The Real State of the Union

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“We are now a nation on the brink.  We can leap forward into the abyss, or we can move away from the cliff.  What we cannot do is stand still.  The winds are blowing, and we are swaying on the precipice.

“Now is a time for clarity.  It’s easy to ignore reality when the chasm seems far away.  But now when we look down – and it’s a long fall to civilizational irrelevance – the choice becomes clear.  We can close our eyes and jump; we can listen to a President who wants to push us from behind, a Congress that nudges us toward the drop, and a media that is desperate to see us take the plunge headlong into the dark night of national decay.  Or we can fight back.

“And we will fight.

“Because we are a nation of fighters.  We will not be talked down to; we vow not to heed the words of the so-called experts who expect us to defer to their superior knowledge.  They say that the business of running the country should be left to the experts – we say that we are the experts, and we can run our own damn lives, thank you very much.  They say trust us – and we say, no, you paternalistic, arrogant fools.  You trust us.

“This will be a battle for the soul of America.  And we will win.

“This fight won’t be easy.  It’s going to be ugly and it’s going to be dirty and it’s going to be chaotic.  It will be messy.  We won’t all be President Obama’s soldiers, as he fascistically suggested we should be, and we won’t be shills for either party.  We won’t be taken in by politicians who tell us they’re going to save us, then tell us to take a leap of faith with them.  We’ll rely on ourselves, and on the Constitutional system that protects us.  The greatest system ever devised by man.  The system that guarantees our right to be free from government, not some phantom right to be taken care of by government.  The system that celebrates the friction of free people making free arguments, not a forced unanimity that ends in chains.  The system that builds on the individual, not the collective.

“For too long, we’ve been made to feel that if we do what’s best for ourselves and our families, we can’t do what’s best for the country.  The truth is precisely the opposite.  Freedom to act in accordance with traditional American values, on behalf of those we love, is the essence of America’s greatness.  That greatness doesn’t come from building the Hoover Dam or the national highway system.  It comes from us sitting with our families around the dinner table, enjoying the fruit of our labors, celebrating the future of our children.  And that future will be bright, so long as we regain the confidence in ourselves that has always made America a light unto the nations.”

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  • Alexander Gofen

    The author is absolutely correct: the demise of America lasts for over 100 years!

    The real state of the union is that "this union" now is no different than the former soviet union: at least in the behavior of the so called "congress".

    It is enough to mention the ugly standing ovation of all the 535 scoundrels of the "US congress" performed in a paroxysm of enthusiasm! The standing ovation – for the notorious thief, forger and impostor Obama/Soetoro! The standing ovation of the so called "both sides of the aisle" of the one criminal enterprise. May God curse each and every of you who stood up, you filthy stinking senators and congressmen! Pox on your houses!!!

    • Questions

      Wouldn't you be happier living somewhere else? It wouldn't pain me too much if you moved.

  • baggy

    vote Ron Paul ppl


    great stuff as usual Ben!!!…keep it up!…and pls get that useless fraud out of the White House!

  • Danny

    "….for close to a century, we’ve [actually you've] lived out of control. We’ve [actually you've] railed against big spending, unless that spending went to our home district. We’ve [actually you've] …. sent the same corrupt and useless officials back to Washington, D.C. We’ve [actually you've] …. given the green light to labor unions that stifle innovation, regulators who protect us against a booming economy, and legislators who make their living by pandering to those who don’t work or pay taxes in the first place. We’ve [actually you've] …. shied away from victory. Worst of all, we’ve [actually you've] …. called for a government that ignores all Constitutional restraints in the name of “getting things done.”"

    and a few paragraphs later:

    "We will not be talked down to; we vow not to heed the words of the so-called experts who expect us to defer to their superior knowledge."

    Damn that short-term memory loss. Really puts a crimp in one's writing, doesn't it?

  • Wesley69

    Ben Shapiro's speech is dead on. It is short and sweet. There is no doubt that he details the failures of this administration in words we all can understand. Considering how slow this electorate is, this is what the Republican candidates should be talking about instead of beating up on one another.

  • maria

    To Alexander Gofen:
    I am originally from the USSR. I witness that US for the last year especially for BHO reign looks more and more as a former USSR. Democratic party use the same ideology as Communists party there, the same tactic to fool people. Socializm is a dictatorship and BHO and his accomplieces want power for ever as it was in USSR.
    i am scarry to death watching this process.

  • maria

    The article is brilliant. The politicians, mostly Democrats bought people using tax-payers money not their own. They try to make us addicted using it as a drug dealers and too many became "free money addicted". Though in past it was nation with common sence and people understand that there can not be free lunch, that freedom means responsibility. BHO lies all time he open his mouth. The mainstream media support him to destroy this country and crippling Islamization is such obvious… The Leader of Russian October revolution which gave birth to monthtrous state USSR V.Lenin described "Big Labor" as school of communism. It is so plus Big Labor has tight link to mafia. How such a great nation allowed all of this happened? We should be proactive. Dems used mobs "Occupy WS" kind of Germany black shirts movement to unlash riot if we will not follow as sheeps and it will be some threat for BHO re-election.
    Problem that we are not organized.