Financing a Farce

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To spend time in the company of the purveyors of “identity studies,” as I did in preparation for my book The Victims’ Revolution, is to inhabit a lockstep subculture in which this morally repulsive way of thinking is ubiquitous.  Teachers who are experts in only one subject – grievance-mongering – train students to become experts in the same thing.  Young people who came to college thinking of themselves as individuals leave four years later thinking of themselves as members of one or more oppressor or victim groups.  Kids who might have been given a rich and rewarding education are instead, quite simply, brainwashed.

Reading those comments Brodhead and Wagoner made to their donors, I couldn’t help wondering: who exactly are all these deep-pocketed men and women, and why are they so eager to hand over so much dough to Duke?  When Brodhead talks about Duke’s “new model of education,” and when Wagoner waxes eloquent about the “kind of future…we envision for Duke,” how aware are these donors of the grim reality behind these pretty phrases?   Again, I don’t mean to single out Duke here, for it’s far from alone in its ambition: as the Herald-Sun noted, USC and Columbia are currently aiming to raise $6 and $5 billion respectively, while Stanford “recently completed a $6.2 billion campaign, and Yale…raised $3.9 billion.” Interestingly enough, these institutions happen to be among those that are the most seriously poisoned by the kind of toxic mentality that almost destroyed those lacrosse players’ lives.

It’s Columbia professor Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, for example, who has taught white feminists that if they speak up against honor killing, forced marriage, spousal abuse, and other crimes against women in the Islamic world, they’ll be guilty of a racist offense – namely, trying to “save the brown woman from the brown man.” It was two daughters of Yale – Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Judith Butler – who gave the American academy that jargon-heavy but intellectually lightweight concoction known as Queer Theory, and it was Yale that, when handed a fat check by gay playwright Larry Kramer’s rich brother to offer responsible, objective instruction in gay history, established a program that, to Kramer’s outrage, served up the same inane courses in “Gender Transgression,” “Queer Ethnographies,” and the like that you can find in “Queer Studies” programs on campuses across the country.

Larry Kramer’s brother realized his money was misused.  How many benefactors of Duke, Yale, and other such institutions understand exactly where their cash is going?  One assumes that among these generous folks there are plenty of rich white males – the ultimate oppressors, according to the system of power “analysis” that, in the eyes of so many members of the Duke faculty, made those lacrosse players automatically culpable.  If these donors are aware of what’s going on in humanities classrooms at places like Duke, why, one might respectfully ask, are they so eager to give staggering sums of money to ensure their own continued demonization by bogus “educators” who consider them the enemy?

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  • Chezwick

    One would guess that at least some of these funds come from rich Middle-Easterners….who have already bought the respective MESA depts of these universities and now want to expand their influence.

  • PaulRevereNow

    If frauds like Richard Brodhead truly were fighting "classism", they would reduce tuition at Duke to something approaching affordable, for many lower-income students. Instead, many of these corrupt institutions of higher learning charge a king's ransom to attend. And perhaps the greatest part of the tragedy is that many students at these schools won't have a job waiting when they graduate; but will have a mountain of debt. THAT should bother Brodhead and Wagoner more than any of their pathetic PC notions. A school I attended, George Washington University, is similarly corrupt, although fate has spared that institution from the trauma of an event similar to the Duke rape case. I wonder what the Duke lacrosse players paid to attend Duke. For their money, what did they get?

    • Jim

      You have to be right on that. Why else would any one twist the moral issues so grotesquely .

    • Jim

      What did they get for their money?? Well the best educated lynch mob money can buy

  • tagalog

    Classism, for the university, is one of the three great evils of current times? Geez, that's too bad because I'm a classist and I think universities should support classism with all their power. Classism being the idea that a college student should attend classes and let the problems of the outside world wait until the student has enough education from faithfully attending classes to deal with those problems responsibly.

  • Ghostwriter

    It's a shame that stuff like this is going around. This sort of thing will blind people to when REAL racism shows up. Nobody will believe it,because of all the false claims of racism.

  • Your Inner Voice

    Criticizing classism is not what one does when insulating ones self from the undesirables below ones station, amongst the comfortable company of ones own kind at the cocktail parties. One of the main comforts status provides is the protection from uncomfortable exposure to those not of ones own high cultivation and composure. The point of donation to the universities of ones choice is to provide/maintain that status for their children and the children of other alumn, and to smooth their way to their own insulated comforts/privileges.

    Liberals, who almost exclusively run higher education, are ALL about class power/privilege, and the subtle classism that mainly seeks to keep people in their own caste in society, hopefully by the simple and efficient means of paying them to stay in voluntary servitude, serving/voting for those born to a higher caste.

    • PaulRevereNow

      From the tone of your comment, you realize that college students don't need the status that's undeservedly enjoyed by administrators such as Richard Brodhead. I agree that the libtards who run higher ed all about class, power, and privilege; but that shouldn't be the case, and they and their insane behavior codes and their tolerance of radical professors and radical zeitgeist on campus; have contributed mightily to their graduates lack of work ethic, and general ignorance of American laws, customs, and history. And now we have a President who is not only a product of their corrupt system, but has milked that system, and the American people, for all they're worth, and then some.

  • fmobler

    Push back is starting, but it will take time. Right now, donors whose gut tells them something is wrong are, unfortunately, not up to the task of articulating the problem. And the walls that "University Advancement" teams have built between donors and faculty prevent the sort of interaction and alliance making that could help.

  • Old Joke

    As the old joke told Satan; "Catch that farce, – and paint it purple."