The Cry-Baby in Chief

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Everything is yours, Mr. President.  Those are the words Obama longs to hear – and those are the words he’s longed to hear his entire career.  Kantor briefly traces his political rise – carefully avoiding mention of his dubious relationships with Jeremiah Wright or Tony Rezko or Bill Ayers – portraying him as an idealist among idealists, a naïve Mr. Smith Goes to Washington type who wanted to be a non-politician politician.

But, of course, the truth is somewhat less noble.  Obama comes across in the book as profoundly power-hungry – he couldn’t get anything done as a State Senator, so he moved on to the Senate; he couldn’t get anything done in the Senate, so he moved on to the presidency.

He’s frustrated with the presidency, too.  “When Obama reflected privately on the presidency that fall, he often spoke about the limitations of the office,” Kantor reports about Obama’s first autumn in the White House.  He was suffering from a “dawning sense of political powerlessness.”  This is the highest form of egotism known to man.  The president of the United States is the most powerful individual on earth.  He does not get to complain about his lack of power.  No wonder Obama has publicly mused about the beauties of the Chinese system – the only step up from the presidency is monarchy or dictatorship.

In China, the dictators need brook no criticism.  And Obama can’t stand criticism.  In another fascinating tidbit, Obama’s friend Christopher Edley, dean of UC Berkeley Law School, recommended via email that Obama not pick Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff the day after the election.  “Soon after he sent the note,” says Kantor, “the phone rang.  It was Jarrett, warning Edley of a very angry phone call to come.  ‘Why would you do this today, of all days?’ Obama demanded of Edley.  He wanted to savor his moment of victory free of all criticism, Edley concluded; he did not have much tolerance for seeing his judgment doubted.  The old friends never spoke again.”

Obama has carried that petulant attitude forward.  We have now seen it on the public stage, day after day — a man exorcising his personal demons by bullying and whining his way through his presidency, blaming his political enemies and the American public for all his woes.  It is not pretty.  And looking behind the scenes with Jodi Kantor is even uglier still.

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  • Ken

    Arrogant? Self-centered?? Barack Obama?? Say it ain't so!!!

  • UCSPanther

    Sounds as much a train wreak as Kwame Kilpatrick, but without the horribly flagrant corruption.

    • Rifleman

      Not to disagree with your point, but hussein's corruption seems pretty flagrant to me.

      • UCSPanther

        You are probably right. It is more flagrant than we realize, but regardless, it is a train wreck all the way.

    • ProudInfidel12

      I agree that Kwame was a mess, and typical of what a punk with power is, but to say the Obama WH is free of corruption, is not correct. There has been nothing but corruption, since day 1, with Obama. He has forsaken The Constitution, and has made himself Hugo Chavez. Or, at the very least, he's tried.

    • RightinTexas

      Solyndra, illegal appointments, slush fund billions from the "stimulus", these just sprung to mind. If I thought a couple of seconds longer I could come up with lots more. Oh yes, he's corrupt.

  • Big Irish

    heres something to 2012….give BHO (pissbeuponhim) a blankey, put a diaper on him, then kick his islamic pandering, filthy, A@S so far from the White House not even his freaky wife can find him…..just an idea….

    • kafir

      Using all 3 initials of the current White House resident is racist and islamophobic. I've removed the middle initial in my speech, and now just call him Stinky in honor of the remaining initials, BO. Nobody can argue that BO is Stinky, that's why they call it BO. In November of 2012, we need to get BO out of the White House.
      Deodorant 2012!
      It's time to get the Stinks out!!

  • ingvard

    " Thus, neither Burton nor Depp showed up on White House visitor logs." A chilling revolation, why should anyone be supprised. Like a spoiled child on Christmas day wanting everything with no hint of sacrifice.

  • Abraham

    Obama's life is easy to psychoanalyse. His alcoholic brutal Muslim father and his dominant Christian mother explain it quite well. In the Muslim part of his split, Obama is forever trying to find favor with Muslims in authority hence his propitiating attitude toward Muslim leaders in authority. The influence of his mother is evident in his leftist socialist aspirations at home. This is one very sick little boy who will try to unify himself emotionally and overcome the need for parental affection and love by compensating for his powerlessness by craving power. Like most severely disturbed people everything he does to try and balance himself only gets him deeper into the muddle.
    What's frightening is that this neurotic is president of the USA and has a real influence on global affairs.

    • Asher

      Many dark secrets exposed in this book….America knows who they really Are!

    • Rifleman

      His Grandparents may have been Christian, but i don't think his mom was, marxists are atheists.

  • Zinnia2

    not surprised of this behavior as being part of the entitlement society, the ineligible (because of SCOTUS 1875 decision and wh released BC) occupier of the oval office who defies the :US Constitution should be walked out today along w/accomplices who put him there…

  • BLJ

    The "man" is a drama queen. I have never bought into the idea that he is some sort of jock either. I have seen him play hoops, swing a golf club, throw a bowling ball and toss out a first pitch.

    He sucks at all. Just like he does as the POTUS. He is a fraud and a total joke.

    • AC7880

      Let me fix that for you.

      The "man" is a queen. He sucks. Larry Sinclair and "body man" Reggie can testify.

  • Eric G

    Narcissist … exactly right. His whole political career is fraught with symptoms of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM IV) for Mental Health Disorders under Type II Cluster B (Narcissism, Borderline, Histrionic) — self centered, petulant, blaming, and holding a child-like view of the world as only villains and heroes (aka oppressors and victims).

  • AntiSharia

    Tell us something we didn't already know from watching the last four years of this nonsense.

  • tanstaafl

    This is a man, who, in the depths of his heart, knows that he is not constitutionally eligible to serve as POTUS. A man with honor would resign this position, instead he trashes about, his childish behavior rising in response to any challenge to his anti-American policies.

    This is a Shakespearean tragedy, where Obama "struts and frets his hour upon the stage" and then "is heard no more".

  • Asher

    Loyalties to the House of Saud.

  • Anon

    The Kantor book also suggests another truth: his lack of intelligence. He is not really stupid, but I put his IQ at about 115, well shy of any intellectual distinction, able to function primarily by manipulation and mimicry, but at the same time desperately worried (and capable of violence) if challenged or found out. All in all, an unappetizing package who was basically invented and ennabled by a press corps of profound corruption. The 2008 election was really a coup by press.

  • Ann

    The correct answers is that they were sent so you could use them and read them, but really the people own them—you may use them but they are not yours—just like everything in the White House and the within our Country — it all belongs to the American People!!! Unlike the dictators you aspire to be!!! Nothing here is yours!!!

    • Eric G

      Well said Ann. The office of POTUS itself belongs to the people… a fact totally lost on the current administration.

    • Derek

      Spot on, Ann!

  • topperj

    As Glenn Beck pointed out a year or more ago, you could almost feel sorry for Obama. His childhood doomed him to his present self-centered, shattered adult life. But since he's, unfortunately, our President, I feel sorry for America. We are paying the price for his vet-free campaign and presidency. We already know more about Romney and Bain in one week than we know about Obama after 5-6 years on the public landscape. The shameful performance of the MSM will doom us to another four years (or more) of this horrible man. And, no, I cannot separate his politics from the man. They are one and the same.

  • Ghostwriter

    I've got the feeling that Obama isn't going to like this book very much.

  • Granny Jan

    I'm still waiting the real story. No one has had the courage to talk about the elephant in the room.

    • Jim_C

      You'll be waiting a long time, Granny.

  • Jim_C

    This pathetic "crybaby" is going to win in 2012, so get used to it.

    • BLJ

      Not if he doesn't get the White Guilt vote. He fooled most of them the first time. Also if gas prices spike again things won't be good for our Dear Leader.

  • Jim_C

    Guess people just see what they want to see….

    • Old Timer

      Just like you do.

  • BLJ

    You must be blind Jim C if you don't think Obama is a fraud. He actually will have to run on his record this time. The Republican nominee needs to keep the focus on Obama's crappy record as POTUS. Let books like this talk about his other shortcomings.

    • Maxie

      Voter fraud via the unions/SEIU and "Acorn" will put him in for another term.

  • Anamah

    We already know who is he, now could somebody tell me how in the world could we have felt on this hole? This is an unbelievable story of treason, corruption and indoctrination, we will need to learn and understand. America became a destructive Banana Republic. Everything in the highest levels of power right now is a scam. Please tell me how could this be possible. We need to dismantle the hell.

    • Maxie

      It's known as the MarxStreamMedia- led by the NYTimes – which backed him, lied for him, shielded him and smeared any and all who opposed him. And they're gearing up to do it again. Google JournOlist media to get the names & numbers of most of the players.

  • johnnywoods

    Back in Sweethome Alabama we called guys like this One, a "piss ant", a.k.a. an insignificant little insect.

  • Brujo Blanco

    It may be only a matter of time until Obama really seizes power. He has this tendency to be dictatorial. Obama is a dangerous man who tends to write law instead of enforcing it.

    • flyingtiger

      This is a concern. I always felt that George W> Bush was too lazy to try to bec ome dictator. Obama, on the other hand, may try. Whether he succeeds is another matter. He should have gone back to Kenya and become a dictator there. He would have been hapier there.

      • creeper00

        Surely you don't think Bush was lazier than Obama?

  • Davod

    Remember the "Greatest civil rights speech of all time" Obama's repudiation of reverend Wright. Overwhelmed by the aura emanating from Obama"s educated blackness, most commentators gloss over the "and then he disrespected me" part.

    Despite being tied to Wright"s vile sermons, Obama defended Wright until Wright complained at a Black conference about Obama. "And then he disrespected me."

  • Marti

    He is the puppet of George Soros.
    Does anyone remember as a child Soros sold his own people out to the Nazis, and then stated, "those were the happiest days of my life".
    This usurper in chief is more than happt to now sell our country out to the Islamic Nazis.
    Every thing he is doing is dictated by his puppet master.
    We will pay dear for uninformed voters and the communist media.

  • usedtoreadfpmag

    That's it!?? That's all you got? Just make fun of the President as if this were middle school?
    Mocking, scorn, derision, no actual content. I get it, you hate the guy, think hes a traitor; you hate his followers, think they are traitors. We get that. I used to read this site, but really, you have to come up with some original content.

  • carl

    Who's mess [6 million loss jobs, out-of-control debt, derisive party division] is this Mr. President?

    Why, it's yours!

  • David Bush

    Get serious. Asking silly questions like whose the magazines belong to? When you have bigger fish to fry like running the country who cares about magazines. It seems like he doesn't take the office of President seriously. Playing golf, having child-like Halloween parties, small talk about magazines, calling a press conference then leaving early saying that Michelle his wife is waiting to go shopping…he needs to grow up & get a real job not spend our tax dollars playing "house" at the white house.