Will There Always Be an England?

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Kapow!  Poor Mr. Jones spent the next hour or so being lectured about what he was and was not allowed to say by an airline official, a police officer, and several security guards, one of whom identified herself as a Muslim and told him she was “deeply distressed” by his comment.  Of course it was Jones who was being unjustly harassed and who had every right to feel “deeply distressed,” but, as he later pointed out, “Something like George Orwell’s 1984 now seems to have arrived in Gatwick airport,” so that it is now considered reasonable for individuals in positions of power to claim that they are being caused “distress” by the very people whom they, in an outrageous abuse of power, are in the very process of tormenting.  The cop on the scene even instructed Jones “that we now live in a different time and some things are not to be said.”

For a prime example of how the BBC deals with the fact that “we now live in a different time,” by the way, check out this report by the Beeb’s Stacey Dooley.  The premise of the piece is that Dooley is visiting her hometown, Luton, to discover if the situation with extreme Islam is really as bad there as some people say.  Upon arriving in town, she stumbles upon a Muslim march whose participants are chanting “To hell with the U.K.” and carrying signs calling for sharia law.  There are plenty of women in niqab, one of whom tells Dooley to put on some clothes.  For a while you think that Dooley is actually going to wake up and smell the coffee.  But in the end, ignoring everything she’s witnessed, the little ditz closes with the standard, canned, de rigueur, mainstream-media conclusion – namely, that both sides need to listen to each other with respect, for the only reason for all this intercultural friction is “ignorance.”

Given the deliberate, depressing refusal of so many members of the British media to face up to the advent of sharia in the land of Magna Carta and Winston Churchill, it was at least a bit cheering the other day to see Brendan O’Neill, in the Telegraph, spelling out the dramatic, and telling, difference between the way in which the framers of the U.S. Constitution understood the concept of rights and the way today’s European leaders think about the same subject.

While the makers of the American revolution “emphasized individuals’ capacity to make judgments…free from state interference,” explained O’Neill, Europe today is plagued by a “paternalistic” notion of human rights “in which the individual is treated as an at-risk creature who must be protected from harm and bullying by…human-rights lawyers.”  While the U.S. Bill of Rights concisely sets limits on state power, the European Convention on Human Rights “spends thousands of words telling the state what it should be doing…and how it must go about protecting individuals from abuse and mental distress.”  And while the U.S. Bill of Rights makes it clear that free speech is sacrosanct, the European document is awash in weasel words, saying that “freedom of expression” is “subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety,” and on and on.

Which is, of course, simply a very long and legalistic way of saying that in Europe today, even (alas) in Britain, freedom of speech is severely endangered – just as Mark Thompson (whether he realizes it or not) has essentially admitted, and as David Jones experienced at Gatwick, and as the BBC’s own Stacey Dooley, despite having seen reality close-up in her hometown of Luton, still refuses to grasp.

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  • Larry

    There is genuine stupidity, which is genetic, and can't be helped, and for those who are you make allowances.

    Then there is willful ignorance, which is not genetic, can be helped, and for those who are you make no allowances, but rather spend as much time and energy as you can rubbing their noses in the truth. The young can often be helped, but it is rare that they get much past 25 and are still capable of waking up and growing up.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, most of the US "mainstream" media is exactly the same. CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NY times, Washington Post etc all have a "liberal" bias and also a pro-Islam bias.

  • Robert Pinkerton

    The one person an addict must never offend, is his draler. The West is addicted to petroleum and the lifestyle thereon built. Most petroleum today is within al dar ul-Islam.

    • pagegl

      Well, if our illustrious leader would just allow us to access the natural resources we have we could tell the 7th century fools to piss off.

      • Lucette

        THE TRUTH – NO ONE LIKES IT, it would appear …

      • Fred Smith

        pagegl is correct. There is at least 50 years of oil under the US. Means never having to buy our oil from our enemies. Obummer wants gas at $9/gallon so we will be FORCED to use alternative fuels. He don't give a crap about us peons. We are only a means to his liberal utopia.

  • Anthony

    Nicely written complaint Mr. Bawer. But somewhere, somehow, a man has to come to power who will save us from the liberals who have perverted and polluted many European societies.

    That America is now going bonkers is a given. Both places did not need to import Moslems. Did not have to make sexual liberation the equivalent of the search go the cure for polio, did not have to discriminate against the majority to make minorities feel good, did not have to port a large part of Mexico here or millions to the UK from former colonies.

    But this seemingly intractable mess to me has no democratic solution. Changing demographics and the UK educational system, and Brussels has seen to that.

    This all leaves us in quite a quandary. Anger and legitimate fear of the future of the West are simmering, and as we complain Moslems are, for lack of a better word, taking over.

    These conditions historically led to the rise of someone who will take action. But in the political landscape of Europe today, a dictator seems unlikely insofar as he will be a dictator against the liberal-made European disaster. So my opinion is cIvil war, most likely sparked by one infidel/Moslem encounter too many. Yet the beginning riots and violence will likely be put down. Remember, the government is the enemy, and will treat patriotic Englishmen worse than the downtrodden immigrants from the land of Allah.

    That is a likely scenario, but why complain? Those with real power, like the Beeb, enjoy the privilege their position as impartial (yeah, right) conveyors of news affords them. They are the enemy. A refus to pay the media tax might be a start…

    • Spider

      Anthony I'm sorry to say everything you have said here is true. And to another point we here in America are only temporarily insulated from this because what happens to Europe will eventualy happen here – mainly because our major institutions here are infected with the same leftist disease as yours (PC multiculturism / Marxism) They truely are poluting our culture.

      • MRobs

        The only difference is here in the US we have guns – lots and lots of them!

  • Ted Peters

    It's unconscious self hatred,

    • John

      No, it is not self hatred because the people who push this stuff do not identify with their own society.

  • mimsborle

    Come to America.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Uhm…isn't this the 21st century as opposed to the 7th century? Why is Islamic barbarianism even being tolerated in the West today? I mean if Muslims are going to react via mass murder, riots, and rampages to perceived slights, then obviously Muslims don't belong living in modern Western societies. As a matter of fact, the only way to accommodate Muslims in a modern Western society is to regress that modern Western society back to 7th century barbarianism. Is that something the West really wants to do, that is abandon almost 1400 years of progress to accommodate mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage? And who is asking us citizens if that is what we really want to do in the first place? No one, as it is being imposed upon us without our consent by the powers that be and I really want to know why. Don't you want to know why too?

    Indeed, since the 9/11 violent jihad attacks, why have the number of mosques in America doubled? Why are we enabling mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage into America, which in reality is really covert and deceptive non-violent jihad for the purpose of infiltration and stealth demographic conquest, after the 9/11 violent jihad attacks, and why are we spending hundreds of billions of dollars annually to continue accommodating it at a time when this country is already on the fast track to financial ruin? Do we also spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually to accommodate other immigrant groups besides only Muslims because they are also incompatible with Western modern society? Finally, why are we also ignoring the fact that no matter where mass Muslim immigration to the West is occurring today in the world, the vast overwhelming majority of Muslim immigrants just like clockwork always flat out refuse to assimilate and integrate?

    Is all of this that his happening today a freak and coincidental accident of nature, or is it by design? What do you think?

    • Spider

      You make some great points here – "Why is Islamic barbarianism even being tolerated in the West today?" for one simple reason: Our leaders and elites are all COWARDS and DIHIMINIES. If they were to admit there is a problem with Is-lam they would be forced to admit therir dearest PC Multicultural belief system was wrong. And that won't ever happen.

    • xkn

      Wholesale importation of people who by definition must become dependent on the state is by design of course.
      The fact that they are reflexively anti-American is an added bonus in the eyes of the same designers, who believe that this can only speed-up their victory. The designers believe that Muslims will rally for a common cause once their Marxist victory is achieved, and stop being Muslims afterwards. Of course, such belief has no basis in reality whatsoever, but for an ideology based on lies it fits the narrative just fine.

      • MRobs

        Nicely said. The left is hell bent on importing this muslim underclass so they will vote democrat for the free handouts they will receive. The democrat party has been in bed with the muslims for quite some time – the only problem for democrats is that when the muslims gain the upper hand they will cut off the democrats heads first – the rest of us have seen this coming and have enough sense to lock and load!

  • hahajid

    Mohammad himself acted blasphemy on Allah by claiming himself as the last prophet and limiting Allah's power to send other prophets after his death. Basically the leaders of different Islam branches can be treated as prophets as well, therefore all Muslims should denounce Mohammad and his books.

  • dirt

    As long as there's no one as courageous as Churchhill in the government, there would be no England pretty soon. SAD.

    • BUTSeriously

      Did this take courage or marks the most evil deed perpetrated on the Jews when they were totally helpless following W.W.II:

      "It will be a historic compromise to grant two states in Palestine – one for the Jews and one for the Arabs" – A cigar chomping Churchill.

      And all for 30 barrels of oil.

  • UCSPanther

    From the information I'm getting, I fear Britain will fall victim to exploding ethnic, racial and religious tensions, as will the rest of Europe.

  • BLJ

    England and the rest of Europe has no one to blame but themselves. They let the barbarians in the gate and now they are paying the price. No empathy here.

    Sadly, the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting the same thing in the U.S. They even have a high ranking official (yes Barack HUSSEIN Obama) on their side. The MSM and a good portion of the American people are totally clueless of what is happening.

    I can only speak for myself, but the Muslim Brotherhood can go to hell. The day I bow in deference to Islam is the day I die. Wake up people before it is too late!

    • MRobs

      You are so right – I call England the 58th muslim state. I can't believe the morons in Europe and the crap they put up with from the 7th century savages – the number of female native Europeans being raped by muslim imports is absolutely insane not to mention all of the other crimes perpetrated by them and yet the European governments turn a blind eye and continue to let it happen while the average European citizen is forced to pay for this with ever increasing taxes – simply amazing. Anyone with half a brain and half a wallet should leave Europe for good.

  • Smaug

    Submit, fight and win or die. These are your choices

  • BS77

    Read Melanie Phillips LONDONISTAN…..poor olde merry England, once the master of the seas….they said the sun never set on the British Empire….now look at the demoralized, astronomically taxes socialist welfare state with roiling ethnic tensions and despair……Where is Churchill when you need him?

  • maria

    If we don't want to repeat Europe why we should do utmost to make BHO one term President. To change empeding collaps we need Republicans at power. If we enogh informed people we should at least spread out info in families, among friends, among just acquaintances, etc and make comments not only on pro-conservatives sites like this one but on leftists one (Haffington post, for instance).

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The civil war in England will proceed when sharia courts declare all pubs to be closed and anyone
    playing darts will be beheaded, something like that and the footballers will kick more than one ball
    back to the land of the barbarians……..If not the next Queen will be a drag Queen…………William

    • robert attubato

      You assume that a society is ultimately ruled from the bottom up. From recorded history can you give one substantial, long lasting example?

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Yes where you have one man one vote, try the United States on for size and you might see it. It has
        been ruled by the people since 1776 from the bottom up. What I see as problimatic is that the
        people can be fooled by politicians that lie and make false promises. As long as a people see
        themselves as strong and independent and are resolved to have self rule they have it until the
        day comes when they are soft and lazy, indolent and without a true understanding of what and
        who they are, then they are open to being misled and ensnared in ignorance………….William

    • MRobs

      There won't be a civil war in England those candy a$$ welfare sucking brits will roll over and don a burka!

  • tagalog

    What possible distress could have been caused to a Muslim security officer by some Englishman making a remark about some other Muslim making her way with less trouble through a security line?

    That "offense" sounds suspiciously manufactured to me.

    • MRobs

      What really galls me about the whole thing is that any native English officer would harass his fellow countryman for stating the obvious – are all English men such wusses (and you know the word I really want to use) that they can't stand up and defend their fellow countryman for speaking the truth – instead a native fellow Englishman would harass this poor guy – what a flipping disgrace – I had written England off some time ago because of their gutless muslim pandering – I would never visit that country or any country in Europe again – it would be like taking a holiday in the middle east – and who wants to visit some desert populated by 7th century savages – NO THANKS!

  • SwampFox

    The void liberalism created with its anti-God religion has given Islam the oportunity to fill the void. Islam is a force the Brits will have to contend with now through out their surrogate Empire.

  • BUTSeriously

    A guide for the perplexed.

    Britain is paying the price for the worst Post-W.W.II crime of all:

    The immoral and illegal corruption of the Balfour Mandate.

    The entire Christian world was and is silent of this crime, but a mysterious force is removing 80% of Britain and half her Capital as a "2-state compromise" for the Shariah people in response. All Christians have been stained by Britain's evil, shackling the hands of their Lord from forgiveness. Perhaps there are some honorable Brits who will undo these deeds and save both Christianity and the once Great British people?

    • curmudgeon

      are you perhaps referring to the balfour declaration of 1917, or possibly the british mandate of 1923? neither would be accurately described as the worst post wwii crime of all, for at least 2 reasons, the one being that it wasnt post wwii at all, and the other being the existence of far worse crimes, not the least of which was the forcible "repatriation" of refugees from eastern europe back to the tender mercies of comrad stalin, who murdered them. by allowing themselves to be enslaved by, and finally genocided by islam, the west is not paying for the supposed evil of mr balfour. what we are paying is the price of cowardice and stupidity, and the cowardice and stupidity didnt start post wwii, and hasnt ended yet.

  • curmudgeon

    the evidence suggests that while there might be in the future a place CALLED england, it will not be recognizable as england. a festering cesspool of islamic barbarism would be a better description. unfortunately, this fate is not reserved for england exclusively. other nations are only too eager to accept the yoke of islamic slavery. i suspect we will all be forced to worship a god of pure evil and venerate a criminal prophet, peace be upon him.