Muslim Congressman Supports Madrassas

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote here about a recent piece in the Nation, “Fear and Loathing of Islam,” in which one Moustafa Bayoumi argued that the overwhelming majority of American Muslims are just ordinary people who want to live ordinary lives, and that any doubts about their loyalties, concerns about their potential radicalization, or official efforts to investigate the ideas spread in their mosques and other gathering places are nothing but manifestations of a poisonous and ignorant Islamophobia.  The key word throughout Bayoumi’s article was “ordinary”: out of all the Muslims in America, only a few dozen – those, that is, who have been talked into joining terrorist groups – are a legitimate cause for worry; the rest, in all the ways that matter, are more or less just like the rest of us, and – most important – share our love of American and our devotion to its constitutional values.

First of all, there is ample reason to question Bayoumi’s very low estimate of the number of domestic Muslim terrorists and would-be terrorists in the U.S.  Reading recent news reports from Britain, about the arrest of six men (including a Muslim convert and a former police community support officer) who had been plotting a terror attack in that country, and from Norway, about a former member of the radical-left group Blitz who converted to Islam after marrying the daughter of a North African diplomat and has since been prepared by al-Qaeda to carry out a terrorist attack involving an American passenger plane, one cannot help suspecting that these men, and others like them who, over the years, happen to have been detected and arrested by the authorities in their respective countries, are only the tip of a very large and menacing iceberg.

In any case, as I argued in my earlier article, the more serious jihadist threat, in America and throughout the West, is not terrorism – which, after all, usually proves to be counterproductive, in that it reminds infidels of the ever-present danger of triumphalist Islamic ideology – but rather the phenomenon that has been described as “soft” or “stealth” jihad.

Meet André Carson.  When people like Bayoumi write articles designed to convince the rest of us that American Muslims are overwhelmingly moderate, successfully integrated, and thoroughly harmless, it is standard practice for them to point to the high proportion of American Muslims who are respected doctors, prosperous businessmen, and the like – the premise being that well-to-do professionals can’t also be terrorists, a ridiculous notion which (even in the wake of the involvement of Muslim physicians in the attempted 2007 car bombings in London and the attack at Glasgow Airport the same year) somehow continues to be taken seriously.

On the face of it, Carson would seem to be the epitome of this kind of exemplary American Muslim.  The grandson of an Indiana congresswoman, he earned degrees in in Criminal Justice Management and Business Management, worked as an investigator for the Indiana State Excise Police, led anti-terrorism efforts under the auspices of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, then became a marketing specialist for an architectural and engineering firm in Indianapolis.  In 2008, after a stint in local politics, he was chosen in a special election to succeed his recently deceased grandmother in the House of Representatives.  And, yes, he is a Muslim – one of two currently serving in Congress, the other one, of course, being Minnesota’s Keith Ellison.  After his first election to the House, Carson served-up a self-description that perfectly articulated the ordinary-Muslim mantra: “I’m a proud Hoosier….I’m an Indy 500 Hoosier, I’m a Covered Bridge Festival Hoosier, I’m a Black Expo Hoosier, I’m a state fair Hoosier. I just happen to be a Hoosier of the Muslim faith.”

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  • Jim

    A madras is a cruel institution for Muslim students. It's a grand adventure in boredom

    We used to get the students from such schools and had to get them to kick start their brains so they could enjoy math,science and thinking just for fun.

  • oldtimer

    How can blacks support a religion(islam) that hates blacks and were and still are slave traders? I fail to understand this and how a person like this could be voted into government. As for Islam, loathing of , yes, fear of , no. They want us to fear them. Stand against anything that goes against our principles and ideology, and the Constitution.

    • jacob

      I have nothing to wonder about, as NINETY EIGHT PERCENT OF THEM electing OBAMA speaks volumes
      about them and before anyone rightfully throws it to my face, what about 80% of Jews doing the same ???

      The first case is justified but what justification exists for the second ????
      Perhaps that all this 80% are genetically DEMOCRAPS……!!!!

    • PhillipGaley

      As in the talk of many Moslems, as in their claimed love of death, in severe child-abuse, inculcation of suicide, in sloshing acid onto girls faces, for refusal of sexual advances, for institutionalized sensuality, as can be seen in their butchery of their own family members for pretended offences, and much more of mayhem, just maybe, Islam is not nearly so much a religion as a criminal ideology, . . .

  • RonaldCarnine

    I wonder if in the Islamic school they teach what the Declaration of Independence and Constitution mean and how these are to be implemented into our society. George Washington told a group of Jews who had contributed greatly to the American Revolution that a good citizen of the US was one who loved our founding documents and who put them into practice. If anyone tries to implement Sharia law on this land they are not a good citizen and should move out of our borders. I wonder what Washington would say if he were able to see what is happening today.

  • Sage on the Stage

    I am willing to believe that the number of violent jihadists, among the American Muslim community, is a small
    percentage of the Muslim community; perhaps 1–2% of the total. But as the article says, stealth jihad is by far the greater threat to American freedom, than the violent jihadists.This is because stealth jihad creates the conditions in which violent jihad is supported. The building of giant mosques out of all proportion to the actual number of local Muslim families is a case in point; since they strengthen Sharia law, with its hatred of non-believers. Giant mosques, with their attendant madrassas, are breeding grounds for stealth jihad, and violent jihad. They must be stopped.

    • PhillipGaley

      If say, 2% of Moslems are of the terrorist type, what percentage of Moslems would you suppose, are of the quiescent terrorist enabler type—say, 3%?

  • jacob

    Whether the "moderator"lkes or not, I will write once more what YOSHIRO SAGAMORI, a columnist years
    ago for the JERUSALEM POST once stated :
    And at riksk of sounding likme a broken record, would somebody tell me were JIHADISTS all those dancing
    and giving out candy in the streets of QUEENS, New York, while people were jumping to their deaths from
    the WTC windows in the 9/11 horror ????????

    Is this pegs me as ISLAMOPHOBIC, so be it…

    • Lan Astaslem

      You're not an islamophobe my friend. You are islamosavvy – you are onto the monsters. Let's hope enough people become as savvy before it's too late. Once these parasites reach a high enough percentage in a host country, they agitate and make trouble. Just look at many parts of Europe and our own cesspool, Dearbornistan.

    • Drakken

      I am not islamophobic, I am islamonauseus ! To the back teeth!

    • Not A Moron

      no, it doesn't peg you as islamophobic. I am sure you have been all sorts of racist your whole life. get a clue.

  • jacob

    The Muslims in our midst are using our laws and institutions to spun the rope with which they will hang all
    of us but we are too stupid or worse yet, too "Political Correct" to do a damned thing about it

    • Drakken

      Those times are a changing my friend and when we in theWest are pushed to the wall, which we are getting too, watch out for our vengeance the muslims will remember for a thousand years.

  • jacob

    Re, the Murfreesboro, Tennessee mega mosque :

    Is it legal that while the local building authority ordered the construction stopped, it continues under the
    pretense the order is being appealed in court????

    So, if it takes months for the court to decide, ir means that the town will be faced with a "fait accompli" ??

    Is this asinine or what ???????

    • Joey

      HOLY cow this site is ridiculous… why not just fly a confederate flag on the mast-head??? Sanity has left the building. have fun with your slow decent into madness.

  • htMac

    IMHO when a so-called US representative begins vocalizing like this due is, they should be removed from office immediately! He says "our" schools. He does not mean yours and my schools, he means his schools (meaning Islam. As far as I am concerned this dude needs to be removed from office asap because he is representing a view that is foreign to OUR country, constitution and bill of rights. Don't even bother with impeachment proceedings, just fire the dude and throw home out for good!
    These co-called 'American Muslims' need to realize they can have their religious believes (as most all of us do) BUT they cannot and should not bring that to the Republic! Am I missing something here?

    • Joey

      Yes, you are….. Facts.

  • Schlomotion

    Congressman supports Midrashas:


    Congressman accepts money from Midrashas:


  • joespenthouse

    If carson worked for anti terrorist company it was to gather information to be used by the terrorist and against the USA,I have said it many times and i will continue to say it. There is not a muslim or islamist in this country who would give his life for an American if his life depended on it,they mulims or rag heads as our troops call them can not be trusted no matter what,if your neighbor is a muslim watch your back.Learn what you can about islamic terrorist and the muslim brotherhood and their belief that the new world order will have all peoples on earth praising allah and sharia will be the worlds law,before you criticize get the facts.

  • davarino

    It wouldnt suprise me if Grover Norquist was a supporter as well.

  • Ghostwriter

    From what I've heard of madrassas,they're not pleasant places. When will people like Rep. Carson and Schlomind wake up to the fact that most Americans don't want that sort of stuff in this country?