The Good News About Romney

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Mitt Romney had a tough week. First, the absurd Supreme Court Obamacare ruling boxed Romney into a tough political corner; Romney could no longer rely on the distinction between federal unconstitutionality and state legality. Now, the legal distinction between Obamacare and Romneycare has been stripped away, leaving Romney in the unenviable position of trying to explain the difference between his smaller plan and Obama’s grander national plan.

Then, Romney got smacked with a coordinated smear job by the Obama campaign and the mainstream media surrounding his days at Bain Capital. This was hardly unexpected – political observers have known for months that Obama would hit Romney with false charges of outsourcing and offshore accounts. But Obama has built his entire campaign on it – now his bus tour features the slogan “Betting on America,” a rip-off from Bill Clinton’s re-election rhetoric. The implication: Romney doesn’t care about America enough to hire American.

Meanwhile, thanks to Romney’s inability to come to terms with either of these attacks, conservatives are growing restless. Rupert Murdoch and Jack Welch both tweeted that Romney needed to rejigger his staff. Conservative columnists have lamented Romney’s stagnation in terms of political adjustment.

Romney has remained quiet. And Barack Obama has surged to a four-point lead in the latest national polls.

So, where’s the good news for conservatives?

The good news is that unlike in 2008, conservatives are not willing to sit back and wait for their candidate to fight back. Conservatives recognize that in Mitt Romney, they have a default candidate – the Other Guy, the Not Obama. And they also recognize that because Romney doesn’t necessarily have the fight in him to do battle with the Obama campaign and its media surrogates, the conservative movement needs to take nt is taking matters into its own hands.

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  • Lisa_H

    Good points.

  • Oleg

    Since the gloves are off and B.O is taking the tactic of attacking Bain Capital and accusing Romney of offshore bank accounts, maybe it's time to look into Barry's personal finances, who paid for him to go to Harvard and Columbia, how did he end up with a million dollars from two autobiographies that nobody but political junkies bought? What Romney should do is sack his campaign director for one, the one that thinks moderating everything and trying not to offend will take Romney over the finish line.

  • dennis x

    willard is just a place holder, per jaba the rush.

  • Asher

    Romney proved he is a fighter and can bounce back…He has what it takes to run a country!

  • Romney Fan

    Good stuff. We'll see how this all plays out!