Love and Hate in Norway

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To live in Oslo in the early twenty-first century is to frequently encounter plaques reminding you that, within living memory, this city was under Nazi rule.  In one building the Gestapo carried out acts of torture.  In another, Resistance members hid out, maintaining radio contact with the British military.  In another, Jews were discovered hiding, then carted off.

There were Norwegian Nazis – not just collaborators, but full-fledged Nazis, who avidly embraced the Nazi ideology.  Hitler, after all, considered Scandinavians part of the Master Race.  In more than one Norwegian bar with which I am familiar, the walls are papered with wartime copies of newspapers, the articles in which demonstrate that there were plenty of journalists who did not shrink from transmitting Nazi propaganda about America, Britain, and of course Jews.

When the war ended, these Norwegian Nazis did not dissolve into the ether – nor did the widespread enthusiasm for totalitarianism, anti-Semitism, the strong state and strict limits on free speech.  A generation after the war, many of the most influential figures in Norwegian society were self-declared Maoists and Stalinists.  Today, although members of the cultural elite tend to be more careful about openly declaring allegiance to Communist tyrants, being an outright Communist is still no bar to being a respected member of Norway’s cultural establishment.  (Members of the Rødt, or Red, Party hold important positions in several major cultural institutions.)  Write the most sickeningly anti-Semitic article this side of Der Stürmer, and you will still be welcome in the corridors of Norwegian cultural power.  Call publicly for strictly enforced limits on free speech about Islam, and your peers will hail you as a hero.

To deny that there is a disturbing degree of continuity between all this and what went on in Norway during World War II is to shove one’s head in the sand.  There is, after all, a reason why we Americans still speak of our own contemporaries as, variously, Jeffersonians, Hamiltonians, Jacksonians, or Wilsonians.  To take a part of one’s country’s history and quarantine it, as it were, treating it as an aberration, a departure from everything that preceded and followed it, is to choose not to understand the red threads (as Norwegians put it) that run through a country’s history.

“If you hate Norway so much,” wrote my correspondent, “why don’t you go back to America?” The fact that so many people have asked me this question in recent weeks demonstrates just how effective the cultural elite’s propaganda has been at convincing many Norwegians that to dissent from officially approved views, to reject the establishment consensus, to challenged the received opinions that are served up every day in the echo chamber of the country’s mainstream media, is to hate Norway.

Au contraire.  I’ve taken on these vile people and their – yes – totalitarian views precisely because I love Norway, love the West and idea of the West, and love the Enlightenment legacy upon which these monstrous people are so blithely, recklessly, and cynically trampling. My question to my correspondent, and to every other Norwegian who has asked me the same question is this: why don’t you love Norway enough to try to help save her?  Can it be that, like all too many people, you’re more worried about being called a racist or Islamophobe than you are about what kind of country your children and grandchildren will live in?  Or are you genuinely incapable of recognizing who Norway’s friends – and enemies – really are?

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  • Brian Donegal

    Norwegians are their own worst enemy.

    • pennswoods

      Something has gone awry with their Viking DNA. Their Nordic descendants in Minneapolis, MN and the rest of that state are also obsessed with multiculturalism in the form of Muslim "asylum seekers". I don't know why the Scandinavians didn't convert to Islam instead of Christianity 1,000 years ago and saved themselves the agony of having to face Islamic domination in the 21st century.

  • GOPsithlord

    Mr.Bawer, I want to thank you for this. As one of your fellow Americans in Norway, the contradictions of the country's multiculturalism are of great concern to me. I hope one day to meet you and thank you personally for having the courage to point out what might make others uncomfortable. I wish you well.

    • patriot

      As a Norwegian I can assure all the readers that Bruce Bawer may be the best thing that has happened to Norway in a long time. I have to laugh sometimes because his description of Norway is so accurate :) . I would like to thank him personaly too. Good luck mr. Bawer!

  • per antonsen

    "But it did not, and does not, seem to me unreasonable to suggest that there are, in fact, significant continuities between Quisling and his wartime supporters, on the one hand, and today’s left-wing Norwegian cultural elite, on the other"

    The coninuities are probably the same as between Al Capone and today's left wing American cultural elite. What Bruce Bawer has done is to replace Israel and the Jews with Norway and the Norwegians as subjects of his anti-Semitic hate mongering.

    • Rocky Mountain

      So Quisling was operating a bootlegging operation?

    • Cecilie

      Wait – what? "Anti-semitic hate mongering"??? Now I really don't understand…

      • Chiggles

        The Norwegians are Semites now, didn't you hear? Well, neither did I.

    • Oleg

      Maybe something is lost in translation but this poster sounds as incoherent as his left wing bretheren in the English speaking world, and just as morally bankrupt.

  • lbr

    I am inclined to agree with those Norwegians but for different reasons. I would like all of the sane western Norwegians to leave Norway, leaving the leftist useful idiots and the anti Semites to rot away by the ever growing power of Islam. In 30 years Norway will turn into Pakistan anyways, that is unpreventable as it is being run by those crazy PC horticulturalist cultists, so why won't you return to the US and let those bastards rot away?

  • lbr


  • Anthony

    I too have wasted much energy worrying about the pretty, intelligent, sophisticated Europeans. Now, whenever I hear an English accent, or see a group of German tourists, I am disgusted. To me, they are not passive prisoners of a tyrannical police state that imports daily their enemy, they are active, willing participants who believe and defend the single biggest criminal enterprise in history, multiculturalism.

    I loathe and detest them in all their haughty, smarts, and feel that they deserve heir mothers and daughters, their future, under the evil power of those they so love.

    Norway must remove the cross from their flag. The Norweegens spit on both anyway.

    • Indioviejo

      You hit the right cord in your comment. I have the same reaction to most Europeans when I see or hear them, disgust. I believe the next time we intervene militarily in Europe will be against a European establishment which has gone over to the other side and is posing a nuclear threat to us.

      • pennswoods

        Exactly. Within two generations Muslims will have enough clout at the voting booth in most Western European nations to change the direction of their former host countries from a USA/Canadian/Western European Christain Civilization alliance to a European/Arab/North African Muslim alliance. The major countries of mid 21st century Europe will be directly or indirectly controlled by Islamic Law of Sharia and will look to the Arab world for it's values and national interests. Even Britain, a country we probably have most in common with, will be part of this unthinkable future catastrophe. Where is a modern Charles Martel when we need him?

        • chris

          Steady on now, lads, I,m a EURo guy and what is happening there sickens me too. Plenty of people in Euroland feel the same. All is not lost yet. But we can expect serious violence on the streets of European cities in the next few years. US citizens shouldn't feel too smug – take a look at Detroit, it ain't a pretty picture.

    • Oleg

      Well the factor that is going to bring both the multicult and the Islamisization to an end is what we are already witnessing in Greece, the collapse of the European welfare state. Without generous government handouts to the cultural elites and the Islamist firebrands from the public treasury both will starve to death and rot away as will the failed experiment known as the E.U. Norway will take a little longer since the state has harnessed the energy industry towards maintaining itself but it too will fail eventually.

  • maturin20

    The Norwegians do have a good point, much as we would loathe to have you back. To carpetbag from country to country only to sample their vices and then get thrown out when you have insulted everyone and taken their money is odious.

    • FriendofGaryCooper

      Under the circumstances. Bawer is doing the honorable thing–he's the brave coast-watcher, telling an often apathetic, and sometimes hostile world, about the death of Norway, and the death of Europe.

      • maturin20

        I love these noble rationalizations of blogging.

    • ebonystone


      The real carpet-baggers in Norway (and Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, etc., etc.) are the Moslems, who are busy insulting everyone and taking their money. They demand special privileges and special legal arrangements, take vast amounts of the public dole, and fill the prisons, yet feel free to violate all the social norms of their host countries.
      Is Bawer claiming exemption from Norwegian law? Is he demanding special privileges for himself and his fellow american ex-pats? I think not.
      How many Americans are in Norwegian jails? How many are on the Norwegian dole?
      How many Moslems?

      • maturin20

        I'm sorry. I don't share this inability to discuss one slimy freeloader without also having to discuss all Muslims.

      • FNord

        Well, Bawer worked for the HRS society wich is funded by the norwegian state to the tune of about 400000 dollars a year. Pretty funny to be paid by the fascist state you seem to hate..

  • Cecilie

    "Carpetbag"? "Taken their money"???? Here is a man who first settled in the Netherlands because he had a romantic dream about the place, but was hounded out by muslim attacks on him and his partner. Then he went to Norway because he was under the strange illusion that the Norwegians were more freedom-loving ( or something) only to find himself in a politically correct hellhole, facing death threats every time he writes the truth. I think Bawer supports himself through his writing, no? Which is more than we can say about the parasites sucking the Norwegian state dry; those who call themselves "refugees" and "displaced".

    • Anthony

      “Muslim attacks on him and his partner”? “Partner” meaning he is an ex- police officer – a cowboy?

    • maturin20

      Haven't we all had romantic dreams about Holland? Who hasn't spent hours planning the move, shopping for houseboats on the Wadden Sea, practicing Calvinism in the attic away from prying ears? But some of us mature and embrace the real challenges of living in the chainsaw horror movie that is the modern world, instead of dancing across the water to make a living as an insult comic.

      • No dhimmi fool

        You sound retarded.

  • John

    The link between the hard left and the hard right is that they are both about the leadership self empowering itself. Just two different arguments for the same totalitarian outcome.

  • Jim

    The Swedish government stood by while the Muslim Imams in Malmo Sweden badgered the Jews from the town.
    A while later after much criticism for the Governments refusal to put a stop to Islamic terror it paid the Jews a small stipend.
    Neither Sweden, Norway or Finland give a good impression of social democracy. Non provide protection for their citizens from Islamic terrorism. They go even further. They actively persecute those who speak the truth about the terrorism.
    the governments of these countries should be condemned as racist and boycotted.

  • Frank Dahl

    I am ashamed of Norways cultural elites ;They are weak and brainwashed.They can't see the danger that is staring right at them.The violent and aggressive nature of Islam is so obvious.Robert Spencer just reports the facts of Jihad and stealth jihad;80% of the terror trials in the U.S. are due to Islamic terrorists.The majority of Muslim people ,who are not inclined to terroristic acts are afraid of the minority who either want to commit terror or stealth jihad.Just study Sharia law and see how brutal it is.I was born in Norway when Quisling came to power;there was a courageous underground who fought against him and the nazis. It is time for that courageous spirit to rise up again in Norway and face up to the truth and do something about it.

    • Chickie

      Sadly they can see the danger.
      They are blind to the end reality .They believe they can be allies,equals and retain their country.
      The know of the antisemitism ,violence and brutal rapes.It is collateral damge to them.A few mishaps for the greater good.
      They feed on the $,lies and self assured superiority of their group.Just as US Liberals do.

      As they are being crushed into oblivion .

  • Christian West

    I think there is something both logically and morally incoherent for a person to live among people he despises. So i will say to Bruce Bawer what I say to muhammedan colonizers of Norway; get the hell out of our country!
    Of course, I don't fool myself believing that Bruce Bawer has dignity required to leave a safe and comfortable place where a homosexual activist is not just tolerated but protected even celebrated.
    Self-hatred is all the rage in Norway and those who follow the chic are either multikulti leftist cretins denigrating everything Norwegian or Christian while going into raptures over every islamic idiocy, or masochists perversely enjoying hearing how worthless, cowardly and doomed they are for not resisting islamic colonization. It is the latter group that swallows enthusiastically every abuse B. Bawer is hurling their way. Instead of being ignored or, even better, told to leave, they buy his vomit thus assuring he will produce some more of the kind.

    I remember B. Bruce book "When Europe Slept" where he fashion himself as some kind of Cassandra warning against islam's inevitable overtake of Europe. Except that when "Europe slept" , Bruce Bawer in his capacity of homosexual activist, slept around and was very busy pushing his gospel of hate against anyone who opposed the lie of moral neutrality, or equivalence of homo and hetero sexuality. He contributed immensely to the cult of tolerance, which terrorized so many into tolerating also the anti-westernism of moslems. He is one of those who weakened and still weakens the fabric of our values – a weakness the mohammedan mob exploits quite efficiently.
    It took Bruce Bawer to have his ass kicked by homo hating moslems while looking for a “piece of action" in Amsterdam to suddenly find his tongue. Had moslems been indifferent to his perversion, he would have never given a damn what fate they prepare for Europe. He should have decency to, if not admitting his role in the disaster that befell the West, to at least shut up.
    What a disgusting hypocritical creep.

    • Christian West

      It is: "Instead of being ignored or, even better, told to leave,…"
      it should be:
      "Instead of ignoring him or telling him to leave…"

  • http://Wrappedup Sobieski

    It is good that Bruce speaks out. Apparently Norwegians are so wrapped up in the multicultural delusion that someone else has to do the job of brave people missing there.

  • Ray Olson

    Sorry, Christian West. I know Bruce Bawer, and he is very definitely not disgusting, not hypocritical, and not a creep. Your ad hominem rant is just ranting. Refute his criticisms of the Norwegian ruling elite, if you can.

    • Christian West

      I would like to but my reply are very quickly removed.

  • RUI

    I think it was Debbie Schlussel who put it the best possible way: "stick a fork in it, Norway. You're done!"

  • Jakareh

    Just as Bruce Bawer, a foreigner, seems to have more insight on Norway than do the true-blood Norwegians, perhaps I, as an immigrant to these shores, can see some things about the U.S. that most Americans are missing. And the main one is this: when it comes to political correctness, especially concerning Islam and Muslim immigration, the U.S. is not fundamentally different from Norway or the rest of Europe; to believe otherwise is a dangerous delusion. Somali "refugees" are still flooding into this country, as are Pakistanis, Afghans, and so many others who flee societies ruled by Shariah and then seek to establish Shariah here. The Ground Zero Mosque has the support of local, state, and federal governments. Law enforcement training can no longer mention the word "Jihad". And so it goes, ad nauseam. The difference between the U.S. and Norway is not one of substance but of chronology. Our Nordic friends are 10, or at the most 20, years ahead of us.