Sacha Baron Cohen and the Oscars

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But they do. Take, for example, Sophia Bush. Ms. Bush is the star of One Tree Hill on the CW, where she spent approximately two decades playing a high schooler. When Ms. Bush stated that she would consider leaving the United States if any of the current Republican candidates became president, I tweeted, “If Sophia Bush left US, America’s average hotness would decline by 0.00001%. Our average IQ would rise by 3.67%.” Instead of letting the joke roll off her back, Bush quickly tweeted back, “@benshapiro too scared to tag me on that tweet? Classy. I was meeting with Tina Tchen at the White house two months ago. You? #GrowUp.” How seriously do you have to take yourself to respond to a drive-by tweeting with a reference to visiting the White House? I did respond to her, of course, by pointing out that visiting the White House does not make you intelligent, just as having dinner with Stephen Hawking does not make you a physicist. I’m not sure Sophia got it.

Celebrities here feel it necessary to mouth off on topics on which they are not just ill-informed, but outright ignorant. When George Clooney pronounces his views of the Middle East conflict (and gives policy advice  to President Obama), he’s making a fool of himself everywhere but in Hollywood, where his passing knowledge of the situation makes him a Krauthammer-like expert – or at least makes him feel like one.

Many in Hollywood see themselves as philosopher kings, artists worthy of the greatest respect even when speaking about things they know little about.  I wouldn’t presume to tell George Clooney how to act (although I’m not a fan); he shouldn’t presume to tell the president of the United States how to handle Iran. This seems like a fair deal.

But  not to the Hollywood left. They want to be ignorant and well-respected at the same time. That’s why they ignore their own hypocrisy. My friend Jason Mattera of Human Events has a new book coming out shortly, titled Hollywood Hypocrites; in it, he lays out a full-blown case demonstrating that many of Hollywood’s biggest wigs are happy to live high on the hog while telling everyone else that the hog ought to be redistributed.

The same holds true with regard to humor. Hollywood wants to thumb its nose at convention, but it doesn’t want to offend any of its friends. That’s why it balked at Baron Cohen coming dressed as an anti-Semitic dictator.  And that’s why it’s losing the American public.

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  • HermitLion

    "I did respond to her, of course, by pointing out that visiting the White House does not make you intelligent, just as having dinner with Stephen Hawking does not make you a physicist. I’m not sure Sophia got it."

    I'm not sure she can spell physicist, let alone understand the difference between 'famous' and 'intelligent'.

    • Mick60

      'Sophia Bush', WHO? Knowing who she is pre-supposes that one watches the trash they pass off as 'entertainment' these days. Wait: you say she's been in some backwater show on some backwater channel for TWENTY years???____God forbid this should happen, but if an American city IS nuked (not that Hollywood really qualifies as an American city but, for this purpose, I'd allow it), let's hope it's Hollywood.

      • Oleg

        I had to read about three sentences into that paragraph to realize that Sophia Bush wasn't a relative of G.W Bush and that "One Tree Hill" wasn't some sort of stupid reality show., I guess that shows how much I watch the CW network. Up until about two months ago I didn't even know what the CW in the CW network stood for, in fact I can't remember now. What I do know is that it was formed out of junk TV networks, UPN and WBN, that nobody watched to form a bigger combined network that nobody watches.

  • Amarri

    Holywood, GET A LIFE!! This man is a comic but because he makes fun of all of the Islamic ghouls that presently run or will run the Middle East (such as the Muslim Brotherhood or the Iranian fascists) he cannot be allowed to poke fun at them or you might get killed. Remember the Egyptian journalist who poked fun at the Islamic nut cases who in all seriousness stated that when the faithfull (males that is) went to heaven they would have a permantly erect penis to deal with all those lovely virgins…well he ended up being murdered. So be warned, dont poke fun at ghouls!!

  • kblink45

    Liberals are brainstems.

  • Rifleman

    Not to defend hollyweird, but I think Cohen was banned for his over the top pranks at awards dinners.

  • MLCross

    Sophia Bush thinks she's famous and is invited to the White House because she's intelligent? That's just so precious.

  • clarityrising

    Come on, Ben, it is inappropriate for Cohen to show up like that, I have to agree with the gucci liberals on that one. While I do not like Hollywood or watch the Oscars, and while I do like Cohen’s political incorrectness, it was neither the time nor the place for his publicity stunt. It has always been a black tie and gown affair.

    • catherineinpvb

      Can remember Cher showing up, way back when; and more often – than not – 'not' wearing a gow'. And have seen many actresses (presumably ?) show up; in far less than 'gown garb'. And certainly; we do not always see a 'black tie' at every male throat chakra, in the audience. Have not yet read that anyone feels compelled to make an apology to North Korea – for the 'ashes' tossed. . .

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Come on, Clarity, what is so goshawful sacred about the Oscars anymore? Black tie wearers and gown wearers spouting selfabsorbed brainless drivel for a statuette that often winds up in pawnshops. A FoxNews (UGH! UGH! HURL!!) reporter circulated among them and recorded a bumper crop of unintentional comedy from these pompous Hollytwits. If SBC shows up and robs the occasion of some of its "dignity" (hahahahahah) then more power to him. But he should have come as Kazakh reporter Borat Sagdayev – that was his best gig.

  • rjschwarz

    I assumed the Cohen thing was just a publicity stunt to get people to tune into the oscars for a change.

  • tagalog

    Wasn't the claimed rationale for barring Cohen from appearing at the Oscars that he would essentially be plugging his own movie, something they want to minimize?

  • samsgran1948

    I'm still waiting for Meryl Streep to apologize to (and maybe try to recompence) all the apple farmers she nearly bankrupted with her anti-ALAR hysteria.

  • lizaz

    We quit watching the Oscars some years ago….it used to be a good show…now it's just a bunch of marxists getting together to trash America…..not interested!!!

    • Questions

      Baloney. I watched the whole show. It had about as much to do with "Marxism" as it did with Hapsburg Monarchism.

  • Chiggles

    Heed the words of Max Bialystock: KILL THE ACTORS!!!!!

  • EdwinS

    Who is Sophia Bush?

  • mrbean

    When Sacha the Idiot clown threw the sand or whatever it was on the reporter, all over the red carpet, and down the front of a lady wearing a topless evening gown it was an opportunity to punch his lights out with millions wayching missed. And the guy who opened up a can of wupp A$$ on him would have been a hero.

  • MLCross

    Don't put it past Hollywood to have contrived the entire thing from beginning to end. SBC goes to the Academy and tells them what he wants to do and they agree to make a big deal out of pulling his tickets and then reinstating them. Meantime, SBC gets interviews as the Dictator on network TV. Ryan Seacrest isn't stupid. He knows that SBC is going to do something weird. He may not know what it is but knows that anything he does is going to go viral. So Ryan wants to be part of it and decides that whatever is done to him, he'll play along and be a good sport about it. The Academy gets the buzz it wants, attracting a younger crowd while keeping the hyjinks outside the theatre. SBC gets his promotion. Seacrest gets an image bump. What was harmed other than viewer intelligence?

  • Questions

    "Borat" and "Bruno" remain comic masterpieces in any event.

  • Vermont Yid

    The Oscars, as my hero George Carlin might say if he were still alive, is all bullzhit.

    It's just the annual Hollywood exercise in intellectual masterbation.

  • Kenneth Olsen

    When it comes to Baron Cohen v The Academy of Bloated Fixtures Artless Suppliances, it's hard to figure out who is worthy of more disdain. That Cohen feels entitled to impose himself on others and dump his expendables on another performer without prior consent in a desperate bid for laughs speaks volumes about him. Isn't he one of those relentless performers whose success is based largely on his refusal to go away?

  • ROSE



    • trickyblain

      You should consider depriving yourself of YELLING.

      • Whatsinaname

        trickyblain, get a life. If you can't tell the difference between hearing someone yell in your ear and writing in capital letters, you need to be in a mental institution for people who hear voices that no one else hears. If someone feels strongly about something and wants to emphasize it by typing in capital letters, who cares?

  • No Dhimmi tool

    I didn't even watch that self-congratulatory snoozefest full of boring people trying to cover up their own neuroses.

    When these pompous pretenders really risk their necks doing something truly important but unpopular, like a biopic of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's life, then I might be interested. Otherwise, NOT.