U.K. Thought Police Send Man to Prison

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In any event, just as nearly all the major Western news organizations refused to show the Danish Muhammed cartoons, none of the media reporting on the Conway case have dared to vouchsafe readers a glimpse of the materials he posted.  No, we’re simply expected to take their and the prosecutors’ word that the stuff was, indeed, vile.  One prosecutor, Edward Johnson, is reported to have “described the material…as grossly offensive towards the Muslim faith.”  Meanwhile the Crown Prosecution Service’s own website has posted an extensive statement on the matter by Judith Walker, Chief Crown Prosecutor for the CPS East Midlands:

Everyone has the right to live free from harassment in a tolerant society. Darren Conway displayed highly offensive posters in his window targeted at the Muslim community. Although they were targeted at Muslims, they would cause offence to virtually anyone that saw them.

Today’s conviction sends a strong message that targeting groups in society in this deliberately offensive way has no place in our community and will not be tolerated. The words and images used by Conway were particularly disgusting, so it was important to bring this case to court and ensure that he faced the full consequences of his actions.

The Crown Prosecution Service will continue to treat cases based on hatred with the utmost seriousness. It is essential that everyone in our community is free to live without harassment and that anyone who jeopardises that freedom will face prosecution.

We all owe Walker a debt of gratitude, for in this statement she takes us right to the heart of the matter, giving us a crystal-clear picture of how these people think.  To place in the window of your home slogans and pictures that add up to a criticism of Islamic ideology is not to exercise your freedom of speech; it is to commit an act of “harassment” that has no place “in a tolerant society” and that must therefore be punished.

Note Walker’s chillingly Orwellian understanding of the concept of freedom, which has its roots not in Magna Carta or the Enlightenment but in sharia.  When she says that it is “essential that everyone in our community is free to live without harassment,” she means nothing more or less than this: that it is the right of Muslims in Britain to live in a society free of criticism of their religion.  And when she says that “anyone who jeopardises that freedom will face prosecution,” she means this: that any British citizen who thinks that he enjoys the right under British law to criticize anything, including Islam, is mistaken; he does not have any such right; and if he acts as if he does, he will be incarcerated.

Walker’s pretense to the contrary, there is, needless to say, a colossal double standard at the heart of her thinking.  The recent history of Britain has shown that a great variety of statements and actions by British Muslims that many non-members of their faith might well consider exceedingly vile and offensive, and might legitimately regard as acts of harassment – including a number of the statements and actions recorded in the above-mentioned BBC report on Luton – are in little or no danger of leading to prosecution or imprisonment.  Such is the kind of legal thinking, and juridical practice, that, more and more every day, is shaping the destiny of the land of John Stuart Mill and Winston Churchill.

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  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    Hey, Ms. Walker,

    Make a note for your record, that…

    1) I regularly and deliberately insult the "entire islamic community" and "islamic faith" by telling the truth and displaying the images concerning that "faith" http://www.resonoelusono.com/Islam/ ;

    2) That I invite other people also to do just that, in particular to burn and shred korans publicly;

    3) "Worse", I insist that moslems do not belong to America (nor to any Western nation). Those of them who came here to stay and remain Moslems must leave for good.

    4) America and the West must rid of Islam completely.

    As your Dhimmi Crown Prosecution Service continues to treat cases based on hatred with the utmost seriousness, have a special portion of it from me.

    • LoveFreedom

      Agree completely with all your comments, esp. "America and the West must rid of Islam completly." But HOW do we accomplish it? ( Cong Sue Myrick has a proposal that new immigrants must declare they will not support shariah law…)

      "Islam and shariah law are incompatible with Western Civilization," as per the courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali… http://securefreedomradio.podbean.com/category/ay

      • curmudgeon

        your issues with sharia are misplaced. if we allow or in actual fact continue to support the importation and breeding of muslims, sharia is as inevitable as the sunset. if we want to avoid enslavement to an evil god and a criminal prophet, peace be upon him, the only way to succeed is to expel all muslims from free lands. if we do that, there is no need to be concerned about sharia. if we refuse to do the right thing, sharia is inevitable. it is our choice, and so far, we have chosen enslavement under sharia.

  • LoveFreedom

    [I greatly value this website and its writers….as I do America, Free Speech, and FREEDOM! This word "Freedom" has such an incredible ring to it! —it inspires my heart and soul (and sometimes brings tears to my eyes) and makes me grateful to God and to all who have suffered, sacrificed, and DIED for our Freedom. I WILL also suffer and sacrifice for Freedom if it ever comes down to it, as many readers here will also do, I am certain.]

    The following is my opinion about the topic of this superb article about the terribly troubling situation in the UK, where the once-proud, once-God-loving people and culture who gave the entire world the Magna Carta and the Rule of Law, but who are now overwhelmingly falling into dhimmitude and disintegration. Perhaps others will agree w/ my thoughts—or not—it's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, which, Thank God, we still have in our beloved America, in spite of President Obama and his Fellow Travelers (Cass Sunstein, Reid, Pelosi, Hollywood, Academia, etc).

    Psalm 14:1 says: “The fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that does good.”

  • LoveFreedom

    I think that pertaining to people who in their hearts and minds deny God, when this belief fully permeates and takes complete control of their hearts and minds, they lose all objective reasoning and standards and the ability to discern what is good and what is not good, i.e., what is truth and falsehood, and what is Right and what is Wrong. They also become ungrateful and cowardly.

    [ yes, there ARE moral, Freedom-loving atheists, agnostics, and irreligionists but in America they also have developed in the culture of Judeo-Christianity, where Right and Wrong are clearly defined and taught…so please don’t take offense]

    The denial of God and the loss of ability to discern Right and Wrong is why the people of the UK are disintegrating into dhimmitude and the loss of their country.

  • LoveFreedom

    The supposedly agnostic Benjamin Franklin said at the Constitutional Convention, “…..’except the Lord build the House they labour in vain that build it.’ I firmly believe this; and I also believe that without his concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better, than the Builders of Babel’ …..”

    Sadly our beloved America is also falling into dhimmitude and disintegration. Let it NOT be said that it was our generation who, due to denial of God, lack of knowledge, apathy, pampered affluence, or worse- narcissism failed to do all we can to defend and maintain our Freedom. We OWE it to our ancestors and our posterity!

  • Amused

    I would reserve judgement on this until the actiual posters come to light .Exactly WHAT did they say ? The author of this article himself , admits they could possibly be a punishable offense but he'not sure of the content , since he has not seen them . In otherwords , he /[we ] just don't know . Islam aside , I can think of a number of offensive slogans .remarks etc , that I could post in my front window , in public view , which would probably go far beyond free speech . If you think about it there are already laws on the books about what you can and cannot have on a car bumper-sticker . Now this is NOT to sday that the UK is in deep shiiit , however I'll wait for the FACTS on this one .

    • reader

      "The author of this article himself , admits they could possibly be a punishable offense but he'not sure of the content , since he has not seen them ."

      The author admits no such thing, mr pathologic delusion. He goes over the vague references made available by the British dhimmi media. Mind you, the regular and really vile displays of Jew hating and Christian hating are rutinely left "unpunished" by the same "justice" system. So, what exactly is a "punishable offense" you're blubbering about?

      • Amused

        Here's the quote you f—-g idiot –
        "Exactly what did Conway post in his windows? The most extensive description I could find was in the Worksop Guardian, which said that he had put up “posters, literature and photographs which attacked the Prophet Mohammed and the Muslim religion,” “and “promoted the BNP,” while “one poster showed a picture of an English Defence League demonstration.”
        It would be useful to actually see the items Conway posted, so as to determine for oneself just how “vile” they were, to discover whether anything was, in fact, racist, and to find out if Conway called for acts of aggression or for somebody’s murder or anything like that. If he did incite violence, there might be good reason to put him behind bars…endquote
        Now tell me assshat , is the author indicating that he saw the material ? Is the author indicating that he knows for sure what the material was ?
        How do so many fuuking idiots accumulate in one place here on this blog ?

        • reader

          So, excuse me for being so rude, mr unhinged lunatic, but where exactly the author admitted the possibility of a "punishable offense"? You have just written down a few meaningless conjectures spiced with the quite lame juvenile cursing. Stay proud and clueless, if that's what gets you through the night.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpgiYe6LToc Roger

      Other than words that cause actual injury like yelling fire in a crowded theatre, just what limits do you think there are on free speech exactly?

    • curmudgeon

      what did the signs say, indeed. you can be sure it was not untruths told in the window. we would have been allowed to see that. if i were going to write a lie about islam, it would be a very difficult task, because just about anything you can think of is listed in the islamic scriptures as a virtue. if challenged to make up a lie about muslims that would be very insulting to muslims, i would have to write, " MUSLIMS ARE TOLERANT, AND WOULD NEVER HARM ANYONE FOR FAILING TO ACCEPT ALLAH". now that, my friend, would be a lie, and it would also be an accusation of apostacy, which is unacceptable to muslims. i would deserve punishment, so i would never utter such a vile lie.

  • PissedoffwithIslam

    As a Brit I find many things about Islam offensive as do virtually everybody I talk to. Do we see the law stepping up to the plate and arresting or prosecuting the people who are at the crux of the offensiveness? DO WE HELL AS LIKE. Politicians, the mainstream media and the police are much too busy demonizing and villifying those of us who see Islam for what it really is. A hateful ideaology that is totally incompatible with ANY real democracy. The Qur'an and Mein Kampf have so much in common with the exception that the Qur'an hates ALL non muslims. I never fails to make my flesh crawl when I hear politicians and the media making statements regarding Islam and its followers…especially when it is glaringly and painfully obvious that they haven't a clue as to what they're talking about. It would seem that "hate speech" is a one way street when it involves Islam and its nutjobs. OOh…am I allowed to say that? lmfao.

    • Stephen_Brady

      I read your post and agreed with it. But the main reason I have you a "thumbs up" is your username!

      Quite frankly, what happened to Mr. Conway reminds me awfully much of the book "1984".

    • Georgina

      That is because you don't:

      a) have connections to oil producing countries
      b) have a potential army of 20.000 ready-to-mobilize-on-a-whim muslims.
      c) have a whole civil rights group – financed by Labour – willing to go to court.

      Still, you could try complaining, maybe being a little less tolerant when insulted. Or is 'being insulted by islam' a phobia too?

      • PissedOffWithIslam

        Islamophobia?? What is it?? Let's see….
        A phobia by definition is an irrational fear of something….Correct.
        Islam by definition of it's so called holy book (Qur'an) is supreme over all other beliefs and commands muslims to enforce its teachings on all the world…By force or any means neccessary (Jihad) including…Intimidation, Threats of violence, Torture, Murder and the one that seems to work really well..Taqiyya (deciet). Demanding rights and recognition while denying these things to all others. Look to the injustice metered out to non muslims, and indeed, muslims, by any muslim majority country. Indeed the infustice metered out here in the UK and elsewhere in the West. All in the name of not wishing to offend a people who are ready to murder and maime at the drop of a hat…FOR THEIR RELIGION, MUHAMMED and THEIR GOD. And our leaders encourage this unacceptable state of affairs in the name of tolerance. WE have to tolerate their despicable beliefs and ways while WE are punished for telling the truth about Islam…They need to grow the hell up and take responsibility for their actions as WE did all those centuries ago…Instead they hide, with our leaders and media blessings, behind the skirts of their so called religion and in battle behind their women and children……

        • PissedOffWithIslam

          So looking at Islamophobia….It can clearly be seen as a NON word that means absolutely NOTHING to the intelligent among us….
          It is NOT irrational to be afraid of something that REALLY IS trying to KILL US as a people and civilization….

          Just one word that has been used to great effect when shutting people up who ask questions or criticise the Religion of Peace or its promoters……Does the word OXYMORON ring any bells?…lmao

  • CrossofMalta

    The Koran is hate speech, why aren't Moslems who quote it or believe in it, in jail?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpgiYe6LToc Roger

      Because thought police always understand the 'right kind of hate speech' isn't wrong.

      The world wide caliphate is a little closer to reality after this court ruled.

  • Bamaguje

    If a Muslim or other non-Christian had pasted anti-Christian posters on his window, would he/she had been convicted and jailed?

    • aloyicious

      No – they would have been given a new sitcom series deal on ABC TV…

    • jonmc

      Absolutely not.
      In the U.K. it is perfectly acceptable to insult, denigrate, belittle and mock Xtianity: we have had "Piss Christ" (a crucifix in – hopefully artifical – urine as a work of "art"), "deface the Bible exhibition" (self-explanatory, as a work of art), "Jerry Springer the Musical".
      On the TV shows involving Xtians portray them negatively, usually in the guise of humour. The most famous is the "Vicar of Dibley" (Xtians, except het Vicar herself, were portrayed as: morons, sex-obsessed, or extreme right-wingers). Then there's "Rev" (here the Vicar, the "Rev"erend, is "odd" in various ways). And this is the "unbiassed" BBC, who SAY they will mock Xtianity but not Islam.
      IRONY ON: Personally I'm looking forward to a show called "the Imam of Dewsbury" which will portray Muslims as morons, sex-obsessed and extremists, with the Imam being "odd" – later we discover he's gay. Needless to say, such a show would never be even dreamt of – unless you count nightmares – by ANY UK based production Company. IRONY OFF
      In short it is perfectly PC to attack Xtianity in the UK, but Islam is sacrosanct.

  • rbla

    Paul Weston to 10 Downing Street!

  • tagalog

    He went to jail for an entire year for posting messages that said jihad works both ways and that Islam is hateful? Ah, this sceptr'd isle, this realm, this England…

  • maturin20

    Man, this is a close reading of a media event. Worthy of the Hudson Review, Mr. Bawer. Poor Airstrip One.

  • cheese_burger

    From the article: "Everyone has the right to live free from harassment in a tolerant society. Darren Conway displayed highly offensive posters in his window targeted at the Muslim community. Although they were targeted at Muslims, they would cause offence to virtually anyone that saw them."

    My reply: Every day… no, every hour and every minute of every day, MUSLIMS spew their hate-filled poison, 'HATE SPEECH' and I mean REAL hate speech… death threats, calling non-Muslims kaffir, and other stuff too vile for me to post in this reply, because if I posted it, Frontpagemag might remove my post, for inappropriate language.

    And it doesn't end there, at all. These MUSLIMS who the Brits are DEFENDING, daily spew their vile, hate-filled rhetoric at the Brits who are DEFENDING their 'delicate Islamic sensibilities, while at the same time, these MUSLIMS are murdering Brits and terrorizing peaceful human beings, across the entire island.

    Darren Conway should be rewarded for his honesty and courage, and the sniveling scumbag British authorities should be clapped in irons, someplace really dark, and left there to rot, rot, rot.

    I find it impossible not to believe that these British authorities are being paid off under the table by Muslims, seditious bribery… selling their Nation and their Citizens, and their very Souls, for thirty stinking, miserable pieces of silver.

    From the article: "Today’s conviction sends a strong message that targeting groups in society in this deliberately offensive way has no place in our community and will not be tolerated. The words and images used by Conway were particularly disgusting, so it was important to bring this case to court and ensure that he faced the full consequences of his actions.

    The Crown Prosecution Service will continue to treat cases based on hatred with the utmost seriousness. It is essential that everyone in our community is free to live without harassment and that anyone who jeopardises that freedom will face prosecution."

    These British authorities are True Human Filth. They routinely apply this kind of counterfeit 'Law' against non-Muslims, and at the same time, the routinely DO NOTHING when a Muslim says or does anything vile, evil, or seditious. Do these pathetic Mooks think the world hasn't seen their scummy act??? …all those images of rabid, hate-filled MUSLIMS screaming endlessly, 'death to kuffar, 'Death to [insert your non-Muslim entity's name here]'??? What did the British authorities do to these Mooze??? NOTHING.

    Sniveling, wretched cowards, selling their own daughter to the Islamic Horde.

    • guest


    • Sancho Panza

      Contrast this with the Rhea Page case where she suffered assault at the hands (and legs) of four drunken Muslim women. The judge, in his wisdom, let them off because as Muslims they were not used to alcohol!

  • curmudgeon

    i am trying to think of a vile thing that could be said about islam that isnt already certified approved by their scriptures. murderers? no thats out, islam approves of murder. genocidal practitioners? nope. officially approved. rapists? wont work. approved by the quran. woman beaters? approved. pedophiles? thats out. officially approved, and practiced by the prophet, peace be upon him. incestual? no problem. approved by the scriptures. i can only surmise that the guilty criminal must have written on his window that muslims are peaceful, tolerant, and would never ever harm a member of another religion. this statement would of course be a vile lie, and a great insult to muslims. yes, mr conway deserves prison, and to have his writing hand chopped off in the name of allah, the merciful.

  • curmudgeon

    we are not allowed to read the offenders words, only the descriptions made by the offender's enemies. the charges, however, are revealing. conway was not accused of writing anything untrue. even his worst enemies did not have the nerve to say his comments were not true. it is no surprise that the enemies of freedom conceal their deeds behind high sounding words. uk, the country that stood alone (almost) against the nazis. the nation that led the fight against african slavery. the home of the magna carta. the home of hate speech laws. how the mighty have fallen, and their descent will not stop until they actually wear the chains of islamic slavery that they so eagerly are begging for.

  • lewis

    Britain's sleepwalking towards becoming an Islamic state.

  • ASG

    Always remember, in this day and age, it is better to be carried by 6 than judged by 12. Arm yourself and go down fighting for freedom. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants". – Thomas Jefferson –

    They will hesitate to lock you up in their thought reprogramming camps if you are well armed.

    • Indioviejo

      ASG, YOU MAKE AN EXCELLENT SUGGESTION. ARM YOURSELF, FOR THE TIME WILL COME TO TAKE DOWN THE BAD ACTORS IN OUR MIDST. Excuse the caps, but we need to say it often and laudly. We also have traitors and infiltrators in our country and the law is not defending us from them.

  • ASG

    This is why the 2nd Amendment comes right after freedom of Speech.

    • Jye

      Not for us poor disarmed b@stards in Australia.

  • http://www.atlantarofters.blogspot.com SanityInspector

    Drip, drip, drip…

  • http://edgar1981.blogspot.com Edgar Davidson

    In order to find out exactly what the posters were I have just filed a Freedom of Information Request to the Crown Prosection Service – see http://edgar1981.blogspot.com/2012/03/imprisoned-

    • cpsoper

      Excellent idea.

  • Amused

    Thank you Edgar , as much as I despise islam , if I hung posters in my window , in public view and baited the objects of my derision …I think that kinda pushes the envelope . Correct me if I'm wrong , but I would assume this guy didn't get thrown in jail out of the clear blue , it would seem that maybe he was told by the Crown to remove the posters but refused ?

    • Outraged

      The whole point of freedom of speech is freedom to "push the envelope". There is no freedom of speech if the only protected form of speech is the speech that offends no one.

    • Poppakap

      isn't that exactly what trolls like yourself do? Bait the objects of your derision? Yet, you would howl about every sort of injustice if the same thing happened to you.

      The point of having freedom of speech is that people will be offended and made uncomfortable. Democratic social institutions can only survive long-term when people are allowed access to and creation of all viewpoints regardless of whether groups feel "harassed" by those viewpoints.

      The teets on the nanny state are being stretched so far one wonders how soon they will rupture.

      • Amused

        poppakap when people talk like idiots , i expose it .As for the subject of this discussion , if I had my front windows facing a public thoroughfare , and my posters said Jesus SUCKS , Mary was a WHORE , JOSEPH WAS A GIGGILO ….that would be considered baiting …dont you think ? THAT would be pushing the envelope would it not ? Now I dont klnow what the posters said , nor does the author . Yes freedom of speech pushes the envelope , IT SHOULD NOT HOWEVER , INCITE TO RIOT
        Common sense ain't so common , is it popakap ?

        • aspacia

          Amused, you are rapidly losing any credibility. Insults to Jesus (in urine), and many insults to Christianity are continuous because Christians do not attack. The only reason this man is imprisoned is fear of Islam. This is a step to Dhimitude, and you are starting to fall into the dhiimitude lock step.


      • Amused

        When I hear peope talking like idiots , deliberately putting their brains up on a shelf , I take exception …..SO SUE ME .
        If I plastered my windows with offensive statements pictures or slogans , exposed on a public thoroughfare ,whether directed at muslims jews or christians , and they were meant to bait and incite , that would be pushing the envelope of free speech,and would be encroaching on public safety .And like I said , I dont know , nor do you , nor does the author ,excatly what those posters said or depicted .
        Common sense ain't so common , is it poppakap ?

    • theconny13

      I was never asked to remove them, the police came and arrested me one night after they had been in my windows for atleast 2 months.

    • darren conway

      I was never asked once to take them down. The contents of the articles where basically saying, JIHAD WORKS BOTH WAYS which was accompanied with a picture of a knight wearing a st george crested suit, another said WHY DOES ISLAM NEED BLASPHEMY LAWS WHEN MOHAMMAD WAS…. a rapist a peadophile, a war monger and other historical facts about him, another was a computer generated picture of a muslim woman in burka etc looking pregnant with a burning fuse going to her belly with the caption THE OTHER ISLAMIC TIME BOMB, meaning birth rates. The only person who reported what I had in my OWN window ( for 2-3mths ) was a white british non muslim who I had had a long standing despute with over a car.

  • http://edgar1981.blogspot.com Edgar Davidson

    Amused: My understanding is that it is NOT the case he was asked to remove the posters and refused. Moreover, I understand that no Muslim reported the posters as offensive. I think we have a right to know what the posters were in order to be able to understand the implications of this case.

    • Amused

      I agree .

    • theconny13

      the person that reported me was a white 26 year old british guy who I had an arguement with about 8 months prior to this, as I have only been out of prison for 3 days I have'nt had time to find my original court papers out yet. I had to give up my flat whilst in prison as I could'nt get my rent paid so all my possesions are boxed up and stored at a friends place, as soon as I have the time I will make sure anyone who wants to see what was in my windows will be able to do so, I have to be carefull how I do that as I can be recalled to prison anytime during the next 6 months, so anyone who's intrested please bare with me. D Conway

    • darren conway

      I wasn't asked to remove them Edgar, you are correct, If I was asked to remove them because I was committing an offence then I would of taken them down immediately, I think that the reason the crown prosecution service won't release the material that was in my window is not because they where very offencive but the fact that how little offensive they where, and therefor the CPS would come under criticism for prosecuting somthing that's only crime was it wasn't politically correct in the eyes of the PC brigade in the UK. If you know of a way I can let you see the material then let me know and I will forward it

  • guest

    16-year-old Moroccan girl kills herself after judge forces her to marry her rapist

    This is done because the focus in Islam is not on the rape at all, but on the shame the woman has brought to her family by her sexual immorality, even if she was forced. That shame is erased if the rapist marries her. "Moroccan girl, 16, kills herself after judge forced her to marry man who RAPED her," by Lee Moran in the Daily Mail, March 14 (thanks to David):

    A Moroccan teenager killed herself after a judge forced her to marry her rapist.

    The 16-year-old girl, named only as Amina, ate rat poison after a Tangier court which was supposed to be punishing her 26-year-old attacker decided that they should instead be wed.

    This is because Moroccan laws exempt a rapist from punishment if he agrees to marry his victim.

    Traumatised by the rape and the forced marriage, Moroccan newspaper al-Massae said she committed suicide at her husband's house.

    Hafida Elbaz, director of the Women’s Solidarity Association, criticised the law and said rapists often believed they could avoid punishment by marrying their victims.

    The incident throws more light on the way women are treated in Islamic countries.

    Last year Afghan 21-year-old Gulnaz was jailed for 'adultery by force' after she was brutally raped by her husband's cousin.

    Her attacker was jailed for seven years for the crime that left her pregnant.

    A global outrage saw the President of Afghanistan personally pardoning her and releasing her from Kabul's Badam Bagh jail, with no pre-conditions.

  • Jon Clark

    The Phantom, Barry Hussein Soetoro, a muslin/marxist, will soon declare our lst amendment rights do not include saying bad things about his Brotherhood. When will The Phantom declare martial law and suspend all of the constitution.???

    • Amused

      take an aspirin Jon , before you hurt yourself .

  • Sarah AB

    Hi – the report also mentions images of mutilated Muslims.


    I do wonder whether it is just possible that these were images of victims of Islamist extremism.

    • darren conway

      It was a long distance photo of a islamic terrorist attack on other muslims with a caption saying, IF THEY DO THIS AMONGST THEMSELVES, WHAT WILL THEY DO TO YOU? Nothing of a real graphic image.

  • newspaniard

    Where was his defence lawyer in all this? Was he an islamist sympathiser? Was he totally incompetent? All those pictures of death cultists demanding death for those who insult them, yet no prosecutions? Did the judge know that his nearest muslim neighbour was commanded by his hate book, to kill him? Is the CPS in that area been totally taken over by islamists or their sympathizers? Sharia by stealth in UK courts. Islam is not a race so where does the term racist apply? He probably can't afford to apeal and his sentence will have been completed before the appeal was heard. If I were him, and survived the gaol sentence (there are more islamics in UK gaols than infidels) then I would be a very bitter man when I left.

    • darren conway

      I defended myself as the solicitor I saw said to plead guilty. I'm glad you picked up on the RACIST part, all local and some national news papers where labeling me racist etc but NOT ONCE WAS THE WORD RACIST OR RACISM EVER MENTIONED IN INTERVIEW OR COURT, NOT ONCE..I wish I could show you the material too, You would be astonished that it went to court. The picture of so called mutilated bodies, was a photo taken from a distance that you couldn't make out what injuries people had sustained, of a terrorist attack on muslims by other muslims with a caption saying something like IF THIS IS WHAT THEY DO AMONGST THEMSELVES, WHAT WILL THEY DO TO YOU?.

  • MRobs

    The stupid brits deserve whatever they get – they elected these morons that imported the 7th century savages into their country and they keep electing them. This lazy welfare state was taken over by the camel jockeys some time ago. I have been calling the UK the 58th muslim state for a long time. Any tax paying british citizen with two brain cells to rub together should leave that country and never go back. Let the politicians and the welfare collectors reap what they have sown and don't forget to put on your burkas ladies!

    • PissedOffWithIslam

      Listen up sugar….We ain't all stupid and brainless. You should try saying those words in my old regiment….They'd tear your head off and sh!t down yer throat…..I agree with most of what you say but don't paint all Brits with the same brush….
      Look ANYWHERE in the West and you see these things happening with frightening regularity…..Take Osama Obama and his band of merry men (men? Bowing down and apologizing profusely like all Dhimmi's do).
      Pay your Jizya and calm down…lmao

  • Ghostwriter

    We may soon see a flood of Brits coming to the U.S. if things keep going the way they are in Britain.

  • testificari

    They've lost all their human rights of self expression in deference to the most sh—ty "religion" that could be conceived. I pray they change lawmakers before it's too late. No wonder Jihadists openly shoot Jews when they know the once grand UK cowers in fear and subservience to them. Cowards and traitors, including the royal family who has done nothing to protect their citizens. I wonder if they think they will be spared when Islam really shows its face?

  • http://www.davidsfirst.blogspot.com david brown

    Does anyone know why he did not opt for jury trial -please e-mail me arrowevents3@mail.com

  • Darren Conway

    I am the person who this article is about, Darren Conway. I post this later than the post was made as I have just been released from Lincoln prison today (4-09-12). The contents of what was in my window was not vile in any way, one was a silloette of the houses of parlement with a caption saying, NO TO SHARIA LAW, another said, JIHAD WORKS BOTH WAYS, another saying, WHY DOES ISLAM NEED BLASPHEMY LAWS WHEN MUHAMMHAD WAS A PAEDOPHILE, WARMONGER, ETC, ALL OF WHICH ARE PROVEN HISTORICAL FACTS. another saying , DON'T FORGET TO PAY YOUR TAXES AS 1.5 MILLION IMMIGRANTS RELY ON THEM. Hardly vile articles I'm sure you will agree. There was others too and collectivly the court decided I was inciting religious hatered, This was not my intentions but I did want to make people aware of the truth of islam. D Conway.