The Real Racists

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In 2008, Barack Obama won 95 percent of the black vote. Now, blacks voted in large percentages for Democrats long before that, of course, largely because of Democratic devotion to huge spending on social programs. But Obama’s election was unique.

The black community, however, was also largely anti-same sex marriage. In fact, many commentators suggested that Obama’s presence on the 2008 ballot in California allowed Proposition 8, upholding traditional marriage, to win approval – blacks showed up to vote Obama, and cast their ballots in favor of Proposition 8 at the same time.

Take the black population in Maryland, for example. Just a few weeks ago, 56 percent of Maryland black voters were getting ready to cast their ballot against a referendum granting approval to same-sex marriage. Only 39 percent of blacks supported same-sex marriage.

Then President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage. Now, polls show that suddenly, 55 percent of blacks plan to vote for same-sex marriage in Maryland, with only 36 percent opposing.

And that statistic holds true nationally. Suddenly, nearly 60 percent of black Americans across the country support same-sex marriage.

So, what changed? Certainly nothing changed in the black churches, which have large opposed same-sex marriage, and continue to do so. Nothing has changed in black households over the past couple of weeks – no change in socioeconomic status, no change in household income, no change in level of educational attainment.

Only one thing has changed. Barack Obama has spoken. And Barack Obama is black.

Make no mistake: were Obama white, no such shift would have occurred. Plenty of white politicians have endorsed same-sex marriage. When Joe Biden did so, nobody expected the black community to fall into line. But when Obama did it, suddenly there was a groundshift inside the black community.

Obama made no persuasive arguments for same-sex marriage. He hardly made any argument at all. And yet a full fifth of black voters shifted their opinions on the issue when he opened his mouth.

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  • TomG

    Way to go, Ben. Sayin' what needs to be said. Tell it, Brotha. Tell it!

  • Tomas

    Add Muslims to the list of the "real racists" (broad sense) also. They were Republican based on core shared beliefs (i.e. conservative, not the "death to kafir" and murdering apostates etc parts) before 9/11, then switched to Democrat afterward. They don't like Americans who question Al Qaeda's "good intentions." Democrats entertain the meme that 9/11 was an "inside job". Nuff said.

  • Diogenes


  • Anthony

    The multicultural experiment has created this monster. America is simply no longer the great place it once once was. Blacks will continue to fail to think about such matters and whites will continue to to diminish in numbers until we have equality of mediocrity, and and all the ugliness a dumbed down, polyglot society has to offer.

    I decided not to vote anymore. America is finished by virtue of our acceptance of this ugly idea called multiculturalism and all the schemes designed to improve black self esteem. No matter who becomes president, Obama or Romney, we are at the tipping point. One, maybe two election cycles and whatever improvements made will be eventually reversed again as the minority majority America we’ve all been told is coming, finally arrives. Expect the Impossiblity of any Republican president ever getting elected unless he is a RINO.

    A nation is its people. Looking around the streets of NYC, I can see that the Thirld World is here. Seeing the low intelligence and utter lack of proper manners and respect prevalent in the typical school kid, the Thirld World is here to stay a la ghetto.

    • davarino

      Anthony, there is no giving up. I believe the conditions are right for a true patriot to stand up and call things as they are and turn this country around, but as you say it needs to happen soon. Dont despair Anthony, I'm sure living in NYC is like living in a third world country but you have to remember that you are in a state that is nothing like the rest of the country. We in "fly over country" still vote and are not as inundated by the marauding hoards like you on the coasts. Thats why most politicians hate us, because we are so American. All its going to take is something or someone to awaken us again to turn this nation around.

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        Yes, Dava…we need an American On Horseback
        who can change the direction and take control of
        the reins, but in a positive way – an American way!
        We need more Sarah Palins, more Scott Walkers!

      • Ralph

        Don't be so sure of yourself in Middle America. I remember a time when the outer boroughs in NY were 'fly-over country' and nothing like they are now. We had single family houses in leafy , clean, quiet, safe neighborhoods, American flags all over the place, American Legion and other VFW posts (Catholic War Veterans, etc.) all over the place. As late as 1980 and 1984 everybody (read white) turned out to vote for Reagan. It WAS Middle America. Until third world immigration destroyed that forever. And now that high-birthrate monster is headed your way.

        How did it happen to Archie Bunker territory? Locusts. If you took a survey in Manhattan and asked liberals living there where they were born I estimate at most 20 percent are born-and-bred New Yorkers. And probably most of those are upper-middle class and above. Almost every lib I've met in the city while in college, working in renovation and architectural modelmaking and high end cabinetry, were from Wisconsin or Illinois or North Carolina etc. They were the ones that would call you racist when you told them of all the new problems in your neighborhood due to Pakistanis or Central Americans or West Indians and others. Problems they don't have on East 83rd st. The working-class backbone of NY is gone (and some of this before the immigration deluge. Thank you Ed Koch).

        And now the talk is about North Carolina or some other place right in the heart of Middle America. The lib transplants will be there, sneering at you just like the yuppie wave sneered at us in the '80s (Thank you Ed Koch). And voting to enact laws and programs that would make the veins pop out of your grandfather's forehead. The third-world will follow, under their protective wing. Locusts.

        Davarino, you are absolutely right. There is no giving up. And home school your kids. The locusts recruit.

        • Anthony

          Excellent analysis. I would like to add more later.

    • dustime8

      Multicultural necessity was devised by a self-serving government (progressive liberal democrats) to dilute the prevailing population and gain additional voters that would think and vote their way. It's was derived from the (divide and conquer) mentality to homogenize society and eventually destroy our Constitution and other rights to freedom this country was supposedly founded on.and supported by a strong central society that had a running camaraderie during the hardest of times, re-(The great depression, world war ll) .
      Today, thanks mainly to the progressive lot now in office, we are giving the United Nations the right to control our Constitution by enforcing gun control through international law. This one subversion will start a landslide that will eventually dissolve America as we know it today. When real Democracy dies so does freedom and all the rights we once fought for through hard work and hard fighting. Now we must carry on with a large knife in our back, compliments of the progressive left and passive right, a despotic self-serving government.

  • Don L

    It's really quite simple. The"community" prefers to follow the faux messiah rather than the true Messiah – pigmentation is merely Satanic weaponry.

  • StephenD

    There is no other issue more telling of the President than his granting waivers to 4 countries to continue to receive US aid even if they use children as soldiers. Think about this. He has a quivering voice talking about the death of one child here but literally supports countries that use their own children as soldiers! Do you think these kids volunteer? What do you think happens to the little girls from these villages that virtually kidnap the boys for the army? Yet, this man, our President, sees fit to allow these countries a pass and GIVES OUR MONEY in aid to them (which essentially says he supports what they do).
    No. There is no other issue that defines him like this does. Chad, Yemen, Sudan and the Congo…mostly black. Does the American Black community really think he cares about the future of young black people or shares the value system of the black community?

  • Schlomotion

    Ben Shapiro is being a hypocrite when he accuses Black Americans of being socially conservative but neglects the fact that he himself is socially conservative. He is also being a hypocrite when he omits the fact that he received a Yeshiva education, is a Jewish Nationalist and slavishly mated within his race, but will turn around and falsely accuse black people of changing their views on gay marriage because Barack Obama is black. The fact is that many black people are actually as displeased with Obama as white people are. But, Shapiro is just being a divisive Jew trying to pit blacks against whites. He omits entirely the obvious fact that gay marriage and gay people are becoming ever more mainstream and accepted in America, and that is most likely the reason for the sea change in black acceptance of gay people.

    • reader

      "falsely accuse black people of changing their views on gay marriage because Barack Obama is black. The fact is that many black people are actually as displeased with Obama as white people are…. the obvious fact that gay marriage and gay people are becoming ever more mainstream and accepted in America, and that is most likely the reason for the sea change in black acceptance of gay people."

      To most people this does not make any sense logically. But most people aren't trolls.

      • Schlomotion

        It's not my fault that your logic is dictated by your religious and racial fundamentalism.

        • reader

          My logic is dictated by logic, not by takiyya, as in your case, troll.

    • Anthony


      “slavishly mated within his own race”.

      Did your mother mate within her own race?

      I won’t ask about you as it is clear you are childless.

      • Schlomotion

        I don't know where you people get your notions of clarity.

        • reader

          Not in the Koran, apparently.

        • shmomotion

          I hate Jews SOOOO much. You see, I am a small nobody and the Jews are an easy scapegoat for why I'm such a loser.

          • BS77

            finally, the truth comes out. at last, slowmotion has spoken clearly.

          • Western Spirit

            you nailed it.

          • RoguePatriot6

            Good!!! That's very good. Now that you have recognized the problem (first step) maybe you can come up with a plan to resolve it.

        • Galveston

          don't know where you get your delusions of adequacy – silly pig!

        • Anthony

          Are your parents both of the same ethnicity? Are you a parent? I don’t know what to make of you Schlomotion. You come across really scatterbrained,

          I don’t mean it in a hurtful way, but you seem driven by confused anti-Jewish and pro Leftist views.

          Now for a 38 year old person, if you are, it seems rather strange that you picked this up from a place in Boston, from a family you say were here in America from the beginning.

          You blame Jews but say you don’t. You constantly point out contradictions and hypocrisy, yet seem to be an embodiment of it. Honestly, you must search for truth as it is not present in you naturally.

          To some, truth is not In them, I guess somehow in turning from God and nature truth becomes whatever one wishes it to be. I think God put the truth In us all but as we sin, as we rely on our own limited intellect, we create lies and call them truth. God is truth, and truth is not relative. In choosing to live a life of relative truth, wrapped in intelligent sounding vocabulary, and based on selective tidbits of assorted knowledge, one is in fact in a state of ignorance.

          Schlomotion, even Socrates knew his. Don’t be deceived to follow. Look at what is happening globally to see hat bough we are essentially powerless to change the world entire, we can ally ourselves in truth, and for an atheist like you, that is the closest thing to God you will ever know in your earthly existence.

          Finally, be aware that a battle fists between good and evil, that is between truth and deceit. You are free by God’s goodness to choose which side you wish to be on. From your statements, you are on the side that comes forth from error, and leads to destruction.

          • Schlomotion

            I come across as scatterbrained, I think, because you only see slices of what I say, and I do not hold back everything I mean, regardless of whether or not it will be meaningful to you. I am content to say everything at once and neither bridge all the gaps nor reduce everything to one simple gleaming element, or short, three point proof. I am not trying to preserve some kind of distance or stratification. I simply have to be myself in the presence of others. If I were to reduce it:

            You cannot convert Jesus to Christianity.
            You cannot make Muhammad a Muslim.
            You cannot add black to darkness.

          • Anthony


            You did not answer my questions.

          • Schlomotion

            Per your questions:

            My parents are both American, mostly French ancestry, one Parisian, one Ontarian, one Catholic, one Protestant. Both from the same city. Both were publicly educated. None of this was any major consideration or condition of their marriage, which was just based on who would put out. They are divorced. Neither of them are "leftists."

            I am a parent.

    • DWatkans

      He “slavishly mated within his race”? Who talks like that? What the hell is wrong with you?

    • kasandra

      Were you dropped on your head as a child? What does who Ben Shapiro married or where he went to school have to do with the premise of his article. The simple and obvious premise of his article is that prior to an event – endorsement of gay marriage by the (black) president, the overwhelming majority of blacks were against gay marriage. As soon as the (black) president changed his mind, a large percentage of blacks changed their minds – minds that didn't change when other (i.e., white) Democrat politicians advocated gay marriage advancing many of the same reasons as did Obama. Therefore, all else being equal, it appears that the main factor in the change of black public opinion was the race of Obama. Simple enough for you?

    • Ron Lewenberg

      I don't know whether Ben Shapiro when to a Yeshiva. He did go to UCLA and then Harvard Law. Shapiro is socially conservative but not a hypocrite. As far as I know, he has never supported a Jewish Democrat or liberal on the basis of ethnicity. In fact, he routinely attacks Jewish liberals. He has never strayed from a position based on Jewish law in order to support a Jewish politician.

    • James

      IF Ben is guilty of the same thing, then they are BOTH still WRONG!

  • James

    Ben has nailed it! Believe me I KNOW! I'm a Black man that live in the middle of the hood.

    • RoguePatriot6

      I hope that people like Shapiro can reach the hearts and minds of more blacks on the plantation.

  • Western Spirit

    i agree with the author of this article. black people do care too much about race probably because sticking together has been necessary in the past because of persecution.

    that doesn't mean they can't change or all of them will follow a black man because of race forever. they have to get used to change in attitudes first and change, even good change, is hard for people to accept.

    in the meantime we have a problem with the lemmings among us and have to get them from taking us over the cliff with them.

    and yes blacks at this point of time are the most racist group of all.

  • Looking4Sanity

    "The reason is not rational. It is racial. And that is a serious problem."

    I have spent the majority of my 50+ year life in the vain PC attempt to ignore this fact.

    Enough is enough. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away…it only makes it worse. That is the voice of bitter experience speaking.

    Do these racially motivated blacks actually consider themselves to be patriotic Americans? Do they ever even have such lofty thoughts at all? The sad truth is they refuse to have the conversation at all. It's always someone else's fault.

    • johnnywoods

      Hey Sanity, I have wondered for several years why so many Blacks refuse to think of themselves as Americans. What a difference it would make in this nation if Blacks and Hispanics who are citizens thought of themselves as Americans first , not as ethnically separate. If only 50% of Black Americans would think for themselves the Democraps would be in big trouble. May that day come soon.

      • Looking4Sanity

        Amen brother. Hope springs eternal. But I am reminded that Satan is as a lion, roaming this Earth: seeking to devour all that he may. Those who do not seek protection do not receive it. I fear that too many of them don't see the danger. It's like they don't feel invested in their own futures.

  • BLJ

    No big surprise really. The Dems and race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton have them brainwashed. All the while they are picking their pockets and keeping them down.

  • clarespark

    Racialists invented identity politics, and none of what Ben Shapiro has written about should surprise us. I reviewed a recent popular book on Nell Painter's History of White People here:…. Most of my website is devoted to the sources of multiculturalism and its assault on the melting pot.

  • Guest

    Actually most blacks like the WellCare state and simply aren't capable of complex understanding needed to run their own affairs without our help. It is our burden to help them. We must feed, clothe, and house them. Otherwise they rivert back to Trible conditions as seen in Detroit, Birmingham, Haiti and countless other places. We must continue to care for them as we do any children we care about.

    Yes they will follow Obama straight to hell if he so chooses. Look at what they did in new Orleans. They put nutty Nagin back in charge. The white man is the reason for all their faults and we are expected to provide them all their comforts. It's insanity, but we live with it and are racist if we happen to notice it. It's alright for all other groups to identify cultural, but not northern Europeans. We be racist.

    • mrbean

      An dat beez because Louis Farrakann dun tolt dah dem dat Gorge Bush and dah white mans blowed up dah levees so tah kilt awl dah black peoples, but Mayor Nagin he hide us in dah supradome. Yassah, yonowatahn sayin….mettttt….metttttt…..metttttt. Yassah!

    • johnnywoods

      Guest, What you say here is often perceived but in fact is not true. The majority of the Black population takes care of themselves well enough and most of the remaining people will do alright if they are required to do so. Quit buying their votes and they will learn how to take care of business on their own.

  • Kendrick1

    “Even if Obama were in a crowd of people and he took a knife to a pregnant woman and cut the baby right out of her womb, most black Christians would blame the mother!”____ Author Unknown

  • Guest

    You really want to know how bad it is Google or Yahoo Paul Kersey or SBPDL.

  • cynthia curran

    Good point about Queens, the same white liberals in West La will call people in Orange County racists because of the transformation of Anaheim and Santa Ana. Most whites in the OC mention about the problems of Anaheim about 37 pecent foreign born mainly Mexicans not the Hills region which one of few of the places in Anaheim where Mexicans are not the majority and Santa Ana which is 53 percent foreign born mainly Mexican and Santa Ana is more foreign born than either New York City or Los Angeles.

  • DeShawn

    What a surprise,another lying hook nosed jew. Man, everyone knows that jews are the most racist people on the planet. Hey christians or “goys”, did you know that their filthy talMUD tells them that yy are their cattle slaves to do with as they please? I’m not voting for obama this time because he if just a pawn of big jew.more black folks than yoknow are getting wise to you satanic parasites. Jews pump filth into our communities and exploit our talentr to make a shuckel. And we know that you jews were the head of the african slave trade. Goys around the world unite!


      You sound like a black guy jealous of the Jews. You hate the fact that Jews are a minority as you are, except that Jews are doctors, lawyer, accountants and you are on welfare. Don't worry, you are not a 'Goy'. Goys are part of the human race.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Doesn't it make you wonder if anyone could be that stupid, I am thinking it is all a put on
        by some sicko………..All of the Jewish people I grew up with, worked with were wonderful
        and enriched my life greatly, anti-semites make me believe in the devil…………..William

        • MAD JEWESS

          Hi William;
          I usually dont even say things like that, but I get seriously sick of people like DeShawn.
          I also hate that many people think that ALL Jews are obnoxious, liberal Dems that eat Christian babies in their Matzah.
          I dont even like Matzah all that much, and I am Sephardic. I get tired of being called a Russian Khazar. My husband is the Khazar, and he is the MOST patriotic individual I have ever encountered.

          Anyway, thank you. Hugs.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            You are right to speak up, stand up and shout to the heavens when some numbskull
            spouts off insultingly. Being in the right gives you power and purpose and I admire
            it when you go after shameful interlopers that spread lies because of their rotten
            inner being, kudos…………………William

        • johnnywoods

          Ditto! Mr. Ward. Well put.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Mr. Johnnywoods, you are the man………many a time you have made my day.
            Regards, …………………William

          • MAD JEWESS

            Johnny Woods is an EXCELLENT soul!

    • mrbean

      Deshawn beez fum dah hood wit dah hating whitey attitude am he beez dah anti-semite like Obama, refereand Wright, an dah head uff dah Nashun uf Islam Massah Farrakann. Cake wawk fuh meh Deshawn, younowatahmsayin…metttt…metttt…mettttt. KKkksssssss.

    • wsk

      African were the head of the African slave trade, you mucking foron!

  • JakeTobias

    How many of them would bother to get married anyway?

  • dennis x

    Yes, the death of white supremacy is a wonder to behold!

    • wsk

      Sure, lets compare the Renissance (sp) and the Age of Reason to anything thats EVER happened in sub Saharan Africa…. (crickets chirping)

      • dennis x

        Wouldn't know I'm not from nor have I ever been to " sub Saharan Africa" Maybe you can compare the coming new era to your experiences in the trailor park.

  • Ronald Johnston

    Pure evil!!!

  • Dennis Metz

    Take the black population in Maryland, for example. Just a few weeks ago, 56 percent of Maryland black voters were getting ready to cast their ballot against a referendum granting approval to same-sex marriage. Only 39 percent of blacks supported same-sex marriage.

    Then President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage. Now, polls show that suddenly, 55 percent of blacks plan to vote for same-sex marriage in Maryland, with only 36 percent opposing.
    Anthony your post on multiculturalism is spot on all it has ever really done is made whites a target for racist blacks. and everywhere there has been forced busing or communities where the object was to help poorer people move into the subs is a recipe for violence as the thugs move in. this really proves most blacks do not have the time to really study the facts and they just blanket vote based on what they are told to do in churches or the media that spouts out lie after ie because they know they can scare stupid people into voting for democraps . what do you think would happen if someone organized whites to vote by race in the manner blacks have done it? we all know the answer to that. and if someone came out and organized even a Hispanic vote for conservatives it would be labeled racist

  • Jackie Lynn

    If you vote Romney, you're a racist. Libs are idiots.

  • choi

    You came to this site to be a POS TROLL!!.

  • RoguePatriot6


    Hide our ignorance?

    You rant and spew this constant barrage of ridiculous conspiracy theories of Jews and you call us ignrant?



    I believe you, Vivian.

  • James

    They don't like it but they will vote for him anyway

  • Ralph

    You mean just like the Moderate Muslim they keep telling us exists?