A Pivotal Week for Norway’s Resident Jihadist

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Tuesday evening, a TV2 team was stationed outside Krekar’s Oslo home preparing to broadcast a live segment when a group of Muslims began throwing stones at them and shouting “Allahu akbar.”  (Video here, but you can’t really see much.)  When the TV2 car drove away, it “was struck by one or more stones.”  TV2’s reporter, Kadafi Zaman, observed: “This shows that Krekar has dedicated followers.”  It also underscores, as Progress Party official Mazyar Keshvari noted, that certain areas of Oslo are heading down the same road as places like Rosengård, a heavily Muslim neighborhood in Malmø, Sweden, where police officers and firefighters are now routinely pelted with stones every time they venture into “Islamic territory.”

Meanwhile Anjem Choudary, the Britain-based jihadist, told TV2 that Norway’s treatment of Krekar will enrage Muslims worldwide.  Choudary said that his own people have been contacted by Krekar’s supporters in Norway – and that they’re angry.  First the atrocities committed by Anders Behring Breivik last July, now the Norwegian authorities’ treatment of Krekar: these developments, said Choudary, are causing Norwegian Muslims to “wake up” – and to seek out ways to react.  You can be sure they’re not reading up on Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

On Wednesday Krekar was placed in protective custody for eight weeks, and it was reported that his “movement” was calling for protests outside Norwegian embassies and consulates around the world.  This was all very interesting: for years, almost invariably, Krekar had been painted by the Norwegian media as an isolated figure who had left the terrorist group Ansar al-Islam and now led a quiet, pious life centered on family, study, and private worship; now, suddenly, those same media were acknowledging that he’s a man with “supporters” and “followers” – the head of a “movement.”

Thursday brought new details about the circumstances under which Krekar had made his latest threats.  Hundreds of “students” around the globe, it was reported, take online “courses” from Krekar – and those “courses” include statements that “can be perceived as encouraging terror.”  According to Aftenposten, Krekar has suggested to his “students” that Norwegian authorities might be persuaded to release him from prison if, say, his followers were to carry out suicide bombings, take hostages, and/or knife Norwegians.  The same day, however, a prominent lawyer, Jon Wessel-Aas, insisted that Norway was “overreacting” to Krekar: “He’s not doing anything other than wishing for God’s will to be done,” maintained Wessel-Aas, who argued that such matters of faith lie “outside the purview of a judicial system.”  Norway’s treatment of Krekar, in Wessel-Aas’s view, was a simple matter of anti-Muslim prejudice: if the mullah were Christian, he wouldn’t be subjected to all this official harassment.

The circus, in short, continues.  Stay tuned.

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  • Amused

    Will this be Norway's first step out of darkness , or is it Norway's last gasp in it's death throes ? We'll see . Hopefully they'll throw this miserable POS out .

  • diann

    Once again – does anyone think that we in America can learn anything from the European (Norway in this case) experience? I think not with the present administration….

  • EdwinS

    Delighted to learn of Norway's Islam trouble… Norwegians strongly sympathise with Nazism -they were Hitler's faithful allies in WWII. It is such satisfying irony that their Muslim guests will be an instrument of their punishment.

    Onward and upward Krekar! All success to you in making the Norwegians squirm!!!

    • Alvaro

      "Norwegians strongly sympathise with Nazism"

      Since when?

      "-they were Hitler's faithful allies in WWII."

      Wrong country, maybe? Norway was invaded 9th of April 1940, and the small Norwegian army fought with little more than rifles against impossible odds until 10th of June 1940. They barely had weapons because the Labour party was rampant with Marxist pacifism, imported from Russia. (Russia, on the other hand spent *everything* on weapons. Clever.)

      "It is such satisfying irony that their Muslim guests will be an instrument of their punishment."

      You might just have your own leftists who yearn for the destruction of your own nation. Oslo is in that case merely a small view into a possible future – even for you.

    • Eric G

      "they were Hitler's faithful allies in WWII"

      If by "they" you mean the entire Norwegian people, or even a majority, you are wrong. Quisling did sympathise with Nazism, but he was — and still is — considered a traitor

    • Charles

      "Norwegians strongly sympathise with Nazism"
      Where on Earth did you get that idea? Norway is a democracy with a center-left alliance currently in power. The two biggest opposition parties are Høyre and Fremskrittspartiet. Høyre's views are broadly similar to those of the Democrats in the US, Fremskrittspartiet is more like the British Conservatives. No organized Nazi party even exists. Political observers suspect something like one or two hundred persons in the entire country have Nazi-like sympathies.

      "they were Hitler's faithful allies in WWII"
      Is that why President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his "Look to Norway" speech during the war? Among other things, the President said: "If there is anyone who doubts the democratic will to win … let him look to Norway."
      You should get your money back from the person who taught you history.

  • Schlomotion

    I wanted to watch the Krekar's rage video. Unfortunately Microsoft wanted to add plug-ins, and then bypass my computer's security, and then check my OS for deviations from Microsoft's World Plan. Krekar's water games at the arrest were funny. I also want to know what the guy asked Krekar to make him flip out. Was it a good question, or was it an insult? Alas this article is a major step down from the last one. The last one was passionate and erudite. This one is cheap and tawdry.

    • Alvaro

      "I wanted to watch the Krekar's rage video. Unfortunately Microsoft wanted to add plug-ins, and then bypass my computer's security, and then check my OS for deviations from Microsoft's World Plan."

      Whay are you talking about? It even works fine on Debian GNU/Linux with gecko-mediaplayer. Nothing but open source codecs on my system.

      • Schlomotion

        Yes but you probably installed the plug-in. I did not. It wanted too many permissions. Once it said it was going to start looking for Microsoft approved OS and Browsers I killed it.

        • Alvaro

          Yes, I installed the open source gecko-mediaplayer plugin from the Debian repository. It has nothing to do with Microsoft, and I doubt Microsoft approves of Debian. :)

          Krekar is on Youtube as well:

          • Schlomotion

            Sweet. Thanks for the link! I love the instant replay. Chris Rock could learn a thing or two.

          • Alvaro

            And here is another one where he doesn't look quite as tough: Krekar getting lifted from the floor by a woman!

          • Schlomotion

            That's very funny. I have to admit that if I lived there I would be doing things to upset Muslims.

    • pagegl

      It ran on IE9 with no plug-ins or problems.

  • "gunner"

    "Norwegians strongly sympathise with Nazism -they were Hitler's faithful allies in WWII."

    where did you learn history? norway was invaded and occupied by german troops, who set up a puppet government headed by vidkun quisling. the norwegian resistance harassed the nazi occupation forces at every opportunity, most notably aiding british commandos in destroying a "heavy water" plant crucial to hitler's atomic bomb project, (yes, he was trying for an atomic bomb too.) in norway "quisling" has become a synonym for "traitor".

  • Amused

    History around here can be called " fractured faireytales " .Infact it goes beyond revisionism to the absurd .

  • steven L

    Since they "love the Jews" let them deal with the Muslims. The new Nazis.

  • steven L

    Krekar insists on being left in peace while he is working out the Islamists of the world against the Occident.
    That 's cool!

  • Ghostwriter

    In my view,Krekar should have been kicked out of Norway and returned to Iraq. After seeing what he did on YouTube,he should have been deported a long time ago.

  • truebearing

    Norway would be doing itself, and the world, a favor by going "viking" on the Muslims there until they all leave.