Something’s Rotten in Denmark Schools

One day around the beginning of October, a sixth-grade class in Ejerlykkeskolen, a school in Odense, Denmark, was supposed to watch a film.  But five or six students made some kind of a disturbance.  The details are unclear; the point is that, in one way or another, they disrupted the class and made it impossible for their classmates to view the film.  Their teacher tried to control them, but without success.  Finally she gave up and sent them down to the principal, a woman named Birgitte Sonsby.

Now, Sonsby, by all indications, is no ordinary school principal.  According to Poul Erik Anderson – upon whose intensive coverage of this story, beginning with an October 18 article in Den Korte Avis, the present account is largely based – Sonsby has been named the best school principal in all of Denmark.  She is the head of the Odense principals’ organization.  She was recently selected over 353 other nominees for a leadership award presented by the city of Odense.  And she has been officially commended for running a school in which students and teachers alike feel welcome.  But on that day when those five or six kids were sent to her office to be disciplined, she was unable to do anything with them.  When she tried to talk to them, they laughed in her face.  Eventually she lost her temper.  And she said something that she shouldn’t have: “I’m so damn tired of you Muslims destroying education!”

Before we proceed, a note on translation.  The expletive Sonsby used, skide, can be translated in any number of ways, some of them a good deal stronger than others.  I’ve chosen “damn,” but the level of intensity may be better captured by a more emphatic word, such as “goddamn,” “bloody,” or even (and this is, in fact, probably the closest equivalent) “fucking.”  And the word I’ve translated as “destroying” was ødelægger – which could also be rendered as “ruining” or “spoiling,” or, somewhat more mildly, as “damaging.”

In any event, Sonsby apologized.  But that wasn’t enough for the father of one of the disruptive boys, twelve-year-old Raacan Mansoor.  The dad, Shaib Mansoor, reported Sonsby to the police for racism – a charge which, if sustained, could lose her her job.  (Never mind that Islam isn’t a race: that ship has long since sailed.)  Mansoor later withdrew his police complaint, but made it clear that he still wanted Sonsby fired.

After Mansoor’s accusation was reported, some people close to the situation defended Sonsby, testifying to her good qualities while acknowledging that she’d crossed a line.  Others were quick to label her a racist and call for her head.  Yet when you get right down to it, the only thing she’s guilty of, aside from using what may or may not be considered profanity, is voicing a forbidden truth.

The facts are these.  For many years, the number of Muslim students in Danish schools has been steadily rising – and, as it has risen, the quality of everyday school life in Denmark has steadily eroded.  In some schools, such as Ejerlykkeskolen, students with foreign backgrounds (the great majority of them Muslim) now outnumber native Danes – and the consequence of this has been a far higher level of disorder.  Everyone in Denmark knows this.

Danish parents have pulled their kids out of certain public schools – and placed them in other public schools or in private schools – precisely because they don’t want to put them through what is increasingly becoming a nightmare.  Andersen notes that when the municipality of Copenhagen redrew some of its school districts recently in order to place more kids from well-off Danish families in Blågård Skole, which is two-thirds non-Danish, the parents of no fewer than 45 percent of those kids pulled them out of the public school system and put them in private schools.

In short, to suggest that Muslims have destroyed – or ruined, or damaged – education in many Danish schools is only to state a fact.

On October 24, Andersen reported that in the wake of the charges against Sonsby, the head of her school board, Peter Julius, had written an op-ed for a local paper in which he spoke out against what he called the “tyranny of silence” surrounding the terrorizing of teachers and students in many schools by “maladjusted and ill-mannered bilingual students.”  (“Bilingual students,” by the way, has become the Danish euphemism of choice for “Muslim students.”)  These kids, Julius wrote, lack “the norms and values needed to succeed in a regular Danish school.”  They call their teachers “whores” (ludere), harass and threaten them, and make routine accusations of racism (when, for example, a teacher tells them “to take their feet down from a sofa or a table”).  Every day, it gets worse, inch by inch.  “At some point the other children start to view them as role models.”  And “every day our staff struggles to make room for good education.”

Andersen, to his credit, has not let go of the Sonsby story.  On October 29, he reported that she isn’t the only one who’s “damn tired” of Muslim kids destroying education.  So, it turns out, are the parents of many other students at Ejerslykkeskolen, whose anger over the “sabotaging” of their kids’ education predates the incident in the principal’s office.  Indeed, in response to complaints by many of those parents, and threats by them to take their kids elsewhere, the school board, at a meeting on September 25 – days before Sonsby lost it – discussed the possibility of placing Danish and non-Danish students in separate classrooms.  On October 12, the school board asked the city’s Board of Education for permission to do just that.  That’s just how bad things have gotten.

Danish schools have been sliding down this slope, of course, for a long time.  Andersen cites a report from 1992 – twenty years ago! – warning about the rise of precisely these problems in Danish schools.  Frank in a way that European government reports about such matters can rarely afford to be nowadays, the report took immigrant-group parents to task for their “ignorance, indifference, and laziness,” and lamented their habit of “using/misusing Islam as the law over Danish law,” noting that Islam was “a constant obstacle to reasonable integration/assimilation.”  Yes, Denmark has been a model for other European countries when it comes to reforming disastrous immigration and integration policies.  But the current situation in Danish schools provides a helpful reminder that all these things are relative.  Even the star of the class, in this case, is less than impressive.  For all Denmark’s reforms, that country’s schools have deteriorated in exactly the ways that that 1992 report warned about.  Today, to acknowledge out loud the state of affairs so bluntly outlined in that report twenty years ago is grounds for dismissal from a teaching job.

To read Sonsby’s story is to feel extraordinary empathy for her.  She’s done a magnificent job in the face of challenges that most of the bureaucrats above her have tried to ignore for years – and the moment she slipped up, in the slightest of ways, some of them were quick to throw her to the wolves.  But to read this story is also to reflect on that troublemaking kid’s father, Shaib Mansoor.  Not only was he quick to run to the police screaming “racism.”  On Friday, Danish state TV reported new complaints by Mansoor, who revealed that in a meeting with him after the Sonsby incident, a school official said that Muslim students do cause problems – Mansoor’s reaction to which is to complain “that schools distinguish between Muslim and Danish students” and that the problem in the schools (which Mansoor identifies not with kids like his son but with people like Sonsby) goes even higher up than the principal level.  Mansoor pointed a finger at municipal officials.

Plainly, Masoor has learned to play Danish society like a maestro.  His ranting obscures the fact that, as Andersen points out, the kind of behavior that pushed Sonsby over the line would never be tolerated for an instant in most schools in the Muslim world.  In such schools, respect is all, and an unruly kid risks corporal punishment.  If a typical Muslim father in a Muslim society were to find out that his son acted up in class and received a good beating for it, he would, in all likelihood, accept it, probably even approve.  Respect must be enforced.

But Denmark is another story.  Danish values, Danish culture, Danish law, the Danish educational system: in the eyes of many a Muslim in Denmark, these things deserve no respect whatsoever.  They’re simply there to be exploited, as effectively as possible, for whatever personal gain one can wring out of them.  Those Muslim kids who dared to laugh in Sonsby’s face have been taught from infancy that someone like her – an infidel, a woman – is their inferior, deserving of nothing but contempt and abuse.  “Some of these boys,” a teacher told Ekstrabladet the other day, “are brought up like little kings, and no woman – aside from their mother – is supposed to tell them anything.” Certainly that’s the take-away from the behavior of Raacan Mansoor and his friends, and that of Shaib Mansoor, too – whose first instinct, instead of getting Raacan in line and showing some respect for the brat’s teachers, was to try to destroy Birgitte Sonsby’s life.

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  • Brian Donegal

    Multiculturalism engenders all kinds of stupid. Only in left-liberal societies can you charge someone with racism for something that has nothing to do with racism.

  • Chezwick

    The '92 study is proof that this was all so predictable.

    More predictions…

    Unabated Muslim immigration will produce a tipping point where the societies of Europe become ungovernable…(already a reality in many quarters of France, Belgium, Holland, Britain, Germany, and – of course – Malmo, Sweden). This state of affairs doesn't require a Muslim majority, just a minority of sufficient size that immigrant communities become self-contained…and any need for integrating disappears.

    At that point, the political class of these countries will be compelled to seek out Muslim leaders from within the communities to quell the episodic rioting and licentiousness. Muslims will finally be governing Muslims, the way it's supposed to be (in the Islamic ethos). Variants of Sharia will become the norm.

    Eventually, the center of gravity in these countries will revolve around these Muslim leaders…at which point, they will become leaders not just of their fellow Muslims, but of society as a whole. Those natives with the means will emigrate. The rest will adapt to their new role as compliant dhimmis. Within a generation, the idea of freedom and equality will be as alien to Europeans as it is today to the Muslims of Darul Islam.

    It's all so predictable.

    • robertpinkerton

      The initial mistake was failing to prevent development of communal autonomy among the immigrants. Even as far back as Hannah Arendt's Origins of Totalitarianism it was moted that critical masses of immigrants in autonomous (de facto) communities, retarded assimilation of newer immigrants, and even enabled retrogression from assimilation from immigrants of longer standing.

      The problem is: In today's insane legal climate, how can this be done?

    • eddie henely

      your completely right , the sad thing is people that live in certain conditions accept those as normal. people in the United States have had multi culture ism shoved down their throats for years and forced to put up with its violent nature with forced busing and forced integration. why do you think parents send their kids to private schools? because everywhere there is a large population of blacks there is a lot of crime and many blacks have been conditioned to hate whitey. any sane parent would want to protect their own children but liberals keep forcing the intergration issue mainly so they can intimidate the other side. OBUMMER WANTS THIS TO BE A MUSLIM NATION AND HE ONLY HELPS HIS RACE AND THE MUSLIMS

    • BOB

      History has shown that the Muslims of the world are a war like people with disdain for the rule of any law they did not write. They are a boil on the backside of humanity and will eventually be removed from existence when they cross the line and start WWIII

    • http://facebook LauraThompson

      It is clear that they desire a world dominance caliphate and they have been patient and stealth in their plans to infiltrate all of Europe and of course America since the end of WWII. Knowing that people are hell bent on not being "racist" they have set the agenda to make sure that any complaint or regulation they see as unfavorable for their plan to dominate, they instantly refer to racism knowing that the guilt of white men and women will get them what they want. They themselves coined the term "islamaphobia". See "The Project" on The Blaze Network for the factual documentary on real agenda of Muslims all over the world. This is part of their plan and they are doing it everywhere, but nowhere is it more insidious as it is in our nation. It goes all the way to the White House! They will keep the world in ignorance as they stealthily take over the world as they seek another Ottoman empire. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but take them at their word.

    • Donald Sharum

      Chezwick, you are exactly right. I expect the same thing to happen in the USA within the next 30 years. I personally would be in favor of rounding up ALL Muslims (Radicals or supposed Non-Radicals) and sending them off to somewhere like Iraq or any other Middle Eastern country except for Israel, just to protect our countries rites and rituals and beliefs rather than allowing people to come in and give them anything they want and simply by out numbering the regular population and end up controlling it also. How long after they all start voting in their own people will the whole country have to live under their rules such as Sharia? I have never wanted to hurt or kill anyone, but if I live long enough, I see that coming. How long before all of your female children will be wearing Burka's and other such garb or being stoned to death because they were raped and do not have 4 male witnesses to save their lives??? I suggest regular Hollander's start now gathering guns and ammo and get ready to start making the Muslims "uncomfortable" in a civil war.

  • Steve Dennis

    I can see why Breivik idolized you, Bawer. And that’s not a compliment.

    • Advocatus

      Great. Now if you could address the points of the article with a well-argued rebuttal, we would be all the wiser. Seeing as you can't do that, you go ad hominem. That bespeaks a fine character, does it now.

    • Paul Weston

      Steve Dennis, I don't believe the thoughtful, gentle and intelligent Bruce Bawer has ever advocated violence toward anybody, young left-wing revolutionary children included. There are however, countless stories every day of global violence and global calls for violence from any number of Islamic leaders. How does one account for a thought process as exhibited by Mr Dennis? Does he not understand the difference between violence and non-violence? Perhaps he is is so indoctrinated by PC propaganda he has lost the ability to think coherently, or perhaps he is just insane. Seriously, what other explanation for his thinking is there?

      • LindaRivera

        Are you Paul Weston, leader of British Freedom? From your intelligent, excellent comment; it appears so!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I can see why Breivik idolized you, Bawer. And that's not a compliment."

      Killing the messenger. What a dolt.

    • Horace

      No truth for "Steve Dennis" please, he is truth intolerant and it irritates his organs. Breivik is one man. Suicide bombing jihadis are many. The vanguard of islam is a motley crew of liars. They are easily recognized when they push the obvious fiction that islam is peaceful. Taqiyya and kitman (lying in defense of islam) and trolling for suckers to believe their propaganda are what the run of the mill (less immediately suicidal) muslim practices as part of his personal jihad. When you see them in print notice how they ignore or deny all the rapes, muders, beheadings, mutilations, suicide bombings, church bombings, intimidation and gross abuse of non muslims in the mohammedan controlled world. They will say that anyone who does violent things is not a real muslim etc. etc. They also want us to ignore the takeover of western countries by the muslims and their enablers and try to get all evidence of the takeover censored (very successfully). Communists generally support mohammedans because they both
      work for the same boss.

    • Drakken

      Well if you are so enamoured with mutil cultural muslims, I bloody well dare you to go live in their midst and lets see what happens.

    • Mary Sue

      Oh wow, are you leftist? Another leftist that doesn't understand just HOW MUCH Islamists hate working women? They hate women in authority with a passion. Genuine peaceful muslims do not. These kids and their parents are clearly a problem and clearly of the al quaida mindset. Terrorists in their midst. Sleeper cells!

    • Allen Papa Smith

      Steve Dennis- I can see why many think you a fool. You must be proud.

    • UCSPanther

      Typical leftist: Arguing with emotion rather than logic.

      • Questions

        That also describes virtually anyone who is excessively religious, whether Muslim or other.

    • UCSPanther

      When EU-style multiculturalism does unravel, I can guarantee that it will make the Utoya rampage look like a miniscule event in comparison.

      Just ask those who remember when Yugoslavia flew apart at the seams…

    • John

      Stevey or Sleazy – what ever – You are a COMPLETE MORON .


      Steve Dennis,

      I can see why you idolize osama bin laden. And that's not a compliment in civilized communities.

    • KathleenP

      Oh, give it a rest, Steve. Brevik did not "idolize" Bruce Bawer; he read him and quoted from some of his work, as he did with hundreds of other writers of various political persuasion in his rambling and lunatic manifesto. It's painful for a fine and principled writer like Bawer (and the equally excellent "Fjordman" whom Brevik also quoted) to be thus associated with this homicidal monster. No doubt it was also distressing for the Beatles to find out that killer Charles Manson claimed to have been inspired by their song "Helter Skelter." Nonetheless no-one to my knowledge has hurled the accusation at any of the Beatles that they were somehow responsible for Manson's crimes. Bawer and Fjordman tell the truth about the massive betrayal of the European people by Europe's elites when few others dare to. Brevik's horrible actions did nothing to change the truth of what these men wrote.

  • H.j.Dcruz

    Come what may Muslims will have their and the Danes and other Europeans/ westerners will have to embrace them, Submission and appeasement to them is their right

    • PhillipGaley

      Are you sure? Could there be a scenario in which the Moslems are suddenly removed, . . . as by slaughter, say? Could such be possible?

      • Mary Sue

        the sad part is that very extreme measures will be necessary to deal with any problem of this magnitude if it grows without being handled now. It will be forced on people if they want to preserve their freedoms.

        Nobody wants to do it; it'll look really really bad, but at the end of the day if something less extreme is not done soon, there is going to be civil war over there. Literally.

    • Drakken

      The day of critical mass is fast approaching, and when it does and I firmly believe it will, the muslims will rue the day they cried wolf one too many times, for I see the wolf feasting with no remorse.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Actually if the laws were enforced equally among all people, these troublemakers would be in prison, and those statistics might be more compelling in getting policies changed.

      We need to fight infiltration, because they control the public perception and therefore the politics of multiculturalism by preventing law enforcement from keeping society orderly. Law and order is starting to fail everywhere Islamic supremacists gather in significant numbers.

    • Donald Sharum

      It is more than obvious that ALL Muslims are the same. Many of them say they are not radicals and may not be at this point, (I even have a friend that is a Muslim) however they all follow the same religious book which was written by a child molesting, murderous rapist call Muhammad. Muhammad starts out as friendly and talks about many of the same things that Christians talk about and believe in. He even mentions Jesus and though he does not believe he is the “Son of God”, he says that he was a Profit. As you read this man’s documents/bible he gets worse and advocates lying, betraying and anything else to gain the confidence of the Infidel (meaning all non-believers such as Christians and everyone that are not Muslims.) He also mentions in several areas of his bible that if a later point or meaning or statement counters earlier points that they (the followers) should drop the earlier point and take the newer statement as the meaning of the point. As you go along, Muhammed gets more and more violent in his demands of the Muslims and advocates the Jihadist. The point is that these so called Non-Radical Muslims (your neighbors, friends and family) will one day be out numbered by those that are radical and will be forced to join their cause or die. Now I assume that they will not want to die or cause their families any harm and so they will follow and eventually have to join in the killing of the Infidels. Their bible tells them that this is their purpose in life to get what was promised in their afterlife. Europe is falling down to them quicker than Greece’s economy. Paris has a section of the city that the Paris police will not go into because the Muslims are so strong there that they just let them take care of themselves. That is giving up and NOT forcing them to live according to the laws of the new life they have gained by moving there. Parisians should stand up and go through these sections and forcing them out even if they have to kill many of them to do the job. America and all of its PC crap is or will be the downfall of America. We even have a state that is even allowing Sharia courts to cover problem Muslims. That IS NOT what they promised to do in their oath when they became citizens of this country. That is a complete disgrace and should never be allowed but because those in power do not want to be called racists, they allow it to happen. So I guess I am a racist against these people. I have never felt this way against any race but this is not a race, it is a Theocracy which is nothing more than a Government run by the Mullah’s. There public leaders are nothing more than figure heads to try and make them look like the rest of the world. This is how the Muslims have taken over anywhere they have gone and eventually WILL take over your country. One reason is that their increase of population is 8.1% compared to most other countries that are at or below the number to continue as a culture which is 2.1%. America is at that number only because of the Mexican illegals in the country. If you do not count the illegal Mexicans then we are at about 1.8% which means that we will not continue as a culture without the Mexicans. I really believe that America will have another revolution with blood running in the streets to put a halt to this assuming that it is started soon enough. I used to think that these “private” militia’s that I used to think were all just nuts in our society. Now, I want to join one locally to be part of an effective movement. One advantage that America has that other countries have been relieved of is our 2nd amendment of our Constitution that allows for all citizens to have private fire arms. Seems that every country in the world except Japan have the same problem. Japan does not allow ANY Islamics/Muslims people or writings into their country. The rest of us need to become as strong to put these people off. To do that, the first sacrifice will have to be eliminating Political Correctness and NOT allowing these people to move in and allow them to have their own laws from the old country but follow the laws of the country that they move too.

      • Mary Sue

        holy wall of text, batman? Paragraphs are your friend!

  • nunyainct

    There is SO MUCH that's important here, 1) too many Muslim immigrants do not assimilate, they infiltrate 2) Muslim males see women as inferior, thus, can be treated like garbage, 3) Muslims believe shariah law (to them, divine law) is superior to "man made" law (all other laws, including our Constitution, Bill of Rights) and therefore, is meaningless. Denmark, Spain, Germany the UK, the US faces big nightmares due to Islamification. Happy clappy coexistence is not the goal of Islam.

  • EtI

    Like the American left diversity. Race gender and Islam are celebrated. Diversity of opinion or truth is not. It's hard to be sympathetic to left wineuropeans who brought e storm to their own homes.

  • Eti

    Sorry my post had errors. Point is. Israel is denigrated for wanting separation from the Palestinians, many of whom want Israel destroyed and the European left has been smug and critical. And know they pay the price of appeasement to radical Muslims. Serves them right.

    • Drakken

      It is going to be those Europeans that you despise so much that will help you keep the muslims from slaughtering you Israelis, so be carefull who you vilify. The Euros are going to go back to what they are famous for soon enough, much to the muslims horror.

      • Mary Sue

        hopefully enough of said Europeans wake up before they are overwhelmed into being unable to do anything about it.

        • Drakken

          The spirit of Holger Danske is coming awake, you can bet on it.

      • Lisa

        In Australia we are taking a stand. Check out this page and if it interests you please like, and share to apread the word. A global effort will make a difference!

      • Donald Sharum

        @ Drakken. History contradicts your statement. History shows that there have never been but a very few that have stood up and put their lives on the line to help those that cannot help themselves. If not for the English, Aussies and the USA, Europe would still be goose stepping since WW11. The Leftists in Europe also are the ones that put up and approve of all this type of behavior to start with. The Leftists (Progressives) in the USA has broadly increased their base here also and that is the reason that the USA is in the trouble it is in today.

        Governments all over the world control their people through fear when it should be just the opposite. The governments should most fear and listen to the people. Those that want to be left alone and have a job to take care of their families.

        But when it comes to trying to help a people, Europe has never been someone to depend on. Always it is the USA, England and the Aussies that have stepped in to stop what was going on since Viet Nam. Since then, even the USA does not get too involved unless there is something in it for them such as oil or other minerals. That is another reason the USA is going down hill. Example is Darfour just a few years back when the population was being slaughtered daily and no one stepped in and just let it go on. These are the types of things that the world should step in for to help and wipe out the aggressors which also were Jihadist Muslim's. But they had nothing of value so the world just turned away and didn't do anything.

  • Sunbeam

    It has always been the case. Do not let them get hold of any advantage and they will used it to their upper most advantages, leaving no empathy whatsoever. And this is them.

  • Louis B Knockel

    A fair report of the events in Odense, thank you, Mr. Bawer. Danish parents, even left-wing ones, know that disaster threatens the future of their kids, so these kids are removed from the worst of the "multicultural" schools. However, muslims keep increasing in numbers, and Danes do not. The end of that story is no more than three generations away.

    • http://facebook LauraThompson

      No the end of that story is only one generation away…or less.

  • pinnie99

    Students > arent there to learn …just to disrupt life. I believe and long have,,,that there is something wrong with Islam.A wire crossed or just not connected. Marx's claim of useful idiots,describes them perfectly.

  • J.Simon

    and the liberal left wonder why breivick did what he did.

  • dmw

    "Bilinguals". Yeah, right. Moving your kids out of public schools (and still pay your taxes for them?) = Denial, cowardice, and also impoverishment (paying twice for the same thing, the "multicultural" or "diversity" tax)..

  • Guest

    I feel sorry for the Danes who, in all likelihood, were not asked, and had no choice in what types of people their government allows into the country. They would constitute a majority I'm sure. Now they will pay for generations, if not forever for the whims of a few liberals whose hearts are bigger than their heads.

  • LindaRivera



    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

  • LindaRivera

    Please help! The indigenous PEACEFUL NON-Muslim German students in Germany suffer constant jihad from infidel-hater Muslims!

    PROTECT CHILDREN! Stop the suffering of non-Muslims! END MUSLIM IMMIGRATION!


  • LindaRivera

    The comment I just made must be approved by a moderator? So my comment is now gone.

    • Mary Sue

      did you make more than two? I see two. Every once in a while they do that if you make a lot of comments in a short period of time.

      • LindaRivera

        I made a third comment!

        • Mary Sue

          the comments usually eventually show up. I think yours did now eventually too? Either that or it was "spam control" of some kind.

  • Drakken

    When the parents of the children who pulled them from the mulit cultural schools can no longer run from the problem and have nowhere to run to, then they will have no choice but to say no more and not one more inch.

  • tagalog

    Isn't it interesting, as the history of Western culture unfolds, that we are getting ever more detailed and inclusive in our complaints while at the same time we generalize the meaning of words so that they mean (as the character in Alice In Wonderland famously said) exactly what we want them to mean, no more and certainly no less. Arguably unpleasant language that, at most, is aimed at religion, is called racist. Remarkable. Muslims are idiots. At least the ones involved with that Denmark school are.

    Well, I take that back; it's not the Muslims that are idiots. It's the people who listen to them seriously, as if they really mean to claim discrimination. What they're really doing is whatever they can do to use the weapons we've created against us.

    Maybe some Norwegian parents should take Mr. Mansoor and his kid for a little walk down the way.

    The reporter's name is Poul Anderson? Is he related to the science fiction writer of The High Crusade?


      SCREW norway.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Isn't it interesting, as the history of Western culture unfolds, that we are getting ever more detailed and inclusive in our complaints while at the same time we generalize the meaning of words so that they mean"

      That's because we have more than one competing "comprehensive worldview" taught to students, thanks to Soviet Communist infiltration.

      • tagalog

        That's it, of course; I should have thought of that.

  • fmobler

    Multiculturalism is not exactly the problem. Rather it is the age old problem that charity – often translated to mean tolerance – is, like all virtues, easily perverted. This is a spiritual problem for the Danes: how to ride along on the moral capital of the West without God. Experience, right back to the Torah, suggests that a revival of belief in, and reliance on, the one true God is Europe's only hope. We cannot fight a spiritual evil with secular tools.

    • http://facebook LauraThompson

      "We cannot fight a spiritual evil with secular tools." I like that last sentence. It makes perfect sense and may use it to share similar beliefs with your permission.

  • Drakken

    I wonder how much longer before that ole spirit of Holger Danske is awakened? Perhaps an ad compaign with old Danske asking, what would Holger do?

  • riverboatbill

    Great Danes have been replaced by whinerreamers.

  • lisa

    Hi all, in Australia a large number of us are taking a stand. Go on Facebook, search "preserve the Australian way" and click on the pic of the Australian flag. We have started a petition and are collecting number's to create a political party. We have also chosen to wear the infidel label with pride as it means democracy, free speech and equality, so if us having and liking those things makes us infidels, then its a label I wear with pride! So check us out if your interested in change join us, if ur from

    • lisa

      Sry search "petition for government action against extreme Muslim protesters"

    • LindaRivera

      Hi lisa

      All the very best in the fight for FREEDOM in Australia!

      Did you know that there is a new political party in Australia

      In Britain, British Freedom is a new British party! It is Britain's last great hope!

      Non-Muslims of the world must unite! We must not go quietly into the night!
      NO Islamic conquest of our nations!

      • Rob

        Hi Linda,
        Here's a music video I made for us infidels:
        I hope you like it,

        • LindaRivera

          Hi Rob, I like your video! I posted it as a COMMENT on bni:

          MUST SEE! This is what happens in a country where only 12% of the population is Muslim and you decide to convert to Christianity

          • Mary Sue

            What I wanna know is where are Muslims in these backwards 3rd world countries getting strong acid to throw at people? Can they pick it up at their local Rite-Aid or something? Geez.

  • lisa

    If ur from another country, and start/have your own group link up with us to send our message global! Remember, Facebook and search "preserve the Australian way" to find us, we are a democracy, let's use our voices for change and stop the erosion of our cultures and traditions!

    • LindaRivera

      lisa, I'm sorry I don't have facebook.

      You will be interested in:

      barenakedislam: AUSTRALIA: British Freedom Party leader’s speech which called “Islam worse than Nazism” used in effort to stop construction of a mosque
      Members of Gungahlin’s evangelical community are distributing anti-Islamization materials from a British conservative party leader in their campaign against the construction of another terrorist training center.

      Canberra Times The anti-mosque campaign by the ”Concerned Citizens of Canberra” via email through associates in the community, supplied a video of rising political star, Paul Weston, the chairman of the British Freedom Party. In the eight-minute video, Mr Weston says Islam was ”worse than Nazism” and claimed Islamic influence in Britain would lead to civil war… is an excellent site.

      <a href="” target=”_blank”> is also an excellent site.

      Brits are viciously persecuted for protesting Islamification:

      Walthamstow: A Lesson in Powerlessness

      ALL non-Muslims in our countries must work together in the fight for freedom!

    • LindaRivera

      lisa, Sorry I don't have facebook.

      This is another good site:

  • Ghostwriter

    Why is Mr. Bawer being compared to Brievik? As far as I know,Bruce Bawer hasn't killed anyone.

  • lois

    God warned us not to allow immigration of peoples we have nothing in common. We are not to allow any peoples that will cause us turmoil.

    What does this say about the muslim, and others that have/are causing us problems. People who will not assimilate, respect our people, our laws. These people need to be deported.

    • Lisa

      In Australia we are taking a stand. Check out this page and if it interests you please like, and share to apread the word. A global effort will make a difference!

    • Mary Sue

      people like to think that all discrimination is irrational. Mindless discrimination with no basis other than in backwards viewpoints (such as the idea that skin color determines superiority or inferiority) certainly is. But when it comes to terrorists and those we are at war with, we MUST discriminate. We must discriminate between Muslims that are tolerant of other cultures, and those who are not. It's that simple.

  • lisa

    Sry search for "petition for government action against extreme Muslim protesters" to find the page on Facebook

  • Andrew Davis

    Some had the balls to talk about the problems of massimmigration as early as the 60's

    Did anyone listen? Its just as bad in the UK

  • Lisa

    In Australia we are taking a stand. Check out this page and if it interests you please like, and share to apread the word. A global effort will make a difference!

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Muslim and education. Not a good fit.

  • John

    It seems that the West is always a fews years late. While the mUslims have been steadily killing the innocent in our countries, we investigate, investigate and investigate. I'll bet the authorities know who is behind these killings; and even if they are tried and convicted they are allowed to live. You poor liberal Europeans. You'll eventually pay for this with a war that could have been averted by common sense. If you can vote then any sane person should vote for the most right wing leaders that you have. Liberalism, PC, and the left of European govts. should be hunted down and at least beaten. OH!!!! I can hear you liberals now,… it's the same here in the states except not yet so bad. You talk about oBamao and the major media outlets will crush you. Anyone with a mind can see that things are spinning to a point. That diversity just isn't working like you puke liberals hoped and planned for, is it?

  • k c punj

    Tolerance beyond certain limits becomes an evil. Violence or abuse in any form must be dealt with an iron hand. If anybody adopts a country other then his country of origin , he/she must respect the law of the land. If The Govt of that country can't control the evil cultural practices of immigrants or their religious obligations, that are in contrast with the law of the land , they should resign. Wake up the West before its too late.

  • k c punj

    The immigrants that can’t respect the vaues, & the Laws of the country of their adoption , should be deported to their country of origin……………….WEST MUST SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL——–WAKE UP

  • Lisa

    In Australia we are taking a stand. Check out this page and if it interests you please like, and share to apread the word. A global effort will make a difference!

  • @ylem0

    Wake up America or we're going to end up like France and Denmark.

    • Don

      We are well on our way and it will happen here if we do not take drastic steps to stop it.

  • mirco

    In germany even foreigners took their childs out of schools with turk/arabs.

  • Questions

    Islam both attracts and reinforces sociopaths.

  • Dwee

    Is being a racist illegal or just un pc? Don't different breeds of dogs have differences in personalities, intelligence, skills? Last time I checked, I look different from people in other races. Does that mean I am a racist? Am I breaking the law in admitting I am a different race from someone else? I don't think people ought to go around mass murdering a race, ethnic group, or zombie tribe, but deport them to some other place? Yea, might be a good idea. Why Israel ought to kick out the so called palestinians from the west bank and gaza, give them a nice fat check, after all they are subsidizing them anyway, and tell them to go f*ck off.

  • Finally Fed Up

    Tolerate. Understand. Respect.Celebrate. And finally, Embrace! The successive suicidal destruction of our own Western culture. (Mostly sponsored by white liberal/socialists) Our European forbears had the wisdom and guts to push the Muslims out of Europe. We dishonour our heritage by inviting them to conquer us now. Make no mistake– this is about conquering us.

  • George Austin

    islam is a curse on a person's soul. Pray for them. They are owned by satan and worship a bragging, murderer and admitted pedophile.

  • KathleenP

    In fairness, I have to point out the same kinds of problems occur in schools in the West with increasing numbers of Black and/or Hispanic students too, most of whom are not Muslim. I'd be interested to know which countries the majority of Denmark's Muslim immigrants come from.

    Cultures which do not place a high value on education, do not respect teachers or women, and which tolerate a high level of aggressive and disruptive behaviour in young males seem to have a toxic effect on education whenever their numbers reach ciritcal mass in a school system (in further fairness, I would call these "sub-cultures", as there are Black and Hispanic sub-cultures which strongly value discipline and education, and their children tend not to be troublemakers: teachers in Toronto's school system, for example, have noticed a difference between Jamaican-Canadian students, who cause a disproportionate amount of trouble, and students from some other West Indian countries who do much better at school.)

    The problem is, talking about cultural differences has become as verboten these days as talking about race.

  • Rob

    Here's my music video for all you infidels. Enjoy:

  • Vlad Tepes


  • Linda

    How about flashing a cross at these devils such as a cross is flashed at a vampire to scare them off!
    I have been told by a teacher she encounters the same disruption in USA schools. Any suprise, no, not really.

  • Armando

    99%, or very close to it, of robberies, assault, rape and murder (i.e." family honor" killings) and other atrocities in Europe today is comitted by followers of islam the "religion of peace."

  • FPF

    What's the Sharia punishment for people who steal other people's time and money when they disrupt a class?

  • Charlie

    Denmark prides itself on tolerance and charity and it has now come back to bite them – and bite em hard. Many Muslims misuse the charity and laws of Denmark to cause trouble and instability. By pulling out the race card or screaming religous discrimination, they force the Danes into situations they do not wish to go or ever planned to go. Open borders will soon become a thing of the past if Muslims continue to act this way. They should learn to assimilate or go home to their Islam countries. They come to Denmark for asylum or better lives, but than revert right back to the kind of culture they left which was so horrid. Learn to follow the laws of whatever country you move to – be it Denmark, UK, Germany or Australia. The more trouble the Muslims cause the harder it will be to find places of asylum in the future. Mr. Mansoor is only creating more problems for himself and his fellow Muslims when he and his son act in this fashion.
    You want respect – than give respect – to everyone – especially to women.

  • Craig

    It would seem that Denmark needs to change it's immigration policy ASAP.

  • Andrew Whitehead

    Why do western nations feel an obligation to take on the responsibility for taking care of Muslims? When the Muslims reach a certain percentage of the population (which varies depending on the current government) they tend to insist on their "rights", rights not currently available to any group, including natives.

    There is not, and never has been, a successful nation built on Muslim assimilation. The vast majority have no interest in integration and see Islamic domination as a worthwhile goal.

    We ignore basic truths at our own peril.

  • jsmth20