A New Attack on Islam’s Critics

The partiality of the news media, heaven knows, is an international phenomenon.  But there are few places on this fragile blue planet of ours where consumers are forced to shell out so much money to be fed so much outright, shameless, and (not infrequently) downright vile propaganda as is the case in little Norway.  At present every Norwegian household that owns a TV must pay an annual “license fee” of $451.00 a year to subsidize NRK, the government-owned TV and radio network.  (Next year the fee will climb to $568.57.)  You have to pay,  even if you never, ever watch NRK, most of whose programming is not unlike a triple dose of Ambien.  Take the schedule for Wednesday, October 24, which consisted of a blizzard of national and local news programs (one of them in Sami); “Murder, She Wrote”; reality shows, one set on a remote Finnish island, another on a Danish chestnut farm whose proprietors run it “the good old-fashioned way”; an investigative program that asked why the number of moose in Norway has tripled in the last decade; and a musical tribute to United Nations Day by the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.  (You may not know that October 24 is United Nations Day, but I can assure you that every kid in Norway does.)

But what’s worst about NRK is not the comical dullness of much of its daily menu but, well, two things: first, the day-to-day, knee-jerk, petty mendacities of its news reporting, which is almost invariably tilted against the U.S., Israel, capitalism, and so on; and, second, the larger, grander, more sweeping, and even, at times, utterly breathtaking duplicities of some of the few high-profile prime-time programs that NRK actually produces itself.  Case in point: Brennpunkt, or “focal point,” a series that pretends to be devoted to investigative journalism, and that, on the evening of October 23, served up an hour entitled “Intet kommer i en lukket hånd.” It was explained that this title, which literally translates as “Nothing comes in a closed hand,” was a quotation from Indira Gandhi; a quick Google search established that the original quotation was: “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.”

Whose “clenched fist” was the title referring to?  That became clear quickly enough.  Director/reporter Frode Nielsen told us that “more and more right-wing extremists are directing their intense hate against Islam.” Standing outside the Olso courthouse, and noting that in recent months both mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik and terrorist Mullah Krekar have been brought to justice in that building, he declared that “the hate is equally dangerous on both sides.” Yet Nielsen’s topic wasn’t Islamic hate.  It was, rather, “those who have devoted their lives to running a hate campaign against a religion.”

Over the next hour, Nielsen introduced us to a series of people who fell, very clearly, into two categories: the Good Guys and the Bad.  What was curious was that several of the Bad Guys (some of whom genuinely were bad) were shown saying things that were inconvertibly true but that Nielsen obviously regarded as irrefutable evidence of their perfidy.  For example, a young, soft-spoken Jewish man whose name I didn’t catch said that “the Muslim world views kindness as weakness.” Anders Gravers, head of Stop Islamization of Europe, told a Danish audience that “Islam is the opposite of freedom, just as Communism is!” Pat Robertson, shown on The 700 Club, said that, owing to the advance of Islam in Norway, genital multilation and rape are also on the rise.  Chaim ben Pesach of the Jewish Task Force, who spent years in a U.S. prison for committing acts of terror, said: “You can’t negotiate with evil, you have to defeat evil….You can’t mix a violent, hateful culture with civilized people…. [Western leaders] are betraying their people….This is the beginning of end of the Western world if this continues.” Every word was true, even if the guy saying it was a despicable creep – but Nielsen’s only comment was that Pesach “denies that this sounds like Nazism.” Similarly, Koran-burning Florida preacher Terry Jones told Nielsen that “if you follow strictly the Koran, the Medina version, that does lead to violence” – a statement of pure fact from which Nielsen cuts directly to Mark Potok of the Southern Law Poverty Center lamenting how much “disinformation” is out there.

Other Bad Guys were raucous groups of English Defence League, Norwegian Defence League, and Danish Defence League protesters who were shown at street demos, waving flags and placards and screaming about Islam.  Lots of people with lots of hate, but behind all of them, Nielsen said, is a small group of ideologues who spread their “hate propaganda” to the multitudes via the Internet.  Not only have these ideologues influenced all these Bad Guys; they’re also responsible for creating the baddest Bad Guy of all, Anders Behring Breivik.  We heard a good deal about these mysterious puppeteers, these shadowy instigators, before the names of a few of them (including Brigitte Gabriel and Geert Wilders) were finally mentioned.

And only then, in the big reveal, did Nielsen actually show us a couple of these Satanic creatures, live and in person, addressing a street rally in Stockholm late in the summer of 2012.  Their names: Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller.  Nielsen, in voice-over, described them as “right-wing extremists” who are “strongly tied to Israeli extremists.” We saw them making their presentations in Stockholm, while cops in riot gear struggled to subdue a mob of violent protestors who were screaming: “Fucking racists!  No racists in our streets!” Gesturing toward the rioters, Spencer said calmly: “That’s the force we are fighting against.” Such people, he said, employ violence precisely because “they cannot defeat us intellectually or morally.” Spencer made sense and didn’t look dangerous, but Nielsen assured us he was: both his and Geller’s “propaganda,” Nielsen said, “is described as dangerous by those who monitor the anti-Islam movement.” Nielsen spoke about Spencer’s “propaganda” as if it were hidden away on clandestine websites with top-secret passwords, rather than published on a widely read website and in New York Times bestsellers.

Arrayed against Spencer and his armies of hate were a handful of Good Guys.  Norwegian Bishop Gunnar Stålsett murmured PC platitudes about brotherhood.  Matthew Collins of the group Hope Not Hate (whose magnificently mendacious Counter-Jihad Report I wrote about here) compared the EDL to the Tea Party, which, he pronounced, is “as dangerous  as any Islamist.” Nathan Lean, author of The Islamophobia Industry, said that Breivik took the writings of Spencer and company “to the logical conclusion…They weren’t the ones who committed the acts of violence, but they certainly were the ones who shaped the way he viewed the world, the way he views the Muslims, the way he viewed Europe.” Lean added that “people like bin Laden and people like Spencer are mirror images of one another,” saying that instead of fearing “stealth jihad, and creeping sharia…we should fear these groups…that promote and produce an environment and an atmosphere of hate.” Potok also linked Spencer to Breivik: “Words have consequences….If you say that the dirty Muslims are coming to rape our daughers and destroy our society…you can’t be shocked when somebody like Anders Breivik starts to murder people.  You have some kind of responsibility for that.” (As if to assure us that the SPLC is the voice of truth and virtue, Nielsen prefaced Potok’s comments with a montage of uplifting images from the civil-rights movement.)

At no point in the program was there so much as a hint that anything Spencer or any of the other Bad Guys say about Islam is true.  Lean did mention the film Obsession: Radical Islam’s War against the West, but instead of actually examining its content, he used it as an example of the Bad Guys’ determination to “provoke Muslims” and to “advance the fear of Muslims.” While he talked about Obsession, we got a quick glimpse of You Tube clips from the film on a computer screen: a church being set aflame, an imam preaching takeover of the West.  But none of this material was discussed.  It was as if the contents of films like Obsession, and of books like Spencer’s, were all sheer Islamophobic fantasy.

One of Nielsen’s interviewees was Lena Andreassen, a young Norwegian woman who, visiting the U.K. a couple of years back, met leaders of the English Defence League and was installed by them as head of its Norwegian counterpart.  She was unsettled, however, when she discovered that some EDL members “were a lot more extremist than she had thought.” Told that some of them were planning a mosque bombing, she called the cops; when she began expelling NDL members whom she considered extremists, the EDL sent her packing.  You might think that Nielsen would conclude from the case of Andreassen that there are, indeed, reasonable people who are concerned about Islam in Europe but appalled by anti-Islamic violence – but Nielsen didn’t go there.

No, Nielsen plainly wanted us to understand that if people are getting worked up about Islam, it’s because they’re confused and ignorant.  “The world is changing rapidly and people are frightened,”  volunteered Potok.  Lean, for his part, noted that some people “argue that Muslims don’t constitute a race,” but maintained that this is just “a convenient way to avoid addressing…the civil rights issue of our time” (from which Nielsen cut to the Lincoln Memorial and that new, Chinese-looking statue of Martin Luther King, Jr.).  The director of the Rosa Parks Museum counseled that when people fear, “they just lash out and attack,” even though many of them don’t even know what they fear, and end up discovering that their fears are “completely unfounded.” The program concluded with a musical message from Gatas Parlament, a trio of white Communist rappers who are famous in Norway for (among other things) putting up a website a few years ago in which they offered a bounty for the head of George W. Bush.  Dancing in an Oslo street, the three men sang into the camera: “Are you sure that your prejudice makes sense?…Stop tolerating intolerance!” This, indeed, should be the bottom line when it comes to this topic: stop tolerating intolerance.  But the obvious agenda of Nielsen, and of his masters at NRK, is to turn the reality of all this – the reality of exactly who, in the West nowadays, is tolerating whose intolerance – upside down.

Nielsen’s program was an interesting development, for the following reason.  In the weeks and months after Anders Behring Breivik committed his atrocities on July 22 of last year, the Norwegian media and intellectual elite – as I wrote in my e-book on the subject – engaged in a full-court press against the critics of Islam whom it portrayed as Breivik’s heroes, with some respected figures calling for them (i.e., us) to be silenced and even punished.  With the New Year, however, the attacks largely subsided; I found myself wondering whether, during the long, quiet Christmas holiday, a few of the saner members of the Norwegian establishment had taken the time to reflect, realized the country was rushing headlong toward totalitarianism, and taken active steps to rein in the troops.  Maybe, maybe not.  In any case, this week’s episode of Brennpunkt certainly seems to indicate that the gloves are back off and the war back on – yet with a major difference.  For whatever reason, Nielsen chose not to go after me and other writers in Norway who were the frequent targets of abuse last year, and whom the judges at Breivik’s trial this summer tried to haul into court.  Why this strategic shift – if that is, in fact, what it is?  Has somebody decided that if they leave us alone, maybe we’ll leave them alone, and allow them to carry on with this reprehensible campaign of whitewashing Islam and demonizing foreign truth-tellers?

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  • posse101

    i'm proud to say that i fear Islam. most sane people will. if you have any doubts for yourself go to thereligionofpeace.com homepage. that'll give you plenty to fear from the religion of peace… one dead body at a time!

    • kafir4life

      It's not so much fear, but a giggle-snort kind of thing. They're not scary, just funny and foolish. I mean come on……Their "prophet", the so-called mohamat the pig faced dog invented islam, invented allah the moon god, and actually shat the contents of the koran in a bout of intestinal distress. How interesting that all these centuries later, and it's still considered to be more similar to feces than to a book. islam is nothing to fear, just laughed at.
      allahu snackbar!

      • Kufar Dawg

        Maybe here in the US you can afford not to be afraid of islam, but if you lived or visited any islamofascist state a healthy fear of islam would be required to survive.

      • posse101


        preposterous comment. go directly to the religionofpeace.com homepage and see how many people were blown today up by the religion of peace and see if you giggle or snort.

    • Rupert Gold

      This is the grossest misrepresentation of the issues, the Norwegian media and the EDL. It demonstrates truly lamentable ignorance of the lives and attitudes of most Muslims and confirms the sad reality that BB is in the grip of an ideology the internal contradictions of which he might best understand if he for one moment substituted sexual politics for religious politics. One wonders, Bruce –– why do you stay in Norway, when you hate it so much? Try your lifestyle in Teaparty County or EDLsham.

    • Marit

      Thanks a lot, Bruce Bawer for this exellent amalyses of Norwegian stupidity ! We Norwegians have been desinformed since WW2. From sosialism to islamism. Our society is heading to totarianism, where people are desinformed on daily basis from MSM. “Norwegian” muslimsms going to fight in Syria, others trethen us of blowing up our country. Homegrown islamist and jihadist. Blessed by a helpless socialist Government. My beloved country is heading down the abyss, as muslims invade our country with their hatred of us infidels. The future looks very dark…

      • Sol Landet

        You should try to be strong and to rebel to this. Do you want to keep your rights?.
        In Italy (peaceful) rebellions started last months and there are several sign of this.
        And us italians are know as idiot-sleepy people, yet we started to rebel.
        Stop to worry to be compared to Breivik. Breivik is just a fascist, not different from Mussolini and Hitler. Us anti-islamist are civil, democratic and we want to avoid violence even toward muslims. We want that muslims respect our laws and value and if they don't, they should come back to their home. If islam becomes illegal in the west, I would be happy, as I see Islam as a totalitarian politic ideology masked as religion.
        Civil people base things on fact, and I'm glad there are some in Norway (Like You) that stay awake.

  • southwood

    And I thought the BBC was bad ( as regards its leftism, bias etc.) . It hasn't stooped quite so low as NRK …yet. Still it's pleasant to watch its current torment over the many alleged pedophile scandals emerging from inside that institution. I am not allowed to watch any live streaming on the web because I don't have a TV licence since I do not own a TV. The TV licence is purely for the BBC. I pray for the abolition of that licence fee, as do many, many others in the UK. The article is interesting. The hypocrisy, dishonesty and crass stupidity of the left never ceases to amaze (and anger) me.

  • Diann

    I am Islamophobic – and those who are not, simply have their heads in the sand. They are unaware of the world and of what is happening within their country. remember the old saying 'you're only paranoid if they are NOT out to get you!'. Great article…

  • Indioviejo

    How many people know in the US that the Scandinavian countries are socialist, and that they "Brain wash" their people just as Orwell predicted? The American people should know these guys are not our allies or friends, and we should always act accordingly.

    • Andreas

      Quite true, Scandinavians are no allies of rednecks, whose tiny brains have been washed by religious nitwits. But the can be good friends with Americans whose IQ is above that of a glass of water.

  • Billy

    Of the EU countries, the one with the highest percentage of Muslims is Bulgaria.

    Paradoxically, Muslims in Bulgaria either

    -A- know their place


    -B- are adequately integrated and both accepted and accepting

    • Drakken

      Obviously you are quite unaware that the native Bulgarians are very nationalistic and are very quick to stomp on muslims who get a little upitty. You just never hear about it in the news. When the turks came to build a new mosque the Bulgarians burnt it to the ground and chased out the turks. That happened recently and you can expect to see it happen more often in eastern European countries.

      • Sol Landet

        For this I think I must move in east Europe when things start to get worse. It doesnìt matter if I will be a B-serie citizien.
        Once, foreigners had less right than native (for example they had no voice in politics), yet they were more integrated with the local population, more appreciated and they were considered because of their merits, not because of their skin colour or they religion.

  • Indio Viejo

    To think that the Scandinavian countries are our allies is a travesty. They are anti Capitalist, social and mind control extremist of Orwellian caliber.

  • Schlomotion

    I think Mr. Bawer is off base when he proclaims how mainstream Robert Spencer is, but this article was hilarious. Mark Potok and Robert Spencer are both crackpots. Trying to find the one with noble intent and also positive actions is even harder than finding the better candidate between Obama and Romney. Still, the article was funny, and a good argument against state television.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      You are the crackpot.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Schlo-mo's Jew hatred (carefully disguised as being anti-zionism) would play well in any islamofascist state.

    • Touchstone

      It's widely accepted that if Iran goes nuclear, regional proliferation would be the result. And yet you've argued in favor of Iran getting the bomb.

      What could be more crackpot than believing catastrophe would be LESS likely with nuclear-armed mullahs?

      Your policy prescriptions are the very definition of crackpot.

      • Schlomotion

        Pakistan has nuclear weapons. India has nuclear weapons. Israel has nuclear weapons. Therefore, nuclear weapons already proliferate in the region.

        • Touchstone

          India is not considered part of the Middle East, and neither is Pakistan. When people refer to "the region", they're not talking about the entire eastern hemisphere. They're talking about the Middle East. Mainly Arab nations plus Iran and Turkey.

          Geography aside, the real point is that it's reckless, irresponsible and self-defeating to be nonchalant about the prospect of nuclear weapons spreading to any more countries in the most volatile region on the planet. Your "argument" that proliferation has already occurred so, hey, who cares where else the nukes pop up, is about as lame and crackpot as it gets. Strictly amateur hour.

          It's Iran's regional rivals (Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and beyond) that would seek nukes of their own, creating a vastly more dangerous powder keg than exists right now. Perhaps you wouldn't mind seeing a nuclear holocaust that would consume not just Israel but most of its neighbors, possibly triggering World War 3, or at least destroying the world's oil-based economy.

          The feebleness and nonchalance of your counterargument — which would put hundreds of millions of lives (and much of the world's energy resources) at the mercy of Islamic triumphalist hotheads and despotic terror-sponsors presiding over restive nations and irredentist ethnic groups — scream "crackpot" louder than a nuclear blast.

          • Schlomotion

            Turkey already passed a bill in 2007 to begin construction of nuclear power plants. Egypt signed an agreement with Russia in 2008 to resume developing nuclear energy. Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal announced in 2011 that they would get nukes, if as you said both Iran and Israel have nukes. However, Saudi Arabia financed the Pakistani atom bomb and can just get nukes from them. Saudi Arabia also signed an agreement already with China in 2012 to develop nuclear reactors, so it seems we are, like with the fall of Mubarak and the opening of the border with Gaza to allow building supplies, moving into the future.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Israel should hand off nukes and the means to deliver them to Greece and Armenia.

    • Western Canadian

      “Potok”. Well, at least we know that Schmuckmotion read one word in the article. But only one word.


        God Bless Canada!

    • Advocatus

      Yo, Schlo, rap me a bit in your inimitable style about how Robert Spencer is a crackpot. Please cite facts and bits of Islamic history, scholarship and theology he has misrepresented.

      You see, old boy, you have an unfortunate trait of the benighted, self-righteous imbecilic demagogue; namely the annoying gabbit of going ad hominem on people who actually have a brain.

      Now, over to you, bro. Out with those facts and arguments at last.

      • Schlomotion

        Maybe when I get around to it. I will be reading "Citizen Islam" by Zeyno Baran today, so I might not have time to amuse you with factfinding.

        • Drakken

          Whats the matter boy, get your azz spanked by folks much better than you?

        • Ghostwriter

          I'm amazed you read anything outside of "The Protocols of the Elders on Zion" and "Mein Kampf." I'm amazed YOU read PERIOD.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Don't forget the holy trilogy of islam. A more popular work amongst the Jew haters of the world today than Mein Kamfp by a long country mile.

        • Western Canadian

          With your obvious lack of reading comprehension (or any other kind of comprehension for that matter), you will no doubt try to hide behind that pathetic and feeble excuse for quite some time.

          You are not answering him, because you cannot answer him

        • Advocatus

          Ah, another pathetic cop-out from a pathetic loser. "I ain't got no time to make me arguments because I's too busy reading me books. I's a very smart boy."

          Clearly, though, you do have the time for showing up on every thread to attack the author and/or take a swipe at Jews.

          So what else have you got, genius, beyond snide little comments of no particular relevance to any topic under discussion?

          • Ray Olson

            In Schlo’s defense, he’s quite right that one could do a little Googling on Spencer–in other words, do your own research. I know, personally, many who are anything but Islamophilic yet keep their distance from Spencer and Pamela Geller, too. For the record, I’ve read a bit of Spencer but nothing of Geller. And I’m staunchly Judeophilic because I’m a Christian.

          • Turner

            So what has Spencer or Geller said that you think is a lie?

        • Mary Sue

          whoa, you might actually learn something!

  • Chezwick

    What a thorn Bruce Bawer must be in the side of Norwegian polite society. He reminds them almost daily of their hypocrisy and stupidity. God how they must wish he'd go back to America. And yet we here in the States find him invaluable, giving us an up-close-and-personal look at modern Nordic sensibilities.

    • Norwegian

      I assure you we are many Norwegians who consider Bruce Bawer to be a national treasure, and are eternally grateful that our elites didn't manage to send him packing. Yes, he is exposing the ugliness and hypocrisy that is endemic our society, and in doing so ruining the self-aggrandizing facade of Norway as social-democratic paradise. That's why we love him. We, the people.

  • Marty

    I spend several class meetings each semester documenting to my students that sharia law leads to institutionalized violence, oppression, and the destruction of any hope for individual freedom and poltiical democracy. It's a mistake to burn or ban the koran and much better to read it aloud to an audience that has little or no familiarity with it. After a few such classes, my students perfectly understand the real nature of islam as a brutal, anti-semitic, and sinister totalitarian system.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Teaching the truth about islam, that takes some courage in the ugly reality of academia these days. Thank you.

  • Reuben

    Hey Bruce, Good article once again, however I did feel I had to mention something about one detail.

    You quoted Chaim Ben Pesach saying something that is of course very true and then you said that it wasn't any less true because it was stated by a "creep".

    I felt I had to defend Chaim Ben Pesach on this accusation of him being a creep who commited "acts of terror".

    From what I know his "acts of terror" never directly hurt anyone. He blew up a few Russian diplomats cars and made sure no one was inside them, he damaged some Russian property and him and a few others did interrupt a Russian ballet show by throwing some tear gas during the show. This resulted in one Russian representative getting a heart attack.

    It isn't quite fair to call these "acts of terror". These acts didn't hurt anybody directly except for the one guy who had a heart attack. His acts helped free 70,000 jews from Russia.

    • JDL UK


      Correction. Chaim's actions helped free 1.5 MILLION Jews from Russia, not only 70,000.

  • Snaphanen

    an the 'expert coommentator' throguh the programme, was Matthew Collins from Hope not Hate. 2 days ago he posted this carricature of Paul Weston in a birds cage, overjoyous that police had apprehended him.

  • http://www.alrassooli.com IQ al Rassooli

    Dear Mr Bawer

    It is beyond belief how the Norwegian elite are siding with the very entities (Islam, Muslims) that are literally undermining their constitution and freedoms as we speak. Their attacks aganist the USA and Israel in particular are beneath CONTEMPT.

    Any human being with TWO braincells of logic reading Muhammad’s Quran should come to the following irrefutable conclusions: It is Hatemongering, Misogynist, Warmongering, Racist, Vile and hence Ungodly.

    For those PC who may be upset, please do us all a favour and point out ONE single operative verse in the Quran that shows any Compassion and Mercy towards Unbelievers/ Kuffar/ Infidels/ Kafroon (80% of current Humanity; all of none Muslims).

    Islamophobia means IRRATIONAL fear of Islam. Actually NOT fearing Isalam would be IRRATIONAL.

    If in doubt, just Google ‘alrassooli’ and get enlightened.


      norway is a failed state thanks to socialism.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.bennoah Dan Ben Noah

    Bruce Bawer, if you are saying that Chaim Ben Pesach is a "creep" and committed "acts of terror", you are falling for the same pro-Islam propaganda that you are supposedly fighting against. Chaim Ben Pesach never killed anyone, and did minor bombings in order to draw attention to the plight of Soviet Jewry, which resulted in freeing thousands of oppressed Jews from the Soviet Union. Perhaps this site should allow Chaim Ben Pesach to respond. To all those who claim to be "pro-freedom" while undermining the actual freedom fighters, you need to understand that there is not going to be any progress if you demonize people who do or say the right thing whenever you are too cowardly to do or say it yourselves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.domino.5 Wendy Domino

    Mr. Bawer Chaim ben Pesach didn't commit "Acts of terror". He attacked property only, in order to bring attention to the issue of Soviet Jewry. He didn't kill people. Also your characterization of him as a creep couldn't be more wrong. I've contacted Chaim several times over the past several years as I've been a member of the Jewish Task Force forum and I've never found him to be anything but gentlemanly, kind, and very intelligent. He also is very wise when it comes to politics of both the USA and of Israel and says many true and right things. Regardless of how you feel about his JDL activities (which I think were justified but you may not), he has already been punished for them and today he's doing nothing but good things for the conservative cause. For you to stab him in the back like this is very cowardly and makes you look like the creep. You join left wingers and Muslims when you attack someone who is now fighting against left wingers and Islam. I am hoping that when you look more deeply into this situation that you'll be man enough to apologize for the slander you posted.

    • http://www.facebook.com/wendy.domino.5 Wendy Domino

      There was the Soviet show that he helped to stop too but nobody died or was permanently injured.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Was Chaim ben Pesach the guy who was denied his right to aliyah?

      • KWR BT

        Yes, that's him. That is an injustice.

    • Zubelee

      Mr.Bawer Islam is the problem not Mr. Ben Pesach who is great Civil Rights Leader who actually puts hmself in the line of fire unlike you.

  • bkopicz

    The religion of peace is in the news again:

    Ethnic violence in Burma:
    The 25 men and 31 women were reported dead in four Rakhine state townships in violence between the Buddhist and Muslim that re-erupted Sunday, local government spokesman Win Myaing said. He said some 1,900 homes had been burned down in fresh conflict all the victims being treated were all were Buddhist.

    Will the left slander the Buddhist and Copt Christians as they have so constantly done to the Jews and Israelis?

    • Drakken

      Well give Burma a little credit, at least they aren't going to sit back and let the savages lord over them, to get the buhdist to go to war the muslims really must have pushed them too far.

      • Kufar Dawg

        They know what an islamic future holds for them and it ain't rainbows and lollypops.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ghdivlb.gjendd Ghdivlb Gjendd

    Chaim Ben Pesach is a Jewish hero and an American hero. Don't believe the lies you hear about him. Get the fact jtf dot org

  • Schlomotion

    NO FEWER THAN FOUR Kahanist Trolls appeared as soon as they located where Chaim ben Pesach / Victor Vancier had been criticized on the internet and showed up to bash another Hasbara writer who went astray of the hard line. They all launched their attacks on Mr. Bawer from Facebook. Several of them have fake accounts. Mr. Bawer is being attacked by Jewish terrorist sympathizers. That is interesting.

    The Kahanists that are controlling a Wikipedia War over the heritage and portrayal of Chaim ben Pesach are operating out of Bensalem PA, which is near Levittown, the place where Kahanists started attacking me for commenting on Frontpage. In keeping with Frontpage's standards, I will not give out names or addresses or other personal information. The region, however, that these attacks are coming from is there.

    • Ghostwriter

      And you revel in anti-Jewish hatred,creep.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Should I cry for you now? Or later?

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Rabbi Meir Kahane spoke the unpleasant truth about unquenchable Muslim hatred for everything Jewish and for this he was murdered. Then the greatest self-hater who ever lived now buried in an undisclosed location, William Kunstler, got Kahane's killer off. That's justice, eh, Schlocky?

      Glad you informed us his followers are still with us. Now go eat cheese with your pal Nakba1948.

    • Reuben

      Troll? hah

      I didn't seek out this article because i found Chaim's name, I just read this article because i checked my email as i do each morning and opened up my Frontpagemag.com email….as i do each morning and started reading the articles….as i do each morning, and as i read this article I noticed the comment about Chaim Ben Pesach.

      I'm certainly not trolling this site, i don't litter the comment boards as you do but I do comment a fair bit. And I certainly didn't "bash" Mr.Bawer, I even told him i thought the article was good but that he may have mistakenly believed the trash talk about Mr.Pesach.

      Chaim never killed anyone, and like stated above, to my knowledge only 1 guy had a heart attack (which he may have had deserved) and he didn't even die from it.

      And also, i don't use facebook at all nor do I even live in the US.

      • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

        Chaim is a heroic person.
        A million Jews that now live in Israel can thank Chaim Ben Pesach.


      If Chaim Ben Pesach gives you agita, good for Chaim Ben Pesach!

      And HAPPY ETERNAL NAKBA Shariamotion!

    • Kufar Dawg

      It's always the Jews isn't it Abdullah?

      • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

        Yes, he just hates Jews.

      • Zubelee

        No it's the muzzies and their leftists groupies

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      You sound like a little mary & a wuss.

      As long as the Jews are left wing and whiney, you will be with them. If the Jew is tough, you want him to shut up–it destroys the status quo of the Woody Allen Jew you can shove around.

    • Zubelee

      Cry me a river terrorist lover

  • Keith Breedlove

    If a clenched fist extends its middle finger, it's no longer a clenched fist, is it?


      Sorry, meant to give you an Thumbs UP.

  • Drakken

    What is interesting is that you refuse to refute facts sub human. Your nothing but an intellectual midget in a roomful of giants, so go fk yourself you commi pos.

  • Drakken

    The Govt of Norway can put all the leftist propaganda out it wants, but to the average Norwegian they can see what is happening around them and they don't like it one bit, sooner or later something is going to give and once that happens those ole Viking genes are going to come out and that is exactly what their govt of communists fear. They know that if the muslims start bombing them the repercusions are something that the Govt won't be able to stop. You see it all around Europe, the native folks are starting to express themselves that doesn't fall into the govt narrative and it is scarring the hell out of them, add to the coming economic crisis and you have you a backlash of biblical proportions coming. Just look at what the govt of Britian has done to the EDL, they arrested their leadership, so they are going to drive that movement underground and they are going to resort to IRA tactics. You will see this all over Europe as the leftist in their fear, crack down and imprison the right movement only to make it much much worse by doing so. This is going to get really bloody soon.

    • Schlomotion

      It's been 7 hours. I thought you meant really soon.


        Although it's been said, many times, many ways…

        HAPPY NAKBA to YOU!

        • Kufar Dawg

          A happy, happy, eternal Nakba to Schlo-mo!

  • Chaimfan

    Bruce, how in the world are you different from the Norwegian elites you so denounce? You are smearing a HERO of a man, Chaim Ben Pesach (who spent six years of his life in prison for a simple act of civil disobedience designed to draw public attention to the plight of Soviet Jews, but would have gladly spent life in prison for this cause) for no reason at all other than to be politically correct. I'm sure that you have no cross words against the ANC terrorists that brutalized South Africa in their war against the white government in the 1980s and preside over a rapeocracy today (a rapeocracy whose victims are primarily fellow black Africans) or the "Arab Spring" butchers that are murdering Middle East Christians as we speak.

    You are a disgrace. You and your fellow travelers like Scamela Geller are no different at all from groups like Stormfront, which purport to be part of the right, but in reality exist solely to promote a sick, evil agenda. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Drakken

      Well son, it is going to be those on the right that are going to keep you alive because the left wants your demise.

    • Kufar Dawg

      "…Scamela Geller is no different at all from groups like Stormfront." Delusional much?

  • sprayman0

    It's not a phobia if they really want to kill you!!!

  • jose

    We in the west must cut off all funding to ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. And stop all immigration from these ISLAMIC infestational places. Cut all of this funding and help off right now. No more immigration for these haters of americans. We are setting ourselves up for a bloody revolution if we dont get control of the demographics of america real soon. This country is in a turning point situation 'life or death' of a nation. This must be done very soon for our very survival. England is allready lost.

    • maher

      Not the UK, not yet. France and especially Belgium definitely yes.

      • Sol Landet

        France started rebellion with Génération Identitaire.
        The first is failed, but they started to move.

    • Sunbeam

      Yes Jose, you're rightfully correct. It is better to declare a war on them than to have always have to suffer under their continuing destructive yoke. They will never sleep nor rest until they achieve their aim of conquest of nations wherever they can be found. And wherever they can be found destruction and disruption sure follows. This is their pattern. It is high time that the West should stop their immigration and start deporting those who caused a menace by calling for jihads or Shariah. They must not be allow to supersede their own way of life but choose to live the life of the nation they adopt or be expel. You can't continue to appease to them, for this will only spoil them and make them much bolder in their demands. West must learn.

  • RCCA

    It's not Islamophobia when there are riots around the world and people getting killed over a silly amateur video. It's not Islamophobia when people like Irshad Manji are attacked by a mob in Asia because she is teaching a progressive version of Islam, or when other reformers are murdered, and critics of Islam are constantly sent death threats.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Personally, I don't have much faith in the efforts of Irshad Manji. She preaches the most banal version of islam, while ignoring the rabid Jew hatred found throughout the koran and hadeeths, the explicit anti-Christian bigotry and the hatred assigned to anyone not a believer, not to mention the actions of the most holey man in islam in killing/enslaving/expelling all the Jewish tribes in Soddy Barbaria (who had been there for centuries).

  • Bolg

    Who is this Shlomotion? Why is he writing here? What is he doing here? I have never read a single positive reaction coming from him. Not a single line or even a word. How this can be? And I also wonder why there always are at least two or three apparently intelligent people trying to 'argue' with him.

    • Western Canadian

      No one is foolish enough to waste time arguing with him, he is not capable of it. We just like to make sure that it is obvious that he does not belong here. Or anywhere else.

    • Reuben

      He's a troll who's fond of accusing others of trolling. Me thinks he has an ineptitude for irony detection.

      As for why intelligent people nevertheless argue with him?… good question.

    • curmudgeon

      he is a tarbaby. if you touch him, you get filthy. those who argue with schlo probably just have not figured out what he is. would a reasonable person get in a fight with a skunk? a fly? a cow pie? no. just leave them alone.

    • Larry

      The only reply anyone needs to make to schlocky is "happy nakba".

    • morty62

      He's a paranoid, self-hating Jew. His kind usually post at sites like Raw Story. They thiink that anyone who disagrees with them is practicing "Hasbara" and that they are being targeted by nefarious Zionist forces. He can't get his head around the idea that regular people might think his arguments are lame and illogical so he has to construct some paranoid delusion. Pathetic.

  • Edohiguma

    This Nielsen fellow needs some "proper" islamic "cultural enrichment", like the actual tax payers experience it on a daily basis. He's one of those responsible for the invasion of our countries by hostile forces, aka islam.

  • Hoover

    It is very easy to see that where there is contention, intimidation, terror, ethnic cleaning, murder, etc. that Islam is usually actively trying to increase its footprint on the world.

  • Meir Weinstein

    Bruce Bower wake up and smell the coffee. Chaim should not be called a creep. Chaim paid the price and does some good work.

  • morty62

    What makes me queasy is the self-righteousness of these mendacious apologists. They present themselves as The Good and The Pure when in fact they are delusional and filled with self-loathing. They despise their own culture and spew hatred and lies at anyone with the temerity to defend the civilization it took their forefathers centuries to build. I doubt they even bother to read or digest any of the material written by the people they publically crucify. All they know is that Western civilization is Evil and that anyone who defends it must be discredited and destroyed. That is why they always side with whatever totalitarian ideology shares their goal.

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    "islamo" a proper word?

  • KWR BT

    When you insult and slander Chaim ben Pesach, it's a slap in the face to every Soviet Jew who was eventually freed from the murderous Soviet regime thanks to the activism of the JDL. Since when does this site have commie sympathies?

    Btw, speaking of Chaim ben Pesach, are you aware that he has had a web and tv presence as a foremost "critic of Islam" probably since before most of you even realized Islam was a problem? You shouldn't slander the good guys just to look "moderate." You're certainly not impressing any libs or any muslim terrorists.

  • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

    Bruce: You are a big hero, eh?
    Sitting on that keyboard, defaming Chaim Ben Pesach.

  • A Woman

    FYI — Chaim is not a terrorist or a creep. He bombed Soviet diplomatic property, unlike today's Muslim terrorists who deliberately target people. Why is that so difficult to comprehend? Chaim Ben Pesach is a hero.


  • Chaimfan

    Chaim is a hero. You, Bruce (who I think is masquerading as "Schlomotion"), are a pathetic dhimmi beotch.

  • Peter Worthington

    On another right wing blog Wendy Domino, who claims to be a "Conservative White Christian Southerner" said the following: "JTF is a completely law-abiding organization and always has been…In fact he (Victor Vancier) encourages all of us to do everything we do completely legally…"

    This Wendy Domino from Vancier's JTF really is a piece of work. So Wendy Domino, when your leader Victor Vancier aka Chaim Ben Pesach encourages his followers to publish his opponents' private information on your Israeli and U.S. forums – such as their full name, telephone number and address – and send your opponents – including even your fellow Jews – death threats via YouTube – you call that "law abiding" behavior?

    It's so hilarious watching these JTFers try to whitewash and cover up Vancier's terrorist past: his federal convictions for fraud and racketeering, his bombings and tear gassings which led to 20 people being injured many of whom were taken to hospital as well as his outrageous hypocrisy and lies regarding Dr. Ron Paul allegedly being a "racist" when Vancier himself – in a desperate move to gain White Nationalist financial support and membership – has referred to black people as "Low IQ sub-human monkeys", "gorillas" and "apes" who "should all be shipped back to the jungles of Africa" (Michael Musto, Village Voice).

    Wendy Domino claims she is a "White Christian Southerner" and stubbornly defends Vancier's terrorist crimes and other abhorrent behavior while agreeing with Vancier's portraying all of his critics as all being "self hating", "Nazis", "Communists", "liberals", "muslim sympathizers" and "left wingers" in order to discredit them.

    At the same time however, Wendy Domino refuses to tell you that Vancier was exposed in 2011 by a right wing Christian White Southerner organization – the Council for Conservative Citizens (CofCC)- as an anti-Christian, anti-non-Jew hater who mocks and humiliates his Christian supporters and their faith behind their backs while having the nerve to solicit donations from them!

    Wendy Domino has the nerve to call Vancier's opponents "self-hating" but according to Ms Domino's own twisted reasoning, she is – by her own hypocritical double standards – a "self-hater" for belonging to a group whose Hebrew speaking members routinely call Jesus Christ "a bastard son of a whore".

    The CofCC exposed how Vancier solicits donations from his Zionist Christian supporters whilst covertly on his Israeli sister site – Hayamin.org – in the Hebrew language – Vancier simultaneously attacks Christianity as a "Nazi religion" and vilifies White Christian people as "Nazi idolators" and "drunken rapists and murderers of Jews".

    One of his regular contributors on his Israeli site referred to – and I quote verbatim here – "Christians and non-Jews in general are human scum".

    What's even funnier is how Vancier attempted to forge an alliance with the pro-Israel anti-muslim EDL – English Defense League – back in January 2011 because they regularly wave Israeli flags at their rallies.

    But when the EDL's leader, Tommy Robinson, refused to form an alliance with Vancier and exposed how he spent 5 years in federal prison for a spate of terrorist bombings in the US in the mid to late 1980's – suddenly the EDL, according to Vancier, were no longer "pro-Israel" or "English patriots" anymore, but were "a bunch of Jew-hating clowns" and a "Nazi front group filled with Holocaust-deniers"!!!

    JTF is a pro-White, pro-Christian, pro-American law-abiding organization? LOL! You've got to be out of your mind if you believe that for a second!

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