No Freedom of Speech for Norwegian Public Workers

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Sure enough, guess what happened when Dannevig confronted the AHW speakers with their factual errors?  Exactly!  He was called a racist.  One of the “experts” who had been invited to Oslo to spread his Afrocentric hogwash told Dannevig that “it was because of people like me that Europeans commit mass murder wherever they go in the world.”  What was frightening, wrote Dannevig, was that this thoroughly disgusting statement – an expression of pure racism – won applause from about half the people in the audience.

Dannevig proposed in his article that the funders of AHW re-evaluate their support for this charade – for, as he quite properly pointed out, twisted history of this sort can be truly dangerous.  Afrocentrism removes from the shoulders of Africans any responsibility for their own lives.  It represents them as nothing more or less than the passive victims of outsiders.  Instead of inspiring them to make an effort to change their poor mess of a continent for the better, it encourages them to cultivate, exploit, and wallow in an image of themselves as eternally helpless, eternally exploited, eternally suffering – and eternally impotent to do anything about any of it.

Dannevig’s piece was a worthy response to an ignoble project.  But he paid a price for writing it.

At the time it appeared, you see, he was employed as a consultant for the municipality of Oslo – specifically, for an agency dealing with diversity and integration.  On June 7, he returned to the pages of Aftenposten to describe what happened as a result of his burst of public honesty.  In a piece headlined “Silenced by the city government,” he noted wryly that, despite the declaration by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg after the massacres of July 22 last year that Norway would respond to its new circumstances with even more openness and democracy, the Norwegian state is in fact a “closed culture without real freedom of expression.”  The city of Oslo “opposes and punishes employees who take part in public debate.”  As a consequence of his piece on AHW, Dannevig was punished with “powerful sanctions.”  His superiors considered demoting him.  They removed many of his major responsibilities because they didn’t trust him anymore.

When Dannevig reminded his boss that he had freedom of speech, he was told that in Oslo’s city government, freedom of speech takes a back seat to loyalty to one’s employer.  It wasn’t just Dannevig’s own boss who felt this way: when he asked another highly placed municipal official for his opinion, the latter “confirmed that he would have given me a very rough time of it if he were my boss.”  Dannevig pointed out in his article that if everyone working for the Norwegian government is, indeed, under an official obligation not to speak out on issues, that means that “over 30 percent of Norway’s employed population lacks real freedom of speech.”

In conversations with Dannevig, his higher-ups made his situation crystal clear, explaining to him that if he should speak out again in the media, he’d lose his job.  “I could be fired, then, for writing these words now,” noted Dannevig in his June 7 article.  “Instead, I hereby resign my position in order to regain my full freedom of expression.”

Fortunately, Dannevig has found another job.  I hope he prospers and is able to continue to speak out about the politically correct poppycock that passes in these parts for intercultural enlightenment.  In the meantime, needless to say, Brother Buntu and the other fourflushers behind Afrikan History Week are doubtless moving from strength to strength, planning even more cavalcades of disinformation with which to bamboozle the guilt-ridden natives.

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  • Nick Shaw

    This is so unbelievable!
    Oh wait, no it's not.
    It's Norway.
    Where Zero is considered worthy of a Peace Prize.
    Now that I think of it, it's quite predictable.

    • Ken

      Coould not have said it better!!

  • Chezwick

    How did the Sphinx lose its face?

    Simple: Muslims fulfilled the dictum of their creed that no work of art should replicate Allah's handiwork.

    Blame it on Rio.

  • JasonPappas

    The slave trade was started by Arabs 600 years before Europeans came to Africa. And, yes, Africans sold their own to Arabs and then to Europeans.

    Fortunately, the Internet will help open minded Norwegians find the truth and expose the feeble efforts of their government's propaganda.

  • MikeWood

    Another aspect of this ridiculous distortion of history is that is nourishes a demonisation of Europeans and (white) people. This is generally a prelude to things far worse.

    • Drakken

      Oh it is coming and when it does that white European is going to bring forth that old gene of conquest and the fools that opened that pandoras box will rue the day they did.

      • Johnny Whiteman

        dig it

  • Indioviejo

    African Studies, Women Studies, Latino Studies is a bunch of delusional crap were self endulging Adolescents go to waste taxpayer money and their parents savings. They slave trade has been Universal. They Mayas, The Aztecs and The Incas had slaves, some were for human sacrifice and some for comsumption. The Romans, The Greeks and the Persians, The Chinese, you name the people and they had slaves. Are Norwegians stupid or are they in an Orwellian Black hole with no possibility of a return to freedom?

    • mlcblog

      orwellian black hole

  • Schlomotion

    I agree with Kristoffer Dannevig, especially his statement:

    "In today's global village none of us should need to show our cultural superiority by referring to centuries-old history. We have seen glaring examples of how twisted storytelling has previously been used in nationalism, racism and oppression – in Europe, Africa and elsewhere."

    I think Jews and Palestinians would take a good lesson from this too.

    • Drakken

      Well Sparky you can thank us White Europeans for the 21st century and all that you enjoy and your welcome.

      • wctaqiyya

        So, we can blame the whole, entire 12 years of the 21st century on the White Europeans? OK, I guess if you say so. Only, I kinda had some other ideas. But, if you insist….

        • Drakken

          Oh I am sorry, I forgot to include the last 500 years, my bad.

          • Johnny Whiteman

            I would take it all the way back to Socrates

    • truebearing

      And I'll bet you especially opposed to the Left showing its perfect track record of failure. It's hard to recruit new suckers when your incessant blather about utopia is shackled to your history of democide. Nothing rains on a Marxist parade like the truth about the mass murdering past of the Left….or the Muslims, for that matter.

      • Schlomotion

        That was pretty fancy, but I never endorsed the left, said anything about Utopia, or advocated democide. I also didn't advocate Marx or say Islam was great. Why don't you talk to someone who is actually here?

        • Zionista

          your silence on muslim atrocities happening all around the globe (you might not get the latest info in your cell) speaks volumes – for a guy who loves to rant, you sure use selective outrage on this site, and the regulars know that

          • Schlomotion

            I always love when a Zionist tries to say what silence is "really saying."

    • Drakken

      Our Western Civilization and culture ARE vastly superior to anything that crawls out of the 3rd world, self hating, self loathing goofy liberal, appeazers are a blight upon humanity and make things much more bloody than needed to be.

      • wctaqiyya

        Yes, but you see that's just the problem. Those goofy liberal appeasers have been in charge for a long time and are still in charge. That's why the west is not superior and is falling to the energetic barbarians. A culture that kills 50 million unborn babies, grants 'marriage' rights to homosexuals and extra special treatment for certain other groups because of their skin color or gender is a culture ready to fail. Your desire to remain superior is laudable, but misplaced. That ship has sailed.

  • Alvaro

    This AHW seems to be inspired by delusional and racist Black Studies in the USA. This is the first time I have seen it in Norway, so this idiocy from the alliance of black racists and left-wing radicals is in all probability imported from across the pond. But giving these people financial support with the money of tax payers is inexcusable.

    Dannevig was scolded for having signed his honest piece as an employee of Oslo kommune (municipality). That may have been a point if the municipality did not want to get involved in politics, but on the other hand they are obvious in their financial support of anti-European hate speech.

  • wctaqiyya

    Norwegian Wood is a great song by the Beatles. But, now it refers to the material filling the space in between their ears. Sorry, no great wisdom this time folks.

  • Drakken

    If the Nords keep this up you are going to see more than a few Brieveks on steroids.

    • Schlomotion

      I am sure Peder Jensen eagerly agrees with you.

  • violencegainstwhites

    The Sphynx probably lost its nose because a Muslim chopped it off after it cheated on him. They do it to their wives, why not their Sphynxs?

  • Steve

    Doesnt matter who started the slace trade since it was Europeans that extended it. Europe raped Africa. That is a known fact.

    Funny how people can have uneducated opinions and claim they are accurate. Its also difficult to hear whites talk about the motivation of blacks when they have never experienced it.

    • wctaqiyya

      Well Steve, it kind of does matter. But for the fact that Arab Muslim slave caravans traveled into the interior of Africa, the black African slaves would not have been delivered to the slave ports. And, without the payments made by those Arab slavers to the various African tribes to attack one another and capture slaves, those caravans would have been empty. In addition, it also matters that Black African converts to Islam took over the slave trade from the Arabs. So, yes, it does matter. It matters not because it absolves the Europeans of responsibility for their part in the slave business. No, it matters because the complete picture of historical facts makes understanding the past possible. Otherwise, you wind up having people believing in fairy tales. For example, that Obama is the son of a victim of European colonialism. Instead of being the direct descendant of a long line of Black African Muslim slave traders. And, since slavery is still an active business in East Africa, Obama's slave trading roots are fresh. Unlike the long dead links to slavery ANY White European may have. So you see, facts matter and in the realm of your fantasy land, they are imperative. So pay attention. As for the rape of Africa, just who do you suppose is doing the raping now? Have you studied the happiness of Zimbabwe, Angola, South Africa, Congo, Ivory Coast, Liberia and elsewhere? These countries have all been liberated from colonialism. Some of them for a very long time. And yet, they fester in darkness, civil war, poverty and disease. Should we still blame the Whites? If so, for how long?

      As for motivations, it may interest you to consider that by continuing to blame others for their plight, as you seem to be doing, the Black Africans are not helping themselves overcome their past and move into a better future. They seem to be stuck on stupid. It must be that 'blame-whitey' disease going around. I think Obama caught that bug too.