacked early and often for buying failing companies, then outsourcing jobs at those companies to other countries in order to cut costs. According to the Obama campaign, all of that was Mitt Romney’s fault.

It began with a planted Washington Post story strongly implying that Romney had outsourced while at Bain; as it turned out, the outsourcing at Bain truly happened after Romney was no longer in control – he effectively left a control position in 1999 to head up the Salt Lake City Olympics. Nonetheless, that story ended up becoming the source of Obama’s claims that Romney was responsible for the outsourcing – and even the Post had to chide the Obama administration for moving to “define what the article said, claiming that this transfer of jobs took place while Romney ran Bain. That’s not what the original article said.”

In fact, the real outsourcer was President Obama himself, who had used American taxpayer dollars to stimulate job creation in places ranging from China to Finland. But that didn’t stop the Obama campaign from lying about Romney.

Then, the Obama campaign went a step further. They dug up an old Washington Post report and had the Boston Globe rehash it as news. The report claimed, “Government documents filed by Mitt Romney and Bain Capital say Romney remained chief executive and chairman of the firm three years beyond the date he said he ceded control, even creating five new investment partnerships during that time.” In other words, Romney was fully in control of Bain during the time they outsourced jobs.

Stephanie Cutter, deputy campaign manager for the Obama team, promptly went on a conference call and said that this meant that Romney was either a liar or a felon (for lying on federal forms).

One problem: the forms don’t say that at all. They say that Romney was Chief Executive Officer and president with a controlling interest in Bain Capital VI, which was essentially a holding company for assets. Bain Capital VI was not a fully functioning, buying-and-selling entity controlled by Romney. And everybody, including both the Washington Post and CNN, knew it – which is why CNN said that Obama’s new Bain campaign “doesn’t appear to be true.”

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  • davarino

    Is there a campaign team in Romney's camp, or are they all just playing nice. Is anyone talking to Mitt? Cause this thing is going the same way it did with Mr Nice guy McCain. What is it with Northeast conservatives? They got no fight.

    • dennis x

      It's hard to fight againts the truth and facts.

    • Looking4Sanity

      He fought well enough to take the nomination away from one of the widest and most diverse fields I've ever seen the GOP sponsor. That has to count for something, don't you think? Tell the truth and shame the Devil…no one was pulling any punches in that primary process and we all saw it.

      He wasn't my first choice. Heck…he wasn't even my 3rd choice! But he's what we've got, and it's a poor craftsman that blames his tools. It's time to ride the whirlwind. God knows…I'd rather jump into a tornado than deal with 4 more years of ComradeObama.

  • oldtimer

    Makes you wonder, do the Republicans, and Romney, really want to win this election?

    • Looking4Sanity

      They do, they can, and they will. We walk by faith and not by sight. There will be water if God wills it.

  • Jim_C

    Don't worry–these guys haven't even begun to spend money yet. October will be a month of whacked-out, trumped-up "scandals."

    Sit back, enjoy the show. It's a very expensive show, put on for the small, gelatinous portion of the population who somehow hasn't yet decided on whom they're going to vote.

  • Reason_For_Life

    Outsourcing isn't an ethical lapse nor is it a symptom of a decrepit economy. It's only the division of labor over international boundaries. Both countries benefit from the greater efficiency in production and it is only through increased productivity that economies can grow. America has outsourced jobs like manufacturing and call centers while other countries have outsourced engineering and accounting jobs to the US. We have always had a positive balance of trade in services although a trade war could end that.

    Romney either doesn't understand the division of labor or lacks the courage to say that outsourcing it good.

    I, and many others posting to Frontpagemag, have expressed qualms about Romney as a candidate. Mainly, that he hasn't got the guts to campaign on free market principles and that this is primarily because of his massive violation of those principles with RomneyCare.

    Romney is a big government Republican and as such cannot hope to unseat a man whose philosophy is just Romney's own philosophy on steroids. The Republican party had the opportunity to nominate a true small government, free market candidate. They chose "more of the same" Mitt. Like McCain and Dole, Romney will lose, conservatives will blame the media and Obama gets four more years to finish wrecking America.

    It's possible that Romney, in desperation, will start singing the praises of freedom, but don't count on it. His threatening a trade war with China indicates a complete lack of understanding of the way markets work. Someone ought to explain the effects of the Smoot-Hawley tariffs to him.

  • Western Spirit

    Nice guys finish last. Surely Romney knows this even though Goon McCain didn't. When people can't find jobs when companies are shipping them to foreigners it is bound to be a campaign issue.

    Outsourcing is just another way to make this a one world economy leading to a one world government that has to be stopped. And the place to start is in this campaign. Romney needs to use outsourcing as a campaign issue instead of ceding it to that liar Obama .

  • Western Spirit

    All Romney has to do is tell the truth. The truth is his best weapon to use against liars and he'll be a shoo-in if he can keep Obama from cheating in this election, something Obama has shown a willingness to do.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Texas is also worried about a great deal of its low skilled manufactoring can be shipped to Mexico and has. In fact the border areas of Texas are some of the poorest areas of the US, Republicans seemed to ignored this and think all Texas is blooming like Austin. Austin also has had a lot of low skilled illegal immirgants come to it as well as whites from California, why children in Austin school districts seen a sharped increase under governor Rick Perry who encourages illegal immirgation by Texas business that support lower wages. Austin while growing fast had a sharp increase in poverty under Governor Perry's governorship.

  • Jose_Can_U_Si?

    RE: "Romney’s Missed Opportunity"

    In THE END (pardon the wry theological irony), "Romney's missed opportunity"

    Shall be his total rejection of Jesus Christ's Biblical gospel.

    For decades evangelicals have diligently and faithfully attempted to identify, analyze and warn the church against cults. Included in the standard list are Romney's Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Unity School of Christianity, Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, etc.

    • Looking4Sanity

      I suppose you prefer a Muslim in the White House like we have now? Stop being a bigoted idiot and think about the welfare of your country for once in your miserable life.

      I'M an evangelist…and I'll gladly vote for Romney because I'm looking at the big picture. A second Obama term will destroy this country in less than a decade.

      • Jose_Can_U_Si?

        Thank you for your ad hominem response.

        "I'M an evangelist…and I'll gladly vote for Romney because I'm looking at the big picture"
        Read Romans.

        Obviously you are not Looking4Biblical Salvation.
        Nor are you Looking4Context in good (un-prideful, un-haughty) Biblical faith.

        To you & Romney: Mark 8:36 –
        "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?"

        You are an "evangelist" for whom? False Gospels?

        May you reap what you sow in this life.

        • Looking4Sanity

          Oh…I've got your context just fine. You want to undermine our only chance of getting Obama out of office and you're using religious bigotry to do your dirty work.

          You're absolutely correct. I'm NOT looking for salvation. I found it and accepted it well over 40 years ago. I am, however, moderately concerned about yours.

          And…it ain't "ad hominem" if it's true. It's not my fault you can't bear to look in the mirror.

          As far as reaping what I sow? I'M COUNTING ON IT!

          • Looking4Sanity

            Why do you support Obama?

          • Jose_Can_U_Si?

            Replying to Looking4StrawMen:

            you said this, ""Why do you support Obama? " You invite controversy and strife.

            In my 5,000-plus posts. Find where I support Obama and kindly cite it.

            I am at our weekend location. This system is almost as contentious as you.

            It is a beautiful day. Ocean Breeze. Be well.

          • Looking4Sanity

            You are undermining Obama's only opposition. Ergo…you support Obama. There really is no getting around that fact. The question is…why do you deny it? Be proud! Step up and claim your prize!

          • Jose_Can_U_Si?

            Your god needs my vote. The God of the Bible does not.

            Have a nice weekend.

          • Looking4Sanity

            You don't know my God. If you did, you would know better than to make such an ignorant claim.

          • Jose_Can_U_Si?

            Replying to Looking4Strife said, You don't know my God. If you did, you would know better than to make such an ignorant claim.

            I have responded in good faith to your antagonistic vitriolic remarks.

            I defer to Romans 14:1.

            Mormonism, as you know is a pseudo-Christian religion begun in 1830 by Joseph Smith.

            The Bible is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

            God does not change.

            In fact, Jesus warned us about such groups when he said in Matthew 24:24 that in the last days many false Christs and false prophets will arise and deceive many. Mormonism is exactly that, a manifestation of a false prophet: Joseph Smith, who taught all these things.

            Maranatha. (either מרנא תא: maranâ' thâ' or מרן אתא: maran 'athâ' ) – The phrase may have been used as a greeting between Early Christians…….however, it is a plea today!

            Have a great weekend. Please re-read this thread for my original point's context.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Upon reviewing your profile, I see that you are a misguided religious zealot and an intolerant bigot of all religions outside of your own (including other Christian denominations). While that is your right, it is hardly commendable. I guess you missed that part about not being a stumbling block to other Christians?

            Your affected piety puts me in mind of the Pharisees of old. As I now understand you, it is probably your intention to not vote at all…or throw away your vote on an unviable candidate. In your mind that would constitute "leaving it in God's hands". Well, isn't THAT "special"?

            I've got news for you. You're blinder than Hellen Keller both theologically AND politically. Good luck with that.

          • Looking4Sanity

            That is not for you to judge, Pharisee. And do not think that your 144 week long animosity toward Roger has either escaped my notice or failed to explain your motivations in all of this.I'm not a bit surprised you'd be familiar with Alinsky's work. He was also fond of driving wedges between factions…just as you have been attempting to do here. You can't hide behind a Bible with me. I see you for what you really are.Get thee behind me, Satan.

          • Jose_Can_U_Si?

            Replying to Looking4Religion said,:"Upon reviewing your profile, I see that you are a misguided religious zealot and an intolerant bigot of all religions outside of your own (including other Christian denominations)….it is hardly commendable. Your affected piety puts me in mind of the Pharisees of old. As I now understand you, it is probably your intention to not vote at all…or throw away your vote on an unviable candidate. In your mind that would constitute "leaving it in God's hands". Well, isn't THAT "special"? I've got news for you. You're blinder than Hellen Keller both theologically AND politically. Good luck with that. "

            ~ Looking4Turgidity,

            The Threads ORIGINAL point is this: "Romney’s Missed Opportunity" to come to Biblical Salvation.

            What is your issue with that?

            You continue to introduce unrelated ad hominem attacks and strawmen.

            You make me laugh!

          • Looking4Sanity

            What does your Bible tell you about calling people "fools", Pharisee?

            And the focus of the article has nothing to do with Romney's religion. It is you who are off topic as well as off base.

            You are nothing more than an Obama troll looking to cause dissension. I'm just pointing it out.

          • Jose_Can_U_Si?

            Looking4Fights, – I mean, Looking4Strawmen.

            Have a great weekend.

          • Jose_Can_U_Si?

            Replying to Looking4Sanity
            With any luck at all, you'll OD and then we can all have a little peace and civility."

            How faux-christian "peaceful" and "civil" of you to wish that on others.

          • Jose_Can_U_Si?

            You said "What does your Bible tell you about calling people "fools", Pharisee?"

            That is a very common canard used by the Scripturally immature. In his letter to the Galatians, Paul shouted "You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified."

            According to Hal Lindsey, Dallas Seminary grad, and Greek expert,(whose former church in Palos Verdes CA was named "Tetelestai!" for your information) said the original Greek was more like "YOU STUPID GALATIANS!"

            Paul used the term in a very analagous application to my usage of the word to you. In that I reject that after accepting the Gospel, I must turn to the Law for results.

            God is in control of the election's outcome without me. He shall use either candidate to his end.

            Your suggestion that I support Obama is ad hominem ignorance; both of me, personally, and of God's omnipotence.

            I needn't "work" for the presidential outcome anymore than the Galatians need work for their salvation.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Still off topic, I see. Good luck with that too!

          • Jose_Can_U_Si?


            I cited your quote to which I responded (in good faith).

            I never expect to "win" against Blog Lizards who plays to the Secular World foe edification. and who hold personal grudges, and dabble in religion.

            I forgive you.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Is that you being intentionally obtuse, or are you really that stupid?

            Being "off topic" in the context in which the site administrator means it has nothing to do with your use of a quotation to justify whatever hare-brained topic you elect to prattle on about.

            And why did you delete your comment below? Covering your tracks once again? You do realize that I have a copy of the original safely stored in my in box…just as I do ALL of your comments…don't you?

          • Jose_Can_U_Si?

            Replying to Looking4Sanity

            Third time: Original C-O-N-T-E-X-T:

            Article's title is "Romney’s Missed Opportunity" – –

            RE-READ the thread's original response, Mr. Boxing Gloves!

            I did a tongue-in-cheek (serious salvation) riff on that title.

            Are you really that dense?

            ~ You arrived in a HUFF.

            Kindly, depart in it.

            You are a contentious Internet Blog Lizard who plays to the World's approval.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Passing off a violation of the TOS as "a joke" is not a valid defense…and as you can see by your score, no one thought it was funny.

            And, as I have no interest in arguing with a contentious idiot this morning, I'll allow you to get in the last word since that's obviously what YOU'RE all about. Good luck with that problem of yours.

          • Howard-Beale

            "Passing off a violation of the TOS as "a joke" is not a valid defense…and as you can see by your score, no one thought it was funny. "

            SHUDDERS! Is the TOS anything like the blogosphere TSA?

            You are Bible-speak for: WIDE GATE.

          • Looking4Sanity

            What a lovely bit of ad Hominem. Do you have anything constructive to add with regard to the article you're posting under?

          • Jose_Can_U_Si?

            Oh yes the "bigot" card is always an indication of intellectually honest life.

            Calling others "Hellen Keller", "Obama trolls" "Intolerant Bigots" and various ad hominem attacks.

            Kindly cite my theological "blindness" You are an introducer of strawman.

      • Howard-Beale

        re: "I'M an evangelist…and I'll gladly vote for Romney because I'm looking at the big picture"

        Sure you are. For whom do you "evangelist"? (wrong grammar/ spelling original)

        My guess, you would proudly vote for Lucifer if you got enough blog votes..

        • Looking4Sanity

          Playing with our sock puppets today are we, Jose?

          Sounds like you've got a bad case of pen15 envy.

          Also…your lack of education is showing again:

        • Jose_Can_U_Si?

          Replying to Howard-Beale

          Jesus says the Road to Heaven is NARROW & FEW EVER find it: Matthew 7:13-14

          You absolutely nailed Looking4WorldlySecularApproval.

          He enters through the Wide Gate of false religionists.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Here in Virginia, the Obama campaign just started running the most tasteless negative ad I have ever seen in my life! It is nothing but lies and ad hominim attacks. I can't imagine that this will do anything but offend the citizens of Virginia…a State perceived as a "battleground state" this election.

    If Obama can't do better than this, Romney will win in a walk!

    • Jim_C

      As a Virginian, you're going to see most of the circus, that's for sure! Like I said–wait until they really start spending money!

    • mike_ste

      Romney will win in a walk? What? This was you 18 weeks ago, responding pleasantly to me – I was a believer in Romney's potential to win way back then. And I see elsewhere here that you say Romney is good enough for you now. Good on you, Looking4sanity – glad you came around to my point of view.
      "Because getting rid of Obama isn't the end game. It's only the next move. This philosophy that "anyone is better than Obama" is ruinous…not to mention patently false.

      If you're going by polls, then nominating Romney is tantamount to re-electing Obama! Look for yourself…….

      Obama beats Romney by an AVERAGE of 4.5% in ALL but one poll…including Rasmussen. Face facts…You can't beat a lying ideologue with a lying flip flopper. Romney has been driving the base away from the beginning. He STILL can't get above 50% within his own Party anywhere he goes.

      You are courting disaster by your continued support of this GOP status quo establishment loser. Don't say I didn't warn you."

      • Looking4Sanity

        I'd be happy to continue that discussion directly AFTER the November elections. Between now and then, anything not favorable toward Romney will be kept to myself. If you think I'm happy about that…I'm not.Also…you're mixing apples and oranges. The “win in a walk” comment pertained to Virginia, whereas the other comments pertained to national politics.If you're really a Romney supporter, don't go fishing for negative comments about him. It's counter productive…and as you've adequately shown, polls change. They could change again before November. To quote Yogi Berra “It ain't over 'till it's over”.

        • mike_ste

          If he wins VA, he wins. I can't see him winning VA and losing, say, FL and OH.
          I take great heart from your more recent comments (of which I've actually read only the ones on this thread. Believe me, I haven't given much thought to our previous discussion until this morning). If someone who was spitting such vitriolic hatred for Romney a mere 3 months ago is now going to vote for him, I think the all important base is secure.
          And what discussion? I don't think we were ever actually discussing specific issues regarding Romney. You claimed he couldn't win – no way, no how, never ever ever. I said I thought he could win. I don't think he's perfect, though I have grown to like him more and more in the last couple of months.
          My frustration with you and others like you back in March was your seeming willingness to argue for a second Obama term rather than admit Romney would be a significant improvement.
          Finally, you apparently no longer believe what you said in the above cited post – that the idea that anyone is better than Obama is patently false. If you are holding your criticisms until Nov 7, you must now agree with me regarding the fatuity of that statement.

          • Looking4Sanity

            No. What frustrates you is that millions of conservatives disagreed with you that Romney was the best possible solution to the problem represented by Obama. We STILL disagree with you. The fact that we're capitulating to the GOP and voting for Romney has absolutely nothing to do with Romney being an ideal candidate. HE'S NOT. Never was.

            And here you are poking us in the eye for our pragmatism. Is it your desire to p!$$ us off to the point where we stay home in droves and leave you pie in the sky Romney sycophants to your own devices? That COULD be arranged! Many of us are evangelical Christians who firmly believe in Christ's soon return. It wouldn't take much convincing to get us to leave it all in God's hands…and believe me when I tell you that it is no more than we deserve. My advice to you is…if you want your little "victory", shut your stinking pie hole until you're sure you've got what you want. What you're doing here ISN'T helping Romney one bit.

          • mike_ste

            You're funny. Are all evangelical Christians so quick to spew venomous hatred as you? You strike me as one terribly angry and spiteful son of a gun, not adjectives that come to mind when I think of Christ. (And keep in mind that you and I agree on most political issues – I'm not some libtard interested in throwing your professed religious beliefs back in your face.) Anyway, you are a master at reading way more into others' comments than you should (referring to me as a Romney sycophant), giving people far more credit for influence than they deserve (as if you're really going to base your vote on what some anonymous jerk says in a comments section – I could be Rahm Emanuel, after all – though that would make me a libtard and, therefore, a liar), splitting hairs (as in you were simply talking about VA, not the national vote, as if that does anything to lessen the rather remarkable transformation you've experienced regarding your pragmatic approach to the presidential race in the last few months), and avoiding addressing arguments. Just take the last one – you did say that the idea that anyone is better than Obama is ruinous and false, did you not? Now you have apparently decided to vote for Romney (unless I can p!$$ you off so much that you have a tantrum and spoil my personal victory dance, I guess), thus implying you have abandoned your previous sentiment regarding the choice you'll have in November. Turns out, contra your earlier assessment, that somebody might in fact be an improvement on the yahoo currently in the WH. I was humbly pointing that out, that's all. But you are right – I probably shouldn't rub it in, eh? Not very, uh, Christian, is it?
            OK – conversation over. Have a good life.

          • Looking4Sanity

            No. The conversation is NOT over. And, hold the phone…you think I'M angry?!? You think my emotions don't align with those of Christ? What does your Bible TELL YOU He's going to do when He comes back, my friend? Is He going to pass out pina coladas and corsages to all the good little boys and girls? Is He going to give all the "naughty" ones a pass?

            Don't condescend to judge me, pinhead. You're not qualified. At least you finished with a mea culpa…so you acknowledge you were wrong. Pretty long winded explanation in lieu of the obligatory apology, but I'm sure that's the best I'll ever get from a smarmy @$$ wipe such as yourself.

            Now you have YOURSELF a "good life"…and if it's a very short one, well that's OK by me too.

  • cynthia curran

    Romeny theology should not enter the picture, in fact the best Byzantine emperor Anastasius balance the budget gave more tax arrears-tax exemptions for heavily burden states and got rid of one sales tax and was a monophysite while Orthodox emperor Justinain later on increase the tax burden and had a large debt. In fact Obama's religous beliefs are more inland with the social gospel and Libertation Theology than Traditonal Religous belieft.

    • Looking4Sanity

      I agree. We're living in extraordinary times. As long as he isn't a member of a cult of hatred like Islam, I'm going to give him the benefit of doubt. I don't see Mormons strapping on suicide belts, and that's good enough for me…at least in the short term.

      • Howard-Beale

        Replying to cynthia curran, "Romeny theology should not enter the picture," (spelling original)

        Replying to Looking4Sanity, "I agree."

        May you both be "saved" according to your own secular theology.

        You deny Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Burn.

        • Looking4Sanity

          Oh, Howard. You're such an idiot. That train of thought never even left the station! Do you really want to try to make the case that anyone who votes for Romney is going to Hell? If that's the case, then where do you suppose all these Obama supporters are going to end up?

  • cynthia curran

    I mean inline with the social grospel and Liberation thelogy, better to pick a Mormon over a liberal protestant.

    • Looking4Sanity

      The phrase "liberal protestant" never ceases to blow my mind…even though I know they exist. After observing how Mormons conduct themselves in public, I think I'd have to agree with your statement.

  • cynthia curran

    It doesn't matter big government versus small government, in fact the small government people have libertarians which support an immirgation policy that always leads to big govenement. The small government want small government then stop supporting an open borders and high work vistas that changed the demographics from whites who the Republicans do the best with to hispanic and asains who are more likely to vote Democratic. The best the Republicans can do in a heavily hispanic state is to swing back and forth like New Mexico.

    • Jim_C

      Immigration is a serious issue, rarely treated seriously by politicians. If Republicans were truly serious about stemming immigration, they would start arresting employers. But they're not, and illegals provide a convenient campaign scapegoat–which is why tradition-minded Hispanics (who would make natural conservatives) vote democratic. Taking away the incentive to come–the work–it's the only serious way to stem the tide. You can only do that by making it really prohibitive for the employers. (I don't think we should, but if you were serious…)

      Otherwise, we have to "make allowances" and figure out ways to collect revenues from them. Fences and patrols obviously aren't going to cut it. Deportation–which Obama has done a lot of–is extremely expensive. Not to mention ineffective. It's all about incentive.