Islamization of Europe: The Numbers Don’t Lie

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Few readers of this website will be unaware that over the last several years plenty of books, including my own While Europe Slept, have warned about the present and future effects of the rise of Islam in Europe.  Some writers, notably Christopher Caldwell and Mark Steyn, have gone into considerable detail about the now widely recognized fact that the low birth rate among ethnic Europeans, the high birth rate among European Muslims, and the steady arrival of new Muslim immigrants on the continent will mean an increasingly Muslim Europe in the decades to come and, ultimately, a majority Muslim population in one country after another.

FrontPage readers will also likely be aware that ever since these books starting coming off the presses, any number of supposedly intelligent and well-informed critics have vehemently dismissed such prognostications as alarmist nonsense, noting that in this or that European country the Muslim percentage of the population is still quite modest, and suggesting that there is no reason to expect the current numbers to climb very drastically in the years to come.  The fact that these critics actually appear to buy their own arguments, and that they are able to persuade other reasonably intelligent people to believe them as well, only demonstrates the remarkable level of ignorance of basic math on the part of many individuals with pricey liberal educations.

A few recent news stories out of Europe confirm that concerns about the continent’s skyrocketing Muslim populations are, in fact, anything but alarmist. On August 8, for example, Britain’s Daily Telegraph actually permitted into its pages an article reporting that “Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: a recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policy-makers are talking about it.”  According to the Telegraph, Spain’s foreign-born population rose from 3.2% in 1998 to 13.4% in 2007, and in Brussels, “the top seven baby boys’ names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.”  The Telegraph cited the highly euphemistic conclusion of a recent report by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life that the rapid introduction of large numbers of Muslims into Europe results in “a difficult social fit.”

Similarly, an August 26 article in Denmark’s Dispatch International revealed that the number of Muslims in Denmark and Sweden, which had previously been uncertain (with estimates ranging widely), could now be stated with an unprecedented degree of precision, based on a meticulous study of the records of given names in the two countries.  Within ten or twenty thousand, the real number of Muslims (not including unregistered illegal aliens) was about “574,000…in Sweden and 256,000 in Denmark,” meaning “that Muslims make up 6.05% of Sweden’s population and 4.59% of Denmark’s.”  The Swedish figure was up from around 3.21% in 1998: “In other words, the number of Muslims has roughly doubled over the period 1998-2011.”  As for Denmark, although the climb was less precipitous, that country’s center-right governments between 2001 and 2011, while often criticized as Islamophobic, turned out to have “hardly made a dent in the Muslim growth rate.”  As for Norway, the Norwegian website reported on September 5 that just over 38% of all newborn babies in Oslo now have “mothers with foreign national backgrounds.”

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  • Check

    "Spain’s foreign-born population rose from 3.2% in 1998 to 13.4% in 2007"
    …most of them are from South America.
    “the top seven baby boys’ names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.”
    …because Muslim's chose from only a few names.

    5-10% non-native population is low. And the highest percentages of Muslims are in countries that either had colonies (Britain, France) or imported them as workers (Germany). Recent immigration adds little to the number.

    • Phillip Ley

      It only takes 3% of the population to sustain a revolt. That's all it took in 1776. Read your history, Check. The demographics are real.

      • curmudgeon

        i believe that the accepted figure is 33% patriots in the american revolution. if a western country allows muslims to attain 33% of the population, that country is doomed to permanent islamic slavery. the only exception is iberia, which was almost overwhelmed by islam, but rescued itself after a 700 year struggle. unfortunately, the iberians of today are just as cowardly and determined to surrender to the evil of islam as the rest of the west, so even the exception will be the rule soon.

    • Indioviejo

      Your attempt to dispel the alarm being raised won't work in these pages, but do you have an answer to the specter of the Europeans on the march again as in 1914, and 1939, to rid themselves of the satanic horde in their midst? I don't think the people want to disappear in a suicidal attitude just to please heir politicians in Brussels. I think there will be a reckoning.

    • dartson

      Yes, but the real question is not about immigration. The real question is whether Muslims in Europe have a higher fertility rate than a native population. If yes, if an average Muslim family in Spain/France/Germany/Denmark has more children than an average native family, sooner or later Muslims will become a majority unless this trend is reversed. The author should have compared fertility rates and demographic statistics. Focusing just on baby names is not a very strong argument.

      • LindaRivera

        It's reported that the average Muslim in Europe has 8 children. And as German tourists told me the other weekend, Muslims DON'T HAVE TO WORK in Europe. Muslim huge families are paid for and financed by European taxpayers.

        In Britain, highly favored Muslims are allowed to break the law against polygamy. Muslim males and their harems of multiple wives and very large numbers of children are given free housing, free money and free everything. In a Daily Mail article, one Muslim male said he had so many children he had difficulty remembering all of their names. ALL PAID FOR BY BRITISH TAXPAYERS.

        Taxpayers are being forced by TREASONOUS Western leaders to finance a huge Muslim army who fully intends their conquest.

        • Lior

          Same thing is going on in my country Israel

    • SuicidePrevention

      I have not made up my mind about this issue. Doug Saunders has a book out – The Myth of the Muslim Tide.
      He sums up his arguments in a current HuffPO article – 10 Myths About Muslims in the West.
      It'll take some work to sort out these conflicting claims.

      • curmudgeon

        you said it all when you admitted getting information from huffpo. is pravda not available in your asylum? will you believe islam is a threat when you see the scimitar drawn to separate your foolish head from your body? it will be too late then.

        • SuicidePrevention

          You exemplify the right-wing echo chamber, since you apparently only believe "facts" that come from sources which affirm your general viewpoints. If you were born of muslim parents in a muslim community you'd think that anything that contradicts the koran must be a lie. You can't even entertain the possibility that what you believe to be a fact just aint so. I do respect David Horowitz for eventually rejecting the communism of his parents and his young adulthood. In order to recognize the evil of Stalin he must have had some hunger for facts that he could verify, and the steadiness of mind to navigate through a period of not being sure what is true.

          • Jake

            I can relate. I am from the left. You should read Sam Harris's book The End of Faith. Also another from the left is Eric Allen Bell.

          • Drakken

            It is going to be the the right wing that will save you from your denial and self delusions. If you cannot see what is clearly in front of you, I suggest you go to Europe and actually see with your 2 eyes what is happening. I highly recomend a few places to go after dark, it will very enlightening.

          • curmudgeon

            actually, i was born to catholic parents, and indoctrinated with the idea that anything that conflicts with catholic doctrine is a lie. i have gotten over that. i suspect that if i had been born to muslim parents, and raised in a muslim community, i would be so inbred, and so stupid, that i would strap on some explosives, and kill infidels for allah. but i wasnt, and i really dont like the idea of inviting murderous evil muslims to invade my country and enslave and genocide my grandchildren. if there is one thing i despise more than islam, it is voluntary dhimmis. shame on you for being a voluntary dhimmi scum. i hope you get over it, but it isnt likely.

          • Chris

            You exemplify the right-wing echo chamber, since you apparently only believe “facts” that come from sources which affirm your general viewpoints. If you were born of muslim parents in a muslim community you’d think that anything that contradicts the koran must be a lie. You can’t even entertain the possibility that what you believe to be a fact just aint so. I do respect David Horowitz for eventually rejecting the communism of his parents and his young adulthood. In order to recognize the evil of Stalin he must have had some hunger for facts that he could verify, and the steadiness of mind to navigate through a period of not being sure what is true.”


            Some facts are true. Other claims of “facts” are not. If you have no way to discern the difference, you need to learn that before pitching your beliefs.

          • Fanfan La Tulipe
    • Raymond in DC

      Muslims are but 1% of the US but they're already having an impact, and not just in places like Michigan and New Jersey. We see it in pandering by politicians for Muslim votes. We see it in meat packers that are going "halal" for all. We saw it at the DNC as Arab-American delegates opposed the "God and Jerusalem" amendments. We see it in law enforcement which isn't permitted to discuss "jihad" and "Islamic terrorism". We see it in school books providing narratives sympathetic to Arabs and Muslims.

      Now imagine 5%. (By comparison, Jews are just under 2% in the US.) You'll come to appreciate what many European countries are already contending with.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Any mosque in Europe is more dangerous than a nuclear plant…
    An islimized muslim child is a timed bomb against little European children…
    (Father Samuel, Charles Clement Boniface Ozdemir)

    • Sunbeam

      That is very true. It is more dangerous than any holocaust any where in the world. Not even the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki can compare to this in that it was soon over after it had been bombed. This one takes a more subtle process by planting its mosque by the hundreds everywhere and its increasing population. It is to say we are here to stay and to gradually take control. It's time to stop their planting of more mosque. No more mosques! The other way is to stop their increasing population. As we all know since they are not there to assimilate into western culture and society, so they must be there for one purpose and that is to take over to control and install their sharia law there, which is very much so uncivilized. May God forbids this.

      • mec

        sad but true!

  • Chezwick

    Someday soon no doubt, it will be deemed a hate crime to report the demographic changes occurring in Europe.

    An interesting aside: In Norway, the Muslims are referred to by the media as "the colorful community." How fitting that such an Orwellianism would be used to describe a community where the pitch-black abaya is the most common form of dress for women. It is anecdotal of the myopia afflicting Europe's elite.

  • Mike

    islam is a cancer and will destroy every nation it enters!! This is bad, very bad!!

  • Looking4Sanity

    Can you say "Chrislam"? That's where Europe is headed. Straight for a bastardized religion that will underpin the revived Roman Empire headed by the antiChrist. It would seem that ALL of Europe has gone the way of the French and become a bunch of surrender monkeys. More is the pity, but I suppose it was inevitable.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Wherever Islam has risen other religions are eliminated. All we have to do is look at what's happening in Pakistain, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, any of the islamofascist Gulf states, Lebanon, Afghanistan (once a Buddhist/Hindu country). Churches and synagogues are being burned down (Nigeria, Egypt), blown up (Turkey) or outlawed (Indonesia). Chrislam might be what corrupt Christians are practicing, but that isn't acceptable in any islamofascist state, at least, not in the long run.

      • Looking4Sanity

        Here's the rub. Islam isn't going to wash either once the antiChrist assumes power. I don't see them ever becoming globally dominant.

    • Van Grungy

      Chrislam is really the Baha'i Faith.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Gee I've never read about the substantial Bahai population in Israel committing acts of terrorism, or committing honor killings or ranting and raving about killing Jews and destroying Israel. I do know they were/are ruthlessly persecuted in islamofascist states though.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    As a person that lost a vast number of my extended family to the Inquisition in Spain, Pogroms and the Holocaust, I would like to say that Europe is about to harvest what the infirm beasts in there have brought onto themselves.
    I do not find the Islamic ones less monstrous but, as it being played out there, it is all among equally despicable items.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I'd think islam will be exponentially worse. The history of what was done in the Indian sub-continent makes the Inquisition look like a comedy. Try reading up on what Tamerlane, the great muslim hero, did in India sometime. BTW, muslimes slaughtered tens of thousands of Jews in Espana when the Sultan or Caliph of Al Andalus assigned a Jewish governor to rule a province.

    • curmudgeon

      your exultation over the impending demise of europe's christians and atheists is a bit ill-considered, shmuel. the inquisition and even the nazis werent able to kill all the jews. your friends the adherents of the religion of peace wont be so inefficient. you and yours will perish under the same scimitar you are so eager for your enemies to experience. the question a wise jew would ask is, "who is murdering jews now?" the obvious answer is that your friends, muslims, are the ones murdering jews now. the inquisitors and nazis are gone. they have been replaced by islam, your hero.

      • SHmuel HaLevi

        If you actually read my comment you will find that I list the Muslims as monstrous and not as my friends at all. What is fine with me is that since the Europeans incorporated tens of millions of Muslims into their homes, I wish them both a long and mutually destructive future of the nature both ghastly tribes seem perfectly capable and always ready to deliver to others. Europe, all of Europe participated in the mass murder of my people during the Holocaust, Inquisition, etc, including as well the Crusaders, Roman and Greek invasions of our Land. Millions slaughtered. I only wish that now our mortal enemies take each other out.

        • Drakken

          Excuse the hell out of me, but as one of those Europeans that you loathe so much,we are all in the same boat, without us westerners you jews are doomed, with us you will survive, it is that bloody simple. So before you condemn us Europeans look at what your muslim friends next door are doing, they are sharpening their knives to slit your throats with.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Over a million Christians died fighting the Nazis — including my Great Uncle. How many of your heroic muslime buddies did? How many of your heroic muslime buddies even opposed the Nazis?

          • Lior

            Using the world's most "Satan" creatures ever step on planet earth is a bit disturbing to me.
            I'm Jewish and most of my family was killed during those dark times.

            Current European's are not the one who killed my family.
            Europe is behind us and Darkken and Kufar are right with there polite anger .
            With out Europe supporting Israel the dooms day is at the next corner.

            I wish all of us, the civilized people will learn to talk to each other with better understanding
            which in my opinion will be by better knowing our mutual world history.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Bawer, in corroborating his thesis that Muslims are taking over Europe, neglects to mention that his sources are all other Hasbara writers, Mark Steyn from Canada, Ingrid Carlqvist from Sweden, and Adrian Michaels from the UK.

    1) Steyn:
    2) Carlqvist:
    3) Michaels:

    That means that they are all Pro-Israel, Pro-Semitic, Anti-Arab writers by choice and by profession. There can never be too few Arabs in the world from their perspective. One of the biggest problems at Frontpage is the manner in which they forge corroborating evidence by quoting either themselves or their SION-affiliated columnists. Mr. Bawer attempted to convey that the muslimfrage is now so serious that it is making its way into the legitimate mainstream press. On the contrary, a couple of bloggers have merely nearly succeeded in passing themselves off as journalists. The impending threat is not from Muslim babymaking, but rather from professional fraud.

    • Kevin Stroup

      The relevant question is: are the "facts" they are stating wrong or not? Well, Schlomo, are they? Post which ones, and give your sources for other data, please.

      • Schlomotion

        I beg to differ. That is like saying that all that matters with counterfeit money is that it still buys televisions and fast cars. It is the epitome of moral depravity that you not only believe thus, but have the nerve to ask me for a special favor too.

        • Roger

          Oh come on Schlo, there are all sorts of other sources you pretend aren't out there.

          How about this one? Is it done by a zionist hatemonger or something?

          • Schlomotion

            No. It's done by somebody who doesn't realize that security font is dead.

          • Roger

            So you can't show they don't know what they're talking about.
            You can't show a biase in the source.

            You just came up with that lame excuse and pretend it makes sense?

            You are a troll.

          • Western Canadian

            Odds of a coherent or honest reply from slo?? Odds don’t apply to absoluters. He will answer as he always does: As a complete ass.

          • Roger

            Yes, he did. You're right.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Three sentences, three dozen words, that say nothing.

      • MarcoSinigaglia

        Kevin here asks to counter Bawer's "facts". Well, here is a taste:
        – as 'Check' above explains, a large majority of foreigners in Spain (Bawer's 13.4% Muslim horde) are South Americans (mainly Colombia), who are more Catholic than the pope. Bawer thinks his readers are stupid – he can feed them with partial information.
        – as also 'Check' above points out, what can we do if Muslims only select from a small range of names? The list Bawer reports is actually wrong. Mohamed is the first on the list, the others are far below. Deception again.
        "Roughly doubled". True, from 2% percent to 4-5%
        And here he goes again: "Oslo babies with foreign national backgrounds". Half of them are Eastern Europeans. Has he no shame?

        The number of Muslims in Italy is 1 Mil. Out of 60 Mil. He failed to report that.

        The rest is anecdotes.

        • Indioviejo

          Marco, the last time I was in Bogota I read an article in "El Tiempo" about the rapid conversions of Colombians to Islam. It gave a figure of 1,000 a month. I buy it. In Buenos Aires I saw a Mosque bigger and more beautiful than the Cathedral- I thought, built it and they will come- and they do. Venezuela expelled all christian missionaries a few years back, but imported Mullahs from Iran, their new strategic partner. So the plan is in place and they fight is global. What side are you on?

    • RoguePatriot6

      "There can never be too few Arabs in the world from their perspective."

      What part of:
      "infidel", "we will destroy western civilization and their decadent culture", "we will wipe Israel off the face of the earth", "those who won't convert to Islam will be killed"….etc, do you not understand? The list goes on and on and on and on. Yet, everytime an article is posted on this site depicting the true colors of Islam, it's a sucker's bet you will show up and somehow comeup with some idiotic anti-Jewish garbage that it's a conspiracy by Jews to exterminate Arabs or Muslims. Or, they're goal is somehow world domination. Really?
      They're not "anti-Arab" writers. Maybe, just maybe, they along with millions of other SANE people see the threat for what it really is as opposed to not wanting to see it due to Jewish hatred or bigotry against them.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Yeah, no one has noticed what happens to anyone who criticises islam in any one of your islamofascist states Abdullah, or even what happens when they criticise islam from a supposedly free state, or dare to even translate texts doing so (i.e. the Japanese translators slaughtered in Japan for translating the Satanic Verses). Your defense of islam, while frequently lame and relying almost exclusively on fallacies of argumentation, serves to reveal that you're not really an atheist at all.

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,you're an anti-Jewish creep. All you do is bash Jews. What do you think of that response?

    • Drakken

      Keep it up you liberal/progressive/commi, you know you openly side with the very savages that will kill us all, but hey, your too much of a coward to resist so you side with our common enemy. Your a open traitor, good luck in the very near future, for people have long memories and won't forget your treachery.

    • Arius

      Scholmotion is on his way to being a good dhimmi.

  • Demetrius M

    For the millionth time, islam is not a religion, it's an ideology, a political and social control mechanism. Tell me, what other religion threatens the world with complete domination.
    Seriously, this is a complete joke. Two qurans – one peaceful the other violent. This is how they can say they are a peaceful religion whilst turning later to shouts of "Kill the dimmi!"
    I suppose Europe will realize the nature of these demonstrations only when they are being ruled by a wahabbi cleric

  • jacob

    Schlomotion :
    Then you have the chrome plated brass balls of denying what has been happening with Muslims all over
    Europe and the only thing to do, according to your wisdom, is to sit and wait for is for it to explode, as
    proven not too long ago in France, RIGHT ???

    is there a word defining those morons who persist into keeping their heads in the sand ????
    Just because,waiting for the smoke from the fired gun to rise and be seen, might prove to be too damned late

    • Schlomotion

      The very first part is true.

      • Roger

        And so is the rest of it too.

        What kind of fools do you think everyone here is?

        Not being muslim doesn't mean we are as dumb as muslim activists take us for.

  • Paul F

    Schlomo – Do you really believe what you are suggesting, that there will be no long-term problems resulting from Muslim immigration? That is the question here.

    • Schlomotion

      We have about 2.5 million of them in the United States and it's no problem here. Uzbekistan is screwed though.

      • curmudgeon

        it took only 19 of the darlings to murder 3000 citizens. how many will 2.5 million dear islamic invaders kill? dont forget that thanks to our benevolent government and its policy of paying our enemies to breed, they can breed like bacteria and dont have to take a break from studying their crime manual, the qu'ran to actually earn a living. even one muslim in our country is a threat. 2.5 million is certain death to all infidels. that is most of us, schlo, but i am not so sure about you. you whine like a muslim. your writing stinks of islam. your opinions support islam. your extreme antisemitism smells like islam.

  • Marty

    The toxic islamic presence in europe is permanent and growing. Several european countries will eventually become effectively partitioned as the islamic population increases and begins to dominate and poison entire regions. We've already observed the islamic menace devour entire neighborhoods in France and Norway and applied sharia law. Parts of europe are descending into a new barbarism that will include institutionalized brutality on the part of islamic leaders as they carve out their own fiefdoms and as the central governments simply withdraw their services. Enforced misery from islam is europe's future.

    • Drakken

      There will be open civil war very soon, and when it comes, our old genetic makeup will come out to play and the muslims and their leftist enablers will rue the day they took everyone for fools.

    • Fanfan La Tulipe
  • Pat English

    This is an excellent article. Here is another book you should read: "The Dark Side of the Crescent Moon." In this book Dr. Georgy Gounev emphasizes the spread of Islam in Europe.

    • curmudgeon

      the dark side of islam. hmmmm. is there a dirty end of a turd? or is the turd, like islam, filthy all over? how can pure evil have a dark side? that would imply that there is a not dark side.

  • LindaRivera

    In watching a video, I was puzzled why a Muslim country was shown. Which Muslim country was it? I was shocked to discover the Muslim-packed streets were the streets of England! The deliberate colonization of Britain by wicked UK leaders in order to reduce Brits to a minority ruled by Muslims under Islamic sharia law.

    Abu Baseer in London:
    “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Gaddafi: “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe, there are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe — without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”…

    Watch and/or listen to the outstanding speech given by Paul Weston, chairman of of British Freedom:

    Transforming Britain Into Lebanon

    I implore all of my brother and sister non-Muslims to join and/or support British Freedom –
    or one of the European Freedom parties. And also the EDL (English Defence League) or one of the other European Defense Leagues.

    We are in a fight for our freedom, human rights and our beautiful and extremely MERCIFUL Western civilization.

    We dare not lose this battle!

    • curmudgeon

      are you willing to do what is necessary to prevent the islamification of uk? that would include either killing or so terrorizing the supporters of islam that they would stop supporting islam. (hint: brievik tried this, and we see how it worked out–it requires a lot more terror than breivik was able to deliver to get dhimmis to be more afraid of kuffirs than they already are of islam.) this includes the media, the government, and the ruling elites, who tremble in fear of islam, and consequently collaborate with islam in the destruction of your country. then you must either eliminate or expel the muslims. all of them–both imported and home grown. this of course is exactly what the friends of islam are doing to you. but are you willing to behave like a muslim to prevent islam? i didnt think so. this is why europe is doomed. it remains to be seen if the new world will learn from the pathetic suicide of europe. i doubt it.

      • Drakken

        I really hate to burst your bubble there Curmudgeon, but the tipping point is here and all it is going to take to send it over the abyss is a single egregious act and counter retaliation and the rest as they say will be history. That day is coming faster than anyone thinks and when it kicks off, even the most idiotic leftist will have to side with his own in order to survive, otherwise he and his will perish with no mercy or quarter. The muslims on the other hand, well you saw what the Serbs and Croats did, only it will be on a grander scale on steroids.

      • Fanfan la Tulipe

        This is true what you are saying

  • LindaRivera

    British Freedom and EDL leader,Kevin Carroll: The government is facilitating the Islamification of this country! It’s got to stop! You’ve got to defend Christianity at all costs! At all costs. Defend Christianity at every turn! At every possible chance, defend Christianity!

    EDL Dewsbury 30/06/12 – Kevin Carroll Speech

    NO SURRENDER of our countries to barbaric Islam!

    Not one inch of Free World Jewish land to cruel Palestinian Authority Occupation Forces!

  • Indioviejo

    We are not to far off the Euros. We have been infiltrated for years and we have Muslims serving in every capacity in City, State and Federal positions. Hillary Clinton's right hand "Man", Huma Abedin is an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood. Will we do any better that the Euros?

  • Alexander Gofen
    • soeliez

      I think you must know the history of Islam first. You can't judge from what appear outside. Politic is such a powerful hater.

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Experience indicates having a Muslim majority is a sad fate for any Nation and any people who wish to preserve the significant religious liberty, including freedom from religion, that a strong dose of secularism provides should look with a war eye upon any serious increase in the Muslim population of its country.

    Strangely, the peoples and elites of the most successfully and thoroughly secularized of Europe's nations seem the least concerned and the most threatened.

    Very odd.

    • curmudgeon

      to the degree that there is such a thing as the antichrist, muhammed certainly fits the description. anyone who looks past the 7th century for the arrival of the christbane is seriously deluded.

  • Philo Vaihinger


    Somebody calling himself "Looking4Sanity" warns that the Antichrist will soon rule Europe?

    This is the kind of comment you get, Bruce?

  • C.R.

    Its clear Godless Europe–is going to Hell–and the USA is right behind them!

  • just me

    "what happens when the howling Muslims outnumber the soldiers?" guess what, they are not armed, at least they have no ammo

    • Drakken

      Those soldiers can quickly get ammo and use very liberally when the time comes.

    • @LastAryan

      You think they have no ammos :D ? They have all the weapons one could even think of. Once a riot broke out in my village, because they were asked not to throw dead animals in worship places (not mosques), they had basements made beneath Mosques and had thousands of swords and guns there. My villages was burned down. I now live in a city far far away.
      Never in the your wildest dream think that they don't have weapons.

  • johan

    This would all stop in a hurry if one of the small countries in Europe would have the guts to make a call TOMORROW we will take in no-more muslims, Number 2 country will announce the a week later same law NO-MORE muslims.PERIOD. And that could be the end of the problems.

  • Drakken

    It is a matter of sooner rather than later where full scale civil war erupts in Europe, the tipping point is here and it is very clear to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Muslim invaders, a crashing economy and a unelected EU, mixed together in a toxic stew will raise the nationalistic ghosts that the left sought to bury. Think the Balkans on steroids.

  • Sunbeam

    Islam is not a religion. It is more of a political theory dogma with some scriptural quotations from ancient Bible to proof its own authenticity of the Koran. I believe some of the oil rich country like Saudi Arabia are funding the work of Islamization of Europe and America. If not how do they survived? It is a state government sponsored organization that is behind all this.

  • Docky Musicy

    Soon islam will
    take over the world and all our science and technology will be by-passed and
    discarded and as a species humans will again live like it was in Saudi Arabia in
    the times of moremad-the-dirty-arab .The arabs will be the rulers and the whole world will
    forever be mad.

    Everybody will be muslim and women will be perpetually
    thrashed and trashed and uneducated .Black people will only be slaves. The population of
    the blacks will slowly come to an end because as more and more black people
    will be slaved this time forever and castrated. No free thought will be allowed and there will be
    a non-stop stunting of the human mind. All education and forward thought will
    come to a stop and soon all tech will be passed and humans will once again use
    animals for locomotion. Within 4 generations of only islam all history will be
    wiped out and most animals including dogs and pigs will be slaughtered to extinction. Only Arabic will
    be spoken and fear and brainless thoughts will be encouraged and wide-spread. This
    will continue for at least 5000 years. As medical science will fall apart and
    viruses will attack the muslims unchecked. Islam will die from small pox or
    something even more lethal. Only after islam is wiped out by a virus and by
    then all humans will be as smart as monkeys are today will another civilisation
    rise from the annihilation of our current human race. Humans are doomed as of
    today . islam will rise and savagery will be the order of the day. Only from
    the ashes of islam 20,000 years into the future will new-man again rise as man,
    that will take another 20,000 years and another language besides Arabic will

    Today’s modern
    and rational man is tomorrow's mayan…..soon to be slaughtered by islam and hearing hardcore gutteral-arabic cries of al lah -oh-aah hkk kb aaa ar rr……al lah-oh-akh hbaa rr isn't english… seems…

    As the great Edward Grey once
    said, "The lights are going out… we shall not see them lit again in our time".

    Forget walking on the moon and Mars. i have a feeling our islam retarded future muslim offsprings will only be camel-racing arabic! We are pushing our future generations into the saudi-arabia gutter just because we were told it was impolite to tell the arabs to stay away from our children and to tell the arabs fk-you and fk-off with a few big choice big bangs about 20 of them…no less. Not very smart for our future generations they won’t even be able to read this because it’s not in Arabic. Saving history is silly at this point because islam will bulldoze and obliterate the full planet’s heritage that islam did not create. Megalomania, insane. Moremad-the-dirty-arab would have voted the bulldozer as the greatest invention ever. Islam will obliterate the pyramids hundred percent ! Have absolutely no doubt about this ! It’ll be tough but islam will obliterate the pyramids. Will take time but they will vanish……islam is mad with paranoia. shhhh…..
    Moremad-the-dirty-arab was a m a d man and you can’t say it so don’t even think it . Got it ??!!

  • Docky Musicy

    A lament from the times of islam’s birth in all the minds of people who knew and currently know that islam has come too close for their own good. Islam was started only because moremad-the-dirty-arab wanted to be richer faster and without any morals….moremad-the-dirty-arab is showing today's italian and any mafia types how to do it right…..even the Italian mafia will be talking guttural-arabic soon…anyway…..

    i Curse this world,
    i curse this time,
    i curse this fate of mine that uncivilized and never to be civilised arabs have come to make me and my loving and free and laughing family into dirty surly and gutter-uncouth savage muslims like themselves.

    And savages they are….if we can’t call a savage a savage and a mad man a mad man one of these days very soon they’ll come and tell us to call muslims humans and believe that islam a religion. Just imagine muslim man….but muslim-man can't imagine not because muslim-man’s not John Lennon but because moremad-the-dirty-arab said don't imagine…..what will happen to your children if you don't get out from a robber's dirty religion that is factually a cult ! What will you tell your children ? Will you tell them i know it's very wrong but moremad-the-dirty-arab said so , so it is right. You're f-ing mad !! And a coward….muslim-man.

  • philipsmeeton

    Goodbye Europe! and our politicians did nothing. Welcome to the (dis-)united states of conflict and chaos.
    I find it all very depressing, but would vote for any politician that promised to save us.

  • Docky Musicy

    There is no real islamic country
    on the planet.
    I repeat ….There is no real Islamic country
    on the planet.
    There is nothing like an
    islamic country.
    Just because some dick started
    a robber cult by fooling and s l a u g h t er i n g some of the unsuspecting natives big
    time and declares himself the world’s top-dog robber-god doesn’t mean that saudi arabia became his….and his top-dog robber-god headquarters. Islam is a frigging forced upon
    cult a robber cult with no scruples and no honor or regret and shame. Just like
    the mental and sadistic leader. Islam should be evacuated from the planet.
    ‘Dis-respect’ or even question anything in islam, and any ‘good Muslim’ anywhere can kill you….WOW man…. What a religion of peace. I think the word DRONE comes from the slang for the sound that Islamic and Arabic sounds like when spoken or heard. Now it’s droning over their heads. A good muslim is factually a very evil person. My dear dudes…..We got to cull and eradicate islam.Not talk to islam.

    Enough with this islam-nonsense. Afganistan is a Buddhist country, Pakistan is
    a Hindu country, Saudi-arabia is a jewish country, Bangladesh is a Hindu
    country, Iran is a Zoroastrian country, etc.etc.etc. Muslims have to re-convert and re-connect to the religion of their peaceful and harmonious ancestors prior to their unfortunate meeting with moremad-the-dirty arab
    and his gang of violent morons and their hate filled violent actions and
    thoughts. "Non-stop violent and dirty thoughts islam is" Yoda would say.
    islam is no religion and any self respecting cult would rather throw up than be compared to islam. Islam stands alone in it’s own v o m i t .
    “Filth islam is” Yoda would say.
    The arabs will have to become jews. …because the arabs were jews too
    who lived in the desert before moremad-the-dirty-arab came charging with madness and started
    slapping the oldies and the women around. Fantastic.

    Just because some dick heads
    with swords came by and started their hooligan madness and b l o o d violence and
    scared everybody’s ancestors into the cult by basically hijacking
    their children’s minds does not give islam any right to live in Saudi Arabia
    anymore. Saudi Arabia isn’t a country: it’s a Royal Family with ca. 10 million servants of varying class.All this desert bull has to be stopped. Islam has to be taught and
    explained to why it shouldn’t live. Once and for all.
    Islam has to be banned
    and mass proper mental schooling has to done on each and every muslim. Within 3
    generations this will be a fantastic planet. Everybody will be schooled and
    nobody can blame islam for their idiotic and violent and absurd actions and
    thoughts. Islam has to be forgotten. This is the Planet Marshall plan. An Intelligent-redesign .

  • Docky Musicy

    I would convince my son to change his name to Obama if Black-man Obama took on and k i l l e d islam.
    I’d re-vote for him and i’d also vote for him to be the
    President of the World if he smashes islam.
    Smashing islam is a thinking man’s job and Black-man Obama is a smart guy….
    a real thinker….and will have to provisionally think like moremad to smash moremad.
    Obama would be the most loved name on Planet Earth.
    A good factual TV speech should make everyone see the light .
    The Black-Man Obama Light.
    The Black-man Obama light that lit up and extinguished dark and dense islam forever and ever and saved the human race.
    If Black-man Obama smashes islam Black people all over the globe would rise several notches in everyone’s minds….global is the word…
    Black men would commander respect for the smashing of islam. Super !!
    This one will be for the planet’s real history books.

  • Docky Musicy

    Earth needs a laxative to purge islam.
    As islam starts executing those in power then only will those in power wake-up to the power they have.

    ANY aliens trying to talk to the m u r d e r i n g arabs on camels and dirty clothes and the female of the sexes under thick black cloth and totally invisible and stunted will be hilarious and no one will know why it's so funny. While the alien thinks CONTACT AT LAST the muslim will be thinking TASTY or P U S S Y.
    The joke’s on us today.
    …..and hello… it seems that casually bombing a nuclear facility will not cause a nuclear meltdown. All nuclear meltdowns to date (including Chernobyl and the Japanese nuclear plants) have been caused by bad maintenance, usually involving the coolant.
    None have been bombed. So it seems its ok to can a nuclear facility. No real sweat.
    A bombed out nuclear facility is the ultimate in bad maintenance.
    ..Some people might not think it possible but a world without islam should be a foregone conclusion these days. Think about it a bit ….makes perfect sense. I'm sure there's a math model on a world without islam. A world without islam is totally possible. We have to get on with it …. OUR Peace has to start sooner in a world without islam. You can’t make an omelette without smashing lots of eggs in one shot.

  • Drakken

    I really hate to rain on the doom and gloom crowd but, when that sleeping Dragon of the west awakes and it will, the muslims will rue the day they pushed us too far. What most of you folks don't realize is nobody is better at eliminating enmasse folks who displease us than we are. I am not here to argue the morality of warfare, but when it is between me and mine and them and theirs, I will do what is neccessary to ensure we survive and theirs perish, period! When push comes to shove and it will, the only thing that will be repeated, is the only good muslim is a dead muslim and the mosques of Europe will burn along with an old pagan ritual called the funeral pyre. The time for niceties and pleasantres is over, start telling the pols they had better get off their collective azzes or else we shall do it for them. Never submit, never surrender your birthrights and never give in, not one damn inch. War is coming whether you like it or not, so prepare yourselves.

    • Anne

      Indeed, never was in history more bloody people than Europeans,2 WW due to such, Crusades, so many wars. Extermination everywhere (USA, Australia, South America…)

  • johan

    When they killed 3000 Americans that should have been the day to stop the muslim invasion. Muslims are having fun beheading Christians, they made a terrible mistake. They should have started to take the head of prophet mohammad.

  • therunningrabbit

    Have we tried a Muslim in charge of all religious affairs? A Muslim in charge of immigration? Not to forget the military, llegals and financials. Surely that would work? Then we might muster a slave type revolt – or something.

  • Chargui

    islam will rule the world wether you like it or not, because it's God choice not yours

    • Anne

      God's will is for Jesus, not for muslims. Read the Bible.

  • John

    God hates Muslims, thats why he gave you low IQs

  • Fanfan La Tulipe

    I translated an article from the French "Europe is being Islamized without its knowledge it and under its free will." It is on my website:

  • soeliez

    Jews, christian, … Abraham ( ibrahim ), jesus or isaac ( isa ), muhammad.. taurah, bible were writen in quran

  • soeliez

    Lakum deenukum waliyadeen…

  • Just Me

    Why are you so schoked ? When Serbs tried to defend against Muslims in their own countries Bosnia, Serbia (Kosovo), Monte Negro Europe bombed them to protect "poor" Muslims. Of course these poor Muslims killed tens of thousands of Serbs and expelled over a million from their homes. Europe was eager to kill Serbs to make green way from Turkey to Bosnia for Muslims. Now when they are in your homes and you can smell what Serbs have been living centuries (slavery, genocides, rapes) now want one country to say no to Muslims ? Who will do so ? You love "poor peaceful Muslims" so much that you helped them exterminate one of the oldest European peoples and help Muslims take ground. Now they wont go but proceed to your homes. Of course all Muslims in the world think alike, most of them will say they are peaceful but they dream of destroying white Europeans or forcing them to be Muslims because Islam MUST rule the whole world.

  • benahm


  • benahm

    islam is the religion of arabs the arabs are the ones who killed sanity

  • deutcher

    europa need a second Hitler to sort out and make new world order

    • hello

      You are an idiot! Rather a multiethnic-multicultural Europe than a racist, xenophobic one.

  • White Alaska

    Here is the article I translated from the French into English which goes in line with the above article:

    • Apocalypse

      Europe will end up in a savage civil war. Sad but true.


    Please God, help the people of Europe and America stop the spread of this evil mass of montsters who are destroying our culture.

  • Jacques Buzzard

    Excellent Web site!

    The rapidly growing Jihadi success in the Mid-East namely Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, to name a few is extremely disturbing.

    The fact that Europe is so quickly growing in percentage of its Mohammedan population is cause for grave concern.

    Given these 2 factors, it is not too far fetched to consider Europe on the verge of potentially falling at long last to the Mohammedans.

  • paul2081

    Sharia Globalism is preached in most moderate Euro mosques: Over Populate to Install Sharia Law. Their birthrate in West Europe 2X or in Britain 3X…The only solution is to mandate “All citizens limited to 2 kids/family and violators pay a heavy tax, violators deported”. The time is now…..

  • Portia

    In “The Open Society and Its Enemies,” Karl Popper argues: “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be
    destroyed, and tolerance with them. – In this formulation, I do not imply, for
    instance, that we should always suppress the utterance of intolerant
    as long as we can counter them by rational argument and keep them in
    check by public opinion, suppression would certainly be most unwise. But
    we should claim the right to suppress them if necessary even by force;
    it may easily turn out that they are not prepared to meet us on the level of
    rational argument, but begin by denouncing all argument; they may forbid their
    followers to listen to rational argument, and teach them to answer arguments by the use of their fists or weapons. We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.”

  • Van Grungy

    "Christianity use to do it and it slaughtered it's way to the the top. "
    Got any examples?

    Thank Christians for slaughtering muslims to keep them out of Europe..

  • Kufar Dawg

    What Christianity used to do is no less than what muslimes were doing and more importantly still are doing.

  • WTE

    Of course I do. Don't know your history too well huh?

  • Roger

    Yes, I know my history. Why not look at the post 8th century period, shall wee?

    Such a small 'wee' little man you are. all the violence taught by religion and carried out due to the actual teachings goes to one religion. The one you seem to have the same values as. islam.

  • Roger

    And you haven't shown that the teachings of Christ led these people.

    Successfully following the teachings of islam has murdered more than 15,000 in that same time period.

    Does that mean you're going to have a new target?
    Nope, you're just a hack sitting at your work terminal using trista parsi approved talking points spewing away at the propaganda.

    Such as 'wee' little man you are.