Banning Dogs as Pets

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It’s the logic of conquerors.  But many authorities in the West have bowed to it.  In British Columbia, cab drivers whose “honest religious belief…precludes them from transporting certified guide dogs” have been exempted from having to do so.  The Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport has alsoworked out a “compromise” between blind people and Muslim cabbies.  In Britain, in response to Muslim complaints about “sniffer dogs” used to identify terrorists at airports, authorities limited the dogs’ activities out of “cultural sensitivity.” When sniffer dogs are taken into mosques or Muslim homes, moreover, they’re fitted with “leather bootees” to avoid giving offense.

Generally speaking, as the Muslim percentage of a city’s population climbs, the demands for appeasement grow more and more aggressive.  Last year,reports Soeren Kern, Islamic groups in the Catalan city of Lérida – which is 20% Muslim – called for a ban on dogs on public transport and in certain public spaces on the grounds that their presence violates Muslims’ “religious freedom and their right to live according to Islamic principles.” The city’s refusal to introduce such a ban was succeeded by a series of dog poisonings.  No surprise there: this is precisely the kind of development that one can expect after a certain point in this process, when demands and pressure haven’t turned the trick.

To treat Muslims’ complaints about dogs as if they deserve serious and respectful consideration is, of  course, absurd.  But over time, even the absurd becomes familiar.  That’s one thing these people are counting on.  They’re counting on their ability to wear the rest of us down gradually, accustoming us to ideas, beliefs, and “sensitivities” that, at first blush, strike us as ridiculous.  They’re counting on our ultimate willingness to compromise our values, one by one, out of fear of conflict and a misguided ardor for social harmony.  They’re counting on our readiness to tell ourselves that we’re not surrendering or being submissive but are simply being good, respectful, cooperative neighbors.

It’s precisely in this way that sharia law is being introduced, step by inexorable step, into the West.  The only way to put a halt to it is to ensure that everyone in a position of power in the West is aware of exactly what the Hasan Küçüks among us are up to, and is willing to stand up to them every step of the way – knowing that it’s not about dogs, but about dogma; not about puppies, but about power.

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  • Anamah

    More I know Islamics, more I love dogs.

    • pyeatte

      Absolutely right. We should not give one inch to these 5th century throw-backs. Why do we let people into our country if they don't accept our culture?

    • Fred

      If you kill a muzzie to protect your dogs, is it an honor killing protected by Sharia law?

  • Anamah

    And this black dog is my picture.

  • Blaze Pascal

    If you don't have a dog, then who's going to come and lie down on your grave when you die? Answer me that, if you can.

    • davarino

      Right, that right there is enough for me to dislike this terrible "religion".

  • mlcblog

    It is so ignorant to be abhorred by dogs. Beliefs so different from ours! how do we allow them to run over us like this?

    • Freedom Fighter

      Cowardly politicians, that's how……

    • Vermont Yid

      By sitting on our azzes and doing nothing while we wait for our government to do the right thing, which they will NEVER do. I say, take the fight to the muslims!

  • Dimitrios1

    Remember 1938, remember appeasement, and remember that those who do not learn from history are doomed to relive it.

  • Amused

    The dog has a place of honor in the progression of humanity down through the millenia .The noble dog has served as watchman of herds , tribes ,and villages against enemies and intruders . Their bravery and loyalty is unquestioned .Faithful companion and protector of man unto death . There is no nobler beast on the planet .So why this animosity towards the dog in islam ? Because a deranged socio-path says so ?
    I have a muslim living close by who when he sees me or anyone walking a dog , he literally runs to the other side of the street ….I say yea , get on the other side of the street , lest my attack bichon-freize get ahold of you !
    Get these people the hell out , they dont belong in a civilized country .

    • Jye

      A few years ago I had Muslim neighbors. We'd just got a Labrador puppy and were letting him run around in the front garden, playing with a ball the kids were throwing to him. One of the neighbors kids comes out and upon seeing our puppy started screaming hysterically. I almost laughed it was so ridiculous, but this is the mentality of these people. Fruitcakes – and dangerous ones at that!

    • dcgirl

      So maybe the US should start getting more dogs instead of spaying/neutering them. If the muslims scream like babies upon seeing them, maybe they will start leaving.

    • pyeatte

      I agree completely.

    • Djinn

      Muslims despise dogs because dogs are famous for sensing evil.

      They simply don't wanted to be outed for what they really are.

  • oldtimer

    I remember a story. When God and Adam were walking in the garden there was a dog faithfully following them. Adam was naming all the animals. When he was finished God said good night and started to walk away. The dog stopped God and said, Father you didn't name me. God said, Oh little one I named you first. I named you after me. You are
    dog, my name spelled backwards.

    • davarino

      Thats awsome : )

    • DWPittelli

      Does that work in Hebrew?

  • davarino

    And they think a dog is a dirty animal? Have they looked at their living conditions in the middle east? Have ya noticed their countries? How clean and tiddy they are……..snicker Ya, the dog is so despicable…..thats funny

    • Don from BC

      I've been to some of those countries.

      In Downtown Kabul, they throw their garbage on the side of the road in a rather large pile. Then others pick through it and it gets spread out. After a while (weeks), some men come by in a truck with shovels and load it all up…. Lather, Rince, Repeat. Driving down the road and you pass a dead donkey. They couldn't be bothered to take care of the animal and put it down, they just worked it – literally – to death. This wasn't just on the side of the road. This animal dropped dead in the middle of the lane.

      Islamabad: Garbage everywhere and the lawns were not trimmed at all. Everything was overgrown. The place looked bad.

      Tripoli gets a pass as I was there 2 days after they capped Ghadaffi. Still, garbage on the sides of the street strewn out everywhere. Garbage on the main road in large piles between the airport and tripoli.

      Kuwait was unimpressive as well. I saw more than one area where garbage had piled up.

      A dog as a pet should be the least of their worries.

    • Rocky Mountain

      I lived in the Gulf for a few years and once a brand-new park was opened near the water. It wasn't long before it was covered in trash.

    • TomKi

      People who use their left hands and a bowl of water to wash their backsides have no right to complain about lack of cleanliness.

  • Robert Laity

    What happened tio the Dog "Caliph" Obama used to have?

    What kind of person can hate a Dog?

    Disgusting. Muhammed was a dog hater.

    • Eric G

      Mohammed wasn't content to be evil as a warmonger, anti-semite, pedophile, rapist, or murderer. He had to totally sign on with the devil as dog-hater, too. Disgusting is right.

  • Ros

    I have personally been on the end of remarks made by muslims against my dog as I was walking it some time ago-"unclean! unclean" was shouted as they pointed at my dog.I tell you,if it's a toss up between which is the cleanest,my dog or a muslim my dog wins paw down everytime.I can also tell you that years ago I had a similar experience when I was walking the rottweiler that I owned at the time,and these muslims DO NOT like rottweilers……mmmmmmm,got me thinking……rottweiler anyone?

    • Rifleman

      You should have pointed back at them and shouted, "unclean, unclean!"

      I was thinking something similar, If we all get dogs, maybe they wil leave.

      • Don from BC

        Or "He bathes more than you do!"

    • Earl

      The term in Arabic is "Najis! Najis".

      And while any dog will upset the Mohammedans, but a black dog is the best for getting a reaction. You can walk your Rottie as close as you like towards a crowd of Mohammedans, with impunity ;)

      • ros

        Yes,I did hear that,that they particularly hate black dogs……..and to think that at the time I just thought it was because my rottie was HUGE and just frightened them.If I'd have known I would have started breeding them……..Damn,he was handsome too ,that dog unlike them.

        • TomKi

          They're a bunch of frightened little children, aren't they? If they can't live in a free country they should not move to a free country.

  • JasonPappas

    "it’s not about dogs, but about dogma" – BB

    Nice one Bruce. How about a few more?

    Who says I don't have a dog in this fight?
    America welcomes capitalists and all running dogs.
    Man's best friends … satan's worse enemy.
    It never rains cats and dogs in the desert … God's punishment for dog haters.
    Iraq: It's a Moslem-eat-Moslem world.
    You can't teach a Muslims new tricks … or anything apparently.

  • Ano

    Folks, the "Dog" hating words and attitudes from the Islamic world is rooted in their past. Ok, I'll make this story short….If you ask a lot of Muslims about Mohammad and his life, some will say he died from poison. I lived in the Middle East for many years and most said Mohammad died of rabies. If you have read the Koran it instructs you to NOT touch the wet part of a dog, rabies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I learned over my many years in the middle east that there is a real split among the people themselves as to their true religious beliefs, etc. Here is the answer to that question….Islam as we see it today in our news, tv's etc. IS NOT, I repeat, NOT a religion, it is a form of government….The religion has been corrupted by it's leaders over the centuries to control the people. Keep this in mind folks when reading or hearing all information in this regard.

    • Amused

      Sorry Ano , this so called "religion " was corrupt to begin with , thjerefore it could not have been "corrupted " at any time from its origination to the present day . My guess on why muslims revile dogs , is that dogs are great detectors of charachter , they know a cruel person when they see one , and chances are mohamed didn't get any wagging tails , but more likely threatening growls and the showing of teeth .

    • Martin Koschuttnig

      Ano have you heard in the "Middle East" that the "first burn a kooraan day" was ordered by a muslim ruler? One of the 4 first caliphs? After the "kooraan" he wanted to be used, all other versions were burned, hell a lot more were burned then Terry Jones or any other person could get their hands on…

      As to the issue of Dogs, well here in my city of Vienna it is mostly Muslims who really make a fuss over dogs in homes rented from the city….

  • ebonystone

    originally posted on another blog a week ago:

    If the Dutch have to choose between keeping dogs in their country and keeping Moslems, I hope they have the sense to keep the dogs.

    How many Dutch have been killed by dogs? How many by Moslems?
    How many Dutch have been raped by dogs? How many by Moslems?
    How many Dutch have been mugged by dogs? How many by Moslems?
    How many arsons in the Netherlands have been set by dogs? How many by Moslems?
    I think the answers are clear: the Moslems out-score the dogs by ratios of hundreds to one.
    However here's a question where the scores are probably about equal:
    How many Dutch have been bitten by dogs? How many by Moslems?

    • Western Canadian

      Actually, if you confine the yourself to the stats beginning with the years that muslims began immigrating to the former blessed land, you would probably find that the muslims take that one too…….

    • Bill King

      I think I would prefer the dog. At least I might be able to expect some justice!

  • LindaRivera

    Muslims immigrants who emigrate to non-Muslim countries are determined to make non-Muslims obey Muslims. If infidels don't obey, threats, intimidation and sometimes violence, are immediately forthcoming.

    Muslim demands for non-Muslims to conform to Islamic sharia law are constant and never-ending. Huge numbers of Muslims are imported into our countries even though the totalitarian Muslim religious-political system commands Muslims to become masters over us and utterly destroy our superior culture and our freedom. And striking at civilization-attacking the religions of Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions where treating people as we want to be treated-the golden rule, is a core belief. Showing KINDNESS to others.

    In their desire to destroy Judaism and Christianity, Western leaders obey almost all Muslim demands. It makes a mockery of the many brave heroes who fought and died so that we could live in freedom and safety.

  • BLJ

    I think have finally seen it all. Pigs banning dogs.

  • Anamah

    I hope our soldiers do not let theirs dog in Afghanistan or Irak. Islamics are cruel with animals.

  • pagegl

    This sort of reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode. An old man and his dog pass. As they are walking down the path of eternity they come upon a beautiful gate to the hereafter, however, the gate keeper won't let the old man bring in his dog. So, the old man and dog keep on walking. After a little while they come upon another gate, this one is a plain old wooden gate. When the old man asks if he can take his dog with him and explains the earlier gate keepr said no this gate keeper says of course. He then told the old man that the other gate was to hell and they don't allow dogs.

    Kinda makes one wonder if those that claim Islam and Mohammed are the anti Christ are right.

  • Rifleman

    "It's me or the dog," is the wrong thing to say to me. I'll keep the dog and get rid of the dog haters every time.

  • Tony Kondaks

    Islam prohibits dogs as pets?

    Sign me up!I'm becoming a Muslim immediately!

    I've had my crotch sniffed at one too many times by Fido,walked in their poop one too many timeshare,and been woken up by their incessant barking MORE than one too many times。

    And did I mention that I'm allegic to dog hair?

    • dcgirl

      Those are not the fault of the dog, but of their owner.

    • pyeatte

      Crotch sniffed? Perhaps you should shower more than once a week.

      • Djinn

        It'd be really funny if ~cats~ were sniffing his crotch, instead.

        [think about it]


        • Rifleman

          LMAO, that's sick, and I guess I've got a sick sense of humor too.

      • Rifleman

        Lol, I used to have to keep an eye on my dog until I got my clothes on after a shower. A cold nose in your buttcrack will make you jump like Michael Jordan.

    • InRussetShadows

      Yes, because you don't like dogs, it completely follows that you should join a murderous death cult. Humor FAIL.

    • Love MyDogs

      One too many times, you sound like an IDIOT!

    • ebonystone

      Just wait until the Moslems take over. They'll do a lot worse to your crotch than just sniff it. And there will be a lot more of their poop and garbage around for you to step in than there is with dogs. And the amplified calls to prayer from their minarets will be a lot noisier than a few dogs barking.

  • dirt

    Muslim hates dogs becaue they alarm their hosts when Mohammad invaded.

  • popseal

    As long a Muslim countries control so much of the Western World's energy supply, this crapola will continue. Every President and Congressman going back to and including Carter that has in someway impeded our move toward energy independence (in the name of enviornmentalism) should be investigated. Accepting bribes from foreign interests for the purpose of influencing American policy is treason, is it not?

  • Infidel Task Force

    Love your puppies – slap an Imam

    I cannot imagine anything like this happening in America. We love our dogs and we will not be made to choose. I would LOVE to see some muslim try to put a resolution like this through in the states. That muslim would be run out of town faster then a greyhound.

  • Anneke9

    They're going to have to pry my dog out of my cold dead hands…

  • Bryce Armstrong

    Hey, Muslims LOVE animals,.. just not as pets.

  • Ghostwriter

    I like both cats and dogs. My aunt and cousin both own dogs. I'd hate to think if people like this moved in next door to them.

    • kafir4life

      Actually, it would be a hoot!! You walk the dog past the muslims house, singing Hebrew prayers.

  • pyeatte

    My goal is to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.

  • oldtimer

    Genesis 1:31 And God saw everything that he had made and behold, it was very good.
    I guess the religion of love and allah their god, isn't so loving after all.

  • http://%BLOGTITLE%-justgreat! worldclock

    Banning Dogs as Pets | FrontPage Magazine – just great!

  • Rottndog

    Dogs have an innate ability to sense danger and threat…no wonder muslims don't like them in return.

    I NEVER trust someone my dog doesn't like. My dogs have been faithful and loyal…and in return for their protectiveness, I trust their judgement and reward them with kindness and love.

    • tanstaafl

      I've noticed that my 13 pound attack poodle has a good "people" sense. Everybody loves dogs. How can you not?

      This is a true indication of why no one should be a Muslim. Dogs rule…..

      • Amused

        I'll give you an Amen to that .

  • Donna

    If they ever tried that in the USA, they would get the fight they have been looking for for many years.

    If anything will push Americans over the line, it is their love for their dogs. I wouldreally enjoy seeing that tried here …

    The surprise, shock and fear Muslims will have at the swift, painful and terrifying response by Americans at any threat to their beloved dogs would probably do a lot to stop the Muslim dream of dictating to the western world and it will instantly be set back many years.
    Bring it on!

  • Izzydunne

    Europeans are fools. They have allowed Islam to conquer them without firing a shot.

  • LiveFreeOrDie76

    What can be said of a culture that hates dogs? Very revealing.

    For the record, I have NEVER smelled acrid and putrid smells from my dog the likes of what I have smelled entering the taxi cabs of Mohammedan cab drivers. Unclean would be a compliment for the filthy new immigrants. I never fail to feel heartsick for the women who have to snuggle in bed and give sexual favors to or be beaten to death by their dog hating husbands.

    The first word these Christian/Jew hating folks learn when coming to America is DOLLAR. It should become a requirement of getting a green card that the first word they learn is ASSIMILATE to our great, decent, civil, life affirming and pet loving and sanitary culture.

  • HostileLogic

    Mo-HAM-med says, "eat more pork!"

  • alyn21

    Cruelty to animals cannot be justified. There should be zero tolerance to this and jail time for anybody who brakes the law including muslims.

  • kafir4life

    Dogs smell and behave MUCH better than muslims. If given a choice, take a dog everytime.

  • Guest

    They are counting on the fact that we will get used to their sensibilities? I am sure the left will. They love islamic sensibilities and are very, very sensitive to them. The right, not so much. We love our dogs and the first muslim that is going to give me a hard time about my dog will get a verbal lashing that he/she is going to remember for a long, long time.

  • Surly_Curmudgen

    We should call for a ban on Muslims on public transport and in certain public spaces on the grounds that their presence violates a dogs right to live in accordance with their desire to be man's best friend.

  • Surly_Curmudgen

    When a dog befriends you there is no ambiguity, he will be your friend for life, sacrificing his life to protect you.
    When a Muslim says he wants to be your friend put your back firmly against a solid wall and keep your dominant hand on a weapon and the other hand on your wallet.

  • colin

    I'd rather ban Islam.

  • Anne Havranek

    First dogs and then what? Ladies, eventually we'll have to go around wearing burkas.

  • Cole

    It is everything – you have to change the meals at the schools – you have to change the swimming at the pools.

    This is what was happening in Holland before they put their foot down.

    There is no party currently – in Europe – elected to implement Islamic law.

    But if it seems that they are going to have to do that – if every norm in society has to be run through an Islamic seize.

    People will simply vote for the guy who promises to uphold western norms.

    Look at Egypt once a predominantly Christian country – there needs a lot of excuses to explain why it has turned into the country that it has – once Islam was introduced.

    [Christians are dhimmis – they don't and can't enjoy equal rights under Islamic based law.]

    In a way it is better that you have these Islamic minority parties – because Europe's Left was taking on Islamic issues – pro-Sharia – anti basic rights and freedoms – because they wanted the minority votes.

    But there was one story that appeared in the Dutch news – of a cultural Muslim – who [and others] expressed concern about the Dutch governments move towards Islamic norms – he said the nightmare situation, is that a non-Muslim will one day come up to him and say you are a Muslim – what are you doing drinking that beer.

    We can't protect religion over freedoms – to protect religion – we do so in violation of freedoms. That for Islam – is the Shari'a.

  • Bill King

    More and more I believe the inmates are running the asylum! Is there any corner of the planet where the sane people remaining can congregate and make a stand? People WAKE UP!

  • Nordlys

    Somenoe should make a law not only that encourages of having a dog, but even allowing and encouraging little pigs as pets.
    I fell bad for being a cat lover. Lukily we don't have impure animal, so i can still keep my cats

  • Matthew Mason

    That is the single most senseless law proposal I've ever seen. Did he ever stop to think that not every religion – or person for that matter – shares his narrow-minded view?

  • CommonSense

    It’s up to the pet. If you have a cat and it loves being fussed, loves warmth and comes and goes as it pleases, great. it’s choosing to be your pet and probably loves you and loves its life with you… If you have a pet that will run away into the sunset and never return at the first opportunity like a Serval or even some dogs kept as pets and you’ll have to go chasing after it to make it come back then it obviously doesn’t want to be a pet and is just your prisoner and ‘every prisoner is nice to the guards’…