Pat Leahy’s Anti-Israel Extremism

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In the 1980s, Leahy repeatedly leaked classified information to the press that undermined American national security – including information about a Reagan administration plan to topple Muammar Qaddafi in Libya. In January 1987, Leahy had to step down from the Intelligence Committee after it broke that he was leaking information about Iran-Contra to the press. Leahy supported the communist Sandanistas Nicaragua; he opposes missile defense; he opposed the Gulf War in 1991 to throw Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, and opposed military action in Afghanistan after 9/11. Leahy has hung out with Fidel Castro.

In 2011, Leahy pushed a bill trying to cut American funding to elite Israel Defense Force units operating in Judea and Samaria and Gaza – even though only Israel’s policing of those areas prevents terrorism from reaching Israel’s cities. He was supremely anti-Israel during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in 2008, in which Israel dismantled Hezbollah operations in Southern Lebanon. Leahy, by contrast, has never called for one dollar of cuts to the Palestinians, despite their aid and support for terrorism.

Why is Leahy so anti-Israel? Part of it is certainly personal feeling. But a large part of it is that Leahy’s far-left constituency in Vermont is anti-Israel. Leahy’s hatred for the Jewish State – and his newest argument that those who support Israel are anti-American – springs directly from the growing anti-Semitic wing of the Democratic Party, which seems more and more tolerant of anti-Jewish, anti-Israel feeling in its ranks.

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  • H&R_ Barack

    Leaky Leahy is an enemy of America.

    Leahy was stripped of his Senate Intelligence Committee vice-chair during the mid 80's for making good on his threats to sabotage classified strategies he didn't personally care for.

    Then, during Ronald Reagan's war on terror, Sen. Leahy was nicknamed "Leaky Leahy" for proving time and again that he would do absolutely anything to discredit the Republican President — including revealing our most vital national security secrets

    In 1985, Leahy was charged with disclosing a top-secret communications intercept which had led to the capture of the murderous Achille Lauro hijacking terrorists. That leak likely cost an Egyptian counterterrorist agent his life shortly thereafter.

    Then, in 1986, Leahy threatened to leak secret information about a covert operation to topple Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. When the details of the operation later appeared in the Washington Post, the mission was immediately aborted. (source American Thinker)

    The Audacity of the Democrats –

    • oldtimer

      Traitors like Leahy, how do they get elected? Should have been jailed long ago.

      • Choi

        Because the"Yankee Stock" of Vermont is anything BUT.
        They're Oregon East.
        They're FULL of $#!+ P'sOS
        Perhaps if Canada was at WAR with Vermont , Firing Rockets and sending Suicide Bombers to Burlington Vt they would GET IT!
        And Leahy is there "boy".

        • Choi

          oops THEIR boy

    • johnnywoods

      Somebody ought to push the old fart down a flight of stairs.

  • crackerjack

    This "Kirk Amendment" is makes no sense. If only the initial refugees are entitled to claim their homeland, but their offspring loose this title, Jewish claims to the land of Israel after 2000 years absence is an absurdity.

    A nd what about the countless millions of refugees worldwide? Will the USA as of now cease to recognize all claims of their offspring to the native homeland of their ancestors?

    A stupid law that contradicts and undermines traditionel US refugee policy solely for the benefit of a foreign state.

    • Ami

      Your mother is an absurdity

    • reader

      Your post makes no sense. The Jews were given a tiny portion of the land held by the Palestinian Mandate, the vast majority of which land given to the Arabs. But when a marxist looks at the map, all he sees is red.

      • crackerjack

        Your post makes no sense. Going by the Kirk rule, only the original Jews who were expelled or left the region during Roman rule were entitled to return. In Kirks world, Jews would get nothing. And by the way – Marx was a Jew.

        • Edwin Svigals

          Marx was not a Jew – he was a Jew-hater.
          I believe his father converted to Christianity before little Karl had reached his majority.


          crackerjerk, Jesus was a Jew.

          BTW, if you are against brutal occupation, pack up your crap and leave North America and return to your ancestral home in europe.

        • reader

          Kirk rule has nothing to do with the Romans, dufus. And yes, Marx was not a Jew. His parents were converts and he was a Jew hater.

    • stern

      I'm so glad you brought up "the countless millions of refugees worldwide". You see, of all those "countless millions", not one – not a single person – has the right to pass his or her refugee status onto children, grandchildren and great grandchildren ad infinitum. Only the Palestinians claim this ridiculous right.

      Similarly, not one of "countless millions" dares to claim a "right to return" to the country from which they have fled. Only the Palestinians claim this ridiculous right. Instead, the US and UNHCR do all they can to resettle those refugees in safe countries.

      What Kirk is attempting to do is to to limit refugee aid to actual, real, living refugees, not bogus claimants whose parents may have lived in or near the Holy Land for as little as 2 years before 1948 (check UNRWA'S mandate for confirmation of this last fact.)

      Now let's consider your equally idiotic statement about Jewish claims to the land of Israel. Those claims are based on history, international law and recognition by the majority of the world's states. After its creation, Israel's government passed a law – not a right, a law – providing for Israeli citizenship to any Jew anywhere in the world who asks for it. I've already discussed the ridiculous Palestinian claim to a "right of return", so I don't need to repeat myself in pointing out the difference.

      In other words, you appear to be saying that even though it is a fully functioning, democratic and legally constituted state, Israel has no right to pass laws about who may or may not immigrate? Really? Try telling that to the US, Britain, Canada or any other country in the world.

      The amazing thing about anti-Israel anti-Semites like you, crackerjack, is that every time you post, you give yourself away by saying something really stupid. This time, you've exceeded all expectations.

    • pagegl

      The initial refugees voluntarily left Israel prior to the 1948 war on the advice of the surrounding Muslim countries which were on the verge of attacking Israel. Given that they left of their own free will they should have no claim to a right of return. They need to ask for appropriate compensation from those who encouraged them to leave Israel.

    • intrcptr2

      Jews never claimed to be refugees who needed daddy UN to support their murderous habits.

      And of course, if you wish to disqualify Jews from 2000 years ago, you maybe should remember that the palis started out as invaders 1300 years ago, thus making them doubly disqualified from refugee status.

      In point of fact, US refugee policy has always recognized only those who left their homes, and not their offspring; it is UNRWA policy which is deviant, not the Kirk Amendment.

    • RonL

      I’m wasting my time arguing with your but here goes.
      “This “Kirk Amendment” is makes no sense. If only the initial refugees are entitled to claim their homeland, but their offspring loose this title, Jewish claims to the land of Israel after 2000 years absence is an absurdity. ”
      Firstly, Jews have lived in Israel and occupied-Israel continuously for over 3000 years. The Romans slaughtered tnes of thousands of Jews and enslaved many more times that, and tried to ban Judaism, but we survived in the land. As late as 617CE (1400 years ago), Jews and Samartians were still a majority in Byzatnine/East Roman occupied-Israel. The numbers only crashed under Muslim rule. But all that is irrelevent. A homeland in Israel was the basis of the return not a status as “refugees”. The Palestinians have a sovereign state on 3/4 of 1922 Palestine. It is called The Kingdom of Jordan. The queen consort is a Palestinian as are most of its subjects. They also have Gaza. And if they put down their guns, they would have much of the West Bank too as a state.

      “And what about the countless millions of refugees worldwide? Will the USA as of now cease to recognize all claims of their offspring to the native homeland of their ancestors? ”
      We already do. Especially if they have alternative citizenship

      “A stupid law that contradicts and undermines traditionel US refugee policy solely for the benefit of a foreign state.”
      That would be UNRWA in a nutshell, something the patriot Kirk is fixing.

    • Beatrix

      Palestine was the name that the Romans gave Israel and the Palestinians for 2,000 years were Jews and Arabs. When the UN decalred two nations for the people of Palestine, the Jewish Palestinians called their nation Israel. The Arabs never set up a nation. Instead they attacked Israel 3 times and then the Jordanian King. The Jordanians exiled them to the West Bank.

      You apparently think that because the Arabs still call themselves Palestinian that the Israeli land of Palestine belonged to them. Israel belongs to the Jews. The people who left chose not to live under the Jews. They did not leave their homeland, they left a Jewish nation hoping to see it anihilated by the Arab armies. These armies lost and so did the people Arabs who deserted Israel when they needed them.

    • ChristChurchtourist

      Excuse me…the Jewish claim to Eretz Israel goes back past the time of King David, i.e. 1500 BC; and there has been a continuous Jewish presence there ever since. The "Palestinian problem" presumably began in 1948, but it wasn't until 1964–when the genocidal PLO was formed–that we started hearing about it. The Kirk Amendment makes a great deal of sense–separate the actual refugees from their extended families; this is exactly what is needed to stop US taxpayer dollars from funding genocidal terrorist organizations. Sounds to me like you don't want to stop US dollars from going to Islamic Jihad. Get a life, troll.

  • Steve

    Leahy has been romaantically involved with goats:

  • lugnut

    The land belongs to the jews! 2000 yrs or not!

  • pierce

    Leahy has out lived his usefullness in the US Senate. Within the past two weeks, in addition too this raving, he, as
    chairman of the Judiciary Committee raved regarding the US Supreme Court possibly overturning Obamacare. Who does he think he is? I won't answer that.

    • Choi

      Truth be told ,Leahy IS a RAVING LUNATIC.

    • Vermont Yid

      I agree with your statement, "Leahy has outlived his usefullness in the US Senate" 100%! And, by the way, I live in Vermont.

  • Bamaguje

    With his all his treacherous leaks and other anti-American activities, this traitor should be in jail not in the senate.

  • Steve Chavez

    And then American Jews will still support Leahy and the Democrats with funds?

    The FAKE JEWS will in the forefront to re-elect Barack Obama, the biggest JEW HATER, and to stand above the REAL JEWS who are the silent majority!

  • Schlomotion

    Although Senator Kirk has a distinguished service record to the United States, Senator Leahy is well within his rights to support America First, whether by preventing Senators from giving special favors to Israel, or by reporting illegal clandestine military operations to the press. Ben Shapiro is trying to make "Israel Firsters" into a political swear word, because he himself is an Israel Firster, educated in yeshivas and gladhanded a career in punditry. He has taken an obligatory Israeli wife and writes nothing but hateful tripe about America and vainglorious B.S. about Israel. If anyone is worthy of censure, it is shyster lawyer bloggers trying to censor the English language and put the Israel Lobby behind a veil.

    • stern

      How is obstructing an accounting of where billions of US aid dollars go, putting America First – especially when those US dollars are freeing up Arab money to aid terrorism, not just against Israel, but against the US itself?

      How is it possible that someone who appears to be reasonably intelligent – i.e. you – can be so bloody stupid, so often? It can only be because you are completely blinded by your Jew-hatred.

      • Schlomotion

        Nobody needs Israelis such as yourself crying crocodile tears over expenses in the US budget. It is disingenuous of you to express concern about where our money goes while your own country is also on the dole from us. We are trying to elect a President who will stop the flow of US dollars to each and every Middle Eastern country including yours, but your Lobby is desperately dead set against him being elected. When you guys implement Theodor Herzl and Meyrav Wurmser's plan to stop accepting international welfare payments, then and only then will your concerns have any weight.

        • Choi

          'schlomotion" the Jew-Hating TROLL posted:"We are trying to elect a President who will stop the flow of US dollars to each and every Middle Eastern country …"
          BINGO! "Schlomotion" is among the Jew-Hating Ron Paul Supporters.
          NO SURPRISE !
          Yesiree,This TROLL is so "pro-American" that he ,like all other Paulbots, HATE the USA as much as THE LEFT Does.

          • Schlomotion

            What are you going to do about it?

          • reader

            Yes, but the troll is worse than that in that it has no problem with sending millions to the terrorists – on the other thread here. The troll is the Terrorist Firster, basically.

          • Schlomotion

            No. You are wrong, as usual. I don't support sending money to Muslims or arab countries.

          • reader

            Yes you do – indirectly so.

          • Schlomotion

            Cry me a river. Indirectly money goes all over the place. That's what money does.

          • reader

            This is really weak. This is where you're supposed to insert something about the Jewish bankers, troll.


          The entire world shells out their After-Tax dollars (TRILLIONS) for overpriced ~$100 OPEC cartel oil.

          President Obama blocked the Keystone pipeline which would lessen the US's dependency on Middle East oil.

          • Schlomotion

            No it wouldn't have. They would have just piped that oil to Louisiana and sold it to China.

          • reader

            Nonsense conflating the announcement by Canada to have China as an alternative buyer of the oil Obama rejected to pander to his base, including takyiia troll schlo.

          • Schlomotion

            Tell me all about this Iraqi oil that Halliburton is now using in the United States to bring down the price. Tell me about how the Libyan oil is lowering the price too.

          • intrcptr2

            Halliburton is not an oil refiner, to start with.

            And it is the critics of the war who argued that that was the point of the war, not those who believed that removing Saddam was a long overdue move.
            And anyway, Obama "led from behind" in Libya because the French and the British needed that oil for themselves. BHO was simply being nice to overseas cronies by lending them our airplanes for a while.

          • Schlomotion

            That's a good pile of hairsplitting over inconsequentials.

          • intrcptr2

            What's the matter, don't like getting corrected on the facts? Then don't botch them so badly next time, Einstein. (Oh, sorry 'bout that, didn't mean to offend you by comparing you to a Jew).

          • Schlomotion

            Schlocky, This may come as a shock to you but CANADA is NOT in the Middle East.

            CANADA is a STABLE and TRUSTWORTHY Western DEMOCRACY, NOT an islamofascist regime. NOT a member of OPEC.

            Not giving more money to OPEC is good for the US and BAD for OPEC and anti-American scumbags.

            Plus the Keystone Pipeline would have brought jobs to the US from its construction and operation.

            The Keystone Pipeline will be used to defeat Obama and bring more Nakba to you.

          • Schlomotion

            Empty promises of more jobs and lower gas prices that never materialize are not good for America. They are good for whoever owns the company making those empty promises.

          • reader

            Did you email this deep thought to Obama yet, troll? Or you're too busy harrassing the Jews?


            Schlocky, You must think that the Keystone pipeline will build itself and be maintained by itself.

            You must think that oil coming to the US from Canada needs to be delivered by ship.

            The Keystone pipeline will help defeat Obama.

          • Schlomotion

            5,000 additional US jobs. In exchange, a massive oil spill into the largest US aquifer just waiting to happen, and NO decrease in the price of oil.

          • reader

            cry me a river, or a giant straw man waiting to happen. notice how Obamanistas don't care if a giant oil spill into waters off Brazilian shore is just waiting to happen – as long as Soros is happy and pumping Obama surrogates with much needed funds.

        • stern

          Wrong on every count. I'm not an Israeli. And the US gets incredible value for the money it provides to Israel. Most of it has to be spent IN THE US, creating American jobs. For the rest, America gets Israeli ingenuity, what Alexander Haig called "the largest aircraft carrier" in the Middle East, valuable intelligence, and a solid ally in a very troubled part of the world, who has made sure that no American soldiers have to fight there.

          I love this. Every single post of yours reveals more of how hatred has made you stupid.

          • Schlomotion

            You said elsewhere that you are Israeli. I just can't believe anything you say now. Look at you, trying to sell me value. Ha. I feel like I am in a used car dealership.

          • Neils60

            No one is attempting to sell you value, as there's no need to do so. Stern is merely stating fact, and that's it. Whether or not he's an Israeli is totally irrelevant, too.

          • Schlomotion

            It's plenty relevant, since previously he said he was Israeli. The relevance is Israelis have no business telling Americans which refugees they should respect and which ones they should disrespect. We should extend courtesy to all of them.


            Muslims attacking and murdering people all over the world, and claiming "victimhood", have no business telling Americans to respect "islam".

          • Schlomotion

            I know some Jews think that you can just change the subject to Muslims whenever a Jew is being stupid, but I don't believe that myself.

          • intrcptr2

            "…elsewhere that you are Israeli."


            So does that make you a high-mileage lemon?


            What's the matter Schlocky? No one is buying your snake oil?

            Happy Nakba!

          • dysgenic

            No American soldiers are fighting in the Middle East, you say. Who's stupid?

        • ChristChurchtourist

          The difference is that US dollars given to Israel don't wind up in the pockets of Hamas or Hezbollah jihadists. Besides, what do YOU know about Theodor Herzl or Meyrav Wurmser?

    • Ghostwriter

      Since your brain seems to be slow,let me refresh it a little. The Israelis are friends of the United States. THEY are pro-American. The Muslim world has been anti-American for years,probably always. The Israelis don't want to slaughter Americans. The majority of Muslims do. There. I hope that reaches that peanut you call a brain.


        The majority of Muslims slaughter anyone they get their hands on.

        If no Infidels are around, Muslims kill fellow Muslims. Something to do with the false prophet mohammeds successors.

  • marios

    Absolutely agree with last comments. Jews who support BHO are traitor not only Israel but their own children. Israel destiny is US destiny and all Western civilization destiny as well. Israel distraction will bring new Holocaust and those JINO (Jews in name only) will be victims as well. The 1930th Germany scenario is repeated now in our country and in Europe. Jews were only first victims but then all other had the same fate.
    Democratic party is anti-Semitic as socialists were always if judge them by deeds not by words. Obama swears now that he is the best friend of Israel and best expert in Judaism… He is ready to say everything to have Jewish money and votes now and as he said ex-Pres. Russia Medvedev the after reelection he would have more flexibility. Muslims always use taqiyya/lie, fraud to reach their goal. So no surprise. Shocking only that such talented people as Jewish are not smart enough to understand who is who to survive. Too bad.

  • Ken

    What is the origin of the pathologic hatred of Israel and Jews (by implication)
    and how do we combat this psychosis? Mr. Glasov maybe you could gather
    some psychiatrists together to brain storm an effective approach to this
    pernicious evil. What we are doing now appears to be a failure. Just,
    for instance, what percentage of Jews will vote for Obama this November
    knowing full well he is not a strong supporter of Israel. Will it still be
    over 50 percent?

    • Bartimaeus

      I suggest reading “The Everlasting Hatred: the roots of Jihad.” by Hal Lindsey. The origin of the problem is both historical and spiritual, and that is why it is so intractable. Few people who analyze the situation go far enough back historically and generally do not go deep enough spiritually. This also means that the implications for the history of the world are far greater than many realize.

    • pagegl

      Hatred of the Jews by Muslims is in part due to the refusal of the Jews to accept Mohammed as the prophet because was not from the race of David.

      • ajnn

        there is no requirement that any prophet be of the "race of david" or descended from king david.

        balaam's mule suggests a prophet may not even be reqired to be jewish.

        however, it is true muhammed was angered by jewish rejection of his divine mission and this led to the institutionalized jew-hatred found in islam which is mandated by the holy koran.

      • El Rojo

        Mohammed is not accepted because he was no prophet; he was a marauding murderer, rapist, pediphile, etc.

    • rulieg

      Ken, if ONLY 50% of my fellow Jewish Americans vote for Obama, it'll be a miracle. last time he got something like 75%.

  • EVABeliever

    Here is a guy – Leahy – who has been anti-America his entire career suddenly claiming to be pro-America? All the haters who have posted here ignore the fact that as many Jews were evicted from Arab countries as Arabs who left Israel in 1948. Arabs have no love for their fellow Arabs and have used the Arab "refugees" as political fodder. The haters on this board care not for the Arabs except as a tool to express their Jew hatred. Leahy has no love for Arabs living in UN funded refugee camps. crackerhead and schlo hate Jews and will side with anyone on their side of the hate scale.

  • marios

    Mark Kirk is the best US Senator, He is one of the best politician, US patriot, with deep understanding who is our friends and who is our enemies based on his broad deep knowledges in history and religion issues. I always voted for him and all my relatieves and friends as well and always will. Anti-Semits don't want to know truth, facts as it will bring discomfort for them. Intersting is Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VA) only by origin anti-semits or he is benefited first of all financially by Muslims? Ex-Pres. Carter was paid by petro-dollars for his anti-semitism and hatred to Israel.

  • Schlomotion

    Oh, read a book for god's sake.

  • Nakba1948

    An American Senator putting ::gasp:: America's interests before Israel's?! Perish the thought! Why, it's not good enough that Leahy votes with us Israel-firsters 95% of the time! That other 5% deviation makes him a dangerous extremist! And if you dare to disagree, well, you're and anti-Semite! If you Zionazi FREAKS belonged in occupied Palestine to begin with, I'd say you should pick up and move to Tel Aviv, where your real loyalties lie. You're a disgrace to America. I don't care whether you're Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. Zionism is a political ideology, not a race or a religion. And unfortunately for you, I've never spoken an ill word about Jews or Judaism. I'll sit back now and wait for the usual bozos and mental midgets spew dozens of non sequiturs about how evil the "Moooooslims" are, while failing to address their own treasonous ideology.

    • reader

      The funniest part of the Nazi1948 rant is where this spewing vile meltdown crescendo culminates with the "i'll sit back now…"

    • UCSPanther

      Translation: I hate Israel and want to see Hitler's work done, and I want to see it done on the American taxpayer's dime.

      Funny how antisemites yell and scream about Jews being parasites on society, but yet, they are way bigger parasites than most Jews have ever thought of being.

      That goes quadruple for the shabby construct we all know as "Palestine".


      Koranazis can't defeat JOOOZ as in the old days in khybar?

      Koranazis can't impose their will on JOOOZ as their false prophet mohammed decreed in his bloody Koran?

      Happy ETERNAL NAKBA 1948!

      P.S. JORDAN is "paleswine". Start packing your crap and move to "paleswine".



      – 9/11
      – 1993 truck bombing of the WTC
      – Bombing of Pan Am 103
      – 7/7 2005 London transport bombings
      – Madrid train bombing
      – Bali bombing
      – Beslan school hijacking massacre
      – Mumbai India massacre
      – 2012 Toulouse France massacre
      – Saddam Husseins poison gas attack on the Kurds – 5,000 dead
      – assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
      – richard reid sneaker bomber
      – Nigerian underwear bomber
      – Times Square SUV bomber
      – Death fatwa on writer Salman Rushdie
      – Death threats on Danish cartoonists over pen and ink drawings
      – Near nuclear war between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and India
      – Beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl
      – Various other kidnapping and video taped executions
      – $100 per barrel Oil – Thanks OPEC
      – $4 per gallon gasoline – Thanks OPEC
      – 8 year Iraq / Iran war
      – Genocidal death threats by the Islamic Republic of Iran
      – Death threats against Europe by Muslims living IN Europe – see British Muslism
      – Honor killings of Muslim girls over "family honor" in the US too
      – Murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
      – Fort Hood massacre
      – Assad kkklan of Syria murder of over 9,000 Syrians AND the absence of "anti-imperialist", "anti-war" protests outside the Syrian consulate
      – attack on the 1972 Olympics and murder of atheletes
      – hijacking of the Achille Lauro and the murder of a wheelchair bound innocent
      – Current Day Slavery in Sudan (Darfur) and Mauritania
      – Empire State Building observation deck murders
      – Muslim-Only city of mecca in saudi arabia
      – wahabbi / salafi fascism
      – Luxor Egypt massacre of tourists
      – murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt
      – synagogue bombings in Turkey
      – church bombings in Nigeria
      – church bombings in Pakistan
      – mosque bombings in Iraq

      Koranazis are at war with the entire world.

      Must be something in the koran.

      • Sage on the Stage

        …and the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane–1990.

      • Sage on the Stage

        …and the murder of the Fogel family, 3/11/2011.

    • Foolster41

      Your lying, you do hate Jews and quite often spread anti-semetic lies here, and want to see the end of the Jewish state. Maybe you should by your own logic move a muslim country since that seems to be where your loyalties lie.

      Standing with the only democracy in the middle east that grants MORE rights to women AND Muslims than muslim counties, and declaring their right to exist and defending themselves against the Arab/Muslim AGRESSORS doesn't make one anti-american. In fact, it makes one MORE so, and standing against it shows one as being anti-democratic, anti-freedom and anti-american.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Patrick Leahy is a miserable liar and enemy of America, subversive rat should spend his
    time in some dark dungeon befitting his false life and how much damage he has done to
    freedom and integrity in our government dealigs. ……………………William

  • mrbean

    I wish that Ben Shapiro had not used the liberal term "Extremism" He could have simply said that Senator Leahy's actions indicate he is an anti semite and he brings his anti semitism to work in the Senate. I don’t know if all of those using the smear label “extremist” realize what it implies. If not, they should examine the issue more closely, and use language more precisely. Something can be extremely good or extremely bad and something in the middle is nothing. Using extremism is a smear tactic of the left.

  • exterminate the jews

    Nothing says lovin’ like a jew in the oven.

    • BS77

      It must be hell on earth being you.


      nazi filth and islamofascist dogs can't defeat JOOOZ?

      Eat your heart out Gaydolf!

    • mrbean

      You are probably a negro, and probably a follower of the Nation of Islam and just love Louie Calypso Farrakann. Nothing is a good as dead negroes in the hood.

    • Sage on the Stage

      You're a bum and a coward; and in the words of the late Harry Guardino, I'll meet you anywhere, anytime, anyplace. You choose the weapons.

  • James

    The jews have only one loyalty, and that is to themselves


      Lame James,

      So that's why 78% of American Jews voted for Barack Hussein Obama.

      BTW, Jews didn't hijack 4 planes on 9/11 or declare War on the US on December 7th 1941 (Imperial Japan) or December 11th 1941 (nazi national SOCIALIST Germany).

    • BS77

      Hey James, where is your loyalty? To your ego , no doubt,. It's the people like you that make misery in this world.

      • reader

        His loyalty is with anyone who tells him that he's a loser not because he was brought up a loser but because the evil Jews made him a loser – somehow, someway. He feels better this way.

  • JKH

    I was right there with you, until you said its a "white supremacist" term.

    If "Israel Firster" is not fair game, neither is"white supremacist". Both describe people who put their self-identified group above others. Both are often abused to attack people from those respective groups. Theres not much difference as far as Im concerned.

  • Schlomotion

    I am a Jihad Firster who hates all dem joos cause my pecker is so tiny

  • Nakba1948

    Yum yum I really like to eat camel droppings

  • James

    I have only one loyalty and that is to my barnyard bovine partner.

  • Shimon

    Buy Nakba1948 a camel and a one-way ticket to Syria.