‘Urinegate’ Spurs Anti-American Hysterics

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Anti-Americanism is, of course, as European as Apfelstrudel.  But over the last few years it’s rollercoastered like the stock market.  The invasion of Iraq sent it skyrocketing.  It was muted somewhat by the election of a black man as President of the United States.  (That Americans, whom Europeans are taught to think of as incurable racists, had done such a thing rendered some veteran America-bashers temporarily mute.)  But European anti-Americanism has never entirely gone away, and the troubles America has been through of late have been the occasion for much Schadenfreude, especially given that they’ve provided a pleasant distraction from Europe’s own even more formidable problems.

Still, it wasn’t until I ran across an article the other day in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet that I realized European anti-Americanism, thanks to Urinegate, is once again in full bloom.  The article, written by somebody named Asbjørn Svarstad, begins by noting that the American soldiers who filmed themselves urinating on dead Taliban members may not be the first GIs to have behaved in such a manner.  “American commandos who were dropped over Snåsa [in northern Norway] toward the end of World War II,” writes Asbjørn Svarstad, “are suspected of having displayed the same kind of contempt for their enemies.”

The main character in Svarstad’s story is none other than William Colby, who would later become head of the CIA but who back in 1945 was a 24-year-old major in charge of the Norwegian Special Operation Group (NORSO) under the command of the OSS.  NORSO, which sounds rather like Brad Pitt’s unit in Inglourious Basterds, consisted of Norwegian-Americans and Norwegians who were operating behind enemy lines on a mission called Operation RYPE.  On May 2, 1945, Colby’s men, who were stationed at a farm called Gjevsjøen, were discovered by five German soldiers, whom they quickly dispatched.  According to Svarstad, local Norwegians – and here’s the meat of the story – later claimed that they were then invited by the Americans to urinate on the Germans’ corpses.

One of Svarstad’s sources is Norwegian journalist Ola Flyum, whom he describes as an authority on how northern Norway experienced World War II.  Flyum’s verdict on the NORSO episode is as follows: “This kind of behavior says a great deal about the way in which the Americans conducted themselves.  The Norwegians were shaken.  Such a culture was unknown to them.  I see many reasons to examine whether this was a war crime.”

Yes, you read that right.  The local Norwegians had lived for five years under the Nazis, who had come to subdue and tyrannize them, to execute troublemakers and cart Jews off to their deaths.  But, if Flyum is to be believed, the real trauma for these folks was being invited by their American liberators to relieve themselves on the bodies of their oppressors.

Interesting.  And even more interesting are the reader comments on Svarstad’s article, which the last time I checked totaled no fewer than 645. Let me emphasize that several readers, to their credit, sought to provide a degree of perspective by bringing up such small details as, ahem, the Nazi death camps.  But the overall tone of the comments was set by those who agreed heartily with the implicit message of the article: namely, that Americans are by nature more uncouth – and more prone to violence, war crimes, torture, and abuse of civilians – than anybody else, including the Nazis.

“Most of the Germans,” insisted one reader, “followed the rules and fought a civilized war.”  Another  agreed, saying that America “is way worse then Nazi Germany ever was.”   A third asserted that during the Vietnam War, the US, that “sanctimonious and arrogant s*** country,” had outdone Hitler.  A  couple of readers cited the Allied bombing of Dresden as proof that America and the western Allies were at least as bad as the Nazis; one recalled having “seen videos from WWII of P51 planes mowing down German farmers in May 1945.” Several readers insisted that it wasn’t the Western Allies that whupped the Nazis and freed Norway, but the Soviets: “America would have been a**-f***ed in a one-on-one against Nazi Germany.”

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  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    Another conclusion to be drawn from all this is that you think Norway should endorse US atrocities because they owe us some debt of gratitude from WWII. Where is your gratitude, Mr. Bawer? You fled the US and now you bitterly attack it from overseas.

    • Rocky Mountain

      I don't believe he said one word about endorsing US atrocities or the urination on dead bodies which I think is a circumstance of an entirely different order (quite a bit less than an "atrocity") and don't they owe us a debt of gratitude?

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        He is doing the Zionist thing, reaching absurdly far back in history to find the worst case scenario and trying to point out that that is where his expectations of compliance begin and from whence the full pound of flesh shall be extracted.

        • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

          I comprehend that Bawer is an expatriate who defecates on every township he moves his caravan to. The world is a shopping mall of nations right? If the vibrators aren’t big enough here, move to Amsterdam? What’s going to happen when Bawer runs out of countries? Is it Tel Aviv then or back to New York?

        • ziontruth

          "He is doing the Zionist thing,…"

          Jew-hating scum.

          • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

            Jew and Zionist are not the same thing, Emet.

      • pagegl

        You have to remember that flipside has a reading comprehension issue. The article doesn't have to say what he decides it does; he'll just go off on it. He's doing the idiot thing, making up his facts as he goes along.

    • mrbean
    • Ted G

      Pissing on your enemy does not constitute an atrocity, bad behavior and certainly disrespectful but hardly an atrocity. But then disrespect is probably the message these marines were expressing anyway and why not, I have no respect for these inhuman islamists myself.

      Obama should be taking a lesson and start pissing on our enemies instead of kissing their asses, metaphorically speaking of course.

      But nonetheless here is the latest bumber sticker slogan I recently saw that I would like to share.

      "Piss on a taliban…piss off a liberal"
      I guess that would apply to un-american anti-semites like you as well flippy.

      This whole thing is overblown, get over it. Next to all the real atrocities committed for and in islams name this is like a picture of a mountain meadow in springtime.

      • Boston

        Pissing on Flipside would be an American's patriotic duty.

        • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

          Come do it.

  • Alvaro

    Reader comments from a leftist trash newspaper like Dagbladet… What else could you expect? Talk about kicking in open doors.

    • aspacia

      Flipped needs to slither back into his sewer. Jeez, her/his every post returns to Zionism which is totally irrelevant to this article.

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        This article is a Zionist Hasbara attack piece on Norway for providing a venue for the Oslo Accords, nothing more. It’s no different from their hit pieces on France or Germany. You can tell, because it has the standard canard about the US saving Europe from Nazism in WWII and how the price tag is to never call anyone a Nazi or criticize neocon war atrocity.

        • pagegl

          Ah yes, drag in some attempt at peace that the Muslims have refused to honor. Probably because they never had any intention of doing so.

          • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

            Sorry, man. The world knows Israel abandoned Oslo but likes to claim they are in a peace process. Too bad that scam is dead.

          • ziontruth

            "The world knows Israel abandoned Oslo…"

            Not much else you can do when the other side has been engaging in hostilities on Israel's pre-1967 territories ever since 1994 (just one year after the Oslo Accords were signed). Of course, we all know you want the Jewish State to take it lying down. Tough.

            "Too bad that scam is dead."

            And good riddance.

          • pagegl

            So, you expect Israel to honor a treaty that Arafat signed and, as soon as he got back to the West Bank, said was taqqiya and would not stop the PLO from continuing hostilities against Israel. Generally, when one side does not abide by a treaty the other side is released from its obligation. To expect otherwise is unreasonable. Perhaps Arafat and other Muslim terrorists should have given peace a chance; there's a pretty good chance Israel would have done the same.

            The childish attitudes of Muslims and their apologists almost surprises me. They expect to be able to get away with anything, but throw a tantrum when their targets respond in kind. Perhaps when they grow up and act like adult members of the human community they will get more respect. I'm not going to hold my breath.

          • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

            No. I have been around for decades. I don't expect Israel to honor anything.

  • mrbean

    The only reason the Europeans have any civilization left at all is because of American blood in WWI, WWII, and the Cold War. Maybe we should have let Joe Stalin plunder Europe and kill tens of millions like he did in the USSR and Eastern Europe. There was no atrocity committed by having a pee pee on some terrorists. A bunch of Marines took a wee wee on some taliban terrorists they had killed. Granted it was uncalled for, and they will be punished, but it is really no big deal. Now what is an atrocity is the mutilation and dragging of American soldiers through the streets in Somolia, the filming and beheading of Americans and NATO troops, the mutilation and hanging of American contractors from a bridge in Iraq, and the torture mutilation and dismemberrment and of two young US Army soldiers in Iraq. As for Islam.

    Curse Allah for hates sake. Curse Momhamed the pedofile for hates sake. And curse all the Muslims to hell for eternity for hates sake. As for the Europeans, piss on them.

    • Alvaro

      "Maybe we should have let Joe Stalin plunder Europe and kill tens of millions like he did in the USSR and Eastern Europe."

      Funny thing to say, considering Stalin was your own ally. Stalin said he would not have won the war without your help. Thanks for saving communism (and thus cultural Marxism).

      • mrbean

        Don't know much history do you? Talking about the cold war. Alright I will revise it . "Maybe we should have let Joe Stalin, Nikita Kruschev, and Leonard Breznev plunder Europe in th late 40' and 50's and kill tens of millions like they did in the USSR and Eastern Europe." You can take one and sit in it!

        • Alvaro

          I am a historian, so I think I know more about European history than most. If America weren't Stalin's allies in the first place there would be no Stalin after 1941, no communism, and thus no Nikita Khrushchev and no Leonid Brezhnev. The Soviet Union would have been completely dismantled, out of history, and most importantly of all, Moscow would not generate anti-Americanism, they would not set up anti-American proxies all over the globe, (or invent the "Palestinean people"). They would not poison the minds of university professors, journalists and teachers from the 1960s, and we would probably not have the Marxist deconstruction of Western values that opens the door for Islamic totalitarianism. Just about everything that is wrong with Europe and the Western world today is caused by cultural Marxism. There's karma for you.

          • JEM

            I am not sure what your philosophy of history is but you might agree that man learns little from history and thus the tendency for history to repeat itself in various ways. What little we do learn seems to be forgotten fairly quickly. Europe may well be heading back to a totalitarian situation. I take it that cultural Marxism is another name for moral relativism.
            Moral relativism creates a fog that causes nations to loose there way over time. Then there comes a loss of freedom, etc, etc.

          • tarleton

            The most dangerous time for the soviet union was when the nazis were at the gates of moscow in early dec 41 when the US was not even in the war …the US had very little impact on the european sphere until nov 42 ,and even then were a junior partner to GB …lend lease didn’t have a real impact on the SU untill 43-44

            you seem to have a confused and unbalanced view of things …or maybe you’ve been watching too many john wayne movies

          • http://www.angelfire.com/ky/kentuckydan/HotIssues/ DanKauffman

            Quite correct no Soviet Union, instead the Third Reich and that would have been pretty good for the Master Race but not so good for the Untermenschen and which category do you think someone named Alvaro have fallen??

    • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

      mrbean IS CORRECT that America saved the Western Europe from the pre-planed total Stalin's invasion (as a "savior"!) from Hitler (Icebreaker, by V. Suvorov).

      Unfortunately, Alvaro is correct too, that America alas, happened to fight on the same side with Stalin, and generally the Western nations did not recognize the infection of Marxism in time (1917), and instead cultivated it and allowed it to spread around the world.

      • mrbean

        There was a German -Russian non aggression pact Alvarro the historian inept. On August 23, 1939, a German delegation headed by Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop arrived to Moscow, and in the following night the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed by him and his Soviet colleague Vyacheslav Molotov, in the presence of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. The ten-year pact of non-aggression declaring adherence to the Treaty of Berlin (1926) was supplemented by a secret additional protocol, which divided Eastern Europe between the German and Soviet zones of influenc. As we know GDR honored the division of Europe, The Soviets broke the treaty when Germany invaded Poland because the Germans had agreed to the USSR having Poland. At any rate Comrade FDR gave the USSR all of Eastern Europe and half of Germany at Yalta.

    • wsk


  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    Indeed, what else to expect from Eurabian dhimminized white trash exemplified by Norwegians?

    What really saddens me however is that alas, also America under the recent administrations and the sitting islamic agent, impostor and fraud in the White House, follows Norway step in step.

    The only hope for us is that we still have some men with cojones knowing who is the enemy and how to deal with it.

    Until we all do the same with our enemies and their symbols; until we all burn korans, shred korans, (and pee on them in closed male society), we are doomed.

    ——————————————- A "typical American white trash" and proud

    • Rocky Mountain

      Right on!

    • tarleton

      what's wrong with urinating on them …it's the very least they deserve …they should be sown up in pigs carcasses and buried ..or better still , just fed to pigs

  • UCSPanther

    The Norwegians of today would have handed their country over to Hitler without a fight, not like the ones of WWII who actually put up a fight despite being betrayed by Vilkmud Quisling.

  • patriot

    I feel like a stranger in my own country. Norway is gradually being islamized, while the left wing America-hating zombie population is doing nothing. Maybe it is time to leave Europe? I know from personal experience that if you try to speak your mind about these issues in Norway you will be ostracized. Believe me it is frustrating.

    • Alvaro

      I know.

      • mrbean

        not what you say or do!

  • tarleton

    Anyone interested in Norway's war against the nazis should read about norway's national hero MAX MANNUS and his band of merry men …the movie is worth watching too ''….Norway prosecuted more collaborator cases than any other european country

  • john in cheshire

    For some bizarre reason, the Scandinavian countries have enjoyed a reputation, together with the Netherlands, as havens of sanity and civilisation. The truth is that they are no such thing. All I see is a large number of them showing signs of irrational hatred of themselves and those who are their friends and allies. They pursue socialist ideology, persecute those who try to alert their fellow-citizens of impending dangers; islam and the EU being two such matters; and have a propensity to Jew-hatred, and the destruction of their Christian heritage.

  • Lord Lindley

    As an Englishman, I can firstly say I hold no grudgeof any kind against the USA. I also do not feel the arrest of these men was required, just to satisfy the enemy & US PC sovialist do-gooders. Some of the typical US small minded comments however are an embarrassment to the people of the USA. Please try and study the real history of the World Wars, not some misguided US 'Hollywood' version, before typing!

    • aspacia

      LOL, like the Enigma movie showed the US stealing the Nazi code. Yes, you do have a point, but exactly what post are you alluding to? It it is Flipper, forget it he/she is nuts.

  • Rifleman

    Piss on 'em? They could have dug their camp latrine deeper just to accommodate taliban carcasses in the bottom, for all I care.

    Apparently there aren't enough people still around in Europe that are old enough to remember adolf hitler and the nazis. They're just setting themselves up for another lesson in perpective, and this time we might not be willing and able to save their sorry butts.

    • RiverFred

      We don't have to do anything, Muslims will eventually take over Europe and the USA will say best of luck and enjoy sharia law.

  • Amused

    Should any action be taken against these soldiers ? NO , ABSOLUTELY NO ! Nor should there be any praise . On the part of our leaders , there should be nothing more than a "ooops sorry about that " and thats the end of it . BOTH sides of this issue are over the top .If anything, after Abu Graib , we should educate our troops that if you record this sort of thing , it can "go viral " across the globe in less than an hour . Screw what the Norwegians or anyone else for that matter , has to say about it ….for in reality we are better than this , our troops are better than this , and incidents like this only diminish us . It happens in every war , I've seen far worse in Vietnam .There was no internet then , no one filmed it , and if so , it would not be released to our enemies and the rest of the world . The author's weak comparison to Colby , does not stand , it is a digfferent world today , and tell me true , how many people even knew about Colby until it was put up as an example.

    • pagegl

      We're not even sure that Colby did anything amiss. The anecdote mentioned was from some Norwegian who apparently wanted to get on the hate America bandwagon and liven up the story.

      • Amused

        There you go , that merely reinforces my point . True or anecdote , no one ever heard of it . On D-Day we took no prisoners , have you seen that accentuated in any movies ? Worse was done to live nazis , let alone dead ones . This is the age of the internet , where truth and context have little to do with anything ,all the more reason to dissuade these kinds of incidents, for our enemies will use them against us ,and to make videos is simply foolish .

        • pagegl

          Pissing on the dead Taliban was dumb. Capturing it on video was just plain stupid. You are entirely correct that truth and context have little to with anything. in fact, people will take images such as that video and make their own narrative to support whatever cause they are pushing. I'm not saying those Marines had any justification for their action but I wonder what happened in the hours prior to that video.

    • Rifleman

      There were at least a half dozen books by Colby in my elementary school (Gr 1-7 in my district) library during the 70s.

  • kafir

    This sort of behavior is not expected of Americans (in general, soldiers in particular). That's why the outrage from all quarters. When our contractors and soldiers bodies were treated much worse, the outrage was much less because we just expect this sort of behavior from muslims. It's normal for muslims to behave worse than animals, but it's not for Americans. Would you blame an animal for pooping on the ground? Would you blame an animal for behaving like an animal? Of course not! It's like that with muslims. Here's what we do:
    We don't hire them. We don't shop in their stores. We don't shop in stores that hire them, and let management know.

    • mrbean

      How about we just deport all of them?

    • Drakken

      Sorry, but fighting 7th century savages with 21st century sensibilities is insane.

  • betwyan

    Urinating on dead enemy, while not sanctioned is trivial and meaningless. Bigger issue? Why isn't Hussein bni Obama being asked about this event like Bush was over and over and over about Abu Graib?

    Answer: The left bias of the news media.

  • Anonymous

    Those people were leftist trolls. This article is giving them attention. Need to focus on the real issues. Which is ending Moslem immigration.

  • Hank Rearden

    Those Norwegian commenters sound like backers of Quisling. Evil Americans? Does the word Gestapo ring a bell?

    • tanstaafl

      Glad that someone remembers Mr. Quisling. Seems his descendants are alive and well.

  • Mike

    Who cares?? I'd have urinated on my enemies dead bodies too. I don't have respect for someone that wants to kill me. I wouldn't expect our soldiers to have respect for their enemies also. Its war folks, get over it.

  • theleastthreat

    A gross of Europeans lacking perspective yet abundant in self-righteous fury. Other things that haven't changed: the circle is still round and water is still wet.

  • sedoanman

    An American inventor was once told by a colleague that if he wanted to make a fortune, he should invent a way for Europeans to kill each other more efficiently. His machine gun was widely used in WW-I.

    An American general was told by his British counterpart that, "The trouble with you Americans is you lack an historical perspective." To which the American replied, "I don't know. America had nothing to say about European politics after WW-I, and within 20 years you were at each others' throats again. Since WW-II, America has had a great influence over European politics, and there hasn't been a war for 50 years."

    The lesson of Urinategate is to use pig blood next time.

    • Hank Rearden

      That general was Vernon Walters.

    • Alan Healy

      I thought Woodrow Wilson had quite a lot to say about European politics after the First World War .
      It didn't work out too good , if I recall .

      PS. Britain ain't Europe .

      • 2Anglico

        Actually, President Wilson(D), tried to influence the aftermath of WWI but gave in to the "punish the Hun" attitude. That is, he lost his nerve when it counted.

  • Tom D

    Mr Bawer, one big fact that you don't mention is how this all came to be. The fact is that the original post-WW2 anti-Americanism was entirely manufactured in Moscow and in the USSR's satellite countries. It only took on a life of its own after 1970 or so, as people began to forget how exactly the Cold War began.

  • mrbean

    Tpical Liberal: "Mommy, mommy, the bad old Marines made wee wee on the Taliban terrorists. Oh Mommy I am so upset I soiled my diapers!"

  • BLJ

    Who cares what those idiots over there think about the U.S.? They have been stupid enough to let Islam on the verge of taking over there. Once that happens we shall see what tune they sing then.

    My guess is once again they will cry out for help from the U.S. They are loathsome ingrates who can go pound sand.

    • Carl

      Yep, that's exactly what's going to happen. Just like nazism, Islam is slowing taking over and by the time these people wake up and realize the trouble they're in for allowing it to happen, it's going to be too late. Then they're going to come crying to the U.S. for help, only this time, we won't be able to do anything cause we'll probably be under Sharia law.

      I had a class once we're a Norwegian student let it be know that many in her country felt that America got what they deserved on 9/11 because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Another Russian girl agreed that this sentiment, that it was deserved, was also felt where she lived. Little old naive me, who lost an innocent childhood friend in the attacks, was astounded.

  • tagalog

    Even during the Second World War so long ago, Norwegians, the descendants of the Norsemen, the Vikings famous for centuries of rape and pillage from Rus to Vinland, were "shaken" by troops who invited them to urinate on the dead bodies of occupying Nazi soldiers?

    Boy, those Norwegians must be easily shaken. Their ancestors would be ashamed of them. Pissing on the dead bodies of those they killed in battle was the least of their concerns and, for that matter, of their victims' concerns…The Norsemen would have set these modern Norskis to slopping the hogs while wearing womens' dresses…

    • Fred Dawes

      Once a great people now rape play for muslims. Ask why most guys have the balls cut off, some also become sex play for muslims.

  • RivereFred

    Norway is a total socialist liberal minded country. If you want really boring conversations go to Norway. As to the government, piss off or better yet piss on them.

    • Fred Dawes

      and soon to be totally muslim, the last raped 18 yr old woman, muslims see white woman rape her and woman goes to cops nothing done. Norway is a joke

  • willywallace

    The soliders were only trying to keep the FLIES off the rotting corpses.

    • xamericanpridex

      I thought that they were just cleansing them in preparation for those 72 virgins they were on their way to meet LOL

    • Fred Dawes

      You can see, Its a total joke europeans and the coalition of monkeys and on top of that most are muslims.

  • Billiam

    I've been asking for about 2 decades why we still protect Europe. Since they are such paragons of virtue, then they ought to protect themselves. Enough. No more troops, no more aid.

    • pagegl

      Geez, you must really want to drive the Euro economy into the crapper.


    • Fred Dawes

      I been asking that for 40 years.

  • Asher

    The only people who are against our military urinating on vile murderous terrorists are the Left, the Marxists, and the Islamists. Patton would have urinated on all of the vermine!

  • LindaRivera

    My deep concern is the horrific atrocities that are done to LIVING NON-MUSLIMS every day.

    In Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindus, Christians and Sikhs live in daily fear of Muslims.

    I am outraged that government leaders and media are SILENT about the terrible things and barbaric murders that are perpetrated by Muslims on LIVING NON-MUSLIMS every single day.

  • Nakba1948

    Hyperbole from all corners aside, you Zionuts are too blinded by your knee-jerk hatred for Islam to understand the point here. The average Muslim on the street isn't concerned per se with a few dead Taliban militants. Rather, urinating on the dead is an affront to ALL Muslims and demonstrates the utmost disrespect for Islam and its most sacred tenets. And if that argument is too nuanced for you, just look at the incident strategically; you're making making NATO's goals in Afghanistan that much harder to achieve (say, what are those goals again?) when you alienate the country's population.

    • Rifleman

      If they were that sacred to muslims, they would be extended to nonmuslims, and since when has islam respected anybody else's most sacred tenents? Yall make a point of desecrating the bodies of dead Americans, and most nonmuslims you kill. Tell us another one…

    • Drakken

      You bloody muslims are going to push us in the West too far, and when you do, all the liberal do gooders will be screaming for help. I have nothing but absolute and utter loathing for islam period. The only thing you savages understand is the mailed fist and you savages are about to find that out soon enough.

    • BLJ

      Islam is a gutter religion and deserves to pissed on.

    • ziontruth

      "…your knee-jerk hatred for Islam…"

      Nothing knee-jerk about it. Muslims have earned the hatred.

      "Rather, urinating on the dead is an affront to ALL Muslims and demonstrates the utmost disrespect for Islam and its most sacred tenets."

      Like those Danish cartoons. In contrast, the rape and massacre of schoolchildren in Beslan was not an affront to all Muslims—or so I gather from the fact that nary a peep was sounded by the ROPpers anywhere.

      "you're making making NATO's goals in Afghanistan that much harder to achieve … when you alienate the country's population."

      The niqab factory at work again, making veiled threats.

    • pagegl

      This is just another immature, lame attempt to expect better treatment than you are willing to give in return. The insult you claim is miniscule to the insult your coreligionists have heaped on those they regard as infidels. Why should I give a pig's patoot that Muslim may regard this action as an affront. They sure as hell don't care that their barbaric actions that go way beyond peeing on a dead Taliban. If Muslims want to be respected they need to respect others. I doubt they can grasp that simple truth.

    • tagalog

      NATO has goals in Afghanistan?

      • trickyblain

        Pretty sure it's to prevent organizations like al Qaeda from being able to organize a central base, from which they can plan and train for, say, highjacking a bunch of planes and killing thousands of civilians. But I could be wrong.

        • tagalog

          Are you sure that's a NATO goal? In Afghanistan?

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm amazed. Once again,the US gets attacked for the actions of a few idiots who probably deserve a reprimand. Then,we have Flipside,one of our resident idiots,go off on another imbecilic tirade. I don't know what's worse. The incident or Flipside's typically moronic bile.

    • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

      Why don’t you ghostwrite about it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/StandUnitedWithOurMarineHeroesAgainstUrinegate Grunt Dog

    Speaking of Anti-American Hysterics, a bunch of Frenchie patois would be grunting in German had it not been for the Americans in WWII. Go figure.

    • tagalog

      Do you mean poilus?

  • Stuart Parsons

    I don't think urinating on a dead enemy is civilized behaviour. But I have not had to face the Taliban. Maybe if I had, I would hold a different opinion. One thing is for sure, it is a pinprick compared to the attrocities of the Taliban and their co-religionists.. And didn't the greatly admired by 1.5 billion…… Muhammad the self-proclaimed so-called 'Prophet', MURDER all who spoke out against him ? And did he not, with the support of his booty and sex motivated followers, enslave, lie, plot, torture, kill, rob, ransom and rape his way to absolute power ? And do not the followers of Muhammad in the 57 nations of the Organisatiojn of Islamic Cooperatioh discriminate against and persecute their non-Muslim citizens ? Are not Hindus Sikhs, Buddhist and Christians still assaulted, killed and raped in these 57 nations ? And is it not the case that their homes, businesses and places of worship are attacked, ransacked and destroyed ? By comparison, urinating on the dead bodies of of some evil misguided men, pales into insignificance.

  • tarleton

    What's wrong with urinating on the taliban corpses ?…it's the very least they deserve …they should be burnt , or better still …fed to pigs

  • ebonystone

    And what did Dagbladet — and its readers — have to say about the treatment of Ghaddafi's body by the Libyan rebels after they killed him?
    As I reall, they did a bit more than just piss on it.
    Did Dagbladet make any reference to "Moslem trash"? Or to the horniness of the rebels?

    • pagegl

      Excellent point.

  • Jakareh

    The current generation of Europeans is too worthless to keep their land, but why let the Muslims have it? I'm planning to get together 50 guys who can shoot a gun. We'll then charter a plane, fly to Brussels and proclaim ourselves Supreme Overlords of the European Continent (excluding Russia). As such we'd be entitled to pocket as much money as we wanted from tax revenues and to bed any woman we fancied.

    Okay, maybe I'm too nice for that, but if I weren't I doubt anyone in that continent of wusses would stop me.

    • Questions

      To the victors go the spoils.

    • trickyblain

      Probably should cross Scotland and Ireland off your list.

  • xamericanpridex

    The only lesson that I hope is learned from 'Uringate' is to not do this sort of thing in front of a camera or video recorder! That was pure stupidity! I have no problem whatsoever with our military unrinating or doing anything else that they choose to do with the bodies of our ENEMIES be it dead or alive. War is not nice and nice doesn't win wars! Lord knows that this enemy does far worse to our people WHILE THEY'RE ALIVE and continues after they've killed them. Payback is a b*tch.

  • Anamah

    European ungrateful! They can not overcome their envy.

  • Stan Lee

    Norway hasn't enough guts to accuse its Muslim community of the crimes of rape on young Nordic girls. Not only rape, but converting these youngsters to drug addicts.
    The country has no standing armed forces and it lacks a sufficient police force to protect its own citizens. WTH happened to the descendants of the Vikings? Did they all come to America? They sure aren't in Norway!
    The Muslims chose the right place to barge into and take over. Norwegian men are being beaten right on the streets of Norway. No one lifts a finger to resist the lawlessness!
    This is not the Norway that fought the Nazis, those Norwegians are only part of history now, none no longer exist and its shameful.

  • David

    I'm sure if the roles were reversed and the Taliban were pissing on dead Marines, Americans would be outraged. But really, if we had a sensible military doctrine and used our military for smashing things and killing people, which it does very well, instead of winning hearts and minds, which is a stupid use of an organizations that was designed to smash things and kill people, we wouldn't be bothered by the desecration of enemy corpses. It would be just another way of putting fear into the hearts of our enemies. Unfortunately, our soldiers have to live in Afghanistan until some point in 2014, so that tactic might not have been as good of an idea as it seemed at the time.

  • Fred Dawes

    Most of the europeans are anti americans for one reason most are muslims. Target the main cities.

  • Jim

    Is moistening a few books worse than murdering millions of Christians, Jews,fellow Muslims,your own daughters and wives ,or other Muslims sects?

    I Feel the damp book syndrome as an excuse for angry out rage does not meet the smell test..

  • Indioviejo

    Europe is far gone into the Muslim Caliphate. Once Muslims are in Power in France, Britain and the rest of the ass kissing Dhimmis, we may be at war with them because of the nuclear threat, so we may still come over and kick some ass, but forget about the Marshall plan. General Marshall died a long tome ago and we have reaped plenty of ingratitude. Say Never again to nation building.

  • Larry

    The last I heard nobody ever died from being pissed on. Now to take it back a step, these muslim terrorists are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children. So which of these 2 actions should the europeans be concerned about? The whole lot of these anti-american bastards would all be speaking german if it wasn't for the USA.

  • Kevin Stroup

    Former military myself, I do not have a problem with what the American Marines did. Who cares about Muslims anyway? The Muslims do not respect others, why should others respect them? You choose to be a Muslim just like you choose to be a Nazi. Do we care if Nazis are urinated on? Of course not.

    For those of you who are so outraged by this, I have some questions. Are you outraged over the heads that are cut off still living people by the Muslims? Are you upset about the Muslims giving women clitorectomies? Are you distressed by Muslims suicide bombing civilian people all over the globe? Well……….are you?

    • trickyblain

      Yes, all of that sounds rather upsetting.

  • Ron Carnine

    I had a number of uncles who fought in WWII and at least 2 that never came home. My wife's uncle has been relating stories of what it was like to fight Japan in the Pacific islands. It was tough and gory, especially what he told me about how American POW's were treated. To put it in prospective though, I remember being in a law enforcement academy in the 70's and had an instructor who told me that the public holds cops to a higher standard of behavior and that stuck with me the rest of my career. "A higher standard of behavior" is what civilians expect of American soldiers. The incident of our Marines peeing on the Taliban is exactly that. Our Marines are held to a higher standard of behavior and this incident illustrates just that. Part of the reason there has been such an out cry is these Marines violated that unwritten rule. I know the Marines are taught that. No matter what we might think about it, the world holds our Marines to a higher standard of behavior. They are professionals and when they don't act like it there is an outcry. Of course part of is just those wanting revenge for their dislike for America. But part of it is genuine because our Marines acted in an unprofessional manner. Their filming it was the height of stupidity. "A higher standard of behavior" is still important whether you're a cop or a Marine.

  • Marty

    europe is a dead continent and civilization. It's in its last throes. islam will subjugate and impoverish most of europe by the middle of the century. Having destroyed both Judaism and christianity, europeans will soon get to enjoy totalitarian dhimmitude. It is what they asked for and it is what they certainly deserve.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    So the quislings have inherited the earth huh? No tears for Unit 731 victims,,,or Bergen-Belsen, or Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker eh? How quaint. None of these are worthy of opprobrium, but tinkling on dead tangos is? Yeah those same guys who see young girls as slaves, throw acid in the faces of women, and murder without compunction get more cred than a couple of young Marines in combat. Our Western society has turned into a bunch of a malcontents and misanthropes. No wonder we are losing this war.

  • martel

    Is it a surprise that the Nobel peace prize is awarded by Norway and that It was given to:
    a} B.H. Obama when he had been in office a couple of days and had done absolutely nothing b) Yasser Arafat of the bloody hands.
    Is it that the arctic cold has affected their brains?

  • Alvaro

    I am not making anything up.

    "In Churchill's single-minded decades-long obsession with preventing a single hegemonic power from arising on the European continent that would pose a threat to the British Empire, he failed to see that his alliance with Stalin produced exactly that. "As the blinkers of war were removed," John Charmley writes, "Churchill began to perceive the magnitude of the mistake which had been made." Churchill is alleged to have blurted out after finally realizing the scale of his blunder: "We have slaughtered the wrong pig!""

    As for Stalin, he said it in Tehran in 1943 – obviously confident of winning the war with American help.