The Islamization of Copenhagen

Bit by bit, it’s getting worse.

In recent years, life in the city of Copenhagen has hardly been free of, shall we say, problems related to Islam. But for the most part, the worst of it has been confined to Muslim neighborhoods such as Nørrebro. And residents of Copenhagen have at least been able to console themselves that conditions in their city were nowhere near as bad as those right across the Øresund Bridge in the now notorious Swedish burg of Malmö.

Well, as an editorial in Jyllands-Posten acknowledged last week, “conditions such as those in Malmö…are beginning to appear in Copenhagen.”

In a news story that appeared on the same day as the editorial, Jyllands-Posten reported the latest example of these “conditions”: both the Israeli ambassador to Denmark, Arthur Avnon, and the head of Copenhagen’s Jewish community are now advising Jews in that city to stop wearing yarmulkes and Stars of David and speaking Hebrew loudly in public – even in neighborhoods that they think of as “safe.” Asked about this advice, Police Commissioner Lars-Christian Borg told Jyllands-Posten that Jews – and gays, too – should stay away from parts of the city where there is a recognized “risk of clashes and harassment.” (Nice euphemism for “Muslim neighborhoods,” that.)

The Jyllands-Posten editorial bleakly toted up other examples of what they described as the city’s increasing readiness to adapt to the ever-worsening situation in the Danish capital: Copenhagen’s Jewish school “looks like a small fortress,” supplied with an elaborate security system and police protection, a constant reminder to the children that there are people who wish to do them harm; the head of the Danish-Palestinian Friendship Society, who is also a leading figure in Denmark’s ruling Socialist People’s Party, recently opined that Hitler should have killed even more Jews than he did, and went unpunished and all but entirely uncriticized for it; Copenhagen’s mayor called on Jews not to display too many Israeli flags at a recent multicultural festival, an admonition that was generally regarded as sensible: “why pick unnecessary fights?” Why “provoke”? Once again proving itself to be morally head and shoulders above virtually every other major newspaper in Europe, Jyllands-Posten called on Danes to recognize just how dangerous it is to respond in a passive and accommodating way to Muslim hatred, and urged them to  stand up to it before it’s too late.

One person in Denmark who has stood up, in at least a small way, is a gay guy in his thirties named Jim Lyngvild. He works as a clothes designer and fashion commentator and in recent years has been a frequent guest on Danish TV talk shows and a participant in a number of Danish reality shows, including that country’s version of Survivor. These activities have made him a familiar face in his native land.  But one of the undesirable side effects of his recognizability, as the newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende reported last week, is that every time he walks along a pedestrian street in Copenhagen – or for that matter in Odense, a small city on the Danish island of Funen, near the rural village in which he lives – he finds himself being called “faggot” or “gay pig.” And as Fyens Stiftstidende put it, “it’s always the same people who scream at him.”

Simply put, Lyngvild never gets heckled by ethnic Danes. Or by immigrant-group members who are walking along by themselves. But he says that when a bunch of “second-generation immigrants” pass by him on the street – and this happens, he says, pretty much on a daily basis – “I can be sure that they’ll yell at me.” (Nowhere in Lyngvild’s article, incidentally, does the word Muslim or Islam appear; instead he follows what is now pretty much standard practice in the European media, which prefer terms like “second-generation immigrant” and “people with another ethnic background.”)

Until the other day, Lyngvild didn’t react to the daily harassment. In a way, he’d gotten used to it. He was brought up, he says, “to turn the other cheek.” Which is not to say he ever stopped despising and resenting this treatment by strangers. The idea of yelling such ugly things at somebody on the street is just beyond his comprehension.

But last Thursday he realized he’d had enough. “I came home from London and was walking through the train station in Odense. A group of second-generation immigrants yelled ‘faggots’ at me.” When he got to his house, he was still angry – so angry that he went on Facebook and, in an indiscreet moment, typed out a Danish word that translates roughly as “Paki pigs.” Shortly afterwards he thought better of it and removed the posting. By then, however, it had already attracted considerable attention – from, among others, the Danish police, who promptly threatened to charge him with racism.

He says he doesn’t care. “Of course I’m not racist. I’m just so tired of not being allowed to defend myself.” He’s also sick of the fact that while people from other cultures are allowed to declare their cultural pride, ethnic Danes are expected to “shut up” – for to say anything suggestive of pride in one’s Danish identity or in Danish culture can easily be interpreted these days as racism.  He’s not having it: “I am enormously proud of my heritage.  And I want to show it.”

In a Facebook posting about the Fyens Stiftstidende article, Lyngvild writes: “And I stand by every single word!!!” Some Danes who commented on the article on Facebook made it clear that, in their view, the police are right: with his indiscreet Facebook posting and his admission to feeling pride in his Danish heritage, Lyngvild has proven himself to be a racist. Others disagreed. One woman mentioned that her fifteen-year-old daughter is scared to go to school because certain classmates call her a whore. School authorities are indifferent, and any parent who dares to react is then labeled, yes, a racist. “But who is it that’s racist, when they think that all Danish girls are whores?”

Last week brought another story from Denmark of some folks who have stood up to all this in what may, again, be regarded as a small way. Of late, young Muslims have apparently stepped up efforts to extort money from business owners in Nørrebro. The idea, of course, is to collect tribute, or Jizya, from non-believers who are viewed as dhimmis living on Muslim turf.  In August, a woman whose bar in Nørrebro has been vandalized by young Muslims, courageously reported one such extortion attempt to the police, who ended up making an arrest. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, a group of young Muslims tried the same thing with Holy Cross Church, also in Nørrebro, telling the verger that the house of worship was in their territory and was obliged to fork over some dough. To their credit, church officials, like the bar owner, went to the cops. Not so much to their credit, the same church officials appear to be trying to cloak the entire episode in silence: members of the parish council have been advised not to speak to the media, and the dean of the church and local bishop also refused to comment.

The lesson, of course, as the editors of Jyllands-Posten obviously recognize, is a simple and familiar one: as Edmund Burke famously put it, all that’s necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. In Denmark, as elsewhere in the West today, alas, the good men – and women – who are daring to stand up to the evil of Islamization in even small ways are so rare that people write articles about them.

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  • RedWhiteAndJew

    Obviously, guns are to blame.

  • Rostislav

    So, Muslims claim Denmark to be "their territory", churches and bars including?! Seems, even Nazis weren't so bold – but them were the good old days, when even the Danish king himself was valiantly wearing the band with a Star of David, without any trembling fears "to provoke" occupants. The present-day Danish mayors, bishops and politicians would be marked by the resisting Danes of those gone days as traitors and cowards. And they will surely get what all the cowards deserve – slavery. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      It's what muslims do. It's Dar ul Harb, or Dar ul islam to them, and once it becomes the later, it is that until Armageddon.

  • dionissismitropoulos

    Copenhagen’s mayor called on Jews not to display too many Israeli flags at a recent multicultural festival, an admonition that was generally regarded as sensible: “why pick unnecessary fights?”

    Because if we don't pick the cognitive fights, the honor-shame minded Muslims will interpret our deference as a sign of weakness, and, as a result, will become more brazen in their demands.

    Just look how the fact that Israel was recently forced by the international community to refrain from a ground operation against Hamas was interpreted by Palestinians:

    87.7% of Palestinian Arabs support Hamas-style terror.

    And this widespread Palestinian support for terrorism came as result of Palestinians seeing that Hamas' terrorism pays – isn't that what the international community did by saving Hamas from an Israeli ground invasion, i.e. rewarded Hamas for its aggression?

    Muslims don't consider us polite and gentle when we capitulate.

    Instead, they view us as weak and real suckers.

    • Raymond in DC

      The "rewards" to Hamas haven't all been tallied yet. Still to come is the "donors conference", headed by Clinton or her successor, to raise money to "help rebuild" Gaza for the damage sparked by their own aggression. So in the end such aggression proves "cost-free".

  • fritz

    One of the biggest german Rockbands wrote a song against Turks because they where Punks at this time and the Turks beat them up for beiing Punks.25 years later a member said even as a kid he was afraid to go to school because they beat him up.The press didn´t wantted to know why they wrote song,they have only one word for it NAZI!

  • john

    I wouldn't think that Copenhagen would give up their city so fast to the muslims. This is what islamization will do to us. One Italian told me that Rome is almost taken by muslims. In the earlier days when they killed 2 Dutch people there were rumours that after killing Geert Wilders the Pope would be next because the Pope had told them that they had to slow down on islamization of Western nations. This islamization is getting way out of hands, a quick way to slow them down would be a little Abomb.

    • kikkoman

      In the case of, say, Germany or the UK, the 'reasons' for our self-castigation are rather easy to see. But the nordic guys? Are they ashamed to be Vikings now? Seriously, has anyone an insight what happened to them?

  • Thomas Wells

    Something is rotten in Denmark.

    • Eddie

      Something is rotten in Holland to.

  • Judenlieber


  • LindaRivera

    Join the European Defense Leagues! Join the European Freedom Parties!
    To tell the TRUTH about Muslims and Islam is NOT racist! Islam has nothing to do with race. It is a totalitarian POLITICAL religious system that seeks the ENSLAVEMENT of the entire human race.

    • Mareli

      I am encountering the same silliness among American leftists. They are quite sensible about everything except Islam. They are putting on a lecture next month on "Imperial Feminism and the Muslim Other" that I feel I should attend and protest out of principle, even though I know that they will just say I am being "racist." Why are these people so sensible about economics and so stupid about authoritarian religions and governments that are non-European?

  • LindaRivera

    Geert Wilders in Malmö
    “Brussels where Islamic gangs with Kalashnikovs have chased the police from certain neighborhoods…”

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Muslims are obeying the Quran to wage war. Our treasonous Western ruling elites have imported many millions of Muslims into our countries to wage jihad against us.

    Instead of responding to the Islamic jihad waged daily against
    non-Muslims inside our countries, and have our military go into every
    no-go Muslim area and deport the jihadist Muslims, Muslims are ALLOWED
    to continue their war against us.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    Muslim immigration is continually increased by Western ruling elites
    to facilitate greater war against non-Muslim innocents. Together,
    Western ruling elites and devout Muslims wage WAR against us.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to
    the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because
    they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their
    sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”
    – Houari (Mohamed) Boumedienne, President of Algeria, 1965 – 1978, in a 1974 speech at the UN

    Join and support British Freedom, Britain's last great hope!

    • Mary Sue

      OMG Muslims with "ASSAULT WEAPONS!" 111oneone!!!!eleventy!!!1

    • aslam

      dear linda;
      you clearly got both verses that you quoted above wrong (Qoran 8:39) & (9:5). Verses of Qoran in relation to history were sent to Muhammad, messenger of God accordingly to what was being encountered by muslims at that particular time.
      The former verse is in reference to the battle of Badr (where in the pagans of Makkah came to fight against muslims in Madina) & it says "and fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice & faith in God alltogether & everywehere; BUT if they cease, verily God doth see all that they do".
      The latter verse says : "But when the forbidden months are past, then fight & slay the pagans wherever you find them; BUT if they repent and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them; for God is Oft-forgiving & Most Merciful. This is in reference to "TREATY OF HUDAIBIYAH" ; where in the pagan Arabs went against the treaty that was made between them & muslims; thus muslims were commanded by God to go against them in order to protect their land & for their rights!
      Hope this shed some light on your view on Islam. I agree certain groups of so-called muslims do terror but that is INDIVIDUAL nothing related to what Islam taught. In fact there are verses in Qoran where God warns muslims against being injustice towards non-muslims. Islam FORBIDS terrorism.

      • Georgina

        "BUT if they repent and establish regular prayers" – meaning to your god.
        According to islamic doctrine, all land belongs to your god and therefore to you, so "in order to protect their land" means even less than repenting.

        What is if I do not wish to repent? If I wish to remain a free and outspoken atheist who dislikes your ideology?
        Correct, your ideology says "fight & slay" my kind.
        Well, sod that.

        • aslam

          dear Georgina…thanks for your comment.

          In this Treaty of Hudaibiyah, agreement were made between pagan Arabs & muslims saying that both parties shall to be engaged in any form of dispute or war and shall not help other tribes to be involved in wars. (FYI; before this treaty, there were 3 battles where in the pagan Arabs came to attack muslims) So what happened was, the pagan Arabs went AGAINST this treaty by capturing a group of muslims on their business trip & refused to hand over this group even after negotiation. And they wanted to launch a war against this muslim people (who were based in Medina at that time). WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN PEOPLE WANT TO ATTACK YOU & NOT WILLING TO NEGOTIATE FOR PEACE? dON'T YOU WANT TO PROTECT YOURSELVES?

          Regarding repent….it is not meant that you repent & must be a muslim. In Islam, there are 2 categories of non-muslims; one is those who are at peace with muslims & another is those who are against muslims. Those who are at peace shall be PROTECTED by muslim rulers & they ought to receive SAME rights as muslims. So if you are under a Muslim government & you are not against Islam, you are free to practice your faith & the rulers are obliged to protect you…they CANNOT "fight & slay" you.
          Thank you for reading. Im happy to answer more of your doubts

          • aslam

            sorry typing error on 2nd line "both parties shall NOT be engaged in any form of dispute"

      • Drakken

        Your days in the West are numbered muslim, the day of Europe awaking to it's nationalistic roots is coming and when it does, muslims are going to be an endangered species and you will have brought this upon yourselves!

      • Western Canadian

        You are one of two people on this board stupid enough to believe that islam “FORBIDS” terrorism….. There is NOTHING in all of human history that even comes close to islam, for it’s unspeakable, vicious, sub-animal brutality, barbarism, terrorism, and unabashed criminality. Don’t lie to people on this board again. It doesn’t work, either when dealiing with islam, or it’s vicious, criminal history.

        • aslam

          dear western canadian;

          do not make wild accusations. Do read the history & the religious scriptures in its context. There is no point flaming up hatred…we are created of many races & tribes so that we get to know each other & respect each other.
          I condemn all kind of terrorism done by muslims as well as non muslims, as NO religion promotes terrorism.

      • MarineCorpsVet

        What a crock of dhimmi crap!

  • crypticguise

    Why are Europeans such COWARDS? IslamoFascism has to be stopped NOW, or Europe is finished. Well, actually Europe has already given in to Muslim IslamoNazis and is finished. Just a matter of time until Sharia Law takes hold and Ethnic Europeans can convert or pay the jizya tax. ____Welcome to IslamoEuropa…

    • Georgina

      Actually, they are not really cowards. Just most depend on their jobs and the fastest way to get fired is to get arrested for racism. If a muslim shouts "kufir whore, I f* your mother" and you reply "shut up you rude bastard" – guess who gets arrested, and charged, possibly with a hate crime?

      • Drakken

        But the more the authorities silence peoples voices, then next thing they hear will be the sound of rifles.

        • curmudgeon

          what you are predicting is exactly what happened in norway. did you notice the tidal wave of support for the patriot who fought back in the only manner left after free speech has been banned? sheep. in a pen. the easy way out is over there through that chute. go ahead. walk through the chute. it is easy and painless.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "He’s also sick of the fact that while people from other cultures are allowed to declare their cultural pride, ethnic Danes are expected to “shut up” – for to say anything suggestive of pride in one’s Danish identity or in Danish culture can easily be interpreted these days as racism."

    Hmmmmm……Does this sound familiar?

    "Copenhagen’s mayor called on Jews not to display too many Israeli flags at a recent multicultural festival, an admonition that was generally regarded as sensible: “why pick unnecessary fights?” Why “provoke”? "

    Are we much different? Under good ol, Barry; Do we not treat Islamists like the spoiled rotten special rich kid that can't help but be dysfunctional?

    You know, we look at this article that's in reference to a foreign country while forgetting that the same exact thing is occuring here, right now

    • Mike

      I know! I think the West is being colonized. If it is wrong for Western People to colonise africa and asia and west hemisphere, then the reverse should apply also.

      You know, by strict Darwinian type principle, we the people have the right to participate in the struggle to survive.

      Every organism on this biosphere kills, eats, fights back, runs, and struggles to survive. By their own liberal laws – not morality, not religion, not the greatness of the western peoples…but by the PLANET EARTH – we have the right to survive. That entails a myriad of options to choose from.

      Perhaps western people and our allies should consider adopting belief systems such as, "Resist the Occupation!"

      • Drakken

        The days of Western retribution are coming and it is going to make the erbs and Croats look like choir boys by comparrison.

  • Ghostwriter

    I doubt that the Danes are going to like that a whole lot.

  • Patriotliz

    Liberals are so afraid of being Nationalistic that they would rather commit national suicide then push back against the take over their country by Islamic supremacists. They are stuck on stupid with their suicidal tolerance of "hard" multiculturalism where the foreigner invaders/migrants don't assimilate but transform the host country into the cesspool country of their origin. There is no difference between Islamic supremacists and the Nazis or KKK. The Danes are good little dhimmis.

  • fr8dog

    I’d not be surprised if eventually there are fatal attacks by Muslins against Jews. Unfortunately, this is what it may take for Denmark & other nations to take action. But if Governments fail to do so, the only alternative is for citizens, especially Jews, to take matters into their own hands. Perhaps it will take a repeat of 1938 Krystalnacht, (only this time targeting the right Semites), to send a message to the Muslim community that they’re no longer wanted or tolerated. I know that here in America, should the Muslim community pose such as danger, it wouldn’t take long for there to be such a violent backlash. And keep in mind that in America there are now 90 MILLION ARMED CITIZENS with good cause to take well deserved revenge against these Islamofacist Vermin.

    • Mary Sue

      If there's Muslin attacks on Jews, I think we're going to need tablecloth control! ;)

    • curmudgeon

      you are wrong about the backlash in america. we are just as cowardly as europeans, and are importing evil as fast as our rulers can. we are submitting to evil as if we are sheep. our media is 99% in favor of submitting to evil, our political parties are in agreement on only one issue, and that is that we must submit to evil. anyone that resists is a criminal, and will be punished by the very authorities who should be sending evil home.

  • Mike Harty

    During the Civil Rights Movement in the USA, there was violent resistance to integration. One way around this was to have soldiers escort black students attending all white schools etc.

    Danes should defy the implied Islamic threats and MARCH through those Islamic neighborhoods. They belong to the Danish people. Why don't the Danes show solidarity to their own way of life, by marching through these "no go" areas with offduty police/military escorting them/marching with them. The Military should be helping it's own people protest this implied islamic threat by challenging it….as a united country. Put tens of thousands into the streets! Peaceful Danish march for tolerance and western dignity…with a good amount of tough guys marching along to protect them.

    Bring plenty of cameras and document the bigoted violence of Islamic hooligans.

  • Drakken

    The old spirit of Holgar Dankse needs to be reserected with a vengeance, it is time to meet muslim aggression with Western resolve. Make them fear you, paint signs in muslim enclaves with the words muslim raus and put a huge red cross by it. The next time the savages come for a tribute payment, they should be hung on the nearest lampost with a pigs foot shoved in their mouths. For every act of muslim aggression, it must be meet with a ten fold response.

  • Tim

    all I can say to the Danes, Swedes, and Norweigians is this….where is your old Viking Spirit?????? Your ancestors would never have put up with these Muslim invaders taking over your country. If they lived in your country in peace and harmony that would be OK. But you are actually allowing them to control you and run your country. Have you lost your righteous manhood??? Your government must be so ultra-liberal that it has become strong as a wet noodle. Get up and defend yourselves before it is too late.

  • PAthena

    How is it that so many Muslims are now living in Europe? E.G. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland?

  • Mameshki

    American may be wacko to the rest of the world given the CT shooting by some whiskey delta that didnt have enough mommy's nipple time, then went out and committed murder "he couldn't handle it anymore" was said. In the end, Americans do their talking with guns. I for one cant imagine some thug coming into my store and demanding extortion. You have to believe he's armed, dangerous and violent. America has gotten to today's point, that WWII and for the next 60 years, has been in continuous wars, insane, crazy misguided wars. 60 years of wars (35-40 of fighting), so what else is to be expected? Killings. Lastly, if one goes back thru history and creates a time line, you can see the spread of violence as soon as public school took prayer and God out of the class room and students would not recite the Pledge of Allegiance. What does one expect. Our stinking lame brain politicians will never figure this out.

  • mr t

    too many muslims are in europe, if the goverment not gonna do anything it will be big problem.

  • H.j.Dcruz

    Muslims are also hopeful of aspiring to the Danish throne.This will then become the Islamic Republic of Denmark. Their coming to Europe in large numbers has a motive which is Islamisation of Europe

  • Samir S. Halabi

    Sometime in January 2013 I have to go on business to Copenhagen, I have never thought it necessary to refrain from wearing my Kippah (skullcap) If muslim troublemakers don't like it well tough luck for them.
    My family had to exit our Arab-homeland in Syria decades ago because of anti-Jewish hatred, abuse, false-imprisonment, torture and even death. My parents have lived in europe for the past four decades, and i'm not going to succumb to any harassment from Muslim immigrants who hate both Jews and Israel. However I will come accompanied by my protector/bodyguard a massive Russian military trained Canine who's always present by my side, he has his passport and has never been refused entry into any european city which has necessitated my presence. he weighs just a little over 120kg and stands to his shoulders at around 90c/m. I would be extremely surprised and amused if any Muslim troublemakers would dare to give any verbal abuse or try to attack me.

  • garyfouse

    I first visited Copenhagen in 1968 as a young US army soldier stationed in Germany. It was such a fun and welcoming place for foreigners and it became my favorite place. I have not been back since the mid 70s, but it makes me sad to see that it is a different Copenhagen now.

  • Samir Halabi

    Any Muslim that raises his hand up to a Jew to strike him in Denmark or any other Scandinavian country should be arrested by the police, tried and given hard labor for 10 years.