‘Islamophobia’ Silencing Muslims?

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Given how sensitive Freedland is to purported prejudice against Muslims, it is interesting to see how easily, and sneeringly, he dismissed concerns about Islamic prejudices as a question of “taste” and a matter of bigots cynically “dress[ing] up in progressive…garb,” as if there were no legitimate reason whatsoever for such concerns.  Freedland admitted, to be sure, that he had “felt uneasy at some of the language [Hasan] used a few years back, when he appeared to describe non-Muslims as ‘people of no intelligence’ and as ‘cattle.’”  But he went on to say that he found Hasan’s “explanation” for those incidents “pretty plausible” (it wasn’t) and to give Hasan credit for “conced[ing] that his ‘phraseology was ill-advised and inappropriate.’”  Mind-boggling.  What to make of a man who, after seeing Hasan’s “cattle” and “animal” videos, can still call readers racists for taking those videos seriously, characterizing them fairly, and responding with fully appropriate moral outrage to Hasan’s unambiguous – and explicitly faith-based – contempt for his non-Muslim fellowman?

Freedland’s piece wasn’t the end of this snow job.  On July 11, the Guardian ran brief contributions by Inayat Bunglawala, Huma Qureshi, Simon Woolley, Nadiya Takolia, and Bim Adewunmi under the headline “Online racist abuse: we’ve all suffered it too.”  (There’s no room here to go into all of these people’s backgrounds; suffice it to say that the first person on the list, Bunglawala, the public face of the Muslim Council of Britain, has praised Osama bin Laden as a “freedom fighter,” called Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman “courageous,” and savaged the British government – in the Guardiannaturally – for denying a visa to Yusuf al-Qaradawi.  Apparently readers who were troubled by any of that are racists, pure and simple.)  On July 12, Gary Younge, another Guardian columnist, offered a few hundred words of vapid hand-wringing about the ugliness of many reader comments online, with an emphasis – again – on “racism.”

The next day Gavan Titley and Alana Lentin served up a plateful of multicultural clichés (the “colorblind” ideal is flawed because “[b]eing blind to race often involves being blind to racism”; “racism has not been overcome because a black President was elected, but the legitimacy of analysing society in terms of race has been undermined”).  And on July 16, Rob Berkeley lamented the “vitriolic abuse” Hasan allegedly “receives when he seeks to address issues of anti-Muslim discrimination on the basis that he is homophobic – well he must be, he is a Muslim after all and everyone ‘knows’ Muslims are homophobes.  Presumed guilty, he is asked to prove his liberal credentials before his reasonable arguments are even given a hearing.”  Disingenuous claptrap.  Anyone who has watched Hasan’s videos knows he’s not just hostile to gays – he thinks all infidels are, as they say, pigs and dogs.

Yes, as we all know, there are plenty of people out there who post comments online that are nothing more than ugly personal attacks or expressions of one variety or another of repellent prejudice.  It’s not pleasant – but it’s not the end of the world, either.  It’s simply the small price we all pay for the extraordinary freedom to exchange ideas in the (so far) uncensored international forum that is the Internet.  What this flurry of Guardian pieces represents, quite plainly, is a nefarious contribution to the ongoing effort to discredit as sheer racism even the most straightforward truth-telling about Islam (which, of course, the Guardian‘s lexicon to the contrary, is not a race) and to foster a mindset on the web that is reflexively censorious toward any expression of disquietude about the ideology of Islam.  In short, if there’s a campaign underway to silence anybody, it’s not targeted at Muslims but at those of us who dare to speak the truth about their religion – and one of its headquarters, as has now yet again been amply demonstrated, is the Guardian. 

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  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ JasonPappas

    Hasan doesn't have to prove anything in today's world. Islamophobia has just been redefined as "cultural racism" (see Wikipedia). Consequently any criticism of Islam or its 1400 year old tradition is dismissed a priori as racist. He merely has to mention that he's Muslim and his victim status is secure. The world is going insane.

  • Willy Rho

    Just watch the Muerduerers. Evil is as Evil does. Lop off a head for All ahhhh and Muhamsandwich. Raaapel a single woman by herself. Muerduer your sister of daughter or mother for that dreaded Honary Muerduer Ideal. Six Century Barbaric Religion. Is a pox on all of humanity and I hope the Israeli's 600 nukes lands on all of Obozo's precious Moo Slim States.

  • aspacia

    Face facts; liberals are terrified of Muslim violence and are already dhimmi.

  • Marty

    All of this must mean that those of us who are non-muslims should refrain from referrring to islam as a death cult that sanctions and advocates pedophilia, abuse of women, the slaughter of christians and Jews as well as Hindus, and any reference to muhamad as a thief, plagiarist, and genocidal sociopath. Oops.

  • Cuban Pete

    Mr. Hasan must understand that a knee-jerk reaction will occur when you see innocent human being blown up, dismembered, stoned, burned alive, and discriminated all in the name of islam. Furthermore, Mr. Hasan conviniently ignores the well-documented fact that it is islam intself that cannot co-exist with any other group – whether Hindu, Christian, Budhist, Anamist, atheist, etc. Wherever islam comes into contact with another belief/culture/value a clash is soon to occur. Seems to my humble self that the problem is islam, and not everyone else.

    So I would recommend to Mr. Hasan to kindly remove himself from any further contacts and/or habitation in non-muslim countries and place his new place of abode in majority-muslim nations.

    Good riddance to you Mr. Hasan, don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way out of civilization.

  • Ronald Johnston

    This an example of what is going to happen to us in this country if we don't get rid of islam. It is an evil ideology, not a religion, practiced by osama obama and all his evil helpers!!!!!

  • Ghostwriter

    More often than not,Muslims have screamed for the deaths of Americans. And they continue to wonder why many of us have such a negative view of their religion? Their own words and actions cause that view and they do NOTHING to change that perception.

  • weroinnm

    Do Muslims need to look in the mirror? http://weroinnm.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/do-musli
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • Katharina

    The Guardian has become a joke, so do the "allahuakbar – allah is the greatest" jihadist-shouting loving CNN, BBC & Sky news – when reporting on the is Saudi Arabia/Qatar royals -sponsored Jew/Christian/women/girls-hating Nazi Muslim Brotherhood jihadists to Arabicize absolutely and rob the oil-rich non-Arabic Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt and in the future, Syria and Lebanon! And free speech only applied to Muslims to hate Christian/Jews/women/girls – but when Westerners hate Islam, it's called hate speech – even when Islam is an ideology nor Muslims are a 'race' as Christians are not too. But Jews have always been a race since ancient times as proven in the Bible for example. Thus is why, free speech need to be guarded in the West especially against savage and brutal ideology like Islam!


    Half of the Quoran (Koran) will have to be eliminated and all vestiges crushed for any chance of civilization influence on Islam. Many muslims live a double life. Knowing that western civiliation is far superior yet going to mosk and worshiping a 1400 year old mistake. Both Christians and Jews have desparately worked out modern interpretations of "difficult" passages in our holy books. Much of the Koran and the Haditha require that all followers of the "Prophet" revere him as the most perfect man EVER and that all things said by God to the Angel Gabriel for the ear of Mohammad are perfect words for the perfect man to instruct his followers in the perfect ways for the perfect lives. There are contradictions, however, in those words whispered by Gods special Angel Gabriel into the ear of this most perfect man, Mohammad. First, the words said love. Later the words said kill (hate). Did
    God just change his mind? Does God not know right and wrong. Was there a mistake? Did God make an error? Did the Angel Gabriel goof? Was the most perfect man wrong in the first or was it the second (contradicting)interpretation of the message from God through Gabriel.

  • Victor Mc

    Please just click onto this website to tell you all you need to know about Islam….it's their body count. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

  • johan

    I have a question for Mehdi Hasan. Think for a second, if I was to build a Catholic church in Marocco I am sure as I am writing here that fefore I tried to lay the first brick my head would be shopped off.

  • LibertyPhile

    Most Guardian readers took a very dim view of what Freedland had to say (and Hasan as well) and it looks as if someone tried to fiddle the numbers on reader feedback.

    See here “Bad language, racism and dodgy votes at the Guardian” http://thelibertyphile.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/bad

  • weroinnm

    The Vetting: ‘Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection’! http://wethepeopleusa.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • Social Freako

    Hey, just know that there are thousands of people out there that support Islam and are against Islamophobia. You’re not alone. Stay Strong <3