Norwegian ‘King’s Medal’ to Go to Radical Anti-Semite

Lately I catch myself saying more and more frequently, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

In Norway there is a royal decoration called the King’s Medal of Merit.  The medal is awarded from time to time to individuals who have served Norwegian society in an outstanding and exemplary way.

In Norway there is also a man who was born with the name Trond Linstad.  He is a physician with a practice in Oslo. In the 1970s he was a prominent member of the Workers’ Communist Party (AKP), a revolutionary Maoist group. He has long been active on behalf of the Palestinians. He worked as a doctor in Palestinian refugee camps. In 1971 he was expelled from Jordan, from which he had been preparing to cross into Israel in the company of armed Palestinian soldiers. From 1977 to 1986 he led the Palestinian Committee of Norway.

It was during this period that Linstad, inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution in Iran, made a momentous decision: he exchanged his ardent Communism for an equally ardent devotion to Shia Islam. He took a new middle name, become Trond Ali Linstad. In 1988, on the anniversary of Khomeini’s death, Linstad gave a speech in his memory, saying that the ayatollah had “shown us the way to go. He reminded us what Islam is!” A defender of Khomeini’s fatwa against Salman Rushdie, Linstad was one of a group of Muslims who sued the Norwegian publisher of The Satanic Verses. To this day, he remains a fervent supporter of the Iranian regime.

And of its execution of homosexuals. And of jihad. And of violence against Israel.  And of Hamas.

In 1987 Linstad founded an “independent Muslim magazine”  called Muslim. And in 2001 he established Norway’s very first Muslim elementary school, Urtehagen Skole, in Grønland, a largely Muslim neighborhood of Oslo. Linstad was everything at the school: principal, chairman of the board, owner of the building. After tensions arose between him and several parents, and the school’s finances turned out to be a shambles, and local authorities issued a devastating report about the way the place was run, it closed its doors in 2004, although Linstad now operates a day-care center and a one-year secondary-level school for Muslim women under the same name and at the same location.

After the September 11 attacks, Linstad suggested that both the U.S. and Israel had known about them beforehand. In 2003 he publicly defended terrorist attacks on Israeli soldiers. In 2005 it was revealed that his wife Karin had worked in the Mossad as a double agent for the Palestinians. In 2008 Linstad translated a letter written by Osama bin Laden and circulated it among the Norwegian media. In 2010, he issued a set of instructions directed at his fellow Norwegian Muslims: since “God is the highest authority,” he wrote, Muslims, while acknowledging the authority of the Norwegian government, “should not adopt ideas or norms…that cannot be reconciled with Islam.” Norway, after all, is taking part, “along with the U.S. and Israel, in the starvation of the people of Gaza,” the U.S. being “a hegemonic power with military bases all over the world” whose “dominance must be opposed.” Therefore, Muslims should “raise the Islamic flag! Build Islamic institutions. Construct Islamic schools, strengthen Islamic day-care centers, and start Islamic youth clubs.” They should avoid fellow Muslims who “collaraborate” and “compromise” with “those in power.” For “Muslims do not believe in liberal democracy, the form of government here [in Norway]….Islam…is revolutionary, and aims for a better world….Islam is the ultimate faith.”

Linstad has also written extensively about Jews: “Be critical of Jews in the world, when it comes to the influence they have, in newspapers and other media, in many political organs, and in contacts and networks that can be found in the places where decisions are made….Beware the Jews! They can speak warmly for a cause, for democracy and human rights…but it can sometimes appear to be a façade that is concealing a deeper involvement that involves “Jewish” interests.”

Yes, you guessed it: kindly Dr. Linstad has been nominated for the King’s Medal of Merit. It was one of his colleagues at Urtehagen Skole, Jan Akerjordet, who put his name forward, suggesting that he should be recognized for having “given immigrants in Oslo a better life.” The county administrator for Oslo and neighboring Akershus, which advises the Palace on such matters, decided that Linstad did indeed deserve the decoration. So did the King’s Medal Council, which makes the final decision in such matters. The medal was scheduled to be presented to Linstad at noon on Tuesday, November 13, at the National Theater by Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang.

Then the news got out.

It is a credit to many ordinary people in Norway that outrage ensued. Lots of it. The Royal Palace, the mayor’s office, the National Theater – all were flooded with complaints. The massive public outcry led Stang to announced on Monday, November 12, that he would not be presenting the medal to Linstad after all. The same day, theater officials declared that they did not want the ceremony taking place on their premises; accordingly, it was rescheduled to take place at Urtehagen Skole on Tuesday at 2 p.m. Tuesday morning’s issue of Aftenposten contained an op-ed by a group of prominent Norwegians from both the political left and right – including officials at the Holocaust Center in Oslo, the Jewish Museum in Oslo, the free-market think tank Civita, and the far-left Anti-Racist Center – begging the King to withhold the medal, and pointing out that under the law he has the power to do so. At 1 p.m., an hour before the scheduled medal presentation, the Royal Palace issued a statement: it was putting a temporary hold on the awarding of the medal to Linstad in order to think the whole thing over. That evening Linstad was ordered to present himself at the Palace next Monday to “explain himself.”

It will be interesting to see what happens. Is the Palace really considering withdrawing the medal on principled grounds? Or is it just waiting to see if the fury dies down? If the award is withdrawn, it will be a first. If not, it will be yet another black mark on the disgraceful recent record of the Norwegian political establishment – and a grim day in the history of the Norwegian monarchy.

  • Chezwick

    Well, well….Norwegian leftists ('Anti-Racist Center') protesting the awarding of a medal to an Islamist. I guess stranger things have happened….but I can't think of one right now.

  • Chezwick

    "JEWISH misbehavior"….as opposed to REGULAR misbehavior. In a phrase, Deshawn has exposed himself as an anti-semite.

    • Deshawn

      I got no problem with real semites (arabs).

      • Chezwick

        Ahhh yes, Arabs are "real semites"….Jews are something different, eh? My God, you're the real thing, Deshawn, a Jew-hater extraordinaire.

        • Mary Sue

          I think he's referring to Ashkenazi (European) Jews which technically aren't "Semites" (probably Japethites), but since the phrase was coined to mean prejudiced against Jews period, his objection is moot.

          • Nehama

            Semitic is a language group not a racial group. Hebrew is a semitic language (a much older one than Arabic, which is the youngest of all the Semitic languages), therefore all Jews are semitic as Hebrew is the language of the Jews, even if not all Jews speak it. The term Anti-Semitic, as is well recorded, was inveted by an Austrian journalist with the declared intention of spinning Jew-hatred to sound "scientific".

          • Mary Sue

            "Semite" in the sense I was using it isn't really a "racial group" either. It refers to which son of Noah a particular set of people are descended from. The Egyptians came from Ham (via Mizraim, Ham's son), for instance.

      • Mary Sue

        Sephardim are real Semites too, deSpawn.

      • Ghostwriter

        Why am I not surprised that one of your posts got deleted? It's filled with the same revolting ant-Jewish claptrap that you love to spew,DeShawn.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah deSpawn is pretty much Schlomotion on crack. He believes the kookiest things (like the ridiculous blood libel which is impossible because Jews aren't allowed to eat blood!)

  • Mary Sue

    wow, communists don't actually care about women's rights or gay rights at all. This medal receiver proves it.

  • Mary Sue

    are you going to drop a load and fly away again like a seagull?

    there's no such thing as Jewish Misbehavior.




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      $100 per barrel oil?

      Happy Eternal Nakba you DUMB SACK of SHlTler!

    • Selmainboca

      Hey deshawn, ya busy? I need someone to clean my cesspool.

    • Chezwick

      Another great myth…like the protocols. Fact is, most of the Bolshevik Jews were exterminated by Stalin's purges.

      Meanwhile, the founder of the Soviet state, Lenin, wasn't a Jew. His successor, Stalin, wasn't a Jew. Molotov wasn't a Jew. Voroshilov wasn't a Jew. Yezhov wasn't a Jew. Beria wasn't a Jew. Khrushchev wasn't a Jew. Malenkov wasn't a Jew. Bulganin wasn't a Jew. Ordzhonakidze wasn't a Jew. Zhdanov wasn't a Jew.

      In fact, the only Jew in Stalin's inner circle was Kaganovich.

      You can't get anything right, can you?

    • Mary Sue

      The Palestinians are the murderous thugs, dude. Jews weren't the slave sellers, the ARABS were. And other blacks. Are you black? What about "black misbehavior"?

      And nice try, I wish I were Jewish but I'm not.

      Chutzpah is reciting known falsehoods and lies and expecting people to believe it, like anything out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or the blood libels. WHAT PART OF THE JEWS ARE FORBIDDEN TO EAT BLOOD DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!

  • Stephen

    Comments above not worthy of so important and well written article by Bruce Bawer.

  • Ar'nun

    Obviously the Monarchy and his staff are all closeted anti-Semites. They had no problem presenting this award until the Public found out and became outraged. I'm sure when Linstad meets with the King on Monday to "explain himself" some form of award or compensation will be granted either openly or secretly and all will continue business as usual either openly hating or secretly hating Jews.

  • rjkatz

    Like all Muslims and Muslim sypathizers your comments reveal your hatred for Jews and you will believe any falsehood that resonates with your fetid point of view. Muslims need to be removed from western culture because they are a cancer of intolerace, misogyny, hatred of all religions except Islam, belicosity promoters of ignorance, prevarication, child molestation, rape and thievery.

    The United States has been at war with Islam since before its founding when it robbed our ships and took th crews as slaves. Their justification for these acts was that it was sanctioned by the Qu'ran. There is nothing in this world that could possibly recommend Islam except to psychopaths and other neer-do-wells who need something to justify their anti-social behavior.



    Too bad your side lost WW2.

    • Drakken

      He isn't white, this abomination is an abed of calipso louiy farrakhan.

  • Cerise Rowan

    I didn't know, wow, here I was thinking muslims were the people who kill their teenage girls for looking at a boy, for being raped by their brother in law (or anyone, seems rape is a cheap method of divorce or getting rid of an unruly child), for wear a short skirt or driving, kill a kid (stoned to death in town, seen on youtube) for stealing food when they are starving, hang gays for homosexual practice, forcing young girls to marry against their choice, allow beating women, threaten with death for satire or humor or honest complaint about their religion…. instead it was those Jews.. I was so confused, thanks for making that clear.
    Caving in to the bully, you see politicians and employers do this, instead of refusing to walk down the dark road they take the easiest choice at the time, avoid riots and bad publicity, selling out and selling the rest of us in the package.
    It should be a crime punishable by the same punishments of the religion they are sell us into, but in our laws it is not.
    it is only shameful.

  • Larry

    Hey worm castings, why don't you go read the article just over there -> on being black in the muslim world to see what real racism is like.

    Happy eternal nakba, may Israel soon extend it further.

  • Chezwick

    This is the comment of either a provocateur trying to discredit this fine website…or of an incredibly sick-minded, ignorant human being.

    • Drakken

      Unfortunately Chezwick that day is coming, and when it does that ole Viking bloodlust will be one for the ages.

  • UCSPanther

    Funny. I thought you neo-nazi swamp dwellers hated commies, and this freak is a commie through and through.

    But then again,seeing how the axis had a full blown alliance with Soviets in the early stages of WWII, I'm not surprised. And Stalin was just like your beloved Fuhrer.

  • Drakken

    Happy nakba Abed! Long live the Crusades!

  • oldschooltwentysix

    Do not overlook that Israel bashers Willoch and Lysbakken were tapped to give speeches at Holocaust memorial event.

  • Stephen

    Bit by bit, Norway is showing their real selves and it is not a pretty sight. First it was Breivik. Now it is Trond Ali.

    “Reap what you sow” and they are, but it is sad that Norwegian heads are so far up their own butts that they don’t see how their ideology is the cause of this bizarre behavior and maintain a self view of innocence and “goodness” which is far from the reality.

    Unless the government frees the sheep and they learn how to think for themselves, this will only get worse. In the meantime, Norway remains a small minded and morally backward country at the edge of the more civilized world it criticizes as less than. Janteloven be damned…..

  • Jim

    Propaganda says the Norwegians are the happiest people on Earth. Of course, the oil pays for every thing.
    They can stay pickled all day long.

    The Social Democrats can tell them any thing and they will believe it : To them it really doesn't matter.

    They probably do not remember they fought the Nazis.

    Keep them groggy and you can have your way with them. "More marijuana mother before I start to think."

    • Questions

      Actually, survey data say the happiest people in the world are the Danes. Not far off the mark, though.

  • dougjmiller

    Linstad is an evil man. And unfortunately, he's not alone. But that he would be awarded the "King's Medal" is an insult to every decent Norwegian citizen.

  • Mr. Polly

    Linstad is certainly right that we should beware of Jews. We should especially beware of sneaky, two-faced Jews like David Horowitz, who move from communism to capitalism with unprincipled versatility, all in quest of a Jewish agenda!

    • Mary Sue


      Dude are you for real?

  • Stephen

    “Worlds happiest people…” What does that mean, really? The government thinks for them, tells them what to think and how to live. At the end, they get a piece of sugar. Where is the correlation in Norway between happiness, freedom and alive…. “The New Totalitarians” said it best.

  • Ghostwriter

    It seems that this Linstad would really like idiots like Mr. Polly. They both have the same deranged hatred of Jews and both want them dead. They are really vile people.

  • Guest

    It is an amazing trend among secular, atheistic Communists, Anarchists and other anti religious Leftists; first they march along Muslims and against the Jews, then they go to work on their behalf and fight by their side and culminate by embracing the most dogmatic, fundamentalist religion – Islam.

    I find it amazing, how a modern individual steeped in western culture could voluntarily embrace the most backward, intollerant and cruel of all religions.