Trayvon Martin: Rodney King, Redux

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The economy is rotten. A black man is harmed under less-than-clear circumstances; the race-baiters quickly take up the call, proclaiming that the violent incident is a symptom of endemic American racism. The men responsible for the incident are tried and largely acquitted. The president of the United States, in the midst of a re-election cycle, rips the verdict.

This is the Rodney King case. And it’s worth remembering because the similarities between it and the Trayvon Martin case are far too eerie to ignore.  And its worth remembering too that the King case ended with a major American city in flames.

On March 2, 1991, Rodney King and two of his friends, Bryant Allen and Freddie Helms, were driving through Los Angeles. King was driving drunk – probably twice the legal blood-alcohol limit. At 12:30 in the morning, two officers saw King speeding. They pursued King through the streets of Los Angeles, with King’s pedal to the metal and the speedometer hitting upwards of 80 mph in residential areas. King admitted later that he was trying to get away from the cops because a DUI would put him back in prison for violating parole on a robbery charge.

Eventually, officers surrounded King’s car. Allen and Helms surrendered quietly and were not harmed. King, however refused to emerge from the car. When he did, he reached for his waistband; one of the cops drew her weapon and told King to get on the ground. He complied. But when four cops – Officers Laurence Powell, Timothy Wind, Theodore Briseno and Rolando Solano – went to subdue him, he lashed out at them. Officer Stacey Koon then tasered King. But King refused to go down. The officers, recognizing that tasers should immediately lay low those struck with them, believed that King was on PCP.

That’s when the famous taping began. Powell, Wind, and Briseno began beating King, who continued to try to get up. After 56 blows, King finally lay still.

Initially, the police dismissed the video; the person taping then gave it to the media. The outcry was deafening. The full facts of the case weren’t made available to the public – the public was left with the impression that the officers simply decided to beat up a slightly uncooperative black man.

Koon, Powell, Briseno and Wind were charged with use of excessive force. The original jury trial was supposed to take place in a heavily minority area, but was transferred to Simi Valley, a heavily white area. The four officers were essentially acquitted.

And riots broke out. Huge riots across South Central Los Angeles. Stores were looted. Asian-owned stores in particular were targeted and burned to the ground.

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  • Coach

    I've been saying the same thing since the reverends got involved. It is going to be ugly. Diversity is our strength? I don't think so.

  • Larry

    I've been thinking the exact same thing. Glad to see that there are some people out there whose memories go back more than five years.. And are capable of looking past their own navels.

    Will there be riots! Oh yes most likely, and remember Obama is the race-baiting president and he has helped fuel the hysteria in this regard.

  • StephenD

    I can't help wonder if there are more sinister groups fueling the discord. It wouldn't hurt your cause to have race based riots if you advocate anarchy would it? Of course, we all know that the supposed anger over what is preceived as an unjust verdict will be reason enough to burn down buildings, loot stores of their wares and hurt and even kill people. But what is the ultimate goal of such actions? You cannot think that the threat of violence to others will cure the ills of a society that feeds upon its own more often than not. I've pointed out, in the same town Trayvon was shot, 4 others were shot a few weeks ago, one is a pregnant woman. But these weren't called to the public light. Could it be expected? Is it not news worthy? Will we ignore it? Black on black crime fly’s in the face of the rhetoric of the race baiters. Making it a world crisis for Trayvon and not even a footnote for a PREGNANT WOMAN to have been shot…by another black person is…pathetic.

  • Steve Chavez

    WHEN OBAMA LOSES, IT MUST BE A LANDSLIDE! If it is close like the 2000 race and he loses, there will be riots.

    AL SHARPTON headlined Yahoo this morning: "I don't want violence." REALLY, WHY THE H HAVE YOU RILED PEOPLE INTO A FRENZY THEN!!!? Black on White crime with them saying "Justice for Trayvon" IS HIS, Jesse's, and the Congressional Black Caucus's fault. OBAMA, too supported his "son" instead of being a President for all races and who could have called for our justice system to take course since facts are not clear. THE MEDIA like NBC who doctored tapes, the CNN repeating a racial slur, and the MSNBC hosts already buying the rope to lynch Zimmerman!

    THESE ARE THE GROUPS that immediately jumped on Rush, Palin, the Tea Party, and others, concerning the Gifford's shooting. Obama called for "civility" but then JOINED THE RACE PIMPS AGAINST ZIMMERMAN.

    WHAT'S THEIR GOAL? OBAMA actually thinks he's getting votes by supporting these actions? GUESS WHAT? THIS UNITER IS THE DIVIDER and American's are turning on him for this RACE PANDERING! But hey, he's only following his Christian ideals and Black Liberation Theology that he learned so well by Rev. Wright!

    This on top of his War on Oil where EVERYONE is feeling pain at the pump and ARE BLAMING HIM while he lies everyday about oil output "is the highest in eight years."


    • wsk

      Because there's a lot of money to be made in racism…..

    • Jim_C

      Dream on Steve. Obama will likely win by a predictably small margin and this case will have nothing to do with the outcome of the election.

      • fiddler

        After they register Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and thousands of dead people; after voting machine tampering such as in NV. Oh, yes, it's all about power, achieved at any cost. Look for certain "other" groups to hang out at voting precincts with bill-clubs. Hey, it worked before, and the RIGHT people ignored it.


        • Jim_C

          When was the last time Mickey Mouse and dead people voted? Seriously? When and where?

          • Steve Chavez

            Someone registered my 12 year old son in 2008 and he, or I, got calls and recorded and even informed the DEMOCRAT worker and his superior and he still got two more calls. Then in September of 2010, he started getting more calls. I recorded those too and one worker asked if he would like an absentee ballot so I said yes and she verified the address which was not ours but they called his number and asked for him so how did that happen.

            DID THIS MAN VOTE FOR MY SON? I even told a state election official at our State Fair and he took my number but never called. A DEMOCRAT? The Dems called one hour before the polls were closing. After the election I called our local official and then the state office. THE DEMOCRATS had the Secretary of State for decades but the people voted in a Republican as well as our first Female Hispanic Governor Susana Martinez. THE NEW S OF S found a law that it was illegal to have a STRAIGHT PARTY TICKET OPTION SO SHE REMOVED IT and all H turned loose. The Dems excuse was that the lines were going to be long since voters had to pick one at a time. "THIS WILL DISENFRANCHISE AND INTIMIDATE VOTERS" and they even said many voters didn't know how to read. DEMOCRATS?

            Up to 85,000 illegals have our Driver's License and most used fraudulent documents thanks to our former Gov. Bill Richardson, half-Mexican. Up to forty used one address of a local TV station who supported their plight. A flea market vendor sold DL, ID, and SS# in less than an hour for $100. A notary public put her stamp on fake documents to get the DL. IF IT'S SO EASY TO DO THIS, IT HAS TO BE EASY TO VOTE TOO! WHEN ELECTION WORKERS FIND THESE THEY ARE OVERWHELMED AND LET IT GO! HOW DO YOU STOP A TSUNAMI? MAYBE DEMOCRATS TOO? The local and state official NEVER CALLED ME BACK TO GET THE TAPES?

            In Northern New Mexico the dead do vote and they vote Democrat and you can't rely on Democrats to investigate it. Their families still collect their checks too so why not send in their absentee ballot WHICH THE POLL WORKERS AND OFFICE HAVE TO KNOW THAT DEAD PERSON BUT THEY'RE DEMOCRATS TOO AND LAUGH, YES LAUGH AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!

          • Steve Chavez

            I forgot to add that the former Democrat Secretary of State is charged with election fraud but the case is going slow and might even be dismissed by the Attorney General, A DEMOCRAT AND SON OF A FORMER GOVERNOR, who is just waiting it out till the deadline for prosecution.

            A Deming judge told another judge that if she wanted to be appointed to be a judge, THAT SHE HAD TO GIVE "ENVELOPES" TO A BILL RICHARDSON MIDDLEMAN. They had to bring in a different District Attorney from another district, but now the Judges that would hear the case all have ties to the accused judge and were appointed by Bill Richardson. THAT CASE WILL ALL GO NOWHERE DUE TO THE DEMOCRAT STRANGLEHOLD ON OUR STATE.


            BILL RICHARDSON has so many Pay to Play allegations against him but a major was not allowed to go forward by ERIC HOLDER right when Obama was choosing his Cabinet which Richardson was high on the list. When the allegations came forward, Bill took his name off the list.

            RICHARDSON also has a NEW ALLEGATION that is going quiet like all his, and other Democrat, scandals. HE BRIBED A WOMAN WITH $250,000 and a STATE JOB when she revealed they were having an affair and this was during his run for Pres.. She was arrested for DWI and was fired from the State job so she went to Bill for help and he wouldn't even meet with her. SHE TALKED and it turns out the money was from a Mexico bank account. The investigators said that he organized a fund-raiser for his Pres. run but the money was used to pay her off. DID YOU HEAR THAT? OF COURSE NOT! THESE ARE YEARS OLD AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING!

            A Democrat who was appointed President of the University of NM for one year by Richardson, was caught two years ago for being in charge of an ONLINE PROSTITUTION RING. HIS NAME WAS "BURQUE POPS" FOR ALBUQUERQUE. The UNM Police found a file cabinet full of sex toys. WAS HE RECRUITING STUDENTS ESPECIALLY FOREIGN ONES with other professors as a bribe or blackmail? Foreign students need good grades to stay especially when their governments are paying their expenses. "You are getting a bad grade and you need to come to my office. I can help you." THE STUDENTS ARE BLACKMAILED! THE LIST OF CLIENTS IS SAID TO BE IN THE HUNDREDS? BILL RICHARDSON? BILL'S CRONIES?

  • Peter

    Congratulations on a superb analysis and exposition.

    In the event of conviction be prepared for scenes of black racist jubilation as in the case of O J Simpson.

    Derschowitz correctly argues that the Special Prosecutor's affidavit supporting the second degree murder charge was perjurious as she failed to mention evidence that supported Zimmerman's account, and that the SP would therefore be responsible for any rioting in the event of acquittal having perjuriously raised expectations.

    The popular media too will share the guilt for any rioting having dishonestly and prejudicially distorted such hacks as were available ie relative size of the two parties, doctoring of the 911 tape, juxtaposition of Martin's photo as a 12 year old vs Zimmerman's five year old mugshot, dismissal of Martin's injuries not to mention wholesale pandering to the hoodied black lynch mob!

    • JameRetief

      Golly, racist Democrats and their hoods. They have changed a bit though, instead of burning crosses they riot and burn neighborhoods. Guess that's what they mean by progressive.

  • Peter

    'Facts' not 'hacks' although hacks are relevant to the point.

  • Mike

    Last evening on CNN and HLN long segments were devoted to interviewing Rodney King, as to his feelings today in light of the Zimmerman/Martin tragedy. Mr. King, to be frank, is a very poor spokesperson who does not realize just how cynically he is being used. The gist was, of course, that the two events were similar, which they are not by any measure. What was different this time is that justice is being defined as the "correct outcome" of a trial. "Correct", of course, means conviction and imprisonment and, no doubt, a sentence which is deemed adequate. As much as Martin's parents are due condolences, and are being given a pass on that account, they too are subtly expecting that since an arrest was made possible by the "No Justice No Peace" phalanx, then a conviction will somehow prove that justice has indeed prevailed – all of this prior to a trial and revelation of the facts. Zimmerman's courtroom apology, the only public one he had been allowed, was instantly derided as self serving and furthermore seen as the reason he was given bail. Will there be racist vandalism in the event of acquittal or a light sentence? Probably, to some degree, but isolated. In the end what this tragedy has succeeded on doing foremost is to galvanize the realization that the most racist racists in America are, and have been for decades, the very ones who incessantly demand that American "start the conversation about racism" which was, in fact, concluded about 40 years ago. Patience is running thin, among people of good will and common sense throughout our society. We have all progressed far beyond petty bigotry long ago, but a small group who have benefited economically from a culture of victimhood simply cannot let the rest of us be content and get on with the truly significant work our nation most demands for our survival.
    It may require a few more decades for civil rights era chieftains to perish from natural causes before America will be left in peace. But, what that crowd are not remembering is that forced integration and public school propaganda was, in fact, just successful enough so that two generations of offspring have themselves already gone beyond it. Incitements notwithstanding, my guess is that those involved are going to end up looking extremely foolish more than anything else. They were left behind a decade ago.

  • tagalog

    I saw the movie The Help yesterday on DVD, for the first time. I noted that the black women were all virtuous and the whites, men and women alike, were all either naive or craven, cowardly, fools. OK, that's artistic license, and no doubt in early 1960s Mississippi white people acted badly toward blacks. So all right, go on girl. For black rabble rousers and a few black morons, that's the way things still are. (I DID note that if any black domestic told her white employer "eat my s**t" -twice- and then served up a s**t pie, that woman and her family would have been lucky to survive the Mississippi night that night). But if there was ONE message the movie The Help got across very effectively, it's how far whites have come with regard to racial tolerance, and how thoroughly blacks have invested themselves in this anachronistic view of black-white relations. Part of the problem is that the early 1960s is 50 years ago, and people who experienced the really nasty, virulent form of white racism are dying off. The new generation has no idea.

    • dennis x

      Plz, check out the responses that came out of boston when a Blackman beat them in game 7 of a hockey playoff game. Nothing changed and nothing going to change.

      • tagalog

        How many lynchings have you heard about in the past 40 years?

        As I said, no idea…

        In 1964, I was present when the entire student body of the Citadel, in Charleston, South Carolina, as one man, stood up and chanted repeatedly "Kill that n***er!" referring to a player on the George Washington University team, at a football game. The Bruins game you're referring to involved a few people shouting racial slurs, yes, but nothing like what I saw.

        • Jim_C

          Again, I agree. Dennis X sees anonymous online cowards displaying their ignorance. But it is also pointless to pretend the black community is experiencing the same type of oppression as 1964. Attitudes have indeed changed and I'd say most of us do our best not to pre-judge a person. (Something relatively unique to America, by the way).

          But I do find it ironic that on a site in which the Jewish community is hyper-vigilant to slights has a hard time identifying with why the black community is similarly-oriented.

        • dennis x

          One lynching comes to mind just a few years ago, I mean a classical brother hung from a tree. I'll get back to you with the facts. There are killings of Blackmen that are racially motivated all the time ie James Byrd and more recently the five Blackmen who were shot in Ok. I think 2-3 were killed. Regarding the Bruins game, I'm not refering to the people in attendance , but the tweets and e-mail that went out after the game.

    • Ghostwriter

      Please,Dennis X. Why don't you and mrbean get a heart? Better yet,why don't you two get some brains while you're at it?

    • BS77

      The Help was so patronizing, so liberal, so incredibly slanted…..what a ridiculous movie. The Help were all saintly, highly intelligent, principled and wise….the white homeowners were all petty, mean, stupid, arrogant and decadent. The movie was pure propaganda.

  • wsk

    Time to stock up on guns and ammo. Someday the rioters will figure out if they are pissed off at Whitey, they should rape, pillage and plunder Whitey's neighborhood rather than their own. Oh, wait Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white. Oh what is a poor, stupid racist minority to do?
    Jesse, Al what should we do?

  • Peter

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make a fine living out of perpetuating the myth that blacks are held down by whites rather than by their own failure to take responsibility for themselves in the way that all other discriminated minorities have.


    When we have a president in office that sees Al Sharpton
    and Van Jones and Bill Ayers as people that he and his best
    Friend Eric Holder are willing to turn the country they are in charge of and suppose to protect
    over to on May 1st. and everyone KNOWS that BHO is well aware of the threats of VIOLENSE
    and Destruction of as many big corporate offices and does nothing and says nothing this has to
    be seen as an act of treason against the US..doesn’t it? If someone out there that knows the law could
    comment I really would appreciate it! I am 52 and I truly am scared! I totally believe that to this administration all means justify the end result.. which is stealing the election and stopping capitalism!
    The problem being that every country that has tried this in the past find out that the money you thought
    would fund everyone forever QUICKLY runs out!!!

  • Schlomotion

    I know that when Ben Shapiro was seven years old the Rodney King beatings and the subsequent miscarriage of justice must have really informed his critical sensibilities. After thinking deeply about these firsthand experiences and after considering them for another 21 years we get as a final product this well thought out comparative analysis.

    • mrbean

      Listen and learn you retarded babble speak. The 1992 Los Angeles Riots or South Central Riots, also known as the 1992 Los Angeles riots were sparked on April 29, 1992, when a jury acquitted three white and one Hispanic Los Angeles Police Department officers accused in the videotaped beating of black motorist Rodney King following a high-speed pursuit. Rodeney King had only minor bruises and was not seriously injured at all.Thousands of people in the Los Angeles area rioted over the six days following the verdict. There was widespread looting, assault, arson and murder occurred, and property damages topped roughly $1 billion by blacks. In all, 54 people, 51 whites, 2 Koreans, and 1 Hispanic died during the riots and thousands more were injured, hundreds of them very seriously. The halfwit racist retard Congresshag Maxine Waters opened her chitlun hole said "You white people need to understand our rage" Very few arrests were made and the Korean business community destroyed.

      • Schlomotion


        Fractured face, broken ankle, bruises and cuts. Nothing a person would find non-serious or enjoyable. Nice try.

        • mrbean

          All lies by the MSM totallyunsubstantiated by medical records.

        • intrcptr2

          Resisting arrest; no excuse (Drunk out of his mind, "not going back to jail", and unsuccessfully Tasered).

          Where were his friends during and since trial?

      • dennis x

        Mrbutt, EVERYONE rioted, yes white people looted to and korean businesses burn down their stores to collect the insurance money and no they weren't destroyed, just drive down Western or Crenshaw. I know , I live in LA. Hopefully someone will " only minor bruise" your racist behind.

        • Ghostwriter

          And a pox on both your houses,you bigoted creeps!

  • Atlas_Collins

    When the riots start — and there will be riots — would it be racist to accompany the videos of mobs of blacks committing mayhem and violence with jungle drum music?

  • Jim_C

    The longer this case drags out, the cooler heads will prevail. This is way different than Rodney King, in which police were caught on camera using what appeared to be excessive force. The rage at the outcome was inexcusable, but hardly surprising.

    Here we had an account that slowly took shape–the more we learned, the grayer the area got, to the point where the kid's mom let slip the real general attitude: it was an "accidental" meeting. We went from it sounding like a man shooting a kid in cold blood to it looking more like self-defense. I think most people recognize that and feel a lot differently about Zimmerman than when this began.

    So blame the media if you wish, for doing what they've done for 200 years–sensationalizing a bloody story. But had the cops handled it correctly to begin with, we wouldn't be talking about this case.

    • JameRetief

      What did the cops do wrong in the Zimmerman case? Zimmerman had apparently been assaulted. The police probably should have insisted that Zimmerman's later testimony was given with advice of counsel, but he volunteered it. If the witnesses statements confirm his self-defense claim (which is likely given the initial lack of prosecution), then what could they have investigated further? The girl friend ear-witness that they had no reason to know existed?

      • Jim_C

        I think the notion that here's an armed man following an unarmed teenager, they've already received a call from the guy, dispatcher tells him to stand down, they arrive at the scene and the kid is dead–this all is enough to hold him until the facts, including Trayvon's identity and reason for being there, are sorted out. I agree it seems likely that it was a case of self-defense–but Zimmerman was following the kid, not vice versa. That probably freaked Trayvon out. It would have freaked me out. Trayvon may have felt he, himself, was acting in self-defense, as well. Who speaks for him? Why did the cops not canvass nearby homes to find if anyone was missing a boy? In every conflict in which one party is armed and causes a fatality, should the word of the armed man stand against the lack of testimony of the deceased?

        • Jim_C

          Like most of us, I'm "fact deficient"–but I've also "heard" police wanted to arrest Z that night; prosecutor said "no."

          With Z in custody while T's identity and business could be ascertained, certain facts could be made available all at once instead of so piecemeal. That'd go a long way toward keep passions cooled.

          I'm willing to call "hindsight" on myself though.

        • JameRetief

          Police can hold a suspect 72 hrs. Zimmerman in this time was voluntarily speaking to the police (w/o advice of counsel). Holding him would have made him less willing to speak. If Martin's identity was relevant (such as Zimmerman knowing Martin prior), then they could have charged him later. This is not a reason to hold him.Charging, and possibly holding, Zimmerman requires probable cause under Stand Your Ground law.
          The exchange with the dispatcher is often misreported. When the dispatcher advised Zimmerman "you don't have to do that", he replied "Ok.". Furthermore, he tells the dispatcher "he doesn't know where this kid is" when asked for his address. This indicates he wasn't following Martin before their confrontation.

          Why would the cops canvass the neighborhood? Presumably the witnesses didn't recognize Martin as a resident. There was no reason for assuming that he was a resident. In fact, he wasn't a resident. Are the police supposed to be psychic? Wouldn't the rational thing to do in such a case to wait to see if someone reported a missing person?

    • intrcptr2

      I have to disagree; there is now a full generation of people who still believe Rodney King was brutally and illegally assaulted and that the officers got off because of activated, institutional racism. The pump has been getting primed for 20 years now.

      I am of a similar opinion to Shapiro here; when Mr Zimmerman is acquited, as he should be, there will be unrest. I cannot myself say if it will spill over, but I was quite amazed in '92 when that brewed up, so…

      And the account of Trayvon's shooting did not slowly take shape, the first most of us heard of it, we heard that a white man had gunned down, in cold blood, a black teenager. What has come slowly is all the many reasons that the ploice "failed" to arrest George in the first place.

      The media gets my blame for not covering all the other black folk who have been slain, typically by other blacks, since, or before.

  • mrbean

    The longer this case drags out, the more financially ruined will be Zimmerman for justifiable homicide..

  • H&R_ Barack

    Speaking of "imaginary" that is unspoken.

    …..Black woman shoots new mom (white) – dead and steals her baby
    YO! Professional race-baiters……..

    Tawana Brawley
    Tawana Brawley.

    The Tawana Brawley hoax confirms that truth and fair play are irrelevant.

    Spike Lee Did The Wrong Thing: (no pun intended!) : <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    • David

      Don't forget about the Duke Lacrosse players rape charges.


    Melvill's novel "Billy Bud" described how an innocent man had to die for the "good" of discipline on a British ship going to war with Napoleon. I am afraid that Zimmerman will be made to do the same in the name of race harmony.

    • aspacia

      No, he would be shanked in jail. These miscarriages of justice favoring black perps must end.

  • Jimi Belton

    Where is the "legal" latino`s, and their outcry…

  • Linda Rivera

    Regardless of our color, Americans are ALL brothers and sisters. It is depressing that people in high places seek to divide us by creating hate between the races. As a nation:
    United we stand. Divided, we fall.

    • mrbean

      People in low olaces too, like dah hood!

  • Linda Rivera

    Zimmerman acted in self defense. NO ONE should be denied the right to self-defense. It is very tragic that the teenager died. It is also tragic and horrible that Zimmerman's act of self defense has caused Zimmerman to receive THOUSANDS of death threats. His life, his wife and parents' lives are in danger. Out on bail, he is living in safe houses. If he is found innocent for his act of self defense, he, his wife, parents and entire family will not be able to live in America. The level of hate is intense. He and his entire family would have to re-locate to another country for their safety.

    This is what our country has sunk to thanks to influential racists who used their power to incite hate against the white race and against a man who defended himself.

  • Tanstaafl

    Let's see. Riots. Martial law. Suspension of elections. Overturn the Constitution. "President for Life".

    This sort of thing only happens in third-world countries, right?

    • intrcptr2

      Interesting little recipe you've cooked up here, lunch.

      My Ukrainian friend (Who just naturalized a few weeks back!!) was telling me of her reaction to Obama's open mic slip with Medvedev; "My last election…" She started wondering if that meant he intends to install himself in perpetutity, like Putin or some other Soviet functionary. She felt like she was back home.

  • Dr. Dre

    In re: The Help (book and movie), my "take-away" was that the black domestic help were working in a clean environment, they were learning how to behave in a white world, trusted enough to rear white children who grew up to want to take care of them in turn. Yes, there were slights (the whole bathroom thing) and indignities from the patronizing Junior League ladies, but I would say that black women had some real authority and status working for the white families that they no longer have sitting around as recipients of government checks and raising unruly children by a fajillion different "fathers." Spending their excess cash on pink hair weaves and acrylic nails, while the white taxpayer is on the hook to feed their kids two-maybe three meals a day at school, to buy school supplies and winter coats, is receiving unfavorable notice. Talk about "undignified"!

    Truly, it is whites that they are still dependent upon, whether they know it or like it. Be very careful about pissing us off.

    • intrcptr2

      The ultimate irony of welfare.

      And that generation was educated and mature enough to petition the government for redress to wrest their God-given rights from the Sons of the Confederacy.
      Sadly, I cannot see such capacity in too many of their grandchildren.

  • Marti

    Race baiters from the President to the majority of the black community.
    Jesse Jackson, Al, not so Sharpton should have been in cells years ago for their illegal acts.
    The sensible black people have moved on with their lives and become successful in society.
    They do not cry racism, or of inequality.
    It's time Jesse Jackson is investigated and audited.
    It's time Sharpton pay his back taxes.
    He should have been prosecuted for his destoying lies in the Brawly case.
    I, being a law abiding citizen who has never asked anyone for anything in my life, am sick of the black community demanding and lieing, and taking what I and millions of others in the country have had to scrape for.
    I neither hate the rich,nor pity the poor, I want to be left alone and not asked for one more thing from the leeches of society. That goes for the leeches in the White House also.

  • mrbean

    Rodney King the chimpout thug is apparently going to wed some sheboon sow Cynthia Kelley who was one of juror #5 in his civil trial that awarded him the millions. Life is stranger than fiction.

    • ikidyounot

      The LA times ran a story on King a few days back, said he's nearly broke and out of a job…Is Ms. Kelley going to support this freeloader???

  • reason1984

    History will most certainly repeat, although this time the upcoming violence will make LA's riots look like a Webelo Jamboree. The race cowards and profiteers, Al (Crown Heights) Sharpton, Jesse (Skakedown Man) Jackson, Eric (the newest panther) Holder, Jeremiah ( G** Damn America) Wright, and the biggest coward of them all, Barack (Cambridge/If I had a son) Obama will have the blood of innocents on their hands for eternity. God's mercy on those about to lose their lives at the hands of the merchants of hate.

  • John

    The American public school system and black "preachers" like Jeremiah Wright who espouse Black Liberation Theology has helped produce this mass black and white non-thinking dolts. I'm hoping that Israel nukes Iran and drags us into it; I'd like to see our Marxist president be forced to help Israel. I only wish the worst on ObaMao AFTER he is defeated this November. If he's re-elected it is over for the U.S.

  • robert

    we need to leave the race out of these things and everybody end the couruption of the law and bad cops.once you become you give up your race.each person is an indivisul and that does'nt mean that when one does something that it should'nt infect weak minds