Normalizing the Kingston Honor Killings

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Last month, after the Costa Concordia fiasco in Livorno, Gregoria De Falco – the port official who ordered the cartoonishly cowardly captain, Francesco Schettino, to get back on his ship and aid in the rescue effort – became an instant hero.  But De Falco’s wife dissented, saying it was “ridiculous” to call her husband a hero.  “The worrying thing,” she said, “is that people like my husband who simply do their duty every day, immediately become idols, personalities, heroes in this country. That is not normal.”

Wise lady.  But it’s not only in Italy, these days, that some people are awed when others simply do their duty.  Take last Sunday’s guilty verdicts in the Kingston, Ontario, honor-killing case.  On June 30, 2009, as Stephen Brown recounted here the other day, three teenage sisters and their father’s first wife were found dead in a car in the Rideau Canal.  Three weeks later, police arrested the girls’ father, Afghani-born real-estate tycoon Mohammad Shafia, their mother, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, and their brother, Hamed.  All three have now been handed 25-year prison sentences for first-degree murder.

You didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to crack this case.  Far from it.  The perpetrators’ alibis were monumentally feeble, the motives transparent, the evidence ludicrously incriminating.  On the family computer, someone had Googled “where to commit a murder” and “Can a prisoner have control over his real estate.” On wiretaps recorded after the murders, the father was heard boasting of his sense of honor, calling his dead daughters “filthy and rotten children” and saying “may the devil shit on their graves.”

Yet after the verdict, commentaries hailed the judge and jurors as courageous.  How depressing that it should be considered courageous to send such people to prison!  “Experts in so-called honour killings,” wrote Monique Muise in the Montreal Gazette, “heralded the verdict as a step forward; a clear message that neither Canada’s courts nor its people will tolerate this type of crime.” How depressing that a free country needs to send a message that it’s unacceptable to kill your children!

There are other depressing aspects to the case.  Even to breathe the words “honor killing” in connection with such a crime nowadays is to invite a lecture by multiculturalists to the effect that the very term is racist.  “Murder is murder,” they’ll insist; “non-Muslims kill their loved ones, too.” Readers of an article on the CBC website about the Shafia case felt compelled to protest that “we [Canadians are not] superior to any culture when it comes to how we treat children” and that “we shouldn’t make negative comments about immigrant’s [sic] practices when domestic violence is rampant amongst those who are Canadian born.”

This was basically the line Alia Hogben, executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, fed to Muise.  “I’m frustrated and fed up with the kind of emphasis and time that’s been spent calling it an honour killing,” Hogben said.  “The media attention in particular has been very much on this being something exotic, something foreign, as opposed to the fact that this was the murder of four women in Canada,” she said. “I think it was because that separated us from them. People want to believe it’s other people doing this. Canadians don’t do this.”

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  • guest

    First of all they are Not Canadians. Maybe they took citzenship so you would fly them out of war torn places. They are 100% islam. They are fanatical killers when offended, and can be offended by non islamic people in their midst. When their numbers permit, they will take care of that. This is an enemy from within ever growing in numbers.
    You cannot integrate these people. You can only send them back before its too late.

    • Coupal

      The Shafias did NOT have Canadian citizenship. They were here as legal residents only. Muhammed Shafia came to Canada under a plan that permitted investors to come here and bring their families if they invested a sizable amount of money in Canada. Shafia himself bought a strip mall in Montreal (not sure where, but that takes big bucks.) and was in the process of building a large "mansion" on the South Shore directly south of Montreal.

      You are right that many of them will not ever integrate, nor do they want to, however it is important to remember that the teenage Shafia girls were killed PRECISELY BECAUSE they were integrating.

  • kafir

    I have to side with the muslims on this one. If they want to kill their women, who are we to stop them? If they want to kill a muslim who is not exactly the right kind of muslim, or not quite muslim enough, it's within their rights to eliminate the danger. I fully support the premise that every muslim should kill one bad muslim a day (the muslim can determine if the muslim is "bad"). So many of the worlds problems would vanish within weeks. We should be supporting these families. Sounds to me like their daughters were actually just whores, and deserved what they got.

    • Martin Koschuttnig

      Mooslims have been killing each other since the day MoHAMmel became wormfood. It did not solve the problem.

      • guest

        mohamed was a pretty good murderer himself – and a pedophile

        • randy

          Just like the catholic pediphile church.

          • Ghostwriter

            I don't remember the Catholic Church ever saying that it's all right to kill your daughters. I don't believe that every Catholic priest was a pedophile but far too many in the Church's leadership should have punished those responsible for child abuse instead of just shuffling them off to another parish.
            Please randy,stop with your idiotic rantings before you make yourself look more foolish than you already are.

          • pennswoods

            There is nothing in the theology of the Catholic Church that promotes sex with children or the killing of a spouse of other female relative in the name of some evil concept of "honor killing". The fact that a small % of priest's broke their holy vows and that several bishops broke broke moral and civil law by protecting them does not condemn the Christian Gospels in any way as condoning such things. Those priests who abused children should be in jail and so should any bishop who went out of his way to cover up for them. The Koran on the other hand, and Islamic Law of Sharia in particular, atcually PROMOTES such behavior. Canadians better fasten theirs seat belts as this sort of thing is gong to happen more and more. Isn't multiculturalism great?

    • Coupal

      "Sounds to me like their daughters were actually just whores, and deserved what they got." You make me sick. With a comment like that, you are as misogynistic as Muhammed Shafia himself. In fact, I don't see much difference. You sound JUST LIKE HIM! Are you muslim too???

    • GrungyOldVan

      "Sounds to me like their daughters were actually just whores, and deserved what they got. "

      were they? or were they just normal girls that got caught up in the Progressive lifestyle through no real fault of their own as children being inundated with Progressive ideals..

      you should get what you deserve for wishing children dead for being children.. idiot..

      btw.. Eff islam

  • KKKK

    "honor killings" are NOT honorable in any way; they are a disgrace to the murders, especially if the girl is a totally inoccent rape victim, but even otherwise. it is amoral to kill anyone, especially for something they didn't do or wasn' their fault.

  • BS77

    It's the idiotic PC immigration agenda……how stupid can we be? All the 9/11 terrorists were given the red carpet to the USA…….why are we so foolish?

  • RoguePatriot6

    Normalizing evil has been par for the course for quite awhile now. This is nothing new. I would, though, have to commend the Canadian authorities for not bending to the pressure from the PC world police that's run out of controll in our's and their society as a nation. (cont'd)

  • RoguePatriot6

    As far as the criticism for calling these murders "honor killings" it's just typical for the Islamist's to do this. You saw the same thing happen with the murders at Fort Hood. The PC Protection police in our nation silenced the truth by officially calling the murders at Ft Hood, "Workplace related violence". Truly dispicable!!! The argument is that Christians have murdered people too. However true that is they didn't conduct these murders while chanting "God is great". Nor was their belief in Christ the basis for their actions. Even if there was a great deal of truth to the argument, the people who perpetrated these murders in the name of Christianity would be violating everything that Christ actually taught and stood for. Yet, in the case of Islamists, they would be complying with everything that Muhammad had taught and commanded them to do. You don't believe me? Pick up the Koran and read it or read the Hadith.

    • randy

      Look at all the native americans killed by the christians who were stealing thier land.

      • Ghostwriter

        randy,you're still acting like an idiot.

        • Western Canadian

          It is no act.

      • Sage on the Stage

        Yes, there were Christians in 19th Century who killed native Americans. But the point is, they weren't commanded to do so by Christ.(As Mohammed commanded his followers to do) In addition, those 19th Century killings weren't committed, so that we, today, should ignore these ghastly "honor killings." We can't do anything about the abuses of the 19th century But we CAN shine the light of day on these hideous 'honor killings." And we must.

        • randy

          Banning all christian religions would be a start

          • Western Canadian

            No, banning hate mongering lunatics like you might be, but it is better to have you running off at the mouth, demonstrating time and time again that you are an ignorat moron,with no stubstance and with no substance to your sick, hate filled and ignorant posts.

          • guido

            backing you on that one, Western Canadian, and i am Italian!

        • pennswoods

          Christian missionaries also built schools, hospitals, and did their best to protect and help the Native Americans. Today in Canada and the USA the NA's receive special benefits and privilidges to make up for any past persecution and discrimination. That's what makes our culture diffrent from Islamic ones. Our Judeo-Christians roots gives us a conscious for things we may have done wrong in the past and try to make restitution. That is a concept totally foreign to the Koran and Islamic culture.

          • randy

            There was lots of abuse of native kids by christians at the residential schools. The sorry state of the reserves that were set up by the government, were set up to fail. The special benefits pale to the mineral wealth that is being stolen from natives.

      • GrungyOldVan

        Look at all the Indians killed and slaved by other indians.. not to mention the blacks enslaved by indians..

        indians are not special

  • Guest

    You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

    Honor killing is just a part of the black heart of Islam.

    • ebonystone

      But unfortunately you can fool enough of the people enough of the time: that's how Bush-1, Clinton, Bush-2, and Obama got elected.

  • aishe

    When a Canadian kill his wife he didn´t have the ok from his family and is not a hero for the rest of the family.Honour killing by Muslims is totally different-mostly the whole family discusses if the killing is ok and they say all yes.In germany they send mostly the youngest boy for killing because if you are not 18(or 21)you can´t became more than 10 years jail!

  • NorthernThoughts

    Correction to the article. They aren't 25 year-year sentences. The Shafias were given LIFE with the possibility of parole in 25 years. There's a big difference.

    • GrungyOldVan

      they also get the 'feint hope' clause..

      • Western Canadian

        No, the faint hope clause was abolished by harper et al. Try to keep up with subjects you want to comment on.

    • ebonystone

      But does the sentence really mean 25 years before a chance of parole? In the U.S. most (maybe all) states have laws that a criminal first becomes eligible for parole after serving 1/3 of his sentence, or 10 (or, depending on the state, 11 or 12) years, whichever comes first. So that by sentencing someone to a minimum of 25 years, the judge is basically just sending a message to a future parole board about the heinousness of the crime, not definitively imposing a 25 year sentence.

  • Ghostwriter

    Too bad Canada doesn't have the death penalty. The Shafias sound to me like prime candidates for it.

    • randy

      And all the priests that abused the native kids in the residential schools.

      • Boo

        Those priests weren't acting in accordance with Christianity. Mohammed married a 6 year old, that is why Islam is full of child sex abuse. You're ignorant.

      • Ghostwriter

        randy,why are you so determined to embarrass yourself like this? You sound like a broken record. Please stop it before you embarrass yourself even further than you already have.

  • stuart Parsona

    Muhammad, according to Islam, is the perfect example for all to follow and he killed all who spoke out against him and his disgusting 'religion'

  • ahamad

    Only muslims can defend their 'honor' by kiling

  • pennswoods

    Seeing the beautiful faces of these young girls and their mother in the photos at the top of this article and realizing that an evil cult was the inspiration for their terrible deaths makes me cry.

  • GrungyOldVan

    the fact is, this was at it's base, an APOSTATE mass murder..

    this is the correct term.. apostate killing..

    spread the word

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Doesn't it just warm your heart that the vast majority of Muslims according to the
    media are not like these murderers. Not having any faith in the media and knowing
    what I know about Islam I can say without any reservation I do not want them
    anywhere around me, my family, community, State or Nation. Only those who
    are being paid could encourage their presence with and exception, the
    exception being homicidal maniacs with a death wish for others.

    They were sentenced to 25 years to life, it should have been one sentence
    for each murder and then they should run consecutively for each offender.
    The death sentence is what justice calls for in this case…………….William

  • Brujo Blanco

    Honor killings are only one facet of the evil practices of Islam. This religion is rife with violence. This cannot be accepted in any country.

  • Anamah

    The toxic Islam can not survive the light on their malignancy.

  • PAthena

    Have the self-designated "feminists" said anything about this dishonor killing or the treatment of women by Mohammedans? Or is the "oppression of women" in Canada by "society" (half of whom are women) much more terrible?

  • BS77

    One longs for the day when this hideous ideology is completely forgotten……………..

  • ebonystone

    Sharia = Shafia

  • Peter Johnston

    Thanks Bruce for your persistant efforts to inform Canadians on the islamist threat. I just happened on the u tube video of Ari Lewis and Hirsi Ali. Hirsi Ali while maintaining her dignity and calm despatched with Lewis. She gave us a great line that applies to all of his ilk. You grew up with freedom, you can spit on freedom.His response, that trademark humourless non-smile /chuckle of his with a quick shift leftwards to his next prepared talking point.
    Michelle McQuigge with Lewis and other poorly informed folks in the media ought to take a closer look at muslim spokesmen such as Soharwardy and ask themselves how come we see no evidence of outrage and certainly no sorrow. He clearly wishes to obscure the ugly honour-killing of Rona,Zainab,Sahar and Geeti by calling it domestic abuse.

    Puc Saskatchewan

  • Indioviejo

    Chalk up another score for the Satanic Cult.

  • Read more

    Tragic, just horribly tragic. RIP.

  • Blog

    So sad. I wish stuff like this would stop happening in Canada.