The 53% vs. the 99%

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All of liberalism is based on this conceit. The only way you can justify to yourself taking the money and labor of others is by portraying yourself as a victim. Redistribution of wealth from Jake to Joe is a violation of the Ten Commandments unless Jake owes Joe money. Liberals forget that taxation for police and fire is designed to help everyone, including the taxed. But simply handing tax money from one person to another violates the basic foundational principles of Western civilization.

Unless, of course, it’s not redistribution that the left wants, but recompense. That’s why class warfare is such an integral part of leftist rhetoric. The rich can’t simply be rich – they must be guilty. The poor can’t just be poor – they must be virtuous.

Romney, by contrast, speaks of an America where Americans do not think of themselves as victims. If people are poor, we don’t assume they’ve been victimized; we simply tell them that if they do their best, they will succeed. We are all born with unequal situations, unequal faculties. God’s apparent injustice in this matter does not give men the license to victimize one another. In fact, only if men do not victimize one another – only if they grant one another the freedom and space to live within the law – can everyone succeed. Otherwise, society does become a war of majority against minority.

In Mitt Romney’s America, the 53% do not get to victimize the 47%. In Barack Obama’s America, the 99% get to victimize the 1%. That is the basic difference in philosophy: not numbers, but the driving need to justify what is basically wrong.

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  • tarleton

    Romney is a bad candidate with the same problem as AlGore ; he's a rich elitist with zero charisma and angular pesonality that folks intuitively dislike …Algor shouldhave won the 2000 election as he had all the advantages and yet he lost to a no name govenor from Texas because folks couldn't identify with him and couldn't bear the very thought of enduring his dorkish personality for 4 loooong years ….I suspect Romney will lose for the similar reason
    Obama may be a preening poseur and political milli vinilli , but he's perfected his acting role as ''President '' and seems destined for an academy award ; he's the american idol and the king of cool and many folks have gotten used to him …it's now Romney who is the great unknown

    • Omar

      What are you talking about? Romney has great charisma.

      • oldtimer

        We shouldn't be caring about charisma but about morals, of which 0 has none. The pied piper had charisma, that's how he led the children off the cliff….

    • zionit

      Dude – history history history – who would choose Chamberlain over Churchill?

    • Mehscassatocazzo

      We get the first Terrorist Attack under Obama's watch, the world is "literally" burning, soldiers are being killed left and right, Our US Flag is being burned in 27 countries, an Ambassador has been assassinated along with 3 other great Americans (including 2 Navy Seal), Israel is thrown under the bus as Iran is about 60 days from a nuclear weapon – all the while – Our President is going to Vegas, entertained by Beyonce/Jay-Z and visiting David Letterman AND YOU choose to focus your attention on Romney.

      Are you freakin kidding me?! You lost all credibility pal.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      That's quite the sophisticated political analysis that rockets people to superstar success. Do you have any links to your insightful blogs?

      Lip synch your way to the top. OK then.

    • poppakap

      Tarleton, are you 10 years old? You sound like my 3rd grade son's friends discussing politics. It's no wonder our country is in economic meltdown and our foreign policy is an embarrassment; juveniles like yourself empower Washington incompetence.

  • tarleton

    Furthermore , Obama is in the ''spirit of the times '' while Romney with his zany religion and 1960's like conservatism is hopelessly anachronistic and out of touch ….young folk are becoming increasingly liberal , while the older , wiser generation of conservatives are dying off by the day representing a generational ''tipping point '' …the future does indeed belong to the young

    • davarino

      Alright, its cool to be leftist, its uncool to be conservative. The new way is to take from the rich and give to the poor. Oh wait, thats not new, its been tried before. The thing the poor dont understand is that if we go down this "cool" path, they will never rise above their state, they will never be wealthy, they will have to settle for the scraps given to them by the thievery of their masters. After taxing the rich to death, then what? Who will create jobs, the poor? As the pie of stolen wealth becomes smaller so do the scraps to hand out.

      Enjoy your "spirit of the times" while it lasts

    • Spider

      Wait until all those young people who voted in the "Cool" Democrats get out of college and have to start paying back all the bills racked up by years of grotesque financial mismanagement. They will be the ones paying the price and not the older wiser generation. Either they pay 85% of what they make working or they rely on scraps handed them by government – This is the bright future created for them courtesy of the "Cool" party isn't it?

    • Mehscassatocazzo

      We get the first Terrorist Attack under Obama's watch, the world is "literally" burning, soldiers are being killed left and right, Our US Flag is being burned in 27 countries, an Ambassador has been assassinated along with 3 other great Americans (including 2 Navy Seal), Israel is thrown under the bus as Iran is about 60 days from a nuclear weapon – all the while – Our President is going to Vegas, entertained by Beyonce/Jay-Z and visiting David Letterman AND YOU choose to focus your attention on Romney.

      Are you freakin kidding me?! You lost all credibility.

    • JoJoJams

      Actually, it's also "cool" to go against the establishment. And guess who the "establishment" is in college? that's right – -the loony leftist libs!! A lot of college kids are seeing the hypocrisy and are going conservative. It's the new cool! lmao! ;-)

    • Stephen_Brady

      Tonight, go into a detailed attack on Joseph Smith, and see how many Mormons will be rioting and killing, tomorrow. However, say, "Mohammed wasn't a nice man", and the whole Muslim world will be aflame, tomorrow.

      Now, which religion is the "zany" religion?

    • poppakap

      Since tarleton's political philosophy is an extraction of Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits, it's no wonder he and his ilk find the mind-numbing incompetence of the Obama Administration part of the zeitgeist. I weep for the future of our country.

    • Marvin Fox

      The tipping point indeed belongs to the young. Being 80 yrs. of age, I understand that tipping point better than most younger people. Obama's "spirit of the times" is tipping them into a financial abyss that will take them until their old age to get out of. Romney's life and his religion have prepared him for the difficult tasks ahead. Obama is such a poor performer that his worst enemy will be his second term inheritance. Obama will have to look back at his first term failures and know he has inherited them from himself.
      Marvin Fox

      • tarleton

        Obama is NOT a flash in the pan ..he's here to stay …..somewhere in the last few years america ceased to be a center right country and has now became a CENTER LEFT

        • Noway2no

          ALL CAPS does not make it true. Just because a low-life con man wormed his way into the Oval Office does not mean the USA leans toward collectivism en masse.

          The current occupant of the White House is many things but first and foremost he is an elitist. He whines and complains all the while posing as an intellectual without an original thought.

          Simply put, she offers nothing new and is below average intelligence yet because of The Peter Principle has risen to the highest levels. Since his limited intellect does not allow for introspection or self-actualization the glass house he lives in must continually be polished by endless verbal dribble, self-aggrandizement and the fawning of sycophants.

  • john butala

    Obama is the "spirit of the times" if the spirit of times is to identify oneself as a victim despite living in the richest country in the world with plenty of opportunities to unvictimize yourself. That 's plenty of Democrats. Are there a lot of Dems who are hardworking, pay taxes, serve in the military, and are proud of their country? Sure, but there's no debate that Americans who think they're being taken advantage of by the rich, or they're being oppressed, think things aren't fair, want others to pay for their free ride, and/or think America is a rotten place and needs to be taken a peg or two or three will vote for Democrats. And the latter number in the tens of millions. It's not the Democrat Party, it's the Victicrat Party.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    I am a former Democratic Party member. I was there at the Chicago DNC of ill fame.
    And also I am a retired Senior-Fellow Engineer, US Department of Defense Military Avionic Programs, an US patents holder and published professional that paid taxes and thank the US for having been just to me and my family.
    The present Democratic Party is a shambles home for opportunistic people that live for generations on the back of working people siphoning taxes and benefits. A channel for illegal invaders. They are destroying the greatest country ever. The US has been made to look awful by ungrateful people that claim victims status while holding all the power positions. Shame and disgrace.
    It is painful to see what has happened to the fantastic country and is being now accelerated.
    G.d Bless America!

    • Spider

      We applaud you sir. Thank you for finally realizing who the Democraps have become and who they really are. I was also a Democrap years ago. But as Reagan famously said "I didn't leave the party the party left me". the same goes for me.

    • mlcblog

      Bless you!

  • pierce

    Obama, Obama, that is all we ever hear. He is the champion of the people, or that is what he thinks he is. He even thinks he is doing a good job as President, then why are so many people out of work, why is the money I spend shrinking in value, and why is it that I have the strongest feeling that we are going headlong into the worst recession/depression that this country has seen, and he put us there with his wreckless spending. If he is reelected it will, I repeat, it will get worse, and I try to be an optimist. He Obama is leading us headlong over the proverbial cliff.
    Vote Mitt Romney in November, he can't do a worse job.

  • oldtimer

    "spirit of the times"….help us… 0 is racist, hateful, deceptive, jealous, divisive, selfish, arogant, ungrateful, powerhungry, liar, and on, and on……hope that this is not the "spirit of the times" for much longer….get him and his horde of unAmerican criminals out of our government, permanently….

  • flowerknife_us

    Slaves never pay taxes. Obamas task is to make the number of Slaves 99%. Just like the 99ers are on the street demanding.

    • amused

      Get real flowerknife_us . Not only s that remark absurd , it's childish .

      • flowerknife_us

        Quiet slave!

  • Asher

    Look at the people who represent the distribution of wealth, they are all socialist-progressives, Big Government, anti-American Liberals…..Most of us work hard to have anything and do pay our fair share of taxes, some of us almost 50%. It is not our duty to take care of those who don't want to work, or are too lazy to get off the couch and go make a living in return for their liberal allegiance to the Communist movement. We are thinking of our children's futures and everyone else had better realize that Obama's world of distribution will be worse in his second term, if we are still here and able to function after an EMP…his foreign policy is a disaster and he knows it. AlQida leader released from Gitmo, who was involved with the deaths of 4 Americans.

    • DNZMO

      The AlQeada leader you are referring to was released by President Bush, but I am sure you will find a way to blame Obama.

  • guest

    Obama and his crooked friends believe in grafting and taxpayer embezzlement. They spread this wealth redistribution propaganda just so they can maintain power, steal more from the US citizens and appoint their thief friends to Fannie Mae.

    • G. Williams

      I agree with Mr. Shapiro nearly entirely, except for one important point: It is not a question of the 99% victimizing the 1% in Obama's America. There are actually two different victimizations occuring simutaneouly – one based on economic envy and resentment (i.e. the 47% vs. the 53%), while the other is based on the desire to control (5% vs the 95%). The result is a convergence, when all privately owned wealth is eventually destroyed or put under the control of the 5% (Marxist/statist/elitist). That is what occurred in the Soviet Union, and it can/will happen in the USA if the leftist elites can continue to descrease the size of the "haves" and increase the size of the dependent class. No one (including Marx and Alinsky) ever believed socialism would take over the USA, unless the wealth was first taken away from the middle class (the dwindling 53%). That can only occur by collapsing the financial system. The way to do this is to encourage the guy making $50,000 per year to envy and resent the man making $100,000 per year. …

      • guest

        History has never seen a true socialist. They all become corrupt and drink their champagne and party with their criminal friends in Manhattan sky rises.

        I would rather see a bottom up approach focusing on standards and passion. Regardless of your ideology, there are a priori morals. Seeing the leader of the free world drink with a crack dealer is rings extremely wrong. Seeing taxpayer dollars go to subsidize addiction and child abuse so big government advocates can party in Vegas and Hawaii on vacation from their bureaucratic palaces is extremely wrong.

        Dump Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chucky Schummer and Steney Howyer in a Falls Church warehouse. Give them a used chair and a cubby hole. Tie up the union contracts in court. If they aren't willing to loose it all, they've lost already.

    • Jim_C

      Ah, Obama invented taxation and payola, now? No doubt you were equally concerned when Dick Cheney awarded a no bid contract to his former company, and when many of those billions magically disappeared in Iraq.

      • guest

        Obama and his fellow big government advocate Senators blocked housing reform over 17 times. Barney Frank slept with Fannie Mae board members. Chris Dodd had loan favoritism from Angelo Mozillo CEO Countrywide Home Loans. This wrecked the US economy in 2008, and now Obama blames it on not enough taxes and regulations, which ended up pushing more money into the too big to fail banks.

        Obama follows up blatant fraud with treacherous schemes. We trust him with the most power in the US, and look how we are repaid. It's our fault now.

        Concerning your snide red herring to prove two wrongs make a right, armies should be for fighting and not building bridges. We start doing that though, and the big government advocates like you throw US soldiers to the terrorist wolfpack. We already saw internet death videos with applause and laugh tracks of soldiers back then, and now we are seeing Obama feed ambassadors to the wolves so he can stay in power.

  • BS77

    This election will be a pure Orwellian media fest. The libtard mass media will continue to vilify Gov. Romney through slanted polls, poorly concealed editorialized "news", nuance and lies..the usual bag of tricks the left uses to push public opinion towards their candidate. Then, the romantic band of phony progressive revolutionaries and welfare state socialists, like the pigs in Animal Farm, will eagerly press forward to take their place in the luxurious mansion on the hill, as the corrupt and ridiculous elite they are. Only thoughtful voters can prevent this. We are facing a financial disaster, in case no one noticed. Sixteen trillion dollars in debt. Are you freakin kidding?.

  • G. Williams

    (Cont.) In America, as opposed to 1917 Russia, it's not so much the poor peasant vs. the wealthy landowner; the problem is that the relatively comfortable lower middle class resents the upper middle income taxpayer for having a better house, car, retirement plan, etc., and will vote for redistribution by means of government provided health care, day care, mortgage/rent subsidies, food stamps, student loan debt forgiveness, unsustainable pension promises, etc., until there is no wealth remaining to siphon. The real wealth in America is in the savings, houses, and pensions of the 53%, formerly 70%. That is what Statists like Obama are after. If the Govt. confiscated all wealth of the top 1%, this amount would not run the Federal Budget even one single year. The leftist leaders who have taken control of the Democrat party (as well as some of the RINO's) are the equivalent of the USSR's "nomenclatura", who made up 5% of the people. What we really need is a true party of the middle class – and we don't have that now.

  • Mehscassatocazzo

    We get the first Terrorist Attack under Obama's watch, the world is "literally" burning, soldiers are being killed left and right, Our US Flag is being burned in 27 countries, an Ambassador has been raped & assassinated along with the murder 3 other great Americans (including 2 Navy Seal), Israel is thrown under the bus as Iran is about 60 days from a nuclear weapon – all the while – Our President is going to Vegas, entertained by Beyonce/Jay-Z and visiting David Letterman AND YOU choose to focus your attention on Romney. Are you freakin kidding me?!

    • Jim_C

      Yes, how dare they focus on a presidential candidate finally stating his real views a month before the election? We should be covering Obama on Letterman! I'm sure you were just as concerned with Mr. Bush's schedule during the terrorist attacks, embassy bombings, ambassador assassinations, and economic freefall that happened during his term.

  • Jim_C

    Spin glorious spin. Tell me, Mr. Shapiro–where are the stats that 47% of the population considers themselves "victims?" Is that a stat, or another great conservative "interpretation" of something factual–you know, like all the "interpretations" and explanations of what Mitt REALLY meant.

    I like to encourage you to explain that, loud, proud, and publicly.

    • poppakap

      Spare us the condescension jimmie boy. That Obamao and his ilk consider the 47% victims is all part of the socialist didactic and validating sources are plenty. That you would attempt to obfuscate such well-known dogma is just childish. Bow out and leave the conversation to the adults if you're going to be juvenile.

  • clarespark

    The formulation of the 99% victimized by the 1% is straight out of the Populist playbook. See this guest blog by Phillip Smyth that is making the rounds:…. "Ron Paul: Anarchist-in-Chief." No one has mounted a critique of Phillip's essay yet, though it has been widely circulated.

  • Questions

    It is intuitive as well as empirical that people don't bite the hand that feeds them. And if government does the feeding, people as a whole will be less likely to bite and especially more likely to oppose those who call for a smaller role for government.

    People often forget how much hostility there was toward Reagan in 1980 when he delivered this message. He and Carter were in a virtual dead heat when they had their one and only televised presidential debate a week before Election Day; it was only afterward that the swing vote moved heavily into Reagan's column. Even many "conservatives" can't grasp how the "middle-class" they profess to celebrate in large measure has become nontaxpaying supplicants (The late Jack Kemp did everything he could to absolve blacks from paying taxes — he called this "enterprise zones"; I call it "reparations."). Hopefully, Mitt Romney will have a chance to clarify his sound perspective during his TV debate(s) with Obama.

  • tagalog

    If the reason why you're successful is that someone along the line gave you some help, doesn't that tell you that it's a really good idea to cultivate the powerful people you come across so that their help will assist you in actually getting somewhere? Waiting for the government to be your pal and give you a hand up is a useless project.

  • Iratus Vulgas

    Romney correctly pointed out one of the greatest threats this nation is facing: A voting constituency who will vote for anyone who promises them a free bag of cookies. These people will never support a productive solution to our weak economy as long as there are goodies to be had. Meanwhile the rest of us are knocking ourselves out trying to figure out how to make our own cookies without excessive govt intervention. It's damned frustrating.

    • mlcblog

      You got it! Straight up and simple.

  • pyeatte

    To make it simple, it is obvious that 99% of us are victims of the Obama Administration. The problem is the people on the left are not smart enough to realise it.

    • mlcblog

      I like your math. Kind of like 1 and 1 is 2.

  • amused

    Get used to it Shapiro , your boy got caught expressing his contempt for the lesser peones . Nobody was surprised at that really , but Mitt himself .
    As for you BS77 [that "BS " must stand for bullshheeet ] so the media will villify Romney ?? HAH , well you conservatves have been villifying Obama since Nov.9 ,2008 . So suck it up pal .As for the debt ? We see if the two groups of you idiot-ards Reps & Dems can actually compromise for the good of the country . If they dont , that may very well cause a Depression , which means that you may actually become part of that…47% of moochers on the unemployment line ,signing up for food stamps .

  • Coptic John

    Hope that wise Americans expel Mohammed Morsi Obama out from the White House soon along with Clinton and Holder, Huma Abedine, Dalia Mujahed

  • Ghostwriter

    Great! I don't know what to think about all of this!

  • amused

    The 47% Romney was talking about are the 47% of the electorate that voted for Obama . 46.8% of people in the US dont pay taxes which includes unemployed , people who make below the taxable income levels , retirees on social security , some of the very rich . But even those are not who Romney was reffering to , he lumped All in contemptuous denigration who voted for Obama .
    He may have fooled YOU Shapiro , but no one else . Group A/ Group B= B.S.

  • cynthia curran

    Well instead of courting the Hispanic vote since Hispanics are more likely on welfare than whites, Romney could have point out that our immigration system has created greater welfare since many illegal immirgants make low wages and their children received government lunch programs. Also, legal Hispanics are more likely to be on the dole than whites particularly in states like Texas and California. Romney should have left the white population along since as a percentage it receives less welfare than blacks or Hispanics. And now whites make less of welfare cases in total since both black and Hispanic welfare combine is higher.

  • Marvin Fox

    The 53% VS the 99%. The Leftists have these convenient accusations for those who are not on on the left. The !%, those who have stolen the prosperity from the 99%. Anyone making more than $250K, people who aren't paying enough taxes. At least not enough to support the Left's social justice (the redistribution of wealth).
    It is time to look at the Left's 1% to see how well it is supporting the redistribution of wealth. So far I have seen the Left's 1% talk the talk. I have seen none of the Left's 1% walk the walk. They, Like Obama, are leading from behind; or, at least, they would be leading from behind someone else's behind if they had a !%er in the Leftist camp who had ever redistributed his own wealth to the masses. It seems the Left's !% is the most guilty of robbing the 99% of prosperity because the Left has refused its self binding duty to social justice (the redistribution of wealth). The Left's !% is refusing to commit themselves to social justice at the personal level. One can only conclude that the left is expecting all of the redistribution of wealth to be imposed at the 99% level. The rich Left Wing 1%, I have no doubt, will maintain its tax loopholes to protect its !% position in its Marxist Utripia.
    Marvin Fox