• Lady_Dr

    Right on! As someone with a strong interest in images, logos, symbols, flags and the like I can say the author is exactly right. And as someone who is old enough to remember when symbols were, well, actually symbolic – I could not agree more.

    In fact I think it is high-time the symbol be changed, because they no long merit the old logo. Instead the slick shallow, shades of Sweden, are a more accurate reflection of who they have become.

    • thedametruth

      TOTALLY! It is a sadly accurate example of the ever devolving, tawdry, dumbing down of xontempory society.

  • Anonymous

    It's a fairly good representation. After all, the "C" that stands for California is fading away into the "blue sky" background.

  • Joelene

    What a waste of writing space this entire articke was. This guy is jounalism writer? He needs to find soething really useful to write about. The UC system wastimg money on chaning the logo is no surpise.

    • Hi Jinx

      And your comment is a waste of space.

    • JacksonPearson

      Suggestion: Spell check's your best friend!

  • Deep Space

    "User Friendly" That says it all.

  • Chanameel

    I like Obama's logo better…

    Eastern Sun Rising Over The West.

  • HopeAndSexChange

    Is the "C" being eaten away by parasites?

  • tagalog

    Why not a minimalist seal for the U. of California? They offer a minimalist education.

    Who needs a book in the seal? What's a book?

  • Mike

    It looks like the logo to the Criterion DVD collection….

  • Sandy

    Maybe the university is getting out of the education racket and going into marketing paper towels or tampons. Look for ‘em at fine university stores everywhere.

  • Maxie

    How did they manage to overlook the hammer & sickle?

  • Ghostwriter

    I'll be honest. I don't like U of C's new logo. It looks ugly.

  • Buckeye

    The weak pastel C representing California looks like it is rotting away- just like California's economy. The strong, overpowering blue sea represents the undocumented-drowning what is left.

  • UC?

    No, I don't see.

  • fanlad

    Looks like C work to me.

  • http://soshea.com Steven

    What a crappy-ass nothingness logo. Jeez, this is right up there with the failed gap logo. This is just a pathetic joke and prime example of an utter waste of money!

  • bev bonesio

    There is something almost sacred about the original logo….tradition is an emotional sense, compels one to include UCB in the will….not that crass excuse that came from a Jr. High contest. More for the heirs.

  • govett

    A tapeworm in a breast.
    I don't get it.

  • guest guest

    Criteria for the logo must have centered around what wouldn't offend any conceivable group.

  • tv2112

    It looks like when Windows gets hung up thinking forever…..Goes round and round but ends up neeeding a hard reboot. Sigh…California makes our country look bad.

  • ucanthandlethetruth

    What a hack. UCB is the number 1 rated public university in the world. More Nobel prize winners than anywhere except possibly Stanford. Yeah, California sucks—champagne, as in the 2012 SF Giants World Series Champions.
    California has 5 of the top 10 public universities in the country.

  • deepak


  • http://www.graphicfusiondesign.com/ graphicfusiondesign

    There's a thing virtually sacred regarding the initial emblem…. history is definitely an emotive impression, compels you to definitely include UCB within the will…. not necessarily in which crass excuse in which originated from a new Jr. High contest. More with the heirs.