Oliver Stone’s Son: the Jewish Christian Muslim

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Understand that I don’t mean to mock Buddhism or Hinduism or Kabbalah studies here, but rather to ponder the ways of certain varieties of Hollywood folk who seem peculiarly inclined to hook up with religions whose cultural roots could not be more alien to their own and whose disciplines and rituals bear little or no resemblance to their own actual lifestyles.  And who, at least in some cases, do seem to snap up and discard faith traditions as if they were restaurants or dresses that are in fashion one year and out of fashion the next.

But again, no sneering intended here.  If these folks really do find spiritual sustenance in these faiths, more power to them.  No, what I’m preoccupied with at the moment is what promises to be a highly entertaining new development – the Hollywood convert to Islam.

Not, I must hasten to acknowledge, that celebrity converts to Islam are an entirely new phenomenon.  Cat Stevens became Yusuf Islam way back in 1977.  Cassius Clay’s 1964 transformation into Muhammed Ali was only one of many instances of high-profile black Americans who, like Malcolm X, decided the Nation of Islam was where it was at.  (Snoop Dog was another.)  Mike Tyson, like innumerable less famous inmates in Western prisons, underwent a jailhouse conversion to Islam.

But the conversion of Sean Stone in Iran, summoning as it does memories of the Beatles’ and Mia Farrow’s epochal spiritual journey to India, appears to opens up a whole new world of delicious possibilities.  Can it be, in other words, that Sean Stone is at the cutting edge of a new trend among Hollywood airheads?  Oh, please let it be so.  Because when Sean and his fellow Muslim converts in the Industry eventually tire of Muhammed and decide to pursue some other sage’s path to enlightenment, they’ll actually learn something about the real world.  They’ll discover, in short, that Islam is, in certain not insignificant ways, utterly unlike every other item on Tinseltown’s standard spiritual bill of fare.  That it isn’t just another accoutrement you can toss out like last season’s designer rag.  That, not to put too fine a point on it, the Islamic penalty for apostasy is – ahem – death.  Ah, what fun, when the frivolity of Hollywood’s ditz brigade encounters the deadly serious reality of the Religion of Peace!

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  • Amused

    It is indeed incomprehensible , to see anyone with intelligence convert [revert as muslims say ] to islam . And yes , the big surprise …when the "novelty " wears off , a death sentence awaits . Can't see how Oliver Stone is a responsible father , in not successfully discouraging his son from such a course .

  • findalis

    Funny how he converts to a religion without first reading the holy book. When he does will his eyes be opened to the truth or will he become one of the multitudes who want to bring jihad to the world.

    • Cynic

      Seeing that he has appeared in 12 of his father’s movies maybe he is impressed by his new religion’s violence?

    • wina

      He said sahadat but he still in many religion, maybe after he reading quran he will understand whar is islam is. May alloh guide him to the real islam

  • Anthony

    Islam may be the cure for the diseased filth Hollywood has become. I hope many stars convert, grow beards, and become apostates.

    • Questions

      You are a complete schmuck. Take a milltown.

  • kblink45

    A sharp axe is a mixed blessing.

  • knowledgekitten

    The reference to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is misinformed and non-factual, and just rehashes tabloid press gossip from the 60s—which was long ago proved false. A little professional research would have been in order (See the New York Times article: "The Man Who Saved The Beatles" or "Maharishi and the Beatles: What Really Happened" http://meditationasheville.blogspot.com/2010/12/m… ). The Mia Farrow myth was debunked shortly after it surfaced.

    Maharishi was not "skyrocked into a higher tax bracket." He never personally profited one penny financially from his teaching of meditation. His teaching organizations were (and still are) non-profit in the strictest sense. In the U.S. this is all public record with the IRS.

    The Beatles continued to practice Maharishi's meditation — Transcendental Meditation.

    Exactly one Beatle, Lennon, believed short-lived rumors floating around the Rishikesh ashram while the Beatles were there, fabricated by a Beatles hanger-on who was admittedly jealous of Maharishi ("Magic Alex"). But even John changed his tune after a few years and phoned Maharishi to apologize. George kept practicing TM and continued for the rest of his life, performing a benefit for TM in 1990 and regularly attending TM retreats till the end. Paul and Ringo also kept it up, to varying degrees, and Paul brought his daughter to visit Maharishi in Holland many years after India. Paul and Ringo performed a benefit to teach TM to 1 million school kids–in 2009 at Radio City Music Hall, with tons of other meditating musicians, Donovan included.

    • jack zeller

      …and your point?

    • KarshiKhanabad

      I remember the swirling rumors about MMY's wealth (for a time he did use a helicopter) and how this was based on his asking his celebrity TM students to contribute one week's earnings in payment. A 1968 couplet summarized the public perception:

      "Where have all your powers gone, O Maharishi Yogi?
      "The Beatles & the Beach Boys say you're just a rich old fogy!

      • Guest

        PART I

        Neither the Beatles nor the Beach Boys support the contention that Maharishi was in it for the money. Certainly, that is the on-the-record statements of the Beach Boys today (several are TM teachers and continue the practise to this day) and both surviving Beatles — Paul and Ringo — continue to meditate and participate in programs to promote TM to the public.

        As for the sexual accusations?

        Who cares? If TM works, it will do so regardless of whether the Maharishi had sexual improprieties. If anything, I would prefer that the rumors WERE true. That way, those in the TM Movement who are in it because they are attached to a guru and all the trappings of a guru would simply get out of it and the organisation could get back to concentrating on promoting and perpetuating a practise that has such incredible benefits for those that do it.

      • guest

        PART II

        I YEARN for the days when TM was "sold" like a MacDonald's hamburger and there weren't all these guru-like and cult-like attachments to it (political parties, dictums of how to behave, what types of houses to live in, what kind of medicine to use, Vedic religious practises called "yagyas", levitation, etc.).

        Sadly, the TM Movement declined because the core message — a simple mental technique that anyone could do which didn't require a change in lifestyle, philosophy, or religion — was abandoned. All sorts of programs that most definitely DID suggest that TM was a religion and cult became ancillary programs — the levitation technique prominent amongst them — and the brand lost virtually all credibility. Gosh, you can't claim that TM isn't a philosophy when the movement responsible for its promotion starts a political party with all sorts of philosophical tenets attached to it (yes, they took positions on taxation, the environment, healthcare, etc.).

      • guest

        PART III

        The reality is that TM works and works incredibly well. Nothing held more promise to create less war, conflict and stress in the world ON ALL LEVELS than TM when it was readily and easily available to all. That message was abandoned and many of those of us that practise it and benefit from it would love to see a change in the TM organsation so that it can, again, be made available to all.

    • Questions

      Excellent response. And Bawer's piece is inaccuate in other ways.

      First, the Beatles' experience with the Maharishi inspired only one song from "The White Album": John Lennon's "Sexy Sadie." And that song was none too friendly. Any Beatle fan knows that. Only George, by the way, retained any ongoing interest in Eastern mysticism; the rest of the band said goodbye pretty quickly.

      Second, Mia Farrow had not "just married" Frank Sinatra. The couple had married a couple years earlier. If anything, her trip with the Beatles ENDED her marriage.

      You see, this is what happens when neoconservatives get too clever by a half. Why doesn't Bruce Bawer change his name to something like "Roger Kimball?"

      • http://www.whycanadamustend.com Tony Kondaks

        According to Derek Taylor,long time head of Apple,Rishikesh inspired the greatest creativity from the Beatles,not just “Sexie Sadie”。

        But you all miss the point:TM works regardless of the Maharishi‘s sex life or lack thereof。

        And Mia Farrow's biography,for the record, not only doesn’t dispute the sexual advance theory but supports it。Read it。

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ JasonPappas

    The way that Sean Stone talks sounds like he has discovered Baha'i and not Islam. Baha'i is an eclectic mix of all religions. It claims to be all religions. Thus, when Stone says he is a Christian-Jewish-Muslim he sounds like Baha'i. Perhaps someone should inform him. Of course, they persecute Baha'i in Iran.

    Muslims believe that Christianity and Judaism are corrupted forerunners of Islam not respected equal alternatives. If Stone tries to elevate the former two he'll find he's in dangerous territory. Of course, they will leave him alone for propaganda purposes. Hollywood Islam will be tolerated to help blind people to the real thing.

    • joy52

      Maybe Stone thought he was converting to Baha'i said the words becoming a muslim by mistake…too late now! I agree that some director's son is not worth the space here, but the Hollywood influence on the culture–and how they perceive things is worth a few lines.Obviously it is PC in Hollywood to think the "flavor" of the month is islam. They don't know, because they never know, how dangerous that notion is. From persons who have lived in islamic countries, I hear muslims are just as hypocritical as everyone else. Meaning, some drink, some cheat under those burkas, some don't pay attention to the koran. But, publically no one will admit to that and it is the extremists that high profile Hollywood types who convert to islam have to worry about.As we know, they come out of the woodwork when someone does not toe the line. Because life on earth for them is hell and they want reprieve.

  • aspacia

    I for one am wondering why I bothered to read this? Who cares what airheads do or don't do.

  • Asher

    What a messed up mind. He couldn't possibly know the Torah, or be a Christian. Islam is a cult religion that hates Christians and Jews and is particularly harsh to its women!

  • tompro97

    Stone appeared in his dad's putrid films to make money, what else?? Hollywood types have a long, long history of getting involved in various cults, "religions", you name it. Scientology is the worst of the bunch and its brain-washed useful idiots such as John Travolta, etc. have given millions to continue the lavish lifestyles of the Scientology insiders. Getting back to Stone, why is this news??? Stone is a nobody just like his paranoid father and does not deserve one line of space.

    • Questions

      What's washed up about John Travolta? He's a fine actor and one of the most popular of the last two decades. As for that newfangled religion, Tom Cruise is much more of an L. Ron Hubbard-bot than Travolta anyway.

      • Shekinah

        For what it is worth–I became friends with the woman who married the son of the director of Saturday Night Fever and knew Travolta back then. Also good friends with Tim Burton. Said it was well known in Hollywood that Cruise and Travolta were gay and Scientology protected them. Scientology is a great deception and lie–took one of their stupid classes 40 years ago and met some of their "clears". Some people just want to be cool at any cost.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ JasonPappas

    I hope Sean Stone appoints himself a spokesperson for Islam. They'll have to cringe every time this airhead says something frivolous and decadent. At some point devout Muslims won't be able to take the trivialization and corruption of their religion … and then it gets interesting.

    A few years back Cuban leaders went to Iran but they couldn't keep their atheism silent. It created tensions that couldn't be hidden. Now they are seldom seen in Iran. Muslims won't put up with other beliefs for long. Sooner or later Stone will be too decadent to remain a public figure for Islam. This will help expose Islam … and then it gets interesting.

  • Advocatus

    Ah, well, another air-headed minor Hollywood celebrity with a silver spoon in his mouth spouting ill-informed New Ageist "We're the World" nonsense. Sean Stone clearly knows little about his parents' religions, never mind his knowledge of Islam. He is not "of a Jewish bloodline," as he proudly claims. Normative Jewish law, for better or worse, recognizes only maternal descent, and given that his mother isn't a Jew, nor is Stone. Then, he has this to say in defense of Islam: "Islam is not a religion of violence any more than Judaism or Christianity is." Be that as it may, converting to a new religion just because in your view it's not worse than the one (or in his case ones) you already have doesn't seem like a particularly sensible course of action now, does it.

  • G Marks

    This hit piece tells us how young Mr. Stone’s Jewish friends respond to his theological insights.

    There is nothing more violent than the Talmud….. but then rags like this never quote it.

    • Elliott

      "There is nothing more violent than the Talmud".
      Did you get this from Sean Ali Stone?
      The "Sanhedrin" (the senior Jewish court until, 2000 years ago, the Romans destroyed the second Temple and with it the "Sanhedrin" itself) was responsible for sentencing Jewish people who transgressed against the Primary Jewish Laws (belief in one God – who created the world; non-desecration of the Sabbath, etc.).
      A "Sanhedrin" which sentenced more than 1 person to death IN 70 YEARS was called a 'murderous' "Sanhedrin". In other words Jewish Judges did ALL they could to find a person NOT liable to the death sentence.
      Or are you basing your comments on the other fairly well-known Talmudic dictum "If someone is coming to kill you, rise early and kill him first". Sorry, but Judaism DOES believe in self-defence.
      Please let us know where you learnt your Talmud, Mr./Ms., Marks.
      There are XX sections, how many have you learnt?
      Fill in the XX, so we can have an idea if you can answer that question!!!!

    • al-Mohareb

      There is nothing more violent than the Sunna, the Ahadith, but I never hear your kind acknowledge that it exists and is influential.

  • BS77

    Sounds like a mental illness….nothing new here. Feel sorry for the chap. Lost in delusion.

  • evy

    When you don't believe God, you are eventually going to believe anything else. That giant sucking sound…

    • mrbean

      You must have voted for Ross "giant sucking sound" Perot and thereby put that lip biting rapist terrorist enabler, Bill Clinton in the white house.

  • No Dhimmi tool

    The man's a depraved, blithering idiot who deserves what he's got coming to him from his fellow Muslim fanatics. And then when he tries to leave Islam and is threatened by his peaceful co-religionists, he will start squealing like a stuck pig.

    And he IS stuck – good luck with that one, Sean.

    Oh, and for other readers, HERE is what this Islamist tool just signed up for – how very moral! What great liberal causes!!

    Islamic supremacy and global domination
    Prohibition of music and singing
    Imprisonment, flogging, torture and death for homosexuals
    Jihad to force Islam on the world
    Jews as apes and pigs
    Jews as the eternal enemies of Muslims
    Jews as originators of all evil and catastrophe in the world
    Osama bin Laden in Paradise
    Raping women okay in Islam
    Female genital mutilation "obligatory" in Islam
    Sex slaves for Muslim men
    Child marriage/rape
    Mohammed having sex with a 9-year-old girl
    Wife beating
    Death for "insulting" Mohammed
    Death to apostates and infidels
    Genocide of Americans
    Jihad to "raid the world"
    Non-Muslims being not innocent and subject to death


    And let us not forget what the Islamic Republic of Iran has done to its own people – you down with all that torture and murder, Sean? Yay, how cool to rally in favor of the murderous and raping IRI!! Woo hoo!

    The Islamic Republic of Torture, Rape & Murder http://www.iranian.com/main/blog/amil-imani/islam

    Sean, you are a DISGRACE. I sincerely hope Hollywood keeps ostracizing you – DISGUSTING.

  • No Dhimmi tool

    "Mike Tyson, like innumerable less famous inmates in Western prisons, underwent a jailhouse conversion to Islam."

    Yes, how convenient to join a violent cult that lets you get away with behavior considered criminal in non-Muslim countries. THAT'S why there are all these converts in prison, because Islam exonerates violent thugs and wife-beaters like Tyson. Nay, it encourages them, so the Muslim "revert" Tyson can now go around happily beating up anyone in his path, including and especially his wife…

    Islam, the religion of violent thugs.

    Oh, and you forgot about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – his brand of Islam always seemed innocuous. But I have to wonder about all those absurdly long shorts in basketball – are they influenced by Islamic 'awrah modesty rules? That's a serious question – if so, dump 'em!

  • Fred R.

    In response to G Marks:

    For those of you who try to learn the Talmud from Nazi websites, may I suggest the following FACTS: The Talmud is made up of a diversity of opinions and interpretations of the Torah (Hebrew Bible). The Talmud is prohibited from altering the Torah. The Torah is built on two truths. The first truth states that there is One God. The second states, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself," Leviticus 19:18.

    Fred R.

    • mrbean

      Better yet, first to thyself be true and you will not be false with any man."

      Respect and love must be earned, not freely given without a basis of rational self interest. Some of our neighbors are not worthy of respect or love – and some not even of tolerance.

      • Amused

        Mr.Bean , you're a racist , and that renders your opinion IRRELEVANT .Niot to mention your credibility went into the toilet at the time you posted your first racial epithet .

    • Amused

      Spot on Fred R . Talmud is commentary and opinion , Torah is immutable .

  • mrbean

    What is it that Bill Cosby said once,,, ahhh ,,, yes.. "That boy is brain damaged!"

  • Marty

    When the deluded fool comes to his senses someone needs to warn him about what happens to apostates who leave islam.

  • a12iggymom

    What this is leading ME to believe is he will be forcing thr 'faith' of Chrislam even more than it already is…just wait and see…..currently they call it 'interfaith worship' BUT IT IS NEVER HELD IN A MOSQUE…ONLY A CHRISTIAN CHURCH OR JEWISH TEMPLE….

  • Rifleman

    Apparently, Hollyweird looks at their religion the same way they look at their marriages, as something to be traded in for a new one after a few years.

    • Questions

      You're pretty weird. Meryl Streep, for one, has been married to the same man for some 30 years. And she's not the only one in Hollywood with a long-running marriage. So stick it, mister.

      • Rifleman

        Maryl may put you ahead of old Lot, lol, way to go turbo. No thanks on the last, but cheer up, you'll eventually find someone.

  • http://www.whycanadamustend.com Tony Kondaks

    Muhammed Ali hasn't been a Nation of Islam Muslim for almost 30 years now。He is Sunni。

    He also famously attended the GOP Convention that nominated Ronald Reagan。

  • Steve Chavez

    Sean to star in some new Muslim sit-coms and new movies by his dad.

    "Really Desperate TentWives." "Countdown with Mrs. Fidel Castro."
    "Extreme Takeover: Homeland Edition." "Meet the Virgins."
    "1000 Ways to Kill." "Allahzilla."
    "Honey, I Blew Up the Kids." "My Babysitter is a Jihadist."
    "The Phantom of the Mosque." "How I Met Your Mother and 200 Step-Mothers."
    "Are You Dumber than a 1st Grader? (If not, I cut head off!)"
    "Are You Dumber than a Goat? (If so, you leader!)"
    "Married with I Don't Know How Many Children." "Camel Whisperer."
    "The Last of the Muammars." "Hardball with Jihad Jane."
    "The Good, the Bad, and the Really (Really) Ugly."
    "Everybody Wants to Blow Up Raymond."
    "Bashar the Exterminator." "Family Feud: The Kardashians vs. The Bedouins."

    • BBK

      That's hilarious!! Can I borrow that sometime?

      • Steve Chavez

        I reprinted this from MY post on Human Events under Jason Mattera "Tyrant Wives make for good TV" which you must enter in its search box. Look at "Obama's Bust Tour" also for a laugh.

  • Stuart Parsons

    It would appear the old saying 'there is one born every minute does not apply in Hollywood. For Tinsletown it is every second. I think good advice for any star wanting change religion would be to go to Terhan and convert to a Jew or Chrisian.

  • RosettaStone

    May I suggest Mr. Stone go proclaim his all-encompassing belief in the streets of Pakistan or Afghanistan. He'll shortly be proclaimed a heretic, get an all-expenses-paid stay in a lovely muslim prison, and get to participate in his very own kangaroo-court trial before being summarily executed. Oh wait, the last one was just supposed to be simulated for the sake of the film, right? Surprise, Sean!!! muslims take this stuff seriously. But your dad will make it into quite a movie.

  • Theresa

    Wow, I didn't realize their was such a rampant case of Islamophobia among people hiding behind computer screens. Most of the claims y'all have made are like saying, I know about white people because I read a white supremacy website. And since when was Islam, the second largest world religion, a cult? Sean Stone is a very brave man for converting, an not because of the death penalty for apostate, but because of the death of his character that is happening by all of your hands.

  • Munawar Misbah

    In order to have a balanced view of Islam kindly refer to " HISTORY OF TRUTH" by Dr. Adel M. Elsaie, PhD (Google Search)

  • Notification

    it's interesting does he know what will happen with him if decides to change his religion once again ?

  • Mansor Norman

    The comment posted by Munawar Misbah regarding a balanced view of Islam in the write-up by Dr Adel M. Elsaie PhD., entitled HISTORY OF TRUTH (Google Search) gave me a deeper understanding of Islam. I feel that we should concentrate more on the similarities of all religions rather than the differences so that this world would be a better place to live in.

  • RIN

    Islamophobia at its worst indeed! for all the blithering idiots spewing hate-filled nonsense… who lied to his entire country to go and attack a country MUCH weaker in every respect? ahmedinejad?? who props up wahabi/salafi regimes like for example in Saudi Arabia? and this regime then exports its version of militant islam all over the world backed up by that 'champion' of peace and equality, the USA. by the way the al-qaeda, taliban etc are ALL wahabi sunni scum, backed by the saudis, backed by u know who…so yes, wahabi islam is sheer terrorism, and because they're so virulent and violent they make all the headlines, and two dimensiional morons then condemn the entire muslim world…u guys are as intolerant and bigoted as any dumbass salafi fire breathing, hate preaching cleric

  • Dr Bukhari

    Dear Brothers and Sisters
    Hi to all of you.
    I am muslim and I am proud to be muslim. What Islam say to you. ?
    Go and google Islam and Life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him)
    you will come to know than what is real picture of islam and how grat Prophet Muhammad is.

  • Guest

    Jesus also vilified His Own Jewry by saying that their father was the Devil, and that they were white washed sepulchres full of dead mens’ bones see John 8:44 for starters. And Mohammed most likely warned unfaithful Mohammdans of certains fates if they strayed, like most religions warnings to their followers. Moses cursed wayward Hebrews too. So what about Islam? Shukrah Allah! I am a complete believer in Jesus The Christ, Creator of the Universe and mankind. And I one time was led in the Muslim prayer by an Indian Muslim in Bombay, so he converted me in Arabic. I agree with Sean about relying on hos own interpretations of whatever he reads, rather than any so-called authorities which some may truly be, authorities. But so many are false, ergo, listen to the Still Small Voice within you – the very Spirit of God.

  • afcw1969

    Jesus also vilified His Own Jewry by saying that their father was the Devil, and that they were white washed sepulchres full of dead mens’ bones see John 8:44 for starters. And Mohammed most likely warned unfaithful Mohammedans of certain fates if they strayed, like most religions warnings to their followers. Moses cursed wayward Hebrews too. So what about Islam? Shukrah Allah! I am a complete believer in Jesus The Christ, Creator of the Universe and mankind. And I one time was led in the Muslim prayer by an Indian Muslim in Bombay, so he converted me in Arabic. I agree with Sean about relying on his own interpretations of whatever he reads, rather than any so-called authorities which some may truly be, authorities. But so many are false, ergo, listen to the Still Small Voice within you – the very Spirit of God.