The Death of Free Speech in Sweden

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Earlier this month, under the headline “Words are not innocent,” the Swedish newspaper Dagbladet ran an opinion piece by its cultural editor, Kaj Schueler, which was, essentially, an attack on Sweden’s newly minted Free Press Society.  It was one of several such attacks directed at the organization in recent weeks by members of Sweden’s mainstream media, all of which made essentially the same arguments as Schueler – who, early in his article, summed up his position as follows: “According to the Free Press Society, we no longer have real freedom of speech in Sweden.  They are wrong – we have it.  But since words are not innocent, there are limits to free speech.”

As the rest of Schueler’s article made clear, he wasn’t referring here to the kind of reasonable “limits” on free speech that prohibit, for example, direct incitement to violence and murder.  No, he was talking about much broader and vaguer and more pernicious “limits” – the kind that ban, for example, “offensive” statements, or, more specifically, statements that certain groups of people might object to as “offensive.”

Which groups?  Well, groups like the Muslims who are an increasingly formidable presence in Sweden, notably in the southern city of Malmö, where their presence has caused an increasing amount of what may euphemistically be described as social friction.  Thanks to a rising tide of anti-Semitic activity by Muslim youth, for example, more and more Jews are abandoning Malmö for other parts of Sweden or for Israel.  Schueler sought to blame Malmö’s problems not on Muslims (needless to say) but on (of all people) the Danes.

His argument?  Malmö, owing to its geographic proximity to Denmark, has been influenced not only by Danish music, drama, film, literature, and cuisine, but also by political ideas that, in Schueler’s view, have poisoned Denmark and threaten to poison Sweden, too.  Among these ideas: “biker-gang culture, hatred for immigrants, and so-called straightforwardness.”

Ah yes, the poison of straightforwardness!  Ask any honest broker who is familiar with the looming disaster that is now Malmö and they will not mention “biker-gang culture.”  They will, if they are candid enough, tell you about the proliferation in Malmö of other types of gangs with another type of “culture.”  They will not talk about “hatred for immigrants” but about immigrants from the Muslim world who, with increasing audacity and arrogance,  have made very clear their contempt for the West, for democracy, for sexual equality, for Christianity and Judaism, for freedom of speech and religion, for gays, and for the traditional culture and social values of the country in which they live.  But no, Schueler was not about to enter that territory.

“In Denmark as in Sweden,” lectured Schueler, “it is sometimes argued that there are only certain things that should be said, thought, and debated when it comes to topics like feminism, Islam, immigrants, cultural differences, crime, and multiculturalism.  If you do not take a politically correct stance on these questions, it is said, you are excluded from the media.”  Schueler put this in such a way as to seem to be suggesting that such claims are ludicrous – that accusations of censoriousness on the part of the Swedish media are false – even though the whole point of his article was, in fact, to defend this censoriousness as the only appropriate posture for responsible journalists to take.

Which brings us back to the Free Press Society, which was founded precisely in response to this insidious pattern of censoriousness.  The group is modeled on the Danish organization of the same name, established in Copenhagen in 2004 by Lars Hedegaard, who, as Schueler was quick to inform his readers, has “expressed strong anti-Muslim views” and “has been convicted of racist statements in accordance with the Danish equivalent of the law on incitement to racial hatred.”  The truth of the matter is that Hedegaard’s “crime” was stating objective facts about Islamic belief and practice, including the religion’s deplorable treatment of women – and stating them, moreover, in a private conversation in his own home.  Schueler wrote as if Hedegaard’s conviction on such charges proves that he is a disreputable character, when in fact what it proves is that, when it comes to freedom of speech, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

There was more.  Hedegaard, it seems, gave a talk at the opening of Malmö’s Free Press Society, and Schueler quoted a remark apparently made by him on that occasion in which he acknowledged the centrality to Islam of the commandment to bring the whole world under Islamic domination.  Schueler made no comment about Hedegaard’s remark – which was a simple statement of fact – presumably because Schueler was confident that for his readers, as for him, the remark itself constituted transparent proof of Hedegaard’s dangerous extremism.

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  • Louan

    If you don't like the free speak, then go back to where your roots are from.

    • old white guy

      i think a truly free people would look at this and say ok, which one of you communists will die today in order to remove my freedom to speak?

  • ExilSwede

    Mr. Bawer,
    I am a Swede and a long time reader of your books and articles. The work you do is important and I can assure you that you are having am impact, even if it may seem hopeless at times. Please keep it up, we need all the help we can get!

  • Fred Dawes

    We must all understand one fact in 1940 sweden was exporting war good to nazi germany and did not stop until the end of 1944, in fact UK/US military cut off germany from sweden. The fact is Sweden has never had real free speech and its about time that the swedish act to free its own nation.

    • ExilSwede

      Yes, we did export "war goods" to Germany. But we also sold weapons the US/UK. In some cases, the same weapon systems, such as the Bofors anti aircraft guns, were sold to both sides. Furthermore, the situation was in no way as clearcut as it may seem in the rear view mirror. As an example, Finland was attaced by Russia in 1939 and after that (1941) became an open allied of Germany until 1944. And Finland was a part of Sweden for 400 years and there are very strong bonds between these two nations.

      From a US perspective, WW2 may only seem like a conflict between the good guys UK/US and the bad Germans. But at the time in Europe, it very much also meant to take sides between Stalin and Hitler. And that is somewhat less clear, or what do you think? Please look at a map from 1939-1940 and consider how the world would have looked from a Swedish perspective.

      Having said that, I fully agree that we need to "free our own nation" from the current left wing cultural marxists that run the place. But that goes for most western nations, I think.

      • Niklas R.

        A few corrections, Finland was part of Sweden from the 12th century to 1809 when Sweden lost it to Russia, that's close to 700 years.

        Yes, Sweden sold goods to Germany, Sweden also kept the British aircrafts flying by suppling them with ball bearings and other strategic goods shipped out on blockad runners from the west coast.
        Sweden helped Finland in it's struggle against the Soviet Union. Sweden also helped the danish and norwegian resistance against the German occupation. In short, Sweden did what it could for her neighbours in time of war and to keep the country out of the conflict and ensure the safety of her people.

        • Jane Larson Baer

          thank you Niklas…all 4 of my grandparents moved from Jamtland Sweden to Chicago around 1910, but my father's mother and sister lived for a year or so back in Jamtland Sweden during WW2. It was hard for them I think as relatively new Americans to fully pitch in with UK so fast in WW2 llike Anglo-Americans…I always thought from their viewbefore knowlege of the killing of Jews, culturally rich Germany might have seemed to have been trying ot get a little of something like the British Empire from which America seemed like a good place for Swedes only because American was independent of England. I have been called racist for saying that there were heroin dealers in front of where some Latinos lived nearmy family home in California. It is so heart-breaking and dangerous to tell the truth.

  • maturin20

    I wonder why we expect more from Sweden than we've achieved in the USA, but a fight worth fighting nonetheless.

    • Guest

      Don't know why so many people marked this down. You are absolutely correct. We are heading in that ver direction quickly.

      • reader

        Because it is a troll with the Jew hating agenda. Other than Jew hating speech, the only freedom of speech this troll is worried about is the its freedom to troll.

    • Ed

      Because Sweden is a much older Nation, and one that is traditionally considered extremely liberal, compared with the USA. Unfortunately the very meaning of the word Liberal has been changed beyond all recognition today.

  • Jerome

    How do you say Up your Posterior in Swedish?

    • dolf37

      Ta dig i arslet (which literally translates as "Grab yourself in the ass"). But don't use it to all Swedes, the media climate might be insane here, but it doesn't mean all swedes are.

    • Toblerona Sahliv

      “Sträck på dig!” or “Stå upp för dig själv!” etc.

  • Ken

    It's part of the Progressive agenda. When they can control your speech they can control you!! It's already happening here in the US. Criticize anything Islamic, you are a Islamophobe. Take a counter-point on contraception, you are at war against woman. I could go on, but you get the point. The PC police are trying to limit our speech whenever they can!

    • Jane Larson Baer

      yes, in my comment to Niklas above I said I was called a racist for saying there were heroin dealers in front of where some Latinos lived near my California home…I said the PC "Latinos" instead of "Mexicans in the US illegally".Even as a relatively free Swedish-American I am still controled by the PC police through speech codes. I have close relatives in Jamtland Sweden…my Swedish Cousins cannot describe what is happening to them because of Muslim immigrants in a similar way that I cannot describe what is happening to me because of Mexican immigrants. And we Scandinavians and Nordic-Americans are tired of being blamed for the KKK and Nazis, those were peole who wanted to be more like us because we used to be looked up to, but they were not us. We were looked up to because of our Viking and pre-viking heritage of being the most gender equal (different but equal) culture on the planet (which is why we fought the Holy Roman Empire & its burning witches and settled in what is now America as pre-Christians & in Sweden influenced Christianity to become more gender equal Protestant, where women have souls.

      • ExilSwede

        "And we Scandinavians and Nordic-Americans are tired of being blamed for the KKK and Nazis"

        Does that really happen in the US? In Europe, I have never, ever heard anybody put the blame on Scandinavians like that.

        • Jane Larson Baer

          perhaps because Scandinavians are a small percentage of Americans and are integrated…we are the "ultra-whites"
          along with the English-Americans whose ancestors were the English Colonials
          who get the blame
          there are even University courses on (against) the "ultra-whites"for example (if I remember right) at the University of California at Berkeley (at least at other schools)

  • David M

    Bruce Bawer is calling a spade a spade and I have called Sweden as the North Korea of Europe. In Sweden everything is hate speech with the exception of freedom to insult and hate Christianity and Christian, straight, white male. The left (socialists, communists, greens, labor unions and the church) have found Islam as their new religion and Muslims, especially Palestinians, as the holiest spices on earth. If you want to see the ugliest face of feminism, antisemitism, uselessness, stupidity and cowardice of journalists and politicians and the worst form of unholy alliance between Islam and Marxism, you have to come to Sweden. The Swedes are nice and decent people ( I love Sweden) but their only guilt is that they have left politics to the worst people in Sweden.

  • Anthony

    Ok. Free speech is gone the way of the Dodo bird in Sweden – now what?

    We know the names and addresses of the villains who stole it, we know their tactics and modus operandi, we see the results of their work.

    So, endless blood pressure raising articles pointing out more of the same stuff about the Europeans self imposed prison seems utterly a puny response.

    When, and only when the people reach a critical mass, will they act. They may never reach the limits of their seeming endless. Tolerance for dishonor and abuse before the Moslems take total power, but when and if they do, they know who needs to be removed from office, impeached from power, imprisoned for treason.

    I have no feelings anymore for these sleezy Swedes who are high on the self righteousness and multiculturalism their orgy of Liberslism provides – neither should you Bruce because they obviously accept and thrive in their sewer.

    • ExilSwede

      " have no feelings anymore for these sleezy Swedes"

      Ok, I admit to also beeing very, very frustrated with my own people. But please consider:

      1. Most of the prevaling liberalism in Sweden is imported from the US. Feminism, mulitculturalism, moral relativity, etc, etc mainly came via the US to Sweden. Sweden is something similar to what the US might have been without a conservative opposition, i.e. dominated by liberals in every way.
      2. All western nations are facing similar issues related to immigration. I would argue that to some extent parts of the US may have the most pressing problems, i.e. several states risk becoming part of Latin America in the near future. All of us that like to see a strong western world need to try to co-operate and stand up for our right to exist, just like other groups do. These other groups (Africans, Arabs, Asians) REALLY don't like us and would love to see us decline and eventually destroy ourselves. I see no reason to help with this process and try to always look at what I have in common with other westernerns rather than to find reasons to dislike them.

      • Anthony

        Have you escaped Sweden? I agree, while writing my feelings, I looked around my city and see exactly the mess you people are busy being victimized by. The only difference is that the laws in your country are similar as our “hate” thought crimes category, but not quite as absolute. Additionally, our speech though endangered , is still free for the moment.

        • ExilSwede

          Yes, I escaped many years ago. After 5 years in the UK, I then moved to Switzerland and have been there for almost 10 years. As far as I am concered, Switzerland is the only true conservative nation left in the west and it is truly a blessing to live here. But I do feel some hope for several other european countries as well. Denmark and Holland are looking promising and it was not that long ago that those nations were as PC as present day Sweden.

          • Anthony

            I wish you well. At this point, only a firmly reconstituted European identity grounded in Europe’s historic understanding of itself can prevent Armageddon.

            Yet, our Christian faith speaks of the futility of stopping what must come in the end, and foreshadows many of the events now happening that appear now leading up to this final battle.

    • dolf37

      we are no more homogeneous than you are in the U.S., so give us the benefit of doubt before you diss us all. Fact is most people are quite ok, they simply lack awareness. Just as in U.S.

  • Mister Right

    The totalitarian impulse of leftists is terrifying. We should always remember that the line between soft tyranny – speech codes, etc – and hard tyranny is often quite thin. How much more of this are we going to take? Multiculturalism, cultural marxism, buzz words like "diversity" and "tolerance" – these are all euphemisms for undermining core Western values.

    Let's keep up the good fight and support the brave folks at the Free Speech Society. FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) is also a very important organization. We need to put money where our mouths are.

    • Dave O'Connor

      Mr. Right, your comments ring true, "The totalitarian impulse of leftists is terrifying…" especially, so as you cite the examples.
      What I find exceptional is the aggression and assertiveness upon communities and countries against whom they have no historical beef.

  • Mike

    When I was younger, I always wanted to take a trip to Sweden. I had no clue it was in the process of being over-run by muslims. I think I'll pass on that trip to Sweden. Such a great culture going to sh*t now because a bunch of dirty muslims moving in. Thank you Swedish government for turning your beautiful country into an Arab black hole.

    • Bright Knight

      just FYI… ex all other European countries from your list too… everywhere the same sh**

  • Eric G

    ExilSwede – thanks for your comments clarifying it is not all Swedes who view speech the way Mr. Schueler does. I have close relatives in Sundsvall and Bispgården, who are growing ill of the elitism of Stockholm and southern Sweden. Some Swedes in the area joke of forming a new country and letting southern Sweden have the Muslims and politically correct elitists.

    • ExilSwede

      You are most welcome, Eric!

      Your relatives are, in my view, correct about Stockholm and since I am from there I admit this with a heavy heart The most similar city that I can think of in the US is San Fransico, i.e. VERY dominated by liberals and do-gooders but also home to a resonable number of very productive individuals. And in the case of Sweden, Stockholm is really the only big city and close to 25% of the population lives there, so the liberals run the show without any real opposition.

      Regarding the south of Sweden, I do not agree, at least if what they mean is the region that is on the southern border, i.e. Skane (They may also mean a much larger area, i.e Stockholm and everything south of that city). That region is the only part that shows real signs of meaningfull opposition to the prevaling PC dogma.

      • Eric G

        I did not realize Skane was a powerful voice against the PC dogma. Saying "Southern Sweden", my relatives are broad brushing everything south of Uppsala.

    • Jane Larson Baer

      but the Swedish governmentjust decided that the immigrants ( muslims) have to be evenly distributed throughout Sweden…there goes Sundsvall!!!!!!!!

  • mrbean

    Bottom line is actions speak louder than words. Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish men are allowing muslim clerics to reach openly in mosques that it is okay to rape European infidel women and muslim youths are gang brutaling raping Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish women almost as an epidemic – and we are not finding any muslim youth reported missing ( as in feeding the crabs at sea). When they they can gang rape their women why would muslims ever have any fear of the autthorities in any of the Scandinavian countries.

    • ExilSwede

      "Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish men are allowing muslim clerics to preach openly in mosques that it is okay to rape European infidel women"

      This is the case in all western countries, as far as I know. Are you saying that this is not happening in the US?

      • Chiggles

        No, we already have Negroes for that.

        • Ghostwriter

          That's disgusting,Chiggles. Not all black people are rapists!

      • Jane Larson Baer

        there are not many Muslims in the US but many Mexicans in the US illegally (and Central Americans in the US illegally) They keep their culture and gangs … Mexican culture is Spanish Catholic still of the Inquisition era very "flavored" by Spanish Muslims of that era…Muslims (who learn Sapnish) slip in the US in Mexican illegal immigrant areas saying they are South Americans (Mexicans don't know South Americans) Also, Mexican culture is very sexist, Machismo, espcially the illegals who are generally Indians and resent whites becasue the more Spanish looking Mexicans were racist against the Indian looking Mexicans in Mexico, so "ultra-whites" (Scandinavians and some old-school Anglos) get punished for what others did in a different country.

        • mrbean

          I am saying that Muslims have no fear of Scandinavian authorities. When Muslims do not respect you then make sure they fear you. It is fear that keeps them in line then. If they bring a knife bring a gun. If they kill one of yours kill five of theirs. Fear on consequences is all they understand!

  • Chiggles

    Even though it was published 40 years ago and is now hard to find, a book worth reading about Sweden and how it got to be the way it is is The New Totalitarians by Roland Huntford.

  • tagalog

    Words are not innocent, eh? So words must be guilty. So how do we go about finding them guilty, by consensus? Go for it, Sweden!

  • Alvaro

    Ah… Poor old Sweden. The only country I can think of that is more messed up by cultural Marxism than my native Norway.

  • Indioviejo

    The Swedes, Scandinavians and most Europeans instituted socialism, politically correct language censorship, and brain washing multiculturalism, in their countries, while blaming us for every evil in the world. I feel satisfied that their anti-Americanism is coming back to bite them in the ass. I only regret is that we are following down the same road with blinders to boot. Good bye Liberty, hello totalitarianism.

    • ExilSwede

      "The Swedes, Scandinavians and most Europeans instituted socialism, politically correct language censorship, and brain washing multiculturalism, in their countries, while blaming us for every evil in the world"

      That is all correct! But regarding what we instituted, I would argue that out of the three that you mention, only socialism was not a US export. Multiculturalism is for sure an almost pure US innovation. But, as I have argued in other comments, in the US there also exists strong counter forces, i.e. conservatives. In Sweden you might say that left wing liberals have come to totally dominate. And these people are very much the same as your own left wing liberals. In fact I would go so far as to say that they are almost copies.

      (More follows in next comment)

    • ExilSwede

      And the whole "blaming USA" also comes from these same people, again in exacly the same way as your own left wing liberals dislike all core american values. The man on the street does NOT dislike americans and in my experience, there are few people on this planet that get along better than regular Swedes and regular Americans when they get together.

      Now, all of this is not meant as an excuse. We regular Swedes are responsible for letting these liberals take over. We could have voted them out, and we did not. We have been asleep at the wheel and it is looking like we and our kids will pay a steep price for this. It may well be to late and our nation might be beyond saving. But there is really no need for you, our american cousins, to observe this with glee! I really belive that it would also be a loss for you if we go.

    • ExilSwede

      Please note that I wrote a long answer to you that had to be split in two posts and for some reason the first has to be approved, so it is currently not visible.

      • Indioviejo

        It's OK Swede, it's OK to be emotional about the matter, I love my country too and I cried when Obama was elected. It will always hurt as we fade into a second class nation.

    • pennswoods

      I agree 100%. These "know it alls" in Northern Europe brought about their self destruction and will enter a new dark ages within a generation or two.

    • ExilSwede

      It looks like the first part of my long comment is lost for good….

      No matter. The point that I am trying to make is that we, i.e. all supporters of traditional western values, should realise that we all are facing the same problems. The left wing liberals that are destroying Sweden are almost copies of the left wing liberals that you have in the US. And they really work together! We must do the same.

      We need your help! Just speading the word about what is going on in Sweden is a great first step. There is a very real chance that it is to late for Sweden, but IF the population could wake up we might see the strongest anti PC reaction on the planet ever. And that would also help you a great deal, since all your liberals love to bring up Sweden as a liberal success story.

  • Guest

    We will not have to concern ourselves with people like Schueler much longer. The nice Muslims they are allowing into the country will make absolutely certain that liberal ideas, which really aren't liberal but intolerant, are stopped. People such as himself will bow their knee to Allah or lose their head to him. All the gays, porn shops, and alcohol will be gone. The feminists will be silenced once and for all. Hey! This is beginning to sound good after all. Maybe he does have something to look forward too. Not!

    How many feminist and homosexuals are in saudi Arabia today?

  • Todd

    of course, after your read it, I recommend actually buying it:

  • Lewis

    The multi-culti agenda means saying YES to everyone, anyone, even those dedicated to the destruction of your country. This is a catastrophe.

  • Red Baker

    Clearly, the politically correct (liberals, socialists) are insane on many levels. They bend over backwards to please those intent on eliminating them. They trample the rights of anyone who displeases them. They are arrogant beyond belief, and think it is noble to trample others when they feel like it. They have no idea what the majority wants, they do not care what the majority wants, they disdain the majority and their opinions. Their actions are suicidal to their own culture and nations.

  • Ghostwriter

    This country is fortunate to have a First Amendment to our Constitution that defends free speech. It makes sure we don't end up like Sweden although there are those in this country who want to see us follow Sweden's path. And this is for ExilSwede,I hope you consider coming to the United States someday. You might like it here. Who knows? You might even decide to LIVE here. We could use more like you in this country.

    • ExilSwede

      Thank You!
      That is very kind and I can tell you that I have been many times to the US and I like it a lot. Furthermore, I have considered moving there but I am now middle age and don't know if I have the energy to change country again. However, my kids are fluent in English and they may well go there for University and then I might join them, at least for a year or so.

      In many ways, I consider the USA to be the greatest nation ever. But I do also think that there is a very real risk that you may repeat some of the less fortunate episodes of European history. So far, you have avoided totalitarianism but it seems to me that you are now very much in the risk zone. The constitution have really served you well, but it seems to have less relevance every year and one could argue that you are almost moving towards a police state. I really do hope that I am proven wrong regarding this, but what ever happens, I will remain a supporter of the American people!

  • OldmanRick

    My question is why were they allowed in in the first place? Surely someone in government realized the there would be friction and eventual violence.

  • Questions

    There is only one person left in Sweden who can reverse the Muslim tide: Lisbeth Salander.

    • ExilSwede

      Sorry, that is as far from correct as it can possibly be!

      The person that wrote the books, Mr. Stieg Larsson. was a VERY hard core left wing liberal and he also founded EXPO, a mainly state funded organisation that is the number one enemy of the Free Press Society. They will stop at nothing and managed to get the second meeting of the FPS canceled by intimidating two out of three speakers. The topic was gender studies and one of the speakers was supposed to be what passes for a conservative in Sweden. But one phonecall from EXPO to his employer, a think tank, and he pulled out.

    • dolf37

      You got it totally backwards as ExilSwede explained, Lisbeth Salander, had she been real, would not have been turning the tide, on the contrary, she'd have been on the forefront defending the Muslim tide.

    • Lisa_H

      Lisbeth Salander would have seen the error of his (Larsson's) ways and broken free! That is one strong heroine.

  • palidin911

    Controlling speech is the forte of Islam, and the Western Leftists. They have at least that in common. While radical Islam expresses pure hatred for Western thought, and it's way of life, leftists, in their blind pursuit of equality continually give Islam a pass for their atrocities. The left considers free speech more of a threat to it's goals than the murder of innocents by a deranged ideology that usurps the natural right of free will, which only reinforces my belief that all leftists lie, will destroy anyone who stands in their way up to and including murder and imprisonment in some gulag. Make no mistake, the left is just as much an enemy of freedom as the deranged homicide bomber

  • danseagull


  • BS77

    THe idiotic liberal PC multicult immigration agenda for "diversity's sake" has turned out to be one of the biggest catastrophes in European history…..and the final word on what this will lead to has not been heard.

  • Rick_in_VA

    WE'RE NEXT!!!

    And yes, I was shouting.

  • pennswoods

    I have a different take on Sweden and so called Swedish "tolerance". My mother was Czech. After the Soviet led Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 my cousin and his wife fled Czechoslovakia and found refuge as poltical asylum refugees in Sweden. It was a gracious act on the part of Sweden at the time. However, my cousin and his wife as practicing Roman Catholics in majority Lutheran Sweden, soon found out that Swedes loathed Catholics and had no use for Eastern Europeans. Sweden at that time had a state church, the Swedish Lutheran State Church. My cousin and his wife spent miserable 5 years in Sweden before they finally were able to immigrate to Australia. So it's surprising that during the past three decades of change in Sweden it has lost it's state church and has given the red carpet treatment to Muslims and welcomed it's national and cultural suicide by allowing Islam to invade their country by massive immigration from mainly Muslim nations. It's sad to see a European country and people destroy themsleves. On the other hand I can't help but smile to myself and have a sense of shadenfreude about what they brought on themselves.

  • clarespark

    I am not surprised that social democratic Sweden has a censorship problem. Gunnar Myrdal censored and smeared his chief collaborator Ralph Bunche long ago in the book that was supposed to transform race relations in the US. Here is a paper I gave at a symposium paying tribute to Bunche.…. The progressives are a slippery bunch, and deserve the criticisms they get in

  • Jim

    Schuelers is the real danger. against whom we should fight.

  • ExilSwede

    The renowned Swedish journalist Julia Caesar, who writes a weekly column on the Danish website Snaphanen, is now beeing translated into English. Please have a look at:

    Sweden – A raped country

    "1975 was the year in which a unanimous Parliament decided that Sweden should be transformed into a multicultural society. One result is an increase in reported rapes since 1975 with an incredible 673 percent"

    "Some young men that were interviewed by the daily DN in response to a gang rape in Rissne outside of Stockholm put it like this:

    “It’s not as wrong to rape a Swedish girl as it is to rape an Arab girl, says Hamid. The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably been fu***d already. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her it is a great shame to be raped. It is important that she retains her virginity when she marries. “

    If you want to read the full article, please go to:

  • Dan Gilfry

    Sweden is like all the other Jewish Apartheid
    dictatorships in the Jewish Union (E.U.).
    Jews can say and do exactly what they want.
    We HUMAN BEINGS can only say and do
    what the Jews allow!
    Dan Gilfry
    Swedish Liberation Party

  • Joseph

    It really hurts seeing western culture being slowly destroyed. The U.S.A will disintegrate a few years after Europe. God bless Sweden ,hope they can turn things around,but I believe they and us are on a sinking ship.

  • OccupyYourLives

    The New Totalitarians
    by Roland Huntford


  • privat amateur erotik

    Hurrah, that’s what I was looking for, what a data! existing here at this blog, thanks admin of this web site.

  • David_Smith

    Sweden is on the way down.

  • Tom Ripley

    While the situation in Sweden looks worrisome, it isn’t as bad as you might think. People seem to be waking up to the problems their country is facing. The growing popularity of the pirate party is a sure proof of that.

    Oh, and a totalitarian liberal is an oxymoron. There’s a reason why the word “liberal” sounds so much like “libertarian”

  • GFRF

    America is next