The Good News About Romney

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You can see it on Twitter. Every time Barack Obama tries to launch a meme – Julia (his attempt to paint women under Obama life rule as the luckiest of beings), or the Truth team, or Double My Rate – conservatives quickly take it over. Even liberals recognize conservative successes on Twitter. President Obama complains in his campaign speeches that Republican messages can be put in a tweet – as though liberalism were simply too sophisticated to fit in 140 characters (even though liberal bumper stickers are significantly more common than conservative ones). Comedy Central writers complain about conservative hashtag games.

The same is true of the internet more broadly. Whenever President Obama attempts to launch a campaign narrative – whether it be his “popular” campaign launch at a half-empty stadium, his attempt to claim credit for the Bin Laden kill despite a CYA memo setting up an admiral for a fall in case of mission failure, or his failed war on behalf of women – conservatives strike it down.

The fact is that conservatives will have to drag Mitt Romney’s campaign across the finish line if they hope to repeal Obamacare; Romney doesn’t have the wherewithal to fight that battle. Conservatives will have to ensure that the repeal itself is rammed through Congress, even if Republicans take back Congress – as Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has said, it will be an uphill battle to keep the Republican caucus together.

Faith in politicians has typically been the conservative undoing over the last forty years. Ronald Reagan was an incredible president, but he did sign elevated spending into law. George W. Bush was a big spender and an entitlement-grower who didn’t understand basic principles of capitalist economics. Yet we placed our undying faith in both of them, allowing them to take unpopular measures out of sheer loyalty.

No more. The era of trust in government – and our elected officials – is gone. Good riddance.

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  • Lisa_H

    Good points.

  • Oleg

    Since the gloves are off and B.O is taking the tactic of attacking Bain Capital and accusing Romney of offshore bank accounts, maybe it's time to look into Barry's personal finances, who paid for him to go to Harvard and Columbia, how did he end up with a million dollars from two autobiographies that nobody but political junkies bought? What Romney should do is sack his campaign director for one, the one that thinks moderating everything and trying not to offend will take Romney over the finish line.

  • dennis x

    willard is just a place holder, per jaba the rush.

  • Asher

    Romney proved he is a fighter and can bounce back…He has what it takes to run a country!

  • Romney Fan

    Good stuff. We'll see how this all plays out!