Bowing and Scraping, Scandinavia-Style

In 2006, when politicians at the highest level of the Norwegian government bullied a newspaper publisher into publicly apologizing to a roomful of imams for having reprinted the Danish Muhammed cartoons, I hoped never to witness a more shameful spectacle of official dhimmitude in Norway.   That this was a vain hope was confirmed by the obscene orgy of multicultural cringing that followed the atrocities of July 22 of last year, when Norway’s prime minister and crown prince found it necessary to visit mosques and fall all over themselves singing Islam’s praises.  Even that disgraceful spectacle, however, pales alongside – well, let me set this one up for you.

The setting: Oslo’s largest mosque, the catchily named Central Jamaat-e-Ahl-eSunnat.  The date: Friday, September 14, 2012.  The speaker: Oslo police chief Erik Andersen, who is present to address congregants about the film The Innocence of Muslims, which a great many of their coreligionists around the world have been using as an excuse to engage in violent mayhem.

“O.K., people, listen up,” the Oslo police chief growls.  “We’re not going to tolerate any of that kind of subhuman behavior here in Norway.  Stay in line, and make sure your friends stay in line, or next thing you know you’ll all be on a plane back to whatever hellhole you came here from, where you can be as backward and bloodthirsty as you want.”

Alas, he didn’t really say that.  Sorry.  What he said, I’m afraid, falls under the category of dhimmitude.  Breathtaking dhimmitude.  Dhimmitude par excellence, in fact.  There’s been a lot of dhimmitude going around, of course, in the last few weeks.  The responses by U.S. officials, from Obama on down, to the worldwide tantrum over The Innocence of Muslims have done a splendid job of showing us all just what it means to be a dhimmi.  But for an illustration of dhimmitude in its very purest form – pitiful, pathetic, pusillanimous – one could hardly do better than Andersen’s truly repulsive remarks at that Oslo mosque, as recorded for posterity on this YouTube video.

“Salaam alaikum,” Andersen says by way of greeting, before adding a hello in Norwegian and claiming to be “sad” about The Innocence of Muslims.  Then he offers this: “I personally, the Oslo police district, the police in Norway and the Norwegian society completely reject the movie that has been made by an individual in the USA.”  In other words, just as Hillary Clinton has taken it upon herself to denounce The Innocence of Muslims on behalf of Americans, Andersen has done the same thing on behalf of Norwegians.  This, of course, is not part of the job description of either a Secretary of State or a police chief, at least not in a free country.  Nobody ever gave them the right to say such things.  In the U.S., for a public official to even venture into such territory is to trample upon the First Amendment.  Aside from which, only thugs and totalitarians want or expect such denunciations from public officials.  And only toadying cowards provide them.

In his speech, Andersen repeats that he was saddened to learn about The Innocence of Muslims.  He doesn’t say he was sad because he feared that this obscure film would provide barbarians with yet another excuse to pillage and murder; no, the clear implication is that he was saddened out of sheer empathy for his Muslim fellowmen, being familiar, as he is, with their extraordinary sensitivity to slights directed at their Koran and Prophet.  The insincerity of this statement is, needless to say, transparent.  Honor killing, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, Muslim gang violence, Muslim gay-bashing, Muslim Jew-bashing, Muslim rape, acts of spousal abuse that are countenanced and even encouraged by Muslim authorities – such offenses, with which Norwegian police have become increasingly acquainted in recent years, are the kinds of things that one can well imagine making a Norwegian cop sad, if not downright angry.  Murderous mob violence across the Muslim world – this should make a decent-minded Norwegian cop furious and disgusted.  It’s safe to say that Andersen’s audience knew very well that he hadn’t really been saddened by The Innocence of Muslims.  But so what?  Andersen’s speech wasn’t about the honest communication of real feelings and opinions, and nobody present thought it was.  It was a dhimmi ritual, and both Andersen and his audience understood that serving up such deferential formulas, however disingenuous, is an obligatory element of that ritual.  A good Muslim, after all, doesn’t care what a dhimmi really thinks or feels – all that matters is that he knows his place and bows and scrapes properly.

Andersen goes on, in the video, to talk about what happened on and after July 22 of last year, when “we became a strong entity.  We became a people….we handled that tragedy in a magnificent and calm way….we were calm, we talked together.  We created a good dialogue, and we solved things in a calm way.” What’s Andersen referring to here?  Simply this: that after Anders Behring Breivik killed all those people and it turned out that he was an opponent of multiculturalism and Islamization, Norway’s higher-ups began acting as if he’d shot up a mosque and not a Labor Party youth camp.  Repeatedly, they poured out heartfelt reassurances that Norwegians thoroughly abhorred Breivik’s views.  Repeatedly, they showered Muslims with effusive praise for not using Breivik’s atrocities as an excuse to riot.  Across Norway, the message was sent out loud and clear: if you want to prove you don’t harbor the same opinions as the monster Breivik, the best thing you can do is hug an imam.

This is what Andersen is referring to when he speaks of the “magnificent” and “calm” way in which the Muslims and non-Muslims of Norway “solved things.”  In truth, nobody solved a damn thing – there wasn’t anything to solve.  That whole business last year was nothing more than an absurd display of multicultural mush-mindedness, and once it was all over, more than a few Norwegians were embarrassed by the way they’d been sucked in by all the irrational forced sentimentality about “our new countrymen.”  Yet Andersen, speaking at the mosque, wishes to resurrect the illusion that, as he puts it, “you as Muslims and we as Norwegians became a much more tightly knit group” after July 22.  Yet note the distinction here between “Muslims” and “Norwegians”: even as he’s professing to consider them and him members of a single people, he pointedly avoids referring to them as Norwegians.  Why?  Because he thinks they’d be insulted?  Or is this an unconscious slip, showing that he really doesn’t think of them as fellow Norwegians?

“I can easily understood,” Andersen says, “that some can become, to put it bluntly, pissed off at what has happened.  But I wish to encourage you to use reason – ”  (Reason?  You mean that offensive, un-Islamic concept promoted by the iniquitous, ungodly Enlightenment?)  “ – to use the right means of communication and do things that are within the law.  Solve it together, stick together and things should end well….I want you to know, as I mentioned at the start, that you have our deepest sympathy and enjoy our highest respect.”  Respect?  For what?  Breathing?  I haven’t seen The Innocence of Muslims.  But this three-minute YouTube video of Andersen sucking up to Muslims – and on my behalf – is one film that most assuredly offends me to the core.  When, I wonder, can I expect him to drop by my home to express his “deepest sympathy” and “highest respect” for me in my thoroughly understandable outrage?  Oh, I forgot: in Norway, as was demonstrated in the case of Fjordman, people who openly take offense at Islam and at those who truckle to it are not offered expressions of “sympathy” and “respect” but are treated like criminals – their homes invaded, possessions ransacked, and computers searched.

As if Andersen’s cringing display weren’t enough to make you tremble as you wondered how long a country can last with such weak-kneed bootlickers in charge, a week later two other leading figures in Oslo had a chance to do some ignominious fawning of their own.  On Friday, September 21, the Islamic Council of Norway arranged a mass protest against The Innocence of Muslims in a major Oslo square called Youngstorget.  Among the several thousand persons in attendance was Oslo mayor Fabian Stang, a member of the Conservative Party, and Oslo bishop Ole Christian Kvarme, a leader of the conservative wing of the Church of Norway.  Their remarks at this event seemed designed to demonstrate that dhimmitude in Norway is not confined to the political left.

Stang, addressing the crowd, first quoted the line often attributed to Voltaire about strongly disagreeing with what you say but being willing to die for your right to say it, then – as if to prove that he contains multitudes – slammed those “who abuse their freedom of speech to hurt other people’s feelings.”  The bishop offered this nugget of namby-pamby nonsense: “Today we have gathered together because we are outraged, but also because we want to strengthen and protect the great sense of fellowship among us.  The filmmakers wished to provoke and stir up hate, and unfortunately they have succeeded in this.  Today we stand together in protest against such offensive acts.”  Like Andersen, Stang and Kvarme did enjoin their listeners not to get violent, but they did so not from a position of unquestioned authority but from a position closer to that of a scared child begging not to be struck; moreover, their anger, real or feigned, was reserved not for the Muslims around the globe who have committed savage acts of destruction, but for a Coptic Christian, transplanted from Egypt to America, who had done nothing more than exercise the freedom of speech guaranteed him by the U.S. Constitution.

I will close merely by noting that while this craven V.I.P. groveling was underway at Youngstorget, a smaller, more vitriolic protest was going on elsewhere in Oslo, namely outside the American embassy.  To the cheers of about a hundred Muslims, the arranger of the event, Ubaydullah Hussain, said some of the usual vile things about Jews, declared that Theo van Gogh had gotten what he deserved, and pronounced that “This world needs a new Osama!”  A couple of quick questions came to mind: do you think several thousand Muslims will fill a large square in Oslo next Friday to protest him?  Do you imagine Andersen’s police-department colleagues will look into Hussain’s residency status, or that of any of the unsavory characters who applauded his sanguinary remarks?  Or, more likely, are the authorities already busy trying to figure out exactly how far they need to go to placate this creep, too?  Is a hug from the King in the works?

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    SCREW socialist quisling norway.

  • Advocatus

    These self-righteous, cosseted, sniwelling buffoons are on course to having validated Andrew Breivik's thesis that Norwegian society is a lost cause of brainless multicultural pieties. Quite an achievement, that.

    • Dray11

      I wonder which flaming liberal the Nobel team will award next?
      I suspect that with how our democrat ex-presidents are all the rage with the Nobel committee, that Clinton just might finally get his Peace Prize that he's so ardently campaigned for in the past.

  • Alvaro

    Mr. Bawer, I have no idea what you are trying to achieve. You find a couple of high-level dhimmis and attack the entire country. Just maybe I should move to the USA, bash Obama and Clinton for all their bowing, scraping and dhimmitude – something that is just as bad as the disgusting spectacle we saw in the mosque in Norway – and bash the entire country that was nice enough to let me stay there.

    Did you miss this?

    Or this?

    Hardly. You just carefully select your sources. Your article is tendentious, Bawer.

    • aNorwegian

      This is a joke, right? You complain about selecting sources and then to "prove" your point you cherry pick the only two articles you could find in whole Norway that somehow defend free speech.

      Every time I try to give Norwegians factual information about Islam, based on Islamic primary sources, my comments will be deleted within seconds or minutes.

      • Alvaro

        Bruce Bawer, I presume.

        "You complain about selecting sources and then to "prove" your point you cherry pick the only two articles you could find in whole Norway that somehow defend free speech."

        How does the tu quoque fallacy of yours make the article less tendentious?

        The average Norwegian holds freedom of speech as high as anyone else in the Western hemisphere, and unfortunately, like in the rest of the Western hemisphere journalists are for the most part leftists.

        "Every time I try to give Norwegians factual information about Islam, based on Islamic primary sources, my comments will be deleted within seconds or minutes."

        Norwegians in general love Islam? Good one.

        Like I have stated before, the problem is leftists – not Norway in general – and the problem of leftists crosses all borders. The US has its own leftists, but only an idiot would think that they represent the will and ideology of the entire population.

        If that is you, Bawer, I'd stop pointing my finger towards the Norway you and your gay lover chose to live in, and instead start by voting the Muslim apologist Obama out of the White House as soon as possible.

        • aNorwegian

          No, I am not Bruce Bawer. I live on the West coast, but i am not Fjordman either.

          As long as Bruce bawer presents a view that is utterly advocated, propagandated and spoon-fed to the Norwegian population by the media, cultural elite, academia and government agencies, and you only have a handful of dissetenting examples, then your quoque fallacy claim is pure nonsense.

          I never said Norwegians in general love Islam. I pointed out that factual information about Islam is not allowed in all major Norwegian news outlets.

          You can not compare Norway to other European nations. No other state has such a pro-socialist, tight grip on media as Norway. The financial support to newspapers are extraordinaire, and even designed so that socialist newspapers get a disproportional amount of money.

          Nearly all leaders of our state broadcaster, NRK, has been fanatic labour party politicians.

          The only conservative/Christian newspaper in Norway, Norge IDAG, gets nothing in financial support. Quite the contrary, they must compete commercially against other newspapers that are partly government funded. So much for diversity.

          So yes, thanks to the enormous Norwegian public sector and how the socialists completely dominate all walks of life i Norway, we are in a special situation. Just as Mr. Bawer points out.

        • aNorwegian

          No, I am not Bruce Bawer. I live on the west coast.

          I wrote you a lengthy answer, but something happened. It is nowhere to bee seen, and I don't bother to write a new reply. Bye.

      • Sol Landet

        If you look in an anti-islamic or anti-jihad site, muslims can comment freely and can spit all the poison they want. Their comment don't end delete. But owner of those blogs don't get scared by muslims.
        Two simple example are Jihad Watch and FaithFreedom.

        In 'liberal' blogs is the opposite, or sometimes comments are disabled.

      • Sol Landet

        If you look in an anti-islamic or anti-jihad site, muslims can comment freely and can spit all the poison they want. Their comment don't end delete. But owner of those blogs don't get scared by muslims.
        Two simple example are Jihad Watch and FaithFreedom. (Or some italian sites I follow)

        In 'liberal' blogs is the opposite, or worse, sometimes comments are disabled.

    • Indioviejo

      Alvaro, I agree with you. I also blame my countrymen, and hell I blame the whole country for electing a Marxist/ pro Islamic inept POTUS. Hillary is no better, and if we don't correct the stupidity of the last election on November the 6th, we deserve to go down with all the other crappy nations in the Euro sphere. I just hope that we go down in a Gotterdamerung or some other crap like that.

  • marie

    It makes one wonder if the natives of the extreme north are not suffering from lack of sun! The people that gave the world Munch, Ibsen and Grieg seem prone to view the world in as an eternally gray edged sphere of collective angst where from time to time a purifying Behemoth will deign to make a clean sweep of sins. (Sins being sionism, western supremacy, the bill of rights and whatever the cool elites have dubbed as Verboten) Of course, it would be handy, as it was 70 years ago, to have a Jewish community to take the rap, but as there is none to speak of at the present moment, the great frosty apologizers will be happy to take a cue from that cute little rodent, the lemming, and jump off the nearest fjord. Brejvik is the exception that proves the rule? The black sheep in a bleating half blind fold of white longhorns? We should take heart that the Scandinavians are few and isolated. And let's hope that their particular brand of poison does not leak down southward.

    • Indioviejo

      Ultimately they will convert to Islam and be part of the ruling class in the Totalitarian cult. If the have no values worth defending the will fall for the strong "Horse" as the Muslims say.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I agree. Amoral apathy does nothing for courage and amoral apathy is the only value system most of Europe embraces these days.

        • marie

          I am aftraid that the Qataris will provide the moral system for Europe at this moment, but their aid is not free.

      • marie

        There used to be a totally negligible crime rate in Sweden-Norway, Now rapes abound. And the police tend to turn a deaf ear if they ever get reported. It is as if a whole society is turning in on itself in self hatred and the Islamic population is speeding that along. the Swedes and Norwegians will regret it eventually, and as always the best and the brightest will immigrate when the going gets really rough…take a cue from the Jewish community who are already out and in the US or Israel. Getting sold to the enemy down the line once is quite enough!

    • KarshiKhanabad

      I read years ago that the `natives of the extreme north' do indeed suffer a gray disease called "murketieden" which is depression brought on by six months of darkness at or above the Arctic Circle.

      So why are there so many muzzies in Norway?

      • wsk

        Free stuff, that's why!

      • marie

        Well, it can be argued that agitating for a so-called noble cause can give the depressed an adrenaline shot illusion of accomplishing something, having a goal in life. At least for a short time. Did you know that, with or without Islam, the Scandinavians have one of the highest tolls of alcoholism in the world? (At least the Caliphate when it comes to Norway-Sweden will cure that) Also it may be the IKEA idea of a religion one size fits all that attracts those ultra conformist victimes of murketieden.

  • Dray11

    I'm still fumin that those six trash known as the "flying Imams" were actually able to sue US Airways.
    Those gents should've been beatin half to death for pullin that dry run (I consider a dry run and act of war) and then put on the first transport to Gitmo.

    Instead; they got a cash settlement.

  • Chezwick

    Kindred souls of Quisling!

  • cruiser navy 67

    Evil is winning, all good of man kind will be eliminated from earth and evil islam will be the victor.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Thanks to the amoral, corrupt and apathetic among our MSM, legislators, law enforcement and judiciary I have to agree w/your assessment.

    • Drakken

      All is not lost my friend, the native European has his back against the wall with nowhere to run except fight or be slaughtered. I have faith that those old Viking genes will come into play soon enough and when it does the craven cowards of the left and the muslims will not be long of this world because the Viking Berserker of old was unleashed upon them. Brievek was only the beginning, there are thousands more where he came from and once unleashed there is no going back.

  • Aisha2

    Let us declare a fatwa against all Muslim jihadists! Off with their heads!

  • Jimi Belton

    Evil seems to be winning…..But i do think that we just need to "Be Still, and see the salvation of the Lord"…. The people ot this earth needs to humble themselves and seek their God…..Repent of our sins and call upon the Lord to heal our lands…..

    • Drakken

      You can pray if you want to, but it will not spare you and yours, so you had better pick up the sword and the shield and prepare to defend yourself or perish. Things are are about to unravel in a very bad way so get with the program.

  • Schlomotion

    I have to disagree with Mr. Bawer. I watched this video too, and I could easily transpose the event into the Chief of Police apologizing at the local synagogue for recent skinhead demonstrations, building solidarity with the Jews, and saying that they would not let a few bad apple racists spark off a street war, and to please stand with them and let cooler heads prevail. That's not beyond the pale of suspended disbelief.

    Somehow, because these men are Muslims, Mr. Bawer doesn't believe that there should be any outreach or integration with the Norwegian social fabric. He wanted a belligerent and abusive tone to be used in the mosque. I disagree. After the meeting, the attendees would have to think about the fact that they are not an oppressed bloc of outsiders, but members of the human family and civil society (things Muslims do in fact believe in and uphold), and that acting rashly would be not only shameful but sad. Mr. Bawer seems to want it to be verboten and worthy of death and deportation. I think he is being a fanatic.

    • Ray Olson

      A much closer approximation to the official cowering that outrages Mr. Bawer would, I think, be the chief of police going to a gathering of skinheads after they had attacked synagogues and apologizing to them for the offense Jews (qua Jews!) inflict on them!

      The outreach and integration that should be extended to Muslims must be done with the proviso that all criminal laws of the society into which they have thrust themselves must be obeyed and the principles upholding them scrupulously observed. The chief of police might have said something like, "I and the society I am sworn to protect understand that you are offended, but in this society, taking offense does not warrant violence against anyone else and their property. You may protest, but you may not physically harm anyone. If you do harm someone out of offense at what another or even the person himself has said, you must expect that the full weight of the law will be applied against you for the harm you have done. Rioters and assailants will be arrested and prosecuted and, if found guilty, punished to the extent prescribed by law."

      Please explain why the public statement I have just imagined is the wrong thing to do.

      • Schlomotion

        Sure. No problem. In truth, the police chief did do that, he just didn't take a tone that threatened them with jail. Any idiot can threaten people with jail. It was clear that the aim of the police chief was to give a message of cooperation and social cohesion, not one of threat and force. The men certainly know that they can be arrested if they do violence. What they did not necessarily know was that as citizens they have the sympathy and cooperation and a stake in the society. So, it would be the wrong thing to do, to go up in a church, synagogue or mosque and threaten people with jail. It's not only ham-fisted, it is not effective.

        • Drakken

          Your craven cowerdice is duly noted. Maybe you should get down on your dhimmi knees and beg them not to hurt you. Personally I would love to be there to watch it. May Darwin award you with what you so richly deserve.

          • Kufar Dawg

            I'll bet Schlo raises his arse 5 times a day on a prayer rug. He's no dhimmi.

    • Chezwick

      Your argument is premised on a false equivalence. Jews are not attacking embassies, they are not killing ambassadors, they are not rioting, they do not have a doctrinal imperative in their theology to establish hegemony over the world, they are not 1.5 billion strong world-wide, etc., etc. In short, there is no necessity in Norway for a policy of appeasement towards them.

      Meanwhile, Bawer does indeed believe Muslims should "integrate". But he's intelligent enough to understand that the impediment towards integration lies fundamentally with the Muslims themselves and their theological and cultural contempt for infidel society.

      Finally, where does Bruce advocate "death" for Muslim demonstrators? Your propensity for hyperbole once again devolves your postulations into the realm of convolution.

      • Roger

        He kind of ignored that part of it, didn't he?

      • Advocatus

        "[Israelis] are pushing for WWIII."

        Wonderful bit of original insight there, Flippo. Care to back it up with some coherent facts and arguments?

        Nah, having just dumped on this thread too as per your unfortunate habit, off you will no doubt go to some others to dump on them too.

        Truth be told, for a clearly constipated fellow you do have a bad case of verbal diarrhea. Isn't there some good medicine for that problem of yours? Consult your family physician if you have one. See if he can help.

        • Schlomotion

          Write an article and I will engage you with a rebuttal. In the meantime, you haven't earned greater composition from me.

          • Western Canadian

            In the meantime, you have no answer for his post, so you bloviate….. Must admit you are good at it. Due to endless practice, no doubt.

          • Drakken

            Your so full of utter baseless BS that your eyes are floating.

          • Advocatus

            I hate to break it to you, mate, but you haven't written an article there. All you've done is scribble some inane, loosely connected sentences of questionable value. Should I celebrate that?

            Then this: "In the meantime, you haven't earned greater composition from me." Earned greater composition?

            Carry on.

          • Kufar Dawg

            WRT to Schlo's last sentence, I thought the same thing.

            Schlo reminds me of a Jackson Pollock painting, with random ten dollar words
            taking the place of paint and without any artistic integrity.

      • Western Canadian

        Jews are vastly better than muslims, and most other ethnic groups. Nobel prize winners, medical research, humanitarian aid, education levels…. You name it, jews are at the top, and muslims at the very bottom, even below nazis. And to deny this is not merely to be biased, it is to be a islamic jew hating moron. By the way, I am not a jew, and unlike slomo, I am also not hate filled, or a moron. I grieve over every human being lost to the hell of being a muslim, and note that it is muslims, not jews, who want WW III. It is literally a part of their end times hated filled myths.

        • Sol Landet

          Schlomotion: a typical complottoid. I'm surprised he don't see the number 666 and satan everywhere. Probably he is not in the terminal phase of 'conspirationism'

          I agree with you Western Canadian. Muslims are dangerous because they don't seek world domination for hunger of power, but for ideology, so they don't care if they can't see their result in their lifetime. They just look to steps they do forward.

      • Chezwick

        SCHLO: "Jews are no better than Muslims. If you think so, then you are biased."

        If by "better", you mean they are no less inclined towards holy war, spontaneous expressions of violence and intolerance, honor killings, gender discrimination, etc., then it is you who are clearly biased.

        SCHLO: "they are pushing for WWIII. I think that trumps the occasional murder."

        Ahmadinijad states before the world that Israel will soon be annihilated, and you claim the JEWS are pushing for WWIII. As I wrote, convoluted in the extreme.

        SCHLO: "Let's not pretend that Mr. Bawer didn't want the chief of police clanking up and down the Mosque in his big black boots saying that lawbreakers will be jailed, deported or shot."

        Bawer's article is simply one long lamentation that the police Chief and others went and prostrated himself before the Muslims in order to implore them not to go berserk. "Black boots"…"jailed, deported and shot"….these are your own manufactured delusions, culled from a wide-eyed, paranoid mentality.

    • Advocatus

      Be that as it may, old boy, but it may have escaped your attention that said police chief was apologizing for a previously obscure video produced in the US by a formerly unknown Egyptian Copt. Now, why would he want to do that?

      Then off you go on your usual rant about "them terrible and devious Joos." But seeing as this is the only shtick you have, why would we want to deprive you of it? That would be tantamount to taking away a mentally disabled but otherwise persistently entertaining child's favorite bedwetting blanket. Nah, that just wouldn't be right. So carry on, Flippo.

      • nightspore

        it may have escaped your attention that said police chief was apologizing for a previously obscure video produced in the US by a formerly unknown Egyptian Copt

        Exactly. Shlo has an absolute genius for ignoring context. It's clear that when his time comes, he'll make a first-class dhimmi.

    • Kufar Dawg

      "Death and deportation" being the cornerstones of how the islamic world deals with its non-muslime population eh Ahmed?

    • Ghostwriter

      You'd be happy if Norwegian muslims burned a synagogue to the ground. You'd love that,wouldn't you?

  • BS77

    Stick a fork in Norway…'s done.

    • Drakken

      It's only the beginning, not the end.

      • Kufar Dawg

        But the end game is visible from here.

  • Guest

    In a sane healthy society, this man would be shunned by his neighbors and assigned to reeducation. He is a particularly loathsome individual. What ever happed to the tough European man that explored and conquered whole societies? Has he become so civilized that he can no longer protect himself?

    • Drakken

      Things are starting to come full circle, our propensity to conquer and kill is in all of our genes, it just takes the right motivation to unleash it. The tipping point is here, it is only going to take one incident to set the whole thing off.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I hope so, because that is really the only hope of Europeons everywhere, hell maybe for everyone non-muslim on earth.

  • EthanP

    Unfortunatly, all in the west seem apoligetic for our success. The theme being, successful because we robbed and exploited them. Yet while all of Africa, the Middle East less Israel are failed or failing states, South Korea and Taiwan, both heavily abused and exploited colonies of Imperial Japan, are among the most prosperous and succssful nations on the planet. Why. They didn't exploit the undeveloped world. It's just as George Obama said. He doesn't blame the west. What hold the third world down is: the third world.

  • Drakken

    I really don't understand why everybody is singing the praises of defeatism and doom and gloom about Europe and the West in general? Our anger is slow to rise, but rise it will because the current pardigm cannot be sustained. Greece is a harbinger of things to come all across the west, nationalism is rising at a pace that govts can no longer surpress, and are at a loss of what to do about it and they are scared to death at it's implications. You folks have to ask yourself this question, why in eastern europe don't the muslims act like they do in western europe? Because they did not lose their sense of pride of country and if any foreigner acts like a savage they get stomped very quickly and they get booted out of the country reguardless of the EU human rights brigade. The eastern euros are not afraid to use extreme methods to make their point either, unlike their western counter parts. So my friends all is not lost, but just beginning and it will spread like wildfire.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I don't agree. In Prague, CZ, a man was beaten senseless for taking pictures of burka clad women, by scuzzlums.

    • Sol Landet

      In news often they say 'extreme right wing on rise'
      The extreme right wing they mean aren't fascist parties. In most majority are Geert Wilders likeminded.
      My brother that is a leftist (but he claimed to be strongly against islam) fear those parties. Instead I support them, and I don't like to be called 'far-right estremist' because I'm rather accepting toard blacks, homosexuals or people with different faith. Of course I do no accept islam and I hope, for the good of our planet that muslim population will wake up and leave islam (I'm referring mainly on iranian people). Only when a large population of apostate of islam will rise, we can start to hope to defeat the devil's cult and the last backward society.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Andersen’s speech wasn’t about the honest communication of real feelings and opinions, and nobody present thought it was. It was a dhimmi ritual, and both Andersen and his audience understood that serving up such deferential formulas, however disingenuous, is an obligatory element of that ritual."

    We need more Westerners and especially swing voters to understand this.

  • Jim

    The soul of the north countries has turned to rot