Willful Blindness at the DNC

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On Jerusalem, Jews around the convention were in total denial. After the DNC omitted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from their platform – along with condemnations of Hamas, 1949 borders, and the so-called right of return – the Democrats tried to pretend that nothing was wrong with the platform. Robert Gibbs ignored the question completely when I asked him, insisting against all evidence that Obama was the most pro-Israel president ever. Then, when the DNC realized that its platform risked its political future, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa tried to switch it – and endured three failed voice votes before steamrolling the platform change.

And still Jews at the convention refused to acknowledge the problem. When I asked one fellow, wearing a yarmulke, about which party was pro-Israel, he stared at me blankly for a solid five seconds. Finally, he said, “Same-sex marriage is a Jewish value.” Willful blindness.

It is willful blindness that will doom the United States if anything does. Blindness to consequences. Blindness to imminent bankruptcy; blindness to moral evil; blindness to anti-American actions. See, such realities ruin people’s day.

I recently had this conversation with Brian Whitman, my liberal co-host along with Heidi Harris on KRLA 870 The Answer. He accused me of wanting President Obama to fail. “No,” I answered. “I want reality to succeed. And the reality is that he is doomed to fail.” Brian didn’t like that answer – he still thinks Obama’s economic record is a good one.

But reality is the only true solution to America’s ills. Willful blindness is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, with half the population buying into Obamaism, our vision is growing daily dimmer.

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  • clarespark

    The latest poll results suggest that emotions are more powerful than rational thought. We, as a nation, are in grip of populist demagoguery. What is that? I compiled an index of my own blogs on how this demagoguery works on our emotions: hatred of "finance capital" is one element. But mostly the Leader binds the audience to himself through time tested methods, bringing them into one big famiy. Here is my index: http://clarespark.com/2012/09/10/index-to-blogs-o…. "Index to blogs on populist demagoguery." I would choose the ones on proto-fascism and the people's community, then the one on charisma and symbolic politics.

    • ZurichMike

      Don't trust the polls, which typically oversample Democrats and undersample Republicans and Independents, the latter of which are breaking for Romney by +15 points. At this time in the election cycle in 1980, Carter was way ahead of Reagan, and in 1988 Dukakis was double digits ahead of GHW Bush. Of course, it was all rubbish.

    • amused

      LOL…that sounds pretty funny coming from you ….hatred is it ? Yea the Republican party has been obsessed in a blind rage to get rid of Obama since Nov.9 , 2008 BEFORE he even took office . If anything resembles or comes close to "proto-facism and dmagoguery " the Republican Party is a classical case . And "EMOTIONS " ? Are you kidding me ? You try to sound like a sophisticated academic clarespark [ I read your blog ] but in essence you're no further along in the evolutionary chain than a typical Teabagger .
      Cognizant Dissonance – it's a spreading plague amongst the right .

      • clarespark

        Besides the obscenity (teabaggers), your reply would be more persuasive if you knew how to spell cognitive dissonance. It was a typical Communist and Pop Front tic to blame Nazism on the Republican party.

      • judahlevi

        I have always found that those who try to insult others on boards have the weakest arguments.

        Fascism, Nazism, Soviet Communism, and Maoism are all collective forms of political parties which put the interests of the collective above the individual. In other words, they don't believe in individual rights. The party, the Fatherland, the Great Leap Forward where all citizens are cogs in the wheel and sacrifice for the greater good. This is also what the Democratic party believes in; collectivism not individualism.

        The Republican party, since its beginning when it freed the slaves under Lincoln, believes in individual rights, not collectivism. We treat everyone as individuals, not collectives, and do not lump people into groups and try to denigrate them (teabaggers). The choice is clear this November.

    • LizzyF
    • GFM2012

      It's early yet.

  • tagalog

    Tolstoy was right in War and Peace: history is a force that acts despite the wills of individuals. We choose the obviously self-destructive and disastrous because history is undergoing change, and we need to obliterate our civilization so that the next ones can be born. This requires that we destroy ourselves, and that's what we're in the process of doing. Obama may lose this time, but there's always the next election. But civilizations have sometimes managed to pull back from the brink, maybe that will happen to America.

  • Asher

    People are not going to forget the spectacle on the floor of the DNC convention. Most Americans still support Israel, our ally and friend, they know the biblical history of the Bible, and that God chose Jerusalem to put his holy name for his people to worship for generations throughout history. Putting God and Jerusalem back into the platform, was once again a political action to try and get votes, (based on politics, not worship of God) Do the Democrats not realize that God saw the attempts to omit him, and rebuke him, and his chosen City from their platform in the open, and then with the boos of so many, who did not want the language reinstated!

  • Western Spirit

    This demonstrates that the Democrats have become a Godless party, In part— a large part, and why it reflects what has happened to the country that has divided us into two totally opposite sides.

    The progressive side that is Orwellian speak for degenerate side, and then their is the priceless traditional America, with its traditional Judeo-Christian values we used to know and love, and thank God still exists. And let's hope enough of them still exist to cast Obama out on his ear.

    After dead ripe comes rotten and decay is what, the so called liberal, is all about. He hopes, in his deluded mind to create a heaven on earth. But it will be the opposite because the methods used fly in the face of wisdom and even common sense.

    Unfortunately my dead husbands records have been invaded lifting personal things like his social security number.
    I'm afraid he'll vote Democrat this year. When alive he always voted Republican.

  • RAS

    I have no answer for the total lack of logic, reality, and spirituality that has infected our Nation. One should have expected that the general response to the Democratic Convention would be, “are these people for real?’ When half of them booed the inclusion of God and Jerusalem in their platform I concluded that they were through. Instead, they got a huge bounce in the polls. Aren’t we “One Nation under God” any longer? Wasn’t our faith, our energy, our hard work, simple honesty, individual charity, and love of liberty the attributes that lead to our success? Where have all the good folks gone? I think they have followed the piper into the sea.

  • amused

    Western spirit , go seek professional counseling .. It's the age of computers and the selling of computer lists .My father passed in 1992 , he was a registered republican . He was 93 when he passed , and obviously Social Security had to be notified at which time his benefits were terminated . Unfortunately those lists ,such as those of registered voters are a matter of public record ,on which I'm sure both you and I appear , or some consumer transaction , are still in circulation and for sale , the older the list the cheaper the cost per so many thousands of names. Well guess what , the Republican Party Still continues to send solicitations through the mail , even after I moved, as my Dad lived with me in his final years. THAT DOESN'T MAN ANYONE CAN VOTE IN HIS NAME ,as anyone attempting such A) would have to appear on the rolls with present address indicating the correct polling place and B) would have to show a proper form of Identification with an address matching that which appears on the rolls .

    • tagalog

      A person trying to vote in your father's name would have to show a proper form of ID?

      That sounds suspiciously like -gasp!- VOTER I.D.!

      Call 9-1-1!

      • trickyblain

        Because that's what criminals steal peoples' identities for. So they can vote.

  • amused

    - so if you fear "someone " will be casting a vote in place of your {RIP} deceased husband , then that would involve collusion of your local Rep.or Dem .election board , and ALSO collusion on the part of the volunteers at the polling place . The voting rolls are a matter of public record , and Party Affiliation , name and address are all available in the public domain .BOTH parties use them in their mailinhg lists ….so what , THAT STILL DOESN'T MEAN ANYONE CAN VOTE IN YOUR DECEASED HUSBANDS NAME > your fears are baseless and unfounded , and merely part of the usual Republican memes ., used in their attempt to abridge the voter rights of those they suspect may vote against them , and it is so transparent .

    • BG2

      Actually, that is exactly what it means. In many states all you have to do is show up at the proper precinct, know the deceased's name and address, and cast your vote in their name. In the unlikely event that they have scrubbed the name from the voter rolls, you can still cast a provisional ballot which has a high probability of being counted.

    • guest

      In Lakeville MN they can vote. You tell them who you are and they draw a line through it.
      Then you vote.

      What is all this stuff you are telling me about? I need to show NO identification, either. THATS MID AMERICA!

      Amused; Go down and look…..

  • Schlomotion

    I think it's funny that people charge the President with the duty to create jobs. On the one hand, Mr. Shapiro pays lip service to the entrepreneurial spirit, but on the other hand wants the Great Father in the White House to produce employment instead of having free market entrepreneurs do it. It just goes to show that capitalism is relative. Religious fundamentalists and ethnic nationalists have a different view of it. It was amusing that Mr. Shapiro found at the event another person with a yarmulke to counterbalance his own and to counter his effrontery with clearly a more Reform and more integrationist viewpoint.

    • Mo Schlotion

      I have a relative that is a capitalist so I agree that capitalism is relative.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Capitalism is a theory, and our implementation is not absolutely unrestrained. Many socialist compromises have been made. The debate should be over which ones and how far, but people are far more interested in extreme rhetoric as if the 2 parties have no common ground.

        On the other hand, if advocates would use more precision in their discourse, like "decreasing restrictions and socialist obligations is appropriate when the economy is failing," they might not have the same impact on winning others to their side because in the end of the day, most people know intuitively what I've said here.

        • Maxie


    • LizzyF

      Charge the President for throwing babies born alive into a pan to die. That's your great President. Infantacide. All his big white flashing teeth hide a multitude of shame. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=466562603

  • Bartimaeus

    If to know the truth sets us free then to ignore the truth will bring us into bondage. The more delusional our politics becomes (which seems to be the trend at this point) the faster we are sliding toward bondage.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, the left is that way. Its into victim hood and is what similar to the paleo-cons in the conservative movement that are always against outsourcing. I for one an glad that some garment factory work moves to China and Mexico since most of the women in the States were becoming more illegal immirgants that were employed as sewers. The jobs go to Mexico so some illegal immigrant women return home.

    • trickyblain

      A sewer seems like a horrible occupation. Nevertheless, it's not only sewers being outsourced (how exactly does that work?), it's engineers, sales, and many other professional positions. You know, the heart of the economy?

  • geopeyton

    The willfully blind hate Republicans/conservatives more than they love their country or even themselves.

  • LizzyF

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=466562603… A picture says a thousand words.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    The essence of the philosophy of the left:

    Darwin proved that the Judeo Christian texts are all myths and lies and Western society was built on those beliefs. Most if not all problems can be traced to these beliefs. Eradicate beliefs (and believers when necessary) and then a new egalitarian utopia (ideal society) can be built.

    The irony is that the rhetoric used by the left often appeals to supposed believers by referencing "social justice" and other quasi-Judeo-Christian supposed values. There are many on the left who see no conflict between reinventing the world and their stated "spiritual" beliefs. It never occurs to them what the radical implications are.

    • John_Kelly

      "Darwin proved that the Judeo Christian texts are all myths and lies"…….care to back this dumb statement up with JUST ONE UNDENIABLE FACT !!!!

      Just for the record Darwin's philosophy was called The THEORY of Evolution, but the brain dead Liberal Professors teach it fact although it has never been proved.

  • Maxie

    " . . . Brian didn’t like that answer – he still thinks Obama’s economic record is a good one."
    Of course. It's just another flavor of Leftist kool-ade. Facts just confuse them and you're 'evil' for even suggesting rational thought. It's all about 'feelings'! Kumbaya dude!